Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2020)

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A Literature Review of Museum and Heritage on Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation

Han-Teng Liao, Man Zhao, Si-Pan Sun
Promising to enhance the performance and widen the reach of an organization, the notion of digital transformation demands higher-level socio-technical transitions that are beyond mere digitization of resources. The sector of museum and heritage, as the main cultural and educational organizations for...
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The Construction of Chengdu City Image in New Media Environment: Take Tik Tok as an Example

Wang Wei
Nowadays, the city image has become the symbol of the city brand, which is the comprehensive embodiment of the “soft power” of urban development. Therefore, the city image communication has played an important role in the city competition. The new media environment has brought huge changes in the dissemination...
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A Realistic Way to Strengthen the Education of Marxist Viewpoints on Journalism in Colleges and Universities in the New Epoch

Xu Peng
Education of marxist viewpoints on journalism in colleges and universities must be tightly integrated with the Current background, It is strengthened through the following realistic ways: Firmly grasping the political direction of education of marxist viewpoints on journalism in the new epoch,Focusing...
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Research on the Mode of College Students’ Network Political Participation

Ge Jia Jia
With the rapid development of new media technology in China, the mode of network political participation has become an significant way for college students to participate in the Internet era, which affects their awareness, enthusiasm and way of participation in politics. The purpose of this paper is...
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Evolution and Thinking of the Functions of Western Government’s Public Service Provision

Deng Keyu
The history of public service supply reflects the evolution of government functions. This article sorts out the development process of the public service provision function of the Western government from the perspective of the change of the main body of public service provision. The first stage was before...
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An Exploration for How to Engage Line Managers in HRBP at Sany Heavy Case Organizations

MinQiao Hu
Over the last decades, the shared human capital promotes the construction of organizational HR Business Partnering (HRBP) model. However, few empirical studies note the role of line manager in HR transition process, and from the line manager’s perspective to research HRBP construction in practice. This...
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Research on Danmaku Knowledge Discovery Service Under Computational Communication

Li Wang, Zhihui Liu, Hongqi Han
Danmaku is a new type of user comment data with large amount of data, strong timeliness and close connection with video content. It contains a large amount of explicit and implicit knowledge used in computational communication to analysis user behaviour. This paper uses statistics and topic mining methods...
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Research on the Structural Evolution and Driving Mechanism of Regional Collaborative Innovation Network: Evidence from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration

Xu Peipei, Wang Ladi
The innovation network is an important support for regional integration development. Based on the co-patent dataset from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration, this paper portrays the structural characteristics and driving mechanism of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation network by...
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The Combination of Logic and Practice is the Cornerstone of the School Governance Model Under the Super-Ministry System

Gu Jijian, Lu Sihong
Schools implement super-ministry reform, and the focus of their school governance model has greatly deviated from this impact. The setting, role, authority, and order release of the school party and government leadership have all adversely affected department governance. Therefore, we propose that the...
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A Study on Tourism Satisfaction of Nianhuawan Characteristic Town in Lingshan, Wuxi Under the Background of Global Tourism—Based on the Online Comment Data ROST CM Analysis

Hong-ying Zhang
In the 13th five year plan, the country regards global tourism as one of the development strategies of tourism, and the characteristic town is an important carrier for the development of global tourism. With the rapid development of online tourism consumption and timely sharing of comment information,...
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The Impact of International Direct Investment on Chinese Economy

Yingdong Chen, Xiaocheng Sun
In recent years, with the rapid development of economic globalization, the rapid growth of China’s economy, because of its vast territory and abundant resources, China has now become the country with the largest accumulated foreign investment, and its number is still rising rapidly. Foreign direct investment...
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Construction and Strategy Analysis on the Talent Cultivation Program of New-Type Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Zhu Qiu, Xi Zhang, Genhua Zhang
New-type application-oriented undergraduate colleges are an important part of China’s higher education landscape. The top-level design of the overall optimization of the talent cultivation program is an important link for the colleges to form characteristics, enhance core competitiveness, and promote...
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Current Library and Information Science Education and Job Market’s Requirements in Mainland China

Chen Chenwei
The demand for professional talents in Mainland China’s current library and information job market is closely related to the current education and training of library and information professionals. This study first analyzed the current situation of master’s education of Library and Information Science...
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Identity Dilemma of the Second-Generation Chinese Americans—Take Andrew Yang’s “Rejecting Identity Politics” Strategy as an Example

