Proceedings of the 2023 9th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2023)

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Research on the Gamification Communication of Chinese Style Culture

———Take the 2021 TikTok “National Style Partner” Event as an Example

Yannan Wang
Chinese style is the theme of self-expression and consumption preferences of young people in the new century, and short videos are an effective way to approach Generation Z in the liquid society. The 2021 Douyin “Chinese Style Partners” event applies game elements and game mechanisms to the Chinese style...
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Research on Public English Curriculum Design from the Perspective of China’s Socialist Core Values

Qian Xia, Jixian Wang, Qian Bo
As a humanities discipline, English is an important carrier for scholars to exchange ideas and disseminate language. Colleges and universities should firmly grasp the endogenous integration relationship among the three, and integrate the excellent traditional Chinese culture, socialist core values, and...
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Research on the Construction of Housing Recommendation and Rights Protection Platform Based on Data Mining

Xiaoshu Peng, Siying Li, Junjie Peng, Silei Li
The purpose of building a platform for house purchase recommendation and rights protection is to provide consumers with an intelligent recommendation platform that can reduce the risk of house purchase. This paper first analyzes the risks that home buyers may encounter in the process of buying houses...
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On the Feasibility of the Licensing and Penalty Points System for the Management of Mobile Street Vendors from the Perspective of Flexible Governance

Xinyao Yang, Haochen Liu, Diyin Gong, Xinyu Wang
The management of mobile street vendors is currently a universal problem faced by urban management departments in China, and the anarchy in the management of mobile street vendors is caused by a host of issues that are worth attention. Given this context, with comparative analysis and a desk study, the...
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The Philosophical Implication of the Chinese Dream: The Current Construction of Social Ideals

Chaowen Bi
As an image expression of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese Dream is the goal of the Chinese nation’s struggle put forward in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Its philosophical implication is the social ideal represented by the “essence of the spirit of the...
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A Scientometric Analysis of Life Course Research Based on CiteSpace

Yin Sui, Xiaoxu Yang
Life course theory reflects individual’s life trajectory in the location of history, which afterwards becomes a research paradigm that connects the personal level and the societal level. This study aims to take a historical and social perspective to examine the change and development of life course research...
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The Discovery of Individuality in the Process of Personalization Recommendation

Yuzi Han
With the development of social media platforms and the emergence and popularity of portable and even wearable electronic products, more and more network platforms are concerned about the importance of personalization. Therefore, the focus on personalized recommendations of the network platform has realistic...
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Research on the China’s Gender Equality the Perspective of Comparative Law

Liang Shi
With the blooming of the Internet, the frequency of information exchange between people has sharply increased. However, in recent years, there have been huge public opinions on certain events frequently on many network platforms and many information contents seem to be guided to the position of gender...
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Path of Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Integration Between Industry and Education

Hao Liu, Yujie Huang, Tian Xia, Xun Mo
This paper summarizes the methods of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and analyses the shortcomings of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities. We put forward the reform measures of innovation and...
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A Brief Probe into the Indispensability of Water in Literature and Philosophy

Yunxin Xie
Throughout the ages, water has played an indispensable role in literature and philosophy. Countless written works focus on water, or use images of water as mediums of expression. “From time immemorial many fine things have been said and sung of the sea. And the days have been, when sailors were considered...
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How Does Human Evil Thrive

A Comparative Study of Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies from the Perspective of Psychoanalytic Criticism

Jinchang Peng
Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies are two seminal works of post-World War II that explore totalitarianism and human evil. While previous studies explore these themes respectively, few employ psychoanalytic criticism to analyze them together. To fill this gap and find their common concerns, this paper...
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Retain the Vitality, Retain the Future. Comprehensive Evaluation Analysis and Recommendations for Regional Economic Dynamism

Junjie Zhao, Dongqian Liu, Maofu Liu
Various factors influence the economic dynamism of a region (city or province). Shenzhen has become a first-tier city in China rapidly under the influence of the policy of special economic zones. To analyze the short-term and long-term effects of economic policy transitions on the economic dynamics of...
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Labour Income Share Effect of Reform and Opening Up

Based on OFDI, Labour Quality Perspective

Zhuang Qian
Improving the distribution system is an important objective of China’s economic development at this stage. Capturing the mechanism of the impact of reform and opening up on the labour income share from the perspective of micro enterprises is of great significance for China to achieve structural optimisation...
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Emotional Labor and Job Burnout in the Social Work Industry — A Correlation and Regression Analysis

