Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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Exploration on the Talent Training Path of “Post, Course, Competition, Certificate” for Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Major Based on Huawei 1+X Certificate

Shuanglong Pang, Caijiao Pang, Desheng Zeng, Xiaodan Chen
In this paper, on the premise of 1+X certificate system, huawei’s 1+X certificate is introduced to gradually improve and enhance the school’s ability to cultivate innovative talents. The Huawei Intelligent Computing Platform Application development Level certificate is integrated into the professional...
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Exploration and Practice of Curriculum Assessment Reform under the Background of Engineering Education Certification

Qing Pan, Yaliang Che, Deqiang Ding
Curriculum assessment is the key link of curriculum construction. It is not only the test of students’ knowledge mastery, but also the propeller to implement teaching reform and improve teaching efficiency. This paper focuses on the core concept of engineering education certification, and carries out...
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Exploring the Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning on Speaking Test Performance

Heli Huang, Chang Sun
Project-Based Learning (PBL) has been widely used in language academic research. This paper reviews previous research on implementing PBL in speaking lessons with various communicative tasks, including online and offline activities. The main aim is to explore the effectiveness of the PBL teaching approach...
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The Effect of Working Memory Deficit on Social Functioning in Schizophrenia

Zixian Chen, Wanrui Gu, Zhangying Mo, Xiaoru Zhan
Working memory is universal and crucial in daily human life as a cognitive ability involved in organizing, executing, and inhibiting behaviour. Whether an individual can perform well in social functions depends on its development. Schizophrenia, as a neurological disorder, is associated with working...
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The Transition and Countermeasures of Traditional Media After Being Impacted by the Advent of Digital Media

Yue Jiang
Reading news in print media has gradually been eliminated, and most of the audience switched to consuming news from digital media. This contributed to the transition of traditional media. This paper referred to previous research papers and investigated cases associated with the successful transition...
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Review of Childhood Absence Epilepsy and Antiepileptic Medications

Yang Yang
Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that disrupts the function of the central nervous system. Childhood absence epilepsy (CAE) is a form of epilepsy that happens nearly exclusively in children aged 3 to 10. Ethosuximide, valproic acid, and lamotrigine are three antiepileptic medications traditionally...
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Memory Encoding: Effect of Cognitive Approaches on Memorizing Abilities

Xinyi Dong, Yuyin Wei, Mengchuan Wu, Siqing Yang
The neuroanatomical basis study of the memory process investigated that the left inferior prefrontal cortex was associated with memory processing and activated preferentially. This study further demonstrated the most efficient memory process for memorization tasks based on the above experiment. Twenty-five...
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An Overview of Depressive Disorder in Chinese Adolescents

Yuetong Bu, Yenling Chen
With the promotion of examination-based education in China, Chinese adolescents are studying hard and facing the pressure of comparison and competition with others. The number of places for continuing education and work provided by China is far lower than the demand, leading adolescents to bear the pressure...
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A Comparative Study of Space Access Capabilities in China and Russia

Sheng Zhong, Wen’an Zhong, Yuchao Wang
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union developed its aerospace industry rapidly, thereby achieving great achievements and building strong technological capabilities. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia has inherited the vast majority of the former Soviet Union’s defense industry and defense...
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Practice and Experience in the Construction of Scientific and Technological Talents in Advanced State-Owned Enterprises

Yunfei Xu, Dan Wang, Yan Chang, Weixuan Meng
Based on the new development stage, it is self-evident that the construction of scientific and technological talents is of great importance. Based on the requirements of the situation faced by the construction of scientific and technological talents, this paper analyzed the typical practice and experience...
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Talks More, Errs More? New Perspective for Corporate Governance based on Empirical Research from China

Jingxiang Guo, Wentong Wang, Pengyu Chen, Zhenghai Chi
This paper investigates the relationship between ESG information disclosure and stock price synchronicity as well as the moderation effect of ownership structures on this relationship. Our research extends the corporate governance and provides other insight of the important role of information disclosure...
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Behavioral Logic Thinking of UI Design for Smartphone APP

Yan Hu, Yanxue Peng, Wei Peng
Faced with the especially severe economic situation in our country, various advanced technical means are rapidly popularized in the daily life or work of modern social groups, provides new opportunities for the development of various industries, and puts forward development requirements at higher-level...
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Research on the Factors Influencing Students’ Participation in Online Study

