Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening (ICHSU 2022)

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Yisheng Zhang, Mingtu Ma
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Study on Strengthening Mechanism and Application Performance of the High Toughness 2 GPa Hot Forming Steel

B. Chen, Z. W. Liang, S. C. Yin, L. P. Liu, J. G. Zhang, C. Y. Zhai, T. Liu
The high toughness 2 GPa hot forming steel of Tangsteel achieved the strength of 2 GPa after hot stamping through the composite strengthening mechanism of composition design, martensitic strengthening, fine grain strengthening and precipitation strengthening. The carbon content in martensite was reduced...
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Study on Austenitizing Process in Hot Stamping of 2000 MPa Grade Ultra-High Strength Steel

S. Liu, Y. Feng, H. Q. Chen, X. Che, M. Cao, F. Yang
With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the increasing requirement of the environmental protection, ultra-high strength hot stamping steel is widely used in body parts of the car. In this paper, the precipitation changes of the second phase particles and CCT curves of 2000 MPa ultra-high...
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Properties and Application of 2000 MPa Grade Hot Stamping Steel

D. Zhang, J. L. Li, Y. Liu, Y. Li, Y. L. Qi, P. Tao
In this paper, 2000 MPa hot stamping steel with Al-Si coating is studied in terms of material properties and process properties of steel plates, mechanical properties, process properties, ultimate sharp bending properties and hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility. And through the lightweight design and...
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Effect of Vanadium on Austenite Grain Refinement and Martensite Structure

T. Jing, Y. T. Ning, H. L. Liu, B. Yang, Y. Chen
The original austenite and quenched martensite structures of press hot steel with vanadium have been investigated by means of optical microscope and scanning electron microscope. The results show that V exists in the form of dispersed nanoscale VC or (V, Ti) C complex carbide in austenite, which has...
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Influence of Annealing Temperatures on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 22MnB5 Hot Stamping Steel

B. Yang, H. L. Liu, T. Jing, Y. Chen
In this paper, the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of 22MnB5 hot stamping steel at different annealing temperatures was studied by optical microscope, scanning electron microscope and universal tensile test machine. The results showed that the tensile strength and yield...
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Factors Affecting Intrusion Resistance of Hot Stamping Steel

J. T. Liang, B. L. Xiao, K. Liu, X. L. Li, H. Y. Wang, S. C. Li, S. X. Zhou, W. G. Liu, B. Lv, S. D. Wei, W. Y. Ma, Z. H. Tian, H. W. Xu, M. Yu
In this paper, we studied the effect of decarburization layer thickness and carbon content on the ultimate cold bending angle of the hot stamping steels. The ultimate cold bending angle of hot stamping steel with 0.23 (wt. pct) carbon content and 0.35 (wt. pct) carbon content is compared. With the increase...
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Effects of Different Baking Temperature on Three-Point Bending Properties of 1800 MPa Al-Si Coating Hot Stamping Steel

B. M. Zhang, D. C. Xu, H. F. Zhao, H. X. Teng
To study the effects of baking temperature on the three-point bending properties of 1800 MPa hot stamping steel, cold-rolled 1800 MPa hot stamping steel with Al-Si coating was used. The heating condition was 930 ℃ for 300 s, after hot stamping, the samples were baking under 140 ℃, 170 ℃, 200 ℃, 230 ℃...
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Study on the Impact Safety Improvement of Microalloyed Element on Automobile Hot Stamped Bumper

Y. Feng, G. J. Huang, X. Gao, T. Q. Fan, S. Zhou, H. Z. Lu, J. F. Wang
Bumper is one of the most important collision safety parts on the vehicle. Based on the simulation and test methods, this paper verifies the advantages of microalloying in improving the resistance to impact cracking and crack propagation of hot stamped automobile bumpers. Firstly, the two hot stamped...
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Effect of Microalloying and Quenching Process on Cold Bending Properties of 38MnB5 Hot Forming Steel

Y. X. Wu, M. Wang, Z. L. Mi, H. T. Jiang
Referring to the standard “VDA 238-100 Plate Bending Test for Sheet Metal” and GB/T 228.1-2010 to study the ultimate tip cold bending and mechanical properties of ultra-high strength hot forming steel, the results show that the tensile strength of Nb+Ti composite microalloyed hot forming steel increases...
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Forming Limit Diagram Test of Press Hardening Steel Sheet at Elevated Temperatures

