Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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Research on the Judicial Judgement Standard of Midway Excessive Defense

Jiayi Zheng
The law of self-defense is the most controversial and confusing area of judicial practice. The current system of self-defense is unclear, vague judgment elements, judicial recognition standards, should be combined with the theory of subjective and objective unity of compromise, scientific construction...
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The Effect of Gratitude Level on Academic Performance of Junior Middle School Students: The Moderating Role of Perceived Teacher Expectations

Ruiqi Zhu
Gratitude is a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. In the context of Chinese culture, adolescents’ gratitude to important people in their life is more reflected in their efforts to study and academic success, and adolescents with higher levels of gratitude were more likely to report academic success...
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Comparison of the Inter-ethnic Political Integration Models between Ukraine and Canada: a Perspective of Language Rights

Zhiying Zhu
Language acts as the social roles such as the medium of cultural transmission and the sign of ethnic groups’ identification. In the field of political science, language maps into the form of language rights directly, and derive the forms of language policies, laws and so on. The integration of inter-ethnic...
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Effects of Acute Stress on Insight: How Does Stress Influence Creativity?

Shumeng Yang, Ziying Wang
Previous studies indicate that stress exerts various influences on multiple cognitive functions, but the correlation between stress and creativity was scarcely involved, as creativity is commonly acknowledged as a relatively stable psychological trait. Insight, a significant component of creativity,...
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On the Linguistic Features of Business Contracts

Puqing Shi
Business contract belongs to a solemn style, with significant official document style characteristics, which is different from the genre of daily English and literature. The business contract language is characterized by accurate words and rigorous structure. It has strict requirements on words, syntactic...
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A Comparative Analysis of Traditional Teaching and PBL Model

Le Bo, Xiaoxiao Ding, Sihan Wang
The “Teacher-Centered” approach is one of the most widely used teaching methods in traditional Chinese teaching.The teacher is mainly on imparting knowledge, and studentsare only playing the role of listening most time who hardly participate in the teaching process. By adopting this teaching method,...
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Research on Fragmented Communication and Response Path Under the Background of New Media

Yijin Li
With the advent of the new media era, people’s media usage habits gradually show the characteristics of fragmentation. The phenomenon of fragmented communication media is becoming more and more intense, and fragmented communication has become a new proposition to be studied urgently. Using the research...
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Polo Shirts and Its Reflection on Subculture in a Century from 1920s

Xiaoting Liu, Zihan Liu, Siyi Yu, Xiaobei Zhou
Mentioning the polo, short sleeves, two side vents, and sport shirt are the basic characteristics. In addition, it is well-known that they were derived from polo and tennis. Currently, polo shirts become golf and yachting clothing. Due to the evolution of fashion, polo has become the popular school uniforms....
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The Influence of Parental Warmth and Family Rearing Style on College Students’ Creativity Tendency: The Mediating Role of General Self-Efficacy

Chunhui Liu, Wenxuan Su, Xiaozhuo Zhan
Family is the first environment that affects people’s psychological development. In recent years, with people’s attention to education, more and more people began to pay attention to the impact of family upbringing on children’s physical and mental development. People also pay more attention to the impact...
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Price and Prejudice: A Case Study of College-level Project-Based Learning Program in a Shanghai International High School

Shuyao Wang
Project-based learning (PBL) is usually based on real-world issues and emphasis on students’ soft skills, including autonomous learning, collaboration, problem-solving, information seeking and evaluating. Many studies have been done to investigate the use of PBL in different stages of school, from kindergartens...
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Analysis on the Impact of International Organizations on International Law

Yushan Zheng
Since the development of international organisations (IOs), it has become increasingly clear that international law is influenced by IOs. In today’s system of public international law and related public law studies, the legislation of IOs has mostly become an important part of public international law....
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The Relationship between Gender Stereotype and Self-esteem of Chinese College Students

Jingxuan Fu, Xinya Hu, Geyang Wang
Gender stereotype and self-esteem are two important psychological factors that can influence college students’ well-being. This study uses a questionnaire to investigate the basic situation and relationships between gender stereotypes and self-esteem of Chinese college students. The results show that...
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Application of the Cooling-off Period for Divorce and Property Relations

