Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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Information system of the rare endangered plants in Poyang Lake watershed

Wenli He, XingZhao Dai, Xinghua Le, Yu Fang, Bangyou Yan, Haiou Bao
According to original environment destroy of the precious endangered plants, the information system need be built to monitor the endangered plants. Here, using C++, combined with Arcobject soft to establish the management platform system. The main design is data bank design and user interface design....
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Design and Implementation of Personalized Network Teaching Management System Based On the JSP

Guangyu Wang, Jing Zhang, Dan Han
Along with the development of information technology, the network education is rising and the online courses are innovating. But the information of network resources is so huge, that it is too difficult to distinguish between good and bad. The students spend a lot of time to find the information they...
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An Eliminating Brightness Differences Algorithm for Lunar Surface Image

Ying Hou, Guicai Wang
For solving effect and real-time performance problems of lunar surface image, the paper proposed an eliminating brightness differences algorithm of lunar surface image by correlation of color components fitting gray level map function. Feature points were obtained by matching in process image, which...
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A rapid identification method of change-point based on field data

Hualin Xu, Yirui Chen
The repairable system is influenced not only by the depth and breadth of repair, but also by operating conditions, work intensity, mode of operation and many other factors. The failure strength of the system will change once the maintenance effect is significant. And the segmented point process model...
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Design and Implementation of intrusion detection punctual response system

Yafang Lou, Dongna Zhang, Zhe Lv
With the rapid development of IT technology and Internet, Network security has become an unavoidable issue, the pure firewall strategy can't satisfy the need of safe and highly sensitive departments. The network defense must adopt a deep, various means, intrusion response technology research has become...
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Aeroelastic Stability Analysis of Compressor Blades in High-low Altitude

Xiang Zhang, Yuchun Chen, Xiuquan Huang
Fluid-structure coupled methodhas beenapplied to research the aeroelastic stability of compressor blades, and the effects of high-low altitude on blade flutter characteristics are investigated through comparison. Results show that, thesefrequenciescorresponding to displacement, elastic strain of blade...
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Development of Dismantling Tools for LW9-72.5 Circuit Breaker Closing Spring

Yuanda Zhu, Su Zhang, Ming Zhu, Shaohong Zhu, Tiejun Gao
The installation tool for SF6 circuit breaker closing spring is characterized by: diameter of the annular outer end cap is larger than that of the concentrically arranged annular inner end caps; there are multiple circumferentially evenly arranged support rods fixed between them; there are also many...
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Research, Development and Application of the Training Device for Trouble Shooting of Secondary Circuit of Operating Mechanism

Su Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Jun Ge, Wanyi Zheng, Jia Shan
Fault simulation is an important part of power system dynamic simulation, fault models in fully dynamic simulation software of power system simulates all kinds of symmetric and asymmetric complex faults by fault branch admittance matrix. Handling multiple faults and random faults by admittance matrix...
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Study and Application of Cable Modeling Tools

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Lixia Wang, Zhen Zhang, DaHai Xu
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and the continuous advancement of industrial technology, more and more CNC bending machines have been applied in modern production and the development has become more mature. This paper introduces briefly a cable bending tool with the following...
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Development of Multi-functional Electronic Power Assisting Device of Substation Equipment

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Ze Yang, Wei Wang, Xin Jin
The direct-current motor has been widely used in the modern electronic products, such as automatic control system, electronic equipment, home appliances, and electronic toys. The tape recorder, record player, recorder, and computer cannot work without the direct-current motor. So the control of the direct-current...
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Development and Application of the Special Tools for the Cleaning of Screw Fittings

Su Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Dongxu Dai, Wanyi Zheng, Zhe Han
The isolating switch is a device of isolating voltage in order to ensure the safety of the maintenance work of high voltage apparatus and equipment. It is installed by bolts on the mounting rack of electric equipment. The isolating switch is exposed outdoors and always affected by wind, rain, dust and...
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Development of the Special Tools for On-load Tap-changer Suspended Core

Yuanda Zhu, Su Zhang, Qishu Tang, Jia Shan, Zhen Zhang
In today's transmission and distribution system, large transformers are widely equipped with on-load tap changer (hereinafter referred to as OLTC) to ensure the voltage quality of the system and users. Due to the complex mechanical structure and high operation frequency, there are often abnormal situations...
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Development of Digital Real-time Remote Training Demonstration Device

Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Hengfu Zhan, Shaohong Zhu, Tiejun Gao
Real-time display system for remote training consists of video recorder with wireless transmission module, relay router, display terminal and video recorder carrier with multiple wireless transmission modules. The display terminal includes projector, desktop, tablet computer or smart phones. The video...
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Study and Application of 220kV Substation Relay Protection Training System