J. P. Zhang, G. Fang, J. Zhou, W. Xu, M. T. Ma
To investigate the formability of press hardening steel sheet at elevated temperatures, the typical steel sheet 22MnB5 was adopted and tested via a self-designed setup which comprised of a resistance wire oven, a set of punching die and a loading system. Nine specimens were applied to get different strain...
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The Effect of Dew Point Control on Hydrogen Embrittlement of Al-Si Coated Hot-Stamping Components

H. Z. Lu, A. M. Guo, Y. Feng, M. T. Ma, L. Cui, Z. J. Deng, H. Zhan, Y. P. Sun, B. Q. An, J. T. Liang, Y. S. Chen
The press hardening steel (PHS) and hot-stamping components were utilized widely on the reinforcement and lightweight structure of car body due to its ultra-high strength. There existed an obstacle of hydrogen embrittlement (HE) for coated 1.5–2.0 GPa PHS, and uncoated 1.8–2.0 GPa PHS. The typical hot-stamping...
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Improvement Study of Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance of Al-Si Coated Hot Stamped Components

Y. Feng, G. J. Huang, H. Song, H. Z. Lu, X. Gao, M. T. Ma, L. Cui, Z. G. Deng, Y. P. Sun, K. J. Li, P. G. Cao, Z. H. Cai, S. Liu
Because of its ultra-high strength, press hardening steel and hot stamped parts are widely used in the reinforcement and lightweight structure of car bodies. At present, there are hydrogen embrittlement barriers in PHS1500~PHS2000 materials with coating and PHS1800~PHS2000 materials without coating....
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A Novel High Strength Low Temperature Hot Forming Steel

D. C. Xu, B. M. Zhang, X. T. Li, X. Luo, H. F. Zhao, J. Huang, H. X. Teng
The current trend of hot forming steel is mainly focused on improving the ductility, meanwhile, the new steel was also designed to overcome the surface oxidation and avoid the complexity of cooling system of the stamping dies. This new steel and corresponding forming technology were called low temperature...
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Microstructure and Properties Evolution of the Medium Manganese Steel During Inter-critical Annealing Heat Treatment and Its Influence by Vanadium Microalloying

R. Yang, J. Liu, R. Ge
The effect of V addition and inter-critical temperature quenching on the microstructure and properties of medium manganese steel were studied. As the quenching temperature of V-free medium manganese steel increased from 850 ℃ to 900 ℃, the tensile strength of the steel increased from 980 MPa to 1220 MPa...
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Influence of Precipitation Behavior of (Ti, Mo)C Carbides on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Medium Manganese Steels

D. F. Xu, S. H. Sun, M. H. Cai
Although the medium manganese steel has a high value of the product of tensile strength and elongation, it has the disadvantage of low yield strength. To solve this problem, two Fe-Mn-Al-C steels with (Ti, Mo) and without (Ti, Mo) were designed to analyze the effect of microalloy elements on their microstructure...
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High Strength-Ductility Combination of a Medium-Mn Steel Through Pre-annealing and Fast Heating

H. F. Lan, M. R. Wu, J. P. Li, L. X. Du
In this study, the effect of pre-annealing treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a cold rolled medium-Mn steel was investigated. The C/Mn distribution in austenite during the following heating was simulated. The results showed that the inhomogeneous Mn distribution is fabricated...
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Effect of Annealing Time on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Medium Manganese Steel

Z. L. Wu, C. N. Jing, Z. T. Li, Y. Feng, T. Lin, J. R. Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to look at how annealing time affects the microstructure and mechanical characteristics of lightweight medium manganese steel. OM, XRD, SEM, and other characterization methods were used to examine and test the microstructure. The findings revealed that the test steels’ microstructures...
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The Effect of Pre-compression Deformation on the Mechanical and Bending Properties of DP590

M. T. Ma, G. Y. Wang, J. W. Li
The effect of the pre-compression deformation on the mechanical property of dual phase steel DP590 which is developed early and used extensively in automotive industry is investigated in this paper. The tensile performance, the flow curve, strain hardening index and three-point bending strength in different...
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Minor Addition with Substantial Effect - New Aluminum-Silicon Coating for a Reliable Hot-Forming Process

