Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

953 authors
Dai, Lexuan
Comparison of the Treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorder for Children
Dai, Xiangjia
How is the US and China Competition Impact Key Issues of International Law
Dai, Yuanhong
How Social Media Impact the Economy in Rural Areas in China
Deng, Haotian
Rain Prediction Based on Machine Learning
Deng, Jiashun
On the Types and Cognizance of “Knowing” in the Crime of Aiding Information Network Crime
Deng, Xuying
The Effectiveness of Mentalization-Based Therapy in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Systematic Review
Deng, Zhaoxi
Research on Countermeasures for the Development of Folk Sportsin Leizhou Peninsula
Ding, Deqiang
Exploration and Practice of Curriculum Assessment Reform under the Background of Engineering Education Certification
Ding, Wenqi
Disclosing the Truth
Ding, Xiaoxiao
A Comparative Analysis of Traditional Teaching and PBL Model
Ding, Yiming
Research on Encryption Methods and Strategies for Cryptographic Attack
Ding, Yiwen
Concept, Perspective and Method
Dong, Jiayin
Simply Talking about the Development Background and Development Ways of the Big Health Industry of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dong, Jin
The Institutionalization of Pro Bono in China
Dong, Kexin
The Development of Asian Characters’ Stereotypes of Ethnic Identity and Cultural Representation in American Films
Dong, Tianzi
Analysis of Business Strategy of NetEase
Dong, Wenzhu
A Comparative Study of Unilateralism and Multilateralism in Trump Administration Period
Dong, Xinyi
Memory Encoding: Effect of Cognitive Approaches on Memorizing Abilities
Dong, Yuzhe
Trend of the Feminism Development in Modern China 1950s-2000s
Dou, Rui
How Hollywood Influenced Post-Feminism in China
Du, Yi
Impact on Chinese Immigrants by Assimilation Education in America
Du, Yuqian
Study on the Problems in the Medical-Nursing Integration from the Perspective of Policy Tools
Du, Zhiyi
Working Together to Develop the Teachers by Innovative Technology
Duan, Zhuoxi
The Application of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Chinese Population
Duo, Jiang
Title: Promote Rural Revitalization with Improve Education and Confidence—NJUST Practices Social Responsibility
An Analytic Review on the Development Path of China National Arts Fund
FENG, Yao-Guo
Study on Optimization Technology of Tapping Potential Mode for High-Efficiency Wells at Fault Edge
FU, Yingxuan
Assessment System for the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Dual Circulation Economic Policy
Fan, Changjun
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Accounting Industry
Fan, Junjie
Stability Rescheduling of Virtual Cell Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm under New Order Insertion
Fan, Juqin
Working Together to Develop the Teachers by Innovative Technology
Fan, Limin
Research on Central Air-Conditioning’s Patent Strategic Layout of Gree
Fan, Wang
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for E-commerce Majors Based on “Promoting Innovation Through Competition”
Fan, Xintong
A Study on the Influence of Celebrity Endorsement of Fast Food on Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior Based on Planned Behavior Theory
Fan, Ziyi
Gender Bias Induced by Stereotypes
Fang, Jiajue
The Predicament and Countermeasures of the Career Development of Study Trip Tutors in Primary and Secondary Schools
Fang, Jianhua
Reform and Research on Talent Training for Artificial Intelligence Major Under the Background of 1+X Certificate
Fang, Jiashu
Indigenous Australians and Racial Ideology: A Historical Perspective from Audrey Smedley and Brian Smedley
Fang, Qichen
Similarities and Differences of Primary Education between China and the United States from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication–Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory
Fang, Qifeng
The Theory and Method of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation
Fang, Yuqi
The Relationship between Bilingual and Empathy
Fei, Lanfang
A Review of the Implementation of the Fair Competition Review System in China
Feng, Qianyu
Analysis of Technological Determinism and Social Constructionism
Fu, Jingxuan
The Relationship between Gender Stereotype and Self-esteem of Chinese College Students
Gao, Bo
The Combination of Color Language in China’s Painting and Teaching Instruments Design for Children with Disabilities
Gao, Gongjing
Edu-Metaverse: Internet Education Form with Fusion of Virtual and Reality
Gao, LinYi
Alienated Anxiety: from “I Should” to “I Choose”
Gao, Shuxian
Exploring Style Reproduction from Metaphor Translation in Yu Hua’s Brothers
Gao, Songhua
Study on the Changing Landscape of Traditional Korean-Chinese Villages: A Case Study from Changcai Village, Lonjing City
Gao, Wenqian
