Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education and Training (ICET 2017)

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Condition and Shaping of Student Personality in Educational Process Through Transpersonal Psychology Perspective

Alfaiz Alfaiz, Ryan Hidayat Rafiola, Rezki Hariko, Zulfikar Zulfikar
This article was the latest research in 2015 that collaborative with my colleague about student personality in educational process using perspective of psychoanalysis consist of id, ego and super ego and will discuss with my research in 2016 selftranspersonal psychology perspective. This research was...
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Awareness and Practices on Solid Waste Management among College Students in Mindanao State University Maigo School of Arts and Trades

Margarita C. Paghasian
Every educational institution is mandated by law to educate the public on the theories and practices on solid waste management. To achieve effective and sustainable implementation of the proper waste management practices, awareness with participation is the key to be involved in the Solid Waste Management...
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Management of Student Elementary School in Java Island Indonesia

Mustiningsih Mustiningsih
Student are the subject of education in school. School success can be measured from the achievement of the learners. Management of student in elementary school (sekolah dasar / SD) is a way of students ranging from acceptance to the release of students in elementary school. The purpose of this research...
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Need Analysis Mapping of Entrepreneurship Training of University Student

Sunarni Sunarni, Wildan Zulkarnain, Djum Djum Noor Benty
The purposes of this research are: (1) describing the need of entrepreneurship training of university student, and (2) understanding the different need of entrepreneurship training of university students based on their sexes. This research uses quantitative approach with comparative descriptive design....
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Destination Management of Religious Tourism in Cirebon Indonesia

Tanti Kustiari, M. Taufik Taufik H
Since a long time ago, most of mosque role has been merely for worship, mosques in Cirebon are included. Now, as time flies, the function of mosque in the area has transformed to be religious tourist resorts. The program has an impact on improving the socio-economic environment of the community. The...
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Development of Instructional Design ICARE Assisted Learning Management System to Enhance the Learning Process

Wikan Budi Utami, Fikri Aulia, M. Arif Budiman S
Learning is a process of education conducted by the teacher to the learner, the learning will be more effective when utilizing media. The development of information and communication technologies have an important role in learning. In addition to media, instructional design is also influential in the...
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Potential Analysis of Building Child Friendly Regency in Accelerating the Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Informal Education (Case Study in Nganjuk, East Java, Indonesia)

Zulkarnain Zulkarnain
Decent Regency Children is a term that was first introduced by the Ministry of Women's Empowerment in 2005 through the policy of District Eligible Children. The term of the Children's Eligible Regency becomes the City / District Worthy of the Child. Research Objectives: (1) analyzing the policy of the...
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Impacted Factors of Academic Achievement of the Timorese Student Studying in Indonesia

Augusto Da Costa, Fattah Hanurawan, Adi Atmoko, Imanuel Hitipeuw, Nur Hidayah
The purposes of this study is to explore those two impacted factors of academic achievement of the student of Timor Leste who are staying in Indonesia. These factors are academic behavior and extrinsic motivation. The method which was used to analysis the data was multiple regression. The research involved...
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Indonesian Curriculum 2013: Instructional Management, Obstacles Faced by Teachers in Implementation and the Way Forward

Imam Gunawan
This research aims to determine: (1) the processes of instructional management based on Curriculum 2013; (2) the constraints faced; and (3) the efforts of its solution in Elementary School in Malang City, Indonesia. This research used a qualitative approach. The research instrument is the researcher...
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A Literature Review of Indonesian Life Concept Linuwih Based on the Teachings of Adiluhung Raden Mas Panji Sosrokartono

Bakhrudin All Habsy, Nur Hidayah, Blasius Boli Lasan, Muslihati Muslihati
The linuwih counseling study is based on the importance of the counselor to understand the noble values and meaningfulness of the counselee's life. Counselor's understanding of the counselee's life is passed on as counselor's expertise to creater the potential resources of the counselee as a manifestation...
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Market Segmentation of Industry-Education Partnership Classes

Dwi Dwi Kartikasari
Batam State Polytechnic opened industry-education partnerships classes in 2015. Because they were relatively new, the management of Batam State Polytechnic did not have the right marketing strategy to attract prospective students for this class, consequently, the number of recruited students did not...
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Scientific Approaching in Development Policy of Elementary School Curriculum