D. Pieronek, M. Koeyer, J. Banik, M. Ruthenberg, G. Parma, S. Stille
The well-known aluminum-silicon coating has managed to be on everyone’s mind as the standard coating for the hot forming process for many years. This is not only due to its good scaling protection properties, but also due to the fact that both the production of the sheet material and the hot forming...
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Comparison of Heat Transfer Performance Between Coated Boron Steel and Uncoated Boron Steel During Hot Stamping

S. Wen, J. J. Tang, X. H. Han, Z. Chen, S. F. Qu
The interfacial heat transfer coefficient (IHTC) is a critical thermophysical parameter indicating the ability of heat transfer between different bodies. In this paper, an advanced temperature acquisition system was established based on direct measurement, a theoretical model of interfacial heat transfer...
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Analysis of Effect of Coating Crack on Hot-Formed Al-Si Coated Steel Sheet After Heating

J. Y. Li, B. Han, Z. W. Liang, J. C. Fang, Y. F. Wang, J. W. Jiang, N. Wang, J. Zhao, W. Z. Tan
Through analyzing the number of cross-section cracks of different coating thickness under the same heating process, the same coating thickness under the conditions of different heating temperature, different holding time and different drawing rate, it provides the control direction for decreasing the...
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Study on the Color Transformation Law of Al-Si Coating with Different Weight After Press Hardening

S. L. Zhou, Z. J. Deng, W. Yan, X. F. Zheng
For Al-Si coated press hardening steel, the users preliminarily determine whether the parts meet the requirements according to their color after press hardening. The color is not only related to press hardening conditions such as heating atmosphere and process, but also to the weight of Al-Si coating....
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Analysis of Liquid Metal Brittleness in Ultra-high Strength Galvanized Sheet

Y. S. Wei
The application ratio of ultra-high-strength galvanized steel sheets in automobiles is increasing year by year. Due to the low melting point of the galvanized layer, it be melted to liquid phase metal at the welding temperature. After contacting the solid material, the liquid phase metal be penetrated...
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Performance Evaluation and Application of the Laser Welded Joint with Filler Wire for Al-Si Coated Press-Hardened Steels

H. Pan, K. Ding, Y. L. Gao, T. H. Wu
Laser welding of Al-Si coated press-hardened steel (PHS) is considered as a challenge in its practical application due to the possible formation of bulk blocky ferrite in the weld metal (WM). In the present study, the relationship between the mechanical properties and the microstructure was investigated....
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Study on Influencing Factors of Resistance Spot Welding Performance of Press-Hardened Steel

W. F. Wang, Y. Y. Ji, C. J. Cheng, P. H. Dai
The orthogonal test was performed on 22MnB5 press-hardened Steel. The results show that the order of priority affecting the mechanical properties of spot welded joint is welding current, electrode pressure and welding time. The best mechanical properties of the welded joint and the good welding quality...
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Rapid Heating Process of Ultra-high Strength Zinc-Coated Steel and Its Effect on Corrosion Resistance

Y. L. Wang, D. Y. Fang, K. Wang, Y. S. Zhang
The hot stamping technology of ultra-high-strength boron steel is the most direct and effective way to realize the lightweight of automobiles. The high-strength zinc-coated (GA) steel with dual functions of barrier protection and cathodic protection have broad application prospects in the field of boron...
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Hot Stamping of Zn-Coated PHS Steel Using Atomization Precooling Technology

H. Y. Xie, B. Q. An, Y. Z. Geng, Y. P. Sun, H. H. Yang, Y. H. Zhao, W. D. Zhu, Y. X. Xia, Z. Y. Han
In this paper, hot stamping of Zn-coated PHS was introduced. Targeting to control or eliminate the liquid metal induced embrittlement phenomenon, a self-make atomization precooling apparatus was developed to solidification the melted coating during the former heating process. The key role of the apparatus...
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Research and Application of Hot Stamping Process for High Strength Steel Zinc-Based Coated Sheet

Q. Wang, X. Q. Zhang, B. Zhu, Y. L. Wang, Y. S. Zhang
High-strength steel hot-formed parts are widely used as safety protection parts for automobiles due to their ultra-high strength (1500–2000 MPa). In order to prevent the oxidation and decarburization of traditional high-strength steel sheets during the heating process of hot forming, and at the same...
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The Influence of Heating Rate on Phase Transformation of ZnFe Coating in Hot Stamping

