Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2020)

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Communicative Competence as the Priority in Professional Language Training

Sviatlana A. Dubinka, Lizaveta A. Dubinka-Hushcha
Key provisions of the previous approaches to professional language training were mainly based on reproductive concepts of education, assimilating certain knowledge and skills. The priority in modern education lies on cognitively active methodology, which presupposes the development and disclosure of...
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The Interactive Technology of Creative Workshops in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language as a Tool for Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness of Students

Pavel Spisyak, Natalia A. Bondarenko
Cross-cultural awareness is one of the key competencies of a student as it forms the foundation for interethnic communication. An effective tool for developing this competence in students is the introduction of the interactive workshop technology in class. The article presents a lesson of Russian as...
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Research on English Translation of Cross-Border E-Commerce Based on Functional Equivalence Theory

Guangtao Cao, Jiaqi Luo
With the development of globalization, it promotes the development of cross-border e-commerce. In the exchange and development of international business, the translation of cross-border e-commerce English plays an irreplaceable role and becomes an important means of international business communication....
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A Translation Deviation Analysis of the English Version Snow in Midsummer — from the Systemic Functional Approach

Guangtao Cao, Zilei Liu
This paper attempts to study the English translation quality of Yuan Zaju from the perspective of ideational function, discourse function and interpersonal function, taking the translation Snow in Midsummer by Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang as a case study. Yang’s English translation fits the original background,...
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Research on the Construction and Application of Student Process Evaluation System in Blended Learning Mode

Yan Liu
This paper collects relevant data through questionnaire survey, action research, interview and so on. Based on the blended learning process of College English course and the existing practical experience of colleges, the author proposes the process evaluation index and weight of students in blended learning...
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Discursive Othering in the Fighting Against COVID-19: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the China-Related Coverage of COVID-19

Jianxin Yang, Haimei Wang
This study takes the coverage of China related COVID-19 news as the data to examine how a global epidemic is being reported. Through a corpus assisted analysis of the keywords and collocations, together with a qualitative examination of the discursive strategies, we find that an epidemic paralyzed China...
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Dynamic Analysis of Language Function from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Dawa Pengcuo, Fu Zhang
As a special phenomenon of human society, language is always accompanied with human beings. And it has always been in a dynamic and open ecosystem. It gives us a lot of inspiration. We must observe and discuss the interrelation and mutual influence between language and its surrounding environment as...
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The Role of Ancient Written Signs in the Preservation and Development of the Chinese Language

Features of the Study and Analysis of Intricately Located Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Jiaguwen

Maia Egorova, Aleksandr Egorov
The article raises the question of the role and significance of ancient Chinese writing for the preservation and development of the Chinese language, the study of which is impossible without analyzing the monuments of writing and culture of China — Jiaguwen (writing on turtle shells and animal bones,...
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The Study on the Translation of Anti-Epidemic TCM Drug Instructions from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Dan Li, Yulei Shen, Hongling Que
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) carries the experience and theoretical knowledge of Chinese people in fighting against diseases. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, TCM has been widely used in China and some other countries for epidemic prevention and control. Against the current international background,...
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Discussion on Chinese-Japanese Homograph in Japanese Teaching

Taking New Words in Standard Japanese Language as Example

Xiaoling Wang
Chinese and Japanese languages share a lot of homographs, which can be explained by Kanji in Japanese that were introduced from ancient China, and new words introducing from Japan to China after the Meiji Restoration. Despite the similarity in appearance, they underwent diverse paths due to the influence...
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A Functional Study on Image Language’s Getting Involved in News Reports

Teng Zhu
Traditional news reports use text more as the only transmission carrier, and use images (图像) less as a means of visual creation and information transmission. With the advent of the era of picture-reading, images as a communication medium that directly appeals to human visual perception have further triggered...
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Analysis of the Adjectives in “Tavarih-i Musiqiyun” in Chaghatay

Ghojiabla Memet, Abduhelil Obul, Aynur Yasin
Tavarih-i Musiqiyun is a biographical document in Chaghatay script written in the middle of the 19th century in Xinjiang of China Music (Twelve Muqam). In the literature language, there are more adjectives and one of the parts of speech with richer morphological changes. This article takes the book “Tavarih-i...
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Systemic Functional Analysis of Thematic Structure in Legislative Discourse — Based on Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China

