Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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A Retrieval System for Searching 3D Models from Web

Liu Yang, Jiale Wang, Xiang Li
As there are an increasing number of 3D models available on web, it is necessary to develop a system to help people find and get them. In this paper, we propose a system for content-based retrieval of 3D models on web. Users can submit an example 3D model to the retrieval system, and it will return a...
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Retrieving Similar Mechanical 3D Models by Freehand Sketches

Liu Yang, Jiale Wang, Yiting Lu
This paper proposes a method for retrieving CAD models of mechanical parts by free hand sketches. Two shape signatures is proposed to describe the geometry and the topology of a CAD model respectively. A relevance feedback mechanism is introduced to combine the two dissimilarity distances measured by...
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Design of MPPT controller based on battery fast charging method in photovoltaic system

Ding Chen, Yubao Gao
MPPT algorithms have been widely used in controllers of photovoltaic system. While for independent photovoltaic systems, researches focused on the charging method to batteries are still limited. Considering the power supply in continual rainy days, the capacity redundancy o batteries in photovoltaic...
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Ultrasound Image Denoising via Dictionary Learning and Total Variation Regularization

Shuai Li, Ximei Zhao
The restoration of images corrupted by speckle noise is a key issue in medical images. In this paper, a novel sparse model is presented for speckle reduction in ultrasound (US) images. This model contains three terms: a patch-based sparse representation prior over dictionary learning, a pixel-based total...
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Supply-Demand Relation and Resource Allocation Model of Taxis in Internet Plus Era

Hailun Sun
This paper mainly studies how much effect those various subsidy schemes from taxi-hailing app companies can have on easing the difficulty in taking a taxi in the Internet plus era. First, two concepts are introduced. One is the concept of supply and demand matching index, quantifying supply and demand...
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Robust stability analysis for BAM neural networks of neutral type with time-varying delays and linear fractional uncertainties

Yunxi Zhang, Jia Liu, Yongxin Li
This paper investigates the problem of robust stability for bidirectional associative memory (BAM) neural networks of neutral type with time-varying delays and linear fractional uncertainties. By employing integral equality and constructing a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, a sufficient criterion...
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Diagnosis and Assessment of Metallurgical Industry Wastewater Treatment Technology of Liaohe Basin

YongYong Wang, Xiang He, Runlei Cai, Fan Wang
For liaohe basin metallurgical industry wastewater treatment technology lack of optimization, selection of technical parameters of the lack of rationality ,management of large scale and lack of in the near and specified future date unified combination, existing metallurgical wastewater treatment technology...
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Video Face Recognition based on External General Dictionary

Qing Liu, Shaohu Peng, Jiadong Wang, Xiao Hu
Face recognition with single sample per person (SSPP) was a very challenging task because SSPP cannot reflect the characteristics of the test samples (eg. illuminations, pose, expressions and disguises) so that it is difficult to predict the facial variations of a query sample by the gallery samples....
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The Improvement of Mean - Shift Algorithm and Kalman Filter of Tracking Moving Targets in the video of Robotic Fish

Jingying Wu, Xiang Wei
Several defects have been found in the former experiments of basic Mean shift algorithm, such as the erroneous judgments when target blocked by a large proportion of barrier. Thus, a fast target tracking algorithm based on Mean shift combined Kalman filter is proposed for the theoretical defect of basic...
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Wide-scoped Surrounding Top-view Monitor for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Din-Chang Tseng, Yu-Chi Lin, Tat-Wa Chao
To improve the scope range of the traditional around view monitor (AVM) systems for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), we propose a wide-scoped surrounding top-view monitor (STM) system with the same equipment as the traditional AVM system. In the proposed system, four wide-view cameras are mounted...
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Research on the Collaborative Tracking system for Moving Target in multi-camera surveillance system based on space-time video fusion

Gang Zhao, YaLi Yu, Liqin Yu, Qi Wang
With the increasing demand of social security, intelligent moving target tracking technology play a more important role in video surveillance system. However, current moving target tracking technology works well for single camera situation but always lost targets in multi-camera environments due to the...
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Document Sentiment Classification based on the Word Embedding

Yanping Yin, Zhong Jin
N-gram feature is commonly used to represent document, however, it often leads to the curse of dimensionality. Sentiment classification based on word embedding and SVM is proposed. The method uses word embedding to represent document, which can make the final representation of the document consistent...
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Decision rule extraction for fault diagnosis by discernibility matrix

Mingzhu Lou
This article focuses on algorithm to directly and fast finding out the decision rule from decision tables by using rough set theory. The concept of relative rule is put forward and the method for finding absolute reduction decision rule through combining rules of relative decisional requirement sets...
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Artificial Bee Colony algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem

