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The application research of the performance appraisal model of the teacher in independent college based on the detailed management

Yu Liao
With the gradual popularization of china's higher education , In recent years, The competition between various colleges and universities is becoming more and more fierce, the quality and brand become a magic weapon to win. there is a widespread quantification fuzzy problem in independent college in China...
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Increase the organization's crisis prevention costs and enhance the image of the organization

Xue Lei, Yinlin Wang
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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The Informatization Research on Manufacturing Industry in Northeast China

Jie Qiu, Haiyang Zhang
Founding of New China, the manufacturing industry in Northeast China was once the center of China's manufacturing industry, contributing a lot for China’s socialist modernization and national economic development. However, since the reform and opening up, the development speed of the manufacturing industry...
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Discussion about the Course Advanced Training of Foreign Trade Office

Xia Cao, Fahai Li
With the advancement of education reform, we establish a course named Advanced Training of Foreign Trade Office combining the office software and office automation, focusing on the scientificity and practicability of the experimental contents, which strengthened the objectives and practical use of the...
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A superficial research on the phenomenon of campus violence and the standard of law prevention in China

Qiong Huang
Near a period of time, the more appeared different degree of campus violence cases, the nerve of the teachers and students on campus safety, parents, the community in a state of tension, destroyed the normal order of the campus, to the whole society caused great harassment and uneasy. In this paper,...
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Study Scale of the Linear Transformation On Nursing Technology

Juichiao Tseng, Tinghung Huang, Yuanhorng Lin
Unified set the passing score of 60 points for Registered Nursing subjects of Professional and Technical Examination. This situation has caused the subjects of fairness concerns. Therefore standardized set by the method to maintain the stability of the threshold of every subject is very necessary. Apply...
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Analysis on the Development of Cross-Border Electricity Suppliers in Guangdong Province under the Background of “One Belt and One Road”

Wenbohao Zhu, Bo Sun
With the recent implementation of the strategy “One Belt and One Road” in China, cross-border e-commerce has developed significantly. The fast development of cross-border electricity suppliers in Guangdong makes it an important study topic. This paper analyzes the development of cross-border electricity...
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Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility to Improve the Harmonious Labor Relationship

Yuying Wang
Reinforcing the construction of corporate social responsibility is the key to improve the labor capital relation in the context of the financial crisis. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility is the guarantee for the enterprise development and also a necessary social requirement to enterprises. Thus,...
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Pragmatism in China - Chinese pragmatism

Tianci Li, Yulin Wu
This paper is divided into 4 parts. 1. The embryo of “pragmatism” taking actual operation and practical as purpose formed under the Chinese traditional cultural thoughts. This paper gives examples to introduce the thinking model of pragmatic first in the ancient China and the impressive idea of “pragmatism”,...
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Development Mode of Low Level Exhibition Tourism Derivatives and the Influences on Tourism Effect

Ting Zhao
This paper discusses the development mode of low level exhibition tourism derivatives and the influences on tourism effect. With the development of science and technology, the human activity scope by land and sea gradually extend to the air space and outer space. Over land and sea resources and to carry...
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Research of foreign policing management in China's community network

Yuchi Zhu, Liang Hu, Ke Cheng, AiChun Ding
With the increasing exchanges between China and many countries around the world, the emergence of the multi governance subject has been promoted by the emergence of the community policing, which forms the structure of the network based on the state organs. This paper considering the foreign management...
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The Absurd Silence——The Analysis on the Faith and Silence in written by Shusaku Endo

Xiaofei Gai
Shusaku Endo tells about the process that the priest named Sebastio Rodrigues from Jesus of Portugal comes to Japan with the faith that looking for his teacher called Ferreira and spreading the Catholic to the Japanese people, and then be arrested; in order to save the people being punished, Sebastio...
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"Adapt to the need of the production line adaptive social" building research and practice of applied talents training system

Jing Bai, Yanxia Song, Dejun Liu, Huida Duan
Based on local engineering applied undergraduate cultivating talent poor adaptability, engineering application ability is not strong. So we study the engineering background can be incorporated into the whole course of teaching philosophy. To realize the seamless docking adaptive social needs of personnel...
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Research on the Status of China’s Network Oversight on Administration