Shifang Li, Yifan Wang
This study is devoted to analyze the thematic structure of Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China in light of the systemic functional linguistics. From the data analysis, the study indicates that the Law places the condition in the position of theme, and reflects that the legislative...
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An Empirical Investigation of Language Ecology in Indonesian Chinese Society

A Case Study of Chinese Teachers’ Language Life in Jakarta

Yanjun Wang, Xindan Hu
In this paper, together with the case study of Indonesian Chinese teachers’ language life, we investigate their language ecology from three aspects: personal language ability, family language life and social language communication. The investigation reveals that the language ecology of Chinese teachers...
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Study on the Reduplications in Old Uyghur

Abduhelil Obul, Ghojiabla Memet, Meqsud Selim
This article will select the reduplications in the “Old Uyghur Dictionary”, classify and analyze them. Discussing and analyzing its composition, compositional characteristics of vocabulary, and compositional characteristics, it is found that most of the reduplications in the old Uyghur language are composed...
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The Discourse Communication Function of Urban Linguistic Landscape

Yumei Guo, Baoshan Zhao
Linguistic landscape is a linguistic symbol for disseminating information in public spaces and an important aspect of language services. This article mainly discusses the discourse communication characteristics and functions of the urban language landscape from the three dimensions of its practical value,...
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The Guarantee of Language Rights and the Realization of Cultural Capital

A Study on the Status of Language Rights of Ethnic Minorities in China

Zhiyong Yang
Cultural capital is rooted in the social structure and institutional legal environment. Language, as one of the important carriers of culture, plays an important role in the acquisition of cultural capital. Language rights have the function of constructing a system and legal guarantee for the realization...
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The Working Mechanism of Conceptual Blending Theory in Metaphor Understanding

Zhao Zhuang
Cognitive linguistics is an approach to language that is based on people’s experience of the world and the way people perceive and conceptualize it. Metaphors abound in Mao Zedong’s poems. These frequent and substantive metaphors play an important role in expressing the theme of the poetry. The author...
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Discussion on the Relationship Types Between Lianmian Word and the Synonymous One-character Word

Juan He
The phenomenon of Lianmian word sharing the similar sounds and identical meaning with a corresponding single word exists widely in Chinese, and the synonymous one-character word has the following types: the phonetic form of consonant clusters, the monosyllabic word, one word with double syllables, the...
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Path and Effectiveness Evaluation of Language Poverty Alleviation — Based on the Practice in Poor Areas

Zehai Liu
Poverty is a common topic facing mankind. Targeted poverty alleviation with language is an important part of poverty alleviation, and language can play a bigger role in the targeted poverty alleviation strategy. In China, promotion of Putonghua is conducive to poverty reduction and poverty alleviation...
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The Application and Research of Parallelism in National English Speaking Competitions Among Chinese College Students

Samples from Grand Final Contestants of China Daily “21st Century Cup” National English Speaking Competition

Zhisheng Wang, Xinyi Zhai
Speech is the earliest source of rhetoric. They are closely connected to each other. Rhetorical devices are important part of rhetoric study, as well as useful language tools in speech. Parallelism is one of the most frequently used rhetorical devices in speech. This paper conducts both qualitative and...
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Communicating Influence Versus Asserting Dominance — Positions of Agreeable and Disagreeable People in Social Groups

Ramil Karimov
The following article deals with the aspects of group communication, distinguishing between social dominance and social influence. While communicative markers of dominance are quite prominent, and may even be observed through physical features and obvious behavioral markers, the markers of influence...
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The Effectiveness of Using the Content and Language Integrated Learning Approach to Enhance Cultural Awareness of Tourist Guidance and Museum Guidance Students

Galina V. Varakina, Elena V. Kulikova, Mikhail V. Yudin
The article deals with the problem of teaching art guides using the content and language integrated learning (CLIL) method. Taking into account the specifics of the taught competencies, the mentioned above method seems to be the most effective one. The authors prove that by means of CLIL students have...
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Mysticism as a Form of Knowledge and a Method of Communication