Ting Yuan, He Zhang, Shusen Liu
With the large-scale application of power electronics technology and computer technology in grid operation, automation level of the grid production and operation maintenance in China is increasingly higher, which also proposes higher requirements on the professional theory and skills of frontline staff...
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The Development and Application of Power System Relay Protection Technology

He Zhang, Lin Sun, Jing Zhang, Deguo Zheng, Liang Wang, Xiaoyu Weng, Jun Jiang
This article mainly tells the development of power system relay protection technology, application status and application prospect in the future, and for the relay protection device equipment type selection, function analysis, this paper introduces the current mainstream of relay protection technology,...
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Study on the application of the integrated protection and control device for 220kV intelligent substation

Ting Yuan
Power system is a complex and huge network composed by power generation, transmission, substation and distribution, of which substation is an important part. In this aspect, the intelligent degree of substation is especially important. The 220kV substation of high intelligent degree is built in Hejia,...
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Design and implementation of participating teaching quality information feedback system

Qingru Sui
With the reform and development of teaching, teaching quality has become the main focus of the various colleges and universities teaching problems. To improve the teaching quality of teachers, improve the teaching ways and methods, this paper studied, by means of participating in teachers' information...
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Aggregation and divergent process of As in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Xiaoli Zhao, Yunjie Wu
This paper analyzed the content and distribution of Arsenic (As) in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October 1983. Results showed As contents ranged from 0.15-2.30 g L-1 in bottom waters in the whole year, and were more lower than Class I for As (20.00 g L-1) in National...
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The impact of marine current to Cu contents in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Mingzhong Long, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cu contents in different seasons in 1983 in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the contents, pollution level and distributions of Cu. Results showed that Cu contents in May, September and October were 2.47-20.60 g L-1, 0.86-4.86 g L-1 and 0.77-3.00 g L-1, respectively....
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The influences of pollution sources on the vertical distributions of As in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on As in surface and bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, this paper analyzed the seasonal variations, vertical variations and horizontal distributions of As. Results showed that As contents in surface waters in different seasons were in order of summer...
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Discussion on Strengthening Information Technology and Basic Education In-depth Integration Method

Shuping Li
Information technology penetrates into education field continuously with development of information technology. Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in education. Information technology has changed traditional mode of education, and created a brand-new learning environment...
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Implementation of effective Methods of Modeling Tools in technical Education

Sedivy Josef
Development didactics engineering subjects based on the results and conclusions research studies focused on the use of didactic potential of the technology deployed in industrial environments. The possibility of good careers in the field of construction and technical preparation of engineering companies...
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Research on Land Utilization Based on DEA-BP Neural Network Model

Bihe Fang, Tingyi Zhao
This paper comes up with a DEA-BP Neural Network Model which demands little on the input data and owns a good ability to foresight. The writer use the data from Project named The Evaluation on Development Land Utilization to test DEA-BP Neural Network Mode. The result indicates that the model performs...
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Research on the ontology-based collaborative description model of IoT resources

Jiaqi Dong, Zhiping Zhou
Researches of collaboration of the internet of things (IoT) resources so far have been limited to a certain aspect. This paper describes the features of similar IoT resources and relationships of different IoT resources to reflect synchronous and sequential relations of the collaborative system. An ontology...
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Research of decisional behavior on miners’ emergency response based on ERPs

Hongxia Li, Yongbin Fan, Lin Shi
This study using the event related potential (ERP) experiment means, researches the coal mine production emergency scenario miners in emergency response electrical experiments, and designs experiment of miners’ emergency information decision response. According to possible accidents and disasters in...
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A market comparison method evaluation model based on set pair analysis

Xiuli Wang, Jun Lei, Jie Bai, Hengkai Li
Appraisal model of estate market comparison approach existed uncertain problem, so a new appraisal model integration of GIS and set pair analysis was built. Firstly, using the GIS spatial analysis method quantified the real estate price impact factors. Then, its weights were calculated by entropy weight...
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A parallel algorithm of non-linear high-order boundary condition problem using form initial condition problem

Zhao Chen, Shesheng Zhang, Yuguang Li
The non-linear high-order boundary condition problem is transformed into form initial condition problem with few parameters, and the steps of calculating the non-linear parameter is constructed. The boundary condition problem is solved using parallel computer. Comparing with the result of boundary condition...
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A parallel algorithm of non-linear high-order dissipative system

