Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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Analyses of Composition of Pandemic Films between China and the US

Jiayi Zhang
In the post-epidemic era, the “pandemic film”, which shows the outbreak, spread and impact of epidemic infectious diseases, has attracted extensive attention and discussion all over the world because of its strong correlation with real life. However, the epidemic films in China and the United States...
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Top Executives’ Experience and Corporate Innovation: A Literature Review

Zhilei Ye, Yaoyao Zhong
Corporate innovation is a vital factor in promoting the development of the capital market. This study examines the association between top executives’ early life experience and corporation innovation behaviour. First, the paper stores the existing literature relating to the impact of CEO characteristics...
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How Japan Respond to Population Aging in the Labor Market

Xiaoye Chen
Japan had experienced a period of aging for several decades, and the negative growth rate of the population brought the issue of labor shortage and economic decline. The government and departments put the efforts into forming and improving policies, aiming to find valid methods to eliminate the negative...
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Development Status and Systematic Optimization of Literature Education in Higher Education in the Era of Information

Xinran Yue
With the vital significance of cultivating personality for individuals and bringing reforms to society, literature education is one of the most indispensable parts of the domestic and oversea higher educational systems, undertaking arduous tasks of conveying composite talents for various industries....
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Unisex Style: The History, Current Situation and Future

Haonan Dai, Tian Xia, Shihan Zhao
This paper discusses the origins, development, and future trends of unisex clothing. We will analyze how unisex clothing has evolved step by step from the Baby Boom to the rise of feminism after World War II to the Peacock and Stonewall movements to its current growing acceptance from five perspectives....
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An Analysis on the Problem of Mental Support for the Aged and Its Improvement Path

Tiantian Song, Lixia Liang
Spiritual support, economic support and life care jointly affect the quality of life of the elderly, especially the spiritual support of family members plays a decisive role in the elderly’s later life.In this paper, this paper analyzes the problems the elderly spiritual support, discover to there is...
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Research on the Current Situation and Improvement of Cadet Records Management in Military Schools

Qianqian Zhao, Qiang Wei, Ling Zhao
The management of military cadet records is an important basic work in military colleges and universities, which plays an important role in safeguarding the interests of individual cadets and ensuring the orderly advancement of education and teaching in military colleges and universities. Based on the...
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Analysis of the “X Jinggao” from the Perspective of Construction Grammar

Xiangyu Li
As an emerging construct, “X Jinggao” is extremely productive. From the theoretical perspective of constructive syntax, this paper believed that the meaning and context appropriateness are of great importance for a whole construction. Taking the construction “X Jinggao” as the object, this paper analyzes...
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An Investigation into the Planning of Music Public Service Projects for the Elderly in China

Ying Ying
The Chinese music industry has become an important part of China’s economic development, but the aging of China’s population is becoming more and more serious, and although the material life of the elderly has been secured and improved, the spiritual life of the elderly is still a major problem. The...
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The Effectiveness of Digital Cognitive Processing Therapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Military Members: A Systematic Review

Shiyu Han, Jiawei Ni, Jingwen Tang
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a highly prevalent disorder that could devastate patients’ daily live s. Military members and veterans are in the particular vulnerability to PTSD. Cognitive processing therapy aims to improve the cognition of PTSD patients. Digitalized cognitive processing therapy...
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Do Not Worry Too Much about Short Video

How Watching Short Video Affects Junior High School Students’ Grades through Content, Time-consuming and Involvement

Ziang Ji, Xi Nie, Leling Tu
Watching short video has become one of the most popular leisure activities in China, especially among teenagers. However, some previous researches pointed out the possible negative impacts on students’ grades brought by watching short video. This paper focused on the 3 main elements in watching short...
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Analyses of the Impact of Olfactory, Hearing and Visual Impairments on Alzheimer’s Disease

Guolin Liu
Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease, and the incidence of this disease is increasing with aging, so Alzheimer’s disease has attracted more and more attention in society. The main problem for patients is the decline of cognitive and memory function. The occurrence of the disease is related...
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Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Female Self Image

