Proceedings of the International Conference on Law and Digitalization (ICLD 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Yang Chik Adam, Azwina Wati Binti Abdull Manaf
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Law and Digitalization 2022 (ICLD 2022) (mode: Virtual) during 25–27 July 2022 in Malacca, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Technical Committee and approved by the...
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Enforcement of OSH Regulations in Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sector: An Empirical Investigation

Jian Ai Yeow, Dennis W. K. Khong, Tee Suan Chin, Afandi Yusof
Workplace accidents and injuries especially manufacturing industries are in an alarming stage. Yearly, more than 2000 cases were reported to Department of Safety and Health in Malaysia. This study highlighted the needs of having enforcement of safety and health regulations in the manufacturing industry...
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Anti-food Waste Laws: A Comparative Analysis

Dennis W. K. Khong, Josephine H. L. Goh
In recent years, the problem of food waste has been gaining global attention, both in the public and private sectors. Indiscriminate dumping of an excessive amount of waste from farms, retail stores and consumer households have turned the earth into a global “garbage dump”. Although waste disposal is...
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Termination of Employment Due to Covid 19: Issue, Challenges and Countermeasures in Malaysia

Siti Marshita Binti Mahyut, Iryani Akmal Binti M. Bakri, Goh You Ngee, Kaausalya Rai Bt Mohd Izham, Sim Li Ying, Tay Ying Zhi
The purpose of this research regarding the termination of employees due to Covid-19 has convey us the reality of working world that has badly affected both employees and employer during this pandemic. This research focuses on the conditions of lawful termination, difference of termination between local...
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Post Covid Syndrome: Perspectives, Implications and Strategies for Affected Staff in Malaysia

Siti Marshita Binti Mahyut, Lee Xiang Yen, Onn Yu Xin, Tay Lee Wen, Shayne Louie Chin, Jazlan Syazwan Bin Andrian
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in unimaginable ways and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, the economy and the world of work. One of the most vulnerable and impacted groups during this pandemic are employees who suffer from Post-COVID Syndrome. The aim of this research...
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Data-Centric Analysis to Combat Cybercrime in Malaysia

Swee-Wei Tan, Kok-Why Ng, Shereen Khan, Olivia Swee-Leng Tan
One of the objectives of the National Policy on Industry 4.0 is to transform Malaysia’s industry capabilities in both a holistic and an accelerated manner and an integral component is the adoption of appropriate legislation against the misuse of ICTs for criminal purposes. These changes, it has become...
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Legal Issues with Real Estate in the Metaverse

Gita Radhakrishna
The word ‘meta’ gained prominence when the social media platform Facebook renamed itself ‘Meta Platforms, Inc.’ Originating from ancient Greek, the word means ‘beyond’ or to ‘transcend’ and was popularised in the 1990s by online gaming industry in games like ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. The term ‘metaverse’...
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Digital Era and Franchising Challenges in Malaysia: A Review

Wong Hua Siong, Azwina Wati Abdull Manaf, Norazuan Amiruddin
The World in moving to digital era and most of the industries and sectors are much rely on the e-tools to develop their business. Digital franchising is getting attention by franchisors and franchisees especially during the Covid-19 pandemic era. To use the available e-tools in franchise business, franchisors...
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Digitalisation of Judiciary in Malaysia: Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Sentencing Process

Hiral Sanghvi, Jovine See Wey Ling, Eng Siang Tay, Chee Ying Kuek
A large aspect of treating people fairly is ensuring the fairness or the measure of sentences passed. In Malaysia, judges have started to use, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in passing sentences for certain offences such as physical and sexual assault, theft, drug...
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Facial Recognition Technology in Malaysia: Concerns and Legal Issues

Shao Zheng Chong, Chee Ying Kuek
In this era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, facial recognition technology (FRT) has been increasingly deployed for policing, surveillance systems, security access control and other purposes. However, corresponding concerns have been raised particularly on the threat to the individual’s...
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Relevance of MySejahtera Application in Post-pandemic Era: Legal Regulations on Data Ownership and Privacy

Xi Xian Tong, Eng Siang Tay
MySejahtera application has been adopted by the Malaysian government since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. It is a digital tracing tool with functions, amongst others, to assist the government to monitor and control the spreading of the COVID-19 cases. Data ownership and privacy are...
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Zuckerberg’s Metaverse and the Unready Malaysian Laws: Quo Vadis?

Hafidz Hakimi Haron, Nadiah Arsat
The Metaverse is the post-reality world, where a persistent and perpetual environment converges digital virtuality with physical reality. The seamless user communication in dynamic and real-time interactions with digital artefacts has posed a new regulatory dilemma. With the recent introduction of Facebook’s...
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The Challenge of Customer Due Diligence to Financial Inclusion of Rural Communities in Malaysia

Eliya Hamizah Halim
This article critically examines the inter-relations between customer due diligence and financial exclusion. It focuses on the rural communities in Malaysia and their challenge to access basic banking services. The analysis subsequently discovered that a major factor leading to financial exclusion of...
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Rights of Online Peaceful Assembly in Malaysia

Gary Kit Min Ng, Joanne En Ling Lau, Francesca Nyuk Oi Chin, Eng Siang Tay
In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Malaysia imposed the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) in order to contain and restrain the spread of the virus. Even with the recent announcement that Malaysia is moving towards the endemic phase, life would never be the same as how it was in the pre-COVID era. As a result...
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Digital Era Education: Re-evaluating Children’s Rights to the Internet

Nurul Hidayat Ab Rahman, Nazura Abdul Manap
The world has passed the era of the conventional teaching method, which refers to eye-to-eye interaction where education is delivered through recitation and memorization techniques. These days, instead of passively receiving information and replicating it during assessments, students are involved in...