Proceedings of the 1 st International Conference on Information Technology and Education (ICITE 2020)

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Cycle Learning Standards for Students Education Field

Adi Atmoko, Henry Praherdhiono, Eka Pramono Adi
Heutagogy is a desire to facilitate and improve student performance to be more independent. Heutagogy provides a foundation for strengthening humanistic intelligence personally so that the choice, determination, and use of technology becomes the personal responsibility of learners as a manifestation...
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The Relationship between Learning Leadership and Teacher Performance: A Correlation Analysis

Alifatul Nur Faizah, Imam Gunawan, Ibrahim Bafadal, Agus Timan
This study aims to determine the relationship between learning leadership and teacher performance. The research was conducted at Batu City State Senior High School (SMA Negeri Kota Batu), Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative approach. Data analysis using descriptive correlation. The sample in this...
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Development of Interactive Multimedia based on Adobe Flash in Thematic Learning in Elementary Schools

Arda Purnama Putra, Kusubakti Andajani, Iqlima Pratiwi
The purpose of this study is to produce valid interactive multimedia products on thematic learning in elementary schools. The research approach used in this research is a research and development approach (R&D) which refers to the theory of Borg and Gall. The main product trials were carried out...
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The Effectiveness of the Implementation of School-Based Curricula and National Curriculum-Based Learning Processes in Primary Schools in Indonesia

Bambang Budi Wiyono, I Nyoman Sudana Degeng, Agus Wedi, Hsin Hung Wu
Curriculum renewal is one of the ways to build the quality of national education. Currently, there are two types of curriculum applied in Indonesia, namely school-based curriculum and national curriculum. This study aims to compare the effectiveness of both types of curriculum in terms of planning, implementation,...
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Male and Female Student Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Online Courses at University

Burhanuddin, Bambang Budi Wiyono, Achmad Supriyanto
Pandemic outbreak has encouraged most universities to change teaching learning strategies. Online learning courses are offered to deliver learning experiences for various students in responding the pandemic situation. The purpose of this study was to investigate how gender and years of enrolment vary...
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Relationship of School Visionary Leadership and Organizational Climate with Teacher Performance

Candra Mey Shanti, Imam Gunawan, Ahmad Yusuf Sobri
This study aims to determine the relationship between visionary leadership and organizational climate with the performance of high school teachers in Kediri, Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative approach and the research design used is descriptive correlational. The research sample was 186 teachers....
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Media Development of the Map of the Board of Indonesia Map Board for Learning

Dienta Aditama Kurnia, Murtiningsih, Putri Mahanani
This study aims to produce hanging maps of Indonesian media for grade V students of Public Elementary School (SDN) Kesatrian 2 Malang, Indonesia, which are suitable according to media experts, material experts and user experts. This research was conducted because the Indonesian media map that displays...
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The Role of the Family in Recognizing Gender Identity in Children

Ellyn Sugeng Desyanty, Pramono, Rahma Kamilia Ali Hikmah, Titah Fatimah Zahra
This article describes the role of the family in the introduction of gender identity in children. As we know, the family is the first agent of socialization for children. The role of the family is very important in the introduction of gender identity in children because the role of the family will be...
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Wiki System Application Through Practical Database

Henry Praherdhiono, Nunung Nindigraha, Muhammad Suryo, C.F. Kevin Herdinata, M. Daffa Arifiansyah, Luis Rumianda, Felisia Hemilia, Binti Lutfiyah Nuraini, Yulias Prihatmoko
The database system has developed towards providing convenience and practicality. Database systems that have had a tendency can be accessed at various levels and online. So that some database developers provide access through a single account, both email and social media applications. Database optimization...
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The Use of Conventional Communication Technology as Effective Principal Leadership Strategy in Strengthening the Role of Multi-Stakeholders Forum for School Quality Improvement

Juharyanto, Ibrahim Bafadal, Imron Arifin
The purpose of this study is to describe the use of conventional communication technology as a leadership strategy for the principal of the One Roof School, in accordance with the problems faced and local wisdom developing in these remote areas. The research was conducted with a multisite qualitative...
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Supported Model for Educational Awareness in the Low-Income Families

Kukuh Miroso Raharjo, Hardika, Umi Dayati, Rezka Arina Rahma, Monica Widyaswari
This study aims to produce a valid supported model for a non-formal education. Moreover, it can be use by facilitating program or society empowerment activist, and a similar program to change the awareness of educations mindset for low-income families. The research use research and development (R&D)...
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Reorientation of Curriculum in the Face of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Meila Hayudiyani, Mustiningsih, Imron Arifin
This article aims to describe the reorientation of the curriculum in the face of the 4.0 industrial revolution. The industrial revolution affected the development of the world of education. The challenges of education in the industrial revolution era are in the form of changes in learning methods, patterns...
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Vocational Education Services in Schools for Children with Special Needs

