Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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Serial robots geometrical parameter identification using modified quantum behaved particle swarm optimization

Haomeng Tong
Knowledge of stringent value of the robot end-effector position is necessary in several industrial applications such as macroscopic structure measurement and assemblage. However, industrial robots cannot meet this challenge because of numerous errors. This paper presents a new method using quantum behaved...
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The design and implementation of UML-based students’ information management system

Min Huang
Based on the background of the development of colleges and universities students’ information management system, this paper discussed the application problems of UML in this system modeling. The unified modeling language (UML) is adopted to carry on the modelling for the framework relation of students’...
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Children's Playground oxygen concentration detection Display System Design and Simulation

KunLiang Xu, ChangQin Du, YanLin Tao
Taking the current children's playground built indoors, most exist on the background of insufficient ventilation, C51 series AT89C51 single-chip design based on a playground detected oxygen concentration display system that can help managers make timely ventilation and ventilation to ensure indoor air...
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Preliminary study of the thermoelectric power generation theory

Bin Wang
Thermoelectric power generation technology has many advantages, no medium leakage, no wear, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability. It is also not limited by temperature, so it shows great superiority in the recovery of low grade heat source utilization. This paper...
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(paper withdrawn) The Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Li+-Imprinted Hybrid Gels

Xiushen Ye, Chaoming Quan, Shichun Zhang, Li Sun, Haining Liu, Zhijian Wu
Several different Li+-imprinted gels were prepared by different precursors. And the gels were characterized by textual properties and point of zero charges (PZCs). The adsorption of Li+ from their aqueous solutions by the gels was investigated. The surface areas of the gels were found to range from 60...
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Research on Performance Degradation Modeling for Machine Gun’s Barrel Based on FOAGRNN

Yanfeng Cao, Cheng Xu
A method to establish performance degradation model for barrel based on general regression neural network with fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOAGRNN) was proposed. It took the muzzle velocity reduction as performance degradation feature with the increase in the number of shooting ammunition quantity...
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Study of Failure Analysis of Power Transistors

Jiaoying Huang, Sicong Hu, Cheng Gao, Xiangfen Wang
This paper present a process of failure analysis which, to some extent, can demonstrate a variety of failure process in regard to power transistors. General failure analysis process will be introduced at the beginning of this article. The test objects are power transistors which were found to be the...
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Research on DNA Computing Methods of Optimization Problems on Weighted Graph

Jieyu Liu
The paper researched the DNA computing method of classical optimization problems on weighted graph, improved the method of Weight-coding that belongs to the original model of DNA, raised some new methods of DNA encoding and DNA computing. Generally speaking, through the Relative length graph design that...
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Simulation of 1.0 m CMOS Baseline Process at AEMD of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Didi Ma, Xiaodong Wang, Yun Shen, Xiulan Cheng
A standard 1.0 m CMOS process are developed at AEMD (Center for Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices), which is a public platform about advanced micro-nano fabrication. The process supports 1.0 m twin well technology, with double poly-Si, double metal, and defines the standard process modules in...
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Fuzzy Set Based Web Opinion Text Clustering Algorithm

Hongxin Wan, Yun Peng
With the development of social media, people like to express their views on the Web. Because people express their views casually, which makes the opinion text contain a lot of uncertain and unstructured contents, and it is difficult to cluster the text by normal classification methods. An algorithm of...
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Implementation of Computer Graphics Algorithm Platform Based on Autodesk Maya

Qi Zhang, Zhanpeng Huang
Building a visualization algorithm platform is the first step and very important part of computer graphics research. In this paper, we describe a new method to implement computer graphics algorithm based on Autodesk Maya. By creating the node is to be integrated directly into the Dependency Graph, we...
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Fault Detection for Network Control System with Multiple Packet Loss

Yuqing Li, Qun Zhang
The fault diagnosis problems for Networked control systems with multiple packet loss is studied. Residual model is designed to meet the minimum system implemented. By choosing the appropriate Lyapunov function, the sufficient conditions for the robust stochastic stability of the filter fault diagnosis...
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Intelligent bus temperature measurement system based on Zigbee networks

Gang Ma, WenGong Jiang
In order to avoid overheating due to bus power supply system that will cause major accidents, we need to monitor the temperature of high-voltage switch cabinet in the narrow space. This paper designs a wireless intelligent bus temperature measurement system based on Zigbee networks. The application of...
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Comparison analysis of pollutant emissions factor for Lantan combustion instead of raw coal

