Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Education Technology and Information System (ICETIS 2013)

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Research and Application of the System of Electric Power Engineering in the Huangling Mining 2 × 300MW Power Plant Construction Period

Yuping Jin
A lot of things that need to be managed in the thermal power projects. In this process,many factors are constrained and associated each other,That all aspects of works are plan organize,coordinate, control and management Legitimately are the guarantee of success.In the process of building the Huangling...
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On Dialogue Teaching in Literature Course

DaJun Sun
Literature Teaching is an important aesthetic education method to experience language, enjoy image and taste sense. Dialogue Teaching is a comparatively suitable teaching method for the teachers of literature courses under the new teaching environment. This approach advocates new concept of knowledge,...
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Exploration and Practice of the Large-scale Equipment Sharing Platform

Jiarong Pan, Zhongxu Dai, Chunli Lu, Xinhua Zhou, Jing Chen
In order to improve the utilization efficiency of large-scale equipment, it has been explored and practiced to build a university-level large-scale equipment sharing platform including scientific management, innovative models with special characteristics, active exploration, an incentive system and scientific...
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The Linked Construction of Educational Resources Based on the Built-in Text Matching

Lei Huang, Chanle Wu
The continuous development of the Linked Data Web depends on the advancement of the relationships extraction mechanisms. This is of particular interest for the linked constructions, where currently most of the data sets are being created manually. In this article, we present built-in text matching table...
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Quality Analysis of Guangxi Computer Fundamentals Examination for Colleges and Universities

Qiongfang Yang
In order to evaluate correctly the work of the examination and teaching quality, educational measurement theory must be used to conduct analysis to the examination. By taking for example the written examination of Level 1 Guangxi Computer Examination for Colleges and Universities in July, 2012, the paper...
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Group Enterprise Competitive Strategy research

Zhiqiang Feng, Zhen Tao
This article obtains from the group enterprise different characteristics research, analysis of the value of the group enterprise form, through to the group enterprise competitive advantages and core competitiveness of factor analysis, this paper discusses the group enterprise how to form core competitiveness,...
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The Exploration and Practice for Research Experiment Teaching Based on Project

Meng Wang, Jianqiang Wu, Yan Li
This paper proposes a new experiment teaching mode. It is a kind of elite education idea and way. The research experiment projects were employed to the course in this mode. Students don’t have to complete the traditional experiment projects in the learning of this course. They can gain the score and...
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The Study on Evaluation Module Architecture of ERP for Chemical Enterprises

Yongbin Qin, Jiayin Wei
Good assessment and evaluation of ERP is very important for us to know the effect of implement ERP. In this paper, we bring forward evaluation module architecture of chemical enterprises ERP based the actual situation of some chemical enterprise. Enterprises can make comprehensive assessment and evaluation...
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Analysis on the Ethics of Modern Network Technology from the Perspective of Marxism Ethical Thought

Zhiyuan Hu, Dexiang Zhou
The network has provided a broad space for human activities today. In combination with modern network technology frontier and the demand of the society, the network technology is influencing and changing of the modern society with its enormous power. However, the network technology brings the benefits...
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The Innovation of the Social Management from the Perspective of People's Livelihood

Zhiyuan Hu, Shihua Li
Strengthening the innovation of society management is not only the problem of people's livelihood, but the problem of development. At present, regarding the improvement of the people’s livelihood as the fundamental target and strengthening the innovation of social management has become an important theoretical...
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Study of Management Method Network-based for Moral Information

Xiao-yan Li
Nowadays,Study of management method for moral information needs to make use of network learning tools to complete, by this way, we can improve efficiency and effect of moral information management implementation. We discussed the concept of the Management Method (MM) for moral information. We started...
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Basic Computer Teaching Research and Practice in Universities Based on Computational Thinking

Run Zhang, Junsheng Yang
With the rapid development and extensive application of information technology, basic computer education in universities is facing severe challenges. In this paper, we analysed the reason why computational thinking was introduced to basic computer teaching in universities.We proposed a targeted teaching...
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An Experimental Teaching Platform Based on Multi-source Driven Mode

