Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

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Problems and Political Suggestions of Export Trade of Bamboo Products in Northern Fujian

Bo Wang
Northern Fujian has rich bamboo resources of wide varieties and is known as “the hometown of bamboo shoots and bamboo in China”, and Northern Fujian currently has three hometowns of bamboo in China and two hometowns of bamboo with Chinese characteristics. This paper analyzes the export trade development...
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Research on Intelligent Logistics Talent Cultivation in Emerging Engineering Construction

Dongyuan Ge, Jianjun Wei, Huicong Luo, Haiping Luo, Shuangyi Liang
According to the fact that artificial intelligence is widely used in the logistics industry but domestic logistics talents relatively lag behind in terms of artificial intelligence, this research will focus on training students for intelligent logistics throughout the construction of emerging engineering...
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A Probe on Training of Primary Commanders' Leadership

Yun Bai, Dayong Jiang
In view of the changes of combat style in the information age and the diversification of military missions, some new requirements have been put forward for the training of primary commander’s leadership. How to meet the needs of transformation in the new era and cultivate more outstanding commanders...
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A Comparative Study on Experiential Teaching and Lecturing Teaching in the Course of College Students' Mental Health Education

Tianlin Chen, Zhen Li, Lan Luo, Xiaofei Xiao
In this paper, “SCL-90 Symptom Checklist” and the self-compiled “questionnaire on the satisfaction of teaching effect “ were chosen, and 159 students from two classes (78 in the experimental group and 81 in the control group) are selected to explore the effect of experiential teaching and lecturing teaching...
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The Influence of Height and Health on Income-An Empirical Study Based on CFPS Data

Xin Sun
In this paper, the Chinese family tracking survey (CFPS) data as well as the OLS method were used to estimate the impact of height, weight, and health on income, meanwhile, the intelligence was regarded as a proxy variable for the measurement of individual ability. The results obtained show that height...
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The Analysis of Fixed Work Posts and Defining Personnel Quota of Impermanent Staff from the Perspective of Double-First Class Construction

Yao Chen, Guang Liu
First-class colleges and universities demand first-class logistical support. The development of the reform of logistic socialization in colleges and universities witnesses the growth of number of impermanent logistic staffs. Therefore, the efficient management of impermanent staff, which is directly...
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Research on CPA Auditing Reform Strategy Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Jianhua Luo, Zhirong Hu, Luo Wang
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, especially the development and application of financial intelligent robots, the accounting and auditing industries are facing unprecedented challenges. Many past predictions about artificial intelligence have turned...
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The Application Analysis and Risk Prevention in Rapid Development of Exchangeable Bonds

Ping Huang
The exchange bones have been rapidly developed since 2016, and plays an increasingly significant role in China's financial market. In this paper, the concept and main characteristics of exchangeable bonds were introduced, and the exchangeable bonds issued from 2013 to the first quarter of 2018 in China...
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The Influence of Market Maker System on the New Third Board Market of China

Qianqian Ai, Zhenni Fang
As a significant component of the multi-level capital market in China, the New Third Board Market plays an important role in promoting the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. For the enhancement of the liquidity of the New Third Board Market, the market maker system was formally introduced...
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Research on the Construction of Informatization Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Big Data

Zhiqiang Hong, Chunyi Li
In recent years, Chinese colleges and universities have continuously strengthened the construction and reform of information-based teaching modes. With the rapid development of big data technology, the construction of new teaching methods constitutes the basis of informatizaiton teaching in universities....
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Improvement of Core Course Experiments in Biological Specialty in Newly-upgraded Local Universities

Yihong Hu, Wenshuai Zeng, Chenzhong Jin, Xujiao Zhang, Yong Chen
The core courses for biological specialty play a key role in talents cultivation in universities, and the teaching effects of core course experiments are closely associated with the quality of talents cultivation. In this paper, the actual conditions of experiment teaching and arrangement of the core...
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Reforms of Biotechnology Experiment Teaching System in Local Universities: An Example from Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology

Yihong Hu, Zihan Mei, Chenzhong Jin, Xujiao Zhang
The biotechnology specialty has been founded in many local universities over the last decade, therefore, how to build up a suitable experiment teaching system to cultivate specialized talents in biotechnology specialty for the local economic construction becomes an urgent task facing these universities....
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An Analysis to the Hierarchy of Financial Debt: Based on the Pyramid of Financial Liabilities

