Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Literature, and Education (ICLLE 2020)

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Sarcasm and Cynicism in Political Discourse on the 2017 DKI Jakarta Regional Election on Social Media

Afifah Utami Firmansyah, Agustina, Tressyalina
The tight political competition in the 2017 DKI Jakarta Election left a negative impact in terms of language use, especially ones in social media. With the basis of Semantic-Pragmatic theory and the use of descriptive-qualitative data analysis method, it was discovered the fact that in term of discussing...
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As The Tree, So The Fruit: Textual Relations on Democratic Discourses in West Sumatra

Agustina, Muhammad Adek
This article is part of a series of researches on the critical discourse analysis (CDA) on democracy practices in West Sumatra. Then, the discussion in this study focussed on textual relations between discourses related to the enforcement of democracy in West Sumatra in the 2016 accounting year. To find...
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Light and Shadow in Hate-Speech Cases: A Forensic Linguistics

Agustina, Nurizzati, Siti Ainim, Muhammad Adek, Awliya Rahmi
Digital democracy has produced a wave of political activism led by a number of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). However, this activity began to face a serious challenges following the issuance of the Information and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE) which is considered a silencing weapon for freedom of expression...
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That Unjust God: Critical Discourse Analysis on the Violations of Religious Freedom

Agustina, Muhammad Adek
West Sumatra is believed to have been hit by a crisis of religious freedom and intolerance in recent years. Thus, this paper aimed to reveal the portrait of democracy violations committed by the local government in West Sumatra focused on religious freedom. The critical discourse analysis methodology...
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Representative Speech Acts of People With Multiple Aphasia (Case Study on Khairudin)

Cici Nurfauzianah Has
This study was assesed based on representative speech acts. The purpose of this study was to obtain factual data on representative speech acts spoken by Khairudin, aged 60 years, and diagnosed with multiple aphasia since 2018. This study used a qualitative type with descriptive methods, and used data...
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An Analysis of Speech Acts on Headlines Medan Newspaper

Desri Wiana, Ade Irma Khairani
This research entitled “An Analysis of Speech Acts on Headlines Medan Newspaper”. The object of this research focused on sentences containing speech acts on the headlines of Waspada Newspaper edited from May-July 2020. The purposes of this study were to determine the speech acts types and the pragmatic...
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Realization of Criticism in Political Discourse and Its Impact on Advance Threats and Polite Language

Erizal Gani, Agustina, Yasnur Asri, Liza Halimatul Humaira
The political constellation in the last few years has left a problem in the enforcement of democracy in the country. This is due to the fact that the discourse in the political space takes place in a tight and harsh competitive form that creates conflict in the community. Democratic parties such as Pilkada,...
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Use of Repetition Language Style For the Effectiveness of Communication Ustaz/Ustazah in Indonesia

Ermanto, Novia Juita, David Syasli
Ustaz are religious figures who exist as preachers through lectures or sermons. Ustazs using’s language in a lecture to convey information, guidance, direction and advice to the public is based on the Quran and Hadith. Lectures of 8 ustazs and 1 ustazah became the subject of research, and the style of...
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Power of Language Style Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah Based on Sentence Structure

Fathia Roifah
This study serves to determine the style of language used by Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah in the lectures he delivered. This study uses theories from Gorys Keraf. The data in this study are in the form of utterances delivered by Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah from a video titled The attitude of a Muslim...
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The Use of Artificial Language in the Family of Cendana Mata Air Padang

Ibnu Sultan, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This research aimed to observe the use of artificial language in the family of Rina Kurnia, a resident of the Cendana Mata Air Padang housing complex. The language used by this family seems unique because only this family uses artificial language. Meanwhile, their neighbors do not understand the meaning...
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Sarcasm in Deddy Cobuzier’s Vlog

Indah Rahma Fitri, Amril Amir
Sarcasm is the most talked about discussion this year. Sarcasm is widely found on social media, one of which is YouTube. Deddy Cobuzier has a YouTube account with 10.8 million subscribers. One of the videos of Deddy Cobuzier with Indro Warkop titled ‘Ada Loh, Manusia2 Indonesia Yg Gak Punya Otak (Indro...
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Events of Persuasive Speech in the Interview of Sandiaga Uno

Indra Kurniawan, Harris Effendi Thahar, Yasnur Asri
This study discusses the use of persuasive speech forms in Sandiaga Uno’s interviews. The purpose of this study is to reveal the use of persuasive speech forms in Sandiaga Uno’s interviews. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive methods. Descriptive means that research is carried...
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Comparison of Transformation Language Style and the Aesthetic Forms in Translation Song Lyrics

