Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2019)

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Research on Development Strategy of Space Security based on AHP-SWOT

Shuxing Feng, Xiancheng Su, Yongping Wang
It is becoming the high topic to keep space security in the world, and it is great useful for making decision and making a choice to analyze development strategy of space security based on SWOT, with analyzing the strength, the weakness, the opportunity the threat, with qualitative estimate and quantitative...
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Research on High Speed Data Acquisition of Short Range Millimeter Wave Imaging

Guoping Chen, Yinlong Zhao, Menglin Wu, Benjie Zhou
A design scheme for millimeter-wave MIMO data acquisition and analysis system is proposed. Data collection, data storage, and data analysis were analyzed. And data can be sent via the high-speed interface (such as LVDS or CSI2) to the external processing module via Cortex-R4F control. After testing,...
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Box-particle Cardinality Balanced Multitarget Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Multipath Multitarget Tracking in OTHR

Yong Qin
This paper proposes a novel box-particle multipath cardinality balanced multitarget multi-Bernoulli (BP- MPCBMeMBer) filter for the problem of multitarget tracking in Over-the-horizon radar (OTHR). The proposed algorithm combines the multipath cardinality balanced multitarget multi-Bernoulli (MPCBMeMBer)...
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Feedback-Based Scheduling for Load-Balanced Crosspoint Buffered Crossbar Switches

Xiangcheng Wu, Wuxing Mao
With the rapid development of the computer and Internet, users need high-bandwidth and high-stable network environment. Routing and switching, as an important network device, supporting high-quality services. It's always been a focus of researchers. In view of the combined input Crosspoint existing queue...