Saisai Zhang
In recent years, with the endless appearance of various financial innovations in our country, the bubble of monetary assets has become seriously and the risk exists in non-bank financial institution has become a hot area of research. While the existing research focuses on the different types of risks,...
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Analysis of Doctor "Stigmatization" and the Path of Media Image Remodeling

Li Wang, Sisi Chen, Yawen Liao, Jianqiang Sun, Suzhen Yu
Doctor "stigmatization" is an important social phenomenon in China today. This article starts with the concept of stigmatization and its generalization tendency, expounds the origin and influence of doctor "stigmatization", and analyzes the reasons from the generative mechanism of doctor media image....
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Study on Replication Mechanism of Routines Based on Knowledge Perspective

Yanliang Chen, Junting Ye
Replication of routines is a kind of important value ceration strategy for organizations. However, the incompatibility between existing routines and new contexts in the process of applying existing routines to new contexts has become the core issue concerns organizations the most. Drawing on recent theories...
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The SWOT Analysis of Low Carbon Economy Development in Gansu Province under New Normal

Xin Hu
Nowadays, almost all countries and regions, facing the challenge of global climate change, are actively developing low-carbon economy. As an important province in underdeveloped areas, Gansu has gradually developed a model based on heavy industry with most enterprises are highly carbon consumed and heavily...
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Research on MIL Education Status Quo and Promotion Strategies of College Teachers

Sisi Chen, Jianqiang Sun, Li Wang
Under the “Internet +”new normal view, the MIL (media and information literacy) education has become the trend of the integration of Internet, pedagogy, and communication. At the same time, taking MIL education of college teachers as a starting point will be conducive to the advancement of higher education...
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Research on the Nursing Modes for the Elderly with Dementia

Lingxue Sun
China’s population structure is undergoing an important period of rapid aging and development. The number of dementia patients has been increasing since recent years. As a result, it is significant to take good care of the elderly with dementia and ease the burden of their family and the society. This...
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Strategies for the Improvement of Quality of China’s Basic Education

Lina Zhang, Ming Zhang, Xiaodong Pan
This paper is on how to improve the quality of basic education within the current educational reform to react to the massive economic reforms and social development. The focus is also an attempt to raise awareness of the importance and the development value of quality in basic education in China. In...
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Investigation and Research on the Implementation of "Ideological and Political Courses into Classroom" in Higher Vocational Physical Education Class

Huangsheng Kong
Sports teaching in higher vocational colleges should not only undertake the task of imparting sports knowledge and skills, but also have the responsibility of cultivating college students 'moral emotion, character of will, and social adaptive behavior. Under the guidance of the concept of full education,...
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Research on Analysis and Innovation of University Teaching Archive Management

Mei Zhang, Peijiang Chen
The construction of teaching archives is one of the basic projects in colleges and universities, and it is related to the improvement of teaching management and teaching quality. The main contents of university teaching archives are briefly described, and their main features are analyzed. The importance...
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Research and Exploration of the Excellent Course Construction of An Introduction to Automobile Service Engineering

Peijiang Chen
The construction of excellent courses is an important method to improve talent training in colleges and universities, and can effectively improve the teaching quality. An Introduction to Automotive Service Engineering is a key professional core course for the major of automotive service engineering,...
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Reflections on the Integration of Innovative Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education

Xuehua Jiang, Xuemei Pan, Peijiang Chen
In order to meet the needs of the development of new economy, new technology and new industry, China's higher engineering education circle has reached a consensus on the construction of "new engineering", and has inspired the construction of "new engineering". It requires that the education system of...
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Research on the Spatial Pattern of National Landscape Garden Counties

Jing Han, Teng Ma, Xirui Wang, Yang Rui, Jian Zhang
Through the systematic description of the spatial pattern characteristics of the National Garden Counties, this paper enriches the research on the city spatial distribution and provides a scientific basis for the improvement of the policy of "Building Garden Cities". Comprehensively using the methods...
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Research on the Talent Training of the Management Direction of Horse Racing Industry in Colleges and Universities

