Proceedings of the 2023 9th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2023)

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A Scientometric Analysis of Education 4.0 and Massive Open Online Courses in Citespace

Jiyun Chen
In the era of globalization, education is available without the time and location limits. Massive Open Online Courses, one of the most popular forms of education, have been introduced for a decade. Utilizing CiteSpace, this research investigated the intellectual base and milestones in the era of Education...
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A Study on the Evaluation Method of Blended Learning Classroom Teaching of College English Based on OBE Concept in the Era of Educational Informatization

Qinsi Liao, Nan Li
The new round of assessment and evaluation by the Ministry of Education requires classroom teaching to be student-centered and teacher-led, and to evaluate teaching based on the OBE (outcome-based education) concept. The quality of college classroom teaching is the foundation of achieving course objectives...
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Innovative Research on Kintsukuroi Craft in Modern Jewelry Design

Wenjun Yan
As a restoration technique, the Kintsukuroi craft technique not only has the function of restoring artifacts, but also serves as a secondary creation with both artistic qualities. As a derivative technique of traditional lacquer art, it contains unique Eastern aesthetics and cultural connotations. The...
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The Poaching and Rebirth of Childhood Memories Under the New Media Platform-Taking the Presentation of “Boonie Bears” in the New Media as an Example

Lei Su
The significance of childhood animation in new media has been amplified through user adaptation and reconstruction. On the one hand, this paper uses the concept of “text poacher” by Henry Jenkins to analyze the background and significance of the reconstruction of the original text by fans of “Boonie...
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Academic Influence Analysis of Highly Cited Paper on Research on “Female Images in Yuan Dynasty Miscellaneous Drama” Based on Citespace

Ziqi Mao
Based on Citespace and literature measurement software and using visual analysis technology, this paper takes the literature on the research field of female images in Yuan Dynasty Miscellaneous Drama in CNKI journals from 1994 to 2023 as the research object. This paper focuses on the authors, institutions,...
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Research on the Mechanism of Government Support for Sci-Tech Finance from the Perspective of Resource Allocation—A Case Study of Guangdong Province

Dawei Li, Yifan Wang, Ying Pan
The development of sci-tech finance is inseparable from government support. The government may play a more critical role than the market, especially in the initial stage. This paper first reviews the research literature related to sci-tech finance and resource allocation during the transformation of...
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New Findings from Alxa Khoshut Mongolian Archives

An Introduction and Documentary Analysis Framework

The subordination process of Alxa Khoshut Mongolia to the Qing dynasty is really very difficult and complicated. There are 16 copies of the relevant archives in the Study of 100 Valuable and Rare Mongolian Archives Arrangement of the Qing Dynasty, among which 13 copies are the most up-to-date, direct,...
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Queer Vulnerability in the Digital Age: The Mental Health Consequences of Cybersecurity Breaches and Internet Fraud

JiaHao Shi
In this study, gay men who utilise social dating apps are examined for the effects of cybercrime victimisation on their mental health. Recorded interviews and guided in their natural state open discussion was used to gather qualitative data, and themes and patterns in the interviews were found through...
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Research on Cross-Cultural Communication Marketing of International Brands – Take Pepsi’s “Bring the Fun Home” Microfilm Commercial Series as an Example

Zhihao Liu, Mingxuan Du, Wenrui Liang, Shihua Lai
The communication strategies developed by an international brand in different cultural contexts determine its survival and development in a foreign cultural environment. Among them, advertising, as one of the ways of communication between brands and consumers, largely influences the acceptance and reputation...
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An Exploration of EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy and Its Enhancement

Ying Liu
This paper is an attempt to analyze the assessment literacy of EFL teachers by means of data analysis to illustrate the current assessment patterns of EFL courses at a university in China. Semi-structured interviews were used as the research instrument for this study. Qualitative data were collected...
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A Glimpse of I Ching Through the Classic on Tea - Chapter Four Vessels

Jiangyan Wang
Chinese civilization began from the pre-Qin period, and the “Axial Age” was a time when the cultural essence was laid down in a vast array of texts, of which I Ching (the Book of Changes) is the first. As the first tea monograph in the world, the Classic on Tea has regulated the order of tea for thousands...
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The Influence of the Social Media-Why Has Social Media Become so Popular and the Risk It Brings

Yunyan Zhang
This paper insights into why social media is so popular these days. At the same time, it also illustrates the disadvantages brought by social media in such an environment. People use social media in many ways and there are many different kinds of social media software available today. This article will...
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Trends, Characteristics, and Causes of Outward Migration in Italy: From Late 19th Century to Present

Lingqi Yang
Beginning in the late 19th century, the industrialization of Britain, the United States, and France brought a large number of jobs to the world, while Italy was facing a domestic economic recession, and Italians came to the United States in search of employment with a wave of immigrants. Since the Mediterranean...
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Social Media Change Our Life