Jili Hou, Wenzhi Shang, Junli Liu, Yue Ma, Jian Shi, Shuyuan Li, Jinsheng Teng
Volatiles, sulfur, nitrogen and other impurity atoms have released in the process of bituminous coal retorting and high-quality Lantan can be obtained. In order to investigate the feasibility of Lantan to combustion as a clean fuel instead of raw coal, this paper selects several representative coals...
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A Hierarchical Resource Allocation Algorithm for Satellite Networks Based on MF-TDMA

Huijun Feng, Yuanan Liu, Hefei Hu, Dongming Yuan, Jing Ran
Satellite communication networks would become one of the most prevalent communication system for the increasing demand for high-speed multimedia services and the underutilization of scarce satellite spectral resource. Considering resource optimization under multi-priority services and various link states...
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Research on the influence of steel slag powder, slag power, and fly ash on the performance of concrete

Kaiqiang Song, FuTian Liu
In this paper, steel slag powder, slag powder and fly ash mixed with different proportions, equivalent replacement of cement, as concrete admixture, study the effect of the admixture on the performance and mechanical properties of concrete, and through the XRD, SEM, differential thermal and other micro...
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MPPT Algorithm Based on the Perturbation and Observation with Variable Metric

Yishuang Hu, Zimu Zhang, Dong Zhao, Yue Deng, Jingyi Lu
The output of photovoltaic array under uniform light is nonlinear with single peaks. Among the MPPT strategies, The P&O Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm is mostly used, due to its ease of implementation. However, its main drawbacks are the waste of energy in steady conditions, when the working...
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Study on Term Weight Calculation Based on Information Gain and Entropy

Ying Hong, Chao Lv
This paper first analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of TF-IDF, which is a traditional algorithm of term weight calculation. Then to overcome the disadvantages of the algorithm, this paper proposes a new method of term weight calculation based on information gain and information entropy, which...
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Characteristics Analysis of Aging Composite Insulators

Yue Cao, Zhibo Zhang, Xuan Chen, Ming Chi, Chuanmin Chen, Ke Du, Jing Zhang
Composite insulators have been widely used for transmission line, which have been noted for the aging problem with the increase of the installed number and service time. Characteristics analysis of aging composite insulators were analyzed using attenuated total reflect ion infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR)...
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Research on EPDM Matrix Nonlinear Insulation Composites

Changming Li, Qinglang Chen, Chunpeng Yin, Baozhong Han
In order to develop non-linear material used for the reinforced insulation in HVDC cable accessory, non-linear EPDM composites were fabricated by adding conductive nano fillers to improve the conductivity characteristic of EPDM. The conductivity and the DC breakdown strength of composites were tested...
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Reconstruction of missing data in social network Based on Affinity Propagation

Rongxin Liu, Qun Liu
With the appearance of data explosion, important data in incomplete network could be missed caused by some factors. To address the problem, we present a reconstruction framework based on Hawkes process with self-exciting and TAP (Topical affinity propagation) to effectively and efficiently reconstruct...
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A realization of load balancing based on distributed real-time database isomerism cluster

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Huanyuan Li, Lei Yan, Xianhui Li, ShengPeng Ji, Jingbo Li
This paper briefly introduced the technical features of real-time database and distributed database. This paper also introduced real-time database platform based on CORBA component technology, and real-time database isomerism cluster which is the core part of real-time database platform. Based on the...
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Evaluation Indexes Design for Sustainability of the Intelligent Systems Based on the Differential Equation

ChaoXi Zhang
Our paper provide select human health, food security, equitable sustainable development, local environmental quality, and energy access, livelihoods, community vulnerability, and access to clean water as indexes to evaluate whether a country is sustainable. With the research of the Intelligent Systems...
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Design of A Compact Four-Way Micro-strip Power Divider

Xiaotao Cai, Huifeng Wang, Xiaosong Qu, Limin Zhang
A four-way micro-strip power divider is proposed in this paper, which has compact structure. During the operation frequency band (2-4GHz), the designed power divider has good performance of impedance matching at five ports and the measured VSWR of each output port are all less than 1.25. The isolation...
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Study on Osteopontin and Its Clinical Application to Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
Osteopontin (OPN) is a kind of phosphorylated acidic glycoprotein, human beings' osteoclasts, macrophages, T cells, and vascular smooth muscle cells can secrete OPN, the gene is located on chromosome 4q13. OPN has a function of adhesion to protein, which can be combined with CD44, integrin v 3 and v...
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Verifying Outsourced Decryption of CP-ABE with Signature

