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The Design and Implementation of Distance Network Management System under the Support of Computer

Lifang Lu, Liping Gao
With the development of multimedia technology and network communication technology, distance computer management as a kind of new management meansconstantly developing based on internet, attracts more and more attention. Computer distance management is a kind of activities refers to the use of multimedia...
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Meta-analysis of network information security and Web data mining techniques

Dongling Wu, Shaolong Shan
With the development of network economy, network and information security has become an important factor in the further development of the network economy. Web data mining technology is a key technology to enhance the performance of network information security. It can effectively improve network and...
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Design of Information Interaction System Based on Android and JAVA EE architecture

Hongxia Liu
Android system is currently the most frequently used smart mobile operating system, lightweight JAVA EE architecture has good stability, extensibility and compatibility, therefore it has been widely applied in the development and design of system. In this paper, information interaction platform based...
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Database Modeling and Visualization Simulation technology Based on Java3D

Hongxia Liu
Computer simulation technology has been applied to many industries and fields, due to its intuitive, convenient and interactive visualization. Java3D programming technology is easy to be operated, and its cross platform performance is good, and it is easy to develop web-based applications, so it is the...
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Landscape Design Optimization Model and Simulation Analysis based on Target Contribution Rate Algorithm

Chengyong Shi, Pei Zhang, Ying Tang
The paper analyzes the correlation of historical cultural city and central parks in detail. Contribution prior model is established according to multi-objective contribution rate mathematical theory knowledge. Linear weighted sum and function of central park landscape ecological planning contribution...
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Research on Applications of Earthquake Response Spectrum in Engineering Designs

ChangXian Zhou, ShaoPeng Zheng, CongRong Ren
Earthquake-proof buildings are earthquake disaster mitigation priority work. Earthquake building structure may be determined, according to the design response spectrum method for determining been widely used in seismic design of buildings structures. In this paper, the structure should be designed to...
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Research on the Design of Interface in the Micro-Portal Web Game

Yandong Chen, Xiuming Sun
With the development of our society, the progress of science and technology, as well as the highlight of user time’s fragmentation characteristics, the characteristics of users in game industry have taken dramatically changed, and as the number of web game users has gradually increased, many companies...
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Study on Obtaining High-precision Velocity Parameters of Visual Autonomous Navigation Method Considering Lens Distortion

Han Zhou, Qinghua Li, Hongwei Li
Acquisition of velocity parameter in visual navigation is an important part in autonomous navigation, and its accuracy can directly impact whether this navigation is good or bad. This paper focuses on the study of the velocity parameters accuracy in the pyramid LK optical flow method of visual navigation,...
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Research on New PE File Packer and Shelling Methods

Xiaoyu Liu, Haichen Zhu
The full name of PE file is Portable Executable file. The common EXE, DLL, OCX, SYS and COM documents are all PE files. File packer is a necessary means of application authors usually use to protect copyrights, but it can be used by many malicious softwares to avoid the detection of anti-virus softwares....
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Maximum-Likelihood Classification for MPSK with Compressive Samplings

Nian Tong, Lichun Li, Xun Lu
This paper focuses on the classification of the MPSK modulations using compressive measurements in additional Gaussian white noise (AWGN). Under the compressive sensing (CS) frame, the compressive maximum-likelihood (CML) classifier provided in this paper tries to recognize the MPSK signals using far...
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GNSS multi-satellite joint acquisition with interference mitigation using antenna arrays

Gangqiang Guan, Yangbo Huang, Baiyu Li, Feixue Wang
In this letter the antenna array based GNSS signal acquisition is proposed by firstly projecting the input signal vector onto the noise subspace which is orthogonal to interference subspace for strong interferences suppression. Then, considering that the projection matrix is rank-deficient, we propose...
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Detecting Shadow of Moving Object based on Phong Illumination Model

Feipeng Li, Zongxi Song, Bin Li, Meng Jie Wu, Chao Shen
When detecting moving objects using visible light image sequence, the shadows of moving objects always appear together with moving objects. Shadows usually change with light condition, which brings difficulty for recognizing objects after segmenting image. This text proposes an algorithm to detect shadows...
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Nodes selection mechanism based on modified binary particle swarm optimization algorithm

Shengyun Wei, Jing Zhang, Taichuan Sun
Considering the problem of nodes selection in multi-target tracking of wireless sensor networks, a modified binary particle swarm optimization with a novel particle encoding method and particle position update rules and a mutation operation. Based on this modified binary particle swarm optimization,...
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A Method to Detect Circle based on Hough Transform

Mengjie Wu, Zongxi Song, Baopeng Li, Feipeng Li, Bin Li, Chao Shen
During the butting procedure of the cooperative target, the ability that circle were detected accurately in complex background appears to be very important. In this paper, in order to overcome the ergodic of standard Hough transform, an improved HT of circle detection based on locating the effective...
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Flexible Hybrid Stereo Matching

