Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Materials (ICMCM 2016)

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Deformation Calculation of HDPE Pipeline under Upper Load of Landfill Site

Taohong Zhou, Wei Li, Yongxiang He, Hualong Cai, Frederick Nai Charkley
The heap of new waste in landfills impose a large additional load on leachate pipelines constructed under existing landfill sites. There is urgent need to address safety problems caused by the new effect that is produced on these pipelines. Based on a modified Spangler model, the deformations of HDPE...
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Deformation Calculation of HDPE Pipeline under uneven settlement of Landfill Site

Shu Chen, Yongxiang He, Taohong Zhou, Hualong Cai, Frederick Nai Charkley
The capacity expansion project of Yahu landfill site in Pingshan New District of Shenzhen City is based on the old landfill site. It will inevitably cause the inhomogeneity of landfill foundation settlement because of the different new landfill height and the complicated geological conditions, and then...
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Experimental study on improvement of silt detention basin used as roadbed

Pan Liu, Shoude Li, Chong Jiang
Through a laboratory experiment of improving the silt in Huangdun Lake flood detention area, the reinforcement effect of two different soil conditioners-cement and fly ash on silt of detention area were researched. The study found that soil conditioners can effectively improve the soil compaction and...
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Study on Electroless Nickel Plating Technique at Low Temperature Based on Ultrasonic Wave

Le Luo
In order to decrease the plating temperature of electroless nickel plating, this paper introduces the ultrasonic wave into the electroless nickel plating process. First, we give the concept of ultrasonic low-temperature electroless nickel plating, then point out the experimental materials and methods,...
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Research on the Impact of Transplantation of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells on the Recovery of Spinal Cord Injury in a Rat Model

Meng Zhang, Hongbo Yao
Objective: To investigate the impact of transplantation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells on the recovery of spinal cord injury in a rat model. Methods: The cerebral cortices of 48-hour neonate rats were harvested for the OPCs primary culture. The growth of OPCs in vitro was observed consecutively under...
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Review on Treatment Methods for Heterogeneity of External Data in Operational Risk Measurement

Kun Song, Xiaoqian Liu
With implement the bottom-up approach to measure operational risk of commercial banks, external loss data must be incorporated to supplement insufficient of internal loss data. But the main limitation of utilizing external data is the apparent heterogeneity in the data. To improve the accuracy of measurement...
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Research on Applications of IoT Technologies in Control System of Smart Home

Chang Su, Chao Yang, Lina Hu
With the rapid development of digital information technology and network technology, information society not only gradually changes people's lifestyle and work habits, but also challenges the traditional residential. Smart home arises at the historic moment. This paper firstly introduces the concept...
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The Influence of Geometric Characteristics on Energy Absorption of M-Type Folded Core

Huazhi Zhou, Zhijin Wang
The sandwich plate with folded core is a new type of sandwich structure. It has good design ability and has gained interest in the aerospace industry as a promising sandwich core structure. In this paper, energy absorption characters of M-type folded core are studied. Finite element models are set up...
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The Study on the Reform of Water Circulation System for 300 Tons Converter Vaporization Cooling System

Liang Shi, Dong-bin Hao, Rui-lin Liu, Li-mei Yu
The productivity of converters is almost increased with oxygen supply intensity, recently, the amount of large and medium conerters has been increased largely in china. to the converter of 300 tons, vaporization cooling system is Key equipment for stable operation of converter production, Once some problem...
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Experimental Study on Vibration System of Vehicle Engines Based on Magneto Rheological Mounts

Zuo-yue Chen
The active vibration isolation of the engine in the range of broad frequency can realize by the controllable damping characteristics of the magneto rheological damper. This paper firstly discusses the principle of the experiment and then explores the equipment and process of the experiment of vibration...
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Dissolution Characteristic of Feldspar in Chang-8 Reservoir, DZ and ZY Region, Xifeng Oilfield of Ordos Basin

Hanlin Liu, Fengqin Wang, Jin Wang
Feldspar dissolution phenomenon in Xifeng Oilfield DZ, ZY common areas, feldspar and secondary porosity generated by dissolution study area is an important reservoir of oil and gas reservoir space. This study in order to clarify the situation and development of secondary porosity in the study area, the...
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Research on the Omnidirectional Interception Guidance Law for High Speed Maneuvering Targets