Hongwei Liu, Xueyuan Wang, Peng Zhang
Attribute-based encryption enables users to encrypt and decrypt messages based on user attributes. The computational complexities of decryption are very high. By Outsourcing decryption to the third party, it can address the problem. But the verifiability of results returned from the third party has yet...
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The Design of Automatic Control System for Friction Plate Forming Equipment

Yuesheng Wang, Dawei Zheng
Due to the special requirements of the clutch friction plate production, the previous manual operation has been unable to meet the actual production requirements. This paper designs a control system for friction plate forming equipment aiming at different types of automobile clutches, by using the PLC...
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Real-time Calculating Over Self-Health Data Using Storm

Jiangyong Cai, Zhengping Jin
With the continuous development and popularity of smart wearable devices, more and more people tend to use the devices to record their health indicators and exercise indicators. Thus a larger amount of indicators called self-health Data is generated all the time. Obviously, it is necessary to process...
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Experimental Study on the Noise Distribution Law in Sound Field of the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Near Wake

Tiange Chen, Zhiying Gao, Jianwen Wang, Chao Yang, Fei Guan
This paper measured the propagation law of the acoustic radiation of certain airfoil blade in the near wake and obtains the noise parameters with different tip-speed ratio and measuring position by using the PULSE system. The results show that in low frequency band the rotation fundamental frequency...
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Application of maximum likelihood classification Based on minimal risk in crop interpretation

Yubin Song, Xiufeng Yang, Yancang Wang, Zihui Zhao, Xuhong Ren, Longfang Duan
In crop interpretation by remote sensing, Gray distribution of crop is overlapped in some intervals. The non-target crops fall into the target crop, which would greatly increase the workload in post classification. To reduce these classification errors, and improve accuracy of clarification, maximum...
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A Navigation Method for Land Vehicles Based on DR with Computer Vision Aided

Xingyu Li, Tingting Jiang, Zhenguo Yuan
Visual navigation methods become more and more hot issues for the vehicles. Computer vision has been applied to Dead Reckoning (DR) for land vehicles successfully. Based on the principle of DR, computer vision is used to calculate the azimuth information. And displacement information from camera could...
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Simulation Of The PV Array Output Characteristic In Shading

Yuan Yao, Honglu Zhu, Xu Li, Qiao Sun, Ling Nie, Gang Zhao
PV nonlinear characteristics caused by complex external environment and the complexity of PV maximum power point locations distribution influence the design and optimization of photovoltaic maximum power tracking algorithm. Based on PV equivalent circuit model, unknown parameters of PV model are solved...
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Study of tungsten deposited on amorphous Si, Si (111) and SiO2 using direct-current magnetron sputtering

Rui Zhang, Xiangquan Jiao, Hui Zhong, Yu Shi
Tungsten (W) commonly serves as the electrode layer or acoustic reflector layer for the highly columnar growth of AlN piezoelectric thin films used to fabricate film bulk acoustic resonators in power applications. The structure of W film directly influences the texture of AlN thin films above. Moreover,...
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Research of Ship Maintenance Management Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Xin Liu, Qiang Zhang, Shouba Wang, Xiangxin Cheng, Junjie Tang
The digital management of shipping business information is an inevitable trend.Compared with traditional management mode, it’s more convenient, efficient and traceable. The maintenance management platform based on Cloud Computing manage the business information, providing platform service for other systems...
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Vulnerability Analysis on the Cloud Network Topology

Ke Chen, Hua Zhang
In recent years, cloud computing is developping rapidly, and many companies put much effort to set up their own private cloud or public cloud. However, structures of cloud network topology are not of the same quality, and many network builders are tend to ignore the vulnerability of network topology...
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Computer-assisted Three-Dimensional Sports Training System Analysis and Design Research

Li Zhou
sports simulation helps sports training, the transition from primarily based on the human eye's method to the traditional method based on anthropometric high-definition video capture and analysis; from experience-based training methods to the stylized sports science shift analysis method, leading to...
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A Rapid Weak Signal Detection Approach in Resonant Pressure Sensors

Yanqin Zhang, Weiwei Xing, Chenxiao Zhang
In this paper, a rapid detection method for weak signal detection is proposed in resonant pressure sensors. The method is based on cross-correlation with a dedicated phase sensitive detector (PSD) and an improved integrator. The PSD is the sensitive resistor which is an ideal analog multiplier based...
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Modeling and Simulation of Segmented Primary Linear Induction Motor