Jennyfer Puji Lestari Woi
This paper examined the song lyrics “Only Rindu” by Andmesh and “Just Misssing You” by Emma Heesters, by using a comparative approach to literary translation. This research seeks more specifically at the changes in language style found in translated lyrics. The results found are 1) transformation of...
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The Imperative Politeness in a Keluarga Cemara Film by Yandy Laurens

Kharisma Thahira, Ermanto, Tressyalina
This study aims to describe the pragmatic form of imperative politeness as well as to describe the principle of imperative politeness used in a Keluarga Cemara film by Yandy Laurens. This research is a qualitative research with a descriptive design. The object of this study is the speech of a character...
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Politeness of Commanding Speech Act in Indonesian by Senior High School Students

Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Abdurahman, Zikra Utari, Tia Alfioda, Ibnu Sulton
Each age group lives and develops according to their respective psychological and social development stages which influence their language attitudes and behavior. The purpose of this study was to explain the value of speech act strategy politeness in speech acts commanding according to the younger generation...
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The Lexicogrammatical Performance by Female Legislative (DPRD) Members of West Sumatra in Communicating Via Social Media

Novia Juita, Ermanto
This paper is one of the outputs of research on the Performance of Grammatically and Communication Politeness Politicians of Indonesian Women on Social Media. Political figures discussed specifically are only for women members of the legislature (DPRD). For this paper, it is limited to discuss only the...
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The Principles of Cooperation and Politeness In Zulkifli Muhamad Ali’s Sermon

Siti Nur Farahin, Ermanto
This paper tries to explain and analyze the principles of cooperation and politeness in Ustaz Zulkifli Muhamad Ali’s religious lectures. The purpose of this research is to explain the speech form of Usyaz Zulkifli Muhamad Ali based on the Grice cooperation principle and the Leech politeness principle....
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The Realization of Anis Baswedan’s Cooperation Principles in Mata Najwa Program

Wati Oftensis, Harris Effendi Thahar, Novia Juita
This research is motivated by the realization of the principle of collaboration in Anis Baswedan’s speech in the Mata Najwa program. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The object of this research is a speech delivered by Anis Baswedan. The research data source is in the form of a youtube...
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Persuasive Speech of Karni Ilyas in the Indonesia Lawyers Club Program

Widya Edriana, Harris Effendi Thahar, Erizal Gani
This research discusses the use of Karni Ilyas’ persuasive speech in the Indonesia Lawyers Club. The purpose of this study is to reveal the use of Karni Ilyas’ persuasive speech in the Indonesia Lawyers Club. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive methods. Descriptive means that...
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The Level of Politeness in Indonesian Speech Act for Madrasah Aliyah Students in Multi-Ethnic Context

Zikra Utari, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Amril Amir
Polite language that applies in certain societies, but does not apply or is not suitable for other communities. The purpose of this study was to formulate a view on the level of courtesy of directive instructed speech acts by using certain speech strategies for Madrasah Aliyah students of their respective...
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Women’s Objectification in Tanah Tabu and Cantik Itu Luka

Agnesi Dianti, Yasnur Asri
This research was motivated by the phenomenon of woman objectification in the public life as outlined in a literary work in the form of a novel. This study aims to describe and explain the various forms of objectification experienced by women in the novel Tanah Tabu by Anindita S Thayf and the novel...
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Portrait of Women’s Struggles Towards Domination of Patriarchal Culture in Cantik Itu Luka and Kalatidha

Ari Fitria, Yasnur Asri
This article was written aimed at describing the forms of women’s struggle, the causes and impacts in the novel Cantik Itu Luka Karya Eka Kurniawan and the Kalatidha Novel by Seno Gumira Ajidarma. This type of research is qualitative with content analysis techniques. The approach taken in this research...
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Representation of Domestic Violence (KDRT) in La Barka: A Sociology of Literature

Cindya Apriani, Yenni Hayati
This paper tries to explain and analyse how the domestic violence of women in the La Barka’s novel by NH. Dini. The data in this study were taken from the La Barka’s novel by NH. Dini. Data were discussed by using sociology theory of literature and analyzed with the content analysis method. Based on...
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Sumbang Duo Baleh: Education-Valued Expression for Minangkabau Women

Erizal Gani
This paper discusses issues related to traditional expressions used by the Minangkabau people in educating their women. The expression is sumbang duo baleh. which is an expression that are loaded with the values of local content education. The emphasis is on women, because the problem of women with all...
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Text of Oral Tradition of Lullaby Songs Mainland Region of the Minangkabau Collective: Format, Content, and Functions