Peng Ding
Through the analysis of current education situation in management direction of horse racing industry in Wuhan Business School, this paper aims to find out the existing problems in cultivating talents, put forward reasonable suggestions on the management education of horse racing industry to provide ideas...
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The Spatio-temporal Evolution of Economic Network Structure in Guanzhong Plain Urban Agglomeration

Qiong Song, Jing Han, Tongsheng Li
The spatial and temporal evolution characteristics of network structure of Guanzhong Plain urban agglomeration from 2005 to 2015 are analyzed from the economic perspective by using the modified gravity model and the SNA method. Results show that: (1) Economic network of urban agglomeration has experienced...
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A Brief Talk on Practical Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational E-commerce Major Based on Internet Plus Background

Ning Chi
There are still many problems in the practical teaching of the e-commerce major in the higher vocational colleges under the internet plus background. Colleges need to clarify the goal of talent training and develop a scientific and standardized plan for practical training. Colleges will concentrate resources...
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Strategies on C-E Translation of Xi’an Red Tourism Based on the Belt and Road Initiative

Ke Chen, Mengya Zhang
In order to spread the red culture, this paper explores strategies on C-E Translation of Xi'an red tourism, and tries to solve the problems which brought about by differences in social ideology, value idea, audience psychology, and cultural background. Under the premise of equal exchanges between Chinese...
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Research on Design Method of Interactive Interface of Industrial Robot Teaching Device

Juan Guo, Yajun Wei, Yijuan Ji, Yichen Zhu, Guozhi Luo
This paper discussed the basic concepts, topic selection principles, and the assessment methods of project teaching. The application process of CDIO teaching method in project teaching is introduced according to the steps of “Conceive ??" Design ??" Implement ??" Operate”, taking the electric vehicle...
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Research on Network Orientation of Entrepreneurs under the Background of "Internet +"

Lingming Zeng, Minglin Zhang, Qi Zhang
Network orientation attracts constant attention from scholars in entrepreneurship research, but few researches focus on its dimensions and measurement under the background of "Internet +". In this paper, based on the web-oriented frontier literature, starting from the background of "Internet +", the...
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Research on the Correlation of Financial Risk based on Copula Technology

Yafei Chen, Huanlu Yang, Xuan Shang
Based on the Copula function, we study the effectiveness of the method in dealing with the nonlinear related structure between the financial risks .we run an empirical analysis according to the data of daily return rate of SSE Composite Index and Shenzhen Composite Index for the ten years of 2007-2017....
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Research on the Dimensions of College Students' Entrepreneurial Network Orientation

Qi Zhang, Minglin Zhang, Lingming Zeng
Network orientation refers to the attitudes and tendencies to utilize social network relations, it has gradually attracted the attention of scholars in the study of entrepreneurship, and most existing researches are from organizational level to explore. In this paper, through the review and summary of...
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Research on Investigation into Mental Health of Physical Education Teachers from 18 Middle Schools in Wuhan

Jianlong Qian, Si Gao
This paper analyzes the mental health level of 65 PE teachers from 18 middle schools by means of the psychological measurement SCL-90 (symptom check list-90), mathematical statistics and literature data. The aim is to find out the mental health level of PE teachers in middle school and its related factors....
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Research on the Influence Strategy of WeChat Official Accounts of Colleges and Universities

Bintao Huo
Currently, WeChat official accounts of colleges and universities have became prevalent windows for dissemination of information, propaganda of news and construction of brand. These official accounts serve as one of the platform that have attracted the most attentions among colleges and universities at...
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The Exploration of the Curriculum Assessment Model Based on Formative Evaluation

Zhangliang Chen, Junwei Shi
The reform of university curriculum assessment plays a guiding role in improving the quality of teaching in a comprehensive way. Reasonable curriculum assessment is the guarantee for cultivating innovative high-quality talents. By analyzing the irrational ways of the traditional assessment methods, this...
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The Effect of Argument on the Development of Physics

Yaping Tao
Each step for the development of physics is full of argument. By revealing defects of existing physical opinions and hypotheses, the argument can promote the cultivation and generation of new physical theories, accelerate the growth and perfection of physical theory, enhance scientific experiment to...
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Research on the Influence of Reference Group Types on Consumers' Purchase Decisions from the Perspective of Social Networks