Siyi Ren, Yexi Wu, Yuchen Zheng
With the development of electronic devices, social media has become an indispensable part of our social life. With its help, the voice from the side of the female are more likely to spread. While it is believed that social media has been shaping a non-realistic beauty image for females mainly characterized...
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A Maximum Yield Model for Coupled Ethanol to C4 Alkenes Based on BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Baiyang Xiao, Yiran Chen, Mingyuan Li, JingBo Ma, Xinyao Zhang
The preparation of C4 alkenes using ethanol coupling is an important reaction in chemical production, and the catalyst combination and temperature have a significant impact on the extent and efficiency of the reaction. This paper provides a model for seeking the maximum C4 alkenes yield by designing...
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Marx’s Distrust on Human Rights: The Jewish Question, Political Emancipation, and Human Emancipation

Jiajia Chen
This work examines Marx’s attitude toward human rights, finding that Marx distrusted human rights. Marx’s work, “On the Jewish Question,” will be used to further analyze the argument which has been made in this paper. Firstly, this work will include a literature review of Steven Lukes’ opinion on the...
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Research on Satire Writing Techniques: Taking a Modest Proposal as an Example

Qingshuo Chen, Yiyue Jiang, Yanfeng Xiao
In recent years, the integration of technology into classroom teaching has attracted much attention. The use of the Internet broke down many educational barriers and created a student-centered classroom. The present study evaluated the effects of using four technology-based learning tools, namely the...
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The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Overcoming Gender Inequality in Career Advancement—Take Catalyst for Example

Chenxin Zhang, Chenxin Zhang
From the birth of the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 to emphasize the importance of equal voting rights for men and women, the establishment of the National Organization for Women in 1966 to support the feminist movement, to the current popularity of the MeToo movement to oppose sexual harassment...
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Exploring Relationships between Peer Attachment and Adolescent Behavioral Problems

Simin Liu
The key objective of this article is to determine the effects of peer attachment on adolescent behavioral problems and the mechanisms involved, with a view to providing a theoretical basis for adolescent behavioral intervention. The article focuses on the online behavioral problems and traditional behavioral...
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An Evaluation of Semantic and Pragmatic Information in LDOCE5

Hongmei Yuan
With the popularity of English learning, English learner’s dictionary, which aims to help learners, especially those who learn English as a second or foreign language improve their English ability, has increasingly become a necessary learning tool. By and large, it is the popularity of English learning...
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The Development of the Border Trade between the Chinese Soviet Republic and the White Area from 1931 to 1934: A Case Study of the Tungsten Ore Trade

Wenjie Luo
This paper studies the border trade development between the Chinese Soviet Republic (CSR) and the White Area from 1931 to 1934. At that time, Kuomintang (K.M.T.) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) were in a hostile state. The CPC was weak and could only survive in the mountainous areas at the border...
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A Study on English Vocabulary Learning and Memory Strategies Used by Chinese English Learners

Xiaojie Cheng
Vocabulary is the cornerstone of language learning. The factors affecting the efficiency of vocabulary learning present a diversity. In this study, a five-point Likert scale questionnaire containing 20 closed-ended items was used to investigate attitudes, difficulties, methods and strategies. The data...
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Research on Encryption Methods and Strategies for Cryptographic Attack

Yiming Ding
Modern cryptographic technology has made great progress with the technological innovation of computers. In the face of more powerful cryptographic methods, traditional cryptographic methods cannot continue to protect the security of passwords. Based on improving the traditional encryption method, people...
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Investigation on College Students’ Fertility Intention and Its Influencing Factors Under the Three Child Policy

Based on the Example of X College

Wei Li, Yubin Lu, Xiaowei Yao, Yuyin Xu
Aiming at the implementation of the three child fertility policy in 2021, this paper investigates the fertility intention of college students by using questionnaire and interview, in order to understand the following points.1. The current situation of College Students’ reproductive intention.2. Factors...
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Optimization Method and Application in Python and Aviation

Penglong Qin
Optimization methods have been formed and developed in recent decades and play an important role in many fields. In the aviation sector, it plays a role in everything from the design of air vehicles to the planning of routes, ticketing, etc. Through the method of literature review, this paper introduces...
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Bidirectional Retrograde Utopian Illusions—The Similarities and Discrepancies of the Images of “End Point” and “Road” in on the Road and South Highway (La Autopista Del Sur)

