Proceedings of 2016 2nd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2016)

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Empirical Study on Characteristics of Students' English Learning Motivation in Local Universities

Shuyan Xu, Xianhua Yang
Based on the questionnaire of college students' English learning motivation developed by Gao Yihong(2000), with 304 college students from some local universities as subjects, the paper aims to discuss the intensity of college students' English learning motivation as well as the most common motivation...
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Decomposition Analysis of Carbon Emissions in Jing-Jin-Ji Region of China: 2001-2012

Qiaozhi Zhao, Qingyou Yan
Jing-Jin-Ji region shoulders a heavy task of carbon emission mitigation. Exploring the main dominating factors is helpful to find out measures. This paper analyzes five factors which influence carbon emissions in Jing-Jin-Ji region from 2001 to 2012 based on LMDI method. Results showed that: Firstly,...
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Study on the Incentive Theory Perspective of Nursing Graduates Employment Destination and Changing Their Job

Wuwei Yin, Zeli Mao
These days, employment of nursing graduates has constantly captured wide media attention, occupying the newspapers headlines, with the development of the society, the demand for increased nursing personnel, training of nursing personnel of various schools have been growing. Every coin has two sides,...
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The Influence of Pressure Perception and Social Support on Medical Work Desire

Yuan He, Hongzhen Lei, Xu Xu
Based on the phenomenon that medical risks result in lower desire for engaging in medical work. [Purpose] the study explores to what degree medical students hope to become a medial practitioner through investigating and analyzing their reaction to pressure perception and social support in the course...
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Effect of Sports Industry Structure on Sports Consumption: An Empirical Study Based on Survey Data of Suzhou

Bing Fu, Jiahong Wang
In order to put forward the pointed countermeasure proposal to guide the sports consumption and optimize the sports industrial structure, this article adopt the methods of investigation, literature study and empirical study, use the Soochow to be a sample study and then use Eviews and Stata to be the...
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A Preliminary Study on Ecotourism Development of Wuling Gorge Geological Park, Zhushan County, Hubei Province--Based on RMP Analysis

Zhiwu Yan, Hongmei Wang, Yao Wang, Qingrong Ran
Wuling Gorge area in Zhushan county, Hubei province, is a typical karst distribution in western Hubei and it is part of "Western Hubei ecological and cultural tourism circle". In order to protect the fragile karst ecosystem, and achieve a reasonable development of local ecotourism, the authors in this...
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Promoting Effect of Social Practice on Young University Teachers' Professionalism

Haodong Gao, Xueyan Sun
With the continuous advancement of teachers' professional development theory, social practice becomes one of the important initiatives in the staff training of higher education institutions, which promotes professional maturity and development of young university teachers as well. Combining with the...
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Exploration and practice of the training mode of internationalized applied talents --Northwestern Polytechnical University, Ming De College HND CSCSE-SQA project

Dingyi Wu, Yuren Li, Lingsheng Gou, Xin Di, Xizhe Zhi
In order to adapt to the trend of the internationalization of higher education, training with international vision, familiar with international rules, to participate in international affairs and international competition of international talents, this paper is based on Northwestern Polytechnical University...
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An Empirical Study on Factors Influencing the Competitiveness of Service Industry in Guangxi

Xin Zhu
This paper chooses the level of economic development, income level, demographic factor, urbanization level, industrialization level, openness, government function, human resources as the affecting factors which influence the competitiveness of Guangxi service industry by taking full account of the previous...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Independent Innovation of Chinese Large and Medium-sized Industry Enterprises

Xin Zhu
Using the co-integration method, the influencing factors on independent innovation of Chinese large and medium-sized industry enterprises are discussed in this paper. The result shows that level of development of large and medium-sized industry enterprises, R&D investment, FDI, intellectual property...
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Electronic Commerce in China Information Security Management System Strategy Research

Hong Ji, Shuyuan Zou
Information security is an important factor in the survival and development of e-commerce, e-commerce throughout the transaction process is always, is the key element of the relationship between the interests of all e-commerce transactions. E-commerce information security to ensure the confidentiality...
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Research on Practical training Strategy of Applied Accounting Talents in Independent Colleges

