Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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How Social Media Impacts the Feminism Movement

Surang Ma, Feng Zheng, Zhi Zou
The vast uncertainty has permeated contemporary social life and has brought in a dynamic society where individuals are bestowed different identities and different ways of being in society. This paper analyses 12 books and papers from digital libraries to investigate social media’s impacts on contemporary...
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Price Discrimination in the Era of Big Data

Yuqi Wang
As an economic phenomenon, price discrimination has its unique characteristics and influence, and the advent of the era of big data will change its traditional characteristics and influence. This paper integrates the impact of price discrimination on consumers, businesses, and society in the era of big...
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Accounting Industry

Huiquan Jin, Lei Jin, Chongxiao Qu, Changjun Fan, Shuo Liu, Yongjin Zhang
Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) has penetrated into all walks of life and has a great impact on them. It brings certain opportunities and challenges to various fields, and the accounting industry is no exception. AI technology is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is conducive to the development...
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How the NBA Empire was Built

Brand Globalization and Scale Analysis of National Basketball Association

Yaochen Cai
In this era, more and more people are attracted to basketball and other competitive sports. As a result, major sports leagues were bred. And my passage is specifically focusing on one super successful case——The National Basketball Association. It is basically a case study for the marketing strategy of...
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An Empirical Study of Wanda Group Helping Danzhai Spirit out of Poverty

Kejin Liu
By 2020, all rural residents living below the current poverty line had been lifted out of poverty, officially ushering in a post-poverty era. In this era, the object, focus, paradigm and path of poverty governance will change, so will the logic and thinking of poverty governance through vocational education....
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Curriculum Design Under the Background of “Educating People for War”

Take the Course of Aviation Power Plant as an Example

Wang Ping, Deng Jun, Liu Qiucheng
Educating people for war is an important part of the policy of military education in the era. The distinctive orientation of educating people for war puts forward new requirements for curriculum construction and reform of teaching and research section. Taking the course of Aviation Power Plant as an...
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A Study on Emotional Communication of “Moderator Comments on News”

Jiaying Tong
In the article, the research uses key concept-emotional communication to analyse the success of the short video program- “Moderator Comments on News” which is an innovation of the traditional news program “News Broadcast”. It suggests that short video uses words election, language style, background,...
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The Practical Use and Impact of Scaffolding in Chinese ESL Preschool

Xiangning Li, Shitong Zhao
This paper aims to study the practical significance and influence of scaffolding in Chinese Preschool English learning. Firstly, it introduces the research background and preliminary inference in this field, and introduces the description of a series of research methods, such as data collection and analysis...
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Analysis on How Algorithms Reshape People’s Existence, Cognition, and Relationships

Xinfang Zhang
Advances in technology are enabling algorithms to influence every aspect of our lives. This paper treats algorithms as a social force to reshape our existence, cognition and relationships rather than as a mere tool. Through exploring the use of algorithms by commercial and political forces and interpreting...
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A Comparative Study of Prominent Themes and Practices in Education for Sustainable Development between Australia and Britain

Peize Yu
Education for sustainable development (ESD) has become significantly important with increasing concerns about sustainability and the need for improving the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes of young individuals towards relevant issues in society. This study has conducted a comparative analysis...
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On the Standardization, Institutionalization and Scientification of Secretarial Work

Zhonghua Li
Secretarial work plays an important role in today’s society, and the task of secretarial work, generally speaking, is to manage documents, assist decision-making, and provide comprehensive services. With the development of the times, the secretarial work organization has been continuously improved and...
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Gender and Cultural Imagination - On the Death of the Heroine in “The Grandmaster”

Hong Yue
The Grandmaster by Wong Kar-wai is a classic Martial Arts film in the 21st century. The ending of Gong Er in the film inherits the narrative convention that the female hero disappears at the end of the story in Chinese Martial Arts films. This narrative feature, on the one hand, continues the masculine...
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Research on the Influence and Development Path of Network Language on Chinese Language and Literature in the New Era

Yifeng Zhao
At present, we are in the information age. Information exchange is becoming more and more extensive. At the same time, the development of Internet technology is becoming more and more perfect, which also provides conditions for information dissemination. It is undeniable that at present, we are more...
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How Social Media Impact People’s Social Contact