Jing Li
Emotional labor poses significant risks to occupational well-being, particularly for highly emotive professionals such as social workers. In this study, we explored the relationships among emotional labor, work pressure, and job burnout among registered social workers in Chengdu (N = 137). Our findings...
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The Status Quo, Problems and Enlightenment of Social Media in Contemporary Social Movements

Lu Li
The role of social media in social movements and political change around the world has attracted considerable attention. This paper takes the social movements at home and abroad in recent years as cases, and from the perspective of combining sociology and communication studies, points out that social...
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Research on the Construction of Post Entrepreneurship Competency Model of Enterprise Employees

Yong Li, Xuefang Liu
The importance of post entrepreneurship to the growth and development of individuals and enterprises has become increasingly prominent. The research on the competency model of post entrepreneurship is still blank. Based on clarifying the definition of post entrepreneurship, this paper constructs a competency...
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A Study of Legal Issues in the Regulation of Senior Care Institutions in China

Yekai Shi
Population aging is an important challenge for China, and the model of institutional elderly care is an important measure for China to cope with population aging. However, there are some shortcomings in the legal regulation of senior care institutions in China, and there are shortcomings in the regulation...
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Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Psychological Resistance in TikTok Live Streaming Room

Ziheng Li
Analyze the user’s psychological resistance influence factors and mechanisms on the live broadcasting mechanism, brings revelation for short video platform precision marketing. Establishment of the live recommendation mechanism generates a mental resistance model, issue a questionnaire to conduct empirical...
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The New Production Mode of Chinese Online Literature: A Case Study on QiYingJun

Hongye Ni
The authors and readers of current online literature have undergone a generational shift, and the Z-generation is the main group of readers in the online literary community. This study observes this phenomenon through a virtual ethnography. The new model of internet culture is characterized by stronger...
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An Analysis of the Reasons for the Poor Evaluation of Huo Qubing in Records of the Historian

Yifang Chen
Huo Qubing was a famous military general of the Han Dynasty who led his soldiers to win many battles against the Xiongnu. However, he was not highly regarded in the Records of the Historian, and this study suggests that the reasons for this are mainly due to Sima Qian’s dissatisfaction with the late...
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Study on the Application of Maritime Injunction as the Function of the Anti-suit Injunction Regime

Ang Zhou
By analyzing the purpose, characteristics and connotation of the maritime injunction regime and the anti-suit injunction regime, this article is committed to establish a solid theoretical support of response to anti-suit injunctions and to provide an effective legal remedy to deal with parallel proceedings...
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The Impact and Challenge of ChatGPT on Library Work

Hong Xiao
Released in late 2022, the ChatGPT system has quickly become the focus of attention in the library industry. Trained on advanced model development, ChatGPT is capable of accurately understanding human language and generating natural and fluent text conversations, with significant advantages that could...
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Lifelong Education Service System for TCM Health Culture Established in Hubei Province

HongRong Li, Dan Chen, FeiYang Yu, Li Na
Purpose: To inherit the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to promote the national spirit, to activate the vitality of TCM health culture in the new era, to make TCM culture better serve the people and the society, to enhance the physical fitness of the people and to build a strong...
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Over-Age Migrant Workers, Where is the Road – A Study on the Current Situation of Over-Age Migrant Workers’ Pension in Sichuan Province

Jin Zeng, Xiangyu Yang, Yuhan Cheng, Yuyang Lin, Wenbo Nie
In the context of the increasingly severe aging in China, the realistic dilemma and the way out for over-aged migrant workers are explored to provide a scientific basis and reference value for the national policy formulation in the future. A total of 862 questionnaires were distributed in this research....
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Exploring the Relationship Between China’s New Rural Pension Scheme and Rural Development

Haoming Peng
Within the double context of China’s new dual-circulation development strategy and the increasing pressure of an aging population, it is vital to stimulate the enormous economic potential inherent in China’s huge rural population base and area covered by liberalizing rural areas from aging pressure....
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Research and Practice of Output-Oriented Construction Engineering Cost Course Evaluation

Caihong Zhang, Yifan Liu, Bogang Li
Curriculum evaluation is the key proof document for the achievement of curriculum objectives, reasonable design of curriculum objectives, and whether they can be effectively improved. Guided by the cultivation of high-quality engineering cost applied talents, this paper is based on the requirements of...
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Practical Study on Construction Cost Consumption Index and Low Carbon Emission Transformation Strategy