Yuxin Li
The setting of the divorce cooling-off period integrates the ideological prerequisite of increasing the autonomy of marriage, the social background of the rising divorce rate, the legislative purpose of preventing reckless divorce, and the provision of institutional support for the judicial practice....
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The Historical Significance of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act: The Impacts on Chinese Immigrants in the United States

Xinyao Zhang
The essay is to discuss the historical significance of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and its impacts on Chinese immigrants at the time. This phenomenon has been observed for many years, and various scholars have explained it from various perspectives, especially on the impacts of the Chinese Exclusion...
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Research on Current Situation, Major Impacts and Critical Foresight of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Based on the Principle of “One Country, Two Systems”

Wenqian Yang
The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) includes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and the cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province (nine cities in the Pearl...
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The Study on Tik Tok Interactive Modes and Future Interactive Video Strategy Development

Minghao Qu
As the Covid -19 continues to rage, the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly, which makes it extremely urgent to innovate and develop new media. The organic combination of artificial intelligence and mega data has added interactive video, an innovative form of the video presentation, emphasizing...
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Visual Analysis

Starting from Wong Kar Wai’s International Award-winning Film

Jiaxuan Zhao
Wong Kar Wai is a unique presence in Hong Kong, a film and television industry that values business over art. Wong Kar Wai’s unique aesthetic perspective and expression in the film are amazing and regarded as a classic. In Wong Kar Wai’s films, light, shadow, and color have become the most important...
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How Does Dependent Personality Disorder Form, Develop and Affect Human Life?

Wei Liang
This article is an overview of dependent personality disorder from its etiology, impacts, treatments, and recommendations for future research directions. Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is a personality disorder characterized by pervasive psychological dependence on others. At the beginning of the...
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Revival of Chinoiserie

Research on the Impact of Chinese Culture Wave on Short Video Platform and Its Users

Xiya Shi
As more and more media content contains Chinoiserie-related elements, media platforms, and digital media users realize the rise of Chinese culture in the new media era has important impacts on both of them. The ever-changing Chinese traditional culture-related media content is not solely a culture. The...
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New Changes of Chinese Talk Show in the Context of Post Subculture

Take “ROCK & ROAST” as an Example

Wang Hui-ting
In recent years, talk shows have been introduced into China across the sea. With the intervention of emerging capital, network media and the transformation of audience identity, they have taken on a new form. The internet talk show represented by “ROCK & ROAST” has been accepted by the majority of...
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A Review of JavaScript Object Notation in Data Analysis

Miaochan Zhou
JSON is an extremely popular data format in the 2000s. It is used for transforming the data type. It is not different for reading and writing, and it is simple for machines. As time goes through the age of big data, there appears a group of applications, for example, the two that will be discussed in...
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The Construction of an Occupation Competency Oriented Intelligent Education Dynamic Assessment Platform

Fuqiang Zhong
Inspired by the Industry Competency Model and the O*NET, this article reviewed the development process of occupation competency assessment in China, analyzed survey results of 83 teachers and 120 students, and found out that the existing assessment system is not open, informative, intelligent, and dynamic...
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Key Opinion Leader Marketing Used by Chinese Makeup Brands

Influence on College Students

Yuze Wu
With deep insight into the marketing strategy centering around key opinion leader, this paper focuses on counting the business influence that Chinese makeup brands have exerted on college students. The proposed method to be aware of the attitude of college students is interview and random sampling, on...
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The Negative Influence of Social Media on Transgender Group Self-identity in The East Asian Society

Zhu Luo, Chuhan Shen, Jingyang Zheng
Transgender people have undergone unjust treatments due to the traditional social judgment standards of the male and the female as a minor social group, which won a lot of attention in the years of the internet. This literature review focuses on the negative impact of social media on transgender people’s...
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Perpetual Peace or Carthaginian Peace? The Treaty of Versailles and its Consequences

Siyu Xiang
This essay deals with the treaty of Versailles and its serious consequences. It argues due to the drawbacks of the treaty, the once-hoped? perpetual peace turned into Carthaginian peace. In particular, it lays out the impacts of the treaty through analyzing different articles of the treaty and related...
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The Philosophical Core and Methodology of the Confucian-Mexican Controversy in Pre-Qin