Bo Qu
With the improvement of the socio-economic level and the advent of the era of information, online education which integrates both “the Internet+” and “intelligence+” technology has become the key development direction for the higher education in China and across the world. The extent of student participation...
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Robinson Crusoe’s Accounting and Bookkeeping on Desert Island

Lingyi Guo
In Robinson Crusoe, the most impressive part that accounts for more than half of the book is the depiction of the protagonist’s adventure, sojourn, exploration on the desert island. During this period, as a shipwrecked person, Robinson Crusoe’s bookkeeping and accounting really contribute to his successful...
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The Vicissitudes of Ancient Greece, Euthyphro’s Definitions of Piety and Geographical Factors

Qilin Lu
Euthyphro, the dialogue written by Plato, records the debate between Socrates and Euthyphro before the trial of Socrates (399 B.C.). Since the text was written by Plato, who was one of Socrates’s students, we can assume that it not only contains Plato’s subjective impressions of this encounter but also...
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Acquired Dyslexia and Developmental Dyslexia

How to Interfere Dyslexia in School Age Students

Xiujuan Yan
In recent years, increasing children are encountered reading problems with undetected reasons. Teachers always attributed these to capacity of students, parents even don’t understand how the impairment influenced their children. Relevant educators still do not have sufficiently systematic and profound...
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Anxiety Disorder: General Overview and Treatment

Haolun Bian, Yongnan Shi, Yi Xiao
In recent years, with the acceleration of social rhythm and the increase of various kinds of pressure, the incidence rate of anxiety disorder is increasing, which seriously affects people’s quality of life. In this thesis, we studied the causes of several major anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety...
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Policy Dilemma and Countermeasure Analysis of Independent Colleges Transferring to Vocational Undergraduate Program

Yihan Li
Independent colleges are a new model of higher education reform and development in China. In recent years, some Chinese provinces have implemented policies that attempt to convert independent colleges into vocational and technical universities. However, this policy is widely opposed by students and parents,...
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Actions Against Anxiety Disorder Among Primary School-Aged Children in Australia

Shengjia Guan
Anxiety disorders have become one of the most significant mental health issues for children in Australia. This paper examines the main factors associated with anxiety problems in primary school-aged children from three perspectives: family, school and society, and critically analyses the efforts of government...
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The Return of Cartesian Tradition from the Problem of Consciousness

Chalmers’ Naturalistic Attribute Dualism and Zombie Argument

Jialing Chen, Zijun Lin, Yuanzhe Wang, Junru Xiang
By reconstructing David Chalmers’ naturalistic dualism and philosophical zombie argument and the typical debates with Dennett and Searle on consciousness, this essay aims to explore the situation of Chalmers’ naturalistic dualism in the context of the prevalence of contemporary physicalist achievements...
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Survive Stigma: A Review of Current Study of LGBTQ Christian

Ziyu Lian
The equal right of LGBTQ community has been a widely concerned issue. Nevertheless, research is scarce concerning LGBTQ individuals who believe in Christianity. In contemporary world, stigma of same-sex romantic relationship still exists. Structural discrimination towards LGBTQ group is particularly...
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The Current Situation and Causes of Farmers’ Digital Literacy

Yimin Qian, Wenjing Zhang
The construction of digital villages is the catalyst for rural revitalization, and the digital literacy of farmers is the core foundation for realizing digital villages. Judging from the existing data, farmers’ digital literacy needs to be improved urgently, while the lack of digital awareness, insufficient...
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The Relationship between Bilingual and Empathy

Muzi Chen, Yuqi Fang
Empathy is an essential ability for humans; it is important to discuss its effects and influence. Language is also a part of our life, and it represents a different culture. With globalization, learning another language would become more and more familiar. However, is learning another language would...
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The Nature and Restriction of the Crime of Helping Information Network Crime

Jindong Gu, Shuhui Song
Given the huge number and rapid growth rate of cases related to the crime of helping information network crime, it can be concluded that the crime is likely to be abused. In practice, the crime does not depend on its downstream crimes and the standard of ‘knowing’ proves rather ambiguous. In theory,...
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Cobweb with Pivot: An Updated Model of Asia-Pacific Alliances

