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Overview on optical measurements of shaft diameter detection

Yan Huang, Chuande Zhou
Industrial development requires higher and higher shafts machining precision, which makes the quick, efficient and precise shafts measurement very important. Based on the Chinese and foreign literature review, this paper concluded the principle, method, accuracy, advantages, disadvantages and application...
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The research of the noise characteristics including taking-off and landing in the BWB aircrafts

Hui Zhao, Qiushi Li
In this paper, it puts forward and proving an engineering model for the noise forecasting of the BWB aircrafts in the taking-off and landing stage, which is based on the newest semi-empirical model of aerodynamic noise. Such a method could present accurate values of the noise prediction quickly, including...
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The Research of Buck Converter Sliding Mode Algorithm based on Power Function Exponential Reaching Law

Hongyang Liang, Yongheng Li, Yiwei Liu, Hong Li, Zhe Sun
The article designs a new kind of power function exponential reaching law based on exponential reaching law. It associates the speed of the trajectory and the distance of velocity to the sliding mode surface and uses intelligence features of the exponential function. The reaching law suppresses the chattering...
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Satellite SAR Antenna Deployable Structure Design and Kinematic Analysis

Yan Wang, Tian Liang, Qiang Congi, Rongqiang Liu, Hui Yang
Satellite SAR antennas are widely applied in earth observation. Deployable support structures (DSS) are key components for supporting and spreading such antennas. Given the improvement in observation resolution requirements, designing high-rigidity, large-scale, and simple-motion DSS has increasingly...
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Design of Multi-voice Electronic Piano by Chip Microcomputer

Wei Li
The concept of timbre and the critical factors which affect timbre is described. Traditionally, we simulate the timbre wave by using filtering network which magnify or attenuate some harmonic wave content. It is simulated the wave by using a chip microcomputer which is controlled by software. The main...
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Development and Research of a Transmission and Receive Polarization Isolation Duplexer

Jun Deng, Qiming Wang, Xuetian Wang, Sanwan Zang
Spatial segregation by enhancing the distance and time isolation by reducing the duty cycle are ways to achieve isolation between the receive and transmission antennas in RF front-end of wireless systems. More and more systems tend to share the same antenna feed network, which needs a transmission and...
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Research on Computer Crime Evidence Retrieval Method based on Ontology

Xuezhi Chi
The traditional evidence retrieval method is not able to identify the word semantic in forensics user question, only make the mechanical matching, in order to improve the efficiency of evidence retrieval, get satisfactory retrieval results, this paper proposes an ontology-based evidence retrieval method,...
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Study of WLAN Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning Technology based on Smart Phone

Ye Yuan, Daihong Chao, Lailiang Song
Wireless LAN fingerprinting positioning technology is applied in indoor space equipped with some Wireless LAN access points. WLAN fingerprinting positioning technology utilize specified devices to receive WLAN signal and analyze signal strength in order to establish complete fingerprint database which...
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Research on Electrical and Electronic Instructions Based on a Real-time Feedback System

Ping Yu, Feiqing Wu, Enjun Yu, Jiong Sun
This paper reviews the feedback methods which a conventional electrical and electronic course usually employs. After analyzing the characteristics of the conventional electrical and electronic conventional classroom teaching, we find the asymmetry of feedback channels for the students and the instructor....
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Optimal Design and Software Development of Two-stage NGW Planetary Transmission

Yong Gu, Siming Luo, Tingting Yang, Jiawei Wang, Fugui Zhu
Study of NGW type planetary gear transmission problem, and establish transmission model and mathematical model according to the conditions of planetary transmission, then use the theory of minimizing the objective function to complete the target function, develop the corresponding optimization design...
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An Overview of LTE 230 System in Smart Grid

Chengling Jiang, Song Jiang, Bo Guo, Tao Wang
LTE 230 system developed based on 4G LTE core technology distinguishes out of several specified wireless network for its advantages of wide coverage and low cost considering with the communication requirement for power allocation application in smart grid. The system is able to offer a complete solution...
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An improved Synchronization signal detection algorithm in LTE 230

Chengling Jiang, Ping Jia, Bo Guo, Tao Wang
LTE 230 system is designed for the smart grid to transmit information in a wireless method instead of the wired or manual method. PSS (Primary synchronization signal) is the synchronization signal first detected in LTE 230 system. The timing error caused by PSS will have a ripple effect on the demodulation...
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Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Influence of External Friction on Inertia Force Propulsion Device