Ming Si, Zhanli Li
Experimental teaching is basic platform for training excellent engineers. It is also an important pillar for students to improve their practice and innovation capabilities. The paper analyzes the problems in experimental teaching. An effective way is proposed to solve these problems comprehensively....
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Training of Contemporary University students and the Education of Innovative Talents

Wei Zhao, Yan Liu
In this paper, the contemporary college students are faced with the problem of how modern educational ideas, teaching, and the cultivation of innovative talents have problem to do a simple analysis, and put forward the concept of modern education into the training plan revision, solve student heart qualities...
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Design for Open-experimental Course of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Jian Huang, Ke Tang, Haitao Xu, Jie Zhou, Beiling Yao, Lei Zhang, Yue Zhu, Linyun Shi
Recently, the rapid development in the field of optoelectronics attracts widespread concern of all countries. However, the lack of training for the student experiment beginning ability and the neglect of the traditional experiment course for students' subjective initiative promote the establishment of...
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Study on the Loss of Teachers and Countermeasures of the Private University

Hongyan Zhao
The development of private universities is facing more serious challenges with the deepening of the reform of higher education. At present, the teaching staff of private universities is facing the problem of teachers’ loss. The essay analyzes the reasons of the teachers’ loss from three aspects---social,...
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Numerical Solution of American Put Options Pricing with Transaction Cost in the CEV Model

Guojun Yuan, Qingxian Xiao
In order to solve the American put options pricing and its numerical solution problems under the CEV model with transaction cost, by using the Itô formula and the no-arbitrage principle, the American put options pricing model and linear complementarity partial differential equation of the model are derived...
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Passing By Value and Its Teaching in C++

ChuanFu Hu, Ji Ouyang, Qian Chen
Function call and passing by value is a very important content in C++ tutorials. It is difficult to understand or grasp too. This article introduced the features of C++’s function and passing by value briefly by analyzing data’s storage in memory and the conception of runtime stack. It also discussed...
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Suggestion on Engineer Education and Training in China

Hao Chen, Yali Yang, Yansong Wang
The Education and Training Program of Excellent Engineers (ETPEE) is the fundamental scheme for the college education quality system in the next ten years, to improve engineer education and training. This paper introduced the engineering education in foreign countries, discussed the current situation...
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Research on Self-organization Evolution of Supply Chain Complex System Fulfilling Social Responsibility

Baoying Wang
Based on the Self-organization characteristics of supply chain complex system,the systematic dynamics model is used to analyse the self-organization evolution when supply chain complex system fulfilling social responsibility.The research results find the self-organization evolution when supply chain...
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On Developing an Open Courseware Organization Mechanism for China’ Higher Education Institutions

Heqi Wang, Guanlin Wu, Qi Li, Xinbo Sun
From the system perspective, this paper classifies the OCW organization mechanism into seven parts, which include course selection mechanism, teaching contents and methods design mechanism, video fabricating mechanism, intellectual property protection mechanism, service & feedback mechanism, publicity...
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Design and Implementation of Level-Three Projects based on TOPCARES-CDIO Engineering Education

Wei Dong, Lixin Ma
The importance of Level-three project as the base, bone and main thread in training schemes, courses group and courses, based on TOPCARES-CDIO engineering education is proposed in the paper. It is also maintained that how to design Level-three projects from the training schemes, courses group and courses....
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Improve Township Cadres’ Appraisal System in the E-government Environment

Dexiang Zhou, Shihua Li
Scientific cadre’s appraisal system plays a very important role on the cadres’ work evaluation. There are some defects in the township cadres’ appraisal system in modern China, including appraisal system lacks of relevance and feasibility, appraisal process lacks of rationality and feedback, appraisal...
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The University Library Science and Technology Information Service Platform Construction of the Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jingqing Kang, Junyin Yan
The university library is the information source and ideas of the students' innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the network and information highly developed today, that the field, way and depth of the university library service for the students' innovation and entrepreneurship activities expand...
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Research on the Physical Education Network of Middle School Education

Xinbao Du
Network-based physical education in middle schools is a new research subject and a new field of middle school physical educational reform, playing a very important role in the improvement of the overall quality of physical teachers of senior middle schools, the application of information technology,...
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The Reform and Innovation of Using CDIO for Reference Taking Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information as an Example

