Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Development (ICMESD 2018)

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"Easing the Shortage" in China: An Economic View on the Early Childhood Education and Care

Lei Guo, Run-Yu Li, Hong Liu
The mismatch of the demand side and the supply side in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector has been a recurring pattern in China for a long time. As another baby boom is looming on the horizon, "Easing the Shortage" is an urgent need. By describing the ratio of the capital investment...
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Application of Leading Mixed Teaching Mode in the Teaching of Material Mechanics Course

Yun-Xin Chen
Online learning has become an important learning method, and online education platform has been widely used. Leading mixed teaching is a new teaching model that combines traditional classroom teaching with online teaching. It can well solve the problem that online education based on autonomous learning...
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Practice and Reflection on Improving the Management of Teacher Training Base: Experience from Changshu Institute of Technology

Xiao-Jiao Song, Shuai Yang
The teacher training base shoulders the important task of hosting various types of teacher training at all levels. The effective development of teacher training is dependent on the professionalization of training base management. Further improving the management level of the teacher training base is...
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Discussion of Undergraduate Tutorial System for Safety Engineering Major

Xiao-Bin Yang, Xin-Xing Han
The implementation of the undergraduate tutorial system is the powerful complement of the traditional teaching mode, and it is the embodiment of modern teaching model which in accordance with the aptitude of each student. The present situation of undergraduate tutorial system in Chinese universities...
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Translation Quality Assessment in Relevance Theory

Zhuo Wang, Yu Wang
There is few criterion of translation quality assessment in the light of relevance theory. With the help of comparative analysis approach and literature review method, this paper explores the development of relevance theory, analyzes the relationship between relevance theory and translation, and explains...
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Developing an English Teaching Program by Integrating the Communicative Approach with Traditional Chinese Methods

Jun-Hong Lu
How to integrate traditional teaching methods with communicative approach into English teaching in China has become a hot researching subject in recent years.This paper introduces the traditional Chinese teaching methods and analyses the problems in foreign language teaching and learning in China. It...
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How to Choose an Appropriate Reviewer Assignment Strategy in Peer Assessment System? Considering Fairness and Incentive

Yan-Qing Wang, Fu-Quan Sun
As a prior process of peer assessment, reviewer assignment plays a critical role and, eventually, determines the performance of peer assessment. Nowadays, so many reviewer assignment strategies exist that relevant researchers need a big picture of reviewer assignment strategies. In this study, we propose...
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Constructing Practice-teaching System of Independent College Based on Characteristics of“3-1-6”

Zhen-Xin Wang
In order to solve the dilemma between employment difficulty of management majors in independent college and difficulties of hiring employees that many employers are facing, independent colleges should build a practice-teaching system that can promote students' employment ability comprehensively. Based...
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Exploring the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in College Education in China

Xing-Min Shi, Jun-Mei Sun
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is becoming an important part of college education in China in the context of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. China's innovation and entrepreneurship education have made great progress in education system planning, curriculum development, platform construction,...
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Counter Measure and Trend Analysis of Vehicle Tail Gas Pollution in Hangzhou

Ya-Jie Shen
The changing trend of vehicle tail gas pollution in Hangzhou is analyzed by investigating the impacts on air quality from tail gas emission. The counter measure of building the inspection and maintain system is pointed out as well as improving management and environmental protection propaganda.
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Study on the Plight and Countermeasures of Citizens' Participation in Municipal Administration

Jian-Qiang Sun, Li Wang, Si-Si Chen
Citizens' participation is an important part of democratic politics. With the coordinated development of economy, politics and culture in our country, people's participation in urban management is getting higher and higher, and municipal managers are getting more and more aware of the government's position...
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Social Risk Assessment: A Conceptual Implementation Pathway and beyond in Mainland China

Ze-Zhao Liu, Hui-Jia Wang
From historical perspective, social risk assessment is of significance for national economic development and stability. It presents the necessity and urgency to push social risk assessment in the context of a China New Era stage. Based on the chain of events theory, catastrophe and risk society theory,...
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Construction of Local Administrative Licensing Standardization in China: Current Situation, Problem Summary and Path Analysis

Xiao-Wen Xu
Promoting the administrative licensing standardization is an important measure to solve the “difficulty of getting approval” reflected by people, restrain the discretion, reduce the institutional transaction cost and enhance the examination and approval efficiency. So far, some achievements have been...
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Research on Service Quality Evaluation of Social Insurance Handling Based on SERVQUAL Model