Yu Mei
Nowadays, the development of information technology has not only changed people's lives, but also has a profound impact on political and social life. By the Internet, Internet users understand the society, publish speech, obtain information, exercise their democratic right of supervision, promote the...
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Logical Issue in Dissertation Writing of Humanities Postgraduates

Yan Dong, Weiquan Hao
The quality of dissertation written by humanities postgraduates is not entirely satisfactory and logical thinking is the guarantee of quality of dissertation written by humanities postgraduates. To determine paper theme with clear method; to collect and sort literature documents in method of induction...
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Insist on Discourse Right of Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities in the New Media Era

Xinying Lu, Jing Huang
The rise of new science and technology revolution in the latter half of the twentieth Century is pushing human society towards a new information era -- an era of new media. As an important carrier of ideology and a new platform, the new media has an important influence on the development of ideology....
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Using thinking aloud to enhance poor readers’ vocabulary knowledge and comprehension

Wenqi Xiao
English reading proficiency is regarded as one of the major abilities of English language learning. However, poor readers who lack vocabulary knowledge and have difficulty in monitoring themselves in reading process struggle a lot in L2 reading. The aim of the study attempts to discuss poor readers reading...
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Big data convenient environment free fast access to data and the analysis of the resulting data security

Ying Wu
Big data applications involving more and more, especially in recent years to accelerate the development of Internet technology to facilitate data acquisition gave Big Data security threat to bring more great data security threat that has been extended to the various fields, especially leakage of sensitive...
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A Study on Oates’s Gothic Short Stories from the Perspective of Psychological Realism-Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque as an Example

Guangwei Wu
Joyce Carol Oates is generally been considered as one of the most significant and enduring writers of the twentieth century in America and enjoys the reputation of “the Queen of Gothic”. Her short story collection Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque, ranged from classic ghost stories to portrayals of chilling...
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A Logistics Enterprises Efficiency Study Based on DEA Model

Lan Shi
The logistics industry is an extremely viable economic hot spots in the rapid economic development environment of China. However, in order to maintain the vitality as well as enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprises, it is necessary for the logistics enterprise to improve efficiency. The foundation...
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Investee’s Net Profits Adjustment in Balance Sheet Consolidation: for the Reasons of Internal Tractions

Peng Zhao, Ying Ru
In accordance with China enterprise accounting standards, investee’s net revenues adjustment because of internal tractions must be done before the elimination of all intra-entity long-term equity investments in the balance sheet consolidation. The paper develops a universal model with the ability to...
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Based on Improved EMD algorithm and Fractal Theory a small current grounding fault line selection

Xuehan Gao
This paper systematically analyzes the small current grounding system grounding and the principle of the failure formation, combined with empirical mode decomposition, and then put forward a new method of empirical mode decomposition and correlation dimension for small current grounding system of single...
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Development Trend Analysis of Voluntourism in Hubei China

Xinfa Tang, Yujia Gu
With the changes of the times, the competition of tourism industry is becoming more and more intense. Because the speed of development of China's volunteer tourism is slow, the space of it is relatively large. So it is very important to make a reasonable analysis of the development of volunteer tourism...
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Successful Coaching Starts from the Attention to the Long-Term Development of the Athletes-Discussion on the Success Road of Sports Coaches

Jinglun Yang, Lan Chen
For a long time, The development of competitive sports has forced the coaches to pursuit the victory excessively, and neglect the attention and education of the athletes. This article aims at the following four aspects, establishing teaching ideas of "attention to the long-term development of athletes"...
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Teaching Practice and Perception on Senior Seminar for Professional and Technical Personnel for Local Mechanical Manufacturing Industry

Tiejun Zhang, Ying Guan
Mechanical manufacturing industry is one of the main developments of Chinese economic growth. Scientific and technological innovation driven manufacturing upgrading is the key for Chinese manufacturing industry from large to strong, and more importantly, it is to train the professional and technical...
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Research on the University Flipped Classroom Based on the Network Platform