Xin Guo, Jifang Zhai
CDIO is the latest achievements of international engineering education, Dalian Neusoft Institute of information, using the CDIO for reference, creatively walk out of new way of China-style CDIO. This paper introduces the reform impulse and the innovation practices of Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information
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An ITIL-Based IT Service Management Model for Distance Education

Shuguang Liu, Bo Dong, Yan Sun
In order to solve the problems in information technology (IT) services of distance education, this paper makes deep research on the IT services of School of Network Education and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, and proposes an IT service management (ITSM) model for distance...
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Cloud Based Working and Teaching System in Higher Education A Case Study of Teaching Computer Networking

Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Shulin Yang
Information and network technologies have been widely used in education, especially in higher education. With the prevailed use of computer at office, in classroom and at home, teachers have to deal with different computer environments, which bring teachers many big challenges, such as how to manage...
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The Development Trend of Domestic Electronic Schoolbag and Comparative Study of Mainstream Products

Shuo Chen, Jun Han, Jing Liu, Fan Yang, Jun Tong
This paper focuses on the comparison and comment of domestic mainstream brand electronic schoolbag's basic functions and its implementation details, and enumerates and comments on some brand electronic schoolbag's characteristic functions. At the end of this article, the paper introduces the development...
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Design of Mobile Learning System Client Based on OK6410

Daoceng Sun, Lijun Yun, Liu Kong
For the rapid spread and development of the intelligent mobile phones and other mobile terminals a suitable mobile learning system designed to learn anytime anywhere in the intelligent terminal. And based on advanced technology of the ARM architecture, Linux and Qtopia embedded software OK6410 development...
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Research on the Practical Teaching System of Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering Talents Cultivation

Yao Cheng, Fuquan Ni, Xiuyuan Lu, Min Yang
Based on the historical opportunities and great challenges of water resources and hydropower resources development and utilization in Ya’an city of Sichuan province, together with the public experiment teaching platform, practical teaching base, practical teaching management and quality control mode,...
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A Teaching System for Core Competence-based ITO Talents Training

Shiping Ye, Binbin Zhou, Chaoxiang Chen
In this paper, we analyze the core competencies of the talents requirements of information technology outsourcing (ITO). We also discuss contradictions between traditional teaching in computer software-related specialties (CSS) and requirements for ITO talents. According to the top-level design, we re-construct...
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The Construction of Rock Mechanics Quality Course

Qingyang Yu, Lei Nie, Wei Qi, Shulin Dai
The rock mechanics courses in the college of construction and engineering of Jilin University was founded in the early 1980s. After years of development, we have got significant achievement in practice base construction and improvement of teaching content, relying on a strong base of scientific research...
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The Effects of English Audio-Visual Materials on Listening Comprehension from the Perspective of Schema Theory

Danxin Liang
English audio-visual materials have been widely used by teachers and students, and have been the important resources of teaching and self-study. What effects do these materials have on English listening comprehension Based on the schema theory, this paper has this question expounded through empirical...
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A Professional Learning of the Implementation of Individualized Education in Cultivating Mode of Innovative Talents-- A Case Study of Individualized Education in Hebei University of Science and Technology

Linlin Li, Zhiguang Jiang
It’s an important way in China’s educational reform to implement individualized education in higher education. Individualized education is an innovative and student-oriented teaching mode in which students participate, explore, and challenge themselves actively with sufficient teacher-student communication....
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University Teaching Characteristics and Reforms in Information Network Era—from the Perspective of Information Network

Shujuan Wu, Honggang Yan
There is no doubt that the application of information technology in education has brought a huge impact on the traditional teaching. Understanding the characteristics and problems of teaching in the information network era, and deepening the reform of teaching contents and methods, which two are of great...
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Education Informatization and University Teaching Reform

Shujuan Wu, Na Tang
Network informatization age has brought great effect to higher Education. How to use the positive benefits and overcome the negative effects brought by the informatization and how to improve the teaching quality become important topics in today's education research. This paper focuses on analyzing the...
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Application of Online Teaching to Project-Based Education

Xiaotie Niu, Aiqing Chen
To promote extensive application of auxiliary online teaching among higher vocational colleges, and improve the ability and personal quality of students, this thesis aims to discuss major functions of BlackBoard and project-based education methods in combination with further deepening of auxiliary online...
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Discussion on Management by Dual Subjects (School & Enterprise Cooperation) about Internship in Higher Vocational Colleges