Yichi Chen
Identifying how social media impacts people’s behavior is a significant task. Social media is a tool and platform for people to share information, express opinions, and contact each other. But with its convenience, there come some defects in this communication pattern. The results obtained in this research...
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A Study on the Influence of Celebrity Endorsement of Fast Food on Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior Based on Planned Behavior Theory

Xintong Fan, Siqi Wu, Qingyuan Yang
Celebrity endorsement is a common phenomenon in fast food consumption, but how celebrity endorsement will affect consumers’ purchase behavior is a problem that needs to be discussed. Based on the theory of planned behavior, through the quantitative research method in the form of questionnaire, this paper...
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Social Comparison and Well-being under Social Media Influence

Qiuyu Han
Social networking sites (SNSs) are now essential in daily life. Especially during COVID-19, people are more engaged in social media life. However, studies show that social comparisons arise from the use of social media. Many potential questions arise from the social comparison theory and its effect on...
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Research on the Communication Path of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture under the Background of International Chinese Language Education

Taking Yin-Yang and Five Elements Culture Vocabulary Teaching as an Example

Wenyan Wang, Yongyi Wen
Chinese medicine culture is an important part of a country’s cultural soft power, and it is closely related to Chinese language education. Especially at present, Chinese language education has become a new hot spot in global language education. We should use Chinese language education as a carrier to...
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Analysis and Design of the Health Management System for Medical Staffs

Lu Li, Xiao Gong, Jianing Mi
The concern about health of medical staffs is increasing recently with the outbreak of COVID-19. In this case, it is necessary to design a particular health management system for medical staff with the function to prevent and control both physical diseases and emotional issues. The system proposed in...
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Enlightenment of Pay-to-Read to Information Technology Industry

Wei-feng ZHEN, Jian-min HE
To understand the impact of mobile pay-to-read on the digital publishing industry. A questionnaire survey is conducted to collect data from 322 mobile reading users, In-depth interviews with 3 IT industry experts. The rapid development of mobile media has greatly changed users’ behavior in using media,...
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The Application of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Chinese Population

Zhuoxi Duan, Kefan Shi, WenXiao Zhou
The purpose of this article is to study the use of ECT in the treatment of bipolar II in China. This paper extracts relevant data through the study of some academic literature. Finally, it is concluded that ECT is widely used in China, especially for teenagers. Although ECT can inhibit suicide in the...
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Research on the Impact of Opinion Leaders on Social Media Consumption

Take the Public’s Trust in Beauty Bloggers as an Example

Yingwen Chen
Due to the increasing proliferation of advertising on social media, people increasingly distrust opinion leaders on social media. This paper mainly discusses how consumers find reliable information and opinion leaders on social media platforms from the perspective of consumer behavior. This paper mainly...
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The Interplay of Philosophical and Literary Thought in Su Shi’s Later Years

Yantong Liu
Su Shi’s literary thought has an important historical value, and people nowadays tend to focus on Su Shi’s literary achievements as a generation of great writers, but seldom pay attention to him as a philosopher. In fact, Su Shi’s literary achievements have their deep ideological roots and are inseparable...
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The Medium is the Message: Exploring the Introduction of Bullet Comment Culture to China and Its Impact on the Identity Expression of Generation Z Individuals

Maoting Shi
Ever since the trend of watching Japanese animation became popular in China, the Japanese online culture phenomenon has changed Chinese social media participation for Generation Z (the generation of people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s) in both contents and forms. This essay mainly focuses on...
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Reasons for People’s Unawareness on Tampon Tax and the Necessity of Its Abolition in China

Siyuan Huang
The Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate for tampons in China is 13%, which is the same as the cigarette tax. The abolition of the “Tampon Tax” has been succeeded in several countries, and this has proved that canceling the “Tampon Tax” is possible for the government to implement. This paper explores the reason...
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Overview of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Ruiqi Hu
The main idea is to review previous research on premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder and summarize the background, etiology, prevalence, diagnostic criteria, environmental factors, and treatment of these two disorders. The comparison of premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric...
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The Difference between American Fuzzy Loop and KLEE Symbolic Execution Engine in Use