Ying Jiang, Jingbo Shi
The significance is increasing efficiency and saving energy for segmenting the long primary linear induction motor (LIM) into blocks. As the research object, a high order and non-linear model for single segment primary is built by using the finite element method (FEM), and the equations of inductance...
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An Android Malware Detection Method Based on Feature Codes

Yiran Li, Zhengping Jin
The Linux-based android operation system is now exposed to high risks of security since the malware of smart phone explodes. For the purpose of effectively detecting the malware on the android platform, an android malware detection method based on feature codes is described in this paper. By using the...
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Signal Estimation under Specific Direction based on Extrapolation Method

Tingting Li
For the problem of space spectrum cannot reserve the original time-domain signal under specific direction after beamforming, a method of primitive signal estimation based on the results of beamforming is proposed. The method proposed is based on the traditional extrapolation, and can be used to estimate...
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Research on measurement regions for Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines based on DBSCAN

Jinpeng Wang, Yangkuan Guo, Lianqing Zhu, Zhikang Pan
The measurement accuracy of the articulated coordinate measuring machine (AACMM) is different in different sub measurement regions. In order to improve accuracy, The method for dividing and merging of sub measurement region based on Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN)...
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Based on Fluent Software for Screw Flow Analysis of Wood Plastic Composite Synthetic Type Twin-screw Extruder

Guangsheng Zeng, Bin Song
The paper analyzed the flow of the diameter of 72mm twin screw extruder screw-type’s field measurement from some machinery co., LTD by FLUENT software. Firstly, through established the flow channel of three-dimensional entity model by Gambit, defined the boundary and completed the meshing simultaneously....
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Failure Analysis of Au-Al Wire Bonding to MOSFETs

Jiaoying Huang, Can Cui, Cheng Gao, Yuanyuan Xiong
The gold and aluminum (Au-Al) wire bonding is used to realize interconnection for semiconductor devices. But, sometimes, the failure of Au-Al bond wire exists. In this paper, the failure influence factors of Au-Al bonding to Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) were discussed....
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Analysis of Blended-mode DoS Attack

Xin Yang Ou, Hua Zhang
Most techniques of DoS attack are single-model, which have the disadvantages of low attack efficiency and weak adaptability. This paper presents a blended-mode DoS attack mode and we focus on the analysis of the efficiency of this mode. In this mode, we combine different DoS attack modes to attack the...
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Application of Negative Selection Theory in Intrusion Detection

Yunhui Xing, Zhaowen Lin, Yan Ma
Along with the rapid development of Internet, network security has become one of high-profile issues in the current life. In this paper, the problem of instruction detection based on artificial immune system model and the key technologies negative selection algorithm(NSA) are discussed in detail, by...
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Breast Biopsy pathological technique and diagnostic application

Yanli LV
The diagnosis of breast disease in Europe and other advanced western developed countries were mainly the biopsy technique, which included fine-needle aspiration biopsy for cytological diagnosis and core needle biopsy for histological diagnosis. This two methods could figure out the basic pathological...
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Research of Greenhouse Control System Based on Fuzzy Math

Lei Xiao, Li Li, Xiaolong Wu
Advanced greenhouse technology determines the pace of development in agriculture. However, because of differences in the region, our country is still a higher operating cost in the agriculture field, personnel technical ability is not higher factors and the popularity of intelligent greenhouse is not...
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SCM instance computer disruptions concept Lecture Application

KunLiang Xu, YanLin Tao
In this paper, the microcontroller interrupt control technology, designed a simple microcontroller to control the LED lights off simulation system, the system was applied to the lectures can be intuitive so that students understand the process of computer disruptions, achieve a multiplier effect of teaching.
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Drug Distribution Analysis of Controlling the Ebola Epidemic Based on the Intelligent Systems

Ning Han
This paper mainly analyzes how to ease the Ebola epidemic and develops a drug distribution program, including the transportation destinations of drugs and other circumstance. On the basis of possessing the drugs, we need to build a realistic, sensible, and useful method in the prevention and control...
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Stress Response Analysis of Metallic Thin-walled Stiffened Structure under Thermo-acoustic Loadings

Yundong Sha, Xiaoning Tang, Jian Wang, Jinzhuo Jiang, Fengtong Zhao
For the realization of the aircraft to reduce weight and improve efficiency, thin-walled structure is widely used in aerospace vehicle. Thin-walled structure under the extremely harsh environment- high temperature and high acoustic loading- can cause strong nonlinear large deflection vibration characteristics,...