Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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Anti-submarine Patrol Aircraft’s Responding-antisubmarine Effectiveness Model Research by Using Magnetic Finder

Yaoqing Zhang, Guangyuan Wang
According to the characteristic of responding-antisubmarine, this paper analyzes submarine maneuvering model and anti-submarine patrol route model combining anti-submarine patrol aircraft and using the method of magnetic finder searching under the condition of responding-antisubmarine, establishes the...
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Study on Flow Characteristic of Cold Fluid in Supersonic Combustion Experiment Table

Qian Li, Hu Pan, Li-wei Duan, Xiao-yu DING
Flow characteristic of cold fluid in supersonic combustion experiment table is studied through the method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) numerical simulation, direct measurement of pressure transducer and TDLAS measurement. Characteristic parameters of temperature and pressure etc. of the flow...
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Design and Realization of Process Control System based on VB Configuration Software

Bei Sun, Yan Bai
Taking VB as a developing platform,the thesis constructs a real-time,interactive and extending virtual laboratory system.This system can make full use of network resource,reduce hard ware investing,which makes it a low-cost,high profit information-based foundation with prodigious practical signification.
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Impact study of electrode and discharge in shock tube act to the shock flow

Shuangyan Shen, Xing Jin, Peng Zhang
It received wide attention of the plasma enhance ignition. Shock tube is important equipment for the measurement of hydrocarbon fuel ignition. The schlieren system was adopt to observe the flow field in the shock tube. The influence of the discharge in low pressure section in the shock tube for incident...
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Application of the S7-200PLC and KINGVIEW6.53to the constant pressure water supply system with variable frequency

Yan Bai, Bei Sun, Zhiyi Zhang
With the rapid development social economy, on one hand, people’s request to enhance the quality of water supply and the water supply system reliability is increased continuously.The design of the system is the VF water supply systems that controlled by PLC of Siemens S7-200 series and Kingview software.and...
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Numerical Study of Radical Reaction in Kerosene Auto-ignition

Lan Li, Qi-sheng Chen
Spontaneous emission signal had different curves of kerosene’s auto-ignition in shock tube under different temperature conditions, and OH* radicals concentration time history was numerically investigated. Two component surrogate fuel model (n-decane+trimethylbenzene) was used to validate consistency...
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Research on yield forecasting model based on RBF in discrete manufacturing industry application

Li Bi, Ruijuan Zhang
Yield forecasting system in discrete manufacturing is a dynamic complex systems with a number of factors, face such a complex and large system is difficult to directly general system to the enterprise, therefore need to give a company's production forecast model. On the background of Wuzhong Instrument...
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The Development of Sulfate Scale Inhibitor for RO System

Kecheng Liu, Xiao Long, Mengsha Hu, Baiqing Zhou
This paper develops the sulfate scale inhibitor WUR-201 for RO using uniform design method, and the results show that the scale inhibition performance of WUR-201 can reach or even exceed that of scale inhibitor Foreign 1#; the scale inhibition ability increases with pH increasing but decreases with temperature...
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Research of Microstructure and Performance of Laser Cladding Fe-based Medium Manganese Alloy

Zhihai Cai, Ping Zhang, Xiubing Liang, Fanliang Tantai, Fan Yang
Fe-based medium manganese alloy coating was fabricated on 42CrMo steel surfaces using a synchronization powder feeding technique by 6 kW IPG laser apparatus. The microstructure and mechanical property were analyzed by X-ray diffractometer (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), microhardness tester...
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A Research On The Parameter Optimization And Field Test Of The Simulation Speed Regulator For The Isolated Network Of Gansu Power Grid

Weijiang Qian, Fubo Liang, Yankai Zhang, Weijie Fan
In view of the problem of non electromechanical mode oscillation in the process of the operation of the N area network in Gansu area, the cause of the accident caused by the improper governor parameter of the main unit in the isolated network is obtained by the fault simulation and field recording. Based...
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Study on the damage of semi rigid base asphalt pavement under high temperature condition