Yike Yao
Fuzzing test is a very important method to detect software bugs, especially those will cause serious crashes. Usually, normal fuzzing tools needs to reach a high branch coverage as soon as possible. They need to find bugs that will be ignored in normal times. The current fuzzing test tools are KLEE and...
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Study on the Spiritual Pension of the Rural Elderly

Yin Hanhan, Zhang Wenjing
At present, the material needs of the elderly have been gradually met, but the demand for spiritual care lacks sufficient attention. Under the background of aging population, the pension problem is increasingly serious. Therefore, it is great significance for the development of China to improve the pension...
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Analysis on Whether Artificial Intelligence Can Replace Human Screenwriters

Yihe Song
In this of rapid development era, artificial intelligence has a great impact on all walks of life. This paper mainly studies the influence of artificial intelligence on screenwriters and whether it could replace human screenwriters. Through collecting reading materials, this paper analyzes the problems...
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Opportunities and Challenges for CBA Chinese Players in the Absence of Foreign Players in a Closed Tournament System

Jiaben Huang, Chuhong Tan, Jiaxing Chen
This study explores the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese players in all first-phase games during the 2021-2022 CBA season. The results show that in games played in a closed tournament system without foreign players, Chinese players gain opportunities such as more playing time and shots since...
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Gain Without Pain: Prevention Methods for Playing-Related Injuries of Upper-Instrumentalists

Amy Lu
The rising popularity of people taking on an upper-string instrument, whether as a leisurely activity or a career, may allow a number of complications to emerge. Methods designed to prevent the occurrence of playing-related physical problems have been neither rigorously tested nor commonly discussed...
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Analysis of Post-Feminism in Chinese Background-Based Chick Flick

Yuhong Chen
Based on the background of the 2010s’movie industry, this essay aims to analyze the Chinese Chick Flick of that time to explore the feminism part of those movies. To answer whether there is feminist thought in Chinese Chick Flick films, the writer has analyzed the details of these movies and compared...
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User Profile Mining through Linguistic Feature

Specialty of Social Media Language

Miaomiao Yu
Internet and social media usage have reached previously unheard-of levels in recent years. People express their opinions, share feelings, and reflect on news and current affairs on social media. The abundant conversation and expression that took place in those platforms contain valuable linguistic feature...
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Explore the Ways to Strengthen Duolingo Business in the Asian Market

Zixuan Li, Jiasi Yuan, Xinyan Zhang, Xiaoyu Zuo
Duolingo is an online language learning software. Since 2012, its market share has accounted for a large part of the industry in Europe and the Americas. Especially during the outbreak of the epidemic, its users have increased dramatically. In the first few weeks of the epidemic, 30 million new language...
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A Review of Chinese Higher Vocational Colleges’ Research on Studying Abroad in China Based on Citespace

Wenqian Gao
As the type of education that has the most direct connection with production practice, in recent years, higher vocational colleges in China actively carry out the education of studying abroad in China, training a considerable number of local high-quality skilled talents for Chinese-funded enterprises...
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A Review on the Influencing Factors of College Students’ Mental Help-Seeking Behaviors

Nan Wu
College students’ mental health problems become a popular topic in higher education these days. Professional mental help-seeking behaviors are significant to college students’ mental health. There are many existing pieces of research about influencing factors on college students’ mental help-seeking...
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Research on Red Cultural Resources in Rural Cultural Revitalization

Guo Quan ying, Qin Xin yi, Liu An ning
Red culture is a revolutionary culture with distinctive characteristics of Marxism and Chinese characteristics formed in the practice of the CPC leading the Chinese people to explore the socialist road and in different historical periods. It undertakes the special mission of “inheriting Chinese culture...
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Research on the Application of Equal Rights Law and the Reversal of Burden of Proof in Racial Discrimination

Yuxuan He
Racial discrimination is one of the major issues that jeopardizes international relations and the country’s long-term development, and it has long been a source of concern and research among academics. The international community has gradually become more aware of the related crimes caused by racial...
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The Dilemma Faced by Climate Displaced People