Yangqing Zhu
Flipped classroom, as a model of deep integration of information technology and learning theory, has become a hot topic in the reform of higher education in recent years. Flipped classroom is an advanced teaching model & learning before teaching, which is from passive learning to active learning. The...
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On the Theory and Practice of CYL’s Innovative Construction

Mingxiao Sui
The thesis, by taking Communist Youth League (referred in the text as CYL) construction in university student associations as research object, analyses its main problems and then proposes targeted solutions in term of theory, organizing and innovative administrations accordingly so as to further promote...
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Construction of Regional Low Carbon Innovation System

Yang Wang, Bo Zhao, Kui Chen
Under the background of global warming, this paper constructs a low carbon innovation system from the research perspective of China's regional. The research framework of the system is based on the theory of regional low-carbon innovation system to interpret the concept of regional low-carbon innovation...
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Design of the Antagonistic Simulation Training Platform Based on Jini

Hongmei Zhang, Wenqian Zhang, Peng Xie
With the development of network-centric warfare theory, a variety of networking equipment has become a serious problem. In the process of networking, because of different equipment, different manufacturers and models of the same type equipment, the network is needed to standardize the process of data...
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The inspiration of Chinese literati painting art to modern graphic designs

Ping Leng
Man-of-letters painting, also known as "Scholar-official painting ", "scholar-official drawings ", are the paintings with literary taste in the painting, revealing literati outside the painting, The have unique "elegant" and are different from craftsmen painting and House body draw yuanti drawing, develop...
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Introduction to modern art font variant design in the application of cultural industry brand promotion

Ping Leng
In today's society, the development of cultural and artistic activities is increasingly important to people. Not only to meet the growing demand of the people, but also to meet the constant pursuit of spiritual. Especially in the construction of spiritual civilization, the relationship between art development...
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A Study on Rent-seeking Behavior for Chinese Goverment Occupational Safety and Health Regulator Based on the Rent-seeking Theory

Dahan Yang, Shuyan Wei
Rent-seeking is one of the inevitable topic in the process of government occupational safety and health(OSH) regulation, The behavior of regulator rent-seeking will let the regulatory failures which may lead to a huge accident at last. According to the influence of rent-seeking theory, use “will get...
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Talking about Overseas Translation and Spread of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

Youneng Yang
Overseas translation and communication of Chinese modern and contemporary literature is an absolutely necessary component of Chinese culture “Going out” strategy. This paper first analyzes the present situation and existing problems of Chinese modern and contemporary literature, then discuss the reasons....
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An Intertextual Perspective of the Strategies of Composing Images in American Imagist Poetry and Chinese Tang Poetry

Yingjie Guo
To examine the strategies of composing images in American Imagist Poetry and Chinese Tang Poetry, this paper employs Julia Kristeva’s theory of intertextualité and conducts a comparative study. In the intertextual perspective, the paper holds that American Imagist Poetry and Chinese Tang Poetry share...
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Research on Curriculum Reform "SCM Application Technology" project-based teaching

Zimin Wang, Baiqing He
In order to train technical personnel to adapt to the application of the social economy, Nanchang Institute of Technology and the engineering teaching philosophy and the existing existing training program together.On the "SCM Application Technology" curriculum reform precise, clear teaching objectives...
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Plan, Construction and Application of Railway Training Base

Wenjiang Wu, Linzhang Cheng, Beibei Chu, Jianchao Zhang, Zhanfeng Gao
Under the background that the speed of railway is greatly improved and railway transport lines become increasingly busy, students from our university have encountered numerous difficulties in field practice and the quality of practice teaching is restrained by objective conditions. In order to solve...
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Study on the Self-development of “Metalworking Practice” Course

Jianchao Zhang, Wenjiang Wu, Zhanfeng Gao, Beibei Chu, Yaoyuan Wei
Currently, metalworking practice is no longer being treated as the only practice course on metallurgical technology in universities; multi-development and a variety of extension on this practice course are made. However some problems still existed and need to be solved. Hence we should encourage students...
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Striving for Freedom from Patriarchal Authority——A Comparison of Poems “Diving into the Wreck” and “Daddy”