Muhammad Nurrohman Jauhari, Muchamad Irvan, Purba Bagus Sunarya
The lack of employment opportunities, forcing everyone to master certain abilities and skills to have the opportunity to get a job. This condition becomes the basis for the need to implement vocational programs to equip students to be ready to face the world of work. Vocational education in Indonesia...
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Optimizing the Learning Process in Classroom Using Edutainment

Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Putri Mahanani, Wuli Oktiningrum, Andini Mukharoma Meidina
In the world of education, the term edutainment is known as education practice that collaborate with entertainment. Edutainment is a breakthrough in the existing world of education to solve existing problems. With this method, it is able to attract students’ interest in participating in learning. This...
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Design of Experiential Learning Cycle to Develop Students’ Self-Regulated Learning

Nunung Nindigraha, Punaji Setyosari, Henry Praherdhiono
There is no learning without action and no responsible action without learning, it must be admitted that this can become a foundation. The concept of learning according to a behavioristic view is interpreted as the process of sending knowledge or transferring messages from experts to novices. Knowledge...
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The Development of Performance Assessment Inventory (PAI) to Access Students’ Self and Peer Assessment in the Innovation Course

Puri Selfi Cholifah, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Putri Mahanani
This research aims to develop an instrument performance assessment rubric as a first step for further development. This research procedure adapts the ADDIE development model, a development model with five stages: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The R & D stages are...
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Device Development and Implementation of Thematic Learning Process to Improve Quality and Results of Learning in Primary School

Sa’dun Akbar, Unga Utari, Unga Utami, Beti Istanti Suwandayani, Nafi Isbadrianingtyas, Khofiatun
The purpose of this research is to produce learning tools that can maximize thematic learning in the classroom and to analyze the involvement of the teacher’s role in terms of their competence and the role of students. This study uses a mixed methods model, a combination of qualitative and quantitative...
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What Multimedia Can Teachers Use in Learning?

Siska, Siti Khusnul Rofiah, Imam Gunawan, Adetya Dewi Wardani
Learning media is everything that can be used to transmit messages from teachers to students so that it can stimulate thoughts, feelings, attention, and student interests in the teaching and learning process. The learning media are referring to various tools, materials that can be used to assist in the...
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Student Perception About 3D Object from Hologram Pyramid for Learning

Sulton, Yulias Prihatmoko
Students’ perceptions of the type of learning environment are important to learn because it can support classroom success. The purpose of this study was to investigate students’ attitudes about 3D objects through the Pyramid Hologram. The respondents were 29 seventh grade junior high school students....
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Determinant Factors of Willingness to Learn: Systematic Literature Review

Yuliati Hotifah, Suryanto, Hamidah, Nono Hery Yoenanto
Willingness to learn is an important aspect for everyone associated with all changes and uncertainties. there are two determinants of the will to learn, namely internal and external factors. The purpose of this study is to review a systematic literature review on the concept of a willingness to learn...
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Development of Game Based Learning Biology Course

Zainul Abidin, Sulthoni, Susilaningsih
The purpose of this development is to create of Biology learning media game-based learning product as a medium to help the student grasp concept of waste and recycling waste with game-based learning and build up student attitude to keep environmental care. This research uses the Lee & Owens development...
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Career Meta-Competencies and Counseling Career Intervention 4.0 Era Using Life Design Career Counseling to Develop Career Adaptability

Rina Nurhudi Ramdhani, Amin Budiamin, Nandang Budiman
Career Adaptability is an important and useful psychological resource in facilitating individuals in dealing with the risk and threats of career transition in this 4.0 era. One of the interventions to improve career adaptability with life design career counseling. The research aims to examine the effectiveness...
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Adaptation and Validation of Entrepreneurial Intention Scale in the Santri Context in Indonesia

Zainal Abidin, Yuliati Hotifah, Fendy Suhariadi, Fajrianthi
Entrepreneurial intention of santri in this study is how much the students’ desire or determination to entrepreneurship reflected in the commitment to start a new business and the initial steps of a process of establishing a business which are generally long-term. Entrepreneurial Intention is measured...
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Subject Teacher Deliberation: Role and Functions in School Management

Adetya Dewi Wardani, Imam Gunawan, Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Djum Djum Noor Benty, Raden Bambang Sumarsono, Ahmad Nurabadi, Lestari Handayani, Endra Ubaidillah, Sasi Maulina
Subject Teacher Deliberation (Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran / MGMP) is a group supervision technique. Supervision is an effort to improve and improve the teaching and learning process and outcomes. Supervisors must guide and direct teachers in terms of preparation, implementation, reporting, and improvement...
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Organizational Climate in School Organizations: A Literature Review

Arif Prastiawan, Imam Gunawan, Arda Purnama Putra, Dimas Arif Dewantoro, Puri Selfi Cholifah, Ni Luh Sakinah Nuraini, Titis Angga Rini, Rizqi Fajar Pradipta, Kukuh Miroso Raharjo, Dedi Prestiadi, Ence Surahman
Organizational culture will shape the organizational climate. Organizational climate is the perception of organizational members on various aspects that exist in the organization. If organizational culture is qualitative (because organizational culture is built from shared systems and values), then organizational...