Hongwei Jiang
Travelling salesman problem (TSP) is a fundamental combinatorial optimization model studied in the operations research community for nearly half a century. It belongs to the class of NP-Complete problems. It has been proved that evolutionary algorithms are effective and efficient, with respect to the...
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Parameter Identification of High-Power, High-Voltage Motors Using Electrical Parameter Estimation Function

Yifei Wang, Youxin Yuan
An asynchronous motor model in MATLAB/Simulink was selected as the simulation model of high-power, high-voltage (HP HV) motors for its structural suitability. The required electrical parameters of the model (i.e. simulation parameters) were then identified by an appropriate method. Based on the obtained...
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The Application Research on Cement Stabilized Hill-skill Gravelly Soil as the Reinforcing Layer for High-grade Highway

Lu Bai
Results of 2015 science and technology development project of Xuchang City(No. 1504007),Results of 2015 produce-learn-research project of Xuchang University(No. 2015CXY10,2015007),Results of 2016 Colleges and universities in Henan province key scientific research project.
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The Passive Blast Protection Valve Flow Field Numerical Simulation and Movement Analysis

Caiyou MO, Xiangwei Zeng, Kefeng Xiang
For the accurate analysis of flow field inside the blast protection valve occurred after blasting and the valve core movement situation, it is concluded that more accurate dynamic characteristics of flow field, using the method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with the aid of software Fluent6.2,...
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Sheet Solid Slicing Method for 3D Models

Feng Zeng
To against the demerits of slicing methods based on STL model in 3D printing, a sheet solid slicing method of 3D models is presented. In this method, a sheet solid which thickness is equal to the layer thickness is using to intersect with 3D model, and the result of the intersection is target sheet solid...
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The Estimating Method of Military Aircraft R&D Cost Based on Hierarchical Partial Least Squares Regression

Shuai Shao, Jilian Guo, Anwei Shen, Zhuojian Wang, Wentong Jia
The requirements of using modern aircraft have been increased constantly, which results in different influencing factors of aircraft R&D and procurement costs. And the original model in the predication for R&D costs appears accretion of estimation especially for the extensive using of advanced avionics...
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Research on a novel water-saving cleaning technology for wheat

De-xing Zheng, Weifang Chen
Wheat washing can remove stone, dampen and clean. It works with the help of water solubility and flushing action to purify the surface of wheat. For the water consumption and pollution of traditional wheat washing machines have become increasingly prominent, a water-saving cleaning technology for wheat...
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Efficient Three-point Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations

Xiaofeng Wang
In this paper, we present a new family of three-point Newton type iterative methods for solving nonlinear equations. The order of convergence of the new family without memory is eight requiring the evaluations of three functions and one first-order derivative in per full iteration. Numerical examples...
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Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Method with Different Heating Technologies

Kegao Liu, Nianjing Ji, Yong Xu, Lei Shi
Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films were prepared by spin-coating and chemical co-reduction with different heating modes. The phases of obtained samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The size and morphology of the products were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Experimental results show...
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The analysis of a precast sheer wall building

Qi Hu, Jiao Geng, Kang Liu
In this paper a 33 story precast shear wall structure is analyzed. In order to study the safety of the tall parapet wall the parapet wall is established in the model. Structure analysis software YJK-EP is taken for the elastic-plastic analysis of this precast sheer wall structure, specifically, the whole...
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A Novel Radon Transform and AR Model in Crack Detection

Siming Yang, Peng Xue, Ao Hong, Zhou Bo, Haicheng Liu, Mingri Cong
Aiming at the peak extraction problem in the radon space, a peak extraction method based on AR model is proposed to detect component crack value. A profile analysis technique is used to take profile in Radon space and reconstruct profile with AR model to get a sharp and prominent peak for crack value...
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Simulation on the plunge stage in refill friction stir spot welding of Aluminum Alloys

HongGang Yang, HaiJun Yang, Xing Hu
In order to save vehicle weight and protect environment, lightweight materials such as aluminum alloys have been widely used in the automotive industry. As a solid state jointing technique, refill friction stir spot welding (RFSSW) process is expected to apply to join automobile body parts made of aluminum...
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Thangka Image Retrieval Method Based on Sub-block Dominant Color

Wanpin Gao, Wentao Shen, Weilan Wang
In the light of the problem of lacking spatial knowledge of global color histogram and the characteristics of Thangka images, a method based on overlapping partition dominant color is presented. Translating color space from RGB to HSV, it designs overlapped sub-block to get the dominant color in each...
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Secondary Reduction Algorithm Based on Grid and Curvature Method