K. Wang, D. Y. Fang, B. Zhu, Y. L. Wang, Y. S. Zhang, Z. Z. Wang, W. Z. Dong, Q. Q. Lin
In this study, the ZnFe coated boron steel specimens were treated by rapid heating at different heating rates from 20 ℃/s to 100 ℃/s. The coating morphologies and phase compositions were characterized to investigate the influence of heating rate on phase transformation of ZnFe coating. The results indicated...
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Experimental Study on Contact Heating Method in Solid Solution Process of Aluminum Alloy

B. Q. An, H. Y. Xie, Y. P. Sun, H. H. Yang, Y. H. Zhao, W. D. Zhu, Z. Y. Han, Z. Q. Zhang
In this paper, the contact heating method was adopted to heat the aluminum alloy instead of furnace heating. During the process, the aluminum alloy sheet was placed in the preheated flat die under a certain press force for several seconds until the sheet reach the preset temperature. The heating curves...
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Effect of Die Coating on Friction Behavior of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Sheet in Hot Stamping

Y. P. Wang, Y. L. Wang, J. H. Li, Y. S. Zhang
The rapid growth of automobile ownership has put tremendous pressure on the environment and energy, so it is particularly important to promote the lightweight of automobiles. Aluminum alloy is an ideal lightweight material with excellent comprehensive performance, which can improve the performance of...
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Research on the Joint Strength of 6061 Aluminum Alloy/CFRP Multi-layer Laminate Made by Stamping-Joining Integrated Process

Y. Liu, J. Y. Chen, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
Automobile lightening is a direct and effective measure to realize energy saving and emission reduction. Using aluminum alloy and carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) composite materials to manufacture automobile parts can greatly reduce weight while enhance the overall strength and balance the overall...
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Hot Stamping of a TRB Part in an Electric MPV Vehicle

J. Y. Chen, M. Yang, Y. Liu, Z. B. Zhou, X. J. Qi, M. Q. Xu
Automobile lightening is a direct and effective measure to realize energy saving and emission reduction. TRB of boron steel has greater application value in automotive lightweight. In this work, the TRB scheme of a down plate of rear stringer with thickness of 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 1.6 mm and 1.4 mm was designed,...
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Research and Application of Variable Strength Hot Stamping Process and Die

J. L. Deng, X. Liang, X. P. Tang, M. F. Luo
With the promotion and application of high strength steel and hot stamping forming technology in automobile engineering, researchers gradually realize that in addition to improving the strength of automobile structural parts, the problem of matching the mechanical properties of parts and body safety...
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Research on the Influence of Punching Parameters and Selection of Fracture Damage Model for Punching

C. D. Yang, S. T. Huang, X. H. Han, Z. Chen, S. F. Qu
Due to the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption and wide applicability, die punching has been widely used in the shearing process of automotive parts. However, it is seldom used on ultra-high strength steel due to the high punching force and risk of tool wear. In this paper, study of...
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Tool Steel Solutions for In-Die Trimming and Punching of Modern Light Weight Parts Produced via Hot Stamping

C. Oberroither, G. Jesner
The continuous changes of the hot stamping industries demands lead to challenges in the material selection of produced parts and therefore also in the selection of proper tool steels. Improvement of complex lightweight constructions of sheet material puts high demands on the materials themselves and...
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Development and Performance Evaluation of Hot Stamping Die Steel with Long Service Life

Q. Sun, L. Wang, Y. S. Zhang
This paper presents a new developed hot stamping die steel with long service life. According to high thermal conductivity and high wear resistance required by hot stamping, the composition and content of alloy elements are scientifically designed by analyzing the influence of each alloy element on the...
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Research and Application of Combined Forming Method of Multi-scale Hot Stamping Parts

C. Sun, J. M. Le, C. L. Chen
It is easier to realize the “one-mold multi-cavity” forming process for large-scale parts or parts with similar dimensions, and the blank size is similar to facilitate the transport of the manipulator. Since the mold positioning space is sufficient, stable positioning can be obtained with a simple method...
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Improve the Efficiency of the Entire Line by Optimizing the Hot Stamping Production Control Process and Auxiliary Tools