Yaning Su
The US-led alliance system in Asia-Pacific was depicted as a “hub-and-spokes” architecture. Given the collapse of the Soviet Union and globalization, this preserved heritage should undergo a gradual metamorphosis as the resurgence of nations. As long as the supremacy status of the US sustains staunch,...
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Reasons for the Emergence of Body-Focus Repetitive Behaviors in Students and the Impact of Body-Focus Repetitive Behaviors on Students

Wei Wang
Researchers have long explored the relationship between Body-Focus Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) and students, including school-age children and youth, and the effects of BFRBs on students. The paper summarizes previous research on BFRBs and related aspects and concludes that the presence of BFRBs is...
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Exploring Compulsory Education Policy of Rural and Urban Area in China

Yizhong Mao
In the current socio-economic development trend, the phenomenon of social stratification gradually affects China’s compulsory education and cannot reach the policy’s objectives. This paper reviews mainly on compulsory education policy’s development in the context of social stratification. This paper...
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Analysis on Key Points of Community Emergency Management Under Public Health Emergencies

Mengsheng Cai
Community is the basic building block of urban and rural social governance. In modern risk society, public health emergencies bring many challenges to social emergency management. Taking D community in N city as a case, this study presents its main practices in emergency management, such as publicizing...
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Reconsidering Neoliberal Solutions to Poverty from an Anthropological Perspective

Using the Bottom-of-Pyramid (BOP) Approach and Micro-Credit as Examples

Yukun Sun
With the emergence and spread of precarity not only of the working class, the instability, and unsustainability of the existing structures underpinned by neoliberalism in most regions of the world have been critiqued a lot. However, in addition to labor practices, the impact of other forms of development...
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Similarities and Differences of Primary Education between China and the United States from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication–Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory

Qichen Fang
Primary education plays a decisive role in national education and the cultivation of national talents. There are obvious differences in the practice of primary education between China and the United States. In addition to economic and political differences, cultural differences are important reasons...
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Interpersonal Communication Research in Metaverse

Taking Si-Fi Films as Examples

Ziying Song
As an extension of the human body, media in different forms shape different characteristics of interpersonal communication. In the next generation of Internet communication forms, “Metaverse” uses VR, AR, MR, XR and other media technologies to break the boundary between virtual and reality, making interpersonal...
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Study on the Enterprise Demand-oriented Industrial Internet Talent Cultivation Mode

Hong Wang, Shufang Zhao
The industrial Internet has been an important base stone for the fourth industrial revolution as a new thing brought about by the integrated development of the new generation of information and communication technology and modern industrial technology. To adjust to the talent demand of the emerging industrial...
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Research on the Dilemma of COVID-19 Governance

Ruicong Ma
The risks and hazards of the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of 2019 have seriously affected the normal production and living order around the world, and have had a significant impact on the economies and politics of various countries. Objectively understanding major public health emergencies and examining...
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The Empire’s Ruling Art

Take the Rule of the Roman Empire over Britain as an Example

Hanxiang Mei, Runqi Wang
In 27 B.C., Gaius Octavian, through his clever political means, declared that he would restore the republican system and establish the Roman Empire. Rome’s expansion turned the Mediterranean Sea into an inner lake. Its territory, constituted of all its colonies, formed an ellipse around the Mediterranean....
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Exploring Female Cadres’ Workplace Mental Health Problems and Their Intervention Strategies from the Perspective of Cadres’ Mental Health in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Jun Ma, Lixia Chen, Zheng Wang, Yongyi Liu, Chuanjiang Zhang, Jianhua Li, Li Zhang, Xiao Zhang
Objective to investigate the mental health status of serving female cadres in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, and to explore the intervention strategies for female civil servants. A questionnaire survey was conducted among in-service cadres in 12 cities of Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. Self-designed...
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Xiami’s Death: How Streaming Platforms’ Survival is Closely Linked to Music Industry

Qianer Zhang
Looking back at the time where piracy and illegal downloads were rampant, the music industry were suing anonymous users who download and distribute their work for payment and received little from these efforts because Internet protects their unaccountability and anonymity. To study audio streaming industry,...
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The Theory and Method of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation

Yunfei Xu, Jian Zhao, Qifeng Fang, Han Wang, Dan Wang, Bingxin Zeng, Youzi Wang
Evaluation of organizational effectiveness is the key link and indispensable content of organizational management, which is of great significance to organizational development. In the aspect of theoretical research, the research on the operational effectiveness of organizations has a long history, but...
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Research on the Cultural and Creative Design of Paper Cutting Based on the Red Culture in Heilongjiang, China