Yining Wang
During the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, the intervention of the lords and vassals in the sovereign government of the Zhou Tianzi led to a shift in the concept of the Mandate of Heaven away from the Zhou Tianzi as the core and towards morality as the standard. The transferable Mandate...
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A Literature Review of Diffusion of Responsibility Phenomenon

Dening Liu, Xiaoyan Liu, Shuyi Wu
The concept of the diffusion of responsibility has been well studied with sufficient empirical attention. However, there is no literature review on this topic currently, so this review aimed to examine the existed literature on the topic of the diffusion of responsibility. Google Scholar and Baidu Scholar...
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Alzheimer’s Disease

Qingyang Ye
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia around the world. Although the pathological mechanism of AD is not fully established, the deposition of beta-amyloid plaques, neurofibrillary tangles and inflammation have been characterized to be involved in AD’s pathology. Diagnosis of AD...
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Research on the Current Business Model and Future Development Trends of China’s Live Streaming E-Commerce Industry

Wanshan Han
Livestreaming e-commerce is an e-commerce business model that has developed rapidly in China in the past two years and has vast sales capacity and marketing communication value. E-commerce live broadcasting is another iterative development of technology-driven media business functions. Its essence is...
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Research on Chinese-English Publicity Translation Strategies Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

Xiaoying Li
Under the imagination of Belt and Road, China has achieved friendly exchanges and common progress with other countries. Based on Belt and Road, China publicity translation is mainly an activity based on the dissemination of Chinese culture to better promote Chinese culture according to the form and characteristics...
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Analysis of the Influence of “Cultural Confidence” and “Big Data” on Translation

Hongxia Zhou, Xia Peng, Shicheng Zheng, Congbing Wu
The development of the new era has obvious requirements for the translation industry. In the context of “cultural confidence” and “big data” as the characteristics of the times, this paper analyzes the reasons for the mutual symbiosis between “cultural confidence” and translation strategies, reconstruct...
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The “Male Gaze” in Lesbian Sexual Relations - Based on Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Lincong Jing
Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the story of Marianne, a young and talented woman painter who paints portraits of a young lady Héloïse. As time goes by, their relationship changes emotionally. As one of the best feminist films, the “female gaze” and the core of feminism in the film are constantly analyzed...
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The Analysis of COVID-19 as the Turning Point of America’s Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Yu Tian
In 2020, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented global crisis in modern history. COVID-19 is seriously destroying the economy, causing social and geopolitical, and other fields into danger and turbulence. America is now also facing challenges from domestic and international levels. The...
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Reasons Behinds Gender Difference in Expressing Gratitude

Shiyu Li
It has been proved that expressing gratitude can help maintain the overall well-being of humans. However, there is an obvious gender difference in expressing gratitude. Generally speaking, women are overall better gratitude expressers than men. Therefore, this paper mainly studies the reasons behind...
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The Changes of Standard of Fairness

Wenying Bai, Yue Gao, Qi Yin
This paper demonstrates the relevance of fairness and social phenomena and provides four major aspects which affect the chances of the standards of fairness: behavioural economic development, social status hierarchy, cultural differences, and human development process as the main basis for supporting...
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Determinism in Disguise

Refutation of the Theory that Sophocles’ Oedipus Has Free Will

Kai Chen
In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Oedipus, ostensibly having free will, is in essence manipulated by the divinity. For one thing, the gods, especially Apollo, endow him with the unchangeable disposition, namely loyalty to truth regardless of any risk and the inclination to react immediately, to ensure...
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Exploring the Branding of Korean Entertainment Industry from Human Brand and Brand Loyalty

Yilan Li
This paper investigates whether the use of human brands in Korean entertainment industry has opened new opportunities for the whole entertainment market, and whether new media communication can support the successful marketing of human brands in the digital age. This paper mainly adopts the quantitative...
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Analysis on the Influence of Double-reduction Policy on Three-child Policy