Le Sun, Xiaojun Li, Xuelian Wang
Rutting, Top-Down cracking and bottom-up cracking are considered as major damage phenomena in pavement structure. In this study, the Drucker-Prager (D-P) criterion is adopted to analyze the pavement structure on Ji-Qing highway. Three dimensional finite element model with double rounds uniform load is...
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An improved double loop control method for brushless DC motors

Yafei Zhang, Jianfei Yang, Huaren Wu, Xin Qiu, Jian Liu
The stator flux-linkage and torque double loop control strategy has been used in the traditional two-phase conducting brushless DC (BLDC) motor direct torque control (DTC) system. Based on the study of the control system, this paper presents a new space voltage vector switching table and new methods...
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Research on LSSVM based on analytic selection and simulate anneal arithmetic

Dan Yang, Lie Zang, Lu Gan
In view of the existing situation of artificial parameter selection in the fitting process which using the LSSVM software reliability model, the combination method of analytic selection (AS) and simulate anneal arithmetic (SA) is proposed for parameter selection, then obtain the improved software reliability...
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Traffic Organization and Control Strategy of Expressway Tunnel Group

Xuan Mu, Yunlai He, Xiaoyan Shi, Zhongjie Zhao
Expressway tunnel group compared with the independent tunnel, the operation and management is more complicated. When the tunnel had traffic accidents, if the leading scheme is not scientific, it’s easy to cause serious consequences. This paper based on the actual operation’s tunnel group as the background,...
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Near Point Algorithm and Approximate Beam Method for Solving Variational Inclusion Problem

Ji-feng Zuo, Xue-chang Wang
It is well known that the variational inclusions are equivalent to the fixed point problems. A hybrid proximal point algorithm is considered for solving the general variational inclusions. And convergence analysis for this algorithm is explored along with some results on the resolvent operator corresponding...
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PSO based Multi-robot Formation Control

Guo-qing Qiu, Fang-yan Li, Nian-ci Liu, Jian Wu
Aiming at the environment that contains dynamic obstacles, a new multi-robot formation control method is proposed. Leader-Following method is combined with artificial potential field method to solve the poor adaptability of formation. Meanwhile, the robots’ relevant parameters are optimized online by...
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Application Research for Ultrasonic Flaw Identification Based on Support Vector Machine

Jing Huang, Binglei Guan
Automatic identification of flaws is very important for ultrasonic nondestructive testing and evaluation of pipelines. A novel automatic identification approach of flaws using support vector machine (SVM) is presented. Wavelet transform is applied to feature extraction of ultrasonic echo signals, and...
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The Design Of High-precision, High-capacity, Multi-channel Synchronous Data Acquisition System Based On STM32

Nan Jin, Yuanzeng Chen
In recent years, with the development of computer and electronic technology, it provides the necessary conditions for the collection of data and the development and application of storage systems. Therefore, combining with the current actual demands, this study analysis and designs the high-precision,...
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Classification of transient power quality disturbance based on S-transform and fuzzy KNN

Hong Men, Jia Liu, Yilong Hao, Chunlai Li
This paper proposed a new method to classify transient power quality disturbances using S-transform and K-Nearest Neighbor classifier. First, S-transform was applied to perform time-frequency analysis on the power quality disturbance signals, and the S-transform mode time-frequency matrix was achieved...
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The Remote Monitoring System Design of Farmland Based on ZigBee and GPRS

Jinhu Liao, Qingyong Zhang, Yang Fang, Xuegang Xu
A remote monitoring system is designed, which can remote monitor farmland in real time and make informed management decisions. The system collects data of farmland by using ZigBee modules, makes data fused by using high performance controller ARM microcontroller, transfers data to remote computer by...
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Application of Electric Information Acquisition and Analysis Platform in Energy Saving and Reducing Loss

Xinze Jiang, Lifang Wang, Chengshuo He, Yuefeng Gu, Lizong Wang, Chengzhe Dong, Wenxin Han
With the development of market economy, the management system of power supply enterprise gradually improved, and the “line loss rate”, which affects its comprehensive technical and economic indicators, is becoming increasingly significant, especially driven by the interests, criminals use a variety of...
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Research progress of low resolution radar target recognition technology