Caihong Zhang, Yifan Liu, Bogang Li
Achieving carbon peak carbon neutralization is not only the inherent requirement of China’s high-quality development, but also China’s solemn commitment to the international community. In the field of construction, procurement, manufacturing, construction and life cycle transportation and disposal account...
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Difficulties and Countermeasures of “Village-to-Housing” Community Elderly Care Services

Taking Liaocheng X Community as an Example

Zhaosheng Qian
Through the analysis of the status quo of community pension services in Liaocheng City, it is found that the community pension services are facing various difficulties: community pension service investment and resources are insufficient; community pension service content forms are single; community pension...
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An Exploratory Factor Analysis for Measuring Human Capital Development After Global Economic Recession

Shengwen Yan, Zhuoying Weng, Yujie Xie
In recent years, the fluctuation of economic growth and ever more uncertain events or emergencies have posed a serious threat to the sustainable development of human capital. This paper constructed a multi-dimensional index of human capital development (HCD) from the aspect of education, health, labour,...
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Research on the Effective Connection Between Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization Building a Qilu Model

Taking Cuijiagou in Feixian County as an Example

Siyi Wang
The report of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, accelerate...
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Difficulty in Employment of College Graduates in the Post-epidemic Era and Countermeasures

Tuhao Li
In the post-epidemic era, with the gradual liberalization of my country’s epidemic control measures and the slow recovery of the economic order, the employment situation faced by my country’s college graduates is also more complex and changeable. For example, the pressure of total employment continues...
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Analysis of Policy Changes in Response to Public Health Emergencies

Heyu Fu
Responding to public health emergencies is a long-term systematic project, which requires the state to resolve social crises in extraordinary times objectively, flexibly, effectively and maximum meet the urgent needs of the population. Based on this, this paper takes the prevention and control of COVID-19...
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Coupling Relationship Between Production Pattern Change and Ecological Degeneration in Urbanization Process: A Case Study of Mengxi Village of Hangzhou, China

Hailan Yu, Jun Wei, Huabin Shentu, Senjun Huang, Caiwei Gu, Xiaowen Pan, Shaoyi Wang
This paper investigates the ecosystem services provided by both natural and human-made ecosystems in the Mingxi Village of Hangzhou, China. By exploring the benefits of these services, the qualitative value of the ecosystem were characterized and the interdependent relationship between ecosystem structure,...
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Taking a Pre-university Gap Year is Beneficial to Student’s Professional Development

Ziyi Chen
This article focuses on the benefits of a gap year for high school students before they enter university for their future career development, including having enough time to consider job options, being more comfortable in the work environment and having more accessible access to career development. Today,...
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Systematic Evaluation of Regional Human Sustainable Development Based on Euclidean Distance: A Case Study of Shandong Province, China

Tong Wu
The evaluation theory system of human sustainable development is constructed based on Euclidean distance. The data of Shandong Province from 2012 to 2021 are selected for example verification. The range of sustainable development index (H) is [0.60,0.71], showing a gentle upward trend and a state of...
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Exploring the Development and Protection Mode of Chengkan, a Bagua Village in China Renowned as the “Hometown of National Treasures”

Hongsheng Zhu, Dongrun Zhu
In the conflict and reconciliation between traditional village culture and modern commercial civilization, Chengkan, a Bagua village in China and the “Hometown of National Treasures,” has developed a scientific and effective mode for the development and protection of ancient villages. Guided by the theory...
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Research on Online and Offline Mixed Teaching Mode Based on Rain Classroom-Taking the Course “Principles of Steel Structure Design” as an Example

Fangfei Dong
The principle of steel structure design is a professional basic course in civil engineering, which has the characteristics of complicated knowledge, many calculations, strong practicality and so on. Under the traditional teaching mode, there are less class hours and more content, the important and difficult...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Evaluation Index System for Mental Health Education Courses in Colleges and Universities

Yingnan Liang
From the aspects of teaching design, teaching organization, teaching effectiveness, teaching management, teaching results, etc., through the Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process, determine the weight of indicators, and build a scientific, complete, and standardized evaluation index system for...
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Intrusion Detection Model Based on Weighted Extreme Learning Machine