Juan Wang
For higher vocational students, post practice is a main way to improve their practical ability. However, there are many problems during the post practice. And “Dual subject” (school & enterprise cooperation) will benefit those students under the standard management. Therefore, enterprise will participate...
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The research and exploration about teaching reform based on The New Three Centers----- PDCA management cycle method for reference

Xuegao Zhang
Based on the popularization of higher education , improving the quality of education has become a eternal theme of talents cultivation at colleges and universities.The thought of education will be an indispensable part during this process. This article focuses on the new three centers educational thought...
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The Research on Financing Channels of Industrial Enterprises Taking the Development of Industrial economic of Jiangsu Province for Example

Shi-hua Li, De-xiang Zhou, Wei Zhang
Taking the development of industrial economic in Jiangsu Province for example, introducing the status of industrial enterprises, this work gives total analysis of various financing pattern: credit financing, debt financing, financing lease and private equity in Jiangsu. And according to concrete data,...
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Investigation and Project Analysis of College Student's Entrepreneurial Wish in the Pattern of Limited Partnership

Shi-hua Li, Zhi-yuan Hu, Wei Zhang
According to the problem that the intelligence is not high of the soccer robot, using the mechanical theory as a guide, making some mechanical analyses and calculations on the pressure and transmutation states of chip kick mechanics, and conducting optimal design too, then making the structure of chip...
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Construction of compiler technology course in application-based university

Na Wang, ShiMing Zhang
Compiler technology course is a very important compulsory basic course in professional computer education, and it is also an important branch in the computer system software. But the value of compiler’s existence as a classic core curriculum of computer science is to be questioned especially in some...
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X-ray Coal Purity Examination Base on Particle Swarm Optimization Clustering

Hao Long, Na Huo, Yong Yang, Bencheng Yu
the paper mainly researched on the usage of particle swarm in image clustering. A fitness function is designed based on the principle of minimum in cluster distance and maximum between cluster distance. And particle swarm optimization, which is combined with fuzzy clustering, is used in image clustering....
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Social Sports Undergraduate Programs in Shandong Province

Xiao-hua MA
University social sports majors bear the the important task of training required talents for the development of social sports. From social sports professional training objectives, professional orientation, teacher training and source of students, Research on social sports professional personnel training...
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Crawling Strategy Based on Domain Ontology of Emergency Plans

Junjie Wang, Depeng Dang, Pengxia Zhou, Hongjie Wang, Xue Jiang, Shihang Huang
In order to build an effective emergency plans crawler, this paper affords a new algorithm for emergency plans identification and a new idea of URL predict using URL pattern library. Through the experiment, we found the crawler achieves efficient collection of emergency plans from the web. The emergency...
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Solution to Tool Swept Volume of Multi-axis Milling Simulation

Tianbiao Yu, Xuewei Zhang, Wenwen Liu, Yuanxing Dai, Queping Li
The tool swept volume has been generally applied in multi-axis NC machining simulation and verification. For the characteristic and actual condition, a general cutter model was built, and based on that a new method to simulate the tool swept volume of multi-axis milling was represented. The geometric...
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Some Thoughts on the Engineering Cartography Course of IndustriaI Engineering SpeciaIitys

Yi-xin Luo
ªthe thesis provides a general thinking of offering engineering graphics course by analyzing the characteristics of Industrial Engineering subject£º1) Graphics courses ought to be standard into ¡°engineering graphics¡± or ¡°engineering drawing¡±£» 2) Standard teaching material should be made. State Ministry...
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Design of Cloud Computing Architecture for DIOT

Liang Chen, Jing Qiu, Xueping Gu
Considering the problems of the current domestic internet of things intelligent terminals—single processing mode, non-dynamic generated mode and low level humanized service mode, a cloud computing architecture for the domestic internet of things is proposed in this paper. The message management mechanism...
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The Research of the University Student E-knowledge Management Model Under Blended Learning