Hong Jin, Yunting Miao
After years of research, foreign scholars have confirmed that the reference group has a significant impact on consumers' purchase decisions and brand preferences. In recent years, some scholars have considered that due to the impact of traditional culture, domestic consumers are more subtle in their...
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International Legal Protection of Linguistic Minorities with the Example of the French Republic

Aslan Abashidze, Aleksandra Babanskaya, Denis Gugunskiy, Aleksandra Koneva, Alexander Solntsev
In many states, minorities irrespective of whether they are national or ethnic, religious or linguistic have been always representing one of the most vulnerable groups of people. This paper gives the definition of the term “minority”, and analyses international legal framework for the protection of minority...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of the Energy—Saving and Environmental Protection Industry in Beijing

Yanfang Zhang
The author’s previous research shows that the development of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Beijing is at a moderate level throughout the country. This paper analyzes the statistics of Beijing from 2008 to 2015 by means of SPSS statistical software. Firstly, it analyzes...
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Design of Curriculum Evaluation System Based on the Eight Principles of Quality Management in Higher Vocational Colleges

Qinyi Li, Qiong Yu
In view of the unclear level and incomplete contents of curriculum evaluation system in higher vocational colleges, a multi-angle, multi-direction and multi-level curriculum evaluation system is proposed. Based on the eight principles of quality management, this paper discusses the principles of curriculum...
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Study of Chengdu’s Inbound Tourism Development under the Belt and Road Initiative

Lu Huang
Against the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, this paper analyzes the inbound tourism opportunities brought by the initiative. What’s more, sampling analysis of the inbound tourist sources of countries along the Belt and Road has been conducted in light of the present situation of Chengdu’s...
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Analysis of the Financing Effect of the New Third Board Listing Companies

Huamin Li, Dandan Zhang
The development of society is inseparable from capital. The growth of enterprises cannot be separated from funds. At present, the traditional financing model cannot meet the financing needs of high-risk and high-return of small and medium-sized enterprises, which seriously hinders the development of...
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The Construction, Translation and Dissemination of Chinese Diplomatic Discourse

Shihua Ding
Translations neglecting the target audience’s cognitive environment will inevitably lead to compromised acceptability of the translated texts. The optimal-relevance is what a translator should always keep in mind in the process of inference and reconstruction. Successful communication depends largely...
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Application of Project Teaching for Smart Grid Technologies in Postgraduate Practice Innovation Ability Training

Sheng Li, Sijia Lu, Jiani An, Heng Wu
This paper discussed the basic concepts, topic selection principles, and the assessment methods of project teaching. The application process of CDIO teaching method in project teaching is introduced according to the steps of “Conceive ??" Design ??" Implement ??" Operate”, taking the electric vehicle...
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The Present Situation and Adjustment of the Service Function of Chongqing Functional Financial Center (FFC)

Ran Lian, Liyao Jin
With similarities of the construction of the financial center, many cities begin to plan different roads of the financial center. The 19th CPC National Congress of the Party and President Xi further emphasized the strategic significance of Chongqing as an open highland in China’s western region in early...
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Study on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum System for Graduates Based on Extenics

Fan Jiang, Jiangdong Chen, Zhongmin Xiao, Qingfeng Wu, Zhenzhang Liu
To solve the difficult problem in the construction of the innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system for graduate students by use of Extenics innovation method, this paper builds the curriculum system of innovative ability for graduate students with "a goal of curriculum, three systems, and one...
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Research on Computer Teaching Reform in Colleges and Universities

Qiujing Yang
In recent years, with the rapid development and application of computer technology, computer knowledge and ability have become important skills for contemporary college students to obtain employment. Under such circumstances, it is required that colleges and universities must increase the investment...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Tourism Poverty Alleviation in China from the Perspective of Industrial Chain

Xiaowei Zhou, Zhipeng Bao
There are many poor aspects of China tourism poverty alleviation effect, and one of the reasons lies in the micro-foundation of tourism poverty alleviation industry -- the industrial chain fails to highlight the inherent benefits of tourism poverty alleviation without realization of the effective integration...
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The New Enlightenment of Absorptive Capacity Theory