Alif Alif Mudiono
In this time scientific approaching in elementary school curriculum 2013 becomes discussion substance which is stunning of educators. Application of scientific approaching implemented through observation process, asking, collecting the information, thought, and communication. Oriented thematic learning...
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Tadaluring Microteaching Learning Model (TMLM): Designing, Developing and Field Testing

Arifmiboy Arifmiboy, Jamaris Jamaris Jamna, Mega Mega Iswari, Agustina Agustina
As a certified professional, teacher forms indispensable roles in achieving the learning objectives. The complexity of teacher's profession decidedly requires the teacher to master a number of competencies and skills. One of them is to master the basic teaching skills. Realizing the complexities of the...
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Improvement of Social Science Learning Result Using Index Card Match Learning Model

Devi Afriyuni Yonanada
Problems to be researched is how index card match learning model usage in learning process of Social Science for grade V SDN Krangkeng IV Elementary School of Indramayu. And how is the development of Social Science Learning result in students of grade V SDN Krangkeng IV Elementary School of Indramayu...
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Community Participation in the Implementation of School Programs

Feni Tutut Wahyuningsih, Raden Bambang Sumarsono
The purpose of this study is to find out: (1) the form of community participation activities in the implementation of school programs; and (2) the school strategy in improving the participation of the community. This research uses quantitative approach with descriptive research design case study type....
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Portfolio Assessment to Enhance Students' Achievement in Learning Physical Education

Komarudin Komarudin
Students' achievement in learning physical education has always been measured using traditional assessment. The assessment, however is considered partial as it can only assess a few parts of the whole learning activity. It usually results in the outcome without considering the learning processes. Portfolio...
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The Use of Story Calendar Media to Increase Reading Comprehension Skill in Elementary School

Krisna Anggraeni
This research was motivated by the low reading comprehension skill in elementary school. The result of students' learning mastery in 5th grade of SDN Sunia 1 reached only 20% with the 65 score in the KKM of Bahasa. The problem encouraged the researcher and the classroom teacher to work on improving reading...
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Reusing the Product Oriented Writing to Enhance the First Year EFL Undergraduate Field Independent Students' Writing Achievement

Sujito Sujito, Rina Widjajanti
The study is aimed at proving empirically the significant effect of applying the product oriented writing instruction on the first year EFL undergraduate EFL students writing achievement. The reached population of this research is the first year undergraduate EFL students of the 3 chosen private and...
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The Role of Self-Control and Self-Adjustment on Academic Achievement Among Junior High School Students

Asep Agung Judistira, Hariz Enggar Wijaya
Attaining high academic achievement, not only merely about excellent teaching and instruction, but also the psychological factor of students itself. The aim of this research is to find out the role of self-control and self-adjustment on the academic achievement of junior high school students. There were...
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Synectics Learning and "Tringo" Model for Blended Learning System Application

Dedi Kuswandi, Henry Praherdiono, Anselmus J.E. Toenlioe
The rapid growth in the use of the web based technologies and communications have offered educators with opportunities to investigate the most suitable learning environments for their students' needs. The purpose of the present study was to develop a blended learning system which applied synectics learning...
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Measurement Model of Student Well-Being

Durrotunnisa Durrotunnisa
The purpose of this study was to identify the model of student well-being measurement, school climate and parenting styles. Student well being is measured by the dimensions of positive affect interpersonal and intrapersonal positive affect. School climate is measured by students' perceptions of the physical...
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Leading Entrepreneurship Education-Based Primary Schools

Suryaman Suryaman, Hari Karyono
This research described how to design a leading school based on entrepreneurship. Leading schools are the hope of the community who care about education. In the global era, graduates of educational institutions are also expected to succeed in facing the challenges of the era. The problem was how to describe...
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Self-Hypnosis Training to Improve Self Confidence in Students for Speaking in Public