Daozhong Zhang
Jack Kerouac’s On the road and Julio Cortazar’s South Highway (La Autopista del Sur) are the masterpieces of American literature of the last century, based on their respective times, they have conducted in-depth discussions on the future of mankind, the state, the nation and society as individuals, and...
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Factor Analysis and Effect Evaluation of Poverty Alleviation through Innovative Culture in Characteristic Towns

Kejin Liu
Poverty has always been a topic that goes hand in hand with human development. In order to get rid of poverty, people devote themselves to discussing poverty from many angles such as economy, society and culture. In China’s rural areas, cultural factors, geographical environment, natural resources, demographic...
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A Review of Chinese Oral History Theory

Ziheng Gong
In recent years, with the booming development of oral history, scholars have offered their own views and opinions on the theory of oral history, which can be described as “the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom”, all of which have important implications for the study of oral history. At...
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Dark Matter Production from Inflation under Chiral Symmetry

Zexi Liu
Many conceptual problems with the standard Big Bang model led us to the inflationary cosmology. The standard model is a broadly accepted theory in particle physics, in which chiral symmetry is a significantly useful property. Though a cosmological constant is just a constant, a time-varying cosmological...
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Exploration on the Balanced Construction of China’s Senior High School Educational Resources from the Perspective of Educational Equity

Nuolin Chen, Yan Yu, Yutong Zhang, Ziyao Zhang
It’s well-established that China has achieved success in the compulsory educational stage. Thanks to the compulsory education law (1986), each right-age child has the right and duty to accept compulsory education, which greatly reduces the ‘drop-out’ phenomenon in middle and primary schools. What’s more,...
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Thoughts and “Complaints” about Lover - The Book of Songs - Zheng Feng - Qian Shang

Xiujuan Wang
Love is one of the oldest themes in Chinese literature. The Book of Songs, which lead the lyrical poetry in Chinese literature, is a delightful collection of love poems that are as bright as the river of stars. In the poems of the Book of Songs, the love, courtship, rendezvous, longing, marriage, desertion...
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Study on Optimizing the Modern Vocational Education System to Adapt to the High-Quality Economic Development of the Greater Bay Area

Desheng Zeng, Yujing Wu, Shuijun Xiao, Shuanglong Pang, Lihua Chen, Xiaodan Chen, Cui Shao, Pinzhang Xie
In order to meet the demand for applied high-skilled talents in the economic development of the Greater Bay Area and to build a vocational education system that can adapt to high-quality economic development, we have conducted research on the professional construction and curriculum construction of a...
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Marketing Strategy of Chanel Advertisement in Chinese Market

Yusen Liu
Chanel’s sales in China have skyrocketed in recent years. In all the strategies of Chanel, advertising strategy accounted for the most important part. The research background of this study is based on the advertising forms and advertising contents of Chanel in China in the past ten years, as well as...
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The Influence of Social Media on Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic: Benefits and Risks

Qihang Ji
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people’s lifestyle has changed, and much of people’s work and learning has moved to online platforms in order to reduce direct physical contact, so people spend more time on the Internet than before. Based on searching for recent peer reviewed publications in data sources,...
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Visualizing Education: Utilizing Short Films in the Post-Pandemic World

Tianran Qin
With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, many countries were forced to shut down human contact--the most familiar way of learning. In-person learning, one of the major learning and teaching methodologies, has been replaced temporarily by distance learning. Online Education has grown at an...
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How Can English Education for Preschool Children Be Developed?

Xintong Xie
With the strengthening and deepening of international communication, English occupies the most important position among thousands of languages in the world as the universal language. In many non-English speaking countries with well-developed educational resources, English learning (EL) has been popularized...
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The Positive Role of Chinese Incense Taoism in Modern Life

Huang Yun, Haitao Lin
In China, incense culture is actually a summary and refinement of the Chinese habit and the art of using incense. Incense is now entering the thousands of households, which is worthy of in-depth research. Through the brief introduction of the historical development of Chinese incense culture, this paper...
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On Women’s Basic Education in Remote Areas of China from the Perspective of the Development of Woman’s Educational View

Zhangqi Bao, Xinyi Gu, Yinan Zhou
The problem of education inequality appears in China and female education faces huge challenges, especially in rural areas. More and more people there started to realize the importance of education. The lack of economic developments and social discrimination show up. Gender prejudice in family and society...
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Mainland China’s TERFs’ Misogyny Under JK Rowling’s Anti-trans Incident

Leshui Qiao
This paper investigates comments related to JK Rowling’s anti-transgender event on Chinese microblogging platforms between June 2020 and February 2022, a period involving further development of JK Rowling’s anti-transgender event and discussions on domestic self-publishing, resulting in a large number...
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How Does Depression Form and Develop in Chinese International Students?