Qingming Wang, Zhixiang Wei, Jiachen Ju
There are several ways to realize inertia force propulsion. In this paper, we use an eccentric mass block rotating along the circular orbit to achieve, and the structure is symmetrical to counteract lateral movement. We have established the mathematic model by using Lagrange equation, and have got the...
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Study on Multi-Knapsack Problem Based on Improved Artificial Fish School Algorithm

Lei Qin, Kang Zhou
Multi-knapsack problem (MKP) is one of the typical NP problem in optimization field, because the computing complexities of the traditional algorithms are high or they have slow convergence speeds, this paper proposes an improved artificial fish school algorithm (IAFSA) for MKP. Firstly, the integer coding...
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Control-plane Traffic Analysis of UMTS Network

Yi Zhang, Fang Liu, Qiujian Lv, Huan Wang
In 3G networks, when user applications send or receive data, control-plane signaling messages will be triggered to initiate or release radio resources. However, massive signaling messages will increase the processing and transmission overheads of the 3G cellular network infrastructure, and this in turns...
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Finite Element Analysis on the Objective table of Virtual slice non-destructive measurement device

Yong Gan, Yang Chen, Jiaxing Li, Hanchao Wang
For the minimum deformation requirement of an objective table in a new type of three-dimensional nondestructive measurement device measurement system, use the finite element analysis method to calculate the static response of the objective table under loading form, discussed the distribution characteristics...
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The Design and Implementation of Speech Engine based on Speed

Fan Zhang
This paper will take the foundation of speech coding as the breakthrough point, by means of the interpretation of Speed, it discusses the design of the speech engine as well as the route of implementation so as to reduce tedious work in voice testing.
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Embedded Speech recognition interaction system research

Qiong Luo
With the continuous improvement and development of speech recognition technology, the numerous special purpose chips for speech recognition have been developed, thus, the practical products of speech recognition have been gradually appeared in the market. This paper will take the interpretation of the...
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Exploration of Sustainable Design of Architectural Engineering and Construction Project base on BIM

Kaike Sun, Zhongfeng Shang, Shoucai Li, Yong Yang, Shuai Guo
With the contradiction between construction design and natural environment has become increasingly fierce, the sustainable development theory has become inevitable trend of construction development on account of comparing now living needs and long-term survival needs. BIM technology think of standardization,...
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Calculation and analysis of the wave load of jack-up offshore wind turbine installation vessel during dynamic positioning

Zhenqiu Yao, Yun Shen, Xin Gu, Linxin Bu
The jacking-up offshore wind turbine installation vessel will under complex ocean condition during its sailing, positioning and working, and the wave loads are needed to be calculated and analyzed as the most complex loads. This paper adopts Near Field Integral Theory which based on integral surface,...
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Research on mine fire rescue path based on hybrid algorithm of PSO

Nina Sun, Caiwu Lu, Wenjing Fan, Na Lu
It is the most important thing to respond to mine fire that determining the optimal rescue path. This article is put forward the coefficient of accessing difficulty level by analyzing the factors which affecting underground fires, then constructing the optimal rescue path model of underground fire by...
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Comprehensive protection design ideas in the application of Spaceborne Electronic Equipment Components

Feng Qin
The protective measures are very important for the spaceborne electronic equipment to improve the reliability. The purpose of protection is to protect the electronic equipment from Extreme temperature, mechanical impact, electromagnetic interference (EMI), space radiation, electro-Static discharge (ESD)...
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Research on Reflection and Transmission at Boundaries in Ultrasonic Testing

L. Zhang, G.H. Wang, J.J. Lu
Surface(Rayleigh)wave are induced at solid-gas or solid-liquid interfaces, when the probe is at the second critical angle setting; The surface wave profile is mainly transverse and so the surface wave is approximately a shear wave at its critical angle. The variation of sound velocities with frequency...
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Research on paralleling compute efficiency of FIR filter

Jinbo Wang, Lin Mao
Software radar is a hot direction of radar system research, and FIR filter is the basic part of the software radar system. Be restricted by the CPU speed, most of the FIR filter is achieved on the DSP. Following the development of new technology, GPU perhaps can replace the role of the DSP. This paper...
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A design of SMS alarm system based on 51 SCM and GPS positioning module

Xiaowei Chen, Wenyu Niu, Jin Xu
A design of alarm system basing on 51 SCM used dedicated GPS positioning module and GSM SMS module, which owns higher positioning accuracy and lower signal requirement, comparing with ordinary mobile phone. It can send location information to the outside world for help accurately and timely, reduce unnecessary...
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A SMS Alerted Anti-theft System based on 51 SCM