Xi Zhang
This paper discusses the similarity and difference on female’s resistance against patriarchal authority between poems “Diving into the Wreck” and “Daddy”, which were written respectively by American women poets Adrienne Rich and Sylvia Plath. Having suffered in male authority and control, the female...
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Reflection on the Creative Design of MOOC's Micro Video based on Visual Culture

Han Liu, Yongjun Guan, Min Qu
This article explains and demonstrates how to design MOOC's micro video creatively, from the perspective of the theory of visual culture. The authors first discuss the influence of visual psychology on video design, then put forward some creative design thinking on the scene, the character and the courseware,...
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Wu Mi as a New Humanistic Translator

Gang Wang
Wu Mi, one of the chief cultural celebrities during the Republic Period, has been crowned with many titles, such as a poet, a master in Chinese classics, an expert in western literature, the forefather of China’s comparative literature and leader of the Critical Review School. However, his identity as...
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Translation as memory

Gang Wang
It is believed that metaphor can lead to the emergence of a new intricate understanding of a phenomenon which otherwise would be hard or even impossible to formulate. This might explain why we have many metaphors for the perplex concept of translation. This paper attempts to offer an alternative perspective...
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Study on the Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Social Capital Affecting the Diversification and Risk of Chinese Enterprises

Fulei Wei, Xiaofeng Ju
As a special resource, the entrepreneurial social capital is not only an important motive for the diversification of enterprises, but also can effectively regulate the risk caused by diversification. Considering the relationship social and transition economy background of China, the effect of the entrepreneurial...
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Study on Improving for Morality and Integrity Issues of Accounting Profession

Xin Cheng, Yinxing Li
With the rapid development of the world economy, the professional accountant plays more important role in economy society. However, the account’s morality and integrity has caused a series of problems for economic development. It is the people’s attention to strengthen the integrity issues of accounting...
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The political awareness of the Stock Market Regulation

Yu Liao
With the rapid development of Chinese stock market and the innovation of financial tools, In recent years, Investors' enthusiasm cause the volatility of the stock price in the stock market. In the last year, there appeared tumbling three times in a row in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, It caused...
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On the Application of the Total Physical Response Approach to Vocabulary Teaching in the Third Grade of Primary School

Ying Qiu
Traditional methods of vocabulary teaching overemphasize forms of vocabulary and grammar instead of meanings (Jie Jingyuan, 1997), which contributes that students lose their interest in learning English. Total Physical Response (TPR), put forward by James Asher, is a language teaching approach. This...
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Research of Professional Education for Aviation Equipment Support Based on CBL Instruction Method

Zheng Wang, Jianhua Song, Xingdong Zhu, Jiali Fan
Military professional education, which is a kind of job-oriented education after Diploma education, has become the main task of military colleges and universities. CBL (Case-based Learning) teaching is a typical case-based discussion teaching model. Its characteristic can meet the needs of aeronautical...
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A Contrastive Study on Semantics of National Culture in Chinese and English Animal Words

Juan Chen, Liangji Zhong
The concept of national cultural semantics is a cultural aspect of semantics, also an embodiment of national culture and custom. Living in the same nature with Man, animals contain abundant national emotion, culture and customs. The same animal words, in their pro longed course of history and due to...
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Based on the STEAM Education Mode to Training of Interdisciplinary Talents

Yuan Zhang, Jing Zhang
The article base on the perspective of the STEAM education, to analyzed connections of the course system and construction of practice, it is pursued to build to innovative talents cultivation system with combine the art and science, to satisfaction society development demand.
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Practice and exploration of WeChat based elementary school English extracurricular learning platform

Shuwen Huang, Yuyan Gou, Huansong Yang
English class has been the main front of students learning English. Due to limited class of primary school, students who want to master this basic course, have to use the extra-curricular learning platform to add. Development and popularization of communication tools, which provide a great convenience...
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A Kind of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Neural Network Integrated Evaluation Method of Teaching