Shigang Wang, Yong Yan, Shufeng Jiang
In reverse engineering, the point cloud data processing is the key, it will directly affect the quality and efficiency of the subsequent reconstruction of the surface. However, the amount of data obtained by three-dimensional laser scanning is often larger and redundant, which will increase the difficulty...
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Function of Ant Colony Algorithm in Path Optimization of Urban Fire Truck

Shigang Wang, Yuchao Jiang, Fengjuan Wang
When the city burst fire, the city fire truck can reach the fire scene in the shortest time to carry out the fire is to reduce the loss of the core. Therefore, this paper introduces ant colony algorithm to solve the core problem, by building the model, using the grid environment information, search for...
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A Survey of Maneuvering Target Tracking Using Kalman Filter

Zhongmin Li, Haochen Wu
Maneuvering target tracking technology is widely used in both military and civilian fields. Kalman filtering technique is the key technology for maneuvering target tracking. However, due to the uncertainty of the environment and the diversity of the sensors, the defects of traditional Kalman filter are...
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Parallel Interference Cancellation for MIMO Radar Receiver

Ying-Hua Tian, Song Chen, Sheng Wang, Xin-Peng Chen
MIMO radar systems transmit different waveforms simultaneously to obtain multiple observation channels towards target, which also brings in interference between those signals. This paper introduces the communication technique denoted as parallel interference cancellation (PIC) into MIMO radar receiver....
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Analysis of the effect of Propeller Slip Flow on Flight

Xiujuan Liu, Chunguang Wang, Song Li, Yuankai Li, Luofeng Lin
In view of the negative effects caused by propeller slip flow on flight, this paper used momentum theory combined with finite cubage to find the solution to N-S equation and numerical analogue and also analized propeller procession and disturbance of propeller slip flow to the flow field. Finally the...
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Discussion on the issue pilot air refueling aircraft

Chunguang Wang, Xiujuan Liu, Xin Wang, Luofeng Lin, Zhigang Dong, Changlong Zhou
Aerial refueling means by the loading of fuel in flight aircraft refueling systems use devices to other aircraft refueling. Currently, the aerial refueling system mainly has two hard pipe refueling system and refueling hose system. By air refueling, it is possible to increase the range and combat radius...
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Application of static tilt adjustment evaluation method in optical recording

Wei Guo, Jianghua Zhang
In the optical recording equipment, the angle between the disc and the optical pickup head is the important parameter of the traverse. In this paper, by establish a set of static tilt angle adjusting device, we introduces the static tilt adjustment principle and derive the theoretical formulas.
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Methods of Visual Inspection and Application in Flight

Song Li, Yuankai Li, Xiujuan Liu, Limin Song
Visual inspection is a very important part of the flight, also is the basic skills possessed by the pilot. This paper introduces the concept of visual inspection, summarizes the basic methods of visual inspection and development and research status of eye-tracking test technology at home and abroad,...
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Numerical Investigation on Chemical Equilibrium Slip Flow of High Altitude and Large Mach Number

Limin Song, Changdong Li, Kai Luo, Song Li, Yuankai Li
In the flight of hypersonic near space vehicle from 60km up to 100km high, the influence of real gas effect, rarefied gas effect, and Mach number effect cannot be simulated completely by the ground test. In this paper, the selection of computational model is introduced, and then carried out the numerical...
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Numerical Simulation of Winglet to Optimization Design

Xiaolei Liu, Limin Song, Dun Jin, Tieyu Hu, Song Li
Test flight results show that, the induced drag reduces 15% that the plane tototal resistance will decrease 6.5% and the range will increase 7.5%. At present, new research and development aircraft, such as the Boeing787 "dream" aircraft and some airliners are in operation (Airbus A330, A340, Boeing737-800ER)...
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The calculation and analysis of the trailing vortex influence in the flight of aircraft

Dun Jin, Shuqiang Wang, Tieyu Hu, Xiujuan Liu, Lei Yuan
In the flight, trailing vortex will be produced behind the aircraft. Because it is invisible and intensity is bigger, it would produce certain influence to flight safety. In this article, the composition of trailing vortex and the trailing vortex strength would be calculated, and the dynamic characteristics...
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The pitch and yaw motion coupling research on bionic arm