Zhao Chen, Shesheng Zhang, Hualing Zhao
A parallel computation model is provided of dynamics and dissipative tunneling in a symmetric quartic double well potential. The numerical parallel solution for the position autocorrelation function obtained through the Wigner–Fokker–Planck equation is compared well with numerically exact results.
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Map Building Method Based On Improved D-S Evidence Theory For Mobile Robot

Lei Zhu, Jiang Guo, Jinsong Yang, Mingdong Shao, Jiming Sun, Dapeng Gong, Hongyu QI
Focusing on the uncertainty of the environment, a grid map building method based on the multi ultrasonic sensors is provided. Firstly, the single ultrasonic sensor grid model is constructed by dividing the detected area into three regions. Then the evidences which are needed to fuse are self-adaptively...
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The Application of Intelligent Voice Analysis Technology in the Customer Call Center of Telecom Operators

Kai Zhang, Jin He, Jinzhou Yang, Xiao Zhang, Zhijun Wang
Call center is one of the most important means for telecom operators to provide after-sales service for customers. Every day, call center can produce a large number of voice data. But these data do not bring significant value to the enterprise. Recent years, the development of intelligent voice technology...
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Comparative fault location algorithms for regional distribution network with distributed generator

Xiaoxue Wang, Zhenxing Li, Yun Wu, Jinwei Zhang, Yumeng Fan, Liang Wang
Traditional matrix algorithm endures advantages of low requirements in FTU, high accuracy in Single–supply and radiation distribution network and so on. However, it will meet with erroneous judgment when it is used traditional matrix algorithm as long as it inserts with distributed generator. This article...
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Research on the Anomaly Detection of Flow Streaming Technology in Network

Jin Si, Guochun Sun, Chunhua Zhang
According to practical requirements of the network security monitoring, this paper based on flow streaming technology to analyze and research the network anomaly flow. From the perspective of network security, this article introduced the principle of NetFlow technology and the implementation of the collecting...
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Synthesis of Perovskite-type Oxides LaMnO3 Nanofibers via Electrospinning

Jian Zhang, Xin Xu, Hongmei Liu
Perovskite-type cube structure LaMnO3 nanofibers of approximately 50~100 nm in diameter were synthesized via Sol-Gel processing and electrospinning technology after calcined at 900 by using polyvinypyrrolidone (10 wt %PVP) as complexing agents. The nanofibers was characterized by means of scanning electron...
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A Topology Model with Energy- and Location-awareness based on the Laws of Internal Evolution of the Wireless Sensor Network

Dengchao Huang, Jing Fan, Junhua Chen
In this paper, based on complex network theory, a topology model was proposed which is more accord with the nature of wireless sensor network. Actually, each node's actual location is crucial, in addition, the node energy consumption and communication distances between nodes are inseparable, so we tried...
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An Optimal Bandwidth Resource Utilization Scheme in IEEE 802.16m Based Networks

Hanwu Wang, Beibei Yang, Liang An
The IEEE 802.16m based broadband wireless access is a brand-new technology to provide high speed and wide range communications for wireless users. However, how to exploit the optimal utilization of the radio frequency bands resource in such networks is a big challenging issue as it covers the radio channel...
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A Method of Text Dimension Reduction Based on CHI and TF-IDF

HaiBo Tang, Lei Zhou, Xu Chengjie, Quanyin Zhu
In order to improve the result of text dimension extraction, a text dimension reduction method which is based on CHI and TF-IDF is designed and realized. News websites on the Internet provide news articles, through the page analysis based on SVM and application method designed based on CHI and TF-IDF,...
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Video Shot segmentation algorithm based on SURF

Shujing Pan, Shutao Sun, Lifang Yang, Fengfeng Duan
Video Shot segmentation is the key technology in content-based video retrieval and browsing, and which will directly affect the results of video retrieval. In view of the problems that the traditional shot segmentation algorithm is complex, the feature of video frame is not ideal, and the segmentation...
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Research on the Regularity of Distance Distribution between Adjacent Mines

Xiang-wen Leng, Xu Zhang, Lin Shao
based upon the influence of mine position distribution error, adjacent mine space cannot fulfill the task of actual combat. this paper builds the model of adjacent mine space distribution regularity under two conditions of the same voyage and different voyages. In combination of examples, a series of...
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High Efficient Link Schedule with Spatial Reuse in Relay Enabled Broadband Wireless Networks