Meile Li
Studies show that international college students are at high risk of gaining mental issues, including depression, due to adjustment difficulties. International college students demonstrate the demands of help dealing with mental problems compared with local college students. This study indicates that...
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The Multimodal Meaning Making of a Malaysian Chinese Film Poster

Shuping Huang
Multimodal communication is prevalent in contemporary society. Film posters are multimodal discourses that combine both visual images and verbal texts to promote and advertise films. Drawing on social semiotics, the article conducts a multimodal discourse analysis of a Malaysian Chinese film poster titled...
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Research on the Impact of College Students’ Mental Health and Social Media Use on Loneliness

Jiangyue Qu
Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that social media plays an essential role in our daily life, especially for college students, who have a high degree of demand and desire for social contact. Many studies have found that increased use of social media is associated with the deleterious outcomes of mental...
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Exploring the Influence of Computer-Mediated Environments and Social Aspects on Self-Resentation in Virtual Spaces

Yuning Zha
With the advent of the digital age, virtual spaces become people’s indispensable living sphere and social networking sites become the salient vehicle for people to present themselves. To figure out key factors influencing individual behaviors in the new context, this paper uses a comprehensive view to...
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Explore and Practice of Personnel Training Path of Vocational Education from the Perspective of Production Combine Teaching

Xiaonuo Zhang, Ancui Yuan, Yanfei Zheng
From the perspective of production combine teaching, this paper designed a path for school and business to carry out the reform of personnel training mode, solved various problems in the process of education and productive labor integration. Proposals for vocational education talent training were put...
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Exploring the Impact of Persona Collapse in the Context of the Internet Era in China

Zhifei Shao
Setting personas has become a popular operation among celebrities to building up their personal brands. However, the number of persona collapse events has been rising at the same time. This article mainly focuses on the topic of exploring the impact of persona collapse in the context of the Internet...
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Research on Acceptance of Digital Education Platforms after the Epidemic Using Clustering Method

Yuexin Jiang, Shuyu Cai, Adrian Chu, Yanming Chen
In recent years, the use of e-education platforms in various stages of education has increased significantly. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 disturb offline education by forcing numbers of students to stay at home. This essay use integrated methods to explore the integrated development characteristics...
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Analysis of the Postmodernist Elements in “The Palace of Eternal Life”

Yuqiao Zhang
The Chinese classical opera “The Palace of Eternal Life ” is famous all over the world for its vivid and vivid characters and poignant love stories. There are also many studies on it. The purpose of this paper is to find out the parts of “The Palace of Eternal Life” that are confirmed by postmodernism...
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Assessment System for the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Dual Circulation Economic Policy

Yingxuan FU, Hing Kai CHAN, Tiantian ZHANG
Notwithstanding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed in 2013 and the Dual Circulation Economic Policy was proposed in 2020, few studies link these two together. To fill this gap, this paper adopts Analytic Process Hierarchy (AHP) to develop an indicator system for evaluating capacities of...
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Research on Weibo Marketing Strategies of Stars

Zidan Wang
As a popular social media, Weibo naturally provides a convenient, fast and potential platform for marketing. Almost all stars have their own Weibo accounts and use their Weibo accounts to carry out marketing. Of course, Weibo marketing also needs appropriate strategies, such as marketing products need...
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A Study on the Attitude of Chinese Generation Z Towards Influencers

Bohan Chen
With the development of China’s Internet, a new career was born——influencer. They are difined as people who have become famous on the Internet and have some influence on the Internet. More and more people are choosing to put themselves in this industry, especially young people in China’s Z era. This...
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Implications of CDA in News Discourse for College English Reading Teaching

Ruobing Wang, Lihua Ma
Critical discourse analysis based on news materials is of great practical significance in that news discourse with its publicity, immediacy and objectivity always affects people’s attitude towards things and the overall ideology. In a reading class, it is believed that the top-down strategy should be...
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An Analytical Framework for the Governance of the Digital Divide Among the Elderly in the Context of Population Aging

