Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2021)

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Looking for the Optimal Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Benefits of Diversification

Tian Chen
This paper contributes to the literature on cryptocurrencies by examining performance of naïve (1/N) and individual cryptocurrency portfolio of ten largest cryptocurrencies. We employ daily data and two time durations for each type of portfolio. For the investing in individual cryptocurrency portfolio,...
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An Empirical Study on the Impact of Government Subsidies on the Financial Performance of Agricultural Listed Companies

Min Qian, Keying Han
The No. 1 Central Document has always focused on agriculture, and the government has made agriculture the top priority of its work. To a certain extent, listed agriculture-related companies represent the development of my country’s agricultural economy and lead the development of my country’s agricultural...
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Research on the Causes and Prevention of Investment Risks of Real Estate Enterprises in China

Cenying Dai
Investment risks faced by real estate enterprises are always present and everywhere. This article analyzes the causes of investment risks in real estate enterprises such as long investment recovery period, ineffective cost control, single investment project and lack of investment portfolio. At the same...
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Speculations to Financial Short Selling in Economic Way

Cailing Piao
The principle of short-selling is accessible, but to master the timings to short is tricky than ever. Referring to the historical examples such as the 2008 financial crisis, Soros’s short selling on Britain Pound, and MuddyWatersResearch’s report shorting on Lucking coffee, this essay presents five conditions...
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The Influence and Development One of the “One Belt, One Road” Cross Border Ethnic Groups on the Economic and Trade Cooperation Between the Central Asian Countries

Ruimin Zhang
“One belt, one road” is the key to trade and energy development in northwest Asia and Central Asia. “One belt, one road”, is put forward to promote the development of the world economy. The influence and development research methods of the northwest border cross border ethnic groups on the economies...
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Transformation and Strategic Development of Human Resource Management in Public Sector Under Digital Economy

Xitao Liu, Yongyang Xu
The vigorous development of digital economy brings opportunities as well as challenges to various countries. It is inevitable for the government public departments to take the initiative to adapt to the wave of digital economy. President Xi Jinping fully emphasized the importance of talents for the development...
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Research on Strategic Choice of Enterprise Innovation Under the Shared Economy

Jiayu Lai, Zien Chen
The “Indo-Pacific” region has become the focus of the game among the world powers. However, India has not been able to fully embrace it. This paper attempts to analyze India’s contradictory role in its “Indo-Pacific” strategy. This paper argues that India’s goal of strategic autonomy sets it apart from...
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Analysis on China Cross-Border E-Commerce Under COVID-19

Shiqin Song
Cross-border e-commerce refers to an international business activity in which transaction subjects belonging to different customs enter into transactions, conducting payment and settlement through e-commerce platforms, and deliver goods and complete transactions through cross-border logistics[4]. This...
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Empirical Study of Patent Protection Rights on Corporate Revenues of International Seed Companies

Yao Tan
Rights of patent protection in seed industry are the most important components of intellectual property for agricultural companies, but they have not received much attention so far. Agricultural products have unique characteristics that differ from those of common patented products, therefore the corresponding...
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Thoughts on Human Resource Management of Private Enterprises in China

Zheng HU
Human resources exert a great strategic significance in the operation and development of private enterprises especially in the role of upgrading their core competitiveness. However, the present situation of human resource management has become a prominent factor limiting the development of private enterprises...
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Over-Issued Currency and Real Estate Asset Prices in China Market

Mingze Wu
In the context of excessive currency issuance, the growth rate of real estate (hereinafter referred to as “RE”) and land prices is generally lower than the growth rate of broad money, while the growth rate of RE in first-tier cities is basically the same. On the one hand, China’s RE is a comprehensive...
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Research on the Correlation Between Marketing and Product Packaging Design

Ziyan Zhang, Zhe Yang
Modern marketing plays a vital role in promoting the development of enterprises. Enterprises need to plan and strategically carry out marketing activities based on products, channels, promotion and price. In the entire marketing process, the packaging of products is an important part. Packaging in modern...
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Research and Inspiration on Enron’s Business Model of “Natural Gas Bank” from the Perspective of Financial Innovation