Hanwu Wang, Liping Chen, Tao Yu
The relay enabled broadband wireless access is based on the IEEE 802.16j standard and acts as a promising technology to construct the next generation high speed metropolitan area networks. However, the link schedule and the relevant resource allocation, which is a key challenging issue in such networks,...
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Unified Expert Database of Aluminium Alloy Welding Based on Matlab Curve Fitting

Tianfa Liao, Jianzhong Cao, JiaXiang Xue, Xiaofeng Chen
In this article, curve fitting is conducted on the original data of aluminum alloy via matlab. Then, to find out a fitting curve with optimal effect, comprehensive analysis is made on the judgement quantitative index of curve fitting. The wire feed rate of other given current is obtained with such fitting...
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Study on Gallop Early-warning System of Transmission Line Based on Real-time Weather Information

Junjie Huang, Ling RUAN
Through the analysis on the cases of the transmission line gallop over the years, the meteorological condition and the geographical location have a dramatic effect on the gallop phenomenon. And the conductor gallop can be evaluated by the thresholds of the weather factors and the degree of the terrain...
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The Application of the Optimal GM (1, 1) Model for Heating Load Forecasting

Guojuan Fan, Bo Li, Wanquan Mu, Cun Ji
Heating load forecasting of municipal steam heating system is an important part of the smart city. According to the forecast results, heating companies can arrange production reasonably and provide heating uniform and stable to improve energy efficiency. For the features of the time series of heating...
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Engine idle speed control research status and development trend

Fengfeng Yin, Jianmin Sun, Wenwen Wang
The engine idle speed control is one of the most important challenges in the engine control fields, essentially the engine idle speed control is a nonlinear, time-varying, complex and uncertain dynamics control problem, the present study the idle speed control problem for improve the gasoline engine...
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Research on Mathematical Model for Idle Speed Control of Engine

Jianmin Sun, Fengfeng Yin, Zhiyuan Wei
The modeling method is commonly used in the simulation of engine at home and abroad, the engine which is used for auto control and performance analysis model. It includes static and dynamic modeling methods, such as engine nonlinear autoregressive model, the average model, the chart model and hybrid...
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Research on Hamilton Graph Determining Algorithm

Hai Liu, Ying Ai Tian, Fang Feng HU, Jiong Xing Jin
This Paper sums up the necessary conditions to discriminate undirected Hamilton graph based on the in-depth research into the graph. The heuristic search strategy corresponding to the new necessary conditions is designed to quickly solve the problem of "determination of undirected Hamilton graph". The...
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Research on Modeling and Simulating of Harmonic Load Based on APF

Pu Xie, Jin-cheng Zhao, Zheng-chun Liu
With the development of power electronic technology, harmonic load is one of the main reasons for damage to the power quality of the limited capacity power system. Firstly, the functional requirements of harmonic load model in the three-phase four-wire isolated power supply system are carried out according...
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A Gray Level Image Detection and Segmentation Algorithm Based on Average Intensity Project and Shift Gaussian Model

Fuchun Zhang, Yanzhong Hao
A gray level image segmentation algorithm is proposed based on Average Intensity Project (AIP) and shift Gaussian model for gray level images with connection between thread and area with similar gray level. The evaluation is performed on 30 gray level images, and the results show area overlap measure...
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A Method of General Data Interface’s Design And Implementation Based On IEC 61850

Zhencai Cai, Zhijun Tang, Xia Wang, Jiwen Lian, Xiaodong Zhou, Jinshan Chen, Bolong Zhai
this article describes a method of general data interface’s design and implementation based on IEC 61850. This method puts interface data of communication and other function components in real-time database of the equipment, which also sets up a mapping method of the correlation of IEC 61850 and real-time...
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A Portable Test Device for Smart Substation Based on PXI Bus

Zhencai Cai, Zhijun Tang, Bolong Zhai, Guodong Lin, Chaoping Deng, Jinshan Chen
In debugging and testing process of the intelligent substation process level intelligence unit ,it need to build multiple sets of test environments, with the wiring complexity and low efficiency. For this case, we design of a portable intelligent substation testing device based on PXI bus, describe the...
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Side Panel Crack Fault Diagnosis Research of Large-scale Vibrating Screen Based on Wavelet Analysis

Qing hui Zhu, Han Wang
The paper takes side panel cracks of large-scale vibrating screen as research object. The side panel vibration signals have been de-noised and the wavelet packet energy feature has been extracted in Matlab with wavelet analysis theory. Meanwhile, the fault characteristics is sent to genetic neural network...
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Power Management Based on Droop Control in DC Microgrid