Zhi-qiang Li, Zi-zhi Gao, Jun-tao Ma
Radar is an electronic device for radio detection and ranging. High resolution radar of ultra wideband will be the developing trend of new generation radar. But because of the long project time, high manufacture cost and key technologies unsolved. Thus it cannot replace the low resolution radar in the...
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A Modified Identity-based Signature Scheme Based on Cubic Residues

Xuedong Dong, Xinxin Liu
Wang et al. [Z.Wang, L.Wang, S.Zheng, Y.Yang and Z.Hu, International Journal of Network Security, 14(2012)33-38] proposed an identity-based signature scheme based on cubic residues. But the scheme is insecure because it cannot withstand a conspiracy attack by users. To overcome this security vulnerability,...
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The Current Situation and Development Trend of Micro-/nano-sensor and MNPTS

Jinyong Zhu, Lidong Wang
In recent years, with the development of microelectronics technology of mechanical system, micro-/nano-sensor based on micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) technology has been widely used in the field of national defense and civil. Micro-/nano-sensor, especially in the micro air vehicles (MAVs) navigation...
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Fuzzy Controller Considering of Historical State of Error

Weijia Guo, Shujie Li, Zhigang Li
To improve the performance of fuzzy controller, take the historical state of error into account while setting the control rules. Firstly make a rule table (basic rule table) which considers of the current error and error change rate only, secondly, think of all the possible historical state of error...
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Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Trench Type Bidirectional IGBT

Jia Qiang Xie, Yong Gao, Yuan Yang, Li Ma
To improve the switching characteristics of conventional structure IGBT, a new trench type bidirectional insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is proposed. The main feature of this structure is introducing a cell in collector of conventional trench IGBT. The new type IGBT reduce both turn-on and turn-off...
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The Quality Evaluation Method Research on Cloud Cover Image Based on Statistical Analysis

Yanjie Wang, Jianjun Zhou, Li Jia
Cloud cover is a key factor which affects the quality of aerial and remote sensing image. In order to precisely evaluate the impact which brought by cloud cover, article constructs a cloud detection algorithm which suits for aerial image according to cloud statistical characters; analyzing the cloud...
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Research of new structure super fast recovery power diode

Li Ma, Linnan Chen, Yong Gao
This study aims to greatly improve the reverse recovery characteristics of the fast recovery diode by changing the diode structure. Through adjusting the doping concentration, thickness and width of anode p area and considering its impact on device characteristics, it effectively reduces the reverse...
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Static Analysis of Memory Leak in Android Applications

Di Zhou, Zhengyu Fu
The popularity of Android applications have grown dramatically in the last few years. Android applications run on mobile devices that have limited memory resources. Although Android has its own memory manager with garbage collection support, many applications currently suffer from memory leak vulnerabilities....
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Single Machine Schedule Problem with a Fixed Unavailability Interval and Rejection

Xie Xie, Xiangyu Kong, Yongyue Zheng
We investigate a single machine scheduling problem with a fixed unavailability interval on machine and rejection job. The objective is to minimize the sum of the flow-time of the accepted jobs and penalties of rejected jobs. For the demonstrated NP-hard problem, we first propose a dynamic programming...
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A Light Weight Energy Profiling Approach on Android Devices

Peixing Yang, Di Zhou
In recent years, the popularity of smartphones increases rapidly. Although the smartphone market is a sharp increase, its utility is still limited to the battery life. Therefore, much research effort has been made in order to understand the power consumption of the application to run on mobile devices....
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Technique of reproducing bug and debugging under complex environment

Jun Luo, Jinhua Li
Test Automation is widely used. Since there are some differences between the environment of test automation and development, developers sometimes can’t reproduce bugs in their local environment based on bug reports. To solve the issue, this paper introduces an approach that integrates the environment...
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A Robust Estimation to Transmission Line Parameters Based on Huber Estimation with PMU data

Yanjun Zhao, Xiaoke Chen, Yue Zhang, Zihua Huang, Ancheng Xue
In the parameter identification for transmission line, there often exist the gross errors in the measured data and lacking of robustness with traditional least square. This paper applies the Huber estimation to the transmission line parameter estimation, i.e., proposes a robust least square estimation...
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Research on the drags of high speed elevator with different height diversion cover