Xingzhi Wang
With the development of technology and social media constantly improving, it influenced our life. Also, now it attracts more and more people to use the and now it become a social currency for people. “YouTube and Facebook always dominate the online landscape but the using of YouTube in the majority,...
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Research on the Influence of Intellectual Capital on Science and Technology Innovation Willingness of University Science and Engineering Teachers

Yulai Zhou
Science and technology are the first productive force, and the contribution of university teachers is indispensable for promoting the construction of a strong science and technology nation. The enhancement of the willingness of university teachers to innovate in science and technology is increasingly...
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The Application and Prevention of School Bullying in China's Criminal Law System

Based on the Insights of School Bullying in the United States

Wang Yao
Minors are in a special period of rapid physiological and psychological changes, and they are still immature in their psychological development, impulsive and herd-like. Under such circumstances, they can easily become perpetrators, participants, or victims of school bullying when they participate in...
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Analysis of the Development Status of Changshu Guqin

Xiangyao Li, Jinjing Qu, Jinping Liu, Xun Zhu, Nan Chen, Xiaolong Wang, Weixia Gao
Changshu, also known as Qinchuan, has been a performance exhibition and research center of the Chinese guqin since the Tang and Song dynasties. As the hometown of the Guqin, the history of guqin can date back to the mid to late Ming Dynasty. Nowadays, Changshu has excellent guqin makers and inchoate...
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A Brief Analysis of Continuing Education Teaching Method Selection of Primary and Secondary School Teachers Based on Non-intellectual Factors

Zhang Chun Mei, Huang Li, Zhang Xue Mei
This article is mainly through the analysis of the primary and secondary school teachers of non-intellectual factors, and then involved in the primary and secondary school teachers continuing education teaching method selection of its influence. Therefore, it is pointed out that the trainers should fully...
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Absorption or Rejection: A Bibliometric Study of Internet-Enabled Development of Intellectual Property (2001–2022)

Ziqian He
Background: China has entered an era of Internet enabling, which makes intellectual property in the Internet context attract increasing attention. Methodology: based on 400 core pieces of literation on internet intellectual property on the CNKI Database between 2001 and 2022, this paper uses CiteSpace...
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Exploring the Continuance Intention of Young Chinese Females to Use Social Media: The Case of Xiaohongshu

Yonglin Dai, Wenrui Liang, Wenjun Xv, Yanyue Wu, Yimin Wang
Chinese netizens’ social media demand is continuously rising, with young users receiving increased attention from social media companies and researchers. However, few studies have conducted in-depth research concentrated on the demand intentions of young Chinese women. Xiaohongshu is a representative...
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Financial Risk Analysis on Its Impact on Regional Economic Growth in China

Jianhua Wen, Jiangying Wu, ling Hong, Huijie Zhou
In the new economic normal, China is facing the challenge of economic transformation. One of the main focuses in current economic work is the prevention and control of systemic financial risks that may arise during this process. This study collected panel data from 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous...
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Study on the Impact of Financial Development on the Quality of Regional Innovation in China

Jianhua Wen, Ling Hong, Jiangying Wu, Yunan Wu
Based on panel data from 30 provinces in China from 2001 to 2018, this article empirically studies the impact of financial development on the quality of innovation in Chinese provinces from three aspects: scale, efficiency, and structure, using a fixed effects model. The scale of financial development...
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Studying on the Path of the Deep Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and the Education of Wealth Management

Zhongcai Li, Lihong Li
Taking the Shandong Institute of Business and Technology as an example, this paper expounds the necessity and urgency of the deep integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and wealth management education, and analyzes the current situation and existing problems of the integration. The...
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A Study on the Willingness of Rural Migrant Workers Start Their Businesses in Hometowns - Based on Survey from Northern Anhui

Xin Wang
“Agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” have always been a focus of attention in China. Prioritizing the development of rural areas and agriculture, and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization is the primary task of China’s current development. This article explores the factors affecting the willingness...
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Culture, Historical Memory, Symbol, and Spatial Network: The Political Logic of the Chinese Nation Community Construction

Qiming Xiao
In recent years, culture, historical memory, symbol, and spatial network have gradually become the focus of ethnological studies in China. More and more Chinese scholars try to explore people's emotions, pursuits and values in the spatial network formed between people and land from the perspectives...
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Do Chinese Women Face Subtle Discrimination in Job Hiring?

