Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation (ICMIA 2017)

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Properties and Interfacial Interaction of Epoxidized Natural Rubber/ Precipitated Silica Composites

Yueqiong Wang, Lusheng Liao, Bingbing Wang, Fuquan Zhang, Jieping Zhong, Kui Xu, Zheng Peng, Puwang Li
ENR40/ precipitated silica (P-silica) compounds were prepared by in an open two-roll laboratory mixing mill at 50~60 . Curing properties and mechanical properties was investigated. In order to reveal the interaction between ENR40 and P-silica, ENR40/P-silica compounds were extracted in toluene to obtain...
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Experimental Study on Solving Ice-blocking by Condensation Heat Recovery

Zhi Han, Zhen Wang, Yaying Zhang, Tao Jiang, Hongli Shan
The problem of ice blockage has always been a thorny issue when the fluidized ice equipment is making ice. Based on the origin of ice blockage, we analyze the causes of the problem. And then, we melt the ice with hot water, that is: the heat carried from the compressor (this part of heat can transform...
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Adsorption of atrazine from aqueous solution using magnetic grapheme oxide

Xiaojun Zhang, Xiaoguo Ma, Weiheng Shu, Junbiao Peng
Magnetic graphene oxide (MGO) was prepared, and characterized using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and transmission electronic microscopy. The MGO was used as the sorbent for adsorption of atrazine, and the adsorption performance was investigated under various conditions. Results indicated that...
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Synthesis of Novel Polyphosphonate Flame Retardants for Epoxy Resins

Shulei Li, Yinjie Wang, Jiping Liu, Wei Zhao
A novel halogen-free flame retardant of polyphosphonate (PDDP), has been synthesized by the melt polymerization. The structure of PDDP has been characterized by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra. Results of vertical burning (UL-94), limiting oxygen index (LOI),...
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Fabrication of Degradable Intervertebral Fusion with Good Mechanical Properties and Biocompatibility Based on 3D Printing Technology

Qiang Wang, Xiongfei Zheng, Heran Wang
In this paper, the manufacture method of degradable intervertebral fusion stent with good mechanical properties and biocompatibility based on 3D printing technology is researched. Firstly, the mixing process of synthetic macromolecule and bioceramic powder is studied. And develop a high temperature stirring...
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Synthesis of a Self-intumescent Flame Retardant of Branched Polyphosphoramide and Its Performance for Epoxy Resins

Yi Zhang, Jiping Liu, Shulei Li, Wei Zhao
A novel self-intumescent flame retardant of branched polyphosphoramide (BPCDC), was synthesized by the solution polymerization. The chemical structure of BPCDC has been demonstrated by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and the flame-retardant properties of EP/BPCDC composites was investigated...
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The effect of the substrate bias on structure and friction coefficient of tetrahedral amorphous carbon films deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc

Liang Han, Wei Yang, Bin Cui
Tetrahedral amorphous carbon ( ta-C) films were deposited with filtered cathodic vacuum arc by changing the substrate bias from 0V to 500V. The fraction of the sp3 bonding will be effected by the substrate bias, and the sp3 fraction is about 85% when the substrate bias is -200V. The RMS of the films...
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Analysis of the Separation Principle of Kinematic Errors from the Rotation Axis in Manufacturing Equipment

Ya Zhang, Lin Zhang
Machining tests were used to identify the kinematic errors of the rotary axes in machine tools. The key to design the machining tests is analyzing the relationship of the kinematic errors of the machine tool and the machining errors of the test workpiece. By adopting the error-sensitive direction vector,...
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The Influence of Pre-wetted Lightweight Aggregates' Volume Fractions on Shrinkage

X.F. Wang, C. Fang, K. Yu, N.X. Han, F. Xing
In this study, the influence of three types of pre-wetted lightweight aggregates (PLWA) on the shrinkage of concrete was experimentally investigated, in which the variation of the volume fractions and moisture content was considered. The results show that the shrinkage of concrete after age 150d increased...
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A New Approach for the Determination of Elastic Property of Urea-Formaldehyde Microcapsules

X.F. Wang, R. Han, Y.H. Wu, N.X. Han, F. Xing
Determination of the mechanical properties of urea-formaldehyde (UF) microcapsules is extremely important. In this study, UF microcapsules were made by using in situ polymerization method. The diameter and thickness of UF microcapsules were characterized by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). In...
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The Influence of Lead Sulfate on Chloride Transport Properties in Cementitious Materials

X.F. Wang, Y.B. Yuan, Z.P. Chen, N.X. Han, F. Xing
In this study, the influence of lead sulfate on the transport of chloride in mortar was investigated by chloride ion permeation test. The changes of cement hydration products in cement-based materials containing lead sulfate were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).The results show that the...
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Effects of gelatin combined with essential oils coating on storage quality of turbot (Psetta maxima) fillets