Li Sheng, Zhu Ying, Zhao Aili, Zheng Lili, Du Jiahui, Yang Xiaoli
Red culture is the excellent spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation, which has educational and communication significance. Heilongjiang Province is rich in red culture. After years of exploration and development of red culture, the paper-cut art of Heilongjiang Province has been integrated with red culture,...
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Exploring Engagement in AR Games Through Content, Context, and Presence

JIngwen CHEN
At the present, video games and network media communication are responding to the emerging sense of competition, temporality, and efficiency in Chinese society. Additionally, they are reflecting the general desire for a sense of identity, free connection, and shared narratives, which are constantly merging...
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An Analytic Review on the Development Path of China National Arts Fund

Fan FANG, Xuefang XIE
The China National Arts Fund (CNAF) was founed in 2013 and aims to support arts development, promote personnel training in the sectors of art and literature, and adverstize the excellent art works to the public. Although nearly 10 years (including preparation stage) has passed and thousands of art works,...
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Analysis on the Phenomenon of Lurking and Vocalization in Online Opinions

Taking the “Yang Qian Event” as an Example

Jiahua Liu
Internet public opinion is a product of the development of information. Under the new media communication mode, the emergence of vocalization and loss of voice is a news phenomenon accompanying the change of the media environment, and there are many reasons behind it. Studying this phenomenon can guide...
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Working Together to Develop the Teachers by Innovative Technology

Guowei Chen, Zhiyi Du, Juqin Fan
The training of the new teachers is an important part of teaching resources work in military academies. Combined with Management Engineering and Equipment Economics Department over the years of training new teachers, summed up a new model of the facility training. It needs to pay attention to the “two...
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Research on the Mental Health Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural China

Ziwei Chen, Ziyang Hu, Qingyi Zheng
With the development of Chinese economy and affected by the urban and rural household, urban and rural household registration system as well as various national policies, an increasing number of migrant workers pour into cities in recent years. Thus, there is a noticeable surge in the group of left-behind...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Curriculum Thought and Political Construction in Chinese Medicine Universities

Liuying Chen, Simin Wang
Course Education is the teaching concept of subtly thought and political education for students in the teaching process. The thought and political construction of courses in Chinese medicine universities is of great significance for implementing the fundamental task of morality and cultivating people...
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Online Carnival and Offline Solitude: “Information Cocoon” Effect in the Age of Algorithms

Youjia Sima, Jialin Han
With the development of the times and industrial abilities, information technology provides more egotistical thinking space and enormous knowledge in every field. In this case, some people will probably further escape contradictions in society and become isolated. With communication being more effective,...
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Research on Legal Regulation of Internet-based Behaviours of Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles

Bo Zhang, Guoliang Zhang, Qiyu Zhang
China’s criminal law has not been able to respond in time to the new behaviors of Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles in the current cyberspace. Firstly, the Internet-based behaviors of picking quarrels and provoking troubles are not typified in the crime of picking quarrels and provoking troubles...
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A Literature Review of Prevention and Treatments on Child Sexual Abuse

Jiani Cheng
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) as a complex and cross-cultural danger to young kids has existed for long. CSA can result in long-term mental health issues, such as eating disorders and depression, lasted until victims’ adolescence and adulthood. Inappropriate sexual behaviors and CSA-involved post-traumatic...
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From Sharing Life to Shaping Online Image

Analysis of Wechat Moment Based on Goffman’s Drama Theory

Rongpei Shi
The new media environment provides us with a new way to communicate, interact and show ourselves. Similarly, people begin to discover and display more diverse selves on new media social platforms. Wechat moment is such a social media, which is widely used in Chinese groups in China and the world, and...
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Body Anxiety of Contemporary Youth

The Popularity of Brandy Melville Style

Qianqian Hu, Ruoxi Liu
Popular BM phenomenon refers to the dressing style generating from an Italian brand of ladies dress, Brandy Melville, which shows high requirements to the figures of the ladies wearing the dress of the brand. The popular BM phenomenon has been sought after by young ladies and caused a trend of pursuing...
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Application of Visual Interaction Technology in the Process of New Media Information Dissemination