Jie Yang, Wenyu Niu, Xiaowei Chen, Jin Xu
A SMS alerted anti-theft system based on 51 SCM, which designed different trigger circuits aiming at forced unlock according to structural characteristics of different locks, and trigger microcontroller to control GSM SMS module to send reminded messages. It can reduce losses to maximum extent and have...
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Research on Modularization Disassembly Sequence Planning based on Interference Matrix

Yongkai Wei
Disassembly sequence planning is one of the most important works in Product repair. It is very easily cause combinatorial explosion when we disassemble complex machinery product. In order to solve this problem, we put forward modularization disassembly. We construct a modularization disassembly model...
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The design of the recognition and control system of the P to P flow based on Linux

Mingji Yang, He Wang, Wanzhu Jiang
This paper architectures the system that recognizes and controls the P to P flow on the platform that is based on the existing network software platform. It introduces a two-layer P to P flow recognition means, and it also designs and realizes the basic control of the P to P flow on the Net filter structure...
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Experimental Study of Vibrating Screen Beam Based on Power Flow Method

Bingxian Ou, Junxia Yan
In order to study the problem of beam crack and side plate tearing bring by large-scale and high-speed development of vibrating screen, redundant constraints beam is designed by means of adding redundant constraints to the beam, and vibration experiment system is put up. Input power flow formula of system...
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Image retrieval with hand drawn draft based on saliency detection

Xiaofei Sun, Wenwen Pan, Xia Wang
An image retrieval algorithm with hand drawn draft based on saliency detection was proposed and improved. First, salient regions were obtained by an image segmentation method, next region color sparse histograms were computed, and then the histogram was used to compute each region color contrast. The...
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Automatic leukocytes classification by distance transform, moment invariant, morphological features, gray level co-occurrence matrices and SVM

Gai Pang, Yangkai Zhuang, Ping Zhou
Leukocyte is an important part of the immune system. According to the problem that manual operation is not efficient, a novel automatic classification of leukocytes is proposed in this paper. First, moment invariant based on Euclidean distance transform is extracted from nucleus area and morphological...
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The design and implementation of data exchange based on XML

Yiqiu Fang, Xiaolong Gu, Junwei Ge
The construction of digital campus is always involves the integration of various data resources, integration and exchange. Discusses digital campus under the "information isolated island" phenomenon, currently used by the XML, ODI technology is widely used to solve data exchange between heterogeneous...
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The Correction Algorithm of Coalition’s Allocation with Random Payoffs

Zhongfu Qin, Hanfei Li, Xianrong Wei
Combined with the characteristic of random payoffs for a coalition, this study mainly analyzes the achievement of profit allocation among the players with certain payoffs and random payoffs in coalition and study the inadequate of existing results. Then allowing for the effect of risk on the allocation...
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An Adaptive Constant Scallop-height Tool-Path Planning Method For Turn-Milling Machining of NURBS free-form surfaces

Xusheng Shi, Lihong Qiao, Pinxue Rao
Because of its flexible topology and robust data structure, the NURBS surface has become the trend of free-form surfaces representation in the realm of CAD design. Yet its application in manufacturing has not been fully explored due to the limit of tool-path planning method. In this work, an Adaptive...
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The real-time measurement and control system of the motor used on electric vehicle based on LabVIEW

Zhiyu Huang, Yaxue Yan, Xi Peng
The hardware platform of real-time measurement and control system composes of PXI, WT3000, the dynamometer, the tested motor, the controller and so on. Its PC platform’s software is compiled by LabVIEW. The remote control, dynamic and static load output, real-time data acquisition, road situation-simulate...
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The Research on Topological Reconstruction Method of Triangular Mesh under Multi-core Environment

Huijiang Zheng, Jing Zhang, Ying Tian, Jianming Che
Topological reconstruction for Triangular mesh model was the preconditions for discrete data to be widely applied in modern manufacturing. Using Hash table as auxiliary data structure, transform half edge matching structure based on the comparison of marked values floating point numbers to integer matching...
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Research on Library environmental monitoring system based on ZigBee Network

Run Gao, Lizhen Zhang, Bo Jiang, Peng Wang
According to the special needs of temperature, humidity, illumination and other environmental parameters monitoring in university library, proposed ZigBee + GPRS mode of communication based on ZigBeePro2007 wireless networking protocol, through the design of hardware and software, real-time monitoring...
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Design of Advanced Static Var Generator