Jainal Ilmi, Yudi Yudi Suharsono, Tri Tri Muji Ingarianti
The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of giving Self Hypnosis Training to improve confidence in public speaking to students at Psychology Faculty in the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. This research uses a quantitative approach with pure experimental type and with One Group Pre Test...
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Principal Spiritual Leadership in Strengthening Character Education Through the Teachings of Shalawat Wahidiyah at Vocational High School Ihsanniat Jombang Indonesia

Rofiatul Rofiatul Hosna, Imron Arifin
The purpose of this research is to know principal leadership in strengthening character education through the teachings of Shalawat Wahidiyah at Vocational High School of Ihsaniyat at Jombang. This study used a qualitative approach with the design of case study. The techniques of data collection in this...
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New Culture Integration Process of Successful Educational Organizations in Merger

Achmad Supriyanto, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin
This study is aimed to identify the new integration process of an educational organization that has been successful in doing merger. The present study, approached with expost-facto, was conducted to organizations in higher education institutions. The data gathered are secondary data and analyzed using...
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The Influence of Motoric Ability Development on Child Aggressive Behavior is Reviewed from Social Class Level

Evania Yafie
This study aims to analyze and improve the relationship of motor development of children on aggressive behavior, either directly or indirectly through the social class of parents as intervening variables. The research method used is descriptive quantitative with explanatory method. The sample in this...
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The Influence of Famliy Socio-Economic Condition on Learning Motivation in Ensino Basico Central Daisoli Aileu District Timor Leste

SebastiÆo Pereira, Helena A. Salsinha
The aim of this study is to discover and analyze the influence of family socio-economic condition on students' learning motivation in Ensino Basico Central Daisoli Aileu District, Timor Leste. This study employed qualitative design and was utilizing simple linear regression analysis technique. The result...
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Management of Quality-Based Education in Facing Asian Economic Community

Abduloh Abduloh, Yousep Bani Ahmad
Management is one element to achieve aims and objectives of education in order to improve the quality of graduates who can fill the job opportunities with effectively and efficiently. The purpose of this study is to describe the quality of education to face competition Asian Economic Community (AEC)...
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Local Wisdom as Integration of the Cosmic and the Metacosmic Perspectives in Indonesian Philosophy of Education

Antonius Denny Firmanto, Nerita Setiyaningtiyas
This study is a literary research on local wisdom of Javanese community as the context. Local wisdom is a proven knowledges owned by the society for sustaining their existence. It influences people's state of mind that relates to human capacity for exploring, discovering and developing human potentiality....
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The Critical Thinking Skills Profile of Preservice Biology Teachers in Animal Physiology

Astuti Mun. Amin, Aloysius Duran Corebima, Siti Zubaidah, Susriyati Mahanal
In facing challenges in the 21st century, the university students need to empower their critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills can improve students' verbal and analytic skills through helping them express useful ideas to increase their knowledge. This study, therefore, attempted to outline...
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Developing Adaptive Mobile Learning with the Principle of Coherence Mayer on Biology Subjects of High School to Support the Open and Distance Education

Ence Surahman, Dessy Alfindasari
This study is a research development program of Adaptive Mobile Learning with Coherence Mayer principle on the subjects of Biology. The limitation of this study is application of mobile learning which designed adaptively to the three learning styles of learner i.e., the visual, auditory and Kinaesthetic....
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Application of PAKEM Approach Assisted Beads to Increase Interest and Learning Achievement of Fourth Grade Students

Yuyun Dwi Haryanti
Factors causing the low interest and achievement of fourth grade students of Elementary School 1 Wanadadi, Banjarnegara in learning Mathematical concepts of counting operations summing integers that the learning process is still running one-way, the way teachers teach boring, props used less interesting,...
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Developing Partnership Based on Hospitable Schools for Children

Haromain Haromain
Inclusive education as the embodiment of education for all in the process must be supported by a safe and comfortable environment for every student. Children with special needs as learners in inclusive schools need a hospitable environment for the development of their motivation and self-esteem. Schools...
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The Effectiveness of Labyrinth Game in Improving Interpersonal Intelligence of Children with Autism

Heavy Evasari, Yuana Maulidia, Phylia Gita Crisantimum Chaerunnisa
The purpose of this study is to improve interpersonal intelligence of children with autism: teamwork skill, interaction skill, comprehension, understanding and responding to a command. This research employs quasi experimental with Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design as the research design. The first...
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The Development of Learning Media Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire WEB-Based