Tieyu Hu, Limin Song, Kai Zhao, Xiujuan Liu, Chunguang Wang
The applications of redundant manipulator are more and more widely in the automobile manufacturing industry and aerospace fields. In this paper, the omnidirectional joint unit mechanism is improved and redundant snake-like manipulator of full range PYR series is designed. The composition, working principle,...
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Cellular Antenna Location Optimization in Distributed MIMO Systems

Man Sun, Yueheng Li, Tuanjie Xue, Ping Huang, Feng Wang
In this paper, the optimization of antenna location of a distributed MIMO (DMIMO) systems in a circular cell based on advanced particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is analyzed. Firstly, a composite fading channel including small scale fading, path loss and shadow fading is established; then, a...
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Research of load spectrum of mechanical drive train by non-parametric statistical engineering extrapolation

Ming Ni
This article elaborates the wheel loader transmission load spectrum during the preparation of the key issues - how to determine the shape of the kernel function, chosing three typical operating conditions to illustrate the non-parametric statistical extrapolation of this process. Before sample loading...
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Research on the adaptive control method with continuous feedback parameters for controlling of chaotic motion

Qin Wu
Although the feed system of CNC machine tool is a certain dynamic system, the chaotic motion often occurs because of the function of the nonlinear factors.The dynamic model of the feed system with nonlinear spring force and nonlinear friction force is numerically simulated by using the adaptive control...
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Study on Anomaly Detection in Crowd Scene

Jun Zhang, Yunxia Chu
Anomaly detection technology in crowd scene is very important in public place. Crowd detection differs from pedestrian detection which we assume no individual pedestrian can be properly segmented in the image. We propose a scheme which the scen can be treated the crowd motion patterns as the spatial-temporal...
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Brain network for Chinese character processing and brain computer interface

Xiujun Li, Jingjing Yang, Qiyong Guo, Jinglong Wu
In this study, we used a 3T fMRI to investigate brain activations in processing characters and figures using visual discrimination tasks in which 13 Chinese subjects were shown two Chinese characters (36 pairs) or two figures (36 pairs). The control task (two figures) was used to eliminate the non-linguistic...
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Study on Mechanical Effect of the Vehicle at Corners

Ming Ni
The experienced motorists know that they mustn’t drive fast when they turn in the corners; especially in the rainy slippery situations, road accidents might occur. Vehicle rollover refers to a dangerous lateral movement of a vehicle in contact with the ground when it rotates around its longitudinal axis...
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Fire Disaster Monitoring Network Localization algorithm Based on RSSI Ranging technology

Bo Chang, Xin-rong Zhang, Bao-guo Xv
In order to understand the environment and the situation of fire disaster and improve the efficiency of putting out the fire and emergency rescue, aiming at the actual demand of monitoring node location of fire disaster, a new recursive LS (RLS) localization method for monitoring fire environment based...
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A Security Strategy Based on Multi-Dimension Location for Hierarchical Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A key management scheme based on multi-dimension location is presented for heterogeneous wireless hierarchical sensor networks. The wireless sensor networks consist of some nodes that have greater power and transmission capability than other sensor nodes. All kinds of nodes are deployed evenly in sensing...
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A Secure Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Symmetric Polynomials

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A security scheme for wireless sensor network based grids is given through using the symmetric polynomials. The sensing equilateral hexagon is divided into a number of sections called grids in which both ordinary sensor nodes and powerful sensor nodes are distributed evenly. All sensor nodes including...
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The application research of cloud computing on mobile communication

Zhiming Yang, Fang Yin
Cloud computing is a platform based on the Internet, which can provide application service of a new calculation model for customers, and socialize computing service. Cloud computing will have a positive impact on the development of mobile communication due to its safe and reliable data storage and powerful...
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Application of Synchronization Status Message Based on the Self-healing Ring Network with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

Shuhua Yin, Hu Lei, Lu Tian
This paper studies how to avoid timing loop in the self-healing ring (SHR) network with synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) and analyzes the generation and mechanism of timing loop in SDH local ring network as well as the harmfulness of timing loop to the network. Based on these results, a new method...
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Computer Applications to Exact solutions of AKNS Hierarchy with Variable Coefficients

Sheng Zhang, Bin Cai
It is well known that computer has been widely used in almost all fields. In this paper, Hirota’s bilinear method with computer symbolic computation is extended to a new AKNS hierarchy with variable coefficients. As a result, one-soliton solutions and two-soliton solutions are obtained. Through the analysis...
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Collaborative vehicle steering and braking control system research

Jiuchao Li, Yu Cui, Guohua Zang
The vehicle steering and braking conditions, braking systems and steering systems there are complex coupling between each other, the security and stability of the vehicle will have a dramatic effect when, in order to improve the stability of the vehicle you must brake system and steering system for joint...
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Application of Improved Hybrid Compression Algorithm in GPS Data Compression