Qing Liu
Since 2021, from the seventh national census to the implementation of the ‘Three-child’ fertility policy, China’s population problem has become the focus topic of most concern in all sectors of society. From Double-reduction policy to all localities no longer approving new discipline after-school training...
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How is the US and China Competition Impact Key Issues of International Law

Ziyan Cheng, Xiangjia Dai, Zejia Huang, Ruochen Wang
US and China, as representatives of world greatest established powers and most promising rising powers respectively, have always been at the centre of the current global political arena. This article aims to give a holistic analysis of how great power competition between the US and China is impacting...
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Research on the Change of Women’s Influence in Media Works

Feiyu Zhang
The change of women’s image in media works is the breaking and reshaping of female stereotype, and also the manifestation of the change of women’s status in social development. However, the image of women or the influence of their status are still easily not treated equally. For example, in the real...
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The Development of Online Education: An Analysis Based on Four Countries

Rui Chen, Wei Li, Jing Zhou, Rui Zhou
Since 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, most schools and offline education institutions around the world have been forced to close indefinitely and shift educational activities to online platforms. As different countries have different characteristics, this paper selects China, the...
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The Relationship between Parenting Style and Emotional Development during Adolescence: The Effects of Gender Difference

Hanlin Ma, Hanyue Zhang, Xinyu Zhang
Adolescence is the transition period from childhood to adulthood, during which a series of significant changes are experienced. Teen emotional experience is an important part, and essential factors affecting adolescent emotional development are from parenting. Parents have a great impact on their children’s...
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Towards Educational Equity

On the Relationship Between Schools and Disadvantaged Families

Kexin Zhang
This paper aims to reimagine parental involvement for underprivileged families by analyzing the problems that are being perpetuated by the current system, whilst looking for potential future solutions. This paper believes that bridging the gap between disadvantaged families and their schools can greatly...
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How to Adapt Existing Video Games to Become Educational Games Used to Motivate Students and Help Them form Good Study Habits.

Taking The King of Glory as an Example

Dongqing Zhou
Game is a promising industry in China, but in the eyes of most parents, games are just obstacles for students to learn. With the rapid development of information network technology, the traditional school education as the center of the era has come to an end and human society has stepped into the realization...
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The Mechanism and Insufficiency of the Protection of Marine Fishery Labor in International Law

Dong Bin
Fishery, also known as the “aquatic industry”, refers to the production sector that obtains economically valuable fish or other aquatic animals and plants from the water. It includes the aquatic fishing industry that collects aquatic animals and plants resources from the water and the aquaculture industry...
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Research on the Escape Planning of Kindergarten Children

Yu Song, Zhi-Wei JIA
Based on the research of Pathfinder on children’s emergency evacuation safety, this paper designs a set of plans for children to help each other in pairs and follow the teachers to escape, analyzes the current situation of children’s emergency evacuation safety in China, puts forward measures to optimize...
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Development Status, Significance, Strategy and Prospect of Intelligent Design Technology of Agricultural Machinery

Huiping Zhong
The word intelligence is no stranger to the public. At present, intelligent technology is developing more and more rapidly, which is also the embodiment of human wisdom progress. Now intelligent technology has been applied to many aspects, especially agriculture. The state proposes to promote the development...
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College Students Motivation: A Study of Comparing E-learning and Blended Learning in Covid-19 Epidemic

Zhuofei Bian, Yuchen Song, Shize Zhang
With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, different teaching methods are adopted by higher education institutions to adapt to this global change. Since e-learning and blended learning methods reduce the demand for face-to-face courses, they became a mainstream teaching method applied by higher education...
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Analysis on the Duration of Compulsory Education in China

A Study on the Necessity and Urgency of 12-year Compulsory Education

Siyuan Su
Nine-year compulsory education refers to the education system implemented in China to guarantee the right of school-age children and adolescents to receive education, which includes six years of primary education and three years of junior high school education. However, China has not given high attention...
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The Characteristics of Female Images in Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean Films and Television Works after 1990

Muyun Li, Zhongxuan Sun
With the development of society and the spread of feminism, the female images of various countries have changed. Specifically, along with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women was promulgated and became formally effective, the female images in the films and television...
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A Comparative Study of Artificial Intelligence Models and Human Hippocampus