Haiyang Hu, Wenyi Wang, Liqi Zhao
The purpose of this research is to summarize the application of visual interaction technology in the dissemination of information by the media. The rapid development of information technology has caused great changes in the way of information dissemination and realized the integration of vision and new...
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On Sun Li’s Literary Creation

Zhonghua Li
Sun Li’s creation can be divided into two periods. From the beginning of Sun Li’s creation to the starting of the Cultural Revolution, is the early stage of Sun Li’s creation; from the end of the Cultural Revolution to the closing of Sun Li’s pen in 1995, this is the later stage of Sun Li’s creation....
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China-chic: From Chinese Elements to International Trend

Zijing Han, Duo Xu, Ruijia Zheng
We discussed the evolution and significance of China-chic in this article. We first introduced what China-chic is, then used several examples of various brands and explained their brand design philosophy to describe their impact and significance. During this period, a wide variety of national trend types...
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A Brief Analysis of Mental Health Problems of Rural Left-behind Children

Jingyi Wang
With the growing imbalance in China’s regional development, many parents have to work in developed cities so they are forced to separate from their children, which makes these children become left-behind children. These left-behind children show different characteristics in many aspects compared with...
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An Analysis of Nasal Production of Chinese Learners of English in Wu Chinese Dialect Area

Liu He
With the generalization of Mandarin and English among a younger age in Wu Chinese dialect area, fewer teenagers can speak Wu Chinese dialect. However, dialect still has an influence on teenagers’ pronunciation when they speak mandarin. Thus, it can be seen that the dialect can also have an influence...
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Simply Talking about the Development Background and Development Ways of the Big Health Industry of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bo Su, Jiayin Dong
Combining with the background of the continuous deepening of the aging of our country, the continuous increase in the disposable income of urban and rural residents and the accelerated upgrading of consumer demand, the article starts from meeting the health and elderly needs of the general public, focusing...
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Innovation of Online Teaching Mode of “Introduction to Airworthiness” Based on “Three Steps”

Jihui XU, Wenjie TIAN, Guoqiang YUAN
This paper analyzes the research status of online teaching, especially the demand for offline teaching in the context of epidemic situation. According to the teaching practice of “Introduction to Airworthiness”, the reform and practice of “three progressive” teaching mode of “before class, during class...
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Associations between Parents’ Workplace Interpersonal Relationships and Adolescent Interpersonal Sensitivity: The Mediating Role of Parenting Style

Muyun Li
The current study collected data from 289 Chinese families and investigated the associations between parents’ interpersonal relationships at work, parenting style, and interpersonal sensitivity (IS). Students were involved in assessing their self-reported IS and perceived parenting style, where parents’...
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Roles of Non-governmental Organizations in Education Development of Low-income Families in Rural Area of China

Shiqi Sun
Education is the top issue of a country. The Chinese government has been focusing on developing education of low-income families in rural area recent year and has been achieved achievement. Non-governmental Organization (NGO) is active in areas like education, medical, public policy, environment, etc....
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Relationship between Corporate Governance and Organizational Structure under the Background of Intelligence

Peng Wang, Tianyu Liu, Jiayu Song
In the development process of modern enterprises, corporate governance provides a corresponding institutional framework system for them. Enterprise strategy refers to the various strategic deployments formulated according to the connection between various parts in order to achieve enterprise goals in...
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Noun Phrase Complexity in Independent and Source-Based Writing

A Case Study of Chinese EFL Students

Yao Peng, Xilin Liu
A growing body of scholars have explored noun phrase complexity according to the hypothesized noun modifier development sequence of Biber et al. (2011). Nevertheless, few researchers have investigated how this linguistic variable vary in different writing types. In response, the study has compared the...
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A Comparative Study of Shadow Education Policies in Elementary Education in China, the United States and South Korea

Letong Wang
In recent years, China’s shadow education market has been expanding. Due to the continuous expansion of the shadow education market in various countries, research on shadow education is very popular in the world. Through the research, it is found that in addition to China, the United States and South...
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How Hollywood Influenced Post-Feminism in China

Rui Dou
This paper explores the interplay of Chinese cinema and Hollywood over the post-feminist discourse: entering the 21st century, the representation of post-feminism has received gradual development in Chinese media, including films. At the same time, Hollywood films, which have been stably imported for...
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Indigenous Australians and Racial Ideology: A Historical Perspective from Audrey Smedley and Brian Smedley