L. Lu, C. Sun, C. L. Chen
With the increase of hot stamping parts of various varieties and small batches, especially before the development and large-scale production of new energy vehicles, the production line is required to be more suitable for small and medium batches and various materials, which intensifies the hot stamping...
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Strategies and Techniques for Improving Production Efficiency of Hot Stamping

C. L. Chen, C. Sun
The use of high-performance sheet metal hot stamping and strengthening technology to produce body structures for passenger cars can reduce body weight, improve safety, and contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and is widely used. China's current hot stamping production capacity is close...
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Integral Hot Stamping Process of Tailor-Welded Door Ring Based on the Multi-objective Optimization Genetic Algorithm

Y. L. Song, J. L. She, J. Lu, L. Hua, P. Liu
To improve the lightweight level of automotive body and solve the internal hot stamping challenges on tailor-welded door ring such as cracking, wrinkling and local distortion, a finite element model of integral hot stamping of a tailor-welded door ring with differential strength and thickness was built....
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Application and Lightweight Research of QP1180 High Strength Steel in Autobody Reinforcement Part

B. Liu, J. Yang, X. Y. Zhang, Q. Yang, Z. Y. Li, G. Feng, Z. B. Wang, J. S. Zhang, X. Q. Li
In response to the severe cracking and wrinkling of the reinforcement part of front side rail, this research designs a replacement solution of high-strength plastic accumulation material (QP1180) and verifies its feasibility through structural optimization, process analysis, mold debugging, and extensive...
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Multi-cavity Hot Stamping Die Cooling Water Flow Distribution Method Based on Equivalent Water Resistance

D. H. Liu, X. Tang, Z. C. Xiang
The flow distribution of the cooling channel in the hot stamping mold will directly affect the quality of the formed parts in a mold multi-cavity mold. In the actual hot stamping production, the production workers need to monitor the flow of each inlet in real time, but it is often difficult to determine...
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1700MPa UHSS 3D Roll Bending a Pillar Reinforcement in the CFRP Side Frame for Ultimate Lightweight and Crash Safety

C. Gao, G. L. Yuan, Y. F. Zhang, T. H. Li, J. S. Zhang, Q. Yang, G. Feng, H. Zhao
With the tightening of energy consumption and emission regulations, automotive lightweight is more and more imperative. Herein, A-pillar upper reinforcement using 1700 MPa ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) 3D roll bending was firstly designed and applied to carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) side...
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Stiffness Analysis and Design Optimization of Hot-Stamped Lightweight Wheels

B. Li, M. T. Ma, P. Zhou, J. W. Li
In this article, the design of the 22.5 × 9.00 hot-stamped lightweight wheel was optimized based on finite element analysis of stiffness. To improve the bending and radial stiffness of the wheel, under the condition to meet the requirements of bending and radial loading stress, the finite element stiffness...
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Stress Analysis and Optimization of Hot-Formed Lightweight Wheels

B. Li, M. T. Ma, P. Zhou, J. W. Li
The configuration of the 22.5 × 9.00 hot-stamped lightweight wheel was optimized based on finite element stress analysis in this article. To reach the goal of reducing working stress and meeting the experimental requirements along with the experimental enhancement coefficient, under the optimized condition...
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Simulation Research on the Quenching and Partition Process of a Medium Manganese Steel

X. M. Guo, X. L. Zhang, J. Y. Mao, Z. J. Wang
As a potential third-generation high-strength steel, the medium manganese steel has broad application prospects. Hot stamping technology can effectively solve the problems of large springback and large forming resistance in the cold stamping process of medium manganese steel. However, the hot stamped...
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Realistic Microstructural RVE-Based Simulations of Stress-Strain Behavior of a Medium-Manganese Steels

J. M. Ran, X. Y. Hu, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
The mechanical properties of medium manganese steels with TRIP effect, which are typical of third generation automotive steels due to their high strength and plasticity are heavily dependent on their microstructure. Therefore, realistic microstructure based computational modeling of the mechanical behavior...
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An Infrared Temperature Measurement Method for Hot Stamping Parts Considering Directional Emissivity