Zhangwei Ling, Ping Tang, Xuebin Wang, Zheng Lin, Di Tang
The three-dimensional flow of high speed elevator is numerical simulated using the Computational Fluid Dynamics Method (CFD). The car of high speed elevator has dimensions of length 2.3m, width 1.7 m and height 2.4 m. The shape of diversion cover is conic. The flows of high speed elevator with different...
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Multi-image Evaluation of Product Color Design based on Grey Relational Analysis

Zhi-xue Sun, Le Zhang, Chen Chen
To realize multi-image scheme selection of product color design, the grey relational analysis method was introduced into product color evaluation process. Through multi-image acquisition of product color design, users were asked to give their scores of each color scheme according to target multi-image,...
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Optimization design on dome shape of high-speed elevator

Weiyong Cai, Zhangwei Ling, Ping Tang, Zhen yu Ding
This paper studies the aerodynamic optimization of dome of high-speed elevator. A 2-D flow field of typical sections is created with Fluent software. Conic curves with different height and constraint parameters are used to fit the dome. Comparing these drags coefficients of each shape of dome, the optimized...
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Applications of Push Technology in Mobile Social Network Development

Suduo Li, Kaiying Deng, Jingwei Deng, Yingxing Li
With the rapid popularization of smart devices, the traditional social network based on PC is gradually transferred to the mobile Internet. For the problems of mobile devices such as small screen, low power, bad browse experience, etc. using information push technology to publish and access real-time...
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Research of the blockage ratio on the aerodynamic performances of high speed elevator

Xuebin Wang, Zheng Lin, Ping Tang, Zhangwei Ling
The three-dimensional turbulent flow of high speed elevator is numerical simulated using the static uncompressible Navier-Stokes equations. The equations are solved using finite volume method with second order upwind spatial discretization. The car of the high speed elevator is a box with the length...
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Analysis of the information management level optimization of the information security in E-commerce

Qiumei Hu
In the rapid lead of the economy and information technology, electronic commerce has been developed rapidly. It is triggered a new round of the information security problem of e-commerce, information security is the platform of fundamental business can run smoothly. This article elaborates mainly the...
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Triples Anomaly Detection Security Model Based on Decision Tree

Liangcheng Li, Song Qing, Ting Jiang, Leiyue Zhou
A triples anomaly detection security model based on decision tree algorithm is designed for solving the issues--exist in the current network security detection models,such as lacking of filtering the events, and classifying the events in the network environment faintly.This model which based on the decision...
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Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Fushun

YongYong Wang, Xiang He, Runlei Cai, Fan Wang
The water polluters of Liao river basin in Fushun is elected preliminarily basing on the basin of the key water polluters of Fushun city, combining with the principle of polluters screening and the computing method of equal standard pollution load, optimizing and assessing the indexes which involves...
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Fracture mechanism of magnesium alloys at room temperature

Shan Jiang
Compressive tests were performed to homogenized AZ31 magnesium alloy samples to various strains and fracture at room temperature (RT). The microstructure of the samples was observed by optical microscope(OM); the twin types were examined by electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) technique; and the...
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Data mining and analysis based on online teaching platform

Wanjiang Han, YiZhen Wang, Yi Yang
With the rapid development of the network and multimedia technology. students no longer simply rely on the teacher's teaching to obtain knowledge. This paper takes Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications as an example to introduce the online course platform, which provides a wealth of teaching...
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Design and Realization of Calibration Device for Angular Positioning Error of Universal Turntable

Huahui Yang, Fu Liu, Jun Zhou, Weili Feng
In order to realize the calibration measurement of universal turntable in high precision, a calibration device is designed and realized. The device was mainly composed of horizontal capacitance sensor, mental circular grating, ultrasonic motor, and double-row angular contact bearings was selected as...
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Antibacterial Activities and Interactions Study of Ternary Lanthanide Schiff Base and Nitrogen-heterocyclic Complexes Bind to DNA

Yan-Fang Zhao, Jing-Jing Li, Yong-Liang Zhao
In this work, a series of ternary rare earth complexes were synthesized with salicylidene glycine schiff base (Sal-GlyK) as anion ligand and 2,2'-bipyridine (bipy), l, 10-phenanthroline (phen) as neutral ligand. The antibacterial activities and interactions between calf thymus DNA (ct-DNA) in Tris-HCl...
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Prediction method and practice of catalyst performance for SCR denitrification system