Xiang Xiang
In the 21st century, as climate change becomes more intense and pronounced, climate displacement has become a problem that cannot be underestimated. Different types of the dilemma faced by climate displacement are analyzed in this article, to promote further climate displacement research to fill up the...
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Stability Rescheduling of Virtual Cell Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm under New Order Insertion

Wenmin Han, Junjie Fan, Chenglong You
In view of the frequent adjustment of virtual cell scheduling plan brought about by the arrival of new orders, and considering the impact of rescheduling on production stability, this paper proposes an insertion rescheduling strategy based on slack time. The slack time is subdivided into idle time, partial...
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The Fan Culture and Fan Economy

Fangyuan Liu
With the rapid development of the information age, the new media has given fans more possibilities and more room for growth. Fans learn various online skills to complete “self-satisfaction” and “self-fulfillment”, and gradually reach a balance of “mutual benefit” through technology empowerment and capital....
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Ethical Issues in Electronic Pornography: The Case of Rape Lay

Ruizhe Wang
This paper first analyzes the electronic moral problems in the interactive video game Rape Lay, including the disrespect for women and the sexualization of children. Next, this paper attempts to propose solutions to these two types of moral problems in pornographic games from three aspects: government...
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The Application of Transparency of Personal Data Processing in GDPR

The WhatsApp Case as an Example

Henghao Li
The issue of transparency in data processing is becoming more important with the development of information society. The WhatsApp case, as the case with the largest amount of transparency fines until now, is quite representative. In this case, the commission’s case handling procedures, requirements of...
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Research on the Current Situation of Revitalization and Contradictions of Tangzha Town’s Heritage

Xiaodeng MA
This study involves the revitalization of industrial sites in Tangzha Town, Gangzha District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China. The purpose is to revitalize the industrial sites and make it a cultural facility of the town. Tangzha Town is one of the earliest developed industrial bases in China....
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Analysis on the Optimal Moves Prediction for Hearthstone

Haoxuan Wei
Even though there are many different game modes in Hearthstone, the main idea is still to combat between players. In classic mode, each player will have its own preconstructed decks and choose one of them after the banning phase. In addition, Battleground is another game mode that contains 8 players,...
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A Case Study of Post Internship in Applied University Based on the Perspective of Project Management

Taking a University in Fujian as an Example

Xi Huang, Junbo Chen, Hongwei Li
Applied undergraduate education is an important part of the national education system, and the management of students’ in-post internship is the core point of university -enterprise cooperation. Therefore, the management of in-post internship project in applied university is a very important topic. This...
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Carnival Theoretical Analysis of the Bullet Screen Participation and Bilibili

Xinyi Zhang
With the development and advancement of technology and information, as well as the improvement and expansion of network functions, bullet screen function has been more and more commonly used. Bullet screen is an instant interactive text comment embedded in a video and scrolling along with it. With its...
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Nuclear Mistakes: Risks and Accidents with Nuclear Power Generation

Xinran Zhao
Nuclear is a significant kind of energy provided in daily lives. However, people tend to be afraid of the risks. For instance, it can cause catastrophic accidents, can lead to thyroid cancer. In fact, if nuclear is simply cut off completely, more deaths will be caused due to its economic value. Government...
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Estimates Probabilities of Success for Covid-19 Vaccines Using Mathematical Models

Chenwei Wang
To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine was approved for emergency use before the clinical trial phase was completed, but there has been no long-term and comprehensive review of safety data reported from vaccine trials. Therefore, this paper aims to use mathematical models to analyse resource...
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The Challenged Equality: Disintegrated Society under Covid-19

Ruibin Liu
Since the end of 2019, COVID-19’s worldwide rampage has brought about great changes in our lives. Disease, chaos and death followed. Health inequality, which from the root is the inequality of social structure, has long been a research topic of common concern in sociology and other disciplines. This...
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Title: Promote Rural Revitalization with Improve Education and Confidence—NJUST Practices Social Responsibility

