Proceedings of the International Conference on Language, Education, and Social Science (ICLESS 2022)

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Barotun Mabaroh, Maya Rayungsari, Badriyah Wulandari, Dewi Nurmalitasari, Diah Anita Pusparini, Ani Afifah
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICLESS during August 22nd, 2022 online by Zoom Meeting. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the International Scientists Committee and the Editorial and Publication Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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An Analysis of Writing Errors Made by the First Semester Students of Management Program at ITB Widya Gama Lumajang

Achmad Kifi
Grammar obviously has the main role in learning a foreign language because it is the way to construct the sentences correctly. It seems that the grammar is quite difficult to learn because of the differences of rule system between the first language (Indonesian) and the second one (English). It is used...
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Thomas Lickona and Yusuf Qardhawi: Creating Value for Character Education Through Narrative

Akmal Rijal, Aceng Kosasih, Encep Syarief Nurdin
Character issues are the most important issues in human life, so character education that emphasizes the ethical dimension of religion becomes relevant to apply. The author uses the concept of the ideas of Thomas Lickona and the idea of character education according to Yusuf Qardhawi so that it is hoped...
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Utilizing Outstanding Universal Values of Subak to Design a Green Textbook for English Learning

(A Preliminary Study)

I. Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, Sang Putu Kaler Surata, I. Gusti Ayu Diah Yuniti
This study attempts to identify the potential of utilizing the Outstanding Universal Values (OUVs) of Subak through a qualitative study involving teachers and students in primary and secondary education. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were conducted to dig deeper into the individual...
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Podsen’s Writing Attitude Survey: How Reliable is the Scale in Bahasa Indonesia?

Lestari Setyowati, Sony Sukmawan, Sari Karmina
It’s crucial to approach writing with positivity. Students who approach writing in a positive way will complete the writing task well. However, little study has been done to examine the validity of the writing attitude scale. This study aims to examine the validity of the writing attitude scale that...
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Multimodal Approach to Poetry Learning for Students of Indonesia Language and Literature Education Program

Moh. Arif Susanto, Setya Yuwana, Udjang Pairin, Darni, Suhartono
It is very important to apply a multimodal approach to learning in an era of Smart Society 5.0 and Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka to increase the level of knowledge and skills to bring up innovation in learning outcomes. This study aims to answer how a multimodal approach is applied in poetry learning....
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The Students’ Perception of Learning English Anxiety

Ninik Suryatiningsih, Sugeng Pradikto
This paper wanted to know about Students’ perception in the Economic Education Study Program of their learning English Anxiety. Learning English, especially speaking skills is challenging for students who join the English subject in the fourth semester. This study focuses on the level, the factors, and...
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YouTube as an Innovation for Tembang Macapat Learning Media

Teguh Wahyudiono, Mulyanto, Slamet Supriyadi
This study is motivated by the fact that students of the karawitan arts study program at the Mangkunegaran Art Academy in Surakarta for the academic year 2021/2022 the difficulty understanding the various forms of cengkok and gregel in tembang macapat taught by the lecturer. This is because the vast...
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A Text Analysis on Joko Widodo’s Speech Text on Pancasila Day of 1st June

Widya Fattah Almis
This study aims to provide a critical discourse analysis of the text of the president’s speech as it was delivered by Ir. H. Joko Widodo, the seventh president of the Republic of Indonesia, and was taken from the website of the Indonesian Republic Secretariat Cabinet. A descriptive qualitative approach...
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A Systemic Literature Review of Translator’s Style in Translation Studies

Yajie Li, Muhammad Alif Redzuan bin Abdullah, Ling Yann Wong
The translator’s voice proposed by Hermans doubted the traditional view of the invisibility of the translator in the translation product. Then, Baker’s combination of stylometric methods and corpus-based approaches made studying the translator’s style possible. However, there is still no agreed-upon...
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Education Paradigm for Happiness Ki Hajar Dewantara’s Philosophical Analysis

