Proceedings of the 2022 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2022)

953 authors
Hu, Xiao
Research on Fostering and Upgrading IotF-Oriented World-Class Industrial Clusters in the Yangtze River Delta
Hu, Xinya
The Relationship between Gender Stereotype and Self-esteem of Chinese College Students
Hu, Yan
Behavioral Logic Thinking of UI Design for Smartphone APP
Hu, Yingcai
Explaining Social Behaviors Via Cognitive Map
Hu, Ziyang
Research on the Mental Health Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural China
Huang, Heli
Exploring the Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning on Speaking Test Performance
Huang, Jiaben
Opportunities and Challenges for CBA Chinese Players in the Absence of Foreign Players in a Closed Tournament System
Huang, Jingyu
Analysis of Two Chinese Female Characters in The 1930s to 1960s Movie
Huang, Jingyuan
Cluster B Personality Disorders and Its Treatment from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Perspective
Huang, Kexin
Rethinking the Role of Secularism in the Discipline of IR and the Chinese Experience
Huang, Mengqing
Exploration and Practice of Practical Teaching Training for Professional Master’s Degree of “Project System” under Industry-Education Integration
Huang, Qiye
The Diachronic Evolution of Tones in Chaoyang Dialect
Huang, Shuping
The Multimodal Meaning Making of a Malaysian Chinese Film Poster
Huang, Siyuan
Reasons for People’s Unawareness on Tampon Tax and the Necessity of Its Abolition in China
Huang, Xi
A Case Study of Post Internship in Applied University Based on the Perspective of Project Management
Huang, Xiaodong
“Honeycomb”: The Endogenous Power of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance
Huang, Xinyao
Chinese Cinema’s Reflection on a Pre-Revolutionary China and Its Role in the Post-Modern Chinese Feminist Movement
Huang, Yiheng
Investigation of the Application of Nudge Theory in Real World
Huang, Zejia
How is the US and China Competition Impact Key Issues of International Law
Huang, ZengGuang
Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Rural Revitalization Based on Grounded Theory
Hui-ting, Wang
New Changes of Chinese Talk Show in the Context of Post Subculture
JIA, Zhi-Wei
Research on the Escape Planning of Kindergarten Children
Ji, Qihang
The Influence of Social Media on Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic: Benefits and Risks
Ji, Yujie
Follow the Purple Bunny: A Brief Analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s Narrative
Ji, Ziang
Do Not Worry Too Much about Short Video
Jia, Chengyu
A Textual Analysis of the Causes, Process and Consequences of Julian’s Persian Expedition
Jiahui, Du
Research on the Cultural and Creative Design of Paper Cutting Based on the Red Culture in Heilongjiang, China
Jialei, Wang
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for E-commerce Majors Based on “Promoting Innovation Through Competition”
Jiang, Hanchun
Analyses of Obstacles That Individuals with Autism Meet and Related Factors
Jiang, Hao
Analysis of Tencent’s IP Convergence Development Strategy
Jiang, Mengze
Racial Gap in College Admissions
Jiang, Ruizhe
Analysis of Business Strategy of NetEase
Jiang, Xiaomeng
Transculturation & Transnational Feminism: A Case Study on the Difference between Mulan(1998), Mulan(2020), & Original Chinese Version of Mulan Ballad
Jiang, Yiyue
Research on Satire Writing Techniques: Taking a Modest Proposal as an Example
Jiang, Yue
The Transition and Countermeasures of Traditional Media After Being Impacted by the Advent of Digital Media
Jiang, Yuexin
Research on Acceptance of Digital Education Platforms after the Epidemic Using Clustering Method
Jiao, Kehan
A Brief Introduction and Evaluation of Typical mRNA Vaccine, Inactivated Vaccine, Vectored Vaccine, Sub-unit Vaccine for COVID Protection
Jiao, Yang
The Influence of Mobile Phone Addiction on Adolescent’ Academic Performance
Jiaxin, Li
Socializing in the Metaverse: The Innovation and Challenge of Interpersonal Communication
Jin, Huiquan
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Accounting Industry
Jin, Lei
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Accounting Industry
Jin, Xinghao
Comparison of Tourist Satisfaction Characteristics Based on Text Mining
Jing, Lincong
The “Male Gaze” in Lesbian Sexual Relations - Based on Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Ju, Mingde
The Effects of Legal Systems on Eminent Domain Practices in China and the US
Jun, Deng
Curriculum Design Under the Background of “Educating People for War”
Kang, Haixuan
Trend of the Feminism Development in Modern China 1950s-2000s
Ke, jiajia
Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention of University Teachers in China’s Pearl River Delta
LIANG, Liqiao
Course Design on Students’ Translation Competence: An Example Based on Research Program and Practical Experience of China’s Exhibition Translations
Lai, Siyu
The Effective Use of Technology and Cognitive Task Analysis in a Health Lesson
Lan, Zeyu
Analysing Powertrain Control Strategies on NVH Optimization of PHEV
Li, Chu