Chen Chen, Gang Wei, Fan Qiang, Dejiang Wan, Guangyu Chen
An intrusion detection model based on weighted extreme learning machine (WELM) is proposed. By using the advantages of short training time and good generalization performance of WELM, the imbalance phenomenon in NSL-KDD intrusion detection dataset is increased, and the detection rate of rare attacks...
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Fit or Mismatch: A Study on the Supply of Elderly Care Services in Demolition and Resettlement Communities–Based on the Investigation of the P Resettlement Community in Licheng District, Jinan City

Chengxin Zhang
The process of urbanization must be accompanied by large-scale rural land expropriation and demolition. The number of demolished and resettled farmers is increasing day by day. Their pension issues have become the focus of existing research. It is also important to meet the needs of demolished and resettled...
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Foreign Research on Campus Bullying and Its Enlightenment

Haoran Sun
The current high incidence, high coverage and high social harm of school bullying make it a social problem that cannot be ignored and needs to be solved urgently, and it has a trend of globalization. Countries with experience in school bullying governance, such as the United Kingdom and the United States,...
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The Production Code and Impact on the Film Industry

Xinyu Song
The goal in this paper is to demonstrate that had the relevant authorities delayed affecting the production code by a few more years, the planned boycotts by the Catholic Legion of Decency, some sections of Protestant fraternity and women’s groups against films deemed immoral would have sunk the entire...
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The Mediation Role of Social Trust in the Relationship Between Online Media Use and Social Participation: An Analysis Based on the WVS2018 Data

Yili Lin
The increasing use of online media is transforming the world, and social participation is no exception. Therefore, it is essential to explore how online media affect social participation through which paths. This study uses the structural equation modeling method to investigate the mediation role of...
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The Effect of Urban and Rural Origin on Young People’s Fertility Intention: A Multi-chain Mediation Effect Mode

Xiaowu Chen, Xinyi Chen, Yanfei Xie
In recent years, the fertility rate of China’s population has continued to decline, which will cause security risks for national and social development, Urban and rural background is a significant factor affecting the fertility willingness of young people. Therefore, based on the Chinese General Social...
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Study on the Impact of Major Public Health Emergencies on Chinese Tourism Industry

Ling Xu, Mengyao Xing
Because of its own nature, the tourism industry is less resistant to risk, highly sensitive to major public health emergencies. Based on the theoretical framework of tourism background trend line model and the data of Chinese tourists from 2000 to 2022, taking the SARS, H1N1, H7N9 and COVID-19 in the...
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A Study on the Current Situation of Health Anxiety Among Middle-Aged and Elderly People After Full Liberalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Intervention

Xiaoxue Zhang
After the release of the “New Ten Articles”, the epidemic prevention and control policies in many places are being optimized and gradually liberalized. Everyone has become the first person in charge of his or her own health, and with it comes various anxieties and anxieties about future health problems....
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Research on the Emotional Management of the Relocation Communities in the Yellow River Beach Area—Based on the Field Research of Xiaoxing Home in Jinan City

Kaige Yang
The 20 emphasizes the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin, and it is of great significance to improve the life of the Yellow River residents in the beach area and improve the community governance in the beach area. Emotional governance as a new way of grassroots...
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Practical Exploration of the “Trinity” Course of Material Mechanics in Civil Engineering Major

Xiaohua Liu, Junxing Zheng, Xiaosa Yuan
The mechanics of materials is one of the three major mechanics of civil engineering, which plays a supporting role in the cultivation of applied talents. This paper combined with the content of material mechanics, mining ideological elements, put forward the pursuit of science and patriotism, philosophy...
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Dictogloss - Teaching Integrated Chinese Listening in Cooperative Interaction

Yi Zeng, Zhanbo Wang, Tongyong Yang
The lack of cooperation and interaction between teachers and students and the low level of learning engagement in Chinese listening classrooms for international students is a predicament faced by most universities teaching Chinese. Dictogloss, as an excellent teaching model widely used in teaching English...
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The Innovative Inheritance and Development of Guqin Art in the New Media Perspective

Yutong Zhang, Yixi Zou, Yutong Chen, Dan Zhang
The Chinese guqin has been listed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, and has since been awarded seven national non-heritage achievements, making it a typical representative of Chinese folk music art. However, after a thousand years of development, the art of guqin...
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The Centennial Course and Artistic Innovation of Tangshan Industrial Heritage