Dmitriy Utkin
This article devoted to the analysis of mysticism as a cultural phenomenon. The author considers mysticism as a form of non-traditional cultural knowledge in relation to everyday and scientific knowledge. The article also examines the role of mysticism and mystical experience in religious culture. As...
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Research on the Communication Effect of China Mobile Short Video News

Taking “Pear Video” in Sina Weibo as an Example

Ying Yang
“Pear Video”, established in 2016, has already been one of the most representative mobile short video news media in China. Its production model and concept have attracted great attention from Chinese scholars. This paper selects short video news published on the Weibo platform of “Pear Video” as the...
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Analysis on the Communication Strategy of Xi’an City Image in the New Media Environment

Minjing Wang
In the new media environment, the media’s communication subject, communication channels, and communication methods have all changed. In the process of building and disseminating the image of the city, Xi’an should change the previous top-down propaganda concept, make full use of the advantages of new...
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Research on the Chaos, Causes and Countermeasures of Information Dissemination in WeChat Moments

Pengfei Xu, Zeju Li
Moments is one of the functional units of WeChat, which has many functions such as sharing information, forwarding information, spreading information, commenting information and interactive communication, etc. The privacy nature of WeChat Moments and the lag of audit cause netizens’ communication chaos...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Chinese Courses in Local Colleges Against the Background of Online Courses

Jiahui Jiang
The development of online courses has brought challenges to Chinese teaching in local colleges, and has had a certain impact on the traditional teaching mode, teacher’s role awareness, and student participation. These challenges warn that local colleges and universities must increase the reform of Chinese...
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Symbol and Communication: Study on the Relationship Between Exhibition Activities and City Image and Its Application

Taking Hangzhou City as an Example

Gangqing He
Taking Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province as an example, this paper studies the communication characteristics in the process of city image formation from the perspective of urban exhibition activities. By investigating the core words of the city image of Hangzhou, the paper finds that during the historical...
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The China Review and Chinese Novel Studies

Xin Hu
The China Review is an English publication founded in Hong Kong in the late 19th century which covers literature, culture, history, society and other aspects of China. The paper explores the reviews and the research articles on Chinese novels published in The China Review so as to study the westerners’...
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Research on the External Communication of Grand Canal Culture in the Context of “the Belt and Road Initiative”: The Case of Zaozhuang Section

Yunfei Zhang
This paper discusses the current situation and analyzes the existing problems of the external communication of the Grand Canal culture in Zaozhuang, and then provides some suggestions on how to strengthen the external communication of the Grand Canal culture in Zaozhuang in the context of “the Belt and...
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Research on the Cultural and Tourism Cooperation Between Gansu Province and Russian-speaking Countries Along the Belt and Road

Exploration of Local Russian Language Talents Cultivation

Juan Zhang
Gansu province enjoys a very important geographical position along “the Belt and Road”, and its cooperation and communication with “Russian-speaking countries” are obviously strengthened in particular. However, the subsequent problem of lacking Russian language talents, especially compound ones, has...
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Analysis of the “Poetry Inscription” Written by Vietnamese Envoys

Yan Yan
Vietnamese envoys traveled between China and Vietnam, leaving precious documents recording about cultural exchanges. “Poetry Inscription” written by Vietnamese envoys was one of them, some of which had various forms, such as being written in fans, paintings, walls, stones, etc. It reflected the poetry...
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Study on the Design Features of “Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture” and Its Picture Book

Jie Zheng
In order to realize discourse communication, terms go first. In order to realize term planning, design goes first. The terminological project named “Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture” has displayed multifaceted traditional Chinese culture through channels such as online term bank, printed books...
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Research on the Paths of Chengdu-Chongqing Cultural Cooperation from the Perspective of Cultural Community

Shihong Wang, Yu Liu
Cultural exchange plays an important role in establishing Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and strengthening the new vitality of Chengdu-Chongqing development, and it is of great significance to explore how to promote Chengdu-Chongqing cultural exchange and cooperation from the perspective of cultural...
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Analysis of Strategies for Cross-Cultural Narration in BBC Chinese Theme Documentaries — A Case Study of Du Fu, China’s Greatest Poet