Xi Yu
In the daily life of human beings, the frequency of use of robots is increasing year by year, which puts higher requirements on the capabilities of robots. How to accurately achieve navigation for predetermined goals is the biggest challenge at present. This paper focuses on several popular calculation...
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Research on the Phenomenon of Empathy in Games and Its Influence on the Behavior of Player

Yumeng Zhang, Suzhe Zhang
Video games are now closely associated with the daily lives of many people. Games have also become an important way to influence younger generations - the role-playing, immersive experiences and identity shaping in virtual environments that take place in games can influence players’ thoughts, behaviors,...
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Research on the Influence of Three-child Policy on Chinese Women’s Career

Qinyuan Luo
On May 31, 2021, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and discussed ‘Optimizing the Family Planning Policy to Promote the Long-term Balanced Development of Population’. In order to optimize the family planning policy, a couple can have three children now, and supporting measures...
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Job Stress and Job Satifsaction of Employess in Family-Owned Businesses in Beijing China

Xiaoying Yuan
Family businesses are essentially people businesses and are the backbone of the world economy. They generate wealth, offer jobs, and exist for longer periods of time. In any business organization, challenges will always occur. These challenges will bring forth stress not only to the employees but to...
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Trend of the Feminism Development in Modern China 1950s-2000s

by Analyzing Chinese Female-themed Movies

Yuzhe Dong, Haixuan Kang
The changes in women’s life in China from the 1950s to the 2000s can be analyzed by women-themed films. This article distinguishes between popular films and niche films by distinguishing female-themed films in the 1950s,1980s and 2000s, and through comparative analysis, which summarizes the development...
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Students’ Experiences and Perceptions on Different Online Learning Platforms: The Cases of Rain Classroom and Blackboard Learn

Xinyuan Chu, Jiahuan Qian, Yufeng Zeng
Online education has been prominent ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. With the urgent need for more good online education resources, many online learning platform has made the online learning more available and made more educational resources accessible to students. Among several well-known online learning...
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A Quantitative Study on the Influencing Factors of College Students’ Sexual Knowledge

Jingran Guo, Yuhui Su, Jiayi Wang
Based on the health belief model, this paper discusses the main factors affecting the dissemination and acceptance of college students’ sexual knowledge. This paper mainly adopts the quantitative research method, through issuing questionnaires to college students living in Shanghai, Guangdong and Henan,...
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The Attainment of the Identity between the Ego and the Other in the “Particularity” of the Subject

Xiaodan Liu, Cheng Zhang
The contradiction between the temporality concerning the Ability-to-be (Seinkonnen) and Dasein of ego is the embodiment of the dialectics. Martin Heidegger thinks, although we are dying as long as we exist, most of us do so by way of falling (Verfallen). It is elaborated in this paper that identity exists...
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Alienated Anxiety: from “I Should” to “I Choose”

TieYu Zhou, LinYi Gao
Anxiety has become the most characteristic feature of this era. We receive all kinds of information every day, but the unknown makes people afraid and omniscience makes people anxious. Based on Mead’s subject-object theory, this paper attempts to analyze in-depth the operating principle of the Internet...
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Analysis of Business Strategy of NetEase

Tianzi Dong, Ruizhe Jiang, Jun Ma, Anyu Xu
With the rapid development of China’s network business, the online entertainment industry has gradually replaced the traditional offline entertainment mode and become the main way of customers’ consumption, choice and attention. Many domestic enterprises invested more into online marketing arena and...
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A Corpus-based Approach to New English Teaching Model

Wenqing Xu
At present, although there are many large corpora related to English learning in China, the existence of data sharing and openness has caused the waste of corpus resources. In addition, college students are not interested in traditional English teaching, and the English atmosphere cannot be mobilized,...
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Concept, Perspective and Method

A Review of Researches on Foreign Online Celebrities

Yiwen Ding
With the development of internet technology and the advancement of globalization, it has become normal for people from different cultural backgrounds to communicate with each other through the internet. In this context, the number of “foreign online celebrities” has gradually increased, and the content...
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Research on the Introduction to Models used in Speech Recognition