A Case Study of Kailuan National Mine Park

Yuzhen Wei
This paper analyzes the history of industrial heritage and the present situation of artistic innovation, and takes Kailuan National Mine as an example to explain in detail, so as to provide systematic cognition for scholars in the field of industrial heritage, and provide directions for the follow-up...
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An Examination of the Professional Development of English Teachers in Chinese Universities from the Perspective of Professional Learning Community

Gaoru Cheng
In recent years, the research on Professional Learning Community and teachers’ professional development has become a frontier topic at home and abroad. The purpose of this paper is that clarify the impact of Professional Learning Community on the professional development of university English teachers...
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Sociological Analysis of Male Appearance Anxiety

Pengxu Xi
The so-called appearance anxiety refers to the fact that many people lack confidence in their appearance in an environment with great appearance. Generally speaking, appearance anxiety refers to the phenomenon that people feel unconfident about their appearance and think they are not good-looking, so...
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The Variance Analysis of Future Social Class Status of Vocational High School Students and General High School Students Under the Background of “Vocational and General” Education Diversion

Jiajun Luo
Education, as an important means to realize class crossing in today’s society, undertakes the important task of realizing social progress. In our whole education system, secondary education plays a very important role as the link between compulsory education and higher education stages. Adjusting the...
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On the Rights Protection of Enterprise Data Under the Background of Big Data

Zhenjian Chen
The endogenous business value of enterprise data is increasing in the background of big data. However, the current legal system of our country exists a path dilemma to corporate data protection, and the behavior of violating corporate data rights is difficult to be effectively restrained. Based on the...
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The Impact of Parent-Child Interaction on the Mental Health of College Students

Xiuman Li
The latest survey shows that 54.4% of college students nationwide drop out due to mental illness. 28% of college students have varying degrees of psychological problems, among which nearly 10% have moderate or higher levels of psychological problems. College students are the future of our country, and...
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Teaching Design and Practice of Non-professional Ability Cultivation

Chunhong Zhu, Jiantong Song, Meili Sui, Yiwei Fu
According to the needs of society and students’ future development, we must attach importance to the cultivation of students’ non-professional abilities. There are many ways to cultivate non-professional ability. This paper takes the cultivation of communication ability as an example to introduce the...
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The Buddhist Implications in Su Shi’s Poems

Qiqi Wang
Su Shi composed many remarkable poems and lyrics throughout his life. Buddhism, a major theme of his poetry, had a profound influence on his life and poetry. This article discusses the research treatise on Su Shi and Buddhism on four levels: Su Shi’s karmic relationship with Buddhism, the Buddhist implications,...
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An Analysis of the Causes of Verbal Humor in American Sitcom from the Perspective of Pragmatics—Take The Big Bang Theory as an Example

Yixuan Liu
Sitcom has been a popular comedy show across the world. Funny can be the biggest reason for its popularity. So how can the conversations in sitcom be so humorous? The paper makes a pragmatic analysis of the verbal humor in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory (Season 1). Pragmatics focuses on the relationship...
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Research on the Value of National Defense Education Infiltrated by Physical Education in Colleges and Universities—Shooting as an Example

Kai Qin, Yong Xiao
“Under the background of “building morals and educating people”, teaching education in colleges and universities has been given a new connotation. Colleges and their teachers not only need to play the role of “preaching and teaching”, but also need to cultivate students’ humanities and moral character...
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The Influence of Site Investigation by Institutional Investors on Family Business Tax Avoidance

Jianwu Fang, Yange Zhu
Family businesses, as the main body of the private economy, have played an essential role in promoting the development of China’s economy. Because the income tax expenditure is directly involved in the wealth distribution, the tax avoidance by the family business is common in the world. Scholars have...
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Exploring the Development Trend of Packaging Design in the New Era

Jia Zhao
Along with the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of people’s standard of living, consumers’ requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and the first-glance aesthetic is more “demanding”. Supermarket shelves with a wide range of goods, and these goods to attract consumers’...
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Research on the Application of New Media Video Installation Art in Display Design

Qianyu Liu
In modern times, new media video devices are used in large numbers in display design, which better reflect the “interactivity” and “conductivity” of images and people, and make the content of images more plentiful and complete. With the evolution of time and the diversification of new media, image devices...
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An Analysis of Community Elderly Service Centres in the Context of Population Ageing—An Example of Community T in Guangrao County, Shandong Province