You Peng, Tang Wanhong, Cui Yumeng, Wei Zeyi, Wu Yuqin, Jiang Duo
This case describes in detail the whole process of practicing social responsibility in Ruyang County, Henan Province, which is the counterpart of Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Firstly, it introduces the policies related to rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation and the...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for E-commerce Majors Based on “Promoting Innovation Through Competition”

Wang Fan, Zhang Yunlong, Wang Jialei, Wang Yan
The goal of e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship education reform is to cultivate students’ innovative thinking and entrepreneurial ability. In this paper, the combination of e-commerce course teaching and innovation and entrepreneurship competition practice can enable students to better grasp...
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The Changes of Chinese Figures in Hollywood Movies

Yiran Chen
In the era of globalization and digitalization, “national image”, as an important cultural soft power, plays an important role in a country’s voice and influence in the international community. A good national image not only requires a country to have strong hard and soft power but also requires a country...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Special Needs Children in Regular Classroom

Shuqing Li, Yuetong Mao
The problem of education for special needs children has always been one to solve and debate. This essay aims to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of sending special needs children to the regular classroom and analyze the possible solution- “Separate Class.” In this context, ‘Special needs children’...
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Research on the Motivation Behind Rural Protest Against Land Confiscation

From the Perspective of Vertical Relative Deprivation Theory

Yijun Cao
In the studies of peasant protest in contemporary rural China, the game of economic interests has been the focus of research. However, as criminological research has intensified, many studies have shown that individual psychological perceptions and emotional resentment mediate economic influences on...
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On Piano Performing in Short Videos from a Semiotic Perspective

He Zijian
Inseparably connected, hands and musical instruments, piano as a well-known traditional one in particular, have been prevalent in short videos nowadays. Piano itself has descended from aristocratic culture to a part of popular culture, in which creative works are produced and shared. The short video...
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The Impact of College Students’ Frustration Tolerance on Employment Anxiety: The Mediating Role of Coping Styles

Zhaocong Luo, Sirui Wang, Zining Wang
In order to explore the relationship between frustration tolerance, employment stress and coping styles among university students, and to explore the role of coping styles, this study uses ANOVA, regression analysis and mediation modeling to analyze the data, and applied structural equation modeling...
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Analysis on Race-Based Affirmative Action in College Admission

Zhixin Tan
In light of the case Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, race-based affirmative action in college admission is under spotlight for more controversies. In order to fully understand the role of race-based affirmative action in US higher education, a detailed analysis is needed. Through literature...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of the Construction of Scientific and Technological Talents in State-Owned Enterprises

Yunfei Xu, Jian Zhao, Yan Chang, Dan Wang
As the backbone of talents in state-owned enterprises, scientific and technological talents are knowledge-intensive and innovative talents with strong innovative thinking and ability. They are at the forefront of various professional fields, and have the characteristics of high quality, strong ability,...
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May-Fourth Feminism and Consumerist Pseudo-Feminism: Subjects and Comparison

Jinyang Zhang
May-Fourth Feminist and the Consumerist Pseudo-feminism are two feminist waves with high similarity in China. By reviewing 19 academic pieces of literature and further analyzing them, the paper does a comparison between the May-Fourth Feminist and the Consumerist Pseudo-feminism. The paper analyzes the...
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The Risk Factors and Causes for Alzheimer’s Disease

Youchong Zhang
Alzheimer’s disease, the most common neurodegenerative disease, is categorised by two hallmarks, plaques and tangles, which are formed by accumulated Amyloid-b and hyperphosphorylated tau proteins. However, there is still no treatment or cure for this expensive and lethal disease. Some drugs targeting...
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Analyses of Obstacles That Individuals with Autism Meet and Related Factors

Hanchun Jiang
Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication, and restricted, repetitive interests. As a minor group with deficiencies, they have long been misunderstood and even discriminated against which contributes to a weak position. In addition, given the...
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Research on New Media Communication of Fan Culture and Its Forms of Expression--Taking Bilibili as an Example

Zhen Qiu
This paper focuses on the influence of fan culture on the BiliBili APP. We use BiliBili as an example because fan culture impacts most apps and has a big impact on BiliBili; and BiliBili is used by people of all ages because of its wide audience, but mostly by young people. So when the fan culture invades...
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A Systematic Review of Different Parenting Styles Relate to Different Outcomes in ADHD Offspring