Chen Zhitong
The strategy of “rejecting identity politics” adopted by Andrew Yang in his 2020 US presidential campaign shows the identity dilemma of the second-generation Chinese Americans. Taking Yang’s identity strategy as an example and combining with the Pew Research surveys, this paper explores the situation...
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Research and Practice of Fire Safety Education for Electrical Major Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yanjie Chen
Fire is one of the most serious disasters that threaten the public security. Especially the electrical fire is more prominent, which is more than 100,000 each year, and it accounts for about 30% of the total number of fires. The casualties and property losses caused by electric fire are also the highest...
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Teaching Reform and Innovation of Literature Retrieval Course Under SPOC Background

Xuehua Peng
This article analyzes the advantages of the literature retrieval course in the context of SPOC, and explores the reform ideas of the literature retrieval course, that is, the hybrid teaching method combining the SPOC network teaching platform and traditional conventional teaching. It also proposes reform...
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Research on the Relationship Between Social Capital and Social Entrepreneurship Intention: The Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Bricolage

Ruijun Chen, Yingqi Liu, Fei Zhou
As a new form of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship aims at solving social problems, takes the establishment of social enterprises or non-profit organizations as the main form, and has attracted wide attention and discussion among practitioners, policy makers and scholars. By constructing a theoretical...
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Influence of Icon Design Style on User’s Cognition

Huifeng Jin
It aims to study the influence of icon design style on user’s cognitive. The visual cognitive process in icon search is obtained by analyzing the visual cognitive mechanism of digital interface. As representatives of skeuomorphism and flat icons, the system icons of iOS6 and iOS7 were selected as the...
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Study on the Relationship Among Tourists’ Satisfaction and Loyalty of Rural Tourism in Jilin Province

Yang Jia
Rural tourism has become one of the important new tourism products in China. Based on the existing research basis at home and abroad, four dimensions of rural culture, rural landscape, tourists’ expectation and community participation are deduced. Taking 5A key rural tourism business units in Jilin Province...
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Analysis and Research on Influencing Factors of Robust Operation of Community Elderly Canteen Based on ISM

Liu Changgui, Chen Liang
In order to cope with the development of the aging society, the food service provided by Guangzhou for the elderly is the standard configuration of home care services in the current environment, and community elders canteens are an important part of the construction of care service facilities. On the...
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Study on the National Image Transmission in International Cultural Trade

Gong Yuhua
As China rises peacefully, the curiosity of the outside world about China is increasing day by day, meanwhile the misunderstandings and frictions are staged from time to time. In this brand-new world pattern, the shaping of China’s national image and the output of soft power seem to have a long way to...
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A Study of College English Teaching Mode Under the Concept of Innovative Entrepreneurship Education

Bing He
To cultivate students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability is an important policy put forward by the Party and the State for college teaching in the new era. Under the new situation and according to the new requirements and measures put forward by the State, there are still some problems in College...
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Research on Competency Evaluation for Standardization Professionals

Zhang Jingjuan, Zhang Xinliang, Yu Fan
Standardization is a professional technology, standardization professionals should have corresponding competency. Both standardization professionals and employers have actual demands for competency evaluation. This research surveyed and analysed these demands, as well as standardization evaluation activities...
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The Origin and Treatment of Rumors in Public Health Emergencies—A Case Study of Corona Virus Disease 2019

Liang minda, Zhao jianhua
in public health emergencies, in addition to the medical problems caused by virus, the social crises caused by rumors can not be ignored. Based on the definition of rumor, this paper analyzes the difference between rumor and gossip. Secondly, based on statistical analysis 150 rumors Spread during epidemic...
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The Exploring on the Influence of Titles of WeChat Public Platform Articles on Communication Ability

Heyuzi Shi, Zuheng Lv, Qimeng Sun
In recent years, with the popularization of new media, WeChat has become an indispensable part of student life, and the importance of WeChat public platforms has also increased. The title always plays a very important role in the number of readers of the article on the WeChat public platform. This article...
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Objectification and Self-Objectification of Women in Current Society

Yifan Wang, Yanrong Li
This paper aims to analysis and explains that the objectification of women in society makes women begin to objectify themselves, which leads enormous negative impacts on women’s identity. Specifically speaking, when the reality becomes that people only valued how women look, many women choose to accept...
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Research of Metro Guidance System Design Based on Visual Search Mechanism

Jiahui Wang
In order to improve the present metro guidance system, which have no obvious information and reasonable spatial layout, the theory model of visual search is introduced into the research of metro guidance system design. By analyzing the visual search mechanism of human in the space of metro, the design...
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The Analysis of How Food Advertisements Attract Recipients Attention—Based on Ogilvy’s Theory