Guoyu Bai, Huairong Shen, Yongsheng Duan, Hongyi Tan
Aiming to intercept high-speed maneuvering targets, nonlinear model was established and relative dynamic equations between the interceptor and the target were analyzed. An omni-directional true proportional navigation (OTPN) guidance law was developed. In high-speed target interception, OTPN guidance...
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Fuzzy Control and Simulation of Vibration Isolation of Engine with Magneto Rheological Mounts

Xiao-e Wang
With the development of science and technology, coupled with the continuous lowering of the mass of the car itself, the problems of noise vibration harshness (NVH) caused by engine vibration attracted more people's attention. This paper firstly clarifies the concept and principle of magneto rheological...
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Immune-Enhancing Effect of Kombucha on Cyclophosphamide-induced Immunosuppressive Mice

Chunlong Wang, Mengying Xu, Shan Gao, Tianchen Wu, Chengguang Qin, Zesheng Zhang
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the immune-enhancing activity of Kombucha. In immunosuppression experiment, the immune-enhancing effect of Kombucha in immunosuppressive mice was performed.It was showed that Kombucha at high and medium doses doses was able to overcome the CY-induced...
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Chemical Heterogeneous Surface and Its Application in Chemical Engineering

Yunshen Zhang
In the current study of chemistry, the unique properties of chemically heterogeneous surfaces in the nanoscale have attracted common attention of researchers. But how to apply this technology in actual chemical industry becomes common problem faced by researchers. This paper focuses on the advantages...
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A Study of Displacement-based Aseismic Design of Building Structure

BaoShan Cao
With the frequent occurrence of earthquake disaster, the aseismic design of building structure has attracted more attention, especially the displacement-based aseismic design of building structure has been widely applied into practice. This thesis begins with the three methods of displacement-based aseismic...
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The Study on the Corrosion Behavior of Alloy Materials in Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

Dongfei Han, Dianbin Chen
Due to huge advantages, phase change materials (PCMs) are widely applied to various fields. Particularly, they are essential materials in regeneration, development and utilization of energy. However, because PCMs generally contain alloy materials and have some corrosivity, some leakage losses may be...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of the Structures and Properties of Three Polymer Binders

Weihong Chai, Qinghua Wei, Yanen Wang, Mingming Yang, Xinpei Li, Shengmin Wei
During the technology process of 3DP fabrication bone scaffolds, the property of binder is a key factor which affects the quality of bone scaffold. In this research, three models of polymer binders were constructed and simulated by a molecular dynamics simulation method. Some properties (such as density,...
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Research on the Concrete Pump Hydraulic System

Qing Zhao, Lijun Li, Qiang Han
For improving the reliability of the concerte pump,a reliable hydraulic system is required. In this paper,a new concrete pump hydraulic system was designed to achieve single pump driving multiple load. The proposed hydraulic system had four parallel pump, and ensured that when one pump failured, the...
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Research on the Parameters of Tailings Cemented Filling for Mined-out Open Pits

Liang Peng, Luhong Jian
Taking the treatment project of tailings cemented filling for mined-out open pits in typical metal mines as background, using theoretical analysis and numerical simulation research method, the cement-sand ratio and concentration of filling slurry, the total filling height, level height, stratification...
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Diagnostics of Machinery Faults based on EMD and ICA

Fengli Wang, Yannian Cai, Sihong Li, Hui Xing
Diagnostics of the rotating machinery can identify potential failure at its early stage and reduce severe machine damage and costly machine downtime. Rub-impact is common faults in rotating machinery and results in impact and friction between rotor and stator. The vibration signals due to impact and...
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Fault Feature Extraction of Diesel Engine Based on Second Generation Wavelet and HHT

Fengli Wang, Yannian Cai, Sihong Li, Hui Xing
Aiming at difficulty of weak characteristics of the nonlinear and low signal-to-noise ratio signals measured from diesel engine, a novel method combining second generation wavelet denoising and Hilbert Huang Transform(HHT) is proposed, and is used for feature extraction and condition evaluation of vibration...
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Research and Design of a New Type of Intelligent Rubbish Bin