Huiwen Xu, Zhen Wang
The goals of carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 define the future direction of China’s energy development, and set higher requirements for the natural gas industry to accelerate innovation and enhance competitiveness. In the late 1970s, the US government gradually relaxed industry regulation...
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Economic Forecast of the Southern China on BP Neural Network--- Taking Chongqing as an Example

Wenke Du, Jing Ge, Shidong Sun
Based on the good economic development trends in Chongqing in recent years, the large changes in GDP increments of the subordinate districts and counties, and the gradual attention paid to the characteristics of regional economic regions. This article used the idea of sampling to establish comprehensive...
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Housing Purchase Restriction and Birth Rates: An Unintended Consequence of Governmental Intervention

Chong He, Chengjun Han
Ever since the late 20th Century, housing prices has been rising in an unstoppable trend in China, making it harder for first-time purchasers lacking sufficient savings to obtain their first home. In 2010, a housing purchase restriction was implemented by central government as a proposed solution by...
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Structural Change and Trend of Export Competitiveness on China’s Agricultural Product

Xinghua Wang, Min Zhao, Shunchen Wu, Xinyi Li
Faced with increasingly complex situation on international competition, it is of great significance to effectively identify source of competitiveness effect and timely adjust competitive strategy for China’s agricultural product. This paper systematically describes overall characteristics and structural...
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The Impact of Securities Margin Trading on the Stock Market Volatility and Liquidity —— Based on the Empirical Results of Shanghai and Shenzhen Markets

Liru Bai, Yiming Li
Securities margin trading is a momentous financial innovation in China’s capital market, since formally carried out in March 2010. The intention of this policy is to enhance the liquidity of the stock market, as well as to reduce the market volatility. In order to study whether the securities margin...
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Unemployment, Inflation and Impact of GDP in India

Xinhe Xia
Inflation and lack of employment are primary challenges that affect every economy in all developing countries. This article’s research topic evaluates the rate of lack of employment and inflation in the Indian economy in six years to determine a trade-off between inflation and lack of employment. A reversed...
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Application of Customer Analysis Methods to Online Business Services— Take Pinduoduo for Example

Zhixi Zhou
With the development of science and technology, online shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially in the populous China. Faced with such fierce competition in the online e-commerce market, Pinduoduo had gained growing attention among the two e-commerce giants Taobao and at that time....
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Analysis of Risk Management Plan of Finance Section

Jiaming Huang
This paper mainly uses the Nanhai District, Foshan City, maternal and child health care hospital as an example, for its financial analysis of the basic situation, and supplemented by financial risk management comparison, the company in this area problems, Reason and the way to solve the problem. For...
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Research on the Impact of Green Credit on Chinese Commercial Bank Credit

Xiaoying Chen
Since the reform and opening up, China’s economic development has made a relatively large achievement, which is also accompanied by more and more serious environmental problems. All countries in the world are actively exploring environmental protection issues. Green credit is also valued by all countries...
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Paternalistic Leadership and Its Positive Influences in Telecommuting Environment

Ruoyun Jiang
This paper discusses the positive influences of paternalistic leadership in the compulsory telecommuting environment caused by COVID-19. The pandemic accelerates the development of telecommuting and brings challenges and uncertainties to telecommuting workers. Paternalistic leadership is a widespread...
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The Transformation and Strategic Development of Human Resource Management in the Public Sector Under the Digital Economy

Chunmiao Yao
Based on the perspective of the digital economy, this article explores the transformation and strategic development of human resource management in the public sector in the context of its rapid development.Analyze the impact of the emergence of the digital economy on the management concept, management...
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Analysis of iPhone’s Marketing Strategy

Meihan He
As technology grows, People’s need for better electronic devices goes high. Apple Inc. held this opportunity fast and did a lot of development to products and marketing strategies. It makes a huge profit every time a new product is out. From 2005 to 2020, the annual revenue of apple grows from $13,931...
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Influence of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance in China’s Information Industry

Li-Ling Yang
How to enhance the value of enterprises through governance is a hot issue in the field of corporate governance research. This study selects the financial data of listed companies in the information transmission industry from 2010 to 2015. Empirical results CEO duality have a positive impact on the financial...
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Analysis of Bilibili’s Business Model

Zhihan Wang, Weijie Xiao
In recent years, online browsing videos has become one of the most typical and popular ways for entertainment. Bilibili Inc. has stood out from the mass of online entertainment video platform and attracted a lot of young people, especially in the Chinese market. However, the way to solve the problem...
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Research on Characteristics and Risk Prevention and Control of Internet Financial Investment