Hesti Fibriasari, Evi Eviyanti, Faisal Abas Siregar
This study aims to determine the use of web media in learning Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire to be able to improve the ability and motivation of students in the Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire course. The method used in this research is Research and Development method. In this method, it uses 6 research...
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The Use of SQ3R Method in Improving Quality and Result of Social Sciences Learning in XI Grade SMAN 3 Kendari Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Jamiludin Jamiludin, Darnawati Darnawati, Jumatin Jumatin, Waode Ade Sarasmita Uke
Most of teachers still use traditional way to teach. Especially, Social science learning in the classroom teachers still use lecture and question and answer methods. However, lecture and question and answer methods have not been able to fully improve the activity and quality of student learning. Good...
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The Condition of Management Developing Based on School to Improve Learning Quality in Indonesia

Teguh Triwiyanto
The aim of the research is to describe the condition of assessment developing standardization result of applying management based on the school. An approach to quantitative research is descriptive design and the correlation. It is located in Batu of East Java province, in the elementary level. The population...
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Perceived Problems on Employment Selection Process: Study on Recent University Graduates

Nugraha Arif Karyanta, Pratista Arya Satwika, Shelly Astriana
The challenging condition of economic and job market in Indonesia push graduate university students in a tight competition for the job. This situation often makes job seeking as a hard and long full time job. This study exploring problems perceived by recent university graduates at the time of graduation...
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Analysis of Learning Process in Early Childhood Age 4-5 Years Old

Pramono Pramono, Nurhasan Nurhasan, Nining Widyah Kusnanik
This research was conducted to find out the analysis of learning process needs in early childhood at age 4 to 5 five years in Malang city and Malang regency. This research uses qualitative research method. The sample used was by purposive sampling technique based on geographical location, 2 PAUD is located...
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The Development of Written Language Skills (Reading and Writing) Material Based KKNI Curriculum

Rita Suswati
The purpose of this research are: (1) to develop the written language skills material based KKNI curriculum; (2) design the appropriate learning materials contented fun and easy task for the students; and (3) to improve students' learning outcomes. The methods used in this research was R&D which refers...
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Understanding the Different Educational and Teaching Systems at Schools in Palestine

Shadi Emad. A. Alhaleh
Palestinian education is one of best and strongest one in the Arab world, so, in this introduction will I explain about education methods in Palestine, so education is one of the most important thing in the country and that's in order to improve and develop a lot of different sectors in the country....
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The Level of Early Childhood Teacher Education and its Relationship with the Moral Quality of the People in Dompu Town, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Siti Zaenab
The purpose of this study is to determine the needs of existing PGPAUD teachers in Dompu District. PAUD teachers in Dompu District are very concerned. This concern makes researchers upload their heart to think critically about this, so this article will reveal the existence of PAUD teachers who have...
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Building A Community of Inquiry (CoI) Through the Implementation of Lesson Study in Higher Education Level

Taufik Ikhsan Slamet
This article describes the implementation of lesson study in the higher education context. It aims to pioneering lesson study as a part of professional development training for lecturers in any discipline. We document four lesson study activities which consist three cycles for each activity, and describe...
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Exotica Pagatan Weaving as A Learning Source in Establishing Values and Local Wisdom

Yudha Adrian, Sa'adah Erliani, Rahidatul Laila Agustina
This study aims to describe the exotica of Pagatan weaving as a learning source in establishing values and local wisdom in Tenun Pertiwi Pagatan Village, Kusah Hilir District, Tanah Bumbu Regency, South Kalimantan. The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative. Data collection techniques used...
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Emotion Focussed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Attempt to Resolve Emotional Deficiency and Strengthen Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Efficacy

Arbin Janu Setiyowati
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is counseling approach which its efficacy is widely recognized. CBT is the only approach that is highly scalable and systematically, emphasizing the symptom of problematic behavior, hence behavior changes after therapy can be observed and measured. However, behind its...
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Management of Special Education: Study of Effectivenes on Inclusion Education Service

