Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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Dis-Dyn Crawler:A Distributed Crawler for Dynamic Web Page

Jianfu Cai, Hua Zhang
Nowadays, it has became a widespread approach for achieving rich information in modern web applications using AJAX ,which cause two serious problems for web crawler. One is the incomplete information getting from web page due to the inability to parse dynamic web page. Another is the efficiency of the...
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The Design of IP Core for Configurable LCD Controller of MIPI Interface Based on NIOS II

Wei Dong Wang, Jing Wang
With the LCD controller of MIPI interface widely used in portable embedded systems, this paper combines MIPI technology and Altera's NIOS II soft core processor and completes the design of IP core for the LCD controller of MIPI interface in FPGA. The IP core can be implemented image display with different...
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Cloud Computing Real-time Task Scheduling Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm and the Perception of Resources

Jian Dong, Su-Juan Qin
Current real-time task scheduling algorithm only focus on the user tasks’ real-time demand, and these algorithms are not flexible enough to adapt for real-time change in heterogeneous systems. In this paper, by means of the characteristics of global optimization searching of genetic algorithm, from the...
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Research on the Sealing Detection Technology for No Leak Detection Interface Specimen

Yingjun Huang, Xudong Liao, Guoyun Bai, Tao Chen, Miao Lou
The sealing detection technology for no leak detection interface specimen was introduced, such as bubbles leak detection, back pressure leak detection, advance helium leak detection, fluorescence permeation leak detection and inside helium source leak detection, including their principles and specialties....
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When Coordination and Exploration are matched: A Simulation Research on Multi-Agents Governance mode

Cunying Chen, Hua Zhang
Engaging in exploring multi-agent collaboration requires determining how to govern the shared activities. We examine the performance implications of selecting alternate modes of governance in multi-agent alliance relationships. A core set of results in this study relates to the ways in which governance...
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A New Model of Adaptive Container Image Preprocessing

Yajie Zhu, Qikun Zhang, Weiming Zeng
The preprocessing of container image is the key to the whole container code intelligent identification system, and the result of treatment directly affects the accuracy of the code area positioning, the character segmentation and recognition. Based on some features of container images such as the color,...
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Thermal stability and Anti-Corrosion analysis of alloy coatings on Overhead Ground Wires

Kai Guo, Yishu Du, Shuang Liu, Xingeng Li, Zengwu Yue, Min Fu, Xuegang Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Fengjie Yan
In this work, alloy coatings with different Al and Mg content have been prepared on overhead ground wires for Zn-Al-Mg series hot-dip coatings providing good protection on mild steel surface against corrosion. A reinforced thermal stability is confirmed by DSC thermodynamic curves. Furthermore, the enhanced...
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Blind Doppler Rate Estimation for PSK Signal

Xin Cai, Xiang Wang, Zhi-Tao Huang, Feng-Hua Wang
We propose a novel blind Doppler rate estimator for phase shift keying (PSK) transmissions. The issue may arise in mobile radio links when the received signal experiences non-negligible time-varying Doppler distortion, as in low earth-orbit satellite systems and terrestrial mobile cellular radio systems....
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Power Management Based on Droop Control in DC Microgrid

Pu Xie, Run-Sheng Yang, Jin-ning Liu
This paper deals with a DC-micro-grid with renewable energy and conventional energy. In the DC microgrid system, it is a key problem to keep balance between supply power and demand power. Based on the analysis of the operational priority of micro source and load, the priority model of micro source and...
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Hall for Workshop of Meta-Synthetic Engineering for the Demonstration of Airborne Equipment Development

Xin Hua Fu
Since conventional methods cannot resolve the complex problem of airborne equipment development, the Hall for Workshop of Meta-Synthetic Engineering for the demonstration of airborne equipment development is built in this paper to improve the scientificity of the demonstration of airborne equipment development,...
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Application of adaptive Sage-Husa and AUKF filtering algorithm In Initial Alignment of SINS

Wan-xin Su
When the system model and noise statistical characteristics are known, the conventional Kalman filtering algorithm is suitable. When the noise statistics are unknown and large initial misalignment angles results in system nonlinear, the application of liner error model and Kalman filtering algorithm...
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Modelling and Experimental Research in Hot Precision Forging of Duplicate Gear Blank