Zenghai Wu, Xiongxiong Qu
This paper thinks that we can improve the knowledge absorptive capacity of organizations and their employees through training. After theoretical analysis of knowledge absorptive theory and training activities, it is believed that organizations can take the following measures to improve the knowledge...
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Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Trade Value-Taking UK as an Example

Yinjie Chu
The main purpose of this paper is to study the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on UK exports during the UK referendum. Many scholars studied the impact in history, but they did not come to the same conclusion. Therefore, further research is needed. A metrological model is adopted in this paper....
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Research on University Core Competence

Yachao Xu
The concept of core competitiveness of universities derives from the core competitiveness of enterprises and then explains their characteristics. The core competitiveness of universities includes discipline construction ability, teacher resources, social service ability and cultural soft power. The suggestions...
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Research on NoSQL Database Technology

Junshan Li, Jianjun Li
Due to the demand for ultra-large-scale and high-concurrency purely dynamic social networking websites and big data management, traditional relational databases can no longer meet the storage and access requirements of massive data, so NoSQL database systems for specific applications have emerged. First,...
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Research on the Construction Index System of China Guilin Tourism Distribution Center

Feng Liang, You Hu
Guilin tourism development has now become a new trend of individualization, but the tourism distribution center started late compared to other tourist cities of the same level. How to achieve the successful operation of the Guilin tourism distribution center, improve the Guilin tourism public service...
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An Empirical Study on Herding Effects in Chinese Stock Market

Xiang Gao
Herding Effects fluctuate the capital market and affect the stability of the market. This paper aims to evaluate whether the herding effect exists in Chinese stock market or not. First of all, we introduces the definition, classification, and reasons of the herding effect and the possible impact on the...
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Research on the Improvement of Practical Teaching Ability in College

Zhengru Xu, Yanmei Meng
Practical teaching is an effective way to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and deepen the understanding of the theory. It is an important link for cultivating high quality engineering technicians with innovative consciousness, and an important platform to link theory with practice, to train students...
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Research on Key Problems of Classroom Teaching Reform

Yanmei Meng, Zhengru Xu
With the development of education globalization, the concept of classroom has changed radically, and the traditional classroom boundary has been broken. The key problems of classroom teaching reform are researched in the paper. It can be known that the cooperative learning is no longer a discussion on...
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Analysis and Construction of Multidimensional Industry Chains of Agritourism

Shuai Mao, Yang Song, Xiaolin Meng, Faroq Abdulkarem Ahmed
Multiple influencing factors and multidimensional industry chains can lead to some difficulties in operations management of agritourism. Five industry chains have been established to analyze the multidimensional agritourism industrial chains, including the value chain, supply chain, product chain, technology...
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Exploration of the Motivation Mode of Information Quality Education for Medical Students

Qinlan Zhang, Xueyuan Yi
Information quality is the basic quality that should be equipped for medical students during the information era, and valid motivation of information quality education can mobilize the learning initiative of medical students. In the teaching process of information quality, it is applicable to improve...
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The Construction of Practical Teaching System for Management Specialty in Applied Private Colleges—Taking Changchun University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Li Qu, Shuguang Fan, Lu Zhang
Scientific and sound practical teaching system is the key for the cultivation of applied talents, and it is the guarantee for improving practical teaching quality. This paper takes the management specialty of Changchun University of Finance and Economics as the research object, analyzes the importance...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Teachers’ Occupational Well-Being Based on Ecological System Theory

Song Liu
There are a variety of influencing factors for teachers’ occupational well-being, and the research on influencing factors needs to be conducted from the holistic and systematic perspective. Based on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory, this paper explores the influencing factors of the teacher's...
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Philosophical Thinking of Emotional Calculation

Xiaomeng Zhang, Haibo Zhang
Emotional calculation, one of the heated topics in artificial intelligent research, is widely applied. But at the same time, there are a series of problems. In order to reduce the issues arising in the development of artificial intelligence in the field of artificial intelligence and to develop emotional...
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Discussion on the Implementation of Large Chinese Education under Rogers Educational Theory

Meng Yuan
With the advancement of the reform of the college entrance examination in recent years, and the introduction of policies to reduce extra points, the importance of Chinese language in the overall discipline has become increasingly prominent. After the reform of the college entrance examination, Chinese...
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Subliminal Affective Priming of Internet Emotions Influences Attentional Bias