Yongxia Xu, Rui Wang, Honglei Zhao, Jiamei Zhao, Jianping Zhang, Jianrong Li
The influences of garlic and ginger essential oil coating on the quality of turbot (Psetta maxima) fillets during storage were investigated. Total viable count (TVC), total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) , pH and texture profile were measured to evaluate the preservative effect of essential oil coating...
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Rationality of Dempster-Shafer combination step by step

Qiang Chen, Wanshun Liu, Bojun Wan, Haifeng Wang
In this paper, provided a solution that evidence are sequentially used in pair aiming at the problem of multi-evidence combination. Several theorems and deductions are presented and proved. The step-by-step combination algorithm mixing the classic Dempster-Shafer evidence combination method and the weighted...
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Multi-source Traffic Data Calibration with Optimized Adaboost

Xue Xing, Ciyun Lin, Zhuorui Wang
A large amount of real-time traffic data supports the processing requirements of traffic state discrimination and prediction. Therefore, accurate real-time traffic information can be grasped for effective detection of outliers. In this paper, an optimized AdaBoost model for screening abnormal traffic...
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A Survey of Vehicle Upper-equipment Mounting System Application

Xiaozheng Dang, Xiaojun Wei, Baocheng Ding
Upper-equipment mounting system is playing more and more important role in the field of transportation vibration isolation. This study summarizes configuration categories, development and research status of the mounting system. Research direction future need of the mounting system is also proposed.
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Design and Motion Analysis of Wheel-leg Compound Variable Displacement and Obstacle Surmounting Robot

Hesheng Yin, Qiuju Zhang, Meng Ning
Aiming at the characteristics of unstructured environment, this paper proposes a new type of wheel-leg compound mobile robot suitable for unstructured environment.This innovation is that the robot adopts the wheel-leg compound configuration and sliding structure of the fuselage, and it can carry out...
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the principle and implementation of blink of an eye detection and recognition for Humanoid type prosthetic

Yi Zheng, Shufang Zhou, Qingchao Yue, Li Dong, Peisi Zhong
Aimingÿatÿrealizingÿthe type prosthetic movement control problem to use the principle of blinking detection and recognition, the basic structure of a blink of an eye detection and recognition system was built,ÿthe basic principles ofÿÿthe blink of an eye detection and recognition wasÿintroduced, the...
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Elbow driver installation structure optimization design for robotic artificial limbs

Qingchao Yue, Yi Zheng, Peisi Zhong, Shufang Zhou
Robot artificial limbs has six degrees of freedom. elbow tilting mechanism is driven by a through type linear motor. To determine the elbow installation structure of driven by linear motor, this paper uses the optimization design method, to determine the structure design of the optimization variables,...
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Design of Bionic Bucket Teeth and Drag Reduction Analysis

Zhifeng Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yueying Zhu, Junxia Zhang
Bucket teeth are located at the end of a bucket, which enable the bucket to dig into soil with a lower resistance. In this paper, the configuration information of a claw tooth of mole crickets was extracted and used for designing the configuration of a bionic bucket tooth which was modified from the...
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Analysis on Key Segment of Spot Inspection for Marine Steel Castings

Ping Ning, Yijiang Xia, Zhiqiang Feng, Qiong Huang
Aim at the improving requirement of quality defects found on spot inspection of marine steel castings, based on the experience of on-site inspection summarized for over 20 year, the key segments of spot inspection for marine steel castings were analyzed, mainly including to study and to be familiar with...
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A Study on Ways of Evaluating Intelligent Manufacturing Capacity in Domestic Pump Industry

Qi Meng, Deji Hu, Hongyu Shao
In recent years, to develop intelligent manufacturing and lead manufacturing industry to complete reform and industrial upgrading in a benign way has become an important means of promoting our country to join the new round of competition in the global manufacturing industry. Focusing on the evaluation...
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Analysis of Development of Internet of Things Technology and Training of Professional Talents

Yiran Liu
This paper describes the definition and technical basis of Internet of Things, and explores the generation and development of Internet of Things, then introduces the impact of the Internet of Things, including the impact on individuals, cities, and even the country. The author slso analyzes the professional...
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Migrating birds optimization for hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with makespan

Caile Ren, Chaoyong Zhang, Yanbin Zhao, Leilei Meng
This paper use migrating birds optimization algorithm to minimize makespan on hybrid flow shop problem firstly in the literature. According to the characteristics of hybrid flow shop problem, this paper proposed a job sequence adjustment model based on probability. Then combined the adjustment model...
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Application of Time-domain Average and Wavelet on Fault Diagnosis in Gear