Tong Qiu
As for ADHD children, the way their parents get along with them affects several aspects of their lives. Since mostly the systems and structures that ADHD children live in do not provide sufficient help to them and couldn’t always help them negotiate these life challenges particularly well. Therefore,...
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Research on the Organizational Model of Digital Transformation of Energy Internet Enterprises

Jian Zhao, Yunfei Xu, Jiaxu Cheng, Liyu Xia
Chinese power companies propose to build world-leading energy Internet companies. How to achieve digital transformation and how to adjust the organizational structure and management model are urgent problems for power companies to solve. The purpose of this study is to analyze the change trend of the...
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Transculturation & Transnational Feminism: A Case Study on the Difference between Mulan(1998), Mulan(2020), & Original Chinese Version of Mulan Ballad

Xiaomeng Jiang
Mulan (1998) & Mulan(2020), two Disney films based on a Chinese ballad, is well-known example of transculturation. In the process of transculturation, cultural distortions and deformation happen. This culture appropriation has gained success in the global market but with the dissatisfaction of the...
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A General Review of Hoarding Disorder and Its Comorbidities

Leyan Chen, Shuwei Shi, Mingyue Zhang, Yilin Zhao
Hoarding behavior is named as pathological collecting, which involves saving of many useless objects that seem to be worthless to others. Obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety disorders are psychiatric disorders that are considered as frequent comorbid conditions for hoarding disorders....
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The Combination of Confucian Political Thought and Democracy

Yunqing Quan
In the 20th century, scholars began to try to discuss the relationship between Confucianism and democracy. In the 21st century, with the development of the democratic system, the connection between Confucian political thought and democracy has increasingly become an important academic topic. The combination...
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The Effects of Location-based Mobile Games on Media Literacy Education in Schools Based on the Case Study of Pokémon Go

Yinglang Pang
This article explains the application of mobile games in media literacy education. Based on a case study of Pokémon Go, it argues how location-based mobile games contribute to teaching media literacy in schools. The participatory context and the ideal informal learning space constructed within the game...
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The Basic Description, Practical Dilemma and Innovative Path of “Shift System” Teaching Mode of Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges

Based on Inner Mongolia Normal University Questionnaire

Ziqi Zhao
Ideological and political work is the practical activity of ideology in political work, and ideological and political theory class is the key course to implement the fundamental task of establishing moral education. In order to strengthen the ideological and political foundation of college students,...
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A Study on the Current Situation of Childcare Anxiety among Secondary School Students under the Double Reduction Policy

Xingru Cai, Weiyi Hu
In recent years, with the increasing pressure of employment competition, the society as a whole attaches great importance to education. The unified education standard has been unable to meet the needs of Chinese families for children’s education, which directly leads to the aggravation of students’ academic...
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Moral Dilemmas between Reality and Virtual in the Digital Age

Qinyu Zou
With the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G, and the progress of computer hardware equipment and network infrastructure, there are more and more moral dilemmas between virtual and the reality perceived by human beings. Taking the classical cave metaphor as an ideological...
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Research on the Sex education in China -Based on the Online Education

Jiayi Lin
Sex education is a major social problem in the transformation period of China’s social modernization. However, at present, sex education in Chinese colleges and universities is facing many problems. First, the simplification of sex education in colleges and universities and the backwardness of information...
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A Study on Learning Motivation of Newly Enrolled Adult Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yixi Chen, Jing Xia, Bin Zhao
China has been vigorously developing vocational education and actively promotes the enrollment expansion of higher vocational education. Some adult candidates can improve their cognition and skills by receiving higher vocational education, which contributes to the iteration of labor force. Existing literature...
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Research on Countermeasures for the Development of Folk Sportsin Leizhou Peninsula

Feng Li, Zhaoxi Deng
Background: The article investigates the development of folk sports in the Leizhou Peninsula. It uses literature, questionnaires, interviews and mathematical statistics to investigate the development of folk sports in the Leizhou Peninsula. Context: It includes: the attitude and purpose of people’s participation...
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Avoidant Personality Disorder: A General Overview