Xinsheng Wu
The theoretical basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been established since the middle of the last century. After 1970, after John McCarthy and others established an AI laboratory at MIT, the first batch of scholars and technologies began to emerge, and AI began to flourish. path of. Today, AI is...
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Research on the Development Process and Current Situation of Female Leadership in the World

Xingyu Liu
With the continuous improvement of women’s social status in recent years, women’s role in promoting the development of the international community has become an indisputable fact. In the new complex and volatile international context, more and more countries recognize that women play a key role in maintaining...
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Implication of Immersion Education for Language Learning in China

Xiaoyu Xue
The importance of English in the international community results in ways of improving the English level in non-English speaking country. Immersion education has developed for years and achieved great success. However, the current immersion model is not mature and adequate for English teaching in China....
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The Sound Radiation Directivity Measurement of Suona

Ni hong, Zhao Yuezhe
The traditional high-pitched Suona is a musical instrument widely used by all ethnic groups in China and various folk ceremonial accompaniments. It is also a wind instrument with a pivotal position in modern Chinese national orchestras. It is of great significance to research the influence on the sound...
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Textural Research on the Location of Hecai Town, Juye, Jizhou of Song Dynasty

Guilong Wang
Hecai is a place name of Juye county in history which had been existing for more than 900 years from Hecai Town in Song Dynasty to Hecai Li in Jin and Yuan Dynasties and to Hecai Bao in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Through the carding and analysis of the reference, it can be determined that the respective...
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Intelligent Courses Recommendation System of Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on K-means Clustering under Spark Platform

Zhaowei Chen
Students in Chinese universities face a variety of electives. Their choice of the course impacts their scope of knowledge and their grade point, which influences their career or further learning. But in most condition, the most appropriate option will not be chosen due to the lack of detail and reference. Intelligent...
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An Analysis of Short Video Communication Phenomenon in Art Education — Taking RED as an Example

Yuxuan Zhou
With its rapid development, social media has become the primary source of information for contemporary young people. In China, where mandatory art education is relatively lacking, the characteristics of short videos, such as diversification, entertainment, and widespread dissemination, have brought significant...
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The Influence of the Internet on Chinese Homosexuality Group

Yiqiao Wang
In the 18th century and 19th century, homosexuals are not acceptable by society and are isolated. This paper introduces the effect of the Internet on the Chinese homosexual community since 1995 when the Internet had entered China. In order to find the role of the internet in the homosexual community...
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A General Overview

Steven Yang
This article is an overview of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This review aims to discuss OCD through present and past research. The methods of this review will involve the reviewing of pertinent and credible literature based on the database of Google Scholar and APA PsycINFO. In the results and...
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The Effective Use of Technology and Cognitive Task Analysis in a Health Lesson

Siyu Lai
The use of technology in K-12 lessons has become a trend nowadays. In the Nearpod lesson, students learned foundational knowledge about epidemic diseases, which is of concern and heatedly-discussed during the recent period. Students were provided with several online resources and encouraged to explore...
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The Power of Idol? The Impact of Age Regulation on Internet Addiction

Sijie Mao
Since age restriction on professional e-sport players has a significant impact on players’ careers and e-sport industry development, this study aims to investigate whether the policy is effective in controlling Internet addiction among teenagers. The study designs questionnaire with anchoring vignette...
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Analysis of Translanguaging in classrooms: An Effective Way to Teach a Second Language to Students

Haowen Hu
English has become increasingly important in this globalized world for people working in all kinds of career. For students, specifically, English proficiency is become extremely important. Not only the society placed high value on being English proficiency, getting admission in various next level institutes...
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Analysis of the Necessity and Feasibility of the Equality Act

Yimeng Wang
Passage of the Equality Act gets closer, but controversy continues over its implementation. This paper gives a brief introduction of the Equality Act, demonstrates the necessity of the bill from the current situation of the LGBTQ community, the difference in states’ legislation and the corporation with...
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Analysis on How “Globalization” Affect Netflix to Cultural Diffusion