Huaping Li
With the rapid development of the Internet economy, Internet financial investment as an emerging industry has developed rapidly. In the process of financial investment, investment risk is the biggest problem faced by all investors. Internet financial investors must identify, prevent and control possible...
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Research on the Path and Mechanism of Smart City Construction from the Perspective of New Infrastructure

Ya lian Du
After the 21st century, driven by the development of digital economy, cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence technology and new infrastructure policies, the construction of smart cities in China has also ushered in a period of rapid development. Since the outbreak of pneumonia in COVID-19, the...
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Research on Financial Development Opportunity Graph Based on Energy Internet

Dan Wang, Yan Chang, Wenhao Zhu, Qian Zhang, Shan Jiang
Based on the development characteristics of the company’s business under the energy Internet, this article evaluates the innovative needs of the energy Internet financial model. A business paradigm for energy internet finance including four key elements of market demand, key resources and core competitiveness,...
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Evaluation of the Financial Ecological Environment of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomerations

Yihang Wang
As the integration of the Yangtze River Delta has become a national strategy, financial industry exists opportunities and challenges in China. Constructing a reasonable index system to evaluate the financial ecological environment of the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomerations will help prevent financial...
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Analysis on the Monetization of Sales Channels Under the Frame of Farmer Professional Cooperatives—Taking 35 Professional Grape Cooperatives in Jinxiang, Shandong Province as an Example

Teng Zhou, yao Liu Yao
As one of the new agricultural management systems, the original intention of the establishment of farmer cooperatives is to solve the problems of individual farmer’s weakness in the market and the mismatch between income and risk-taking, and to enhance the farmers’ competitive position and bargaining...
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Research on the Flow and Exchange of High-Level Talents in Xi’an Under the Background of Port Economic Development

Jiayi Zeng
With the economic development of Xi’an inland port beginning to take shape, the development of high-level talents as the key foothold to promote the development of related industries, the demand for its high quality is increasing day by day. The overall situation of talents in Xi’an is reflected in that...
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Research on the Entity and Online Stores of Cosmetics in China

Jinming Zhang
Based on the influence of cosmetics online shopping, this paper reveals the problems that traditional retail stores have encountered and how to maintain the relationship between online stores and entity stores. The results show that problems in the operation ideas, costs and other aspects of cosmetics...
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Analysis on the Influence of Economic Shock on the Employment of Higher School Students Under the Epidemic situation

Jinhua Wang
With the popularization of quality education in our country, the number of graduates from colleges and universities has increased year by year. The employment task of colleges and universities has always been a great plan of the country, and it is an important event related to the people’s livelihood...
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Design of Common Data Distributed Loading in Marketing Real Time Cost Control System

Libo Xu, Jue Bo, Yonghui Han, Yuanqi Yu, Liyang Liu
Remote real-time control of cost is an important measure to improve the level of enterprise marketing management. The common data distributed design of marketing real-time cost control system is more intelligent and convenient. The distributed loading design of common data in marketing real-time cost...
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Analysis on the Development of Financing Mode of “Internet Finance +Agricultural Value Chain” in Shaanxi Province

Tingting Dou, yan Li, zhao Li
Although agricultural value chain financing can effectively solve the financing difficulties of rural enterprises and farmers, it still has some defects, such as low financing efficiency, high cost, information asymmetry, insufficient collateral and so on. In this paper, first of all, based on the comparative...
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Review of Asset Pricing Theory and Empirical Research

Zhenzhen Zhao
This article describes the main asset pricing theories and models and explores the Capital Asset Pricing Model (hereinafter referred to as “CAPM”), the Fama-French three-factor model (hereinafter referred to as “FFTFM”), the Carhart four-factor model (hereinafter referred to as “CFFM”), the Fama-French...
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Internal Control Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility Fulfillment and Enterprise Performance: Evidence from Listed Companies in China’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Ziyi Zeng, Xi Zhang
Good internal control environment can stabilize the business environment, guard against operational risks, improve enterprise performance. And effective internal controls can provide a good environment for enterprises to enhance their social responsibility fulfillment, thus forming a good reputation...
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Establishment and Analysis of Multi-Factor Stock Selection Model Based on Support Vector Machine in CSI 300 Index Constituent Stocks Market