Yongmei Li, Lei Zhou, Weifen Zhang
With the widely spread of the concept of integrated electronics, intelligentization has become a trend of future home living, thus, rubbish bin, as a kind of common household appliance, also need to be equipped with intelligence. The rubbish bin is designed on the basis of wheel robot, which could move...
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Study on the Relevance between Environmental Factors and the Respiratory System Disease

Li-xian Ru
To understand the effect of atmospheric pollution, house decoration and Smoke exposure on the clinic casesof respiratory system disease , investigate the relationship between environmental factors and the respiratory system disease. Methods: To Survey the situation of patient's smoke exposure and household...
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Anchor truncation scheme optimization and its application

Fengshan Han, Xinli Wu
Coal mine in China is mainly underground mining, it need a large number of underground roadway engineering, to keep roadway and surrounding rock stability of coal mine construction and production safety is of great significance. Bolt or anchor support in coal mines has become a main supporting way in...
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Optimization on straw logistics radius of the biogas manure co-generation

Junqi Zhang, Xinsheng Yao, Shanshan Fang, Meng Han
This paper proposed a straw logistics radius optimization model on the base of analyzing the cost and profit of the biogas and manure co-generation, to obtain the maximized per-unit scale profit. Through mathematical differential method, the relationship between the optimal straw logistics radius and...
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Nonlinear Parameter Analysis of Lateral Resistant Performance of Light Frame Shear Wall

Jie Bai
On the basis of previous research, the nonlinear finite element analysis of the light frame shear wall is made with the elastic-plastic behavior of wood and shear failure of connecting part. The nonlinear parametric analysis is carried out for lateral resistant performance of the light frame shear wall....
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Determination for structure and spectral characteristics of tabular beryl crystal

Tao He, Qiong Yin
Beryl in nature is columnar crystal generally; Beryl of clintheriform is quite rare. Different thermal luminescent effect occurs due to difference in geological and geochemical conditions for mineralization, and crystal lattice defects, impurity element content, radiation dose received from outside,...
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Engineering section analysis based on automatic feature points matching in reverse engineering

Lingjie Shu
As large scale complex surface product encounters problems such as large point cloud data density, various redundancy points and heavy processing tasks in reverse engineering, the Thesis analyzes necessity of data pre-processing in reverse engineering. For dispersing of data measurement, coarse point...
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Error analysis of air traffic control command decision based on rough complex network

Xinyu Wang, Haolin Cui, Jie Yang
Air traffic control is also named flight control and it is the general term of supervision control and mandatory management implemented by relevant departments according to flight rules issued by the country for aircrafts flying in the sky. The main purpose is to maintain flight order and prevent collision...
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Identification method of student card chip based on Internet of things radio frequency identification

Haiyun Xiang, Xiao Fu
The Thesis introduces an accurate location method facing campus student identity recognition on the basis of ultrahigh frequency RFID fingerprint. First, we obtain the fingerprint information in the sensor installed on the robot during the training stage, introduce the particle filter location algorithm...
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An Improved Cellular Automaton Model for Traffic Flow Under the Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule

Song Guo
Cellular automaton model has become an excellent tool for simulating real traffic flow, because of its efficient and fast performance in computer simulations. In this paper we investigate the two-lane cellular automaton traffic model considering lane-changing behavior under the Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass...
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The aggregation and sedimentation of nano-ZnO and nano-SiO2 in seawater

Ding Chen, Airong Zheng, Chunyu Ma
With the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology industry, nanomaterials have gone into the natural water and it may have some impact ecosystems. This article intends to use nano-silica and zinc oxide different sizes with different concentrations of dispersed in filtered seawater to study the effect...
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Study on the Mechanism and Structure of Toothbrush based on Brush Force Control

Yan Luo, Ronglong Li
This paper studies the dental caries, dental calculus deposits, smoke stains, bleeding gums and even lead to gum recession, tooth wedge damage caused by coronary heart disease, diabetes and cerebrovascular diseases due to incorrect brushing posture in daily life. This paper researches the health toothbrush...
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Solid Index Variation of Different Types of Bioreactors to Handle Rural Garbage