Pu Xie, Run-Sheng Yang, Jin-ning Liu
This paper deals with a DC-micro-grid with renewable energy and conventional energy. In the DC microgrid system, it is a key problem to keep balance between supply power and demand power. Based on the analysis of the operational priority of micro source and load, the priority model of micro source and...
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Hall for Workshop of Meta-Synthetic Engineering for the Demonstration of Airborne Equipment Development

Xin Hua Fu
Since conventional methods cannot resolve the complex problem of airborne equipment development, the Hall for Workshop of Meta-Synthetic Engineering for the demonstration of airborne equipment development is built in this paper to improve the scientificity of the demonstration of airborne equipment development,...
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Application of adaptive Sage-Husa and AUKF filtering algorithm In Initial Alignment of SINS

Wan-xin Su
When the system model and noise statistical characteristics are known, the conventional Kalman filtering algorithm is suitable. When the noise statistics are unknown and large initial misalignment angles results in system nonlinear, the application of liner error model and Kalman filtering algorithm...
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Research on Method to Determine the Business Function of Logistic Support Informational System for Equipment

Xing Jin, Ruyi Zhang, Xiao Guo, Zhaoyang Zeng
To improve the development of informational support of equipment, constructed the logistic support informational system is one of the choice. In order to establish informational system which adapt to the requirement of equipment, how to confirm the business function of logistic support informational...
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Design of A Compact Four-Way Micro-strip Power Divider

Xiaotao Cai, Huifeng Wang, Xiaosong Qu, Limin Zhang
A four-way micro-strip power divider is proposed in this paper, which has compact structure. During the operation frequency band (2-4GHz), the designed power divider has good performance of impedance matching at five ports and the measured VSWR of each output port are all less than 1.25. The isolation...
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A New HRRP Reconstruction Method based on Joint Sparse Model

Ming Zhou, Mingjiu Lv
At present, most of the high resolution range profile reconstruction methods are based on a single echo signal, without considering the relationship between all the echo signals. In this paper, we consider the sparse feature of echo signal, and propose a method of high resolution range profile reconstruction...
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Study on the structure and hydraulic performance of the hydraulic pressure emitter of reverse gear

Buling Fang, Songtao Qi, Shaojie Wu, Zi Wang, Ruixian Li
With the shortage of water resources in China, water-saving agriculture has been highly addressed and developed by the government. This paper studies the channel structure of a helical micro pressure drip irrigation emitter, focusing on the tilt and tooth chamfer’s angles within eight different combinations...
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The electromagnetic field simulation and analysis of curved radiator

Lizhi Jiang
With the development of electromagnetic simulation technology, demand for electromagnetic radiation sensor is improving. The reasonable design of transmitter electromagnetic simulation technology has become a key. In this paper, the curved radiator of the electromagnetic radiation field by finite element...
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Study on the Expression of Osteopontin Coding Gene in Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
Osteopontin (OPN), as a malignant transformation related protein phosphorylation was firstly completed the extraction by Senger in 1979. With the progress of research on osteopontin (OPN), people found out that there was little amount in the normal tissues that was showed with low expression, however,...
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Study on Osteopontin and Its Clinical Application to Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
Osteopontin (OPN) is a kind of phosphorylated acidic glycoprotein, human beings' osteoclasts, macrophages, T cells, and vascular smooth muscle cells can secrete OPN, the gene is located on chromosome 4q13. OPN has a function of adhesion to protein, which can be combined with CD44, integrin v 3 and v...
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The optimized schemes of optical labels about DB and PPM over POLMUX-CSRZ-DQPSK payload in 100Gb/s OLS network

Ying Li, Ming Xu, Tiansheng Zhang, Yan Li, Jianhua Ji
Two orthogonal modulation optical label switching (OLS) schemes, which are based on payload of polarization multiplexing-carrier suppressed return to zero-differential quadrature phase shift keying (POLMUX-CSRZ-DQPSK) with label identifications of duobinary (DB) label and pulse position modulation(PPM)...
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Modelling and Experimental Research in Hot Precision Forging of Duplicate Gear Blank

Zhi Li, Baoyu Wang
In this paper, two-steps forging is used to manufacture duplicate gear blank. The simulating of the second step forging process is based on DEFORM which is a finite element software. The forming parameter range was determined while the forging force was predicted. Using a set experiment tool of closed-die...
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Ball mill feeding based on fuzzy adaptive control system

Bihui Huang, Qiong Liu
In industrial production, material level control of ball mill are normal operation of ball mill is of great significance. In view of the ball mill run time nonlinear, big inertia and strong coupling characteristic, studied a kind of fuzzy PID based on PLC - 300 ball mill feeding control algorithm, based...
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Research on data mining of MOOC platform based on large data environment