Na Zheng, Qinghua Bai
This template explains the working principle of reactive power compensation of ASVG firstly, selects reactive current control mode to compensate reactive power, and uses composite switch to control the compensation device switching and off. In hardware circuit, it uses TMS320LF2407 DSP chip as the core...
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The Integrated navigation numerical correction and prediction of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) based on GM (1, 1) model

Wenbao Geng, Yu Huang, Peng Lu
Navigation accuracy is one of the crucial performances for autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), and is an important indicator of evaluating AUV performance. Typically, it is achieving AUV underwater navigation that adopting Doppler velocity log (DVL) integrated Strap down inertia Navigation System (SINS)....
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A Distributed Control System using CAN bus for an AUV

Wenbao Geng, Yu Huang, Peng Lu
A new distributed control system using CAN bus for an AUV is proposed in this paper. According to its characteristic, the control system is divided into functional independent control module and various modules acted as CAN bus node form the whole communication network. The console assigns a mission...
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CFD Simulation of Flow Field for Pilot Operated Check Valve

Liqiang Zhang, Wenjing Zheng, Jingfang Zhang, Min Lian
By computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, the numerical simulation of internal flow field for pilot operated check valve is determined. In the paper, by building flow channel model under different valve opening and changing its import and export pressure, it gets the pressure distribution contour...
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The analysis of artifacts generated in Microwave near-field breast cancer detection

Zhongling Han, Zhifu Tao, Meng Yao
Firstly, this paper analyzes the relationship between the detection data and the target tissue interface, and inverse the target image by microwave near-field detection data according to this relationship. According to the characteristics of microwave detection, this paper puts forward a practical inversion...
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Research on Passenger Recognition System Based on Video Image Processing in Railway Passenger Station

Guiming Shi, Chang Liu, Shuyuan Zhao
The major railway passenger hub for the safety of the passengers bears important social responsibility in a video surveillance system; using digital image processing techniques to identify the passenger is a hot issue of domestic research currently. In this paper, digital image processing technology...
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Research on Line of Sight Angle Rate Reconstruction based on Strap down Seeker

Bo Ji, Cong Nie, Ke Zhang
The detecting information of strap down seeker can’t be applied to proportional navigation directly because it is coupled with missile attitude. So the method of line of sight (LOS) rate reconstruction for strap down seeker is proposed. The reconstruction result would be reflected by background noise...
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Starting with a Monte Carlo Analysis Disturbance on Multiple Rocket Spread

Keju Zhang, Yunhua Gao
Multi-tube rocket projectiles scattered in a considerable number of cases is mainly caused by the initial disturbance. Monte Carlo method is based on probability and mathematical statistics, based on probabilistic models do a mathematical simulation method to approximate calculation. It is a random sampling...
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Research on Sheave Test and Optimization of Expanded Diameter Conductors JL/G1A-530(630)/45

Jiajun Si, Jiancheng Wan, Kuanjun Zhu, Jialun Yang
Expanded diameter conductors are widely used for high voltage electricity power transmission. But the stability problem of its section often occurs during the construction processes, especially for the not-well-designed conductor structures. This phenomenon is typically characterized by the appearance...
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Optimization of Combined Scroll Profile Based on Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm

Tao Liu, Fuyong Hou
This In the design of scroll compressor, in order to improve the performance of the combined profile by involute of circle and high order curve, the mathematical model was established which takes the stroke volume and area utilization coefficient as the objective function. Then optimize it by the MATLAB...
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Big Data Applications in Power Industry

Chao Chen, Dongshu Yang, Shaochen Wang, Desheng Yang
Power industry promotes the transformations to achieve a strong and excellent strategic objective. It proposed the system construction. Building the system is not only the upgrading and transformation of power facilities, but also a comprehensive and in-depth innovation of power operation mode and business...
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A Fusion Method of Interesting Targets Detection

Lianpeng Guo, Wanpeng Xu, Xiangning Chen, Aifang Guo, Xingguo Zhao
A fusion method of shelter targets detection is proposed in this paper based on the D-S theory. Firstly, combining the features of position and the strong echo character of shelters on the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image, the shelter targets can be recognized. Then, using the character of shape,...
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Shielding Analysis and Design for the Undersea Contactless Power Transmission System