Zhi Li, Baoyu Wang
In this paper, two-steps forging is used to manufacture duplicate gear blank. The simulating of the second step forging process is based on DEFORM which is a finite element software. The forming parameter range was determined while the forging force was predicted. Using a set experiment tool of closed-die...
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The application of LM-BP Neural Network in the Circulating Fluidized Bed Unit

Mengjie Hu, Hujun Ling, Dongxu Liu
Circulating fluidized bed technology is one of the developing direction of clean coal technology which is more reality, and one of the effective ways to solve the thermal power to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Due to the dynamic process of circulating fluidized bed boiler...
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The Research of Spread Spectrum Communication Based on the Realization of FPGA

Dajiang Zhang, Jianye Wang, Junjie Liu
It gives the functional block diagram of the transmitter of the spread spectrum communication (SSC) with the spread spectrum code of Pseudo-Noise code and the modulated way of ASK (amplitude-shift keying), and then realized the common ASK transmitter and the corresponding SSC method on the FPGA (field...
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The Application of Wavelet Transform in Real-time Data Compression of Power System

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Wei Song, Rui Yang, ShengPeng Ji, Xianhui Li, Anmeng Wang
For power system real-time data capacity is large, and the actual storage space is limited. This paper proposes a real-time data compression method based on wavelet transform. This method compress and decompress real-time data in power system through compactly supported orthonormal wavelet. The results...
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Research on real-time data processing technology for Internet of things

Jia Wu, Dan Su, Chao Liu, Bing Lv, ShengPeng Ji, Xianhui Li, Gang Li
In the age of internet of things, the storage and real-time processing requirements of massive amounts of real-time data generated by sensors, so that the traditional database or data processing architecture has been unable to deal with. Analyzing the processing characteristics of the real-time data...
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A comparison about the paddy fields applicability of two water stress index model by infrared automatic monitoring the canopy temperature of rice

Mingchao Gao, Shijie Gao, Xiaohui Li, Jiping Gao, Jihong Li, Wenzhong Zhang, Yingshan Dong
The canopy temperatures of rice were observed by the infrared temperature measuring equipment under different irrigation conditions in this experiment, and also it applied the CWSI empirical model and theoretical model to measure whether the crop were suffered from water stress or not. Meanwhile, in...
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Fabrication and photocatalytic properties of porous crystalline titanium dioxide film co-doped with Fe and Si by PEO

Miao Wang, Weixin Ren, Xiaoling Zhang, Linzhong Zhu, Jun Zhao, Shujin Shi, Qianqian Liu, Shuang Guo, Yunlong Wang
Porous photocatalytic titania film co-doped with Fe and Si was fabricated on carbon steel substrate by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). The microstructure of the film was investigated and the photocatalytic activity of the film was tested by measuring the photodegradation rate of the organic methylene...
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Design of a Vibration Monitoring System for the Hoisting Machine in Ship Locks

Panpan Zhang, Haibo Li
Water transportation are becoming more and more important in the transportation area. The ship lock is one of the most significant facilities in the inland water transportation. In this paper, different kinds of hoisting machines for the ship lock gate were introduced. Characteristics of the connecting...
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Design of laser detection instrument of a certain type of missile

Yuanjia Cao, Guangjun Yu, Xiwei Guo
This paper introduces a laser detection instrument for calibration the optical axis parallelism between laser transmitter with small field of periscope optical aiming mirror, and also it can measure laser transmitter power and view spot diameter of the main, minor zoom field and fixed foci small field...
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A new Bayesian classification algorithm based on attribute reduction

Hongmei Nie, Jiaqing Zhou
Naive Bayesian classifier is a simple and efficient classification method. However, the assumption of the independence of its attributes is difficult to be satisfied, which influences the classification performance. In this paper, a new classification algorithm is proposed, which is based on the attribute...
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Diagnosing reasons of packet loss in 802.11 networks

Yiming Wang, Zaixue Wei, Hongwen Yang
Packet loss in the 802.11 network can be attributed to many reasons. Detecting what causes packet loss is important for network optimization and is still a tough question. In recent years, various models have been proposed in literature to deal with this problem. In this paper, we introduce and compare...
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Research on Dynamic Control Modeling for AFS System

Dirui Wu
A new dynamic control model for Adaptive Front-lighting System(AFS) is presented in this paper based on pan-Boolean theory. This logical control model for AFS system is based on control practice for AFS system and is consisted by a series of control rules. Combining with PID control arithmetic, off-line...
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Simulation Research on Logic Rule Control of Vehicle AFS