Qiuping Wang
The vigorous development of the Chinese MOOC platform has brought the huge amounts of data. How to tap the value of these data is the current research problems to be solved. This paper puts forward the data mining framework through analyzing the data features of user data in MOOC platform under the large...
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Label Propagation Algorithm for Haplotype Assembly Problem

Yuying Zhao, Jinshan Li
This template explains Haplotype assembly problem is one of the most important problems in molecular biology and life sciences. Computationally, the key work for this problem is to divide the aligned sequence fragments into two disjoint clusters and then to reconstruct the corresponding haplotypes from...
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Quickly Identifying FFSN Domain and CDN Domain with Little Dataset

Youshuai Zhao, Zhengping Jin
Fast-flux net has been adopted by more and more attackers to build up bot-net, which consists of many proxy-hosts that are changing fast. With this technology, tracing and locating the C&C (control and command) host is more complex and difficult, so that how to identify whether a domain belongs to a...
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A practical Shunt Capacitor Placement Algorithm in Distribution Network

Zhilai Lv, Wei Wang, Hai Li, Dejin Wang, Zifa Liu, Yunpeng Wang
For capacitor shunt placement the proposed methods do not consider the following conditions; there are few measures and the first compensation points are easily over compensation in distribution networks. So this paper proposes a practical method that can full of utilize the available measures and avoid...
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Verifying Outsourced Decryption of CP-ABE with Signature

Hongwei Liu, Xueyuan Wang, Peng Zhang
Attribute-based encryption enables users to encrypt and decrypt messages based on user attributes. The computational complexities of decryption are very high. By Outsourcing decryption to the third party, it can address the problem. But the verifiability of results returned from the third party has yet...
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The application of LM-BP Neural Network in the Circulating Fluidized Bed Unit

Mengjie Hu, Hujun Ling, Dongxu Liu
Circulating fluidized bed technology is one of the developing direction of clean coal technology which is more reality, and one of the effective ways to solve the thermal power to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements. Due to the dynamic process of circulating fluidized bed boiler...
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The Research of Spread Spectrum Communication Based on the Realization of FPGA

Dajiang Zhang, Jianye Wang, Junjie Liu
It gives the functional block diagram of the transmitter of the spread spectrum communication (SSC) with the spread spectrum code of Pseudo-Noise code and the modulated way of ASK (amplitude-shift keying), and then realized the common ASK transmitter and the corresponding SSC method on the FPGA (field...
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Research on the Sealing Detection Technology for No Leak Detection Interface Specimen

Yingjun Huang, Xudong Liao, Guoyun Bai, Tao Chen, Miao Lou
The sealing detection technology for no leak detection interface specimen was introduced, such as bubbles leak detection, back pressure leak detection, advance helium leak detection, fluorescence permeation leak detection and inside helium source leak detection, including their principles and specialties....
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Signal Estimation under Specific Direction based on Extrapolation Method

Tingting Li
For the problem of space spectrum cannot reserve the original time-domain signal under specific direction after beamforming, a method of primitive signal estimation based on the results of beamforming is proposed. The method proposed is based on the traditional extrapolation, and can be used to estimate...
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Research on measurement regions for Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines based on DBSCAN

Jinpeng Wang, Yangkuan Guo, Lianqing Zhu, Zhikang Pan
The measurement accuracy of the articulated coordinate measuring machine (AACMM) is different in different sub measurement regions. In order to improve accuracy, The method for dividing and merging of sub measurement region based on Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN)...
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The Analysis of Moment Characteristics of Variable Forward-swept Wing Mechanism with a Double Slideway

Xinbing Su, Haoyang Feng, Binlin Ma, Xu Wang
Based on the variable forward-swept wing configuration, this paper utilizes a variable forward-swept wing mechanism with a double slideway, which makes it possible for the aircraft to switch among orthogonal wing, forward-swept wing and delta wing freely. The general configuration of the variable forward-swept...
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The Design of Automatic Control System for Friction Plate Forming Equipment

Yuesheng Wang, Dawei Zheng
Due to the special requirements of the clutch friction plate production, the previous manual operation has been unable to meet the actual production requirements. This paper designs a control system for friction plate forming equipment aiming at different types of automobile clutches, by using the PLC...
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Research on Vibration Performance of Stator End Winding in Large Steam Turbine-generator System