Qian Ao, Hua Liu
The definition of blended learning, the connotation of knowledge management and the characteristics of social software was analyzed in the paper .And the internal relation between college students’ knowledge management and Social Software under blended learning environment is expounded . With this relation,...
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The Teaching Exploration on Practical Training of Pharmaceutical Service Skill inside the school for Higher Vocational Education*

Peng Sun, Guijie Li, Kai Zhu
At the background of the idea “Cooperation of colleges and enterprises, combination of work and study” in higher vocational education, increasing employment rate and enhancing students’ professional capacity as well as comprehensive quality are important subjects of higher vocational talents training....
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Reform Of The Computer Network Training Courses

Liang Wang
Ccomputer network technology training allows students to master the conventional mode of operation in the whole process of curriculum really.Understanding of the theory, students after training, can learn to network technical knowledge and methods of operation can be directly applied to the day-to-day...
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Combination of Bilingual Teaching and Open Education for Laboratory in Engineering Education

Haiyan Du, Weiming Wu, Yang Li, Zhijian Shen
This paper explores the significance and present situation of open education for laboratory in engineering education, describes the effect of bilingual teaching during the education reform in modern society, discusses the feasibility of the combination of bilingual teaching and open education for laboratory...
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A Comparative Study of the Recommendation Algorithm Applicate in the Network of Educational Resources Platform

Jun Han, Fan Yang, Jing Liu, Jun Tong, Shuo Chen
Recommended information that meet their interests and needs for users. With the increasing number of educational resources, recommendation system has been introduced in construction of educational resources platform. This paper is to analyze the status of educational resources and educational resource...
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The Research of Problems and Countermeasures in the Connection Between Secondary and Higher Vocational Education

Jianyu Wang
The system of the connection between secondary and higher vocational education is not perfect is an important internal factors affecting the healthy development of Higher Vocational Education. It is mainly reflected in the professional course content repetition, cultural basic course disjointed, skills...
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Exploration and Practice of College-Enterprise Cooperation Training Applied Talents Model——Case Study of Applied electronic technology Majorof the City Vocational College of Jiangsu

Wei Chen, Chun-yan Jiang
Training applied talents model on college-enterprise cooperation —“post-oriented, integrating theory with practice” had put forward. In the following several aspects to cooperating: formulating the talent training target, curriculum development, teacher training, topic of research and development, training...
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The Forestry Enterprises Emergency Management: Based on Knowledge Element for Emergencies Linking Technology

Hangbiao Shang, Guoshuang Tian, Wenyu Qu, Lirong Chen
This paper builds plans for emergency management of forestry enterprises, and provide a new effective use emergency document for forestry enterprises to respond to emergenciesway based on the knowledge element linking technology, because the emergency management of forestry enterprises can not be quickly...
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The Evaluation System Model and Empirical Analysis of College Teacher Performance

Hangbiao Shang, Wenyu Qu, Guoshuang Tian
Based on the existing research, the establishment of evaluation index system of university teachers, on this basis, the method based on data envelopment sphere build college teachers performance assessment model. Then using kernel function instead of vector inner product, explore the dynamic evaluation...
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A Research on the role of the mass media on Physical Fitness

Xiao-jian Ren, Jiang-ning Cui, Jin-xi Zhang
The mass media are the most important social information provider, has penetrated into all areas of society. This article starts with the relationship between sports and media, analyzes in depth of the mass media in enhancing people's awareness of fitness, to improves the sports social relations and...
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Server Virtualization in Data Center of Higher Vocational College

Cong Cheng, Aiqing Chen
This paper proposes an implementation plan of VMware-vSphere-based server virtualization that targets at the irrational utilization of hardware resources in higher vocational colleges, management and maintenance difficulties, poor compatibility of software & hardware, and other concerns. By building...
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Key Management Scheme Based on Micro-Certificate for Internet of Things

LiPing Du, FuWei Feng, JianWei Guo
This paper presents a micro-certificate based key management scheme which mainly manage the keys relevant to the cryptography authentication system for internet of things (IoT), including key seeds, transmission key, storage key, authentication key and signature/encryption key. This paper gave detailed...
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Teaching Reform of “Air Conditioning Engineering” Course