Dirui Wu
Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) can adjust front light angle in real time based on speed, steering wheel angle and dip angle of vehicle. The safety of night driving can be improved in the active safety technology. Based on the mathematical model of AFS system, logic rule control method is adopted...
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The research on the technique of geospatial information service component

Yuanyuan Zhang, Yong Guo, Qingshan Wang
Geographical Spatial Information; Service Components; Spatial Database; Service-oriented; Comprehensive Query
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Analysis on Application of GIS Technology in Engineering Survey

Yan Li, Chen Zhang, Weikai Zhang, Shanshan Zhao, Siyan Liu
Engineering survey, as the basis of engineering construction, is applied throughout all stages of the whole project. However, traditional engineering survey technology cannot satisfy the actual needs of modern engineering any more. Modern Engineering Survey is no longer a narrow concept to serve engineering...
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Semi-supervised learning combining transductive support vector machine with active learning

Boli Lu, Xibin Wang
In typical data mining applications, labeling the large amounts of data is difficult, expensive, and time consuming, if annotated manually.To avoid manual labeling, semi-supervised learninguses unlabeled data along withthe labeled data in the training process. Transductive support vector machine (TSVM)...
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Testing and Analysis of the Sound Absorption Characteristics of Perforated Plates

Xu Wang, Yan Liu, Xiaopai Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Changbin Zhang
Perforated plates are studied in terms of the influence of different parameters on the sound absorption characteristics using reverberation chamber test methods, it draws a conclusion: fixing aperture perforation rate thickness of perforated plate and changing arrangement (triangle and square), the absorption...
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Noise Distribution of the Internal Combustion Engine

YaRu Guo, Yan Liu, Xiaopai Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhang, Changbin Zhang
Use noise and vibration measurement and analysis system for diesel engine noise and vibration testing and spectrum analysis.Draws the following distribution:Engine noise level mainly concentrated in 400Hz-2000Hz in the normal operating conditions, the noise value of each measuring point appear a peak...
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Chinese Text Classification Based on Ant Colony Optimization

Xin Luo
It's significance for us to study Chinese Text Classification, when we face so much dynamic information. The development of Text Classification has a close connection with Pattern Recognition. However, some peculiarity of Chinese Text Classification, such as it has many classes, much noise, and excessive...
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Research status and development trend of Urea-SCR technology

Zhanfeng Qi, Shusen Li, Xiuli Guo, Wuqiang Long
Stringent emissions regulations require further reducing NOx emissions, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology is the mainstream technology to remove NOx at euro V and euro VI stage. First This article introduces the chemical reaction mechanism of Urea-SCR technology that could reduce NOx emissions...
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Research on Optimization Real-Time Multi-Process System For Integrated Modular Avionics

Ruina Xu, Weijie Li, Bin Chen
Integrated Modular Avionics(IMA) system, ARINC653 standard, two-level scheduling, idle time shared partition-level scheduling, multi-task evaluation system.
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Improved Tracking Differentiator and Fuzzy PID for Electric Loading System

Ting Zhang, Rui Liu
Electric loading system can be used in aircrafts, vehicles and ships for loading test. It has the advantages of simple structure, high universality, low noise and fast tracking speed in loading test. But it has nonlinear factors and surplus torque. These are the important factors that affect dynamic...
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Image Fusion Algorithm based on Sparse Features and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks in Wavelet Transform Domain

YunXiang Tian, XiaoLin Tian
Multi-focus image fusion has become an advanced research topic in image processing field. The traditionalmethods that are commonly used wavelet transform, principal component analysis (PCA),pulse coupled neural networks (PCNN), which got some results, but they are not effective enough for focused regions....
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A New Method of Machine Tool Thermal Error Modeling Based on the Finite Element Analysis

Jiliang Zhang, Weiguo Gao, Dawei Zhang, Weizhan Zhang, Wenfen Chang, Yingxin Nie
In this paper, a new method was proposed to detect and model the thermal error of machine tools. This method was aimed at two mutually perpendicular direction deformation, and easily detectable deformation was used to fit the deformation in another direction. In order to verify the correctness of the...
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Simulation and Optimization of Back Pressure Control for Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Unit with Unity of Three Towers

Li Xiang Zhang, Wei Bin Zhao, YongBin Jiao
Unity of three towers (i.e. indirect air cooling tower, a desulfurizing tower and a chimney) technology with energy saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity, high heat efficiency characteristics and a range of promotion and application in coal - fired power generation, and achieved...
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Remote Sensing Data Feature Analysis Using Spatial Linear Embedding (SLE)