Jiashu Fang
The research paper mainly focuses on the description of racial ideology in Australia towards Indigenous peoples from a historical perspective. Additionally, the paper compares Australian racial ideology with the American one, which is based on the key arguments by Audrey Smedley and Brian Smedley. My...
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Legal Obligation to Vaccinate Against COVID-19

Yuhan Xia
In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine development and vaccination have become a top priority for all countries. Is it necessary for China to increase the vaccination rate of the COVID-19 vaccine through legal means so as to effectively control the rebound and outbreak of COVID-19 and...
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Research on Quality Control of Public Welfare Venture Capital Projects under Government-led Mode

Yufang Xian, SongHou Wei
As an innovative model, public welfare venture capital is being vigorously promoted under the leadership of local governments. Strengthening the quality control of public welfare venture capital projects is a key move to steadily promote the socialization of service-oriented government and public services....
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The Influence of Student-Teacher Relationship on Construction of Students’ Autonomy: What Roles Do the Teachers Play?

Yuxuan Xu
Student-centered research have dominated the researches on students-teachers relationship. Teachers, as active actors in this relationship, are also important to be discussed. What roles do the teachers play? The paper attempts to identify the changes of the students-teachers relationship from the perspective...
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Research on Fostering and Upgrading IotF-Oriented World-Class Industrial Clusters in the Yangtze River Delta

Xiaoping Wang, Liping Qiu, Huaiyi Zhu, Xiao Hu, Shuyuan Zhang, Haitao Zhou, Zhimin Ren, Qican Yang, Ning Su, Xiaojiao Shi
Industries of the Future (IotF) have become a new focus in international competition as the information technology (IT) revolution and industrial transformation accelerated the iteration, substitution and accumulation of impetus to global economic growth. Western developed countries have raced to plan...
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Analysis of the Human’s Matching Preferences in the Market Matching

Zhaoguo Wang
Matching theory is a branch of economics that has had a significant impact on the world. Economics is a social discipline that studies human behavior and how to allocate limited or scarce resources in an efficient and rational manner. This paper is a specific study of three matching scenarios based on...
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The Influence of U.S. Aid on Egypt’s Economic Development

Xiyao Zeng
Different types of foreign aid have different effects. And the impacts on the recipient countries always changes. Since Egypt has received aid from the U.S. for a long time, there are many different perspectives about the positive and negative influence of U.S. aid. This analysis can be used for reference...
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Why Populist Sentiment Spread Worldwide After 2008?

Yuncheng Quan
Populist thought has spread around the world in recent years, especially after the 2008 economic crisis. It is fair to think that populism has gradually changed from the popular trend of thought to the means and guiding ideology of some government party elections. Since 2008, Some populist political...
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Technology Empowerment: Video games - Another Platform for Cultural Communication

Yujie liu
The development of video games is inseparable from the reliance of information technology. In recent years, with the development and wide application of 5G technology and virtual reality technology, the game industry has shown a spurt of development and the number of game users has been increasing, and...
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Investigation on Family Situation of Autistic Children and the Impact of Family on Autism—Behind Children of Stars

Yijia Ma
Autistic children is known as the “children of stars” because they hardly communicate with other people, they more likely lost in his own world. The medical researches now post that most of their pains are caused by chromosomal abnormality. However, due to the ignorant of the society, researches about...
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A Review on the Discriminations Against Chinese International Students in the US

Shengqi Hu, Yu Shen, Lu Sun, Jiaqi Wu
With the trend of globalization, an increasingly amount of Chinese students entered U.S. seeking a better and quality education. However, the Covid-19 pandemic since the year of 2019 has significantly and negatively impacted Chinese international students’ study in the U.S., in addition to difficulties...
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Explore the Application and Challenges of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Higher Education in China

Xiaorong Chen
With the continuous opening of China’s blockchain industry, blockchain technology is strongly sought after by all walks of life in China, and it has played an important role in fields that rely heavily on data accuracies, such as finance, auditing, and the Internet of Things. With the development of...
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Reasons for the Success of KPOP (Korean Popular Music) Culture in the International Spread

Xingnuo Li
With the introduction of the “Cultural Power” strategy in the form of legislation, South Korea’s cultural exports have increased and are no longer limited to the Asian region. In recent years, KPOP (Korean popular music) culture has also become popular in Europe and America. The export of Korean culture...
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The Comparison of Basic Education Between China and Finland: Education Structure, Teacher Education and After-School Education

