Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

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Review on Marcuse’s Theory of the Alienation of Science and Technology and Its Contemporary Values

Qiuye Lu, Qiaohua Ren
Due to the development of the modern Enlightenment Movement, the capitalist industrial society is highly developed, and science and technology are alienated into a means of political rule. Alienated science and technology lead to the formation of a totalitarian society, which transforms the society into...
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Analysis on the Influence of Geographical Indication Protection on International Competitiveness of Shaanxi Apple

Xiaowei Zhou, Xinyin Zhang, Junnan Dong
As a big agricultural province in western China, Shaanxi loess plateau area of Weibei has a unique ecological environment and natural climate, and the climate here is the only one that meets the requirements of seven indicators for apple growth. In 2003, after Shaanxi’s apple got the geographical indication...
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Present Situation and Restricting Factors of Chinese Garlic Export to ASEAN

Xiangli Kong, Pei Zhang, Junnan Dong
With the establishment of the China-ASEAN free trade zone, the trade in agricultural products, especially garlic, between China and ASEAN countries has developed rapidly. While both sides are engaged in mutually beneficial and win-win garlic trade, the problem of garlic trade has become increasingly...
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Application of Block Chain Technology in the Financial Industry and Its Legal Norms

Xiaowei Zhou, Junnan Dong, Xinyin Zhang, Pei Zhang
Financial block chain technology is a frontier technology of financial science and technology, which plays an important role in the business processing and expansion of commercial banks under the background of Internet. This paper introduces the applications of block chain including the application of...
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Research on Sustainable Development of Chinese Human Resources and Natural Resources

Ning Bai
The sustainable development of resources includes two aspects, namely human resources and natural resources. Based on China’s situation and the view of resources, this paper analyzes the existing problems and maneuverability of the sustainable development strategy of China's resources from two aspects...
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Research on Development Paradigm of the University Library

Yanhong Yang
This paper studies the development paradigm of the university library from the traditional library to the compound library and then to the smart library. From the traditional library to the compound library under construction, we have experienced the digital construction of the traditional library and...
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Study on the Innovation Path of the Editor Team Construction of Local University Journals

At present, there are many problems in the construction of the journals of local colleges and universities in China, which are mainly reflected in the lack of the post, unreasonable construction of institutions, few funds, and lack of professionals. In order to strengthen the construction of local university...
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Research on the Integrated Teaching of Welding Specialty in Higher Vocational Schools

Zhiling Wang
The integrated teaching has become a popular word in the vocational education. With many years of teaching practice, the author has explored and accumulated some experience. The author proposes that the reform of the welding specialty should be integrated, specialized and combined with professional skills....
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Research on the Training Mode Reform of Computer Application Professionals in the Higher Vocational Colleges

Defeng An
This paper takes the reform of personnel training modes in higher vocational colleges as the research object, and expounds the basic train of thoughts for the reform of personnel training modes in higher vocational colleges. The author focuses on the reform of the evaluation model, the construction of...
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Research on Personnel Training Mode of School-Enterprise Cooperation for Welding Robot Application and Maintenance

Min Hu
The development of the welding industry depends not only on the research and development of highly educated personnel, but also on the application and operation of the vast number of front-line workers, and it is the responsibility of vocational education to cultivate technical personnel and technical...
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Research on Teaching of Arc Welding Robot based on Simufact Welding Simulation

Min Hu
This paper introduces the function and characteristics of Simufact simulation software, and applies the simufact simulation software in the teaching of arc welding robot in technical colleges and universities. This software is used to understand the parameters of welding current, wire feeding speed,...