Lifang Xue, Xiushuang Yi, Xiumei Liu, Jie Li
Dimensionality reduction has been used to reduce the complexity of the representation of remote sensing data. In this paper, a novel remote sensing data feature analysis method is proposed based on an improved manifold learning algorithm--spatial linear embedding. The purpose of feature extraction is...
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The Research on Security Reinforcement of Android Applications

Xiaorong Feng, Jun Lin, Shizhun Jia
Along with the rapid progress and widely used of mobile application, security protection to software application has become an important issue. The lack of binary protections makes it important to implement packing services. By analyzing traditional features of software reinforcement technology, the...
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Spatial Mode Demultiplexer Based on Spatial Phase Filters for Optical Communication

Yu Zhang, LiMing Tian, Jian Qu
In this paper, a spatial mode demultiplexer is proposed to recover modes which are weakly coupled in mode division multiplexed optical fiber communication systems. A spatial light modulator is employed to modulate the spatial phase as the kernel of the DEMUX. In the simulation, we explore the position...
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Adaptive control of mode conversion by simulated annealing for mode division multiplexing

Yi Wang, Li Gao, Mingying Lan
mode conversion, adaptive control, simulated annealing (SA), spatial light modulation (SLM), charge coupled device (CCD)
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A Reasoning System about Bi-Agent Knowledge Sharing

Jinsheng Gao, Changle Zhou
Dynamic epistemic logic; Common knowledge; Knowledge sharing
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Correlation of Alzheimer's Disease with Wnt Signaling Pathway and Neural Stem Cells

Hongbo Yao, Lihui Sun, Jie Lian, Meng Zhang, Danyang Liu
Recent studies have shown that Wnt signaling molecules and the occurrence and development of Alzheimer's disease are closely related. Wnt protein secretion by autocrine or located next to the cell membrane receptor binding, activation of intracellular signaling pathways to regulate expression of target...
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Analysis on the Optical Fiber Transmission Maintenance and Management in Communication Engineering

Chuan He
The emergence of the optical fiber communication technology, it is injected fresh blood to this new era. Because it has a long transmission distance, large capacity of communication, the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, in the field of radio, telephone and computer networks and other have...
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The Study on the Effect Factors of Single-mode Fiber Optical Signal Transmission Time Delay

Chuan He
With the rapid development of communication technology, various communication means and applications emerge in endlessly, the use of the communication system environment is increasingly complex, thus, these systems in complex signal environment simulation and the experiment of the assessment is put forward...
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The Study on the Application of EPON Technology in Optical Fiber to the Home Broadband Access Network Design

Chuan He
At present, the individual users use ADSL dial-up Internet access methods, but due to the copper price too high, broadband couldn't be more improved, the copper is bound to be abandoned by the society. Some new network providers and operators provide active optical fiber to the community. Due to the...
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The Study on the Digital Optical Fiber Communication Access Network Technology and its Application

Chuan He
Through the optical fiber transmission technology to realize the network access, it is a kind of communication transmission to optical fiber network for transmission medium means of advanced technology; it is the embodiment of the essence of the optical fiber access. It is large capacity, light weight,...
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The Study on the Design of Low voltage AC Contactor in the Electrical System and the Control Applications

Bao-ying Wang
The contactor is a kind of main circuit used to frequent connected and cut off and the large capacity control electronics, due to the AC and DC main circuit quickly cut off, and it can frequent switch the large current control circuit, so often be used to control motor, still can be used for machine...
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Analysis on the Low Voltage Electrical Switch Contact Performance and Design

Bao-ying Wang
The role of the electric switch has two aspects: the first is the function of the switch itself. It is the tube and off of electric circuit and short circuit or over current that can be automatically jump to cut off the power supply and it has the effect of protection circuit and electric equipment....
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Some Methods of Evaluating Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrix

Yao Ding
This article introduces some methods to evaluate eigenvalues of the real symmetric matrix, especially for real symmetric triangle matrix. For these methods, we give concrete steps. Finally, by comparing these methods, we study advantages of various methods.
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Research on the Information Construction of the University Archives Management

Rili Cong, Tao Feng
The information construction of the university archives management, is an essential part in the university management. This paper Through the analysis of its connotation, according to the problems, and then the corresponding solutions are put forward to improve the management of archives management in...