Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA 2018)

Rapid changes and development of science and technology have a significant impact on and being about challenges in many aspects of our global world. In the education sector, for instance, excessive use of gadgets by students often influences teaching and learning process. In arts, advancement of technology to some extent affects arts design and performance. In line with this, researchers and practitioners keep exploring new ideas for continuous quality improvement and finding solutions to emerging problems through field studies and classroom research. University should become a centre of excellence where academics can inform and discuss the result of their studies and classroom best practices, and share ideas. For this purpose the 7th International Conference on Language and Arts (ICLA 2018) invites researchers, teachers/lecturers, and students to come as presenters or participants. This year theme is ‘Breakthrough to Excellence of Languages and Arts Research and Education’.

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