Xuebing She, Xin Zheng
In the paper we introduce a hybrid compression algorithm, which is the co- mbination of Huffman algorithm and RLE algorithm, for compressing the GPS data. This algorithm acquires statistical characteristics of GPS data according to the NMEA0183 protocol, mixes Huffman algorithm and RLE algorithm to compress...
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Fast Recovery from Link Failure in Software De ned Survivable Network

Guoqiang Yan, Ming Lei, Jieyong Zhang
As the Internet becomes increasingly important to all aspects of society, it is critical to increase the survivability of the networks. A fast recovery algorithm was proposed by employing a centralized survivable controller to detect and recovery from link failures. A greedy strategy was used by relaying...
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Course teaching design of imaging electronics based on task driven :For electronic sphygmomanometer regulated power supply

Xingshan Li
Task driven teaching method applies to learning of action class knowledge and skills,especially for electronic technology application knowledge and learning skills. The implementation of the task driven teaching method mainly includes establishment situation, extraction task, task analysis, raise a question,...
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Caution on causality analysis of ERP data

Jikan Xue, Sanqing Hu, Jianhai Zhang, Wanzeng Kong
The event-related potential (ERP) technique is one of the most widely used methods in cognitive neuroscience research to study the physiological correlates of sensory, perceptual and cognitive activity associated with processing information [1,2]. An ERP eeg segment data usually involves three subsegments:...
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SVH : A Lightweight Stream Cipher Based on Dual Pseudo-Random Transformation and OFB

Xuejun Dai, Yuhua Huang, Lu Chen, Tingting Lu, Sheng Zhao
A new lightweight stream cipher, SVH, is proposed. The design targets hardware environments where gate count, power consumption and memory is very limited. It is based on dual pseudo-random transformation and output feedback. The block of key size is 64 bits and SVH can achieve sufficient security margin...
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Online K-Means Algorithm for Background Subtraction

Peng Chen, Beibei Jin, Xiangbing Zhu, Mingxing Fang
Background subtraction is an important step in video processing. GMM algorithm uses Gaussian mixture model to identify moving objects and efficient equations have been derived to update GMM parameters. In order to compute parameters more accurately while maintain constant computing time per frame, we...
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The Study of the Difficulty in Starting a Diesel Engine

Zhanhong Sun, Yongsheng Huang, Fengli Li
Starting a diesel engine must have two conditions: one is the oil is enough, good atomizing diesel can arrive the combustion chamber. The second is to make the air temperature of the combustion chamber can improve to make the diesel oil fire. Its working process contains four steps of air suction,compression,acting...
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Design of the Experiment System for Intelligent Low Oxygen Culture Box

Xingshan Li, Yuanshen Guo
System design is mainly used to detect the oxygen concentration in the incubator, display and control the test data, set oxygen concentration of the box. Through the management software to realize the historical data display and detection. The instrument measuring circuit is universal and can be realized...
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Attitude control of short-range loitering missile based on ADRC

Rui Huang, Jianhui Chen, Ming Gao, Guiming Tao
ADRC (ADRC) has excellent control performance. The paper Introduces structure and discrete algorithms of the ADRC,and describes its parameter tuning rule. The ADRC control technology is applied to attitude control system design of short-range loitering missile, from the perspective of engineering applications,...
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The research and design of orthodontic platform framework

Weiguo Zhang, Sudong Cui
In view of the data sharing in orthodontic industry is not timely, correction case can not be shared, data dispersion problem, combined with MVC design pattern, software hierarchical structure, taking use of container framework Spring, integrated SpringMVC[1][2], Mybatis[3] framework, designed the dental...
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Measurement and analysis of resistivity of graphite

Wengang Zheng, Zhiyi Zhang
The resistivity of graphite electrode is not only an important parameter to reflect the physical characteristics, but also the main technical index of the graphite electrode. In this paper, The independent design and development of the equipment used for measuring resistivity of graphite electrode body...
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The PLC control and the monitoring configuration software monitoring design of sewage treatment system

Yan Bai, Wengang Zheng, Jingbo Zhou
With the global water crisis is getting more and more serious, industrial and sewage treatment are becoming the urgent problem need to be solved.In this paper, sewage treatment project of a factory is research object, the design using the upper computer configuration software from YAKONG of China which...
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A Design of Privacy Data Encryption and Decryption System for Data Security in Clouds

