Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

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A Study on the Labor Supply Effect of Long-term Care Insurance System

Take Changchun Medical Care Insurance as an Example

Minghe Shang, Shengji Li, Meijing Wang
Based on the micro data of Changchun medical care insurance system, the paper adopts the natural experiment method and the difference-in-difference method to quantitatively analyze the influence of Changchun medical care insurance system on the labor supply of family members. The results show that the...
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Equality of Gender Recognition and Balance between Sex and Gender

Jiayi Lin
Since the twentieth century, the rights of the individual have continued to be given legal attention, with gender identity becoming increasingly recognised and accepted towards the end of the twentieth century. The protection of the equal rights of transgender people has also entered the realm of legislation....
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Go Out to Work or Start Your Own Business? Social Network Embeddedness and Income Differentiation of Migrants in China

Bo Zhang, Lili Wang, Hongyan Yu, Qian Sun
As the urbanization continues to play the siphon effect of human resources, in the process of marketization, the migrants have formed a certain work way, using 2016 monitoring data of the migrants in China, the migrants in the study of the acquisition work embed mode adopted by the social network and...
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Situation and Policy Analysis of Mixed Ownership Reform in State-Owned Enterprises

Yunfei Xu, Hualei Zhang, Jian Zhao
The reform of mixed ownership has become an important breakthrough in deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward a new historical orientation of the reform of state-owned enterprises in the new era,...
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Explaining Social Behaviors Via Cognitive Map

Yingcai Hu, Zhiru Guan
Human thinking and behaviors vary under many circumstances such as social interactions and stress. A major psychological view that forms the foundation of this phenomenon was schema, which refers to a hierarchical representation of explicit knowledge and suggests that this allows us to reason and make...
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Light Slowed Near Sun

Junru Ren
The sun, a star which consists a luminous spheroid of plasma compacted together by its gravity. When light beam passes it, the curvature of gravitational field and gravitational lensing will give rise to a bending light path, base on the theoretical foundation provided by general relativity. Also, the...
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Research on the Implications of Constructivism to Education

Yuhan Wang
The present instruction framework depends on the learning of constructivism, which has brought about another way of thinking about training and education. Previous studies have shown that constructivism further emphasizes the initiative of cognitive subjects, mainly in educational thought. However, research...
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The Combination of Color Language in China’s Painting and Teaching Instruments Design for Children with Disabilities

Bo Gao, Liming Zhu
As a traditional form of painting, Chinese painting has rich connotation, and its color language conveys broad and profound spiritual meaning, which has a far-reaching impact on the development of art field and design circle. In recent years, the psychological rehabilitation of special children has gradually...
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The Perception of Women in Chinese Female-Oriented Internet Literature During 2012-2021

Lifei Wang, Fangnan Zhao
At present, the status of women is gradually improving, and more and more women choose to express their perspectives and ideas through the creation of romantic novels on the Internet, and many scholars are also analyzing the female perceptions behind this internet literature. Thus, it is very important...
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The Influence of Family Intimacy and Family Adaptability on College Students’ Romantic Relationship

Dongrui Han, Junpeng Wang
The late adolescence and early adulthood are the key periods of personality development for college students. Romantic and family relationships are important for contemporary college students, and also the key factors affecting the future and even the whole life development. As the first environment...
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What Changes Parents’ Value in Their Children’s Quality?

An Association between Parents’ Demographic Background and Their Valued Qualities in Children

Xuezheng Wang
What is valued by parents for their children’s qualities worth investigating. Additionally, possible demographic characteristics of parents may change their perception of valued qualities. This investigation interested in how age, income level and highest educational level attained influence parents’...
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A Review of Studies on Major Depressive Disorder

Xintian Hong, Yingying Li, Zhichao Xue
The World Health Organization ranked major depression disorder (MDD) as the third largest burden of disease globally, and it is projected to become number one by 2030. Interest in pleasurable activities, guilt or worthlessness, low energy, poor concentration, altered appetite, low intelligence or restlessness,...
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The Research Review and Hot Topics Analysis of Work Disruption from an Organizational Perspective

A Visual Analysis Based on Knowledge Graphs

Linxuan Zou, Wei Ren
With the advent of the epidemic era and the massive use of information technology in the work environment, task interruptions have become more frequent and unavoidable, which has a significant impact on the work of employees in organizations. By collecting and organizing the literature of work interruption-related...
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Impact on Chinese Immigrants by Assimilation Education in America