Jingyi Cao, Junzhe Li, Youyang Qu, Peichen Zhao
Through the ages, education is a heated discussion topic for any age group all over the world. For example, Confucius and Socrates are two representative educators in the East and the West in history. In recent years, many parents are still concerned about the quality of their children’s basic education....
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Practical Application and Benefits of Immersive Curation: The Uniqueness of Van Gogh Exhibition

Yubai Gao, Jimeng Yang, Shiying Yuan
The development of immersive exhibitions has created more technical applications and utility of the immersive experiences. With a close look at the Van Gogh exhibition, this study discusses what kind of technology used in immersive curation is ideal or positive in the sense of art and social evaluation....
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The Attitude of Chinese Undergraduate Students with Low English Proficiency towards Written Corrective Feedback

Wenjing Yu
This study aims to investigate the attitudes of Chinese undergraduate students with limited English proficiency towards teacher’s metalinguistic, indirect, and direct written corrective feedback (WCF). Participants were 50 Chinese second-year undergraduate students with a relatively low English proficiency...
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Research on Mechanism and Effect of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Relying on Funds

Kejin Liu
Poverty alleviation is a major project of China’s centenary plan. In the process of poverty alleviation, there are often some practical problems, such as not being well targeted, the inaccurate orientation of funds and projects for poverty alleviation, and short-term benefits. Social enterprises have...
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A Comparative Study of Unilateralism and Multilateralism in Trump Administration Period

Wenzhu Dong
During Trump administration, the US government not only had withdrawn from a series of multilateral agreements and international organizations, but also threat allies to revise the agreement, while the international community stay committed to upholding multilateralism in kinds of ways. The two diplomatic...
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Research on Strategic Position and Inherent Contradictions of Caspian Sea

Caspian Convention and the Game between Caspian States

Mei Yang
The Caspian Sea is located at the junction of the Eurasian continent, and its geo-strategic position is very important. At the same time, it has abundant energy and biological resources and has become an important area for strategic competition among major powers. After the disintegration of the Soviet...
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Research on the Relationship between Social Media and Gender Inequality

Jiayu Liang
Many experts have found that social media is a very big part of people’s lives and entertainment. Compared with traditional media, social media is different in some aspects, such as one-way communication mode. Nowadays, the communication of social media shows a multi-dimensional trend of short, efficient...
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How to Narrate China’s Stories Overseas Via Social Media - Take the Dissemination of “Tang Palace Night Banquet” as an Example

Jiayan Shen
Domestically, telling Chinese stories and exporting Chinese culture through social media can enhance people’s political and cultural identity internally. Externally, it is conducive to establishing foreign exchange position and making Chinese voice heard. The “Tang Palace Night Banquet” of 2021 Henan...
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The Application of PBL English Teaching in Engineering Universities

Wenwen Pang, Muzhe Su
This paper is a literature review which aims to discuss and summarize the experiences and cases of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) applied in engineering universities. The authors first reviewed the historical developments of PBL.After that, based on the experience of PBL teaching in engineering colleges...
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A Review of Curriculum Guidelines for Chinese Education in Middle Schools in Macao and Its Inspirations

Wei Liu
Since returning to the motherland, Macao has carried out a series of reforms in the non-higher education section. After the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region successively promulgated a series of laws and regulations on basic academic ability and curriculum framework, The education...
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Research on Localization Marketing Strategy of Multinational FMCG Products (Taking Chinese Market as an Example)

Xinyi Wang
With the rapid development of China’s economy, China has broad market prospects, and more and more multinational corporations have achieved great success in China. To improve brand influence and assets, multinational enterprises entering the Chinese market need to conduct consumer research and brand...
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The Effectiveness of Mentalization-Based Therapy in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Systematic Review

Xuying Deng, Yu Wang
This review aims to systematically review the evidence on the effectiveness of mentalization-based therapy (MBT) in the treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD), particularly in reducing the psychiatric symptoms associated with BPD and its comorbid disorders. Databases PubMed, Psycinfo, and...
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The Development Trend of Media Industry: A Case Study of Galaxy Media