Changsheng Dou, Tengzhe Zhao, Ziheng Guo
This paper uses the SVM (support vector machine) method to model the multi-factor stock selection and conducts research in Chinese Stock Market. The CSI 300 Index accounts for about 60% of the market value of Chinese Stock Market, we uses the principal component analysis for dimensionality reduction,...
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Analysis of the Integration and Dynamic Linkages of BRICS Stock Markets

Zehui Yu, Liru Bai, Yiming Li
In the past decade, BRICS countries have become the main driver of global economic growth. China, as a major member of BRICS, has gradually opened up its own capital market and gained ever-growing interconnection with global capital markets, with the implement the QFII and QDII system. Therefore, it...
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Analyzing the Trend of Chinese Real Estate Under the Epidemic Era by Comparing the Real Estate Markets Between China and Japan

Guanhua Qu
This paper will discuss about the China’s real estate, the comparison of real estate between China and Japan, and analyzing China’s real estate policies and the future trend of the real estate. First, this paper will compare the differences between Japan and China’s real estate markets in different aspects....
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The Relationship Between Computer Ownership and Student Achievement

Yuan Xu, Enyu Lin, Xihan Zhu
Based on the research that has already been done by the Prospera program, we developed 4 statistic models to investigate the relationship between math, or Spanish, and other variables provided in a child’s life. In the first model, we used regression model to see the children’s 9th grade math score alone...
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Analysis of National Health Resource Allocation and Policies During the Covid-19 from a Supply and Demand Perspective

Yunqing Luo
This paper discusses the unique health resources allocation and policies during the Covid-19. Through real data collected by different countries and health institutions, we will be able to observe how different countries responded to the pandemic. Through the supply and demand model, we analyze how market...
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Can Environmental Regulations Force the Upgrading of the Industrial Structure?

Yixuan Zhang
The low-carbon development model as a representative of environmental regulatory policies will also affect the upgrading of the economy’s industrial structure. Based on the panel data of 233 prefecture-level cities in China from 2005 to 2017, this article uses the “low-carbon city” construction pilot...
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The Combination of Market Value Data and Background Information Used to Analyze a Company or a Subfund

Jingqiu Liu
With the development of economic globalization, more and more developing countries begin to make significant contribution to the world. As markets in these developing countries improve, these markets also show the characteristics of high economic development speed and great market development potential,...
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Analysis and Research on the Relationship Between Educational Investment, Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation in Middle-income countries

Zijing Qi, Beibei NieYu, Zhen Zong
It is very important to pay attention to the spillover effect of education sector on economic growth. This paper uses the modified Feder model to empirically study the total effect and spillover effect of education investment on economic growth in China. The results show that the spillover effect of...
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Analysis of the Influence of Workplace Spirituality on Organizational Commitment Based on SPSS: The Role of Organizational Trust and Power Distance

Li-hua Tang, Zi-hui Li
In this paper, a questionnaire survey was conducted in 12 companies in Macao, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shanwei, Shenzhen and other regions by means of convenient sampling. Statistical software such as SPSS and Process plug-in were used to analyze the influence mechanism of workplace spirituality on employees’...
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NIKE’s General Company Analysis Based on It 2020 Annual Report

Xuqing Liu
The year 2020 is a gathering of world sports events, such as the Olympic Games, the European Cup. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this year, various kinds of professional sports competitions have been canceled or postponed, thus the sports industry has been hit all over the world. NIKE, an American brand,...
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Evaluation of Poverty Alleviation Performance from the Perspective of SPSS Data Analysis of Intergenerational Mobility

Haonan Zhou, Kexin Xie
In recent years, my country’s poverty alleviation mission will gradually shift from “eliminating absolute poverty” to “reducing relative poverty.” However, under this transition, how can we evaluate the performance of poverty alleviation more scientifically? Based on the SPSS data analysis software,...
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Risk assessment of Internet Finance under the background of big data

Zhuoru Ju
At present, it is an era of economic globalization. The development of China’s Internet financial industry should keep pace with the times and keep pace with the times. Compared with the developed countries in the west, the development level of China’s Internet financial industry is relatively backward,...