Yifan Zhao
In the context of the new era, the problem of an ageing population has become particularly prominent with the development of the economy and the progress of science. How to establish a relatively perfect family and community-based elderly service mechanism so that it can function as an elderly service...
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Influencing Factors of Self-presentation in WeChat Moments on Youth’s Anxiety

A Grounded Research from the Perspective of Social Comparison

Yuwei Ding
The influencing process and mechanism of self-presentation on social platforms on anxiety are still unknown. In this study, based on the social comparison theory and grounded theory, 15 young people were interviewed, and the influencing factors of self-presentation in Wechat moments on young people’s...
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How Does Farmers’ Dependence on Farmland Function Impact Land Transfer? Analysis from the Perspective of Intergenerational Differences

Yaling Xie
Based on the perspective of intergenerational differences, this article uses the Oprobit model to explore the degree of farmers’ dependence on land function in traditional agricultural areas of Sichuan, and analyzes the impact of farmers’ dependence on land function in different generations on their...
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Analysis of the Impact of Different Media on Audience Perception and Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Beichen Zhao
The COVID-19 epidemic is the largest human public crisis event after the outbreak of SARS, and it is also a significant information dissemination event in which the media has demonstrated enormous influence. This study is based on a survey questionnaire distributed to the public who have experienced...
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Research on Personal Life Data Interface Design Based on Timeline Narrative

Lianxian Qin, Zhifeng Mao
This paper discusses how to integrate data visualization into narrative stories in a limited interface of personal life data, and studies the method and significance of integrating timeline narrative into information visualization design. Based on the literature method, this paper analyzes the relevant...
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A Comparative Study of Translation in Japanese-Chinese Translation of Snow Country from the Perspective of Literary Translation Strategies

Take the First Chapter of Ye Weiqu’s and Gao Huiqin’s Chinese Versions as an Example

Zou Ying
Snow Country, a masterpiece of the Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata, portrays the snow country as a beautiful, unreal world. This novel has been widely spread in East Asia and translated into several versions in China. Among them, the versions translated by Ye Weiqu and Gao Huiqin are famous in China....
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Exploring Tourism Image of Cultural Heritage Destination Through Travel Photos: A Case Study of Yangzhou City

Jiaxue Liu, Siyi Zhang, Jie Hu, Huiting Yang
Analysis of the content of travel photos shared on social media provided an effective way to explore the image of tourist destinations. In this study, 6 major categories and 21 sub-categories landscape of Yangzhou, a famous canal heritage city in China, were identified as typical image elements. A sample...
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An Analysis of Freud’s View of War

Dai Cui
Freud, as an expert in psychoanalysis, is well known to people and has put forward many theories and methods of psychotherapy that have been highly respected by later generations. Due to the influence of the social environment in which he lived, Freud came into contact with a large number of war neurotics...
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A Study of the Differences in Disaster Reporting Between China and the United States- the People’s Daily and the New York Times as Examples

Shi Wu
Disasters are so closely linked to human life that there is no guarantee of avoiding them, regardless of the country in which they occur. After the 21st century, disaster reports have come into the limelight more frequently. When society is facing a crisis and human survival is challenged, the media...
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More Trust in Automated Decision-Making Algorithm

A Similar Approach as Judicial Decisions

Yunjie Liang
Due to technical difficulties and trade secrets, the automated decision algorithm can never achieve complete transparency and credibility. This issue of transparency and trust can only be improved, not entirely resolved. People’s trust in the automated decision process mainly comes from the understanding...
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Research on Teaching Mode Reform of Fluid Mechanics Under the Consideration of Engineering Education Certification

Meng Zhao, Xingbo Lan, Zile Jia, Hao Sun
Student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement education is the fundamental idea of engineering professional certification. Those philosophy should be thoroughly applied throughout the whole training program, the establishment of training objectives, curriculum system, graduation requirements,...
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Reform and Practice of Building Equipment Automation Course in the Context of New Engineering Disciplines

Zile Jia, Hao Sun, Meng Zhao, Xinbo Lan
In the context of the new engineering, talent cultivation should be oriented towards the needs of the new era, and the future transformation of education system. It is important to emphasize research and exploration in new industrial disciplines, and systematically reform the traditional engineering...
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Research on the Teaching Mode Reform of Energy and Power Engineering Basic Courses for Postgraduates