Yongjin Liao, Yuexi Yu, Ye Wang
At present, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) flue gas denitrification process has been widely used in coal power plants in China. Catalyst is the core of SCR denitrification system. Because of the influence of the fly ash, erosion and chemical poisoning, the catalyst activity can be reduced gradually,...
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Real-time and Accurate Acoustic Indoor Localization With a Smartphone

Xiangji Wen, Danjie Huang, Wenhao Fang, Feng Lin, Yifan Huang, Zhi Wang
The requirement for specific indoor location is more and more pressing. However, traditional approaches can only achieve a low accuracy. In this paper, we put forward a new approach to evaluate the target position with the acoustical Linear Frequency Modulation Signal(LFM). Comparing with other acoustical...
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Analysis on the Optical Characteristics of ZnO Thin Film Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering

Jing-hua Xu
This paper used magnetron sputtering to grow ZnO film on Al2O3 substrate. All the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscope (AFM), ultra-violet spectrometer (UVS) and photoluminescence (PL). Results showed that: the doped ZnO thin films were still had the hexagonal...
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Research of Augmented Reality based on Unity3D

Jiahui Du, Pengkai Xu, Tingyu Hong, Yadong You, Fei Guo
At present, the development of the game is more and more quickly, in order to meet the demand of mass on the reality of the game interface, this paper introduces the technology of augmented reality and Unity3D respective characteristics and specific content, and then the analysis of augmented reality...
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Improved Weiner Filter Used in Speech Enhancement

Jian Peng, Fei Qi
The aim of speech enhancement is to extract pure primary speech from the signals with noises as much as possible, to eliminate the background noises, to improve the sound quality and to improve the articulation, intelligibility and comfort degree of the speech. In order to minimize the residual noise...
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Degradation sensitivity of the image quality of UAV remote sensing based on CCD array Motion

Weixin Yang, Chuanrong Li, Guangyu Liu
Due to the CCD array and scenery relative motion, the image quality would be degraded. In order to get the relationship between the CCD array move quantity and the image quality, the corresponding degraded images are achieved by changing the CCD array velocity, pitch, roll and yaw variation. Then, the...
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Synthesis of Nanosphere -Fe2O3/MWCNT composite as Photo-catalyst for the Degradation of Rhodamine B

Zhen Zhao, Xiaowei Zhou, Zhu Liu
A novel nanosphere -Fe2O3/MWCNT composite has been prepared by a simple hydrothermal method. The characterization of morphology and structure of -Fe2O3/MWCNT composite was carried out by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. It is found that MWCNT was well dispersed...
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GIRRT Motion Planning Algorithm for Humanoid Robot

Hua-Zhong Li, Zhuo Liang
Aiming at such problems as unknown goal configuration, grasp space limitation, a large number of barriers in configuration space and high-dimension space redundancy during planning motion of humanoid robot arms grasping target, this paper proposes a generalized inverse rapid-exploring random tree (GIRRT)...
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The research on software project schedule prediction and controlling

Boru Xu, Aihua Ren, Sidou Dong, Xin Wang
The control of software project schedule has been the emphasis and difficulty of software project management. Many software companies are focus on qualitative predicting and controlling of project schedule. Lacking of quantitative prediction of project schedule, it is difficult to quantitatively manage...
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A design and implementation of Pulse-Measure instrument based on Microcontroller

Siqing Zhu, Ying Zhang, Yanming Liu, Yu Hang, Kexue Sun, Xiefeng Cheng
Pulse-measure instrument has been widely used in our daily life. How to keeping monitoring pulses has risen to a vital important issue. This design uses infrared photoelectric sensor to measure heart rates by detecting blood which will get thicker when heart beats. The system using the AT89C51 microcontroller...
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A new method of improving the pressure bearing capacity of the thin wall——prestress