Hairong Wang, Zesong Li
A contactless power transmission system work based on high-frequency electromagnetic induction, companying amount of leakage magnetic flux spread outside the coupling structure and inducing power loss in the metal shell. It is necessary to design shielding mechanism to weaken the influence of leakage...
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The Research of AC-Pulse Iontophoresis Apparatus

Man Su, Caixiang Yue, Lili Wang
Iontophoresis apparatus is a non-invasive device used to enhance the delivery of permeation across human epidermal membrane or extract endogenous substances from the body by applying a current across the membrane. This paper analyzes the transport theory of iontophoresis, and completes the whole frame...
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Measurement of Water Level of Drum of Thermal Generator Set

Xian Zhang
During operation of the thermal power plant, the water level of drum is the important monitoring parameter, involving not only the DAS system monitoring, but also input of auto and interlock protection of water supply. From the actual situation, this paper analyzes the cause and harm of inaccurate measurement...
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Optical design of a micro DLP projection system based on LEDs and an innovative light pipe

Xiangbing Zhu, Cheng Wang, Wenliang Hao, Liwei Tian, Ruofei Wang
Micro projection systems not only can be applied in portable display technology, but can also be applied to adaptive automobile headlamps. Present DLP technology cannot collect and utilize the light which is reflected by the micromirrors of the DMD in the "OFF" state. Aiming at this defect, a design...
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Software development of DC magnetic bias calculation in the power system

Yongjun Yu, Xiaoxiao Qi, Peilun Zhang, Bing Sun, Yanhui Qin, Zhiyuan Hou, Liang Wang
The safe and reliable operation of power system has been severely threatened by frequent DC magnetic bias when the applied DC transmission system is operating in a single-polar ground loop mode or a bipolar asymmetric mode. Based on SQL SERVER 2012, this paper sets up an AC-grid DC network information...
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Efficient Resources Allocation for Femtocells in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Ruixue Liu, Yang Chen, Xiaoling Xiong
We study a novel resources allocation approach for femtocells according to the quantity of femtocells and available channels in cognitive heterogeneous network. Due to the co-channel manner in macrocells and femtocells, femtocell base station (FBS) is combined with cognitive radio to obtain available...
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The research of Media streaming technology based on RTP protocol

Peng Cheng, Hui Qu
Media streaming technology is one of the hot spots in recent research of networking domain. With the development of mobile communication, this technology is applied more and more to the mobile devices. The research of the paper is to research an RTP-based streaming media real-time transmission system...
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A digital forensic model based on data mining

Peng Cheng, Hui Qu
The paper designed a digital forensic model and Data mining is applied in the data analysis of the model. In order to meet rapid forensics needs in the era of computing era and to deal with the effectiveness, usefulness, depth issues and real-time and reliability problems according to the research of...
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Target Recognition Based on CBR in Optoelectronic Hybrid System

Guangle Yao, Qinzhang Wu, Jiandan Zhong, Kelin Sun
Optoelectronic hybrid system is widely used in military field and civilian field. Target recognition is one of the important functions of optoelectronic hybrid system. In order to improve the system’s flexibility and intelligence, expert system is involved into optoelectronic hybrid system. This paper...
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Application of Data Visualization in Marine Data Platform

Xianjiu Guo, Yinghui Jiang
Data visualization in marine data query system has an important significance for the improvement of data query efficiency and data friendly. Aiming at the problem of heterogeneous data in marine database, visual information database was designed, to provide a unified data layer interface for service...
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The Signal Board Fault Detection based on BMA2000

Guishui Yu, Yanping Tian
This article introduces the method of expert system fault diagnosis into practice through the theoretical research of fault detection. Through research and demonstration, a fault detector is developed to make the PCB testing, as well as universal, automation, standardization and other aspects of active...
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The Design and Implementation of Novel Framework of the Internet of Things(IoT)

Yong Li
With the rapid development and progress in computer science and information science technology, the combination of computer and real-world is needed. New technologies also provide novel techniques for environmental management. This paper establishes a framework for an Environmental Internet of Things...
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Rearch on Large Scale Documents Deduplication Technique based on Simhash Algorithm

Yi Yu, Zijian Hu, Yuzhu Zhang
On the background of the deduplication needs of repeated documents in Internet, research the deduplication technique based on Simhash algorithm on large-scale documents. On the basis of taking the Simhash algorithm as core algorithm in duplicated documents detection, improve the procedure of achieving...
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Vision-Based Gesture Recognition Referring to Human Structure