Jie Cheng
This research aims at studying the effect of subliminal affective priming of Internet emotions on the attentional bias. The Internet emotions were prime stimulus of this experiment, which were taking from a social software. The experiment was conducted by adopting a single factor within-subject design....
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Organizational Conflict in Caring Climate

Shengpeng Shi
This paper explores 1) the sources of conflicts with caring climate in workplace, 2) the different figures and aspects of the conflicts occurring in the caring climates compared with the individualistic and competitive climates, 3) and the proper organizational conflict management. By a real case analysis,...
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Analysis of Spatial-temporal Dynamics and Influencing Factors of County Economic Disparity: A Case Study of Gansu Province

Yan Han, Yuan Zhang, Meiling Deng
This paper uses the analytical framework of exploratory spatial-temporal data analysis (ESTDA) to analyze the spatial-temporal dynamics and influencing factors of county-level economic disparities in Gansu Province from 1995-2015. The results are as follows: Through the analysis of spatial-temporal evolution,...
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Eco-city Objectives: A Framework for Formulation and Examination Based on the Planning Perspective

Lili Ma
A framework for objective examination of eco cities has not been systematically constructed. The framework can guide eco-city planning, construction and implementation through developing an ultimate checklist for assessment of eco-city performance. The article firstly analyzes general objectives and...
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A Study on the Impact of Rural Loans on Farmers' Income-Taking Shaanxi Province as an Example

Chen Chen
Our objective in this paper is to study the impact of rural loans on farmers' income, taking Shaanxi Province as an example. We use a multiple linear regression model to analyze the per capita net income of rural residents and rural loans. It is concluded that the per capita net income of rural residents...
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Optimization Research on College Students' Physical Health Monitoring Management

Zhenpeng Yu
Based on the implementation of the "standard", taking college students' physical health monitoring as the core, combined with the related monitoring theory, this paper analyzes the mechanism and operation mode of college students' physical health monitoring, excavates the existing problems and causes...
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The Dynamic Teaching Model of Advanced English Based on Humanism

Xun Bu
In context of prevailing utilitarianism and exam-orientation in contemporary college English teaching, the current paper adopts a humanistic perspective claiming that education should be based on learners’ self-betterment and aim at their self-actualization. The paper explores the dynamic teaching mode...
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Practical Exploration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Chinese Independent Colleges—Taking City College of WUST for Example

Siyou Zhang, Lijuan Qiu
Colleges and universities shoulder the mission of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents. It is the call and opportunity of age to do a good job in innovation and entrepreneurship education and cultivate innovative talents who attach great importance to practice, which also reflects the national...
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Evaluation of Agricultural Output Efficiency Based on DEA Model-Taking Xinjiang as an Example

Li Feng
In this paper, the CCR model in the data envelopment analysis model was used to calculate and analyze agricultural technology efficiency, pure technical efficiency, and scale efficiency in various regions of Xinjiang from 1994 to 2013. The efficiency of agricultural production in various regions of Xinjiang...
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The Role of Information Technologies in the Innovative Potential of the Artistic Museum

Portnova Tatiana
The article discusses the issues of the penetration of information technologies into the museum environment and their use in the educational process of future art historians. Close cooperation between geographically remote artistic monuments and their study by means of interactive systems is one of new...
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An Empirical Study on the Promotion of Donation Performance of Non-profit Organizations-Emotional Influence on the Willingness to Donate

Shuai Wang
With the development of social economy and the high popularity of the Internet, the share of network donations in non-profit organizations is also increasing year by year. But how to increase people’s willingness to donate and thus improve the performance of online fundraising has not been studied at...
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The Operation Mode of Network Video Websites-Based on a Case Study of Iqiyi

Shuhui He
This paper studies the industrial background, the competition pattern, as well as the operation mode and the profit mode of network video website development. The specific operation of the mainstream video sharing websites and network video software is analyzed in detail, and the video website is analyzed...
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Research on Platform Strategy of Enterprises from the Perspective of Value Co-Creation -Taking Xiaomi's Ecological Chain as an Example