Yi Du, Yuqian Wang
This study aimed to reviewed studies on the assimilation in U.S.’s education systems, specifically how assimilation and assimilation policies have impacted immigrant students’ academic trajectory. This article begins with the review for assimilation education in America. Teachers in America have different...
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Applying an Online Learning Platform to Enhance Students’ Online Education Classroom Learning Experience during COVID-19

Using the Nearpod Platform as an Example

Hongming Li, Hongbo Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to take a compelling case for the role of online learning platforms in facilitating student learning and to explore plausible strategies for optimizing the student learning experience. The project described in this paper is based on a fourth-grade English language arts course....
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Influencing Factors and Coping Strategies of English Learning Anxiety among Chinese Non-English Major Students

Ruisi Sun
Learning anxiety becomes a common mental problem among students nowadays. The main purpose of this article is to investigate what makes overseas Chinese students of non-English majors feel anxious about English learning and how to solve this problem and focus on the research towards English language...
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Evaluation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity under High Urbanization Rate in Guangzhou, China

Zhenhong Pei, Zijia Liang, Jinpeng Lin
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the process of urbanization has accelerated, and water resources have faced greater pressure due to economic and social development and human production activities. In this study, a comprehensive evaluation system of WRCC was constructed by selecting 17 indicators,...
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From Passive to Controlled: The Car Reshapes the Gender Temperament of Chinese Women a Consumer Sociological Perspective

Zhikun Liu
In the consumer society, the automobile as a new way of gender practice has a very important impact on the reshaping of women’s gender temperament. While cars help people to achieve spatial movement, they will also affect people’s temperament judgment of the car operator. Through the study, it was found...
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Between Femininity and Animality – The Metamorphosis of the White Snake Legend in Sinophone Film and TV

Yuhan Chen
This paper examines three different adaptations of the traditional Chinese White Snake legend in three Sinophone visual productions: the Taiwan TV Madam White Snake (Qingshe yu baishe) in 2001, the Hong Kong film Green Snake (Qingshe) in 1993, and Chinese animation Green Snake (Qingshe jieqi) in 2021....
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The Approaches of Ideological and Political Modular Teaching of English Course in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on SPOC

Hui Mo, Yan Zhang
This paper is based on the 21st Century Practical English Comprehensive Course (2nd Edition), follows the student-centered concept and combine the characteristics of the higher vocational English course and the characteristics of higher vocational students to build the ideological and political teaching...
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Study on the Transformation of Social Opinion Risk and the Optimization Path in the Networked Era

Shicheng Wang
In the Internet era, the network has been applied to all fields of life, forming a new public opinion environment. The article mainly reveals the reasons for the formation of social opinion in the Internet era including the rise of the Internet and the improvement of citizens’ awareness, then analyzes...
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Research on the Influence of Stress on the Examination Results of Undergraduates

Wei Zhang
Most of the students are not able to perform well in their exams, and we want to figure out why things happen like this. The study, through experiments, assessed impairments on working memory functionality due to heightened levels of stress. We hypothesized that difficult working memory tasks would elicit...
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Chinese Cinema’s Reflection on a Pre-Revolutionary China and Its Role in the Post-Modern Chinese Feminist Movement

Xinyao Huang
Chinese cinemas had undergone a series of development. Women’s roles in films were long being discussed. Two representative movies: Two Stage Sisters and Sophie’s Revenge, one from the socialist revolutionary era and one made during contemporary society, reflected feminist ideologies’ effects on movies....
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Analysis of Tencent’s IP Convergence Development Strategy

Hao Jiang, Qingyi Liu, Yi Wang
Tencent, as the leading enterprise in Chinese entertainment sector, holds a very large market share. However, as competition becomes more and more intense and diversified, and viewers’ demand for content gradually increases, Tencent must respond if it wants to maintain its previous dominant position,...
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The Development of Male Gender Roles Depiction in American Commercials--Taking Old Spice as an Example

Shiqi Liu
Advertisements are projections of social values and representative glimpses of the cultural background of periods of time, and one of the apparent changes in commercial narratives is the common perception of gender roles. In this paper, several commercials of American male grooming brand Old Spice are...
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On the Educational Practice System of Chinese and the United States Universities under the Thought of Humanism

Weiran Li
Differences in culture, tradition and history create differences in the educational system and teaching methods of each country. The object of education is students, which is of decisive significance for cultivating talents for society, therefore, educators need to teach according to the needs of society...
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A Study on China’s TESOL Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitudes on Gamification

Jiating Zhu
In recent years, educational gamification is getting more attention together with the fast advancing of technology as one efficient way to boost learning outcome. Incorporating gamification in learning has an overall better outcome in many aspects. With the popularity of digital gaming, the potential...
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A Comparison between the Character of Plato’s Prince and Machiavelli’s