Wenjuan Cheng, Bing Tong, Miaomiao Zhou
With the rapid development of the IT technology, users increasingly rely on data. While cloud storage and other online service platform make user's privacy data protection become an important issue. In this paper, we have designed an encryption and decryption system for user's privacy data files, it...
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Radon Transform Wave field separation and MATLAB implementation

Weiguo Zhang, Xinjie Zha
In order to offer a more effective method to separate wave field, this article studies linear and high resolution nonlinear Radon transform respectively, and discusses Radon transform from continuation and discrete. The program compiled by MATLAB can achieve linear and nonlinear Radon transform. The...
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WLAN/inertial sensors combined positioning system

Zheng Chen, Tongyu Zhu
RSS (Received signal strength) floating is the major limit to WLAN (wireless local area network) based positioning accuracy. We proposes an algorithm based on particle filter in order to realize a WLAN/inertial sensors combined positioning system using inertial sensors in the intelligent mobile terminals....
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The Research on Servo Control System for AC PMSM Based on DSP

Lei Bai, Wengang Zheng
This paper use the digital signal processor (DSP) TMS320LF2407A control chip is adopted as core of the control system. Three closed loop of the controller, namely electricity, speed and displacement, were designed. Using space voltage vector pulse wide modulation technology(SVPWM), constructed a servo...
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Harmonic Response Analysis of a Kind of Adjustable Hybrid Oil Film Bearing in High-speed Roll Grinder

Huaichao Wu, Xiangjie Meng, Zhe Li, Lv Yang, Fang Huang
Hybrid oil film bearing in the grinding head will be subjected to various periodic persistent excitation in the course of working of high-speed roll grinder, and this will affect seriously life of the bearing and even performance of the whole roll grinder. In order to reveal sustained dynamic response...
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Research on the Recognition of Paper Currency Number With Low Resolution

Xiwen Liu, Chaoying Liu
According to the characteristics that the paper currency image has low resolution and it is vulnerable to noise affect, the methods of paper serial number region extraction and segmentation are discussed, and multi-level 2DPCA algorithm is used for serial number recognition. Experiment results show that...
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Remark on the Application of Smith Predictor in Thickness Control System of the Rolling Mill

Xin Zhao, Peiyan Zhu
According to the characteristics of the time lag of rolling mill thickness control system, it used Smith predictor to compensate measured hysteresis. And by the internal model design method, from the perspective of the design predictive control system, and the Smith predictor and PID control method for...
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Event-triggered Output Feedback Control for Uncertain Systems

Zhiwen Wang, Ying Zhao, Chaoqun Zhu, Xuan Li
In this paper, the event-triggered output feedback control problem is studied for uncertain networked control systems. Considering the full states information of system cannot be measured in practice, output feedback control with dynamic compensation function and observer-based state feedback control...
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CloudTCast: A Video Distribution Solution Based on Cloud and Tree-based ALM

Weidong Gu, Lu Wang, Bin Gong, Huiling Shi
This paper studies a novel data distribution solution, named CloudTCast, for video multicast group. CloudTCast combines the advantages of cloud and tree-based application layer multicast (ALM). On the one hand, it uses the tree-based ALM to break the cloud's bandwidth limitation in delivering the video...
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The new method of digital circuit fault diagnosis

Yiyang Zhang, Yan Dong, Dan Liu
The digital circuit is the main part of the current various circuit, any kind of electronic product is inseparable from the digital circuit. Promotes the electronic products greatly improve the performance of digital circuit. Therefore, research on the digital circuit fault diagnosis is of great significance....
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Planar Scanning Plane Comprehensive Error Data Measurement Analysis

Jun Liu, Chao Tu
In this paper,the positioning data for large planar scanning plane were measured with laser tracker, converted the coordinate by spatial error between scanning plane and tracker , and analyzed the converted error data. For the subsequent use of the least squares method error compensation provided.
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Planar Near-field Scanner System Error Analysis

Chao Tu, Jun Liu, Yinghui Hu
Planar near-field measurement technology is an emerging technology for near-field antenna measurement. It has been widely used in foreign countries. In recent years, domestic develop faster and faster. Gantry motion platform positioning technology is one of planar near field measurement technology key...
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3D Video Conversion Method Based on the Depth of the Image Description

Huiyu Nie
In this paper, the method of "depth map" is used to convert 2D video to 3D video, and the method of depth map is studied. A method of creating a red and Blue 3D image based on depth image rendering (DIBR) is proposed for the problem of hole in the left view. According to the parallax information of red...
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Study on the Preparation Process of X-cor Sandwich