Ming Zhou, Yu-Juan Shi
The performance of social insurance management system reform is reflected by the participants’ perception of the quality of social insurance services. In this paper, the "expectation perception" model in the field of service management is taken as the analysis framework, and a new social insurance handling...
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Matrix-oriented Layout: System Construction of the GovernmentGuide on the Network Public Opinion

Xiu-Min Jiang, Bo Wen
In recent years, the situation of network public opinion in China is becoming more complex, which causes a series of social problems. Therefore, it is urgent for the government to strengthen the guidance and governance of the network public opinion. The current government has adopted a series of measures...
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Inclusion of the Occupational Stress Model in Human Reliability Analysis

Juan Chen, Xiao-Tong Sun, Ze-Kun Wu
This study attempts to analysis human error from psychological perspective with introducing the occupational stress models into human reliability analysis (HRA). With classifying the performance shaping factors (PSFs) into two categories, we put forward the task demands and resources method. This method...
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Informatization Workshop Personnel Management System Based on MES

Zhen Zhang, Feng-Xiang You
In the context of "Made in China 2025", most of manufacturing began to build the informatization and digitization production workshop. Although most of the manufacturing introduced the automation equipment and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), they focus only on information about machines or products...
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An Analysis of the Path that Finance Serves in the Real Economy

Xiu-Hui Guo
How to effectively play the function of finance as a medium is an urgent problem to be solved. This paper defined the root of the category of the real economy and finance, analyzed the dialectical relationship between them, summarized the basic rule of financial integration into the real economy by comparing...
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Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Business Incubator Based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Lu Qin, Zhuo-Xi Yu, Jia-Qi Huang
Business incubator has become a tool for governments to promote the development of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises. Therefore, this paper constructs the evaluation index system of business incubatorfrom four aspects: entrepreneurial environment, integrated hatching ability,...
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Analysis of the Capital Composition for Yacht Industry in China

Li-Feng Wang, Chao-Yu Zheng, Wu Chen
Since the yacht industry was incorporated into the National Encouragement Industry Catalogue in 2009, through nearly 10 years development, Chinese yacht production capacity has been ranked the top ten in the world, and more than 2/3 of the first-tier cities have put the development of yacht economy into...
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Status of Yacht Industry in China and its Capital Preservation and Appreciation

Li-Feng Wang, Chao-Yu Zheng, Wu Chen
The yacht industry is an important part of the emerging new type of ocean industry system in China and is getting much support from China state and local governments. In the coming years, the yacht industry in China is expected to usher in explosive growth and becomes a new focus of the world's yacht...
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Finance Meets the Internet

Guo-Yan Wu
Since July,2013, the outbreak of Internet finance has rapidly occupied the focus of the financial industry, Terms such as Ali Micro Credit, Financial 360, Renrendai, and Crowdcapitaling have become the hot words of the moment which has already exerted a greater impact on the original business models...
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Analysis of the Influence of Informal Network of Industrial Clusters on the Training of Technical and Skilled Talents

Ren-Zhen Meng
There is an informal network formed by informal contacts in industrial clusters. This informal network plays an important role in the dissemination and spillover of tacit knowledge. The knowledge structure of technical and skilled talents is mainly a large amount of skill-type tacit knowledge, which...
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Industrial Economic Efficiency and Supply-side Reform of Economic Growth in Fujian Province

Hong Lei, Lin-Yu Fan, Xue-Yan Huang
In This paper the DEA method is used to analyze the economic efficiency of various industries in Fujian Province. Based on the performance of various industries, the problems and influencing factors of industrial development are explored, and puts forward corresponding supply-side reform suggestions.
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Exploring the Elderly Care from the Community of Factory Section Type in China

Xu Chen
Since the sharp increase in aging population is being whole nationwide in China, the government are being trying to promote new and efficient elderly care-giving models to satisfy various situations and needs, while they are still obliged to face up such a lot tough challenges when conducting. Community...
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The Discussion about Poverty Alleviation Migration Relocation Problems and Countermeasures from the Perspective of Precise Poverty Alleviation