Xiaoying Liu, Buying Hou, Meng Zhao, Zile Jia, Hao Sun
With the purpose of cultivating senior professional talents who could be well prepared to international cooperation, it is necessary to profoundly reform the teaching mode of postgraduate education in higher education institutions. Taking the energy and power engineering basic course of postgraduates...
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The Hotspot and Evolution Trend of Talent Policy Research in China

Based on the Perspective of Bibliometrics

Zhenlin Han, Jinying Wang
Based on the 3120 documents collected by CNKI Database from 2000 to 2022, with the help of the CiteSpace knowledge map analysis software, from the aspects of the annual number, institutions, authors, research hotspots, and current words, the research literature of Chinese talent policy research documents...
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A Study of Piano Performance in the Context of Reception Aesthetics

Hengyu Lu
Reception Aesthetics arose in the mid of 1960s and its main idea in literature is that the reader, through reading, gives life to the work in the process and realizes the value of the work in reading. That is, the reader begins to play an active individual role from the moment of encounters a literary...
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A Contemporary and Comparative Study of English and Chinese Palindromic Structure

Siqi Yi
Palindromes have a long history as a rhetorical device and word game in various cultures. This paper analyzes the popularity, development trends, and significance of contemporary palindromes in English and Chinese contexts, especially in the Internet era. The paper compares the formation mechanisms and...
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The Influence of Geographical Factors on the Frontier Poetry in the Silk Road

Yushi Feng, Wangyang Kang, Jingbo Liao
Every major geographical discovery has a significant impact on world history and culture. The opening of the Silk Road provided a new path for the dissemination of Chinese civilization and culture, and also influenced the creation of Tang poetry as a cultural resource. Readers can trace the cultural...
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A Study on the Demand for Commercial Insurance for an Aging Population

Jianing Hu, Binghao Feng, Jiayu Fang, Houchen Bai
Along with the aging of China’s population, China’s pension insurance system is facing a series of new problems and challenges in the process of development and reform. Up to now, urban workers’ pension insurance has been initially established in China, and urban residents’ pension insurance and new...
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Perceptive Construction-How the Body Cognition Shapes the Construction of Intelligent Creative Offices

Congrong Wang, Hua Zhang
Based on the cognitive behavior theory, this study introduces the construction of intelligent creative spaces and facilitates space context of workplaces by exploring the sensory perception from the perspective of the body cognition. By analyzing the body cognition process from Phenomenology of Body...
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Research on the Reform and Development Path of College Physical Education from the Perspective of Informatization

Li Jiang
Education informatization is the basic way to realize the modernization of education, and physical education informatization is the most difficult of the school education informatization. How to realize the practical rather than theoretical physical education informatization education is a big problem...
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Exploration and Practice of Bilingual Curriculum for Chinese Foreign Cooperation in Higher Education

Junbo Zhao
Through research and analysis of foreign-designed courses, The author propose a new teaching model, integrate different educational concepts and teaching methods from domestic and foreign universities into bilingual curriculum, and form a reasonably teaching process from China-designed courses to bilingual...
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A Study on the Innovation and Impact of New Media Technology on English Education and Teaching in Universities

Jieqiong Wang
In today’s society with the continuous development of media technology, universities are making more and more demands on education and teaching in order to adapt to the new media era of the 21st century. With the development and application of new media technology, new media are gradually promoted and...
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The Spectrum of the Anthropocene Debate: From the Natural Sciences to the Humanities

Lingxiao Zhang
The objective of this article is to investigate the meaning of the Anthropocene by scrutinizing its origins, definitions, and implications in both natural sciences and humanities. The scientific community predominantly approaches the Anthropocene from the viewpoints of geology and environmental science...
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Characteristic Analysis of Emergency Collaboration Network for Public Crisis Events

Based on the Whole Network Data Analysis of the “7 · 20” Heavy Rain in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Wenqi Zhang, Qinyu Zheng
Taking the “July 20” rainstorm event in Zhengzhou, Henan Province as an example, this paper uses the social network analysis method to quantitatively analyze the emergency cooperation network in public crisis events from the perspectives of network density, point degree centrality, middle centrality,...
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An Analysis of the Innovative Path of Chinese Animation’s Popularity from the Perspective of Cultural Construction—Taking Yao-Chinese Folktales as an Example