Rujie Niu, Lixia Liang
The fusion of population aging and the digital information age increases the difficulty of digital integration of the elderly. Based on this, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of the digital divide among the elderly from three aspects: access gap, usage gap and knowledge gap. On this basis,...
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Analysis of Technological Determinism and Social Constructionism

Qianyu Feng
The theory of technological society has developed for a hundred years, and its real prosperity is in the recent century, but its root ideas have a long history. The reality of technological and social phenomena is so complex and varied that these factors have directly influenced the way people view the...
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Analysis and Optimization of Factors Influencing the Academic Development of Left-behind Children

Qingyi Ban, Hanyuan He, Ruoxi Hu, Daniel W. Zhang, Shuangyi Zhang
Left-behind children are a special group in Chinese society. While their healthy growth has been widely attended, it is worth noting that the academic problems of left-behind children is less noted. In order to analyze the factors affecting the academic achievement of left-behind children, this paper...
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Loneliness Behind Live Streaming: Exploration of Alone Together in Live streaming in the Version of Interactive Ritual Chain

Yifan Wu
Nowadays live streaming has become a popular internet entertainment which occupies people a lot of time. However, under the surface, are people truly take a good time while watching live streaming or it’s just a waste of time? In this paper, two well-known theory “Alone Together” and “Interactive Ritual...
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Explaining the WTO Accession of Afghanistan: From the Neo-Liberalist Approach

Tianyue Wang, Jiahao Xu
The essay aims to explore why Afghanistan has accessed the WTO and the impact of the WTO accession on the country. Afghanistan has finally accessed the WTO in 2016 after long rounds of negotiations, but the impact of the WTO accession on the country remains controversial. The essay uses a case study...
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Comparison of the Treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorder for Children

Lexuan Dai
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complicated, pervasive, and heterogeneous developmental disorder that is characterized by social communication disorder, verbal and nonverbal language defects, limited interests, and stiff behaviors. These symptoms may to a large extent affect the normal life of patients....
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The Impact of Parenting Style on Social Adjustment of Adolescents: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Xiaohan Guo
Research on parenting style is very important for the growth of adolescents. It affects the mental health and social adjustment of adolescents. There are generally three types of parenting styles: authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, and neglect parenting. Most studies on parenting styles...
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Legal Protection of Equal Rights in the Digital Age

Suihan Zhou
Law is the strongest tool to uphold justice and equality, and the ultimate goal of legislation is realizing the value and purpose of law. In recent years, many new legal issues have emerged worldwide due to the rapid development of modern digital technology. Many people are put at a disadvantage situation...
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A Corpus-Based Study on the Translation of Performative Verbs in Legal Texts: Take Bilingual Legal Texts in Mainland China and Hong Kong for Example

Jiaqi Liu
China’s legal system is constantly improving. Due to historical reasons, the legal systems and texts in mainland China and Hong Kong are slightly different. One of the important functions of law is to integrate norms and admonish the society, which is mainly realized through speech act verbs. Therefore,...
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Is Genome Instability a Significant Cause of Aging? A Review

Yunxie Xing
What is the main cause of aging has been discussed over last decades. Accumulating evidences has indicated that genome instability including mitochondrial DNA in somatic cell played an important role in human aging process. Various sources of damage such as reactive oxygen species and UV radiation can...
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Research on the Legitimacy of Carbon Emission Rights with Administrative Legal Attributes

Jingwen Weng
The legal attributes of carbon emission rights are the cornerstone of the operation of the carbon trading system. This paper discusses the connotation of carbon emission rights, and sorts out the different legal attributes of carbon emission rights in academic circles. It is proved from the three aspects...
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Research on the Copyright of Remixes Short Videos

Shuo Qu, Zhi-De Zhou
As a creative activity in the general concept, the production of remixes short videos has not yet been regulated by specific laws and regulations, the ownership of rights is not clear, and because of the weak awareness of copyright in the general environment, leads to the area of plagiarism and infringement...
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An Analysis of the Development of International Environmental Law on the Construction of Social Balance in International Relations from the Perspective of Socialism