Xinsheng YiN, Yang Liu
Through calculation of the finite element software, we can get the thin wall’s stress state during normal working. To constrain the displacement and improve the crack resistance of the wall width direction by the two ways of bonded and non-bonded prestressed concrete application form. Explore the working...
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Research on Multi-service Unified Bearing Electric Power Communication Access Network

Bao Feng, Yang Li, Yang Hu, Yan Long, Yongzhong Xie
With the development of smart grid, especially the energy Internet, the emphasis on electric power communication network construction is gradually transferring from backbone level to access level. As a direct user-oriented network, electric power communication access network need to have features of...
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Design of Automatic Carrier Landing System Based on Dynamic Inverse and PID Control

Hengzhi Ding
At last twenty seconds of carrier landing process, the carrier-based aircraft will encounter with strong carrier air wake which will easily cause a deviation in the aircraft’s path, at the same time, a carrier also has a six-degree-of-freedom motion which depends on carrier’s property and sea state [6]....
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Research on the Bow Thruster of Large Ship

Haoliang Wang, Jun Lin, Liqiang Cao, Weifeng Lv, Chuang Wang, Guangxing Lu
Based on the 10,000 TEU container ship, the paper makes a research on the characteristics of the bow thruster. According to the open-water propeller characteristic chart of controllable pitch propeller, the paper analyzes the lateral thrust of the bow thruster combining with the data of real ship, builds...
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A network traffic classification method based on quintuple feature and regular expression matching

Shujuan Qiao, Yi Zhou, Leiyue Zhou, Liancheng Zheng
A traffic classification method, based on quintuple feature and regular expression matching, is presented for the requirement of instantaneity and accuracy in the process of network traffic classification. First of all, the method proposed uses quintuple information recognition technology to classify...
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Simulation Research on Neutral Grounding Modes of Marine High Voltage Power System

Haoliang Wang, Chunlai Zhang, Meng Li, Kun Lu
Based on the characteristics of marine power system, the paper takes marine high voltage power system as the research object to research the five kinds of neutral grounding modes. The simulation model is built by MATLAB/SIMULINK to analyze the difference of the different neutral grounding modes. By comparing...
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Effect of powdered activated carbon particle size on the flow field in membrane filtration system

Anhu Dang, Xingfei Gou, Hui Jia, Yi Wu
The effect of powdered activated carbon (PAC) particle size in the range of 0.09~0.18mm on the flow field in membrane filtration process was investigated. The SEM images of membrane surface showed that it might cause damage on the membrane surface in membrane filtration system by the addition of PAC....
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Thermal circuit model parameters identification of oil-immersed transformer based on PSO algorithm

Linli Zhang, Lisheng Li, Bin Jiang, Rong Li, Hongmei Li, Xiao Dong
The thermal circuit model of oil-immersed transformer needs to improve its accuracy in predicting the winding hottest-spot temperature, especially in the case of overload and different cooling modes. In the case of overload condition, the estimate values obtained from most existing models are smaller...
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Research on Effect of Modified Semi Conductive Material on the Space Charge Behaviour in XLPE

Bo An, Changming Li, Fenglian Ma, Jing Cai, Baozhong Han
The semi conductive shield material was prepared by mixing a variety of copolymer and carbon black (CB) with LDPE by melt blending method. In order to study the suppression of semi-conductive shield materials on space charge injection, inorganic nano fillers with different properties were added respectively,...
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Music Recommendation System Design Based on Gaussian Mixture Model

Yang Lu, Xuemei Bai, Feng Wang
The paper establishes a double-layer classifier based on Gaussian Mixture Model and the Thayer model to divide the music style into several categories. On the basis of effective verification of experiments, the music listening experience is added into the model to analyze and normalize two-dimensional...
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Effects of Ce on As-cast and Extrusion Microstructure of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Aimin Jiang, Bin Zeng
In this paper, the effects of Ce addition on as-cast and extrusion alloy microstructure of ZM21 Magnesium Alloy were investigated by the use of OM. Analyses the influence of ZM21 magnesium alloy as-cast and regularity and mechanism of the influence of extrusion organization, the results show that rare...
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A New Decision Tree Ensembles Method for Fake Apps Detection in Android Platform