Yi Liang
Taking Yao-Chinese Folktales as the example, this paper discusses how Chinese animation succeeds in domestic and foreign markets in terms of cultural construction, and analyzes the innovation path and success factors of its great hit from three aspects: content deconstruction, form breaking and emotional...
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Research on the Market Situation of Fruit Wine in Weifang and the Factors Influencing Consumers

Shuhan Liu, Leyang Li, Bingyi Yang, Hangxuan Wang
In recent years, the market for low-grade fruit wine has grown rapidly and has a large development potential. This study takes the fruit wine market in Weifang City as an example and conducts a differential analysis of the current situation of the fruit wine consumption market and consumer satisfaction....
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The Study on the Protection and Regeneration of Quadrangle Courtyards in Beijing Old City

Lin Wei
Quadrangle courtyards are the basic architectural form of living in Beijing for generations. Quadrangle courtyards play an important role in the urban form and spatial organization of Beijing. At present, the protection of quadrangle courtyards faces many problems, such as complicated property rights,...
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Discussion on Response Mechanism of Genetically Modified Food Safety Incidents Based on OLS and PSM Methods

Zixuan Cai
The issue of GM food safety not only involves the daily dietary needs of people, but also affects the national food security and the development ability of the national economic level. The lack of corresponding measures to deal with GM food safety incidents in China will lead to the existing contradictory...
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The Status and Issues of Science and Technology Communication Under Multimodal Discourse

Yinuo Wang
In the era of smart media, video has become the mainstream mode of technology communication. Science and technology communication is the process of transmitting scientific and technological knowledge between different communicators and spreading it to society. Although technology knowledge disseminated...
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Challenges and Solutions of Rural Traditional Culture Transmission: A Field Investigation Study

Li Ding, Hongfei Hu
China is recognized worldwide for its rich traditional culture. Its 5,000 years of civilization history played a strong role in shaping people’s thoughts and behaviors and has bequeathed to posterity a wealth of spiritual and cultural treasures. Due to its stable cultural environment, due to its relatively...
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Promote the Integration of a Livable Environment for the Elderly into the Renovation Process of Old Communities

Xiaojie Liu
With the proportion of the elderly population exceeding 30 percent by 2035, Beijing, as an international metropolis, should lead the way in building a global age-friendly city. It is recommended that, building on the foundation of the barrier-free construction after the Winter Olympics, the government...
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On the Feminism of Ichiyo Higuchi in Jyusanya

Yiming Wei
Ichiyo Higuchi enjoys a variety of reputations such as Meiji Zishibu and the last woman of ancient Japan. Most of the descriptions are sad and woebegone female stories. This paper focuses on the typical female experience in the book. Through their fate or encounter, this paper analyzes the problems of...
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Evaluation of the College English Curriculum of China

Hengxi Wang, Jing Xu
This essay investigates the applicability and effectiveness of Hedge's evaluation procedures in assessing China's College English Curriculum. The paper is divided into four primary sections. First, an overview of the College English Curriculum and its teaching context is provided to establish...
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Construction and Management of Emergency Shelter from the Perspective of Modernization—Taking Shenzhen as an Example

Jingjing Huang, Bo Zhang, Shufeng Xi
Emergency shelters are used to protect the public from typhoons, torrential rains, floods, earthquakes, epidemics and other major emergencies. As an important part of disaster prevention, reduction and relief work, the construction and management of emergency shelter places put forward higher requirements...
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Developing Assessing Rubrics for Authentic Assessment Tasks in EFL Courses

Jingbo Hu, Phaik Gaik Lee, Madhubala Bava Harji
This paper introduces the concept, history, and implementation background of authentic assessment, reviews the underpinning theories, related literature, and research, and proposes the considerations for EFL teachers when they are implementing authentic assessment and designing authentic assessment rubrics...
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Research on Financial Management Problems and Countermeasures Based on Financial Statement Analysis

–Taking M Company as an Example

Jingyu Li
With the guidance of the new policy, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises are facing development opportunities and challenges. In the next 5–10 years, pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises will enter a new era. This paper takes the financial statements of M company as the research and analysis...
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Research on the Preschool Children’s Audiovisual Programming in China: Current Status, Problems and Development Strategies

Xiangyue Yun, Qian Li, Tingjun Li
Preschool children aged 3–5 interact with audiovisual programs due to their unique cognitive traits. At present, there are many problems in the production of audio-visual programs for preschool children in China: the content of the programs is “overage”, the quantity is relatively small, and the form...