Youchang Wu
Gender discrimination have long been the problem that exists in the entire world, including China. However, as more and more people are focusing on the general gender discrimination, the group recognize an extension of such discrimination – pregnancy discrimination in job hiring (the discrimination that...
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Memory in the Age of Diverse Media

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Narratives and Material Forms

Yingyi Han
This article explores the various narrative and material forms of media memory, focusing on oral and textual traditions, history, literature, imagery, and architecture. The transition from oral to textual narration leads to variation and fragmentation in memories, with textual mediums transforming memory...
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Literature in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

A Preliminary Study on the Big Language Model AI

Yan Hu
This thesis explores the impact of large language model AI, such as GPT-4, on literary creation, examining the potential for new genres and styles while addressing concerns about authorship, originality, and bias. As AI-generated literature gains prominence, questions surrounding copyright and intellectual...
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Research on the Construction of General English Course from the Perspective of “Curriculum Ideology and Politics”

Nannan Ju, Xiaojie Li
College English courses are an important component of higher education, and exploring the ideological and political practice and research of General English course is conducive to better playing the ideological and political role of this course. This article analyzes the goals and innovative points of...
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Tripartite Evolutionary Game Model of Financialization Governance: Based on Equity Pledge

Shuhan Hu, Lina Liu
In order to deal with the problem of excessive allocation of financial assets after equity pledge of controlling shareholders, this paper constructs a tripartite evolutionary game model of financial regulatory authorities, controlling shareholders and non-controlling major shareholders. The evolutionary...
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The Application of Psychodrama in Students’ Mental Health Education

Yanli Chen, Hui Wang, Jingwen Li, Shiyu Yi
School psychodrama refers to a set of effective psychological teaching approaches based on the principles and methods of psychodrama, which utilizes technology to solve students’ psychological problems. It breaks through the traditional form of school psychology teaching, instead using popular, vivid,...
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The Semantic Structure and Cultural Embodiment of Internet Memes: A Comparative Analysis Based on Memes Scenarios

Zhaoqi Wang
In the era of social media, China’s ecosystem of memes on social platforms presents a tendency of personalization, that is to say, it is centered on users’ personal preferences and tastes. It seems that the differentiation and influences of various applications on users’ using memes have been weakened....
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Research on the Law Application of Retirees’ Re-employment

Zhide Zhou, Huaijie Liu
The reemployment of retirees is a special form of employment in the labor market, which is accompanied by economic development, the prolongation of population life and the increasing degree of aging. The current labor law of our country has many defects in the legislation related to the reemployment...
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Analysis on the Standard of Deep Link Behavior Infringement

Zhide Zhou, Xinyang Li
The problem of works deep link is the question which has no answer for a long time in our country. Opinions on the standard selection theory field and practice field of “providing behavior” vary widely, which involves both the technical fact and legal understanding and positioning. Therefore, on the...
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Research and Analysis on the Optimization of Collaborative Government Governance Based on the Construction Context of Digital Government

Yulin Liu
The construction of digital government is not only the development of productivity represented by science and technology, nor is it only the technology of governance by means of digitisation, but at a deeper level it is a new concept of modernising the national governance system and governance capacity...
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Research on Legal Issues of Cross Border Flow of Financial Data from the Perspective of Economic Globalization

Tielan Hu
In the current context of global economic integration, financial institutions need to transmit a large amount of financial data globally to support their normal business operations. These data are crucial for management decisions, such as fund flows, product pricing, and marketing, all of which rely...
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Research on Dredging and Dewatering Integration Dredger of Inland Main Waterways in Jiangsu Province

Feng Jin, Jixin Chen, Deyu Wu, Hui Yang
According to the requirements of environmental protection dredging and the characteristics of inland waterways in Jiangsu Province, the scheme design of a dredging and dewatering integration dredger for inland main waterways is studied. The development trend of the existing dewatering dredger is analyzed,...
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An Innovative Strategy for Scientific Popularization of Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Among Adolescents: A Volunteer Advocacy Program

Qianling Hou, Hong Liu
Scientific popularization of tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment among adolescents is of utmost significance in fighting the battle against TB in China. To obtain initial progress in adolescent TB control, it is pressing to implement corresponding scientific popularization work for the specific...
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Competitiveness Analysis of Arctic LNG Channel Based on Factor Analysis Method

Huimin Hu
In recent years, the opening of Arctic shipping routes and their close integration with Arctic resources have made Arctic shipping routes a new factor affecting the global economy and changes in energy trade patterns. As a new channel for China’s LNG international transportation, the Arctic shipping...
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Research on Optimization of Community Grid Management Path from the Perspective of Collaborative Governance

Take D Town of Dongying City as an Example

Haoxue Tian
With the improvement of social and economic level and the development of urbanization, the function of the community has been continuously improved, and the community has become the last kilometer for the government to contact the masses. At present, China has formed a grid management community model...
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A Review of Early Experiences of a Psychopath

Muen Xiao, Xiaoyu Wang, Yunzhu Ai, Huiting Zhang
Psychotic patients are people with abnormal mental activities who suffer from brain dysfunction caused by various external harmful factors. It is manifested in multiple degrees of obstacles in perception, thinking, attention, memory, emotion, behavior, willpower, and consciousness. People with mental...