Wen Zhao
BBC Chinese theme documentaries view China from the other’s perspective and introduce China to the world. Since the target audiences are from different cultural backgrounds, documentary producers need to employ certain strategies to overcome linguistic, cultural and cognitive obstacles, thus ensuring...
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Research on the Status Quo of Tourism Foreign Translation of “Guan School” in Shaanxi from the Perspective of “the Belt and Road “

Xiaohui Zhang
As a branch of neo-Confucianism, “Guan school”, originated from Guanzhong region, Shaanxi province, occupies an important position in the history of Chinese philosophy. The research of the historic sites related “Guan school” can initiate better understanding of the thought and promote the economic development...
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Concept of the Name in the Tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” as an Element of the Cultural Code

Elena V. Kulikova, Svetlana Valentinovna Gerasimova
The article applies a new approach to the problem of the name concept in the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. It is shown that W. Shakespeare’s tragedy is considered in a context of medieval dispute of the realists and the nominalists discussing ratio of a name and essence. The authors proved that Juliette...
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Politeness, Language and Culture

Study of the Relativity of Politeness

Bei Gao, Wei Zhou, Wen Liu
Politeness is a universal phenomenon in human society. Yet people’s views on politeness vary from culture to culture. And the influential works concerning politeness written by Brown & Levinson and by Leech are criticized for having a “Western bias”. It is argued that there is no universal theory...
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Jan Assmann’s Concept of “Cultural Memory” and the Crisis of Multiculturalism

Vladimir V. Zhdanov
The paper is devoted to the concept of “cultural memory” by the famous modern German Egyptologist and cultural critic Jan Assmann. The relevance of the problem of cultural and historical continuity during the crisis of the ideals of globalism and multiculturalism is shown by the example of a number of...
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Research on the Inheritance and Innovation of Folk of “Doumen Water Wedding” in Zhuhai

Zhexin Liu
This paper conducts a comprehensive research on the inheritance and innovation methods of “Doumen Water Wedding”, and analyzes its existing problems and difficulties. It compares and fully draws on the successful experience of intangible cultural heritage inheritance in various regions through inquiries...
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Study on the “Taboo” Factors in “Chin Tömür, Warrior”

Nuerbiye Imin
The Uyghur folk Dastan is a long narrative poem with a long history. Its length is longer, and the content is spoken and sung. It is a narrative literary work formed by the combination of folk poetic language and prose language. There are a lot of folk taboos in the folk literature “Chin Tömür, Warrior”....
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The Conceptual Sphere of Red Square in the Poetry of Aleksandar Petrov

Dragana M. Ratković
Aleksandar Petrov, Serbian-Russian poet, novelist scholar and university professor, is a cosmopolitan rooted in two cultural traditions (Serbian and Russian). The conceptual sphere of HOMELAND assumes a special position in his poetry. The aim of this paper is to analyse the conceptual sphere of RED SQUARE,...
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Guangxi “Three Musketeers” and World Literature

Pengju Qin
Guangxi “Three Musketeers” (Dong Xi, Gui Zi, and Li Feng) were proposed by the famous literary critic Chen Xiaoming to praise the Guangxi troops in the literary world in 1997. These three writers’ creations have their own characteristics: Gui Zi writes the human world of desire, Dong Xi pierces the daily...
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Linguoculturological Aspects of Studying Serbian Heroic Epos in the Works of Russian Slavists of the First Half of the 19th Century

Elena A. Osipova
The present article focuses on some important facts concerning the development of Slavic studies in Russia in the first half of the 19th century. Within this context, the author of the article analyses the driving force behind the increased interest among the scientific community in studying Serbian...
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Semantic Characteristics of the Concept “Tosca” in Modern Russian Linguistic Culture

Yulia Pogrebnyak
In this article semantic components of the concept “tosca” are described as they are introduced in Internet statuses in contemporary Russian culture. The analysis of Internet statuses about tosca shows that the concept under consideration, being basic in contemporary Russian linguistic culture, has developed...
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Twin Archetype in Louise Erdrich’s Novels

Xiaoli Huang
Twin stories are central to American Indian mythology. Native American novelist Louise Erdrich has created the images of twins in several of her works. Taking the mythic twins Matchkwewis and Oshkikwe from the Anishinaabe tales and stories as an archetype, many of Erdrich’s novels, such as Tracks, Love...
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The Research of Cultural Impact of Japan on Changchun During the Manchukuo Period in China