Hongjun Yang, Juanjuan Xu
Teaching evaluation as the core content of teaching management, it plays a very important role in the process of teaching. In terms of evaluation method, AHP can make full use of expert opinions, but it's hard to get rid of the randomness in the process of decision making, subjective uncertainty and...
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Development of Novel High-quality Educational Resources

Gang Ding, Danyang Cao
Massive Online Open Courses, abbreviated to MOOC, have attracted extensive attention from education circle, especially the circle of higher education, immediately after their emergence. Students, teachers, schools, government and even the whole society are eager for seeing what changes MOOC will bring...
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Application of Heuristic Teaching in Higher Vocational Education Teaching of Track and Field Course Sprint

Wei Huang
Heuristic teaching is primarily a sport played by teachers under the leading role in the students' desire for knowledge, proactivity, creativity fully mobilized as quickly as possible to enable students to acquire knowledge and technical essentials of each lesson learned inductive teaching methods. In...
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On the Reform and Innovation in Higher Vocational Education Physical Education Teaching Method

Maosong Zhang
With China's economic and social development continued steadily, vocational colleges in recent years, the overall size of the school, its mission, teaching philosophy, teaching methods as a whole have varying degrees of improvement, but is limited by the PE teachers in vocational colleges in our country...
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Fit the new features of the new class of students and teaching instructional text design direction

Yan Han
The teaching and case preparation for teaching should teach the characteristics of the object. This paper analyzes the current basis "after 00" The new features of the new class groups of students on language teaching in vocational education, for example, from a focus point, difficult point, growing...
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Research on University Computer Foundation Teaching based on Computational Thinking

Jianyan Zhang, Junshe Wang
As the rapid development of information society, people daily work and study rely on computer network as a platform environments, only familiar with computer operation skills which is not competent to meet the needs of the community, computational thinking ability and innovative consciousness are essential...
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Innovative Teaching of Civil Engineering Materials

Yanqin Guo
According to the characteristics of the course of civil engineering materials,this paper from three aspects of civil engineering materials innovation type teaching are explored: adoption of module teaching method teaching content; to the teaching method take the teachers and students were speaking class,...
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Construction and Implementation of the Five Levels, Staged and Step-by-step Practical Teaching System

Jianjun Yang, Changhe Li, Jiwen Tan
Practical teaching is an important teaching link to train students’ practice and innovation ability and comprehensive quality. At present, there are still some problems and shortcomings in the practical teaching. Aiming at the problems, we constructed the five levels, staged and step-by-step practical...
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Product design based teaching reform

Xu Chen
Purpose product base design should focus on teaching students observation skills, analytical skills and ability to think through the training system, so that students master the basic modeling capabilities and a variety of expression methods for the future of the professional courses of study as well...
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Discussion on Database Principles Experiment Teaching Reform

Lingxing Yang
Experiment teaching, as an important link of the database principles course, has great significance for cultivating students’ abilities demanded for the future work. Considering that the existing experiment teaching method fails to satisfy the contemporary social development demands and is also adverse...
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Research on the Application of Flipped Classroom Mode of College English Teaching

Li Guo, Haoming Lai, Fei Sun
The introduction and application of the flipped classroom teaching mode revolutionized the traditional teaching mode. In College English Teaching, the flipped classroom teaching mode can effectively improve the students learning level, improve English teaching efficiency. This paper analyzes the connotation...
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Research on the integration of university party building project into college students' Ideological and political education in the micro Era

Fei Sun, Haoming Lai, Li Guo
Internet as the carrier of the micro era inevitably produce some transformative effect on the behavior of the ideological and political education of college students . It is of great significance for the healthy growth and development of contemporary college students to carry out the party and League...
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Research on Cultivation mode of Excellent Numerical Control Talents in Application-Oriented College

Hongmei Fan
With the rapid development and comprehensive application of numerical control technology, demands of excellent talents in this field are increased to a great extent. Aiming at the defective traditional cultivation quality of numerical control talents, the cultivation target of numerical control talents...
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Boost Teaching Qualities: Processing Level and Bad Social Psychological Signals Detection

