Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Vocational Education

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Influences of Multiple Representation in Physics Learning to Students in Understanding Physics Material and Scientific Consistency

Sidik Nulhaq, Agus Setiawan
This research was to obtain an overview the ratio of ability increase in understanding and scientific consistency between students who get Physics learning using multiple representations and students who get Physics learning without using multiple representations Physics learning using multiple representations...
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Microscopic Virtual Media (MVM) in Physics Learning to Build a Scientific Conception and Reduce Misconceptions: A Case Study on Students' Understanding of the Thermal Expansion of Solids

Firmanul Catur Wibowo, Andi Suhandi, Dadi Rusdiana, Yayat Ruhiyat, Dina Rahmi Darman
A domain of research in physics teaching is focused on the study of the effects of different types of learning interventions aimed to help students build a scientific conception. Microscopic Virtual Media (MVM) is the application of a particular interest in physics learning because they can support microscopic...
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Learning from Cireundeu: A Prototype of Local Wisdom-Based Cultural Traditional Village and Food Security

Yani Achdiani, Isma Widiaty, Elis Endang Nikmawati
The purpose of this study was to explore the potentials of local wisdom as a prototype of vocational local wisdom-based Cireundeu traditional village with food security. Cireundeu traditional village can be used as a learning resource related to the processing of rasi as staple food that is unique to...
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Local Wisdom-based Lesson in Designs for Batik Learning in Lesson Study Activity at Vocational Schools

Iwa Kuntadi, Isma Widiaty, Lilis Widaningsih, Ana
The purpose of this study is to examine local wisdom-based lesson designs of batik learning in lesson study activity at vocational schools. Lesson designs examined are important signs that need to be considered in designing local wisdom-based batik learning. Research method used is Focus Group Discussion...
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Skill Training Models to Install and Maintain for House Electrical Installation

Jaja Kustija, Elih Mulyana, Bambang Trisno, Hasbullah
This research aims to develop a training model on installation and maintenance of electrical installations homes for youth in the village. The research using activities carried out by using participatory approaches demand responsive approach method. Training model development is based on the needs and...
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Interactive Media in Learning Japanese Language Vocabulary for Vocational School

Nuria Haristiani, R.S. Rahmawati, D. Sofiani, A.B.D. Nandiyanto
This research aimed to develop a model for an interactive media on Japanese learning and to examine its impact on student ability for remembering Japanese language vocabulary. Different from other methods, this media was user friendly for students who want to learn independently. Further, this interactive...
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Design of Multimedia Animation Metal Reinforcement to Improve Learning Quality

Ariyano, Amay Suherman
Difficulty engineering student in Materials Engineering courses were related to learning materials that seem abstract. Learning the atomic crystal structure is very important to determine the material properties, in particular the mechanical properties or strength of the material. This study focused...
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The Book of Fundamental Electromechanical for Vocational High School

Hilda, Mukhidin, Bachtiar Hasan
This research aims to develop teaching materials for basic electromechanical work subject and determine the feasibility of teaching materials that have been developed by teachers and students. The method used in this research is using research design and development. Teaching materials developed in this...
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Developing The Competencies of Prospective Vocational Teachers Through The Implementation of Trans-National Teacher Education Program Model

Amay Suherman, Sudjani, Dadang Hidayat
The rapid development of Vocational Schools)) in Indonesia influence the role and readiness of Educational Institution of Educational Personnel (Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan (LPTK)), especially Technology and Vocational Education (Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan (PTK)), as a producer of prospective...
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The Students’ Perception on Self-Image, Tourism Career, and Job Choice

Heri Puspito Diyah Setiyorini, Elly Malihah, Rini Andari
The purpose of this study is to understand the perception of tourism and hospitality students self image, the tourism and hospitality career, and the job choice. The initial perception about career image could drive the student's eagerness to finish the study and prepare their career path in this business....
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Standard Implementation of Teaching Factory 6 Step Model (TF-6M) Learning

Dadang Hidayat, Amay Suherman, Sudjani
Learning Teaching Factory 6 Steps Model (TF-6M Model) is a learning model that can create industrial climate at schools, can improve students’ competencies and can produce vocational students with entrepreneur spirit. TF-6M Model as a concept had been refined through researches that strengthened the...