Ana Dhaoud Daroin, Diva Aprilya
This study aims to find out Ki Hajar Dewantara’s philosophy in creating an educational paradigm for happiness and its relation to the independent learning curriculum currently used in education units from elementary to tertiary levels. This type of research is qualitative with a descriptive approach...
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Commognition Framework: Types of Students’ Difficulty in Solving Fractional Task

Andika Setyo Budi Lestari, Nonik Indrawatiningsih, Ani Afifah, Supriyo
The fraction is substantial material because it supports understanding the concepts of other mathematical materials and is used in daily life. However, many students have a weak ability to find a solution to fraction tasks. Also, the specific researches focused on fraction issue based on commognition...
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The “Google Sites” as a Model Learning Start with a Question (LSQ) for the Students’ Questioning in Civics Department

Ayu Maya Damayanti, Daryono, Muhammad Fariz Dwitanto
This research aims to determine the benefits of using the Learning Start with a Question model by utilizing Google site for learning questioning skills. Currently, people need to do digital-based learning as educators according to the demands of the times, so this research needs to be done to measure...
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Self-efficacy of Elementary School Teachers on Numerical Literacy

Mu’jizatin Fadiana, Ifa S. R. Widiyanti, Sri Cacik, Afifatun Nikmah
One of the instruments used in the National Assessment in Indonesia is the Minimum Competency Assessment (MCA). In MCA, two types of competencies are measured, one of which is numerical literacy. In the process of developing numerical literacy skills for students, one of the determining factors is the...
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The Development of Electronic Problem Based Learning (E-PBL) Method in Entrepreneurship Course

Munawaroh, Nanik Sri Setyani, Lina Susilowati
The purpose of this research was to develop a CTL learning approach based on the electronic problem-based learning (E-PBL) method for students of the Economic Education Department of STKIP PGRI Jombang, which can improve students’ motivation, life skills, and problem-solving abilities. This study was...
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The Effect of Digital Business Mastery to the Students’ Interest in Digital Business at Darullugghah Wadda’wah Islamic Institute

Nunuk Indarti, Dies Nurhayati
The purpose of this study is to find out whether the mastery of digital business knowledge has an effect on the interest of students in doing digital business. The chosen research sample is students of islamic economics study batch 2020–2021 from Islamic Boarding School Darullughah Wadda’wah Bangil Pasuruan....
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Implementing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as Teaching Innovation for Islamic Religious Education (IRE): A Study on Student’s Perception

Titis Thoriquttyas, Nur Faizin, Nur Ahsin
This study aims to measure student perceptions regarding the use of Islamic Religious Education (IRE) learning innovations through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In simple terms, NLP is oriented to four principles of expertise, namely self-skills, systemic thinking skills, relational skills and...
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Enhancing Teacher Performance Through Academic Supervision and Self Efficacy

Virgana Virgana, Merry Lapasau, Soeparlan Kasyadi, Apriani Riyanti, Megawati Megawati
The task of the school principal is to carry out and monitor the educational process at the level of academic units, that is, through supervision; academic supervision is a means of promoting the professionalism of teachers. This study is a statistical analysis survey that uses trajectory analysis, which...
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Students’ Perception in Adopting, Adapting, and Adjusting Subject Matter Toward Blended Learning Class

Yudi Hari Rayanto
Since the aim of the research was to find out the student’s perception in adopting, adapting, and adjusting the subject matter toward blended learning class, moreover the researcher used mixed methods to make clearer the result of the research. Mixed methods here mean the researcher used quantitative...
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Interdependence of Human Resource Management Aspects to Strengthen Market Orientation at Tourism Industry SMEs

Adya Hermawati, Abimanyu Tuwuh Sembhodo
The objective of this research is to analyze the interdependence of human resource management aspects for the strengthening of Market Orientation. The subject of research is tourism industry SMEs in East Java Province. Hypothesis test is conducted with multiple regression tests. Data processing is carried...
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Criteria for Evaluation of the Implementation of Mutation and Promotion of State Civil Apparatus in Bulukumba Regency, Indonesia