WS Hasanuddin, Emidar, Zulfadhli
This research article contains a discussion of the study of the format, content, and function of the oral tradition text of the lullaby songs mainland region of the Minangkabau collective. The Minangkabau collective mainland region is represented by three main custom areas, namely Luhak Tanah Datar,...
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Wabi-Sabi and Aesthetic of Love in Lang Leav’s Love and Misadventure

Muhammad Adek, Nesa Riska Pangesti, Asmawati
The appearance of poetry in the media Instagram (Instapoetry) in recent years has changed the world of poetry to become more attractive to readers. However, some experts still criticize this genre of poetry, especially its lack of craftsmanship and substance aspects. Based on the above problems, this...
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The Covid 19 in the Literature Work

Muhammad Ismail Nasution, Nursaid, Andria Catri Thamsin
The world is currently disaster in be stricken. The corona virus which was discovered in 2019 - termed Covid 19-- is currently endemic and is eyeing living things on the surface of the earth. Every country, especially the Indonesian government, strives to take various countermeasures so that people do...
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Women in Shackles: The Space of Privacy in Cinta Suci Zahrana

Nesa Riska Pangesti, Dadi Satria, Giya Anggraini
Privacy space is something that most people do not pay attention to, especially the privacy space in life choices. There is a boundary that women have as individuals that must be obeyed and not simply breached by others. These privacy spaces manifest in the fields of education, work and marriage. Women...
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Domestic Violence Against Women in Isinga: Roman Papua Novel by Dorothea Rosa Herliany

Reno Mardhatillah Sabrina, Yenni Hayati
This study aimed at finding out domestic violence against women in Indonesia, especially as reflected in the novel Isinga written by Dorothea Rosa Herliany. The violence as a form of discrimination against women due to the influence of patriarchal culture, norms and customs is still abundant. Women are...
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Deconstruction of Myth of Beauty and Its Resistance in Ayu Utami’s Lalita and Maya

Wahyu Puspita Sari, Yasnur Asri, Yenni Hayati, Nesa Riska Pangesti
Beauty myths prevailing in society are generally dominated by perfect physical depictions through the eyes of men. However, other meanings can be presented to the beauty myth with the deconstruction method. This study aimed to deconstruct the beauty myths contained in the novel Lalita and Maya by Ayu...
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Representation of Beauty in Ayu Utami’s Novels: Wolfian’s Beauty Myth Perspective

Yasnur Asri, Yenni Hayati, Nesa Riska Pangesti
This paper aimed to uncover the myths of beauty that are portrayed by female writers in her works. The novel that was used as the object of this research is Ayu Utami’s Maya and Lalita. The method applied to analyze these novels is descriptive-qualitative method. The qualitative data used in this study...
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Contesting the Patriarchal Authority: Portrait of Millennial Women in the Indonesian Novel

Yasnur Asri, Ermawati Arief
This study aimed to describe and analyze the claim of millennial women against the patriarchal authority represented in the Indonesian novels. To achieve this goal, this study applied descriptive-qualitative research using feminist methods. The data of this study are in the form of phrases, words and...
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Spirituality in Poetry Sidi Djamadi Customary and Religious Harmonization in the Minangkabau Community

Yosi Wulandari, Fitri Merawati
Malay culture is one of the ethnic groups known to have a literary repertoire with its characteristics. Poetry is a literary product that is quite widely written there. Syair Sidi Djamadi is one of the archipelago poetry originating from Minangkabau and written by a scholar. The exciting thing about...
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Structural and Thematic Characteristics of the Latest Popular Indonesian Novels

Zulfadhli, Muhammad Ismail Nasution
This article contains a discussion of the structural and thematic characteristics in the latest popular Indonesian novels. The objectives of this study are to: 1) describe the structural characteristics of the latest Indonesian popular novels; 2) describe the thematic of the latest Indonesian pouler...
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Popular Cultures in Novel Ketua Kelas VS Perusuh Kelas by Rainniya

Zulfadhli, Muhammad Ismail Nasution
This research aims to describe the forms of popular culture in the novel of Ketua Kelas VS Perusuh Kelas by Rainniya. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive methods. Data were analyzed using the theory of literary sociology. In literary sociology, literary works can be considered as...
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The Effect of Mastery Reading Strategies Towards Reading Text Skilss in Higher Education

Amril Amir
The aim of this study was to describe and to analyze the effect of reading strategies toward students’ reading text skill. This study used the quantitative method with the descriptive correlational design. The population was 250 students who attended Bahasa Indonesia subject in all Higher Education,...
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Contribution of Vocabulary Mastery on News Writing Skill