Jing Huang, Qing Shen
The Manchukuo was a pseudo-government mainly established by the adherents of the Qing Dynasty after the Japanese occupied the three northeastern provinces after the September 18th Incident to divide China, and the Chinese government never recognized its legitimacy. Changchun was once identified as the...
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The Cultural Composition and Humanistic Trajectory in the History of Soochow City

Xinyi Zhang
This article starts from the retrospection of Soochow’s historical culture. From the collection and excavation of historical data on human history, it finds that the “Yuze Mountain” in Taihu Lake was the “Fishing Place” of “Shun”, and Soochow City was the fief of Xu, the second son of Zhou tribe’s first...
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Multi-Media Interaction and the Spread of Folklore

Taking Wu Song Legend as an Example

Tingting Jiang
Since the 20th century, the relationship between media and folk literature has become closer. Folk literature has been inherited and spread in the interaction of various media. Folk legend of “Water Margin” characters is a case in which the inheritance and dissemination are realized in this multi-media...
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A Comparative Study of Tibetan and English Auspicious Culture: Based on “The King Gesar” and “Homer’s Epic”

Daiqiong Liu
Auspicious culture refers to the collection of cultural representations related to auspicious concepts and auspicious consciousness. There are similar cultural concepts in the auspicious culture of ancient Tibetan cultural system and the ancient Greek cultural system, such as auspicious objects, languages,...
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Research on the Cross-cultural Communication Strategy of Li Ziqi’s Short Videos

Lin Zhang
This article takes Li Ziqi’s short video as a successful case of Chinese cultural short video, and analyzes the reasons why it attracts Chinese and foreign audiences from the perspective of cross-cultural communication. According to the research, the communication content of Li Ziqi’s short videos conforms...
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Discussion on the Cultural Implication and Social Humanity Function of Medical Terms in Doctor-Patient Communication

Wei Liu, Hongping Cheng, Wenjuan Lin
Based on the discussion of the pragmatic functions of medical terms, this paper examines the social humanity functions of medical terms in doctor-patient communication, explores the humanity meaning of medical terms themselves, gives full play to the due humanity value of medical terms, and promotes...
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Dreams in “Khun Chang Khun Paen” and Their Cultural Significance

Zhaoyang Duan
“Khun Chang Khun Paen” is a treasure of Thai classical literature. It is known as the “Best of Flat Rhythm Glenn Poetry” in Thailand. It is a true portrayal of Thai society from the middle of the Ayutthaya Dynasty to the early Bangkok Dynasty. It is also the “encyclopedia” of society at that time. The...
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Study on Children’s Hair Styles in Children-playing Picture of Cizhou Kiln in Song and Jin Dynasties

Mingyu Liu
The ceramics produced by Cizhou Kiln in the Song and Jin Dynasties are very diverse. Underglaze pottery and overglaze red and green pottery are distinctive products. Children-playing picture is one of the decorative themes of painted porcelain in Cizhou Kiln in the Song and Jin Dynasties, in which the...
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A Study on the Types of Stories of Edie, a Wit Character in Burma

Lifeng Wang
As an important part of Burmese folk literature, Burmese folklore is an important cultural heritage of Myanmar, which is of multiple research values. This paper analyzes the classification of the stories of Edie, a witty Burmese character, using the AT classification method which is commonly used in...
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Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture in the Glyph of Chinese Characters

Yanhong Zhou, Jing Ouyang, Guihua Luo
Chinese characters are ideographic characters. In the process of creation and development of Chinese characters, they are influenced by the culture of that time. Therefore, Chinese characters contain rich cultural information. The culture of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also has a certain influence...
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Illness Narrative in Doris Lessing’s The Diary of a Good Neighbour

Chen Su
The Diary of a Good Neighbour, a novel by Doris Lessing in 1983, reflects Lessing’s considerations on the motifs of aging, illness, social care, etc. In the form of dairy narrated by the first-person protagonist Jane Somers, this novel could also be regarded as an illness narrative encompassing Jane’s...
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A Study of Female Consciousness in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew

Yingchun Zhang
The Taming of the Shrew is an early play by William Shakespeare. The feminism and consciousness presented in this work are controversial, and the modern readers and drama critics have different opinions on it. This paper will take Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew as the main research object, focusing...
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Study on the Deviation of Women’s Liberation Writing in Zhao Shuli’s Works

Yan Long
As a writer who received the “new learning” education, Zhao Shuli was influenced by the spirit of the May 4th Movement, however, the women writing in his works in the 1940s was somewhat biased. As a writer in the liberated area, the women writing of Zhao Shuli was influenced by the cultural environment...
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Babbitt: A Novel of Initiation

Aoshuang Yang
The masterpiece of Sinclair Lewis Babbitt was the first novel in America that won the Nobel Prize. Although there are already a large amount of studies on the novel, most of them focused on the commercial culture it reflects. From the perspectives of archetype theory and initiation story, this paper...
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Therapeutic Reading on The Waste Land

Chao Dun, Yu Peng
T.S. Eliot regards mental illness as a crucial source of poetry creation and the purpose of writing poetry as catharsis of suppressed emotions and “grouse against life”, gaining relief from extreme miseries, instead of communicating with others. The thesis attempts to discuss the function of catharsis...
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Interpretations of the Phenomenon of the Honey-Trap Culture

Interpretation of Xi Shi and Diao Chan

Yanhai Bao
In the patriarchal society of ancient China, women were subordinate to men. Men sacrifice women to achieve their goals. Xi Shi in Huansha Ji and Diao Chan in Romance of the Three Kingdoms are the injured women in the Honey-trap. The reasons, process and results of the use of the Honey-trap well explain...
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Women Images in D. H. Lawrence’s Short Stories

Xinyu Yang
David Herbert Lawrence is an important British novelist in the twentieth century and is regard as a man of genius. His greatness lies not only in his exploration in the bisexual relationship, but more in his depiction of women images concerning their nature and future. His attitude towards women is always...
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Lawrence’s Pursuit of True Life in Sons and Lovers

Chao Dun
Sons and Lovers not only makes the fame for D. H. Lawrence himself, but also is a highly biographical novel. Many scholars attempt to interpret it from the Freudian psychoanalytical perspective and regard the novel as the portrayal of Oedipus love between mother and son. Yet, that does not speak the...
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The Problem of Love, Good and Evil in the Works of I.A. Bunin and L.D. Rzhevsky

Andrey A. Konovalov, Liudmila N. Mikheeva
The article expounds on the issues related to the philosophical and religious pursuits of Russian thinkers and writers on the cusp of the XIX-XX centuries. This leads to re-evaluation of values in philosophy, art, realization of the new role of an individual in the historical process. The authors consider...
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The Death of Septimus and Virginia Woolf’s Attitude Towards Rationality

Hengliang Zhang
This paper attempts to deeply explore the death of Septimus from the perspective of the opposition between humanitarianism and rationalism. Different from previous critics who attributed Septimus’s death to shell shock, this paper attempts to argue that Septimus, the symbol of humanitarianism, is forced...
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The Dialogue Strategy Between Left-wing Filmmakers and Film Audience in the 1930s — Focusing on the Construction of Audience by Film Critics of “Morning Paper·Daily Film”

Yilan Wang
In the 1930s, films became a tool for left-wing film critics to compete for the discourse power of films. This competition was not only directly reflected in the criticism of the film content, but also in the views of the audience. By specifying what viewing qualities the audience should have, left-wing...
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Study on Black Woman Spirituality in Alice Walker’s Everyday Use

Xinyu Yang
Alice Walker, a famous American black woman poet, novelist and prose writer in the 20th century, introduces “womanism”, a different concept from “feminism” to literature and sociology. Everyday Use is one of her short stories collected in In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women published in 1973....
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An Aesthetic Interpretation of Qinling’s Ecological Blend Features in Tang Poems

Yi Zhang
The Qinling Mountains are known as the dragon veins of China, and are also the central mountains that are geographically compatible with north and south, and run through the east and the west. Such natural geographic conditions determine the special ecology of the Qinling. The Qinling Mountains are located...