Shihai Xu, Binkai Zhang, Xiao Liang, Jinjin Zheng
This article proposed a new method which introduces human body structure into gesture recognition besides the traditional vision information. By establishing the target’s skeleton model, the system could rule out background interference quickly from the real-time frames, then locate the target’s joints...
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An Improved Concept of Semantic Similarity Computation Algorithm based on Domain Ontology

Yongliang Jiang, Yamin Zhang
To effectively solve the problem of semantic similarity between concepts, the existing concept semantic similarity computation methods were studied and an improved concept semantic similarity computation algorithm based on domain ontology was put forward. In the process of computing concept semantic...
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Folding Reticulated Shell Structure Wind Pressure Coefficient Prediction Research based on RBF Neural Network

Si Gao, Yanru Wu, Zheng Huang
In order to make up for the wind tunnel test equipment of folding reticulated shells restrictions which lead to wind pressure data measured on the surface of structure has a low density. This passage based on the basic principle of RBF neural network, using the programming software MATLAB to predict...
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Research on Relay Protection of Distribution Network with DG

Xunzhe Wang
As a supplement of large power grid and known as the new energy, distributed generation (DG) are developing rapidly for its convenience and environmental protection. However, after DG is connected to the distribution network, the traditional single-source radial-network will become to be a double terminal...
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Architectural Skin color recognition algorithm based on moiré principle analysis

Rongke Jin, Yan Long
The traditional architecture skin color localization algorithm uses the gray image texture feature, the texture feature of gray image features and limitations bring great difficulty in getting an architecture skin color localization algorithm. In view of this, this paper puts forward the color of architecture...
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Research on Explosion Points with the Same Characteristics Matching and Location of Automatic Target-scoring System

Xin Wang, Xiao Wang, Xuejie Wei, Hongwei Yang
With the continuous development and intense research, how to solve the problem of remote monitoring and automatic evaluation in salvo bomb mode for the shooting range automatic target evaluation system is one of the issues that need to be addressed. Based on this background, this paper focuses on multi-explosion...
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Design of Wireless Electronic Price Tag Based on STM32L Microcontroller

Yingzhi Wang, Tailin Han, Jia Yang
Wireless electronic price tag is designed with the Electronic Paper Displays’ low power consumption, using STM32L152RD single-chip microcomputer as the core. Practice has proved that electronic price tag of low cost and power consumption can update the commodity information on the remote wireless price...
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Target Detection System Design based on Mini2440 Platform

Wei Xue, Yiheng Zhang
According to the target detection of the portable platform, we put forward a design of system. The algorithm is based on background difference method which combines normalized mathematical method, graying arithmetic and morphological method to deal with. Experiments show that we can achieve static or...
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The Analysis and Optimization on Electromagnetic Compatibility for Printed Circuit Board

Wei Xue, Xin Shu
Many kinds of uncertain electromagnetic interference exist in printed circuit boards. The using of printed circuit board (PCB) drawing software - Latium Designer Summer 09 and electromagnetic simulation software - A soft Designer 6.0 is helpful for the simulation and analysis of electromagnetic field....
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A Design Method of Low-frequency Power Transmitter based on OPA549

Linyu Wang, Junxian Meng
We can interpret communication system as a system which transmit and receive signals. Transmitters play an important role in this system. In order to make sure that receivers can receive the signal, we should offer enough power transmitted by transmitters. Besides, we should also guarantee the stability...
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The Design and Realization of Low Frequency Signal Receiver with High Sensitivity

Zhigang Li, Yuchuan Zhao
This paper introduces a kind of receiver that can receive signal which weak to UV level. First, the common mode rejection for the input differential signal is necessary, and a low noise amplifier followed by. Then we should let the signal go through a Programmable filter whose center frequency, Q are...
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Research on Synchronization Technology of OQPSK Signal Based on FPGA/DSP

Wei Xue, Yanhui Tian
The rapid development of information technology is promoting people’s strong demand for perfect efficient digital communication system. Offset Quadraphase Shift Keying modulation technology is a constant-envelope digital modulation technology, which is the improved QPSK[1]. It overcomes the 180° phase...
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An Encryption Technique for Measurement and Display of Radar Parameters

Xiaofei Zhu, Weizhong Yu, Guodong Jin
The secrecy of emission frequency is prerequisite for securely working of radar. This paper proposes an encryption test program based on encryption algorithm of AES focusing on the need for the encryption test of radar parameters, and then analyses the designing method of AES algorithm, finally completes...
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Design of Variable and Equal Precision Frequency Measurement Based on CPLD