Dewi Anggraini
This research is motivated by the results of observations during journalism lectures. When writing news, vocabulary mastery is required. Mastery of vocabulary is important in writing skills, including writing news. In fact, it is not yet known the level of contribution of vocabulary mastery to news writing...
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Model of Perception and Critical Language Style of Academic Community at University of Bengkulu During Coronavirus Disease (COVID) 19 Epidemic to Realize the Freedom of Learning

Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana, Dewi Kusumaningsih, Anggun Citra Sari Dewi
The multifaser crisis has an impact on education in Indonesia, this is due to the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) epidemic. However, the innovation and creativity of the academic community at Bengkulu University are extraordinary. The purpose of this study was to illustrate the model of language and...
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Instilling Positive Characters in Students Using Folker in the Macromedia Application

Elfia Sukma, Vivi Putri Azrianti
The purpose of this study was to be able to instill positive character in students through folklore using the Macromedia Flash application. The method used is the 4D development model (define, design, development and deseminate). The subjects of this study were elementary school teachers and 48 Ganting...
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Performance of Writing Rhetoric in Student Thesis Indonesian Language and Literature Education Departement Universitas Negeri Padang

Ena Noveria, Tressyalina, Ermawati Arief
The research objective is to obtain a description of: written rhetoric in terms of paragraph development, which includes (1) written rhetoric in terms of developing the deductive paragraph used, (2 written rhetoric in terms of developing inductive paragraphs used (3) written rhetoric reviewed in terms...
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The Contribution of Interest in Reading and Vocabulary: Mastery on Writing Skills of Observation Results Reports Text for Grade 10th Students SMA Negeri of Pasaman Regency

Erma Novita, Ermanto, Novia Juita
Abstract in this paper tries to see the contribution of interest in reading and vocabulary mastery on writing skills of observation results reports text from grade 10th students SMA Negeri of Pasaman regency. The type of this research is quantitative with descriptive methods by using correlational research...
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Honest Character Differences of Students Before and After Learned With the Model Intelligent Character Learning

Famahato Lase, Herman Nirwana, Neviyarni, Marjohan
The purpose of this study was to reveal the differences in honest characteristics of students before and after being taught with the intelligent character learning model, using an experimental approach to the one-group pretest-posttest design method. Subjects, samples, and sources of research data were...
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Student Writers’ Academic Essay Writing Problems: Students’ and Teachers’ Responses

Mohamad Hafrison
This study was aimed at investigating the student writers’ problems in writing academic essay viewed from students and teachers. The rational is that the ability to write academic essays benefits students at Indonesian Language of Education, Universitas Negeri Padang for academic and career needs as...
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“Alam Takambang Jadikan Guru” (AJTG) Learning Model of Budaya Alam Minangkabau (BAM)

M Sayuti
This research aim to analyze and describe the implementation of the ATJG-based BAM learning made a teacher in SMP Kota Padang and also Developing the ATJG-based BAM learning model in SMP Kota Padang. This study used experimental research with a model development approach. Analysis of research data was...
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Development of Indonesian Language Learning Devices Using Interactive Multimedia In Middle School

Novelti, Erpidawati
Ideally the implementation of learning in the classroom will be better with the rapid development of science and technology at this time. The implementation of learning Indonesian language in SMP Negeri 3 Padangpanjang is not as it should be, because the teacher has not used media that can attract students’...
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Prototypes of Values of Independent and Patriotism in Minangkabau Kaba Text Manuscript and Drama Texts from Classic Kaba: Study of Local Wisdom for Establishing Young Generation Character

Nurizzati, M. Ismail Nasution
This paper was motivated by the lack of independent, patriotism, and other characteristics of the younger generation, especially the Minangkabau generation in recent decades. Despite the fact that, there are not many Minangkabau greats who are able to provide any example. Suggestions that can ignite...
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Analysis of Needs Of E-LKPD Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) in Linear Learning for Exposition Text Materials

Qurrata Ayuni, Tressyalina
This study aims to determine the need for CTL-based E-LKPD in online learning on exposition text material. This research uses interview and survey methods. Interviews were conducted with junior high school teachers about learning problems, curriculum analysis, analysis of learning resources. The next...
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The Importance of the Student Worksheets of Electronic (E-LKPD) Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) in Learning to Write Description Text during Pandemic COVID-19