Haiying Kang, Guangsheng Liu, Yaoxin He, Changzhi Jia
Time-domain average is a common method of extracting cycle heft that we are interested in from complex cycle signals that get along with noise. When it was put into practice, because of cycle truncation error, it can't gain satisfactory effect. The fault vibration signals of the gear were measured in...
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A Simulation Method of Generating Multi-view Image of Aircraft Targets

Yunfeng Liu, Bin Li, Xiaopei Tang, Xiaogang Yang, Yong Tang
Aircraft target detection in airport remote sensing image by deep learning is a hot topic of current research, however, training deep network model needs a large amount of datasets, and there is no website or the specialized agencies to collect remote sensing images of airport. To solve the problem,...
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Analysis of African e-commerce environment and suggestions on investment of Chinese enterprises

Chi Jia
With the rapid development of online economy, cross-border e-commerce has become a hot spot for scholars and investors. Due to the weakness of international trade, the opportunity for developing cross-border e-commerce is coming. Africa is an ideal capacity to undertake, with high return on investment...
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The control system of the grinding machine is designed for the rubber tree push-type gluing knife field

Yuan Zhang, Yiguo Deng, Yeqin Wang, Lijiao Wei, Shiqiao Luo
Rubber tree push the cutter blade in the work of easy to glue, not wear and artificial tool grinding requires professional operation, and the workload is relatively large, longer, less efficient, the article for the above technology status quo. In this paper, the design idea, working principle and structural...
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Design and Analysis of Auxiliary Calibration Device Based on 3-RPS Parallel Mechanism for Spraying Robot

Youcai Zhang, Jianxiao Wang, Lei Qin
According to the calibrating requirements of a teaching manipulator in a glaze-spraying robot system, an auxiliary calibration device based on 3-RPS parallel mechanism was presented. Firstly, the 3-RPS parallel mechanism and other related components were designed. Then the kinematic capability of the...
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Design of natural rubber precision ditch fertilization machine

Yeqin Wang, Yiguo Deng, Yuan Zhang, Lijiao Wei
According to the natural rubber deep fertilization ditch depth of 10 ~ 30cm between the width of 30 ~ 40cm between the requirements,we developed a fine ditch fertilizing machine. This paper introduces its structure and principle in detail. The machine uses a hoof-shaped furrow structure and centrifugal...
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The Influence Factor Research of Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon

Lihui Fu, Junfeng Dai
Based on the theory of Surface Plasmon Resonance(SPR),the technique of Surface Plasmon Resonance was described and a detailed mechanism of the Fiber-Optic sensing has been discussed.The influence of the real and imaginary part of metal membrane'dielectric constant,the thickness of the metal,the refraction...
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The Design of Intelligent Soybean Milk Machine Control System

Junfeng Dai, Lihui Fu
The design is based on control system of 51 series MCU intelligent soybean milk machine. The soybean milk machine can set the timing of making soybean milk and selectively make soybean milk with beans, coarse cereals, vegetables and fruits. The whole system has multiple functions such as detection of...
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An improved artificial potential field algorithm based on nonuniform cell decomposition

Yanyi Yang, Yingming Zhang, Xingchen Li
Path planning of mobile robot is a complex issue involves computing and optimizing a collision-free path between initial position and destination, which requires the method reliable and efficient. This paper introduces an improved artificial potential field (APF) based on nonuniform decomposition method....
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Performance Degradation Prediciton of Rolling Bearings based on BP Neural Networks

Xiaoxuan Qi, Size Wang, Jingfeng Liu
Roller bearings are commonly used components in rotating machinery and are pruned to be failure, which may cause the system break down and result in economic loss. Therefore, performance degradation prediction of rolling bearings is important to prevent any unexpected roller bearings failure. In this...
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High-Definition Video Image Mosaics in Real-Time Based on Adaptive H-SIFT

Xiaowei Han, Zhiyong Wang, Wenjun Yang
High definition video image mosaic technology has been widely used in various fields, with high accuracy and good real-time performance. Based on the research of video image mosaic algorithm which based on SIFT, a new H-SIFT image mosaic algorithm is proposed, which is suitable for real-time mosaic of...
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Multi-class Obstacle Identification using Shape Descriptors in Video for Autonomous Vehicles

Shumin Liu, Xujuan Xu, Longyun Duan
Obstacle identification has been widely studied as part of the broader obstacle detection research area for Autonomous Vehicles (AV). Existing in-vehicle sensing systems are concentrated on obstacle detection for pedestrian or vehicle, and limited work has been conducted on multi-class obstacle classification....