Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Information Technology (ICMEIT 2019)

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Research on Human Behavior Recognition based on Deep Neural Network

Shanshan Guan, Yinong Zhang, Zhuojing Tian
In order to improve the recognition rate of human behavior by intelligent terminals, a network model for deep learning of human behavior recognition is proposed. Time series data is transformed into a deep network model by performing motion segmentation using a sliding window algorithm. Feature vectors...

An Industrial Control System Situation Awareness Method based on Weighting Algorithm

Hui Shi, Xiangyun Tu, Zhenhua Wang
This article introduces a brand-new posture perception approach towards the industrial control system to improve the capability of its related network security monitoring. Took full account of the combination issue of multi-source heterogeneous information to accurately reflect the network security situation...

Research on Chinese Text Sentiment Classification Process

Ying Yu, Yanjun Yin
In recent years, with the rapid development of computers and social networks, online text information such as product reviews, news events and articles have grown exponentially, and automatic emotional classification of text information has become a research hotspot. This paper describes the current...

Design and Implementation of Building Safety Production Inspection Management System based on Internet Technology

Huqing Liang, Hesong Hu, Zhuo Yang, Jian Su, Mengxiong Tang
At present, most of the domestic building safety inspection managements are completed by manual recording and photo evidence, these methods not only consume a lot of manpower and resources, but also have the disadvantages of low efficiency and high error rate. With the deepening application of computer...