Chenqingyan Zou
This article is a general overview which focuses on previous researches about avoidant personality disorder (AVPD) and tries to present basic understanding of AVPD and its measurement, etiology, impacts and treatment. Research articles obtained from Google Scholar would be the main tool to get access...
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Analysis on Gender Discrimination in China’s Workplace Working Treatment

Sicheng Li
With the rapid development of China, women are now playing a more and more important role in both their families and society. However, there are still some serious gender discrimination problems. This paper focuses on the discrimination in China’s workplace working conditions. Through qualitative research...
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Research on the Influence of Government Subsidy on Enterprise Innovation

Peng Wang, Jiayu Song, Tianyu Liu
In today’s rapidly changing technology, both the national level and the enterprise level have promoted innovation to a strategic height, but due to the high cost of innovation, market failure and other reasons, the government needs to take action to promote the innovation of enterprises. The results...
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The Application of PBL in Primary School Teaching of China

Jing Li, Yuchen Zhou
PBL (Problem-Based Learning) model not only meets the requirement of student-centered teaching but also reflects the leading position of teachers. PBL is necessary for teaching Chinese by letting students study foundational knowledge and cultivating students’ emotional accomplishment. Also, it helps...
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The Institutionalization of Pro Bono in China

Jin Dong
Pro bono means that lawyers have an inherent duty to deliver free legal service or substantive fee reduction to the general public who need assistance. It has become a global phenomenon in the rapid development of the legal profession. In this century, Chinese lawyers and law firms began to accept pro...
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Human Resources Management in North America and China

Jie Sheng
As a newly developed industry in China, the voice of human resource management should be more humanized emerges endlessly. As a developed country, the United States has a long history of human resources management. By studying the Human Resource, regime staged in different enterprises from U.S. and China...
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Long-Term Care Model in China under the Background of Integrated Elderly Care and Medical Services

Chia-Yung Liu, Sijie Tong
With the increasing number of elder population and the deepening degree of aging society, elderly care has become the main demand of the public. Integrated elderly care and medical services has entered China’s old-age model system, which provides a new direction for the development of China’s old-age...
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The Influence of Mobile Phone Addiction on Adolescent’ Academic Performance

Yang Jiao, Siyu Lu
In the 21st century, the Internet and everyday human life have a lot of intersections. The computer replaced another popular online electronic product, mobile phones, also gradually occupied People’s Daily life. Because the Internet is full of a large number of practical and ineffective information,...
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Consumer Behavior of Chinese Female on Boys’ Love Fiction: A Sociological Perspective

Hong Li
As one of the popular consumption objects of young females in China currently, Boys’ Love Fiction (BL) is a text independently created by young women and it is a cultural consumption form that describes the emotional relationship and sexual relationship between men and men. This paper explores the internal...
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A Discourse Analysis of the Wall Street Journal’s and China Daily’s News Reports on the Trade War Between the United States and China

Silei Wu, Sorabud Rungrojsuwan
In recent years, the trade war between China and the United States (US) has become increasingly intense, attracting the attention of the global news media. Different news reports contain a variety of standpoints and opinions, which often affect readers’ thoughts and judgments. This paper intends to analyse...
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Polysemy and Semantic Extension of Japanese Verb Yaku

Mengdie He
This study looks into the semantic extensions of Japanese verb yaku’s 11 meanings in light of cognitive semantic framework. Data are drawn from NINJAL-LWP for BCCWJ (NLB). The Dictionary “Shogakukan Unabridged Dictionary of the Japanese Language” is employed for categorization. The finding brings us...
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Comparison Study Between Field and Reproduction Based on Soundscape Restoration Effect

Xian Shi, Yuezhe Zhao, Zhenyu Guo
Based on soundscape perceived restorativeness, this paper guided the subjects to score the PRSS scale for two different soundscape spots of Yu Yam Ancestral Garden after field experience. Then, by recording videos with a camera and audios in two different ways (binaural and first order Ambisonics), reproducing...
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The Transformation of Paper Media in the Context of New Media—Taking the Paper as an Example