Xudan Dang, Shaojie Shi, Jun Xiao, Weimin Long, Rui Zhang
As a new type of structural material, X-cor sandwich with high specific strength and high specific stiffness effectively improves the through thickness mechanical properties of the foam sandwich and is promised to be used in the field of Aerospace. Through three steps of pultrusion process, insertion...
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Higher Order Crack Tip Fields for Physical Weak-Discontinuous Crack of FGMs Cylindrical Shell with Reissner’s Effect

Xiao Chong, Yao Dai, Yumeng Shi, Jingwen Pan
The higher order crack tip fields for physical weak-discontinuous problem of cylindrical shells are investigated. The crack located at the interface between homogeneous materials and exponential functionally graded materials. The governing equations are derived for homogeneous materials and FGMs regions...
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Higher Order Mechanical and Electric Fields for Arbitrarily Oriented Crack with the Physical Weak-Discontinuity

Yao Dai, Xiao Chong, Yumeng Shi, Jincai Huang
The higher order crack-tip fields for anti-plane crack oblique to the interface between functionally graded piezoelectric materials (FGPMs) and homogeneous piezoelectric materials(HPMs) are presented. The crack is oriented in arbitrary direction. The crack surfaces are assumed to be electrically impermeable....
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The Method Study of A kind of Data Driven Pressure Sensor’s Real Time Fault Diagnosis

Wen-bo Na, Wei Liu, Ning He, Tian-Tian Liu
The electrode distance variance and capacitance style pressure sensor is talked about .The change rate of the pressure is treated as judging basis of whether the fault is existed. Make the bridge output signal as the sensor’s output signal and one of the detection signal,also make the operational amplifier...
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An Improved Small-Size Multiband LTE/GSM/UMTS/WLAN Antenna for Mobile Phone

Pengpei Wang, Jianguo Yu, Zhen Yu, Xiaoying Zuo
A planar monopole antenna having small-size, dielectric-loaded yet providing two bands for covering the seven-band LTE/GSM/UMTS/WLAN operation in the mobile phone is presented in this letter. The small-size yet wide band operation is achieved by adjusting the locations of antenna and RF Ground; the antenna...
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The Improvement of Transitional Butterworth-Chebyshev Filters

Guo-qi Ni, Er-ke Tong, Xin Peng
According to a simple design method of transitional filters which was proposed by C.S.GARGOUR, the transfer function of transitional lowpass filter is computed, and the transitional lowpass filter is improved from the poles of the transfer function with better linear phase response. And the filter was...
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The Effect of High Temperature Coolant and Lubricant on Cutting Process

Y. Zhang, B.M. Li, L. Han, Q. Li, L.P. Dong, Y.Q. Ma
Green cutting is ecologically desirable and have been a tendency in the industry field. High temperature coolant and lubricant can be introduced in metal cutting due to its pollution-free, generating easily and unneeded disposal. This study attempts to understand the effect of high temperature coolant...
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Study on Drop Test of Electric Vehicle Battery

Zhijun Guo, Tao Li, Zhengwei Sun, Jingbo Wu
The safety of vehicle power battery is an issue of particular concern for vehicle manufacturers, consumers and especially important for the application and development of electric vehicles. This paper introduces a drop test method of power battery, proposes a test scheme used for evaluating the drop...
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Control Strategy Research of High-frequency Position Response Servo System for Electromechanical Actuator

Zaiping Zheng, Yi Wang, Yuping Huang, Hongxing Wu
This paper presents a method of improving the position response speed of the servo system based on electromechanical actuator position servo system. In this paper, a novel decouple technique is derived from PMSM decouple state equation, separating direct axis current from quadrature axis current ulteriorly,...
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Technology for Precise Position Control Strategy of PMSM

Yuping Huang, Dabin Zhu, Qingbo Ma, Hongxing Wu
Permanent magnet synchronous motor has replaced the dc motor in many occasions and become the mainstream in the servo system. But the dynamic model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is a strongly coupled variable system. Permanent magnet flux in the machine under different operating conditions...
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Supramolecular assembly by co-crystallization of fumaric acid with 1H-benzotriazole: crystal structure and synthon cooperation

Changfeng Sun, Yanyan Pang, Ruixin Chen
Hydrogen-bonded directed assemblies of one binary co-crystal was validated by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The supramolecular reaction between symmetric fumaric acid and 1H-benzotriazole produced molecular co-crystal formulated as [(C6H5N3)•(C4H4O4)0.5] in high yields. Compound contains...
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Thermal properties of nano-SiO2 optimized aluminate cementitious composite Cu powders