Feng-Ke Wang, Dan Wang
This paper based on the background of the new era of China's great poverty alleviation and reviewed the researches on poverty alleviation at home and abroad, selected some relieve poverty relocate immigrants from poverty alleviation during the period of precise poverty alleviation in Luoyang, Henan Province...
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An Analysis of Health Status and Long-term Care Expenses of Older Population

Ling-Xue Sun
This article uses the Zhejiang Province data from the "1% NationalSampleCensusin 2015" to analyze and predict the health status of the elderly population. Based on the forecast results, this paper defines and measures the disability dependency ratio. As a result, it shows that the disabled population...
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Analysis of Spatial Evolution Characteristics of Floating Population in Lanzhou

Hang Zhao, Zhi-Bin Zhang, Kai-Jia Wang, Wei-Min Gong
This paper analyzed the spatial evolution characteristics of floating population in Lanzhou from the aspects of scale, density, and spatial correlation. The results showed that floating population is in a large scale by contrast and in a remarkable speed of increasing, the number of floating population...
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Oriental Religious Thoughts’ Influence on Thoreau in Walden

Qin-Pei Fan
Henry David Thoreau’s contact with and research on the Oriental religions thoughts is closely related not only to the influence of his tutor Emerson, but also to his solitude and free life attitude which resists material pursuit to be the aim of life. Thoreau’s thought and his works are greatly influenced...
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Education and Social Development of T-Shaped Software Engineers

Barry Boehm
A T-shaped engineer is one who has deep knowledge and skills in a particular discipline, and also has a working knowledge of other disciplines important to the engineering projects they contribute to. Many computer science departments graduate mostly I-shaped students. They have strong knowledge and...
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Influence of Community Design on Line User Behaviours in Cross-Border E-Commerce

Yu-Ping Wu, Hong Jin, Chih-Hsuan Huang
With the rapid development of the cross-border online shopping market, virtual experience has increasingly been the object of study in recent years. A growing number of studies have reported the positive effect that virtual experience can have on a user’s mood. However, few studies have investigated...
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Study on Buyback Strategy Model of Perishable Products Based on Presale

Jie Chen, Shi-Yu Guo
The sale processesof perishable goods are divided into two stages (pre-sale stage and spot sale stage) to research the retailers’ buyback strategy under uncertain demand conditions.This paper establishes a single pre-sale strategy model and a joint strategy model of pre-sale and buyback,and studies the...
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Network Marketing Performance Evaluation System Construction

Qing Yue, Liang-Hui Zhao
The main goal of establishing network marketing performance evaluation system is to evaluate whether the network marketing activities carried out by enterprises have achieved the expected results. In this paper, we design some indexes from the aspects of cost, output and competitiveness. Combining the...
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A Novel Digital Coupon Use Prediction Model Based on XGBoost

Lu Song, Wen-Sheng Yang
It was found that traditional predicting models of coupons could only process small-scale data, thus were unable to precisely predict whether consumers would use new digital coupons in the future. By introducing the feature engineering and the machine learning algorithm of Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost),...
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The Research on Cross-culture Integration Strategy forPlaceBrand Internationalization

Wei-Hong Zhao, Ping Chen
The aim of this article is to help Chineseplace brand get the host country consumers’ acceptance and recognition. Through literature review, the research shows that explicit culture integration strategy, behavioral culture integration strategy and implicit culture integration strategy are the three components...
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The Research on Dimensions of Home Country Culture of International Brand

Wei-Hong Zhao, Ming-Yue Yi
The aims of this article is to use the home country culture to shape international brands to help the brand internationalize. Through literature review, this paper puts forward the conceptual model of home country culture. This paper argues that home country cultural resources including cultural symbols,...
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Research on Online Word-of-Mouth Spread Mechanism based on the Node Properties and Word-of-Mouth Type

Xiao-Dong Qian, Min Zhao, Rui-Dian Zhang
In this paper, we studied that how node properties and word-of-mouth type influenced the spread of word of mouth. First of all, according to previous research, we embedded all kinds of influencing factors like word-of-mouth type and customer recognition in the word-of-mouth spread model on the basis...
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Research On Word-of-mouth Communication Mechanism Based on Characteristics of Source Propagation Nodes

Lei Wang, Min Zhao, Rui-Dian Zhang
This article used complex networks and other tools to study how word propagation affects different characteristics of source networks in complex networks. First, based on the previous research, we integrated the SIR virus transmission model with various factors that influence the spread of word-of-mouth...
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Exploring the Service Innovation Strategy of Sharing Economy Based on Ambidextrous Perspective