Xiaofei Zhu, Weizhong Yu, Guodong Jin
This paper has proposed an improved frequency conversion equal precision frequency cycle measuring method based on the basic principles of counter cycle measuring method, and it can be used to measure the frequency conversion signal, whose pulse width is much different from repetition period or whose...
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A Dynamic Adaptive Failure Detection Algorithm based on Grey System Theory

Daosheng Mu, Haoming Wang, Lijuan Gao
As an important part of disaster emergency response technology, failure detection technology is the foundation of the whole disaster emergency system. In this paper, an adaptive heartbeat detection mechanism GTFD based on grey system theory is studied, with the general armament department test message...
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Preliminary Implementation of Text-to-scene System

Fuping Yang, Jianchao Sun, Zhiyong Huang
Text-to-scene is a new technology used in many fields. It provides approaches to convert natural language into virtual scene. People can also use this technology to show text information using the visual method without professional knowledge. This paper attempted to provide a route of text-to-scene implementation....
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The Design and Implementation of Disaster Recovery in Dual-active Cloud Center

Xiao Chen, Longjun Zhang, Jiayong Chen
As Cloud computing has many advantages, it has been widely applied in various fields. As the increase of the number of users, the data volume will be more and more huge, The exponential growth of huge amounts of data causes that cloud disaster backup are increasingly important. This article is to focus...
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Design of Plant Growth Cabinet Control System Based on LabVIEW

Jiangtao Zou, Liguo Tian, Jianglin Wei, Meng Li, Zhiqi Liu
For urban land resources are increasingly strained reality, the use of artificial controllable LED lights and virtual instrument technology, simulation of plant growth in natural environment as possible.This system of artificial plant growth platform controlled environment, focusing on the virtual instrument...
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Workload Balance based Dynamic Resource Allocation Model in the Cloud Data Center

Hairui Zhang, Minjuan Li, Jianbo Cui
In the cloud computing environment, the data center is very important, which provides on-demand information technology resources to end-user. The major function of cloud data center is a balanced allocation of resources for application requests. Clearly, the end-user will pay more attention to response...
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Robust Output-feedback Control for Piloted Electro-hydraulic Proportional Pressure-reducing Valve

Pan Deng, Liangcai Zeng
The paper aims at piloted electro-hydraulic proportional pressure-reducing valve characteristics of uncertain parameters, immeasurable states and effect of load flow, designed an observer including load flow and it’s feedback controller ,achieve robust output-feedback control to the output pressure .Based...
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Optimal Design of the Coupled Structure of Undersea Contactless Power Transmission System

Qifeng Gao, Zesong Li
In order to achieve more efficient and effective transferred power, the coupled structure of an undersea power transmission (CPT) system was carefully designed. The coupling magnetic field was analyzed by FEM simulation to reveal the transferring nature of two coupled windings. Simulation and prototype...
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Exact Travelling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Wave equations Using Tanh-function Method

Weishi Yin, Yixian Gao
This paper is concerned with the exact traveling wave solutions of nonlinear wave equations. Using the tanh function method, we can obtain the accurate expression of the solutions. Further, according to the images of the solutions, we can get the variation depends on the velocity .
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Design and Implementation of Video Content Classification Algorithm Based on Face Recognition

Xiaokang Wu, Chenggang Xie, Shu Tang, Yuanbo Yang
To further facilitate users’ quick browsing the behaviors and expressions of the characters in videos, in which they are interested, we need to classify the according person’s frame images in accordance with the contents of the group scene. In this paper, we use the technology of face recognition to...
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Semantic Similarity Algorithm Based on Generalized Regression Neural Network

Rui Cao, Lingda Wu, Rui Wang, Chao Yang
Based on the intensives study of semantic similarity algorithms and artificial neural networks knowledge, a generalized regression neural network semantic similarity algorithm is proposed. Training samples are obtained by extracting the principal component of semantic similarity influence factors; the...
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Research on Geospatial Information Grab and model Evaluation based on Micro-blog

Xiaochun Liu
Surfing on the internet, people can read abundant useful information worldwide. Meanwhile the readers have to receive the huge number of redundant online information either, especially in the field of geospatial information. This paper aims firstly to analyze the problems on the retrieval of geospatial...
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Research on Event-B based modelling and verification of PLC system

He Zhao, Bin Fang, Hui-jie Li, Pu Wang
In order to ensure the safety of equipment and persons, the rigorous requirements on the correctness and reliability of control program are always needed in industrial control system. The traditional program design methods are based on the realization of the functions and verified by the simulations...
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Dynamic Coordination of Energy and Hops in WSNs Using Reinforcement Learning Routing Algorithm