Yan Wang, Xinni Weng
This essay mainly focuses on Netflix’s marketing strategy of glocalization which affects cultural diffusion. The essay adopts the method of case study to analyze the topic that the TV show Squid Game provided by Netflix in 2021 is the research object. Along with the result and discussion of the concept’s...
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Legal Protection of Artificial Intelligence Creations

Xing Xue
As a new form of business, artificial intelligence creations have attracted wide attention in the academic field. However, due to the cognitive differences of artificial intelligence creations, their nature is confused. In theory, the technical and property aspects of AI creations do not correspond to...
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The Mythology of Liu Bang in Shiji and Western Han Elites

Yansu Lu
Previous scholarship has largely regarded Qian’s writings to be part of a literary tradition that was popularized for its divination of the ruler’s birth, as Qian did in his accounts of many rulers like the founder of the Shang, Zhou, and Qin political lineages. However, these works paid little attention...
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On the Types and Cognizance of “Knowing” in the Crime of Aiding Information Network Crime

Xinyi Cai, Jiashun Deng, Xinyi Yan
In judicial practice, there are difficulties in determining the degree of “knowing”. Some standards are too vague and subjective. Moreover, judicial interpretations fail to specify how to accurately determine the element of knowing. Under the lens of western legal philosophy, when the subjective intention...
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Study on the Criminal Liability of Deep Link in the Crime of Copyright Infringement

Muxi Li
Deep linking is a form of web link, which connects to the content of another webpage but the users cannot tell the resource of the content while viewing those content. Therefore, deep linking is often regarded as an infringement of copyright. However, there is no specific regulations in Chinese criminal...
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Data Mining in the Big Data Era

Weigao Sun
While entering into the era of big data, seeking the secrets hidden in the data has become the main target in every single industry. This paper states the definition of data mining in the era of big data and interprets data mining methods in current popular industries such as sports, music, and health...
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The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Schizophrenia in China: A Systematic Reveiw

Haining Cui, Junpei Xu, Han Zhou
Schizophrenia is a long-term, lifelong chronic disease that must be treated for a long time. In recent years, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) in patients with schizophrenia has attracted clinical attention. However, it is studied limited in non-western culture. Schizophrenia has become a prominent...
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Asian Educational Policy and the Impact of Globalization on It

Peiru Peng
Most of the research theories on education policy are mainly from European and American countries, but there are few studies on the education policy theory of Asian countries. Especially under the influence of globalization, Asian countries have to adopt educational policies and practices that conform...
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K-12 Science Learning: Designing a Lesson on Nearpod to Teach Projectile Motion

Yihan Qiao
The development of technology has not only brought changes to our lifestyle but also affected our way of thinking. When it comes to education, technology has brought great opportunities to change the way of teaching and learning. Utilizing technology when teaching increases students’ motivation, engagement,...
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Socializing in the Metaverse: The Innovation and Challenge of Interpersonal Communication

Li Jiaxin, Gao Gongjing
2021 is called the first year of the “metaverse”, and the “metaverse” has quickly become a hot topic of discussion and has attracted the attention of the academic community. Social is one of the main innovation channels of the metaverse. However, what kind of future, what kind of challenges, and what...
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When Marriage Falls: How Does Parental Divorce Affect Teenagers Interpersonal Development?

Jiayuan Xu
The number of divorces in China steadily increases, along with upheaval that brings children traumatic grief and hardship. The purpose of this study is to explore how parental divorce affects children’s interpersonal development. 194 participants from China responded to the questionnaires. The findings...
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The Socioeconomic Status Impact on Rural Area Students’ Education: An Interview Study

As GDP per capital increases rapidly in contemporary China, the issue of educational equity is further highlighted. This study aimed to investigate how socioeconomic status impact education, specifically in rural areas with low socioeconomic status. Compared with developed areas such as many urban cities...
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The Implications of Psychological Intervention in Medical Management during COVID-19 - Based on Abraham Maslow’s Humanist Theory

Ruiqi Wang
So far, COVID-19 has been going on for two years. During this period, many problems were exposed, including philosophical problems, economic problems, management methods and other problems. This article focuses on the mental health of doctors and patients during the epidemic, combined with Maslow’s humanistic...
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Optimization of the Judicial Regulation Path for the Crime of Trading in Undisclosed Information