Zhang’ao Ren
With the increase of the capacity of the generator, the electromagnetic force of the stator end winding of turbine-generator is increased, which can lead to the failure of the stator end winding. Based on this report, a finite element modeling method is proposed to solve the problem of complex structure...
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When Coordination and Exploration are matched: A Simulation Research on Multi-Agents Governance mode

Cunying Chen, Hua Zhang
Engaging in exploring multi-agent collaboration requires determining how to govern the shared activities. We examine the performance implications of selecting alternate modes of governance in multi-agent alliance relationships. A core set of results in this study relates to the ways in which governance...
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Real-time Calculating Over Self-Health Data Using Storm

Jiangyong Cai, Zhengping Jin
With the continuous development and popularity of smart wearable devices, more and more people tend to use the devices to record their health indicators and exercise indicators. Thus a larger amount of indicators called self-health Data is generated all the time. Obviously, it is necessary to process...
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The Phase Detection Algorithm of Weak Signals Based on Coupled Chaotic-oscillators

Wen Jun Sun, Guo Sheng Rui, Yang Zhang
Traditional phase detection methods of weak signals have some problems such as high complexity and low accuracy. To cope with these problems,, this paper proposes one novel parallel detection algorithm based on multi-coupled oscillators. Firstly, the chaotic detection model and double coupled oscillator...
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Development of inspection robot for in-service steel tubular poles

Dabing Chen, Peng Liu, Chenggang Li
The development of an inspection robot for in-service steel tubular poles is described in the article. Based on the design requirement analysis to the steel tubular poles used in China, the design requirement is presented. By compared with the deferent technology, TOFD technique and magnetic wheel are...
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Analysis of sedimentary facies of the Chang 7 reservoir in Binchang area, Ordos Basin

Lifang Cheng, Yanchun Wang, Xueqing Liu
The sedimentary facies characteristics has been investigated based on the core examination, logging facies analysis and seismic interpretation, Eight types of microfacies grouped into three subfacies associations are recognized in the Chang 7 reservoir. Braided delta front subfacies is rich-sand deposits...
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A New Model of Adaptive Container Image Preprocessing

Yajie Zhu, Qikun Zhang, Weiming Zeng
The preprocessing of container image is the key to the whole container code intelligent identification system, and the result of treatment directly affects the accuracy of the code area positioning, the character segmentation and recognition. Based on some features of container images such as the color,...
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Rough set theory in discretization method based on genetic algorithm

Lei Huang
The rough set theory is a theory method. It is about incomplete research, uncertain expression of knowledge and data, knowledge and data discovery. It has been widely used in artificial intelligence, knowledge and data discovery, pattern recognition and classification, analysis and reasoning of imprecise...
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Experimental Study on the Noise Distribution Law in Sound Field of the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Near Wake

Tiange Chen, Zhiying Gao, Jianwen Wang, Chao Yang, Fei Guan
This paper measured the propagation law of the acoustic radiation of certain airfoil blade in the near wake and obtains the noise parameters with different tip-speed ratio and measuring position by using the PULSE system. The results show that in low frequency band the rotation fundamental frequency...
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Thermal stability and Anti-Corrosion analysis of alloy coatings on Overhead Ground Wires

Kai Guo, Yishu Du, Shuang Liu, Xingeng Li, Zengwu Yue, Min Fu, Xuegang Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Fengjie Yan
In this work, alloy coatings with different Al and Mg content have been prepared on overhead ground wires for Zn-Al-Mg series hot-dip coatings providing good protection on mild steel surface against corrosion. A reinforced thermal stability is confirmed by DSC thermodynamic curves. Furthermore, the enhanced...
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Structural Analysis of Cylinder Head Based on Fluid-solid Coupling Simulation

Yubao Jiang
For a new diesel engine cylinder head, an assembled finite element model, consisting of cylinder head and cylinder block, is constructed in the present work. By using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and fluid-solid coupling method, the flow distribution of the water jacket is achieved, as...
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Based on Fluent Software for Screw Flow Analysis of Wood Plastic Composite Synthetic Type Twin-screw Extruder

Guangsheng Zeng, Bin Song
The paper analyzed the flow of the diameter of 72mm twin screw extruder screw-type’s field measurement from some machinery co., LTD by FLUENT software. Firstly, through established the flow channel of three-dimensional entity model by Gambit, defined the boundary and completed the meshing simultaneously....
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The study of carbon monoxide placenta blood hemoglobin oxygenation