Zhaochun Wu, Xiangping Zhu
The teaching reform of air-conditioning engineering course is discussed in the paper. For the purposes to cultivate skilled on-site engineers, the teaching reforms are carried out in the three aspects, i.e., the optimization of teaching contents, the reform of teaching method and mean, and the reinforcement...
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Practice of Teaching Reform of Information System Design and Implementation

Xu Yin, Xueifei Liu, Jingfan Hu
Practice is one of the effective ways to develop innovate ability of students. In order to solve the gap between professional theoretical knowledge in the teaching process and ability of analyzing and solving practical problems, changing the traditional teaching mode, adopting case teaching method, highlighting...
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Sufficient conditions for close-to-starlikeness and close-to-convexity of order

Yuwei Liu, Lifeng Guo
The object of the present paper is to obtain certain sufficient conditions for close-to-starlikeness and close-to-convexity of order .
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Application of Project-Based Learning in Teaching of the Curriculum of Combining Study with Work of Higher Vocational Education

Zongfei Zhang
The curriculum of combining study with work is the curriculum reform result of higher vocational education in China, and it has been proven to meet the personnel training orientation of vocational education. However, for the teaching of the curriculum of combining study with work, systematic guidance...
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Research on the Training of Technical Teachers in the Rural Primary School

Langlin Chen
The paper studies the shortage of technical teachers in the rural primary school. Based on the investigation of the primary school teachers in Guangxi, the author proposes two methods to promote the teachers’ IT in the rural primary school. One is to meet the teachers’ need of technology in the rural...
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Instilling Teamwork Spirit and Industry Internship into Computer Engineering Education for Chinese Situation

Jun Huang, Lingli Han
Current education mode of the computer science departments in China universities is more and more incompatible with the industry demand. To effectively solve this problem, it would be necessary, on one hand, to change the learning methodology to improve undergraduate engineering knowledge and ability....
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Parallel Test Scheduling based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Zhongwen Li, Xiangmiao Huang
For the purpose of avoiding interference between each parallel testing tasks, this paper analyzes the testing process by dividing it into testing atoms, and makes the parameter set as the basic unit for each testing atom resource allocation so as to avoid interference. By means of modeling the parallel...
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File Encryption Transmission Method Based on Cloud Computing

XiangYi Hu, LiPing Du, GuanNing Xu
This paper proposed a security single key management technology to solve the problem of symmetric key rapid exchange for lightweight cryptography in the cloud computing environment. The fast, secure and integrity verification file transmission protocol between cloud users is built both in the smart chip...
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Sustainable Development Strategy of land Resources in Hebei Province

Yanna Zhao, Xiuqing Xing
With the rapid development of economy in Hebei province, the contradiction between plowland and human is intensifying. Based on the analysis of land resources use in Hebei province, we find out the factors that restrict the sustainable using of land resources.And then, We put forward the Countermeasures...
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The Application Of Competency-Based Thinking in the Optimization Design of Higher Vocational Mathematics Teaching

Li Zhang, Yanfen Guo
Taking higher vocational mathematics teaching for an example, this paper describes the application of "competency-based" thinking in teaching design. Centering on the talent training goals of higher vocational education, the paper probes into the curriculum goals, optimization design and evaluation methods...
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The Teaching Practice of Converter Steelmaking Simulation System

Yan Wang, Yan Liu, LiNa Sun
This article introduced the application of converter steelmaking simulation system in teaching practice. This system includes introduction of production equipments and production processes, and students’ operation and examination. The application of this system has a better promoting effect on specialized...
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Research and Application of the Four-tier Architecture

Jiexian Cao, Jiayin Wei, Yongbin Qin
With the development of the mobile internet and computer software, the requirements for portability, encapsulation and expansibility of computer software system are increasingly high. The traditional three-tier architecture is no longer applicable because of its limitations in the current application...
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Design and Research on Sheller for the Sunflower Seeds

Le Zong, Kaibao Wang, Delei Zhou, Bo Zhu, Cheng Yan
The sunflower oil that has rich nutritional value is high-quality nutrition oil. The quality of oil products was impacted seriously by a lot of harmful substances that contained in sunflower seed shell. The characteristic of sunflower seeds are the kernel is smaller and the shell density is large. The...
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Inverted Pendulum Teaching Experiment Platform Based on MATLAB-DSP