Jianyong Li, Huang Wei
In wireless sensor network, the existing reinforcement learning routing algorithm usually optimize single goal and the process of route establishment is complex. It also has problem of data forwarding control overhead. In this paper, we present a dynamic adaptive routing algorithm with feedback learning...
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The Implementation of a Network Traffic Detection Model Based on GPU and CPU Heterogeneous Platform

Peng Xie, Yu Wu, Kefei Cheng
The technology of network traffic detection is very important in the area of network managing, network monitoring and network security. The network traffics are sharply increasing along with the growing of the Internet. Because of the hardware limitation, the traditional traffic detection method can...
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The automatic recognition based on the grade relationship between words of clustering

Juxiang Hu, Xueqiang Lv, Liping Xu
At present, how to use computer technology to automatically identify the relationships between thesaurus of equivalent, grade and related semantic relationships automatically is a key point and also a difficulty for the automatic construction of thesaurus. This paper introduces three typical of concept...
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Research of Sensors Failures Diagnosis Based on Noise Analysis

Aidong Xu, Yuanfeng Liu, Jing Jiang, Mingzhe Liu, Bingjun Yan, Qinning Liu
When the components of the system begin to loose or experience other physical change, the features of the sound signal generated by the running system will be changed. One of the main contents of the noise analysis is to obtain the operating status information of equipment through the noise measurement...
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Information Acquisition of Laser Tracker Incremental Encoder Based on FPGA

Xiaoyang Wang, Yanbing Liang, Heng Shi
Under the laser tracker measurement of angle subsystem environment,signal acquisition system of laser tracker incremental encoder based on FPGA was designed in this paper. The FPGA in this system was mainly responsible for the encoder signal acquisition, processing, and generating timing signals, data...
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Trend Feature Extraction in Condition Monitoring by a New Piecewise Linear Representation Method

Changfeng Yan, Cheng Yi, Lixiao Wu, Jianfang Fang
To extract the trend of condition monitoring data set effectively, piecewise linear representation is one of the most potential strategies. A new trend feature extraction method is presented based on the local maximum minimum and slope in this paper. The results of experiments are shown that it can extract...
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Recovery of Non-Rigid Structure Based on Sparse Coding

Yaming Wang, Xiaomeng Yan, Junbao Zheng, Mingfeng Jiang
3D non-rigid recovery is a problem of recovering the real shape of 3D deformable object by using some kinds of algorithms. This paper proposes a novel approach to recovery of non-rigid structure using sparse coding in trajectory space. In order to overcome the difficulty of defining the size of trajectory...
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Research on wind field calculation method category

Qiuyun Mo, Junjian Shi, Shunkang Yan, Fei Deng, XiChang Liu, Yongqing Yin
As the most important factor for the efficiency of wind power equipment, the wind also is an important guarantee during their work. For the key technology of the research on wind power equipment, how to simulate the wind precisely have been concerned more and more widely. This paper analyzes lots research...
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Research and design of an Anti Omissions System Based on Single-chip Processor

Jin Xu, Wenyu Niu, Jie Yang, Xiaowei Chen
Anti omissions system of nursery school bus based on single-chip processor, which is aimed at resolving security incidents of children omissions. The system consists of microcontroller, infrared microwave double sensors, GSM SMS module and buzzer. It adopted Microwave double infrared, which improve detection...
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Application of Wi-Fi Wireless Communication Technology In The Remote Monitoring of the Greenhouse

Yunliang Wang, Weisong Di
This paper uses the embedded microcontroller processor as the core, introduce a kind of method which used Wi-Fi to increase the distance and simplify the network building method, the GPRS and Internet network communication technology to realize remote transmission of data, and use the web page as the...
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Design of control system of Smart Home based on embedded Linux

Yang Li, Yunliang Wang
Based on embedded Linux system, the paper puts forward a kind of remote control system for household appliances. The system mainly uses the way of combination of WiFi and GPRS, which are wireless connection technology, and TCP protocol as the primary communication protocol to realize information interaction,...
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Mid-Term Load Forecasting Based on Grey Neural Network Corrector Model

Chao Yang, Yunliang Wang
A novel grey neural network corrector model is presented in this paper, because mid-term load forecasting is affected by many factors and has large research space. This method combines BP neural network with 3 kinds of grey models, and selects influential factors by grey related analysis method, and...