Yu Shi, Yi Wang, Gaoming Wang, Wei Li, Tao Yu, Chunhua Lu
One of the most accepted thermal storage system of solar thermal power for balancing energy considers the use of cementitious/concrete materials. We report the preparation of nano-SiO2 optimized aluminate cementitious pastes as thermal storage materials with mass fractions of 0, 5, 10 and 15% Cu powders...
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A cube model approach for Data warehouse

Zuyi Chen, Taixiang Zhao
The grain preservation feature guarantees that the translated multidimensional model will maintain cohesive granularity among the entities. Many data warehouse systems have been developed recently, yet data warehouse practice is not sufficiently sophisticated for practical usage. Most data warehouse...
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Research on Optimization Energy Management Strategies Based on Driving Cycle Recognition for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Yong Ren, Guanlong Yang, Wei Liang, Jie Liu, Xueyong Tian
In order to make the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle obtain optimal energy consumption economy and adapt to more complex working environment, the optimization energy management strategies based on driving cycle recognition were made. First, six kinds of cycle as standard working were selected to represent...
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A new web information fusion tool for web mining

Zuyi Chen, Taixiang Zhao
Most data warehouse systems have some limitations in terms of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.In particular, the sizes of these data warehouses are forever growing and becoming overloaded with data, a scenario that leads to difficulties in data maintenance and data analysis.this reserch introduce...
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Analysis of Axial Pushing Force by New Machining Technology for Engineering Ceramics Based on Edge-chipping Effect

Yi Sun, Long Wang, Xinli Tian
The cutting-pushing machining based on edge chipping effect is a kind of innovative machining technology, it applies stress concentration effect of precast construction mutation and broken edge effect of crack on new edge surface to process. Aim at the total difference between new machining technique...
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Research and Simulation of fault detection method for small electronic equipment

Zhaomin Zeng
in the process of studying fault detection method for small electronic devices, when using current algorithm for small electronic equipment fault detection, too many constraints results in incomplete detection, large error and time consuming. To this end, a fault detection method for small electronic...
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Integrated Bluetooth Fingerprinting and Pedestrian Dead Reckoning for Indoor Positioning on Apple’s iOS platform

Qiuhao YuTian, Fuqiang Liu, Danqing SHI
In this paper, we propose an innovative and low-cost hybrid indoor positioning system using various sensors on the mobile platform. This system consists of a pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) part based on the encapsulated Application Programming Interface (API) of Apple’s iOS platform and a low-cost Bluetooth...
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Research and Simulation of fault prediction method in numerical control machine tool operation

Jinxia Chen
in the studying process of fault prediction method during operating numerical control (NC) machine tool, using the current algorithm to predict fault in the running process of the NC machine tool, iteration is easy to fall into the local extremum problem. Therefore, a new method of fault prediction based...
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Study on Thermal Effect Model of Laser Irradiating Moving and Rotating Target

Weiwei Kang, Zhiyi Qu, Donglai Zhang
A heat conduction model is presented in this paper, with the background of ground-based laser irradiating flying target. Firstly, the encounter scene of laser irradiating target is assumed, and the parameters of laser and flying target are given. Secondly, the calculation models of irradiation radius,...
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Simulation of high precision angle control in mechanical manufacturing Numerical Control Technology

Jinxia Chen
during the study process high precision angle control in the mechanical manufacturing computer numerical control (CNC) technology, using the current algorithm to control the high precision angle of mechanical manufacturing is unable to realize the smoothing angle control, and angle control error is large....
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Improbable Differential Attacks on Reduced FOX64

Chong Zhang, Zhiyi Qu, Zhendong Yu
FOX is a family of block ciphers designed by Junod and Vaudenay in 2004, which is the result of a joint project with the company MediaCrypt AG in Switzerland. Several attacks on reduced FOX have been proposed. In this paper we present an improbable differential cryptanalysis on the reduced-round FOX....
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Design on Algorithm and Mechanism of Smog Image Sharpening Procession

Li Zhao
this paper makes simulation and analysis on several kinds of algorithms such as global, SSR, MSR, MSRCR etc in Retinex algorithm, it summarizes the advantages of MSR algorithm and makes improvement on it, it also puts forward to combine global, part with Retinex algorithm together, meanwhile it makes...
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The Application of Joint Optimization Method using GA for Load Forecasting

Junsong Qin, Dongxiao Niu, Jinpeng Qiu, Ling Ji
Since load forecasting plays an important role in the planning and operation of power industry, substantial efforts are made in improving the accuracy and reliability of load forecasting. In this paper, we develop a novel hybrid approach based on phase space reconstruction and least square support vector...