Y. K. Gu, Z. H. Zhao, J. C. Wang, J. Y. Min, J. P. Lin, P. X. He, L. Y. Shi, R. L. Wang
Infrared temperature measurement technology is widely used in the detection of surface temperature distribution of hot stamping parts. However, the accurate infrared temperature measurement for complex parts is still a problem due to the deviation of emissivity. In this study, a novel directional emissivity...
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A Software System to Accurately Calculate Parts Temperature for Hot Stamping

P. X. He, D. F. Zheng, L. Y. Shi, R. L. Wang, J. P. Lin, Z. H. Zhao, Y. K. Gu
Infrared thermal imaging system is a key component in hot stamping and is commonly used to collect parts temperature during the part production process. However, due to the inappropriate setting of the emissivity, the output produced via such system usually lack accuracy and consistency. A ± 150 ℃ temperature...
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Research and Application of Temperature Monitoring and Error Correction System for High-Strength Steel Hot Stamping Parts

X. Q. Zhang, F. Zhang, L. Wang, B. Zhu, Y. L. Wang, Y. S. Zhang
In order to eliminate the error caused by the spatial angle between the camera and the target, it is necessary to correct the image resolution or spatial resolution error caused by the distance change in the same field of view for the monitoring of the mold loading and unloading temperature of the hot...
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Hot Stamping Blank Position Detection System Based on Infrared Image

Y. Tang, K. Y. Shu, L. Wang, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
In order to detect whether the blanking position of the hot stamping blank is correct, an infrared detection system for the position of the high temperature blank is developed. This infrared image of the production process is obtained by the thermal imager. Based on the temperature difference between...
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Nondestructive Testing of Medium Manganese Steel Based on Barkhausen

Y. Q. Mei, J. S. Pei, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
It is an effective means to make automotive structural parts of medium manganese steel, which is highly plastic, to achieve lightweight, but the martensite phase change occurs in the formation of manganese steel, which changes its mechanical properties and makes it difficult to evaluate the service performance...
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Improvements in Laser Processing of Hot-Forming Materials with 3D-5axis Laser Machines

E. Gao, R. Kohllöffel, D. M. Maier, M. Fritz, A. Frey
At present, the use of Hot-forming 3D five-axis laser cutting in automotive body parts is very mature. With the maturity of Hot-forming industry technology and the continuous cost reduction requirements from auto OEMs to Hot forming parts suppliers, automotive Hot-forming parts Suppliers’ requirements...
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The Principle and Control Method of Belt Support Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

J. Y. Wang, P. Zhang, Y. P. Yang, J. W. Xie
The industrial-grade laser cutting machine studied by the author, it can cut metal sheets accurately and reliably without damaging the surface of the sheet. And experienced many years and multiple sets of cutting production verification. This kind of cutting machine adopts a belt to support the sheet...
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Research and Application of High-Performance Conveying System for Multilayer Chamber Furnace Hot Stamping Production Line

S. R. Deng, M. Q. Guo, H. H. Yin, Z. Zhan, W. J. Jiang, L. Wang
High-strength steel/high-strength aluminum hot stamping production lines are popularized around the world. In addition to presses, the conventional key equipment is mostly roller bottom continuous heating furnaces or multi-module multilayer chamber furnaces, as well as the supporting production line...
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Research on Servo and Drive System of Hot Stamping Mechanical Servo Press

X. Fang, J. Chen, W. Zhang, W. Li
The hot stamping mechanical servo press adopts the driving and control technology of high-torque direct-drive servo motor and high-speed heavy-load screw drive system, which reduces the driving chain, improves the overall driving efficiency and control accuracy of the press, and improves the dynamic...
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Research and Application of Multi-layer Box Furnace for High-Performance Sheet Metal Hot Stamping Production Line

J. Q. Li, D. Y. Li, L. Wang
The hot stamping forming process of high-strength steel mainly focuses on the key processes of billet heating, forming, quenching and cooling, and heating the billet to austenitizing temperature is the key technology of the hot stamping forming process. In view of the high requirements for workpiece...
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A New Structural Door of Box Type Heating Furnace

X. Q. Ren
Box-type heat treatment furnace is the most common heating tool in the thermoforming industry, which can convert electric energy or natural gas into heat energy to evenly heat materials to a certain temperature. After many years of development, the relevant technology of box-type heating furnace has...