Huan Ren, Wei Zhang, Qingshan Jiang
The sharp increase in the number of smartphones makes the fake Apps in Android platform to be an urgent issue. Many approaches have been proposed to defend against these fake Apps. However, most of them have some disadvantage, such as low accuracy, not general, or not robust in big data. This paper proposes...
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The Modification and Implementation of Campus Network Client

Lingfang Huang
In this paper, the campus network client certification mechanism is analyzed, replacement client is rewritten, the stability is greatly improved and the sharing function of WiFi is strengthened.
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A Modeling method for Reconfigurable Processor Performance Analysis

Minhui Hu, Guanwu Wang, Kongfei Du, Sikun Li
Coarse grained reconfigurable architecture (CGRA) has become an important solution for high performance computing because of its high speed up ratio for computation intensive applications, fast configuration, good adaptability and low power consumption. However, the traditional performance analysis method...
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A Method of Tainted Data Detection Based on Static Code Analysis

Yifei Xiao, Dahai Jin, Dalin Zhang
In the modern society, with the high-speed development of computer science and technology, the wave of the Internet economy is around the world, the use of computer software in every corner of our lives, various applications emerge in endlessly, people pay more and more attention on software security....
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Analysis of Capacitively Fed Circular Patch Antennas

Zhongbao Wang, Xiaofeng Li, Shaojun Fang
In this paper, resonant frequency of capacitively fed circular patch antennas with the various air layer heights and the substrate electrically thickness range from 0.026 to 0.12 is analyzed with HFSS. And the variation of impedance bandwidth is given for capacitively fed circular patch antennas with...
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Matching between the Stator and Casing Treatment of a High-load Fan

Jun-cai Liu, Wei Yuan, Zhong-ze Liu
A single-stage high-load fan with arc skew slot casing treatment is chosen to examine the matching between the stator and casing treatment with arc skew slot. The numerical results show that the introduction of casing treatment with arc skew slot increases the inlet flow angle of the stator, leading...
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Research on Integrated Management System of Internet of Things in Smart Substation

Qiang Xu, Xie Zhang, Shun Wan, Yajing Zhu, Weiyue Zhou
This paper analyses the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and introduces essential techniques of IoT. In order to solve problems in smart substation construction, this paper analyses the situation of substation construction in Anhui, and proposes an integrated management system of IoT in the Jinxiu...
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The Study of Tracking Technology for Mobile Robot Manipulator

Hailiang Yang
Mobile robot arm with the advantages of mobile platform and operating arm can have unlimited space and flexible operation. In recent years, the control of such systems has caused great attention in the field of domestic and foreign control. At the same time, the mobile manipulator is a typical nonlinear...
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Optimizing Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine Parameters and Application to Transformer Fault Diagnosis

Wenrong Kang, Wenyan Chen
In order to solve the problem that the (OS-ELM) is used in the fault diagnosis of the transformer, the genetic algorithm (Algorithm Genetic) is applied to the on-line extreme learning machine, and a new method of transformer fault diagnosis is proposed. In this method, the number of hidden layer neurons...
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Design of a Single-phase Asynchronous Motor under the Wide Voltage and Realization of MATLAB Program

Linsuo Zeng, Xiaoji Huai, Sen Lv
In a single-phase power supply system with the relatively large range of voltage fluctuation, an ordinary single-phase asynchronous motor is difficult to run normally. In order to solve this question, a new type of single-phase asynchronous motor running in the wide voltage range is proposed. In this...
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The Optimization of G.729 Speech codec and Implementation on the TMS320VC5402

Wang Geng, Cheng Wei
This paper designs a realtime speech codec system based on the TMS320C5402 platform, from two aspects of data transmission interface and control interface for the TMS320C5402 and TLV320AIC23 interfacedesign, and through the g. 729 speech decoding algorithm principle research and program optimization...
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Application of Power System Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Wavelet Analysis

Linsuo Zeng, Xinmiao Jia, Jiafeng Xu, Yuliang Jia
Power load forecasting is an important part of power grid scheduling,operation and maintenance.It is also the basis of economic operation and security of electric power system.It has important significance to the stability and development of electric power system.This paper introduces the theory of wavelet...
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Analysis on the Impacts of Governor Parameters in Isolated Power Grid