Haoxu Wang
The media industry refers to a huge industrial system composed of several subsystems, including media information services, media manufacturing, related information resource services, and diversified operations. Each system is mutually conditional, complementary and supportive. Information services dominate...
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Men Should be Included in the Protection of the Crime of Rape

Yuxin Wang
In today’s society, there are numerous cases of men being forcibly assaulted, and the imperfect provisions of China’s current criminal law on the crime of rape have resulted in men being raped and the perpetrators being punished only for “intentional assault” or “indecent assault”. For the victim, this...
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Applying Gamification in English Learning

Ruobing Li, Jingwen Liu
More and more teachers are applying game elements to the classroom, as studies show that gamification can increase student engagement. Gamification has become a popular way to enrich the classroom, and many people have made promising predictions about its penetration. However, integrating games into...
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Research on Social Forces Participating in Community Correction for Juvenile Delinquents

Lu Lin, Dandan Lu, Fei Ying
Community correction is the non-imprisonment and with the development of work of community correction, Social forces participating in community correction for juvenile delinquents has drawn wide attention in recent years. Participation of social forces in community correction work for juvenile delinquents...
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How Social Media Impact the Economy in Rural Areas in China

Yuanhong Dai, Zige Liu, Zihan Zhao
The whole paper is divided into three parts. First of all, the history of media’s promotion to economy starts from three angles of paper media, media and new media, and the promotion effect of media to economy is derived from remote areas, starting from history and theory. Secondly, the specific performance...
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Why Do People Have Different Moral Standards? the Influencing Factors of Moral Standards

Jiayu Wang
The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors that affect people’s moral standards and analyze what factors affect people’s moral standards with real cases. This paper aims to summarize and compare the viewpoints of different papers on the same topic. Through analysis, it can be found that four...
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Study on Optimization of Olefin Preparation by Ethanol Coupling Based on Polynomial Regression Model

Kemin Xiong
In this paper, aiming at the problem of ethanol coupling to prepare C4 olefin, the relationship between ethanol conversion, selectivity of C4 olefin and temperature was studied, and the effects of different combination of catalysts and temperature on ethanol conversion and selectivity of C4 olefin were...
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Digital Literacy in Education: From Local to Global

Yukai Wei
With the advance of digital technology and the process of globalization, digital literacy becmoes a more important role in education, especially in global context. Digital literacy education is a continuous process from kindergarten to college and even in work places. It can be defined as the ability...
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Subjective Evaluation of Soundscape of Fengyuan Avenue – Liwan Lake Historical and Cultural Block in Guangzhou

Tong Lin, Yuezhe Zhao
Based on the typical historical cultural block in Guangzhou, Fengyuan Avenue – Liwan Lake Historical And Cultural Block as the research object, summarizes the soundscape subjective evaluation by questionnaire, demographic factors affecting subjective evaluation of soundscape are also analyzed.
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Effects of Cross-Border Cooperation between Artists and Luxury Brands: A Case Study of the Collaboration between Nara Yoshitomo and Stella McCartney

Jiaying Chen, Pengyan Chen, Lingxuan Liu, JuneMeiLing Zhou
In modern society, art and design forms are diversified. Art creation is no longer confined to the realm of its traditional self-existence. It has begun to explore cross-border collaborations with other fields so that collaborations between artists and brands are leading the mobilizations of public understanding....
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The Progressive Development Model of Virtual YouTubers in the Perspective of Dramaturgical Theory - An Analysis from the Perspective of Audience

Zihe Xu
The current development of AI technology, coupled with the outbreak of the COVID-19, has forced people to communicate online, accelerating the migration of the public to the virtual world, and virtual YouTubers have received widespread attention. Looking at the pre-development path of virtual YouTubers,...
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Overview of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Yinuo Wang
This paper aims to provide an effective overview of ADHD, so that educators and other individuals who may be involved in the treatment of ADHD patients, especially young patients, can effectively obtain basic information about what is ADHD, the causes of ADHD and the popular treatment methods of ADHD....
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Whether Social Media Makes People Feel Happy or Anxious?

A Quantitative Study on the Emotional Impact of Social Media on Different Age Groups

Qingling Bao, Jiayi Liu, Yuhan Wan, Yuxin Zhong
The rapid development of social media has brought many changes to people’s lives. People can understand each other’s life and daily dynamics faster and more conveniently. However, while social media brings convenience and happiness to people, it also brings anxiety to people’s fast-paced life. Of course,...