Shaoqiang Yuan, Songsong Zhang
This paper presents a new teaching platform for the inverted pendulum based on MATLAB-DSP integrated development environment. The teaching platform shows some advantages, including high efficiency, low cost, friendly interface and the function of testing dynamic process and rework parameters on line....
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Fast Modeling System of Digital Plant for Virtual Education

Boxiang Xiao, Xinyu Guo, Jianjun Du, Shenglian Lu, Xiaodong Guo
Virtual education is widely used in many fields including agricultural training and popular science. Modeling technologies and software tools for content making of virtual educations about digital plant is shortages and it is an obvious limitation of relevant applications. We present a fast modeling...
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Signal Acquisition and Dynamic Self-tuning Algorithm Implementation for Intelligent Instrument

Ying Lou, Nan Wang, Xuejie Wang
The key problems of intelligent instrument in the signal acquisition process is a long-term stable and reliable operation level. The self-tuning algorithm proposed in this paper is a kind of intelligent instrument signal acquisition, solving linear error caused by system drift. The intelligent instrument...
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Capacity Requirements of Accounting Professional and the Innovation of Training Mode

Ping Du, Jingwen Li
This paper discusses the stakeholders’ requirements for accounting talent ability from the characteristics of accounting. We analyzes the existing gap between training mode and ability needs of applied undergraduate accounting personnel .Using the related research at home and abroad for reference, we...
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Countermeasure Research on Blue Marine Economy Development of Dalian

Rong Liu, Liyan Chen
Blue marine economy is a series of economy industries relying on marine. It implements scientific development and utilization of marine resources, and brings out resource saving, environment friendly, development sustainable. Dalian is a large ocean city in China, with overwhelming superiority of Blue...
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Structuring Industry ecology graduated education as a engineering professional discipline

Hongxu LI
According to the problem that the intelligence is not high of the soccer robot, using the mechanical theory as a guide, making some mechanical analyses and calculations on the pressure and transmutation states of chip kick mechanics, and conducting optimal design too, then making the structure of chip...
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Teaching thermodynamic principles from industry ecology bionics knowledge aspects

Hongxu LI
Thermodynamics is a branch of natural science concerned with heat and its relation to energy and work. It applies to a wide variety of topics in science and engineering—such as engines, phase transitions, chemical reactions,transport phenomena, and even black holes. Many professionals teaching set it...
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Practical Teaching System for Electrical Engineering Specialty Based on Engineering Ability Cultivation

Xiaoqian HU, Lian Zhang, Shan Li, Dongrong Jiang
In order to adapt to the rapid development of domestic power industry and to meet the new demand on engineering talent of electrical engineering, it is of significance to reform traditional practical teaching system and pay attention to engineering ability cultivation. In this paper, aiming at the new...
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Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in Exhibition Occupation Education

Bei Jin
Although the exhibition occupation education in China started relatively late, but it is developing very fast. In the crucial period of its development, as a new opportunity and challenge to occupation education, how to meet market demand for professionals, avoid education risk and training technical...
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On the Improvement of Chinese Enterprise Internal Control Standard System and Implementation Mechanism

Anguo Luo
At present, to accelerate the Chinese establishment of enterprise internal control, it is necessary to continuously improve Chinese enterprise internal control standard system and emphasize on the establishment of enterprise internal control implementation mechanism.
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A Variable Step-Size LMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm Based on Error Feedback

Fengchun Wang, Jiyan Du
In order to solve the problem of LMS algorithm, a new variable step-size LMS algorithm is studied. The algorithm is based on the sigmoid function which builds the non-linear functional relationship between step and error. By introducing the error feedback strategy to adjust the parameters adaptively,...
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The status of China's Golf Club practitioners and revelation of relevant professional education

Dan Li, Tian Liu
Golf return with a new attitude after centennial drift and in dire need of manpower, material resources and policy support to improve the level of competitive and popularity. So many problems exist in practitioners such as high attrition rates, inexperienced managers,the low quality of employees that...
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Analysis of Strategies and Methods for Higher Mathematics Teaching

Yanfen Guo, Li Zhang
Mathematical thinking is the soul of mathematics in that it is essential to communicate mathematical knowledge and skills. Mathematics teaching focuses on developing students’ rigorous attitude, rational personality, pragmatic spirit, good quality, and high spirit of innovation. This paper, based on...
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Response Measures to Software Engineering Education in the Internet Era