Andi Meuthia AM., Muh. Akmal Ibrahim, Muhammad Yunus
The implementation of mutations for employees in each agency is an effort in the process of providing guidance and development for these employees. In addition to improving employee performance, another purpose of the transfer is to eliminate boredom with the tasks and work assigned to him and to provide...
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Drug Administration and Nursing Services: The Perspective of Families and Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Bina Melvia Girsang, Eqlima Elfira, Pretty Angel Artika Sirait
Drug administration is a form of pharmacist-to-nurse delegation that takes up approximately 40% of a nurse’s time, including administration, documentation, administration, and monitoring. The purpose of this study was to examine the experience of caregiver drug administration in patients and their families....
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Management of Community Participation Through Education Based on Religio-Cultural Approaches for Ecotourism Development in Bantar Kulon, Lebakbarang District, Pekalongan Regency

Halim Ahmad, Tri Retnaningsih Soeprabowati, Hartuti Purnaweni
Bantar Kulon is one of the villages in the Lebakbarang District, Pekalongan Regency, which is geographically located in a mountainous area called the North Serayu Mountains and is designated as a Regional Tourism Development Area (KPPD) with an eco-tourism image based on the Regional Tourism Development...
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Public Relations Practitioner’s Adaptation in the Big Data Era in Makassar City

Indriani Dewi Resky Ananda, Muh. Iqbal Sultan, Sudirman Karnay
This study aims to identify public relations practitioners’ adaptation in the big data era in Makassar City. It used the descriptive qualitative method. Data were collected from in-depth interviews, observation, documentation, and relevant journals and media information. Data were analyzed based on the...
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Democratic Participation of Blitar Regency Citizens Perception and Motivation of Blitar Regency Voters in 2020 Regional Head Election

Minto Santoso
Democratic participation is a must and an important part for every citizen as the holder of sovereignty of a republic. The high level of democratic participation shows that the community is sensitive to any existing political problems and has a desire to be involved in decision making. The high participation...
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Revisiting Religious Moderation in Indonesia Idealism, Trending Research, and Challenge in Digital Era

Moh. Ali Aziz
This research was aimed at revisiting religious moderation in Indonesia related to idealism, trending research on it, and the challenges in the digital era. This research used qualitative-textual approach based on Murray Edelman’s framing analysis and content analysis. The present research resulted three...
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Promotion Management for Civil Servants at the Makasar City Secretariat

Muh. Aswar Darwis, Muhammad Yunus, Hasniati
Promotion is part of the management of the State Civil Apparatus promotion is defined as the process of increasing a person’s class, rank, or position at a better level and is part of the career planning process. The approach used is qualitative. Data were obtained through direct field observations,...
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Positive Politeness Strategy on Directive Action of Moderator Talk Show Rosi Towards Pro and Contra Speakers

Nurul Aini, Djatmika, Sumarlam, Diah Kristina
The purpose of the research is to classify the sub-strategy of positive politeness by moderator to pro and contra speakers using Brown & Levinson’s theory. This paper studied about what is the directive sub-speech acts used by the moderator in guiding debate programs and what is the sub-strategy...
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Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit Through a Project to Strengthen the Profile of Pancasila Students

Nurus Sobakh, Etta Mamang Sangadji, Putri Ayu Anisatus Shalikha
In today’s uncertain times, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit through co-curricula learning activities for high school students as a provision to live independently is very necessary. Learning loss and the decrease in students’ motivation to carry out learning offline is the impact of distance learning....
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Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Self-efficacy and Financial Attitudes to Improve the Financial Well-Being of MSMEs

Puji Handayati, Nurika Restuningdyah, Ratnawati, Meldona
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) had a significant role to the Indonesian economy. The existence of MSMEs is believed to be able to contribute to efforts to alleviate poverty through job creation. In the financial sector, MSMEs are said to be successful and achieve happiness if they have...
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The Effect of Innovation and Promotion on the Performance of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Zainal Abidin
This study examines the effects of innovation and promotion on business performance in South Sulawesi’s Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs). The research design is explanatory research with quantitative methods. This research is located in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The object...