Jingzhou Huang, Changyu Diao
We present a hybrid stereo matching algorithm, which decomposes the stereo matching process into a number of subtasks and deals with them using different methods. Our algorithm consists of three components: 1) segment the reference image into regions and regard each region as the basic task unit; 2)...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis on Sailing Resistance of Amphibious Vehicle

Wenfeng Guo, Yutian Pan, CunZhen Xing
Through numerical simulation method based the Fluent to find the rule of the sailing resistance of the amphibious vehicle in calm water . By comparing the results of the simulation and the towing test, it is observed that the simulation results is accorded very well with the test results .It is proved...
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Design of Chang'e No.three Soft Landing Orbit Based on GA and Texture Analysis

Jiani Xing
this paper the reduction of Chang'e no.3 soft landing and obstacle avoidance phase are studied. And based on that, there is an orbital control scheme with the aim of consumption the least fuel. In this scheme, the dynamic programming model that aims at consuming the least fuel is set up for the main...
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Research on the Frequency Spectrum of DC Fault Arc

Chen Guo, Zibo Qi, Wei Gao
Since direct fault arc current is lower than the normal current value, it cannot be discovered by over-current protection; On the other hand, the arc is so dangerous. Therefore, it's imperative to research on direct current (DC) arc. In this paper, with a large number of current data through experiments...
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Low Voltage AC Arc Fault Test and Establishment of Database

Zibo Qi, Kaili Xu, Wei Gao, Chen Guo
the situation is grim for domestic civil electrical fire and arc fault is the main cause of electrical fires. Low-voltage arc fault protection technology in China is still in infancy, and has not yet established a complete low-voltage arc fault database and the arc fault protection system is not perfect...
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Analysis and Calculation of Rotor Currents for Doubly Fed Induction Generator at An Early Stage of Terminal Voltage Dip

Jian Wang, Gangui Yan, Yong Sun, Chao Zheng, Qingkun Shen
It is important to analyze rotor current quantitatively for doubly fed induction generator(DFIG) initiated by terminal voltage dip for planning and configuration of relay protection of wind farms and grid including wind farms. The previous studies assumpt that the instantaneous activation of crowbar...
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The Effects of Magnetic Targeted Nano-particles upon Levels of Cytokines in Serum and Synovial Fluid of Experimental Arthritis Rats

Meng Cheng, Dong Zhang, Yun Cai
Objective: To detect the anti-inflammatory action of magnetic targeted triptolide nano-particles on adjuvant arthritis (AA) rats and the levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor (TNF ) and interleu-kin-10 (IL-10) in serum and synovial fluid, in order to investigate the possible therapeutic...
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Research on Automotive Electronic Control Technology

Zongbao Li
Modern automotive electronic control technology is the integration of electronic technology and automotive mechatronics. It is increasingly widely used in the car. Application and development of electronic technology and electronic car will drive into a new era, not only in the 21st century car traveling...
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Dynamic Parameters Optimization and Kinematic Analysis of Mechanical Treadmill

Qin Li
With the gradual improvement of health concepts, people increasingly pay attention to their own health problems, more and more people want to be able to keep abreast of their own health. Small footprint, simple operation, easy control makes treadmill become the most common indoor fitness equipment. This...
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Research on Construction of Enterprise Informatization Based on Computer Application Technology

Jing Sun
With the innovation of computer technology, computer application technology was used more widely in the enterprise. Computer application technology in the enterprise offers a variety of convenient services for enterprise production and management efficiency for different groups of people. In this paper,...
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Research on Dynamic Reactive Power Optimization of Distribution Network Based on Modern Mathematical Algorithms

Lihong Bai
With the development of science and technology, there has been growing the grid size, the growing demand for electricity and the extent of increasing the electricity market. In this paper, a mathematical morphology and genetic algorithm based dynamic reactive power optimization method for distribution...
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Construction Technique and Temperature Control of Building Environment Based on Thermal Process Model

Xiuli Wu, Yaru Fan
To solve the problems regarding the construction technology of 360° large spiral staircase and improve the quality of framework supports, the frequency for common failings for the quality of spiral staircase decreases from 14% to 5% according to the spiral curve equation and by applying CAD software...
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Research on Key Technologies of Cloud Computing and Its Application in Telecom Industry

Peng Li
Cloud computing is an Internet-based super-computing model and it is also an innovative business computing model. This paper describes the definition and characteristics of cloud computing, analyzes the key technologies of cloud computing, and makes an in-depth study of cloud computing applications in...
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Research on The Ballistic Non-contact Start-end Device