Asep Sunandar, Ade Dian Firdiana
Special education is an education service program intended for students who have the limitation to follow the process of education both physically and mentally, and or learners who have the potential of intelligence and special talent. The Indonesian people generally have a view to separating the educational...
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Implementation Model Assure to Utilize Local Wisdom for Learning Science at Pesantren Sabilil Muttaqien Kediri East Java Indonesia

Budi Setyo Margono
The efective mastery learning of Science needs the learning media which is universal in order to fascilitate student with different need, the learning style and the speed of learning. Beside considering the availabililty and the easeness to obtain, as well as the atractiveness for student. Utilizing...
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Behaviours of the Effective Leadership in Universities: Findings of a Meta-Analysis Study

Burhanuddin Burhanuddin
The purposes of this study are to investigate what sorts of leadership behaviours, and how leaders contribute to the successful universities in many countries. The investigation was accomplished using a simple meta-analysis model. Based on several research studies and literature reviews, the findings...
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Influential Variables in Learning Assessment to the Vocational Competency Enhancement, Character Education and Formation of Student Creativity

Eddy Sutadji, Agus Wedi
The research objective is to obtain: (1) data on the impact of the successes and constraints in implementation of the evaluation model based training curriculum 2013; (2) the influential variables of vocational competence improvement; and (3) assessment of learning outcomes are effective and easy to...
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Parenting Efficacy of Married Moms Working with Early Childhood

Ellyn Sugeng Desyanty, Sri Wahyuni
The mother working as a parent remains the first figure for early childhood because most of the time the child is with her parents. Homes and parts of homes especially parents become an important part of early childhood life. This research will use phenomenological research methods because it intends...
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Character Building in Early Childhood Through Traditional Games

Eny Nur Aisyah
Traditional games start being forgotten and unknown among the children. The changes in children's playing activities are indentical to modern games. The level of children's addiction to the modern games are very high, so that it affects the children's habit and behavior. Modern games are very different...
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Constructing Learning Results as Learning Object Through Open Learning System

Henry Praherdhiono, Eka Pramono Adi
The idea of writing is to build a learning object from students' thoughts on the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Student work as a result of learning, more stored in the assignment folder in learning management system. The development research was conducted for 110 students divided into 3 classes....
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Need of Cognitive-Behavior Counseling Model Based on Local Wisdom to Improve Meaning of Life of Madurese Culture Junior High School Students

Nur Hidayah, M. Ramli
Cognitive-Behavior Counseling develops not based on the cultural values of Indonesian society. Development of Cognitive-Behavior Counseling Model based on local wisdom, especially Madurese culture is considered important and necessary. Initial research was conducted to find out the need of counselor...
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Value and Character Learning Through Playing Egrang: Qualitative Study at Tonaker Playground Ledokombo Jember Indonesia

Sa'dun Akbar
These research aims are describe: (1) character learning through playing Egrang; (2) learning impact of playing Egrang to character value; and (3) construct preposition of character learning through Playing Egrang. This study use qualitative approach. Data collected by observation, interview, and documentation,...
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Correlation Between A Self-Regulated Learning to Student Workers Academic Achievement

Yuzarion Zubir, Desta Fandri
This research was based of antithesis assumption that self-regulated learning (SRL) has not correlation with student academic achievement who has been work. Design of this research was correlation analysis, to tested a correlation of variables. With 193 samples, that selected use purposive random sampling...
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The Effect of Work Environment and Motivation on Morale of Teacher in Ensino Básico Central Afaça, Quelicai - Timor Leste

Agostinho Dos Santos Gonçalves, Calisto Moreira
Ensino B sico Central Afa‡a is Ensino B sico Central which is located away from the residential community. Thus, branch schools are rather difficult to get information directly from the center (Central School) since they are far from each other and are not transported, in addition to the lack of supervision...
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Hindu Illumination Learning Model Development Based Spiritual Tour Guide

I Putu Suarnaya
The purpose of the study was to design Hindu illumination conceptual learning model based spiritual tour guide in Hindu illumination department, to find out expert validity of Hindu illumination conceptual learning model based spiritual tour guide developed in Hindu illumination department. The university...