Shuhui He
Taking the Xiaomi’s ecological chain as an example, from the perspective of value co-creation, this paper analyzes the relationship between Xiaomi and Xiaomi's ecological chain companies, and deeply studies the platform strategy of Xiaomi's ecological chain, thereby trying to find out the strategic direction...
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Research on the Form and Construction Characteristics of Traditional Folk Houses in Southern Liaoning Region

Hao Ying, Yujun Liu
Since the traditional folk houses in Southern Liaoning Region have a long history, there are various construction forms of traditional folk houses similarly, with rick research significance. This paper mainly starts from the introduction about the development background and current status of traditional...
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Theoretical and Empirical Research on Cultivating the core Competencies of the Enterprise

Xiaotong Bai, Ke Bi, Xinyu Wang
The core competence is the essence of the enterprise competition. This paper studies the cultivation of the enterprise's core competence. Using literature research methods and empirical research methods, we concluded the method of identifying core competences and their cultivation approaches. Then conducted...
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The Impacts of Brexit on China

Lishan Zhang
As for the Black swan incidents during 2016, one thing that can’t be ignored should be Brexit. Meanwhile, in the current period of globalization and multilateralism, another country is also experiencing great changes and transformations: China is an emerging giant. It is certain that such a global event,...
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Ethical Review of the Alienation of Moral Stories-Taking "Kong Rong lets pear" Moral Story prototype as an example

Wenli Li
Story is an unfading educational way in China. Moral stories are also one of the main ways of moral education in schools. Moral story itself has dual attributes of knowledge and ethics, and school moral education overemphasizes the knowledge attribute of moral story and obscured its ethical attribute,...
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Research on Fiscal Funding Input of Higher Education in Fujian Province

Qiang Qiu
The necessary funding is the basic premise and important guarantee for the development of higher education. As the main source of funding for higher education, the amount of government fiscal input has a great affection on the development of higher education. Based on the study of fiscal funding input...
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On the Actual Pursuit of Moral Education

Xi Fang, Mengwen Pan
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the actual pursuit of moral education, in order to teach the majority of colleagues and experts and scholars. The study shows that the return of "morality" is the premise of moral education; the true return of "education" is the foundation of moral education; and...
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Dynamic Study on Urban Development and Ecological Efficiency in Northern Xinjiang-Take urumqi, hami and turpan for Example

Yu Hao
Based on the area of northern xinjiang urumqi, hami and turpan city of the relationship between the ecological efficiency of economic development and environmental analysis, for the development of the region ecological environment resource consumption and usage, to explore the influence of the main causes...
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Research on the Employment Quality of College Graduates—Visual Analysis based on CNKI Literature Keywords

Jingwen Si
Under the background of the increasingly severe employment situation, the employment quality of college graduates has garnered a great deal of attention. In order to understand the status quo and trends of employment quality research, and to explore the hot spot of the present research on the quality...
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Research on the Loopholes and Countermeasures of Logistics Financial Business in China

Shen Liu
By studying on the domestic scholars' discussion and research on logistics finance, this paper introduces the main operation mode of logistics finance. From two aspects: legal policy, operation practice, based on our country's actual financial current situation of logistics, and from the legal system,...
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An Interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s Nature Poems from the Ecocritical View

Guifang Zhang
Emily Dickinson was a prominent American poet, whose poems could be divided into about nature, love, death, and religion. It is worth noting that the poems about nature occupy a rather part in number, over one third of all. In the context of ecological deterioration today, it is great significance realistically...
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Dissemination and Innovation of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture under the Background of New Media

Xiaomei Shang, Yaonan Li
In the era of new media, the overall situation of the dissemination of excellent traditional Chinese culture is poor. It is mainly manifested in the lack of dissemination, lack of influence, content polarization, and single form of communication. The dissemination of new media of the fine traditional...
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The Interpretation of The Great Gatsby from the Perspective of Existentialism

Qing Chang, Shuhua Li
Scott Fitzgerald, American writer, is the spokesman of the “Jazz Age” and the representative writer of the “lost generation” in the 1920s. His masterpiece The Great Gatsby leaves an impressive mark in the history of American literature. The paper tries to analyze the protagonist Gatsby from the perspective...
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A Brief Talk about Camera Phone Photography in the Era of Digital Photography