Peng Zhao, Lan Ma
From the perspectives of individual cognitive vs social psychological process in classroom teaching, an quantitative experimental analysis shows that by changing the processing level, the process based teaching modality has improved the students’ average scores of the course intermediate financial accounting...
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A Review of Employees Collective Turnover Research and Prospects

Yuhuan Bi
In recent years, employees collective turnover has occurred frequently, which affected the stable operation and development of enterprises seriously. Collective turnover is different from individual turnover, but traditional theory of turnover mainly focus on the individual level, and what we know about...
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Strengthening the innovative education, improving the quality of talent cultivation

Ling Ma, Yan Song
Improving the quality of talent cultivation is an eternal subject of higher education, “the college students’ innovative experiment project” is a vital component of “quality project”, and a specific reform measure to promote innovative talent cultivation. Based on forestry college of NEFU as an example,...
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The education strategy of student advisor on college students

Ying Song, Jing Sun
College students have significant characteristics in the physical, psychological and ideological understanding. Their plasticity are extremely strong. In the process of education, student advisor must take the corresponding education strategy. This paper introduces the roughly working content of counselors...
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Research On The Humanities Of Ideological And Political Education

Pei Han
Human being is the social practice object of ideological and political education, according to the development law of people's ideological and moral character, which has impacts on their ideological and spiritual world.There is no doubt, the ideological and political education possesses humanistic character....
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Analysis of Diversity and Reform of College Physical Education

Jian Xiong
This paper has conducted systematic analysis of teaching models, evaluation methods through documents ,research, practice, lessons learned and other methods to explore diversified development trend of college physical education. We find that the teaching patterns and evaluation method of physical education...
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Study on Ideological & Political Education in Colleges under background of New Media Era

Yaling Dai
In order to ensure effective implementation of the sharing community model in ideological and political education under the background of new media era, it is essential to build sound evaluation mechanism in sharing community, which is the need not only to correctly evaluate the effects of sharing community...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education under New Media Technology Background

Yanying Di
With the rapid development of information technology, to blog, instant messaging tools, and streaming media as the main indicator of new media technology to the current ideological and political education with great effect. In this paper, ideological and political education systems was established by...
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The Status Quo Investigation and Study of Mathematics accomplishment of Five-year Normal College Rural Oriented Students in Jiangxi Province

Qiuhua Zhou, Fei Sun
Five-year Normal College Rural Oriented Students in Jiangxi Province is to enhance the level of rural primary school teachers in jiangxi province and set up a new system of teachers. Through this study it is aimed to discover the problems in the orientation training, as well as the factors hindering...
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An Exploration on the Teaching Reform of Bilingual Educational Basic Medical Courses for Biological and Medical Engineering Majors

Shuo Yang, Hongwei Zheng
The development of basic medical courses in the biological and medical engineering major has always been a problem for universities of science and technology. This is related with the orientation of such universities. Then, a complete knowledge system composed of basic medical knowledge and professional...
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An Exploration on the Teaching Reform of Bilingual Educational Basic Medical Courses for the Biomedical Engineering Majors of Universities of Science and Technology

Shuo Yang, Lei Zhang
Basic medical courses develop relatively slow in the biomedical engineering major of universities of science and technology. This is related with the cultivation objects for students in the universities of science and technology. Most of such schools cultivate the students' abilities of operation and...
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On the Application of Modern Comics Formal Language and Digital Media Technology in Traditional Comics

Jindong Wang
Traditional comics, as popular books loved by the masses, have gained great achievement and status in the art history of New China, which surpass any forms of art and contain abundant social and cultural connotation as well as high artistic value. From the beginning of 1990s, traditional comics are shrinking...
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The Combination of Entrepreneurship-Innovation Education and Geoscience Education in China Higher Education

Lina Lu, Jing Li, Ming Yang, Baojun Li
Entrepreneurship-innovation education becomes more and more important in China higher education. Nowadays, Chinese geoscience education faces challenges, especially lack of entrepreneurship-innovation talents and “employment difficulty”. This paper tries to combine entrepreneurship-innovation education...
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Investigation of Primary Mathematics Teachers of Mathematics History Literacy---Take some elementary school mathematics teachers in Xianning city as an example