Jianyun Zhao, Yuxin Li
The construction of the theoretical system of international relations with Chinese characteristics must be made according to the concept of “harmony”, with “harmonious coexistence” as the theoretical logic, and the country and society as the unit of analysis, so as to solve practical problems in the...
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Research on the Relationship between Higher Education and Women’s Marriage

Yifei Wang
As a social phenomenon, the unequal relationship between men and women has existed for a long time. Feminism has struggled to achieve gender equality in education since its birth. In recent years, there has been a gender reversal in China’s higher education population, both students and graduates. Women...
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The Impact of Learning English Language on Chinese Culture

Lulu Wu
English is the universal language of the earth, and it is also one of the most widely employed tongues in the United States. It has also become an internationally widely used language. Language is the bond of culture, the bridge and link between members of society and the tool for expressing ideas. Everything...
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The Ways of Corporate Innovation: A Review Analysis

Jingyao Zhuang
Innovation is a necessary factor for a company to find a way to survive. Only through continuous innovation can an enterprise seek long-term development. If an enterprise does not know how to innovate and pursue improvement, the life of the enterprise will soon stop and it will be on the risk of dying....
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A Study of the Washback Effect of Oral English Sampling Test on Primary School English Teaching

Yun Liu, Jing Chen
The education authorities in Huzhou adopted oral English sampling test among the sixth graders in order to examine the students’ oral English ability. Based on the washback theory, the present study explores the impact of oral English sampling test on primary school English teaching and learning by employing...
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Centralization and Corruption: The Political Dilemma of the Late Roman Empire

Xinyao Zhang
The essay is to explore the causes of the political dilemma in the late Roman Empire from centralization and corruption. This phenomenon has been observed in recent years, and various scholars have proposed various explanations for it, especially on the collapse of the Roman Empire. The essay uses the...
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Research on the English Translation Strategy of Internet Buzzwords from the Perspective of Functional Equivalence Theory

Weihe Sun
Buzzwords on the Internet refer to words that are mainly used on the Internet and are given meanings in a specific era and language environment. This language of the internet, a language system that concentrates on the content of events and public emotions, has emerged and received wide currency [1]....
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Research on the Way Shakespeare Influenced Modern Theater—Taking the Orphan of Zhao by James Fenton as an Example

Zichang Qiu
As an important part of the world’s drama culture, Shakespeare’s plays have a huge and far-reaching impact on the development of the drama of all countries. It became an important link of culture and communication in the world and a source of inspiration for drama creation. By seeing or reading modern...
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Contrastive Study between Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Taking Zhanyuan Garden in Nanjing and Abbot’s Garden of Long’an Temple in Kyoto as Examples

Yumeng Han
Chinese gardens have developed distinctive features through thousands of years. Japanese gardens, under the influence of Chinese gardens, have developed unique Japanese characteristics of dry landscape gardens, thus, contributing to some differences and similarities while compared with Chinese gardens....
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A Textual Analysis of the Causes, Process and Consequences of Julian’s Persian Expedition

Chengyu Jia
After inheriting the throne, polytheist Julian consolidated his rule by adjusting a series of incorrect policies in law and administration. Although these policy adjustments concentrated upon Julian’s short period of ruling the Roman Empire, they provided sufficient reasons and foreshadowing for his...
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Gender Bias Induced by Stereotypes

People’s Perception of Gender of a Gender-unknown Subject in a Fictional Scenario

Ziyi Fan, Xinyuan Liu
This research mainly studies how do gender stereotypes play out in people’s lives and how people will subconscious through events type to determine the gender of one person. The study was conducted through a survey (N =89) that asked the participants to comment on a paragraph containing gender-specific...
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Impact of the Equality Act on the U.S. Equality Law System — Focusing on the equality employment

Kaidian Chen
As the Equality Act seeks to explicitly prohibit discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in public and private settings (LGBTQ), it aims to protect LGBTQ groups employment. Before the introduction of the Equality Act, the legal system on equal employment in the United States...
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The Mechanism Behind Individuals’ Choice of Group Interests and Personal Interests

Yuncan Cui, Dingqi Xue, Wenlu Zhang
In the review of the formal theories, the view of the relationship between group interest and personal interest is diversified—the gap of the empirical study on its existed for a long time. Therefore, the purpose of the paper was to explore the tendency and mechanism of individual choice between group...
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Rainer Forst’s View of the Relationship between Legitimacy, Democracy, and Justice