Hui-Ru Chi, Wen-Hong Chiu, Jian-Hua Ye
“Sharing economy” makes more efficient use of unused assets, resources, skills, and time. “Sharing” advocates value comes from the creation of consumers, businesses, and other stakeholders. Look back to the past, many researchers explored the current situation and achievements of industrial value creation....
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The Investigation and Assessment on Current Situation of Concentration Ratio on China Audit Market

Mo-Fan Qin
In recent years, with the fast developing of capital market, requirement on audit quality of listed company is China is getting stricter and stricter. It has been a focus of all fields about how to optimize the audit market structure to adapt the demand of benign development of audit market. This article...
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China's Investment in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities

Wajeeh Ullah, Bo Yang, Hong-Fei Zhu
This paper investigates the challenges and opportunities in Pakistan for China’s investment. Since Pakistan and China has prolonged political relationship and connecting geographical location, the CPEC agreements was finally signed, which provides wide range opportunities exist for China’s investors....
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Is Trade Openness Good or Bad for Environment in Pakistan; an ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

Saima Ashraf Awan, Muhammad Saeed Meo, Amogh Ghimire, Ra-Yan Wu, Pei-Fen Zhuang
This study explored the relationship between trade openness, foreign direct investment, GDP and environmental quality in Pakistan using time series data for time period of 1971-2016.To examine long-run and short-run association among projected variables, we employed autoregressive distributed lag ARDL-bounds...
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How the Evolution of the UK Annual Dataduring 1950-2007 relates with the Developments of Macroeconomic Theories

Xi-Yu Ren
How the development of the macroeconomic theories and political policies affects the UK macroeconomic data during 1950-2007 were analysed by using unemployment rate, GDP growth rate and consumer price rate as the three basic indicators of macroeconomic performances. Findings indicate that development...
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Positive Analysis of Potential in China’s Cotton Import

Chun-Xiang Liu, Rong Chen
Since 2003, China has been the largest importer of cotton in the world. Generally, China’s cotton import has relatively high market centralization at present with the cotton imported from top three trading partners taking up 74.94% of the total import of cotton. This paper constructed an improved gravity...
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Analysis of Social and Environmental Information Reported by American SMEs

Zhen Su
This paper reports on in-depth empirical study into SMEs in America. It is found, based on descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, that the level of sustainable information reporting of American SMEs is improving, corporate from high-profile industry tend to disclose more sustainable information,...
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Analysis of Competition and Complementarity in the BRICS Export Products

Pei-Zhi Wang, Yu-Xin Zhao, Ling-Xi Chu
BRICS are representatives of emerging economies. Since twenty-first Century, Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa have developed rapidly and become leaders in developing countries. It is of great significance to study on the trade between the BRICS countries. This paper based on the Ricardo's...
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How Does the Host Country's Political Environment Affect China's OFDI to ASEAN

Xin-Ying Liu, Shen-Ying-Jie Zhang, Rui Li
In 2010, the China-ASEAN trade area was officially launched, which made China's foreign direct investment to the ten countries of ASEAN increase further. We take a fixed effect model to make a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of the factors influencing the impact of China's direct investment...
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The Interpretations of China's Exports-Productivity Paradox and Policy Implications

Pei-Zhi Wang, Li-Ping Sun, Shu-Yue Zhang
Explaining China's Export-Productivity Paradox is a hot issue in the field of international trade. This paper attempts to systematically explain China's Export-Productivity Paradox from the perspective of trade driving force. The major factors affecting trade summarized by this paper are as follows:...
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Trade Liberalization and Chinese Firms’ Employment Scale

Chun-Yan Zhao, Song-Bai Liu
This paper examines the effect of trade liberalization on firms’ employment scale on the basis of the sample of Chinese industrial firms. The results show that trade liberalization enlarges the firms’ employment scale. The paper also finds that the effect of trade liberalization differs according to...
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Asymmetric Cointegration between Services Exports and Economic Growth in Sri Lanka: Based on Nonlinear ARDL Model

EAC Priyankara, Zhao-Hua Li
This study examines the asymmetric cointegration between services exports and economic growth in Sri Lanka.A nonlinear ARDL model is employed to analyze on the annual time series data over the period from 1984-2013.The results show that(1) ignorance of asymmetries between services exports and economic...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of China-Russia Free Trade Area