The COVID-19 Hate Crime Act: Anti-Chinese Sentiment and Xenophobia in Times of Austerity
Li, Chunlong
Effects of Food Materials on Emission Characteristics of Fine Particulate Matter in Cooking Process
Li, Dandan
Design and Practice of Hybrid Course Support Guarantee System Based on Learning Power Model
Li, Dixin
New Evaluation Method of Animation Image Transfer
Li, Feng
Research on Countermeasures for the Development of Folk Sportsin Leizhou Peninsula
Li, Ge
The Effect of High Calorie Food Intake and Systematic Physical Activity on Physical Health in Our General Population
Li, Henghao
The Application of Transparency of Personal Data Processing in GDPR
Li, Hong
Consumer Behavior of Chinese Female on Boys’ Love Fiction: A Sociological Perspective
Li, Hongming
Applying an Online Learning Platform to Enhance Students’ Online Education Classroom Learning Experience during COVID-19
Li, Hongwei
A Case Study of Post Internship in Applied University Based on the Perspective of Project Management
Li, Huiqin
Her Movie’s Enlightenment and Gender Ideologies from the Female Characters in Marvel Films
Li, Jianhua
Exploring Female Cadres’ Workplace Mental Health Problems and Their Intervention Strategies from the Perspective of Cadres’ Mental Health in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Li, Jiaying
The Analysis on Strategies of Building Enterprises’ Brand Image Under the Background of Rising Network Stream Media Platform
Li, Jing
The Application of PBL in Primary School Teaching of China
Li, Jinyang
Comparative Analysis of Differences in Educational Systems of the Modern UK and China
Li, Junzhe
The Comparison of Basic Education Between China and Finland: Education Structure, Teacher Education and After-School Education
Li, Kexin
Review of Mindfulness Uses, Influencing Factors and Application
Li, Le
Rainer Forst’s View of the Relationship between Legitimacy, Democracy, and Justice
Li, Lu
Analysis and Design of the Health Management System for Medical Staffs
Li, Meile
How Does Depression Form and Develop in Chinese International Students?
Li, Meiqing
Students’ Experiences and Perceptions on Using Gamifications within TESOL Classrooms in China
Li, Mengjiao
Research on the Competitive Strategy of a Power Design Company Under the “New Infrastructure”
Li, Min
Design and Practice of Hybrid Course Support Guarantee System Based on Learning Power Model
Li, Mingkun
Research on the Evaluation System of Postgraduate English Education in the New Era
Li, Mingyang
Risks and Challenges for Management in Media Production
Li, Mingyuan
A Maximum Yield Model for Coupled Ethanol to C4 Alkenes Based on BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
Li, Muxi
Study on the Criminal Liability of Deep Link in the Crime of Copyright Infringement
Li, Muyun
The Characteristics of Female Images in Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean Films and Television Works after 1990
Li, Muyun
Associations between Parents’ Workplace Interpersonal Relationships and Adolescent Interpersonal Sensitivity: The Mediating Role of Parenting Style
Li, Rui
Research on the Models of Precision Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study in China Power Industry
Li, Ruiyun
The Predicament and Countermeasures of the Career Development of Study Trip Tutors in Primary and Secondary Schools
Li, Ruobing
Applying Gamification in English Learning
Li, Shengji
A Study on the Labor Supply Effect of Long-term Care Insurance System
Li, Shiyu
Reasons Behinds Gender Difference in Expressing Gratitude
Li, Shuning
The Relationship Between Mental Toughness and Academic Achievement and Its Relevant Factors
Li, Shuqing
Advantages and Disadvantages of Special Needs Children in Regular Classroom
Li, Sicheng
Analysis on Gender Discrimination in China’s Workplace Working Treatment
Li, Tingyu
Research on the Law Against Employment Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities in the United States and Its Reference
Li, Wei
Investigation on College Students’ Fertility Intention and Its Influencing Factors Under the Three Child Policy
Li, Wei
The Development of Online Education: An Analysis Based on Four Countries
Li, Weiran
On the Educational Practice System of Chinese and the United States Universities under the Thought of Humanism
Li, Wenxing
Research on Comprehensive Risk Assessment of Coal Enterprises
Li, Xiangning
The Practical Use and Impact of Scaffolding in Chinese ESL Preschool
Li, Xiangyu
Analysis of the “X Jinggao” from the Perspective of Construction Grammar
Li, Xiaochen
“5G + Era”: An Analysis of the Potential Tension and Development Trend of Smart Radio and Television
Li, Xiaoying
Research on Chinese-English Publicity Translation Strategies Based on the Belt and Road Initiative
Li, Xingnuo
Reasons for the Success of KPOP (Korean Popular Music) Culture in the International Spread
Li, Yanwan
Students’ Satisfaction Towards Online Education During COVID-19 Pandemic
Li, Yihan
Policy Dilemma and Countermeasure Analysis of Independent Colleges Transferring to Vocational Undergraduate Program
Li, Yijin
Research on Fragmented Communication and Response Path Under the Background of New Media