Pu Zhang, Heyi Tang
Mathematics history of mathematics education is the biggest role of it in the subject of learning to inject more vitality,It takes the concept of mathematics from the static to dynamic,By recording the influence of mathematicians in the process of forming mathematical ideas, the history of mathematics...
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The Countermeasures and Existing Problems of Translation Teaching in College English

Hongxia Dai, Zhongmeng Chen
Translation teaching is important part in college English teaching, and also main approach to train translated talented person. College English translation teaching have contributed to developing good learn habit, improving students’ comprehensive abilities. For a long time, college translation teaching...
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Thinking about Applied talents Training Mode of Chinese Language and Literature Majors

Li Li
With the popularization of higher education in recent years, talents mode of undergraduate education has been transformed from outstanding person to popular education. The applied talents training mode of Chinese language and literature majors have become a crucial question. After analyzing the existing...
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Course Evaluation Based on Workshop Teaching

Huiqing Li, Aihua Deng
During workshop teaching, courses are learnt through solving specific issues, it becomes one of the important teaching modes of vocational education thanks to its high degree of participation in teaching activities, and previous course evaluation systems are no longer applicable to workshop teaching....
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Students Majoring in Art Design in Colleges and Universities

Xinguang Ren, Yongmin Cui, Yang Liu
With the deepening of China's higher education reform, promoting innovation, entrepreneurship education and practice for the Art Design major students has become an inevitable trend for development of art design major students. This paper y starts from the present situation of innovation...
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Mental Health Education of the Minority Engineering College Students

Huanchang Qin, Mengzhen Chen, Meisuo Wang
Mental health education of the minority engineering college students still faces lots of problems. Those problems have prevented the further improvement of minority engineering students’ personal qualities Thus, it is imperative to build mental health education model of the minority engineering college...
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On the integration of physical education and sports resources in Colleges and Universities

Wei Wen, Peng Zeng
Using the questionnaire and literature method, the study on how to realize the interactive development of the school sports and the regional sports in Beijing city is carried out in order to realize the interactive development of the school physical education and sports in Beijing city. Research put...
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Research on the Status-quo and Development Countermeasures for the Layered P.E. Teaching of Higher Education Institutes

Peng Zeng, Wei Wen
By researching the P.E. teaching outline of 36 higher education institutes HEIs it finds that the P.E. teaching management model of HEIs is diversified. And layered teaching has not been applied widely. By the method of literature review questionnaire expert interview it makes an in-depth analysis on...
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Analysis on the formation and development of college physical education to promote students' social skills

Xing Xi, Huoqiang Wang
The students are in the critical period of growth and development, their outlook on life, values are not fully mature, social skills are still quite short, can not adapt to the rapid development of the times. The main content in this paper, the connotation of social skills, social skills, school sports...
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The present situation and Prospect of sports industry in Colleges and Universities

Weiwei Liu
The analysis based on product characteristics and market demand, the management strategy of sports industry in Colleges and universities from the college sports venues, colleges and universities competition, the high level sports team and sports teachers in Colleges and universities four aspects were...
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Teaching reform and practice of Public Physical Education in Colleges and Universities under the network environment

Senlin Lu
By using the method of documentary, logical analysis and other research methods, root of declining of colleges and Universities under the Network Environment College Students' physique and health status were analyzed objectively, public physical education teaching mode in Colleges and universities still...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of Innovative Talents during the College Physical Education

Jinglun Yang, Lan Chen
As the higher education becomes more and more popular in China, it is necessary to comprehensively implement the effective innovation education. It is considered as one of the important missions for the reform of higher education. In this paper, the existing problems and constraints on the development...
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Electronic and Information Engineering Practice Teaching Reform

Baiqing He, Zimin Wang
For Electronic and Information Engineering, the education reform over the years and always stay in the textbook, reform a new name.Especially in the undergraduate level inside the private institutions of higher learning, simply continue to use the previous teaching idea to simply meet the demands of...
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Teaching Mechanism Research on Art & Design Education from the Perspective of Industry & Education