Hong Ji, Yunqin Zou
With the continuous development of China's market economy, the talent market demand for accounting professionals is increasing, the requirements are also getting higher and higher, but the overall situation of the accounting professionals graduating from college has been not optimistic. Independent college...
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Study on Endogenous and our audit risk assessment

Jing Liu, Lijia Huang
Auditing is a specialized, economically independent supervision behavior, the risk not only affects the interests of the audited entity and stakeholders but also seriously restrict the healthy and stable manner rapid development of social and economic. Based on the analysis of the endogenous of audit...
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Factors Affecting the M & A Payment Options

Jing Liu, Wenfang Fang
A reasonable choice of payment method is not only related to the success of mergers and acquisitions, but also to the benefits of both acquisitions, changes in the structure of business interests and the company's financial arrangements. This paper describes the M & A reasonable payment utility in the...
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The translation of Sichuan Opera's Titles from Chinese Culture Communication Perspective--Taking Chinese Names and Culture-Loaded Words as Examples

Zhemin Chen
Sichuan opera, regarded as the gem of Chinese culture, has an important significance to enhance China's cultural influence and construct the national culture identity. Titles of Sichuan opera play a very important role in Sichuan opera's out going and also condense Chinese culture. However, the huge...
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Practice of Innovation Education

Hongyan Shi, Man Liu, Hu Chao, Lin Jiang
Essentialism thinking under the influence of innovation education adhere to the integrity of human nature hypothesis, this assumption leads to value orientation errors in the practice exploration, such as utilitarian excessively, nationalism, materialistic science, and so on.Innovation education, therefore,...
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Surface Structure and Deep Structure of the Teaching Interaction

Ying Liu, Lin Jiang, Hu Chao, Hongyan Shi
Like other social activities, interactive teaching is divided into surface structure and deep structure.Surface structure is the teaching process, it is existed between students and teachers can observe, can record the external form of interaction;And the deep structure of interactive teaching is affected,...
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The Present Situation and Practical Reflection of the Teaching Supervision Work in Colleges and Universities

Lin Jiang, Hongyan Shi, Man Liu, Ying Liu
The teaching supervision system is a kind of teaching quality monitoring system used widely in Chinese universities, has played a positive role in improving teaching quality.But the current of teaching supervision in colleges and universities management system and management system is still imperfect,...
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Analysis of Pragmatic Failure and Pragmatic Ability Formation in English Teaching

Ruifeng Luo
In cross-cultural communication, there is always a pragmatic failure. The paper analyzes the reasons for pragmatic failures and suggests some measures to cultivate students' pragmatic competence in daily English teaching in order to do some contribution to English learning.
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Countermeasure Study on Synergetic Development of Agricultural E-commerce and Rural Logistics Network in Hubei Province

Ying Tan
based on the characteristics of local economy and relevant policies, this article analyzes the current situation of and the reasons for mutual restrictions between agricultural e-commerce and rural logistics in Hubei Province, and proposes the strategies for synergetic development between agricultural...
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Research on Intensive Development Mode of Rural Logistics Network in Hubei that Boosts Agricultural E-commerce

Ying Tan
According to theories of intensive management and synergistic effect and advanced experience from developed countries like the US and Japan, the paper proposes to build the two-way circulation mode of "third-party logistics + postal logistics", the "farming-school, farming-supermarket and farming-enterprise"...
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Analysis of the Implementation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course Teaching

Delin Sun, Pin Lv, Yu Li, Ying Yu, Jiaxin Luo
This paper analyzes the importance, feasibility, characteristics, influencing factors and methods of innovation and entrepreneurship course teaching, which is of great significance to the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.
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On the Diversification of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum Objectives

Delin Sun, Yu Li, Guanghua Li, Ying Yu, Jiaxin Luo
Under the background of innovation and entrepreneurship education comprehensive reform, this paper explores on the characteristics, functions and focus of innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum objectives, which has a significant meaning.
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Wenzhou Family Enterprise Ownership Structure and Optimization Strategy

Haihuai He
Based on the analysis of the survey of management structure and efficiency of Wenzhou family business, found that the ownership structure of Wenzhou family business have the characteristic of family member control the majority of the stocks, keep increasing capital, ownership structure getting more complex,...