Hong Li, Min Zheng, Dan Liu
According to the characteristics of anaerobic, aerobic and semi-aerobic bioreactor landfill, combined with the status of rural garbage disposal. Indoor simulation comparison tests were carried out between anaerobic (R3-I) - semi-aerobic (R3-II) united bioreactor and anaerobic (R1), semi-aerobic (R2)...
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Effect Analysis of Simotang Oral Liquid on Functional Dyspepsia of Incoordination between the Liver and the Spleen and Gastrointestinal Hormone

Muhua Liang, Xiangqian Xu
This paper investigates the effect of Simotang oral liquid on functional dyspepsia of incoordination between the liver and the spleen and gastrointestinal hormone. The research objects were the 100 patients with functional dyspepsia treated in our hospital from January 2014 to October 2015. They were...
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The Clinical Curative Effect Analysis of Posterior Approach Treatment to Thoracolumbar Fractures

Zhongkai Feng, Hua Lu
Objective: The clinical curative effect of posterior approach treatment to thoracolumbar fractures will be researched in this paper. Methods: The object of this research is 60 patients with thoracolumbar fractures treated in our hospital from December 2014 to 2016 March. They were divided into control...
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Research of Impacts on the Eco-Environment of Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction

Jie Chen
With the social and economic development in today's technology, the natural eco-environment is disturbed by destruction, and with the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of the environment is poured more and more attention, so for Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering Eco-environment...
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Application of Biotechnology in Organic Waste Gas Treatment

Zun Dai
Biotechnology purification organic waste gas is a new emission control technology gradually developed in recent years, with features of high efficiency, low investment and operating costs, no secondary pollution, safety and good. In this paper, the concept of bio-organic waste gas treatment technology,...
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The Clinical Efficacy of Xiaoqinglong Decoction with Gypsum Decoction in Treating Pediatric Pneumonia

Dongdong Shen, Jianghong Hou, Zhiqiao Dong, Haijun Shan, Fei Yuan
Objective: Analysis xiaoqinglong decoction with gypsum decoction clinical efficacy of treatment of children with pneumonia. Method; pneumonia in this study between May 2014 ~ May 2015 in our hospital treated 100 cases, according to the different treatment methods will be divided into a control group...
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Clinical Efficacy Analysis of Using the Five Bodies to Treat Knee Degenerative Joint Disease

Jing Xie, Dongli Jin, Dongliang Shi
Objective: To observe and analyze the clinical efficacy of using five bodies pass notes to treat knee degenerative joint disease. Methods; The study is from March 2015 to March 2016 in our hospital for treatment of knee degenerative joint disease patients, 80 cases were randomly divided into odd and...
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Study on Clinical Efficacy of Chinese Medicine for No Nerve Injury Thoracolumbar Vertebral Compression Fracture Kyphosis

Xuzhao Du, Suling Deng, Dongliang Shi, Qingliang Meng, Huimin Gu, Hao Yang
Objective: To observe and analyze Chinese medicine therapy without nerve injury thoracolumbar compression fracture kyphosis clinical efficacy. Methods; The study of December 2012 - between June 2014 in our hospital for treatment of non-nerve injury thoracolumbar vertebral compression fractures were 80...
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Analysis on the Solar Technology Application in Ecological Building

Aiping Deng
Green buildings needs to use green renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the largest green energy storage. Therefore, the application of solar energy plays an important role in green building. From the solar energy resources and application current situation of solar energy, this paper highlights...
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Analysis on Vibration NVH of General Mechanical

Xuanming Zhao
With awareness of environmental protection is increasing, the government regulations on noise limits have become increasingly stringent, people's requirement for the comfort of general machinery is increasing. The NVH performance of general machinery will be the main trend of the future general machinery...
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Ferromagnetism driven by fluorine interstitials in MgO: A first-principles prediction

Hui Zhao, Yan Zhao
Our first-principles calculations based on density functional theory predicted a new path for the formation of sp-ferromagnetic states: anion interstitials. The fluorine interstitials in MgO were found to be spin polarized and are more stable in the ferromagnetic state. This observation is attributed...
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Intelligent intrusion detection technology NPRIM improved algorithm based on non- parameter clustering

Xingshan Li, Na Li, Min Xu
The specific model of Intrusion Detection Based on clustering and boundary points detection was elaborated in this paper, and the data processing, clustering analysis, intrusion, intrusion response, typical data warehousing the five stages were described. Based on the NPRIM algorithm, the clustering...