Le Li
From Rainer Forst’s standpoint, what is the link between legitimacy, democracy, and justice? Forst argues that legitimacy in modern liberal society is normatively determined by democracy and democracy by justice. In my view, there is no such relationship. I disagree with Rainer Forst’s contention that...
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Dialectical Thinking of Yin and Yang

The Construction of Attacking System of Modern Basketball Position

Zhi-Nan Zhao
Through the basketball offensive system of John Wooden, the famous American coach, and on the basis of summarizing his ideas and principles, this paper uses the theory of Yin and Yang and five elements in Chinese philosophy to reconstruct the offensive system of modern basketball position. It puts forward...
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Analysing Powertrain Control Strategies on NVH Optimization of PHEV

Zeyu Lan, Ziang Li, Wanli Lu, Jiaxuan Yu
The paper reviews the parallel hybrid electric vehicles, a more environmentally conscience alternative to the internal combustion engine. Automobile manufacturers are combining internal combustion engine with electric motor which makes hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). More specifically, the parallel powertrain...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of Consumer Psychology and Engagement in Taobao Streaming Commerce

Mengying Pei
With the continuous progress of 5G and Internet technology, live streaming commerce has developed and popularized rapidly in China. In particular, under the background of COVID-19 pandemic, the market prospect of live business has been increasing. This paper adopts quantitative research methods, through...
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Analysis of Two Chinese Female Characters in The 1930s to 1960s Movie

Jingyu Huang, Xinyue Wang
In the late Qing Dynasty, feminism was introduced into China. Under the influence of many aspects, feminism in China gradually develop, which was reflected in many films. This paper mainly analyzes the female characters in the 1930s-1960s based on two films, New Women and Two Stage Sisters. There are...
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Analysis of the Policy Agenda and Outlook for the Reforms of Forest Chief Scheme

Based on the “Multiple Streams Theory”

Kunyu Yang
The forest chief scheme is a major institutional innovation in the field of ecological civilization governance in China, which is of great significance and value in strengthening the protection of China’s forest and grassland ecosystems, implementing the scientific governance of China’s forest and grassland...
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Comparative Analysis of Differences in Educational Systems of the Modern UK and China

Jin Chen, Jinyang Li, Lu Wang, Yifei Xiong, Peihan Zhang
Following the former Premier Deng Xiaoping’s Reform and Opening-up policies, Chinese education underwent a spectacular shift, which contributes to both the process of pursuing education modernization in conjunction with the economy’s transformation and development. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of...
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Self-consciousness, Gender Performance and Ethos: The Female Subjectivity in “Human, Woman, Demon

Hao Zhao
Under a comparative framework of cultural differences, this essay aims to scrutinize the representation of female subjectivity in terms of self-consciousness, gender performance, and the ethos in China’s 1980s. As the configurations of women constitute a special field of cultural production in modern...
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Existing Problems and Features of Distance Education in English

Lingxi Wang, Xinyi Zhao
The purpose of this article is to discuss the advantages and existing problems of distance education in English. This article is based on the problem that students and teachers are unable to take offline courses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and focuses on the impact of distance education in English....
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Course Design on Students’ Translation Competence: An Example Based on Research Program and Practical Experience of China’s Exhibition Translations

Liqiao LIANG
On one hand, the training of translators must stick to the need of the market and the construction of solid language ability as well as adequate knowledge accumulation in certain working field(s); on the other, the integration of adequate didactic theories would improve the efficiency of the training....
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Effectiveness of Music in Sleep Therapy Amongst the Elderly

Shuai Peng
Various sleep patterns are experienced by persons in quite varied age groups. The reality that one receives overwhelming items as they expand over time makes the fact that the sleep habits might be disturbed. With the aged, the loss of sleep is a regular issue and the part that pharmacological therapy...
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Exploring the Major Psychological Problems and Their Causes in Love from the Perspective of Social Psychology

Deyu Zhang
Love, an intimate relationship in human society, has a special psychological meaning for everyone and enables each individual to get a sense of belonging, self-worth and the spiritual needs of love and being loved. Most of the current papers are focused on the educational level of the orientation and...
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Investigation of the Application of Nudge Theory in Real World