Nan Yan
The free trade area is an important form of regional economic integration. On the basis of expounding the necessity of the China-Russia free trade zone, this article analyzes the problems existing in the establishment of China-Russia free trade zone from the angles of commodity size and structure, trade...
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Empirical Analysis of Carbon Emissions for Land Consolidation Project and Countermeasures for Low carbon

Bao-Ming Dong, Zhao-Wei Dong, Yan-Bin Wu
Since the industrial revolution, land use and land cover changes (LUCC) mostly resulting from human activities have been a significant source of carbon exchange between terrestrial carbon pools and the atmosphere. The effects of LUCC on terrestrial ecosystem carbon storage and their budget has become...
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Research on the Present Situation of Internet Finance in China

Xin-Ying Liu, Xiao-Rui Wang, Shen-Ying-Jie Zhang
By enumerating four main modes of Internet financial development in China, this paper objectively analyzes the advantages of current Internet finance industry in China relative to traditional finance, and lists the liquidity, operational, credit, legal and operational risks in the process of development...
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The Applicability of Time-varying Sharpe Ratio to Chinese Stock Market -- Take CSI 300 Index as an Example

Yan-Cun Chen, Sheng-Dao Gan
According to China's national conditions, this paper cites the factors related to the volatility of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets as explanatory variables and usestime-varying Sharpe ratio proposed by Robert Whitelaw to analyze the trend of CSI 300 index. The results show that the modifiedtime-varying...
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Research on the Role Mechanism of the Government to Promote Investment in Start-ups by Venture Capital

Wan-Li Ma, Hao Wu
At present, the number of investment items and the proportion of the amount of investment in China's venture capital investment to the start-ups are not high, which not only inhibits the enthusiasm of early entrepreneurial activities, but also weakens the cultivation function of venture capital for start-ups....
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Analysis of Stock Price and Volume Based on Heterogeneous Spin Model

Wen-Jie Liu
This paper introduces the heterogeneous investors based on the spin model to study the statistical characteristics and relationships between A-B stock return and trading volume during the stock-disaster period. Divide investors into fundamental traders and noise traders to match trader behaviors in the...
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Diversification and Capital Cost of Agricultural Listed Companies??"Based on External Financing Analysis

Xue-Xia Xu, Ya-Wen Liu, Jie Ju, Sun-Lei Yang
The diversified operation of the agricultural listed companies can reduce the business risk of the enterprises to some extent,so as to have an impact on the capital cost of the enterprises . This paper studies the relationship between diversification and capital cost of agricultural listed companies....
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Insight into Inflation: Persistence, Variability and Predictability

Ning Zeng
This paper provides a macroeconomic analysis of US inflation and its persistence from 1947 to 2007 and three subperiods. An ARFIMA-GARCH model is estimated to capture the stylized facts of inflation dynamics and investigate the causalities between persistence and the level of aggregate inflation, and...
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A Brief Analysis of the Relationship between Housing, Mental Health and Wellbeing under the Eco-City Context

Li-Li Ma
Housing is not only the provision of physical shelter but also a complex source of residents’ mental health and wellbeing. Housing type, housing condition and neighborhood quality are directly affect inhabitants’ mental health and wellbeing. Suitability, affordability and quality of housing are among...
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The Study of Building the Strategic Partnership in the Green Supply Chain

Hai-Ying Cao, Qiu-Ling Yang, Wei-Yan Liu, Lei Wang
Today, the environment has already become a key factor which influences and restricts the development of the social economy increasingly. People have realized this problem and the importance of sustainable development, so the theory and practice of the green supply chain management (GSCM) have been paid...
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Fuzzy Multi-period Portfolio Optimization Problem of Stock Market

Xiao-Lian Meng, Wan-Rong Shi
Due to the important effect of the transaction cost, risk, skewness and kurtosis to portfolio returns, the aim of this paper is to simulate the real transactions in stock market by considering the above factors. Firstly, two mean-semi-variance-skewness-kurtosis portfolio optimization models in open-loop...
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A Review of House of Debt

Dan-Qi Zhao
The Subprime Mortgage Crisis in the United States is a financial crisis arising from the decline of housing prices and the subsequent collapse of the housing bubble, leading to the 2007-2009 U.S. recession and sweeping through the global financial market. In the book House of Debt: How They (and You)...
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Research on the Influence of Entrepreneurship on Economic Growth