Zhi Yang
The development of the modern society and the advancement of science and technology provides people with more methods and channels to gain images. Digital photography, which used to be a method to obtain high quality pictures, begins pursuing more convenient operation and easier intelligent user experience....
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Vanke Real Estate Debt Financing Structure's Impact on Firm Performance

Xiaoxue Ma
Debt financing is one of the necessary ways to obtain funds under the condition of continuous and rapid economic development. However, this method of obtaining funds will also bring hidden dangers when it brings certain benefits to the company or the company. Under the strongest and most stable favorable...
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Study on Regional Innovation Efficiency Based on DEA Three-stage Model-Take Ten cities in Shaanxi Province as an Example

Meiting Wang
In order to further optimize the allocation of innovative resources, improve innovation efficiency, and fully tap regional development potential, this paper uses DEA's three-phase model to evaluate the innovation efficiency of ten cities in Shaanxi Province from the perspective of input and output, and...
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The Application of PAD Class in the Basic English Course at Anshan Normal University under the Theory of Second Language Acquisition

Dan Guo
Second language acquisition means that people learn a language other than their mother tongue in a certain way. PDA Class is a new teaching method, which emphasizes the internalization of knowledge by learners and emphasizes the process evaluation of learning outcomes. The effective learning strategies...
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Cultivation of English Teaching Ability for Preschool Students of English Education Major

Dan Guo
At present, the qualified preschool English teacher is the key factor that we run English education in the kindergarten, but this is also the most difficult problem that we are urgent to solve. By investigating and doing present situation research about specialized quality of kindergarten English teachers...
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Research on Stereotypes on Only Child for College Students

Zhen Wu, Jieshuang Liang, Jing Wang
Since the implementation of family planning in China in 1979, the only-child group has become increasingly large and has gradually attracted public attention. This study explores whether college students have a stereotyped impression of the only child. If so, what are the specific contents and characteristics....
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Practice of Application-oriented Undergraduates Cultivated by School-Enterprise Cooperation under the Guidance of “The Belt and Road” Initiative-The Case of Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering

Tong Liu, Yu Liu, Zhiyong Yang
In order to deepen international exchanges and cooperation and create new regional cooperative relations, China has made a major initiative to build the “Belt and Road”. Education departments should conform to the trend of the times and provide human resources for the construction of the “Belt and Road”...
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Study on the Selection Method of Product Materials based on the Theory of Informed Construction

Fangting Xu, Kang Hu, Jun Zhang, Haobin Deng
In order to improve users' overall demand satisfaction and improve the accuracy of material plan selection. Through IT quantitative data analysis theory, using the AHP analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and the quality of QFD house integration method of product material property parameter to calculate,...
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Evolution Pattern of Technical Innovation Input and Output of Agricultural Product Processing Industry in China

Yifeng Li, Chuanfang Zheng
Based on the data of China Statistical Yearbook, this paper conducts the quantitative analysis about the technical innovation input and output conditions of Chinese agricultural product processing industry, and it finds that: firstly, in the agricultural product processing industry, the input strength...
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Research on the Reform of Physical Education in Chinese College

Haiwei Shang
Great changes have taken place in the ranks of physical education teachers, especially in recent years, the reform of educational system has created favorable conditions for the development of physical education teachers. This paper analyzes the current situation of physical education in China, and concludes...
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A Multi-centrality Model based on Borda Count Method for Identification of Important Ports in Maritime Networks

Zhihong Tian, Liangliang Chen
This paper aims to build a new multi-centrality model based on Borda count method for identification of important ports in maritime networks. Main contributions of this paper can be concluded as follows. First, it is found that the Asia-Europe routes of the Maersk shipping line is not homogeneous, indicating...
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The Impact of Logistics Industry on China’s Regional Economic Growth Based on Theil Index Analysis

Liangliang Chen, Zhihong Tian
This paper aims to investigate the impact of logistics industry on China’s regional economic growth. In particular, the input-output relationships in the regions are analyzed based on the biodegradable nature of Theil index method. We find that there is a relatively small interaction effect between logistics...
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Exploration on the Individualized Expression of Chocolate Package Design

Ling Chen
Today, when commodities are becoming homogenized gradually, the individualized expression of commodities has played a more and more important role in product sales. Chocolate packages also request the in-depth research about the individualized demands of consumption groups, focusing on children and young...