Luning Ma
Media refers to the means of communication by which we spread news, music, motion pictures, training, limited time messages and different information. It incorporates physical and online papers and magazines, TV, radio, boards, phone, the Internet, fax and announcements. It depicts the different courses...
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Analyses of Globalization of Citizenship Education

Haoyuan Xue
The conception of citizenship education needs to be delivered to a wider range worldwide in terms of having development of globalization and integrating different communities and cultures. Under the environment of the COVID pandemic and intensifying global issues, carrying out citizenship education appears...
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Research on the Law Against Employment Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities in the United States and Its Reference

Tingyu Li
The United States has a sound legal system against employment discrimination against persons with disabilities, including the constitution, special laws, and other levels. Through the promulgation of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, the United States has established a basic...
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Research on the Evaluation System of Postgraduate English Education in the New Era

Mingkun Li
To meet the requirements of postgraduate English education evaluation in the new era. Based on the China Standards of English Language Ability (CSE), summarising all kinds of English education evaluation test for graduate students through the dimensions of evaluation modules, assessment contents and...
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The Significance of Artistic Creativity on Treatment of Depression

Zhe Cui
With the introduction of art therapy and research targeting neural remodelling, the effect of art on the brain may become a potential direction of further studies. This paper mainly aims to explore the significance of artistic creativity in the treatment of depression. Through literature analysis, this...
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Research on Cultivating Student Teams for Online Public Opinion in Universities in the Age of Self-Media

Feiyang Yang, Baorong Xiao
The growing crisis of online public opinion has put new demands on public opinion management.It is imperative to cultivate a team of online public opinion students with strong political beliefs, outstanding professional competence and excellent media literacy.In order to establish a fighting force of...
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The Effect of Presentation and First Impressions in the Webcam on Social Status Judgments

Yixuan Li
Nowadays, more human interactions occur online. It remains questionable how people make impression judgments of others from their camera presentation. This study aimed to investigate how camera presentation differences during a brief online meeting affect subsequent social status judgments. We manipulated...
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Current Situation of Therapy on Anorexia Nervosa in Chinese Adolescent Population

Junyang Wang, Xiaomo Wang
Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a type of detrimental eating disorder. Various researches have been carried out by scientists and psychologists, which intend to investigate the potential factors that could contribute to the diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa, as well as the possible treatments that could be offered...
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The Analysis on Strategies of Building Enterprises’ Brand Image Under the Background of Rising Network Stream Media Platform

Jiaying Li, Hanxuan Zhao, Yanhong Zheng
With the gradual rise and prosperity of new network media, streaming media platform marketing has gradually become an important way to establish corporate brand image. In order to refine various marketing strategies and improve the performance of enterprises in new media so as to establish a good corporate...
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An Exploration of the Development Approach of Art Galleries in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Juesi Chen
According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) issued by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, various cultural resources in GBA should be fully exploited for the construction of a Humanistic Bay Area (HBA). In this context,...
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Edu-Metaverse: Internet Education Form with Fusion of Virtual and Reality

Jingting Wu, Gongjing Gao
The arrival of the Metaverse era provides the possibility for the development of Edu-Metaverse. The Metaverse integrating big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other digital technologies can provide individuals with an open and inclusive learning space and teaching space, triggering a new...
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Research on Development of Practical Teaching of Management Science in Military Universities

Wei Gu, Jinshan Han
As a professional background course for all cadets in the military universities, the management science is required to highlight practical teaching technology in its professional nature. At present, there are many problems in the management science teaching in the military universities, such as the difficulty...
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Seeing and Being Seen

Discussion on the Reconstruction of the Relationship between Image and Reality

Bisheng Qian
With the wide application of digital imaging technology, the importance of film aesthetics has been questioned, and the relationship between image and reality has gradually become a topic of discussion. To explain the concept of “seeing and being seen” and reconstruct the relationship between image and...
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Different Forms and Situations of Higher Education in China

Yutong Guo, Haoyan Xie, Yuncheng Zhang
High Education plays a significant role in students’ career and development and affects the country’s infrastructural development, strongly bonded with Industrialization and high technological values. Based on regional and cultural differences, each country has its unique governance politics in universities....