A Review of Chinese Higher Vocational Colleges’ Research on Studying Abroad in China Based on Citespace
Gao, Yubai
Practical Application and Benefits of Immersive Curation: The Uniqueness of Van Gogh Exhibition
Gao, Yue
Barriers to Disney Live-Action Movie Mulan: A Study Among Chinese Audience’s Attitude Towards Mulan (2020)
Gao, Yue
The Changes of Standard of Fairness
Geng, Youchen
Optimization of the Judicial Regulation Path for the Crime of Trading in Undisclosed Information
Geng, Zihan
An Overview of COVID-19 and Ongoing Development of Vaccines
Gong, Xiao
Analysis and Design of the Health Management System for Medical Staffs
Gong, Ziheng
A Review of Chinese Oral History Theory
Gongjing, Gao
Socializing in the Metaverse: The Innovation and Challenge of Interpersonal Communication
Gu, Jindong
The Nature and Restriction of the Crime of Helping Information Network Crime
Gu, Wanrui
The Effect of Working Memory Deficit on Social Functioning in Schizophrenia
Gu, Wei
Research on Development of Practical Teaching of Management Science in Military Universities
Gu, Xinyi
On Women’s Basic Education in Remote Areas of China from the Perspective of the Development of Woman’s Educational View
Guan, Shengjia
Actions Against Anxiety Disorder Among Primary School-Aged Children in Australia
Guan, Zhiru
Explaining Social Behaviors Via Cognitive Map
Guo, Jingran
A Quantitative Study on the Influencing Factors of College Students’ Sexual Knowledge
Guo, Jingxiang
Talks More, Errs More? New Perspective for Corporate Governance based on Empirical Research from China
Guo, Lingyi
Robinson Crusoe’s Accounting and Bookkeeping on Desert Island
Guo, Min
Exploration and Practice of Practical Teaching Training for Professional Master’s Degree of “Project System” under Industry-Education Integration
Guo, Xiaohan
The Impact of Parenting Style on Social Adjustment of Adolescents: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Guo, Yutong
Different Forms and Situations of Higher Education in China
Guo, Zhenyu
Comparison Study Between Field and Reproduction Based on Soundscape Restoration Effect
HE, Jian-min
Enlightenment of Pay-to-Read to Information Technology Industry
Han, Dongrui
The Influence of Family Intimacy and Family Adaptability on College Students’ Romantic Relationship
Han, Jialin
Online Carnival and Offline Solitude: “Information Cocoon” Effect in the Age of Algorithms
Han, Jinshan
Research on Development of Practical Teaching of Management Science in Military Universities
Han, Qiuyu
Social Comparison and Well-being under Social Media Influence
Han, Shiyu
The Effectiveness of Digital Cognitive Processing Therapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Military Members: A Systematic Review
Han, Wanshan
Research on the Current Business Model and Future Development Trends of China’s Live Streaming E-Commerce Industry
Han, Wenmin
Stability Rescheduling of Virtual Cell Based on Backtracking Search Algorithm under New Order Insertion
Han, Yumeng
Contrastive Study between Chinese and Japanese Gardens
Han, Zijing
China-chic: From Chinese Elements to International Trend
Hanhan, Yin
Study on the Spiritual Pension of the Rural Elderly
He, Erben
The Influence of Modernity on Juvenile Delinquency
He, Hanyuan
Analysis and Optimization of Factors Influencing the Academic Development of Left-behind Children
He, Liu
An Analysis of Nasal Production of Chinese Learners of English in Wu Chinese Dialect Area
He, Meiling
The Effectiveness of Acceptance Commitment Therapy on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
He, Mengdie
Polysemy and Semantic Extension of Japanese Verb Yaku
He, Mengyan
Rain Prediction Based on Machine Learning
He, Yuxuan
Research on the Application of Equal Rights Law and the Reversal of Burden of Proof in Racial Discrimination
Hong, Mingxin
Influencing Factors of Social Workers’ Involvement in Elderly Care: Experience from East and West
Hong, Suqiu
Production of English Monophthongs: A Preliminary Study
Hong, Xintian
A Review of Studies on Major Depressive Disorder
Hu, Chuanshuang
Research on Curriculum Assessment Model Construction of Preschool Education Specialty Based on Ability Cultivation
Hu, Haiyang
Application of Visual Interaction Technology in the Process of New Media Information Dissemination
Hu, Haowen
Analysis of Translanguaging in classrooms: An Effective Way to Teach a Second Language to Students
Hu, Qianqian
Body Anxiety of Contemporary Youth
Hu, Ruiqi
Overview of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
Hu, Ruoxi
Analysis and Optimization of Factors Influencing the Academic Development of Left-behind Children
Hu, Shengqi
A Review on the Discriminations Against Chinese International Students in the US
Hu, Weiyi
A Study on the Current Situation of Childcare Anxiety among Secondary School Students under the Double Reduction Policy