Yiheng Huang
Under the background of the economic downturn brought by COVID-19 pandemic, the research is carried out after the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in order to investigate the application of nudge theory, which is the method of changing consumer spending habits through the various method except for legislation...
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China’s “Ban on Korean Culture” and Research of Chinese People’s Shifting Attitudes Towards Korean Cultural Contents

Liu Yang, Tang Zhili
We pay attention to the influence of Chinese people’s attitudes towards Korean culture contents and information after China’s Ban on Korea. The research results verify the relationship between Chinese cultural contents experience and Korean cultural contents attitude. At the same time, this paper examines...
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Influencing Factors of Social Workers’ Involvement in Elderly Care: Experience from East and West

Mingxin Hong
Despite the fact that there is no more comprehensive social elderly model available, the discussion over pension systems has not died down completely. The purpose of this study is to analyse the factors of social workers’ involvement in elderly care in a global context. This paper could deepen the understanding...
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Review on Influencing Factors of Gender Identity Development of Adolescent Individuals

Linxuan Chu
“Adolescence” has always been the focus of the whole society. With the development of adolescent socialization, the hidden dangers of adolescent gender role identity and mental health problems are becoming more and more prominent. With the continuous attention of academic circles to adolescent education,...
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Analysis on the Current Status and Solutions of Global Refugee Problems

Yahan Yang
Nowadays, due to some internal conflicts such as political and economic problems, and especially religional conflicts and intervention by other great powers, wars and racial oppression have occured and even lead to a large number of citizens turing to be refugees, and finally here comes global refugee...
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Reflection on the Implementation of the Policy of Directional Normal University Students in Hunan Province

Hanxiang Mo, Yaling Wang, Kexin Yu, Siyang Yu
In recent years, rural education has become the focus of attention of the whole society. The government of Hunan provincee in China has put forward a policy of directional teacher-training students to improve local rural education in accordance with the national direction. This research is based on two...
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Evolution of Fan Culture in China from the Perspective of Media Revolution

Renjie Liu
Nowadays, fan groups and fan culture, which become an essential part of social culture, have a considerable impact on the online and offline world. The evolution of fan culture is closely related to the media revolution. The revolution of media has taken fans from being one-sided audiences to consumers,...
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Research on the Training of Computer Professionals Based on the 1+X Certificate System under the Background of Enrollment Expansion of Higher Vocational Education

Shuanglong Pang, Desheng Zeng, Xiaodan Chen
The enrollment expansion of higher vocational education is a new requirement put forward by the state to relieve the employment pressure, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for vocational colleges. Under the background of expanding enrollment, this paper discusses the organic combination of...
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A Study of the Effect of Reminiscence Therapy on Alleviating Negative Emotions and Improving Mental Health of the Elderly in the Context of COVID-19

Miao Wang
The novel coronavirus 2019(COVID-19) sweeping the world threatens people’s physical and mental well-being, and the elderly tend to have more serious negative emotions due to their poor resistance level and they are more likely to believe rumors, which leads to a decline in their mental health. In this...
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Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention of University Teachers in China’s Pearl River Delta

Xinqiang Song, jiajia Ke
Various literature reviews have investigated teachers’ turnover intention in the universities. However, little is known about employee turnover intention within higher education institution in China’s Pearl River Delta. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between job satisfaction,...
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Analysis on the Documentary “Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School”

Chenliang Zhao
The documentary “Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School” released in 2015, contributes numerous classic cases that have been discussed by scholars in the fields of the sociology of teaching and educational psychology, and is often used as teaching materials for related courses in Chinese universities....
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Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Roles in the SEPH Oxford English

Qishan Liang
With the rise of gender equality awareness, gender stereotypes in textbooks have been widely concerned. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the gender role portrayals in the Oxford English published by Shanghai Educational Publishing House. To achieve this objective, a quantitative content analysis...
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A Review of the Implementation of the Fair Competition Review System in China

Lanfang Fei, Sen Liang
In 2015, China introduced a fair competition review system. This system aims to ensure fair compensation and a national common market by preventing anti-competitive regulations and polices. Based on comparing the key elements and the implementation outcomes of the Chinese fair competition review system...