Chen Chen, Xiang Wang, Pei Wang, Donglai Qi
With the great progress of hemoglobin-based blood substitutes, however, they all have a same problem that is hard to get effective stable structure of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin can be oxidized into met hemoglobin in the process of purification, lead to the loss of the function of carrying and transporting...
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Research on the Gap Flow Simulation of Debris Removal Process for Small Hole EDM Machining with Ti Alloy

Wenchao Zhang, Yu Liu, Shengfang Zhang, Fujian Ma, Puyong Wang, Changgang Yan
In EDM, especially in small holes EDM machining, there will be a lot of debris produced which is difficult to remove from narrow gap. If the debris can’t be removed in time, it will affect the machining accuracy and efficiency, and sometimes even unable to complete the processing. In this paper, the...
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Blind Doppler Rate Estimation for PSK Signal

Xin Cai, Xiang Wang, Zhi-Tao Huang, Feng-Hua Wang
We propose a novel blind Doppler rate estimator for phase shift keying (PSK) transmissions. The issue may arise in mobile radio links when the received signal experiences non-negligible time-varying Doppler distortion, as in low earth-orbit satellite systems and terrestrial mobile cellular radio systems....
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MPPT Algorithm Based on the Perturbation and Observation with Variable Metric

Yishuang Hu, Zimu Zhang, Dong Zhao, Yue Deng, Jingyi Lu
The output of photovoltaic array under uniform light is nonlinear with single peaks. Among the MPPT strategies, The P&O Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm is mostly used, due to its ease of implementation. However, its main drawbacks are the waste of energy in steady conditions, when the working...
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Hybrid laser information improved PSO-RBPF algorithm

Haibo Lin, Jingjing Ke, Yi Zhang
To solve the estimator’s inconsistency in calculating the proposal distribution and the particles degeneracy phenomenon of the Rao-Blackwellized particle filter (RBPF), an improved method of RBPF based on fusing Precision laser pre-observation information particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed...
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Latest Developments of Nanoparticles Surface Modification

Lixia Peng
Latest surface modification methods of nanoparticles are researched in this article. The mechanism, characteristics and process of surface physical modification methods of nanoparticles such as surfactant and surface deposition are analyzed. The characteristics, mechanism and chemical reaction process...
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Automobile Engine Block Machining Line Simulation

Fuping Li, Zheng Wang, Zhifeng Liu
In this paper, using the production system simulation software Plant Simulation to model and simulate an automobile engine block machining line, and then analysis the simulation data. Experimental data shows that the production line program has a strong production capacity and good economic, which can...
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Inertia mobile mechanism research based on ADAMS

Jiajia Chen, Qingming Wang, Jiachen Ju
In this paper, a new design of a mechanical device based on inertial force is presented. The theoretical analysis and some kinetics equations are established. The dynamic characteristics of mechanical device are greatly influenced by the coefficient of friction during the moving process. Relatively low...
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Study on Term Weight Calculation Based on Information Gain and Entropy

Ying Hong, Chao Lv
This paper first analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of TF-IDF, which is a traditional algorithm of term weight calculation. Then to overcome the disadvantages of the algorithm, this paper proposes a new method of term weight calculation based on information gain and information entropy, which...
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Design of a Vibration Monitoring System for the Hoisting Machine in Ship Locks

Panpan Zhang, Haibo Li
Water transportation are becoming more and more important in the transportation area. The ship lock is one of the most significant facilities in the inland water transportation. In this paper, different kinds of hoisting machines for the ship lock gate were introduced. Characteristics of the connecting...
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Design of laser detection instrument of a certain type of missile

Yuanjia Cao, Guangjun Yu, Xiwei Guo
This paper introduces a laser detection instrument for calibration the optical axis parallelism between laser transmitter with small field of periscope optical aiming mirror, and also it can measure laser transmitter power and view spot diameter of the main, minor zoom field and fixed foci small field...
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Characteristics Analysis of Aging Composite Insulators

Yue Cao, Zhibo Zhang, Xuan Chen, Ming Chi, Chuanmin Chen, Ke Du, Jing Zhang
Composite insulators have been widely used for transmission line, which have been noted for the aging problem with the increase of the installed number and service time. Characteristics analysis of aging composite insulators were analyzed using attenuated total reflect ion infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR)...
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Effects of Ce on Extrusion Alloy Phase and Mechanical Properties of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Aimin Jiang, Bin Zeng
In this paper, the effects of Ce addition on extrusion alloy phase and mechanical properties of extruded ZM21 magnesium alloy were investigated by the use of XRD, SEM and tensile test at room temperature et al. Analysis of the cerium magnesium alloy extrusion of ZM21 influence of alloy phase and mechanical...