Ke Liu, Meng-Han Chen
In recent years, people have realized that entrepreneurship plays an important role in economic growth. This paper first expounds the connotation of entrepreneurship by expounding the background of the current Chinese economy and a series of the literature review about entrepreneurship, then analyzes...
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Impact of Information Technology Human Capital on Agricultural Economic Growth

Jun-Min Kang, Jin-Yu Hu
As a new resource element, information technology human capital has an important impact on agricultural economic growth. By analyzing and researching various types of information technology human capital, this paper concludes that the relationship between information technology human capital and agricultural...
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Civil Society as a Subject of Strategic Planning of Territory Marketing

Elena S. Kulikova, Elena L. Molokova, Maya I. L’vova
Any modern territory is interested in successful development and inevitably faces the problem of its own development in various strategic territorial areas, since there is a great need to attract resources for its own economic and social development. Attracting investors, creating a favorable public...
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Research on the Influence of Undergraduates Participating in “Gig Economy” on Their Employment and Entrepreneurship

Sen Yang, Hong-Zhen Lin, Yong-Zhou Huang, Gui-Dan Xu, Ying-Jue Du
The purpose of this paper is to research the influence of undergraduates participating in “Gig Economy” on their employment and entrepreneurship. Using the method of questionnaires and interviews, document study deeply, correctly understand and analyze the problem. Through the research on the labor market,...
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Research on Undergraduates' Entrepreneurial Ecology System Based on Stage Characteristics of Undergraduates

Shu-Cheng Zhang, Hong-Bo Li
The entrepreneurial ecosystem of college students is a multi-agent construction and multi-factor driven system and its main function is to provide entrepreneurial support forcollege students' entrepreneurial subjects. The entrepreneurial subjects of college students have obvious stage characteristics...
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Interval-Valued Logic Metric Spaces

Zhao-Rui Xue, Min-Xia Luo
A new distance metric between interval-valued fuzzy sets is proposed. And based on this metric, we analysis and compare the structures of four special interval-valued fuzzy metric spaces, which are induced by four well-known residual implication operations. It shows that the interval-valued fuzzy metric...
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System Dynamics Study on Knowledge Interaction Behavior in the Interdisciplinary Team

Xue Cheng, Qing-Pu Zhang
Based on the analysis of influencing factors of knowledge interaction, a system dynamics model of knowledge interaction in the interdisciplinary team is constructed. And Vensim PLE is used to simulate and test the sensitivity of the model. The results show that as the depth of knowledge interaction increases,...
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Research on the Influence Factors of Housing Price Based on Semi-Parametric Functional Linear Model

Peng Jin, Qing-Guo Tang
In this paper, using the theory and method of functional principal component analysis and the optimization theory and method, we develop a new estimation method for estimating the unknown parameters and function in semi-parametric functional linear model. We use the model and its estimation method to...
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The Scope of Organizational Behavior Management: The Transformation from Internalization to Externalization

Jie Zhen
The scope of organizational behavior management has always been constrained within the organization, which has its historical rationality. However, as a result of open innovation and the formation of network organization, the scope has transformed from the inside of the organization to the outside of...
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The Structure of Organizational Behavior Management: Identification, Selection and Feedback

Jie Zhen
The structure of organizational behavior management is composed of identification, selection and feedback. The fundamental content of identification includes clarifying the types and forms of various organization behavior, justifying the feature and function of concrete action, grasping the development...
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The Mainline of Organizational Behavior Management: Binary Nonequilibrium

Jie Zhen
The binary nonequilibrium is the mainline of organizational behavior management. The so-called binary refers to the hard factors and soft ones that affect the behavior of the organization and can be subclassified based on individual-level, group-level and organization-level. While the nonequilibrium...
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Library Service Evaluation and Model Research Based on AHP- fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Yan-Ran Chen, Ya-Ru Li
Impact on library user satisfaction survey factors practice with different types of library construction weaknesses were made. The readers satisfaction evaluation index system with 20 secondary indicators were established based on collections of resources, facilities, service levels and premises environment,...
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A Brief Discussion on the Building of a Harmonious Medical Environment with the Relationship between Doctors and Patients