Hai Tian
Training objectives of software engineer education locates in the high-qualified personnel, who meet the social needs of the software industry and combinate the basic theory with practical skill. The paper has elaborated the challenge of software engineer in internet era, for the wide spread of internet...
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Hebei province college sports teachers’ Continuing Education Research

Lina Su, Ruixue Cui
The Hebei province college PE teacher continuing education training the existence of many problems, such as: training objectives are not clear enough, a smaller number of training, training content selection insufficient science and so on..In order to give full play to the function of PE, the college...
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Study on the Influence of Campus Orienteering on the Overall Quality of College Students

Ruixue Cui, Lina Su
The introduction of orienteering into college strongly promotes the traditional teaching mode reform, which is beneficial to implement the guiding ideology of "Health First" and "Green Sports", and at the same time plays a positive role in the full implementation of quality education, the cultivation...
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My opinions for Local Colleges to Practice General Education

Guangmiao Xu, Yanfeng Si
The purpose of the thesis is to apply the research results of general education into local colleges, combining their own real situation to find a kind of reasonable educational stratery.On the one hand, the author intends to build a new idea of general education in practicing it. On the other hand, the...
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Curriculum reform and practice of software testing

Bin Zhu, Shiming Zhang
With the increase in the importance of software quality and enterprise needs testers, how to train students become qualified testers is an arduous task for education community all over the world. Based on the experiences of teaching software testing course, we carry on reforms in software testing course....
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An Improved Apriori Algorithm on the Frequent Itemse

Xiang Fang
According to the problem that the traditional Apriori algorithm needs to scan database frequently, an improved strategy and corresponding algorithm is put forward in this paper. This method, only when L1-candidates are produced, scans the transaction database D. The rest frequent itemsets are produced...
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The Problems and Solutions Existing in the Autonomous Learning under the Network Environment

Lirong Ma, Xuefeng Li, Zhuang Su
The development of network technology make network education become possible and quickly popularize, the network education resources largely changed the traditional education mode. This paper first introduces the concept of autonomous learning under the network support, it is expounded for the students...
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Reflection on the Application of Information-Based Network Teaching

Lirong Ma, Sheng Wu, Liwei Liu
The network courses as a new teaching mode is combined by computer network technology, multimedia technology and professional curriculum, it plays an essential role in modern teaching. This paper analyzes the advantages of network course in the application of modern teaching, combining with the practice...
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The Application and Development of the Network Course Teaching

Sheng Wu, Lirong Ma, Na Ni
This paper discusses the concept of network course teaching, and the important status of network course in the modern teaching during the process of course reform and education informationization. It expatiate the necessary condition from the theory and practice, It also bring forward some of the measures...
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The Innovation and Thinking on Postgraduates’ Ideological and Political Education in a New Period

Tianhao Liu
The ideological and political education is an important part of postgraduate education. Currently, in the face of new conditions, new changes and new problems appeared in graduates’ ideological and political education, constantly to innovate new ways and new methods for graduates’ ideological and political...
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University Teachers Role Research in Inspiration Education Reform

Liwei Liu, Hongzhi Wang, Geheng Chen, Lirong Ma
Inspiring the students' learning interest is a breakthrough for the development of university innovation education, which is the fundamental measures to improve the quality of talent cultivation, and also the only way for education teaching reform. This paper discusses about mobilizing students' learning...
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A study on management of learning of students in Higher Vocational Colleges based on the " broken windows effect "

Haiyan Zhen
Along with the change of the college entrance examination system, the spring college entrance examination and the number of separate enrollment has expanded each year, Vocational colleges students increase in species ,and the quality of students is uneven. Vocational students in the study showed new...
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Based on the comparison of Chinese and foreign teaching methods of Higher Mathematics in Higher Vocational Colleges ----- The concept of the derivative as an example

Haiyan Zhen
As an important public basic course in higher vocational colleges, higher mathematics is not only the foundation of learning other specialized course, but also it is an important carrier of the training of students' comprehensive quality. However, about the teaching of higher mathematics in higher vocational...