Daoyuan Zhang
We can see that the image of the ideal prince of Plato and Machiavelli shows some similarities. There are huge differences between the ways Plato and Machiavelli studies as well as the purposes of their works. Though we can find that both Plato and Machiavelli looking for solutions to social problems...
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Students’ Experiences and Perceptions on Using Gamifications within TESOL Classrooms in China

Meiqing Li, Yunbo Shang
Traditional TESOL classes, which are teaching English as a foreign language in countries that do not have English as native language, often prefer a more teacher-cantered style of classroom management. Technology was not often integrated in TESOL classrooms. The field of technology-integrated TESOL education...
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Dark Matter: Evidence and Candidates

Yihan Shen
Dark matter is one of the most mysterious subjects in cosmology. When people try to analyse the characteristic of a kind of object that they cannot observe it directly, how will they do? Just like the invisible dragon in Carl’s gauge, when we cannot observe an object, how can we ensure that it exists....
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Power Disparity and External Threats: The Patterns of Soviet Union’s Alliance Behaviors

Wencong Yu
This Paper Introduces The Cases Of The World Anti-Fascist Alliance During The Second World War And Sino-Soviet Alliance During The Cold War During The Cold War As Examples And Gives Close Examinations. By Examining The Two Cases And Studying The Establishment And Collapse Of Other Soviet-Led Alliances,...
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The Different Focuses of Shakespeare’s Works in Different Social Stages of Adaptation in China

Zi Li
Different from the general idea of the public, Shakespeare’s works have entered China and appeared on the stage as early as the early 20th century. From the early era to the 1950s, the adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays tended to be secularized and popularized. In the period of the cultural revolution,...
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How Mindfulness Affects Resilience: Based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness in Motion Therapy

Yi Qu, Hao Wu, Xiaotong Xu
Notably, most individuals do not develop such psychiatric disorders after experiencing stressful life events. The ability to adapt positively in the face of stress and adversity is resilience. Although previous studies have explored the relationship between mindfulness and resilience, the underlying...
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Analysis on the Reasons of Insufficient Incentive Guarantee for State-Owned Science and Technology Enterprises

Dan Wang, Yan Chang, Yunfei Xu, Weixuan Meng
State-owned enterprises are the backbone of realizing high-level self-reliance and self-improvement in scientific and technological innovation. In recent years, the incentive guarantee measures for scientific and technological innovation have been continuously improved iteratively, and at present, the...
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The Diachronic Evolution of Tones in Chaoyang Dialect

Qiye Huang
Hirayama Hisao (1974) proposed that the ancestral tone value of the Han ancestral language can be estimated by using the comparative method of “historical linguistics”. There are two specific methods: “inter-dialect comparison method” and “internal comparison method”. Based on this, the tones of the...
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Rain Prediction Based on Machine Learning

Ye Zhao, Hanqi Shi, Yifei Ma, Mengyan He, Haotian Deng, Zhou Tong
Our purpose is to try to use machine learning algorithms to predict the weather of the next day, since whether it will rain tomorrow is a very important indicator of the weather. In order to find the most predictable attributes of rain, The researcher use line charts, matrix graphs, and scatterplot graphs...
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Research on Fire Rope Rescue Training System Based on IRATA and CMC Rope Rescue Techniques

Feng Liu, Yuhai Zhang
Rope rescue occupies a certain proportion in the fire emergency rescue. However, in China, rope rescue technique has a relatively later start. And technical rescue training is still in the stage of exploration. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out systematic and professional rope rescue...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Behavior and Perception Changes: Role of Socio-Demographic Disparities

Tianhui (Helena) Zhou
The massive societal-level shock due to the COVID-19 leads people to change both behavior and perception and raises the concern about ensuring both the overall healthy life and economy. However, this is challenged by the worsening socio-demographic inequality, which in turn exacerbates not only the spread...
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Design of the Selection Mechanism of CPC Members in Higher Vocational Colleges

Pingfei Zhao
Under the considering the ideological and political, ability and quality, moral conduct, realistic performance, and other standards, an evaluation indicators for the selection mechanism of CPC members in higher vocational colleges based on seven second-level indicators such as intra-Party activities,...
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Study on the Changing Landscape of Traditional Korean-Chinese Villages: A Case Study from Changcai Village, Lonjing City

Jingxin Zhang, Songhua Gao
With the ever-increasing rate of urbanization, an increasing number of people are devoting their efforts to study the conservation of traditional villages. Consequently, traditional villages are gradually becoming more visible to and valued by the general public. By studying the surrounding environment,...