Yunfeng Liu, Xiaoli Zhao, Xiaodong Zhou
The method which adopts start-end device to measure the velocity is in com- mon a method of measuring the velocity. The characteristics of this method is in brief the equipments need, operation convenience, test result credibility, measuring the error margin small. It not only can measure the velocity...
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A Fast Handwritten Digit Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved SVM

Qiong Li, Li Chen
Handwritten digit recognition is of great value for application in the field of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. For ensuring better recognition accuracy and speeding up classification process, this paper proposes a fast handwritten digit recognition method based on improved SVM. The new method...
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Computer digital color technology in the application of graphic design

Wencai Zhong
Developed from art, computer digital color is a new subject integrating computer technology, graphics and color science, as well as an open system which is not limited in the a certain field. In artistic design field, color model, color domain and color application rely on the five-grade color table...
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Application Research of BP neural network in face recognition

Yong He
This paper introduces the design method of face recognition system is a kind of BP neural network. This design uses the forward backward propagation algorithm of multi-layer neural network, BP algorithm, BP neural network for face recognition was built by using MATLAB software, and the use of facial...
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Discrete Fourier coefficients of a periodic signal amplitude harmonic simulation in the computer

Yun Pan
Periodic signal has practical applications in many occasions the periodic signal met Dirichlet’s condition can expanse in Fourier series.Usually series expansion coefficients indicates the amplitude of the signal harmonics. Only the mathematical expectation for the known periodic signals using Fourier...
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Study on 3D Technology Application in Art Design

Yan Zhao, Xuguang Yang
Computer 3D technology is the core content of interactive graphic, which is a grid science to calculate, process and display 3D graphic through algorithm. From the digital-processing 3D graphic establishes a set of systematic module database using computer graphic and coding, through which to realize...
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The SDH effects on Skeletal Muscle of Rats during Intermittent Hypoxia Training

Ying Gao, Jian Huang, Qiaozhen Yan
By the intermittent hypoxic training of 72 male SD rats, we observed the changes of SDH activity in skeletal muscle in a quiet state, immediately after exercise and three hours later. We found that in these three states , SDH in rat skeletal muscle were significantly changed, and showed a downward trend...
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The effects of HiLo Training on Rats Muscle CCO

Jian Huang, Qiaozhen Yan, Ganping Huang
HiLo training sport mode , the rats in a quiet state , immediately after exercise , after exercise to study changes in skeletal muscle cytochrome oxidase three states under three hours , and then observed in rats HiLo training changes in mode of aerobic exercise capacity . The results show that : in...
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The Splicing Scrap Paper and Restoration Based on MATLAB Algorithm

Fengling Wang
In this paper, it find out the way of splice the scraps of paper which come from the same page of the printed text documents together by MATLAB software. Firstly, the image is made to the value of two forms of matrix, to establish the algorithm of the scraps of paper splicing restoration model by analyzing...
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The Orbit Design and Control Strategy of The Soft Landing of Chang 'e 3

Yan Yao, Yingbing Fan, Xiaocheng Gao
In this paper, we solve the problem of the orbit design and control strategy of the soft landing of Chang’e 3,Use the Hermite interpolation method and the Parabolic interpolation method to analyze each stage of the process.By using the interpolation method in numerical analysis, which based on the theory...
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Computer Aided Analysis on Higher-dimensional Nonlocal Reaction Diffusion Population Dynamic Model

Linan Sun, Shan Li
In this paper, we consider a reaction-diffusion dynamic model which is of the classical Fisher type, but incorporates nonlocal influence into competitive term. We present two finite-difference algorithms for studying the dynamics of nonlocal reaction-diffusion logistic equation. We also present the results...
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Analysis of Shipborne Helicopter’s Guidance Error in Anti-Ship Missile Over-the-horizon Attack

Jianguo Wang, Keming Yao, E Qun, Xinlong Wan, JinZhu Meng
The over-the-horizon(oth) attack of anti-ship missile guided by helicopter is a common style in the attack of surface ship’s missile. This paper does a research on the helicopter guiding error, and a proper method based on error transfer principle is proposed. Taking the unilateralism relative location...
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A para-virtual SDN simulation system based on Emulab

Bo Luo, Qi Li, Yanhui Guo
With the arrival of big data era,traditional network is difficult to meet the increasing data processing need.In order to solve the problem,software defined network emerge. SDN is a revolutionary improvement compared to the traditional network, it can greatly meet the giant data processing need. However,...
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Analysis on the Commutation Process of the Single-phase Rectifier Circuit and its Application

Kuo Zhao, Dong Xu
With the maturity and popularization of the technology of power electronic transformation, the power drag, rectifier circuit is used in great quantities in the application fields such as power system, which is including diode uncontrolled rectifier circuit, voltage type PWM rectifier circuit. To stabilize...