Youchen Geng
In the era of preventing and resolving major financial risks, how to prevent illegal securities activities has become an important times task of current financial work and political-legal work. From the analysis of the Huarong case, the Baoshang Bank case, the HNA case and the Evergrande case, it can...
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Study on Multi-dimensional Transformations in C-E Translation of The Three Word Primer from the Perspective of Eco-translatology

Xiuying Lu, Yuqi Zhang
Zhao Yanchun’s The Three Word Primer is distinguished by its linguistic fidelity to the original text, its three-word grid, even-rhyming style, easily understood and informative commentary. Using the multi-dimensional transformations of eco-translatology, we find that the translator has successfully...
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How do Guochao Cities Use Social Media to Build Urban Brand-Case Studies of Hangzhou and Luoyang

Yitian Wang
In recent years, young Chinese consumers have a surge of interest in domestic brands and products that integrate Chinese traditional style and culture. On the surface, it is a consumption choice, but behind the consumption behavior is also a specific expression of cultural confidence. The spread of “Guochao”...
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Will the Metaverse Be the Future of the Internet?

Hansheng Cui, Ziang Xu, Chenzhengting Yao
In the past two years, the Metaverse, which has become popular, has attracted a large amount of capital, like Alphabet, META, Tencent, Bytedance. They have all invested a lot of people and money in the development of the Metaverse. But what is the Metaverse, what can the Metaverse bring to the table,...
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“The Thing”, The Boat of the Ego

Xiaodan Liu, Cheng Zhang
The subject necessitates “consciousness” to exist, that is, the confirmation of the relationship between the “self” and the other. Such a relationship evolves around a center with intention serving as the basis, which is the “thing” we often mention. However, without a definite correspondence between...
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Exploration and Practice of Practical Teaching Training for Professional Master’s Degree of “Project System” under Industry-Education Integration

Yonghui Wei, Mengqing Huang, Min Guo
With the adjustment of China’s industrial structure and the change of talent demand, the requirements for training applied talents under the background of industry-education integration are getting higher and higher. Aiming at the problems in the special cultivation of applied talents, this paper puts...
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Potential Negative Impact of Gamification Education: A Review of Gamification Research

Junhang Xiao
Gamification education is becoming more and more popular today with the development of electronic technology such as the Internet. Gamification allows students to engage in immersive and experiential learning through the environment and peer social interaction, and it can also set clear game goals to...
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Education Concepts of the Cave Allegory

A Case Study of Plato’s Metaphors inside the Cave

Yu Liu, Tianlan Liu
Many institutions of higher education are now advocating the concepts of whole-person education, hoping that the personality, physique, and knowledge of the students who are receiving education on campus will be comprehensively improved to become a “whole-person” through four-year university training....
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Does Sina Weibo Promote Regional Discrimination Against Henan China?

Suqi Chen
Regional discrimination is a disturbing factor that contributes to the disharmony of society. With the rise of the internet, more people can get to look at and discuss news. However, though the internet allows people to connect more conveniently, it also enables people to form negative reactions or stereotypes...
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Rural Revitalization Based on Grounded Theory

YanMing Su, Yang Zhang, Jun Ceng, ZengGuang Huang, RuYi Wang
Rural vitalization, a core strategy recognized by Party for the national development and positive sustainable development, is playing an ever-important role in the economic development of rural areas in China. Empirical studies are of vital importance for the implementation of rural vitalization, as...
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The Sources and Influencing Factors of Egoism and Altruism

MeiJia Peng
Despite the increasing research on egoism and altruism, there is much debate about egoism. This study systematically reviews the sources and influencing factors of egoism. Through the method of retrieving the literature in the database, this review summarizes the different aspects of biology and genetic...
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Nezha’s Multi Universe View: A Case Study of Coloroom

Shu Chen, Shuheng Chen, Zhiling Zhang
With the rise of the global animation industry, after the American “Marvel” company created the “Marvel Universe”, China’s “Coloroom” company stood out and wanted to try to create a “God universe”. Although both China and the United States are animation film companies, they have great differences in...