Ning-Can Long
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's market economy, the relationship between doctors and patients is becoming increasingly intense, and the resulting medical disputes are mushrooming. Facing the increasingly prominent doctor-patient relationship, our medical workers should actively...
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How to Improve the Efficiency of Hospital Administration under the new Situation of Medical Reform

Ning-Can Long
At present, the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the province has been completely pushed aside, and the large-scale reform has put forward higher requirements for the administration of the current hospitals. Through the analysis of the current situation and existing problems of administrative...
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Equity Balance, Internal Control and Investment Efficiency

Sun-Lei Yang, Rong Fu, Cheng-Cheng Guo, Lei Yang
Based on the data of GEM companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2011 to 2014, this paper explores and verifies the relationship between equity balance, internal control and investment efficiency. The results reflect that the balance between equity and investment efficiency shows a "U-shaped" curve....
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An Analysis of Confucius’ Viewpoint of Morality by the Axiomatic Interpretation of the Analects

Xiao-Qing Gan, Long-Yang Sang
By reviewing the research history of the Analects, we expound the necessity and the possibility of the axiomatic interpretation of the Analects, and adopt an axiomatic approach to establish a deductive system built upon the fundamentals of the Analects. That is, after making some basic assumptions and...
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Energy Saving Mechanism of the Dual Controls

Hui Song, Bo Huang
The measure matching with target constraint of regional energy intensive (EI) control or overall energy consumption control (dual controls) generally owns dual energy saving effects through process technology innovation and economy structure adjustment. And the dual controls are the important countermeasures...
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Investigation and Study on Satisfaction of Railway Passenger Service Quality of Migrant Workers

Yi-Xuan Zhou, Xiao-Ming Yang, Shu-Chen Li, Kai-Li Wang, Guang Song, Kai Zheng
Migrant passengers have become an important object of railway passenger service, but there are few researches on railway passenger service quality for migrant workers. This paper takes migrant passengers as an example, and designs a "satisfaction of railway passenger service satisfaction" questionnaire...
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Research on Comprehensive Plan Management of Electric Power Enterprises

Fan-Hua Meng, Meng-Wei Shi, Chun-Mei Song
Comprehensive plan management has played an important role in improving the efficiency of business operations, avoiding risks, and optimizing the allocation of resources of electric power companies, and promoted the overall operation and comprehensive and coordinated development of electric power companies....
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Study on Predicament and Countermeasures of Popularizationof Prefabricated Building in China

Peng Yuan, Hong-Bo Li
The implementation of prefabricated building is an important measure to realize the industrialization of construction and promote the transformation and upgrading of construction industry. This paper reviews the history of the development of the assembly architecture in China, analyzes the difficulties...
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Evaluation and Clustering Analysis on the Development of Urban Agglomerations in the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Chun Chen, Xiang Gao
Based on the urbanization development index system, the paper constructs a factor analysis and hierarchical clustering analysis model of urban economic development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and conducts comprehensive evaluation on the economic development of 71 cities from Shanghai, Jiangsu,...
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Research on the Self-management Mechanism of Foreign students: A Case study of Shanghai Polytechnic University

Sun Yan
With the development of China's Belt and Road international strategy, more and more foreign students choose to study in China, which has further promoted the development of studying in China, and put forward higher requirements for the management of foreign students in Chinese universities. At present,...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Course Construction of Military Academy

Wu-Di Wen
Five aspects of curriculum construction in military academies are summarized from the following aspects: curriculum standard, teaching material, teaching echelon, teaching methods and means, teaching conditions, and corresponding countermeasures are given.The problems such as insufficient implementation...
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Efficiency Analysis of Cross-Border M&A of Chinese Banks??"An Empirical Study Based on DEA Method

Rui-Bo Liu, Hui-Dong Li
With the development of globalization, cross-border M&A is an important strategy for Chinese Banks to go abroad and achieve international operation. Therefore, the research on the efficiency of M&A is crucial. This paper selects nine cross-border M&A cases involving four commercial banks during 2006-2010,using...
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Understanding Task-Technology Fit in Smartphone Appointment Booking System Adopted by Chinese Hospitals

Ci-Yong Wang, An-Ding Zhu
Smartphone is improving the quality of public services in China. Queuing of hospitals is a big problem in the past. But now, with the population of smartphone, patients can easily log in the remote booking servers anywhere and anytime. This study applies the Task-Technology Fit (TTF) theory to reveal...