Rosa Andria Syafitri, Tressyalina
To confront of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided to impose online learning. This makes teachers need to use proper, effective, and efficient teaching materials. One of them is to update the student’s worksheet (LKPD) into the form of an electronic Learners ‘ worksheet (E-LKPD). This research...
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Analysis of the Formation of Terms Related to Covid-19 as Lecture Material Diction in General Bahasa Indonesia Courses

Siti Hamidah, Welsi Damayanti
The Government of Indonesia gave rise to various policies to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. These policies are socialized to the public through the term. Responding to the terminology phenomenon related to Covid-19 is interesting because there are processes and results of creating language....
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Students’ Strategies in Writing Narrative Text at Grade XI IPS 3 at SMAN 9 Padang

Soffie Molyaty
Writing task is a difficult task for students. In order to face this problem, thestudens must have strategies. There are some strategies in writing narrative text. They are: pre-writing strategies, whilst-writing strategies and post- writing strategies. These strategies can help students in making a...
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The Art of Speaking in the Traditional Expression of Kerinci Community as a Source of Moral Values for Character Education

Sovia Wulandari, Mahdi Bahar
The Kerinci language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia that still lives and develops in the Kerinci community. The Kerinci community also uses language as a social control for their people, which is expressed in the form of expressions. The purpose of this study is to describe the traditional...
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Needs Analysis of Tolerance-Based Text Material on MPK Students at Sriwijaya University

Sri Utami
The needs of multicultural-based text teaching material that can have an impact on changing a negative profile into a positive profile of tolerance attitude for students. This study uses Research and Development method, that refers to Jolly and Ballitho and Borg and Gall theories. The research data are...
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Improving Students’ Writing Skill of Narrative Text by Using Think-Pair-Share Technique at Grade X.13 SMAN 5 Bukittinggi

Sridiana Elfia
The purpose of this research are; first to explain how Think-Pair-Share Technique can improve students’ writing skill. Second, it is to find out the factors that influence the changes of students’ writing skill of Narrative text at Grade X.13 academic year 2015/2016 of SMAN 5 Bukittinggi through the...
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The Development of Fabel Text Teaching Materials Based on Local Wisdom as Learning Scaffolding

Suherli Kusmana, Tri Pujiatna, Yusida Gloriani
This study aims to overcome the limitations of instructional materials oriented to local wisdom as character education and utilize learning technology. One of the materials that can be used to implement character education in Indonesian language lessons in junior high schools is animal story text or...
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Implementation Politeness in Talk Show “Quality of Education in the Middle of Pandemy” For Learning Speech Skills In Schools

Tiara Dwi Permana, Tressyalina
Forms of politeness in various kinds of talk shows that can be used for learning activities at school, one aspect of speaking akills. The research objective describes the principles of politeness on talk shows on metro TV and is implemented for learning speaking skills in schools, especially learning...
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E-Book as a Learning Resource for Indonesian Language in the New Normal Era

Tressyalina, Ena Noveria, Ermawati Arief, Titi Istigfara, Serly Agustia
Outbreaks of Covid-19 have a major influence on aspects of human life, not least in terms of education, especially in Indonesian. This is evident from the policies taken by the government to continue to run the education process in the new normal era. In this regard, this article aims as an alternative...
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The Effect of the Use of Mind-Map-Based Quantum Learning Models and Reading Interest on Argumentation Writing Skills for High School Students

Widia Hasanah, Syahrul Ramadan, Yasnur Asri
Abstract-This study aims to determine the effect of using mind-based quantum learning models and reading interest in argumentation writing skills of class X students of SMA 1 Linggo Sari Baganti. The theory used in this study is a quantum learning model based on mind maps, reading interest, and writing...
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Digital Comics of Minangkabau Folklore as Learning Media of Character-Building in Middle School

Yenni Hayati, Yulianti Rasyid, Malta Nelisa
This paper is part of the research which is motivated by the importance of character education in schools, especially junior high level. The initial assumption is that junior high school students are at a tumultuous age in the process of finding self-identity, thus, they are easily influenced by visual...
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Curriculum Development of Library and Information Science Study Program in 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era

Elva Rahmah, Marlini
The existence of the Library and Information Science Study Program is expected to be able to meet the need for library professionals, who are can answer the challenges of librarian competence in 4.0. industrial revolution era. The curriculum is expected to meet the needs of librarians for the government,...
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Level of Cultural Self-Efficacy of Academic Librarians and Associated Socio-demographic Factors at the Library of Universitas Negeri Padang

Jeihan Nabila, Habiburrahman
This study aims to measure the cultural competence of Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) librarians and determine the sociodemographic factors that influence their cultural competencies. We use the self-efficacy paradigm to find out cultural competence in this study and adopt Cultural Self-Efficacy Scale...