Jingbo Feng
Food is essential for human’s life. Food advertisements are targeting on people of distinctive ages with distinguished requirements. And it is common to see that some of the food advertisements are continuously coming into people’s eyes through a novel advertising form, even if people totally know it...
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A Study of the Diamond Sūtra and its Different Versions

Tingting Mi
The Diamond Sūtra, full name is Vajracchedika Prajnap aramita in Sanskrit. Vajracchedika means “the diamond that cuts through afflictions, ignorance, delusion, or illusion.” In China, people generally call it The Diamond Sūtra. It contains the discourses of the Buddha to a senior monk, Subhuti. The Diamond...
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Improving Teachers’ Core Literacy Strengthening the Construction of Teachers’ Ethics

Yi Ren
education is good for the country, but strong for teachers. The development of higher education in the new era cannot be separated from the improvement of teachers’core accomplishment. At the same time, improving teachers’core accomplishment plays an important role in realizing the fundamental task of...
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The Impact of the Finalization of the China-Holy See Deal in 2018 to the Catholic Community in China

Hengshi An
In Catholic tradition, the ordinations of clergy have to be approved by the Pope. However, many early ordinations in China had been supervised by the government. How could these ordinations and Masses be valid? This had concerned many Chinese Catholics before the 2018 China-Holy See Deal, which provided...
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Interpretation of Male Images in Almodóvar’s Film–Taking Bad Education as an Example

Ziyuan Yang
Famous Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar has always been a controversial character, whose films are always exaggerated and strange and spare no efforts in demonstrating human’s primitive desire, passion and violence. He is adept in exhibiting a new women image that is diverse and non-conventional to the...
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Discussion on the Fashion Embodiment of Traditional Embroidery Technology in Modern Clothing Design

Wang Dandan
embroidery art is one of the unique forms of expression of the chinese nation, which has important status and significance in the development of history and culture in china. In the long course of historical development, embroidery art absorbs many advanced cultural factors and has its own philosophical...
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Analysis on How Nationalism in Britain Affected the Propaganda in a Film During World War II

Yuxuan Liu
Emerging early in the 20th century, films were dominant representations of human spirits. Like its predecessors, all forms of entertainment media have the potential to have an enormous impact on manipulating the public. This paper examines the role of nationalism in British war propaganda films during...
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Research on the Scope of the Government Information in China

Chen Mingtsung, Zhong Hongsen
The government’s information publicity not only depends on the government’s idea of publicity and citizens’ awareness of knowledge, but also depends on the mutual cooperation of relevant legal systems. The amendment of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of state secrets is only...
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The Analysis of Credit Rating Institutions in Financial Crisis

Pan Xiaodie, Lu Cai
This paper mainly describes the function of credit rating agencies and their impact on the capital market, as well as the role of credit rating agencies in the financial crisis. This paper makes a series of investigations on the failure of credit rating agencies to make full use of the early warning...
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Research on the Development Problems and Countermeasures of Lei Opera

Li chunfei
The development of Lei opera (the locai drama in Lei Zhou Peninsula in Guangdong) has experienced four stages: “Guniang song (Girl song)”, “ Quanshi song(Exhortation song)”, “Daban song (Big class song)” and “Lei opera”.Although it has a history of 500 years, it is still difficult to get out of Lei Zhou...
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The Reason Why US Should Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia

Qi Lu
This essay will be demonstrated and explained from Microeconomics’ point of view, especially focus on externality. The author chooses arms trade between US and KSA, a political issue, as the research topic to expound the negative impact that trade caused. Information is mainly from authoritative organization,...
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Improving Compliance in the Russian Foreign Exchange Market

Shihao Yang
Since the Central Bank of Russian Federation, the only regulator of the foreign exchange industry in Russia, took over the Russian foreign exchange market, its style is regarded as very strict, strong, or even authoritarian. As a result, even licensed brokers guide customers to use offshore supervision....
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Architecture Students’ Innovation Ability Training Multi-Dimensional Practice Platform Construction

Ming Zhou
The architecture major is very practical. In the teaching plan and curriculum setting, the importance of practical teaching to talent cultivation should be emphasized. Based on the analysis of the status quo of architecture practice teaching, this paper believes that the construction of multi-dimensional...
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Research on the Path and Practice of Ideological Leadership in the Platform of Changing Classes in Colleges and Universities

Feng Suo, Yu Xiao
“Ideological work is an extremely important work of the party, which is related to the flag, the road and the national political security.” Colleges and universities are the main positions led by ideology. They are facing many challenges, such as pluralism and openness, virtuality and concealment, interaction...