Haizhou Lv, Yiling Zhang
In this paper, it designs and implements "interdisciplinary teaching project" to build a applied talents training mode for art and design major, which in the form of three levels-- " Transverse broaden, interdisciplinary integration in basic level; Deepen lengthways, industrial integration teaching project...
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The Construction Research of Software Engineering Practical Teaching System Based On CDIO

Peng Xie, Hongmei Zhang
The paper analyzed of CDIO model construction and CMM capability maturity mode and discussed basic connotation of talent training based on CDIO-CMM , including training objective, training requirement, curriculum. The computer science college students training indicated CDIO-CMM training program contributed...
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The research on innovation talents training mode reform of mechanical major in construction colleges and universities

Ruiqin Hao, Zeguang Han, Yu Han
In order to solve the application ability and innovation ability shortage of the mechanical professional university graduates in Building class colleges and universities,the tentative reform innovation has been done in training Objectives, training scheme, content organization under course system,and...
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Research on the present situation of physical education in primary schools of Zhumadian city

Yahui Wang, Qun Xiong, Fei Chen, Jianghua Li
To fully understand the present situation of physical education in primary schools of Zhumadian city, this paper presented a survey on the degree of attention on physical education and the teaching levels of the teachers in primary schools. The results show the sports facilities and equipment, professional...
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Study on the Application of Mobile Learning in Traditional Teaching---Elements of Information Theory Course as a Study Case

Rong Tan, Xiaolei Han, Wen Si
The M-learning has brought significant opportunities and challenges for higher education. By analyzing on the relationship between M-learning and traditional teaching as well as adopting the Elements of Information Theory course as a study case, this paper investigated the methods to retrieve the fragmented...
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On the Possibilities and Strategies of Applying Flipped Class Model into College English Class for Chinese Students

Qing Zhao, Yingjie Guo
To probe into the possibilities and strategies of applying Flipped Class Model(FCM) into college English class for Chinese students, this thesis initiates the discussion of the background of acquiring a new teaching methodology in Chinese environment. Then, it discusses that both teachers and students...
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Evaluation of university scientific research ability Based on T-S fuzzy neural network and DEA model

Yiyong Ye
This paper construct the evaluation index system of university scientific research ability from two aspects of research input and output, and then combined with fuzzy theory and neural network advantages, proposed the evaluation of scientific research ability of T-S model based on fuzzy neural network,...
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The problems and countermeasures of humanistic quality education in higher vocational colleges

Hong Chen, Chunyan Teng, Honghui Deng, Min Liu, Chao Li, Xia Yuan, Jingjing Yang
With the upgrading and adjustment of the economic industrial structure,employer continuously improve the quality requirements of the higher vocational college graduates. Students in higher vocational colleges should be advanced technology applied talents with good cultural and moral cultivation. The...
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Research and Analysis on incentive mechanism of teaching quality assurance in colleges and universities

Liman Zhao, Xiaoyun Chen
Because the development of the socialist market economy has been accelerating, people have begun to pay attention to the study of basic education in order to cater to the development of the society based on the influence of the environment. Therefore, all colleges and universities in order to improve...
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Analysis on the construction of professional ethics of young college teachers in the Network times

Liman Zhao, Xiaoyun Chen
Due to the advance of the development of Chinese network information era, this is our country's higher education laid the strict conditions, to computer center of media information technology expands increasingly, in the help and support of the media of information technology, the teaching quality of...
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Analysis on the relationship between teaching style and teaching performance of College Teachers

Liman Zhao, Xiaoyun Chen
China is currently in the stage of social reform, especially in the education is facing unprecedented challenges, the 21st century is a fierce competition in the market period, and market competition is mainly realized through competition for talent, but talent in our country at present, both in terms...
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Research and Analysis on the structure model of College Teachers' teaching ability

Liman Zhao, Xiaoyun Chen
Because of the continuous development of education in our country, the teacher's teaching ability has been improved. The teaching ability of teachers is an important factor for the construction and development of colleges and universities. In the era of rapid development of information technology, college...