Xiaoqing Xiao, Likun Zheng, Fei Li, Shiwu Xiao
In order to analysis the impact of governor parameters on the performance of primary frequency regulation, this paper built a closed loop speed regulating system model formed by turbine and generator, which is closer to the practical system. The paper simplify the high-order system in engineering by...
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Log System Based on Software Testing System Design And Implementation

Yan Liu, Dahai Jin, Dalin Zhang
Defect testing system is developed in recent years, which is a source code static analysis technology, mainly used in automatic or semi-automatic software defect detection and prevention, this kind of defect testing tools due to the characteristics of high efficiency and easy to use, has been widely...
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Design of Non-contact Height Detecting System for a Marine Diesel Engine

Xinglong Pan, Guo He
Air pressure is an important parameter for the air spring on a marine diesel engine. The pressure can be indirect reflected according to the spring camber, and the spring camber means the distance variation among the measuring points of air spring. So, in order to obtain the air pressure of marine diesel...
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Degradation of industrial dinitrotoluene wastewater by Bi-S-TiO2/ -CD composites under UV light

Guoqi Feng, Qiang Gan, Hairu Shang, Changgen Feng
The mesoporous Bi-S-TiO2/ -CD was prepared by an evaporation induced self-assembly (EISA) method and photoinduced self-assembly method, and was characterized by UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (UV-vis DRS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), High resolution transmission...
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Information and Power Simultaneously Transmission in Space Shift Keying Modulation System with Antenna Selection

Fuqiang Wang, Guangchi Zhang
In this paper, antenna selection at transmitter in Space Shift Keying (SSK) is considered, which conveying information using the bit-determining antenna from two potential antennas. Previous researches mainly focused on information transmission, and the main performance metrics are bit error rate (BER)...
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College Teachers' Physical Health Medical Evaluation Research Based on Linear Regression

Fanfei Ge, Shujian Kao
According to current situation of college teachers’ physique health, with the help of college teachers' physical examination data, on the basis of physical health evaluation system, using multiple linear regression method, established college teachers' physical health data model, designs and realizes...
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Numerical simulation of natural convection in square cavities with power function temperature wall by lattice Boltzmann method

Xin Tian, Zhengwei Shui, Chiyuan Ren
In this study, a thermal lattice Boltzmann model is employed to investigate the natural convection in square cavities with power function temperature boundary. The horizontal wall of cavities is adiabatic, and the temperature at the west and east wall is set to constant or a power function. Four cases...
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Improved retinex image enhancement algorithm based on bilateral filtering

Ya’nan Yang, Zhaohui Jiang, Chunhe Yang, Zhiqiang Xia, Feng Liu
In view of such problems as halo and color distortion for the traditional Retinex enhancement algorithm, an improved Retinex image enhancement algorithm based on bilateral filtering was proposed. In the HSI color space, firstly, the gamma correction was utilized to adjust the brightness of the image....
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Crude Oil in Water Drilling Fluid Properties and Application in Horizontal Wellbore Drilling

Liye Bai
Oil in water drilling fluid is a suitable water based drilling fluid for horizontal well, because of good lubricity, liquidity and borehole stability. Optimized and matching emulsifiers, in the2:8 ratio of oil to water, the emulsifiers OP-10+SP-80 ratio of 3:2 is the best effect of emulsion stability,...
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A Modified Method On The Point Spread Function Of Motion Blur Image

Zewei Duan, Lei Qin
In order to effectively restore the motion blurred images, this paper analyzes the point spread function (PSF) under the uniform linear motion module and simplifies the PSF into binary function constituted of blur extent and blur direction. The paper adopts the direction of differential operator based...
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Analysis and Application of Torsion Impact Tool in Igneous Rock

Hongshan Zhao, Kun Zhang, Shuwei Guan
The previous drilling practice showed that there were many drilling difficulties in igneous rock, such as less footage of one bit, lower roundtrip ROP, more tripping times, etc., which severely influenced the exploration and development process of carboniferous formation. After analysis, the reasons...
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Heart Rate Detection System Based on Android OS

Dejun Li, Zheng Xie, Xiaobo Lu
This design is wearable digital heart rate meter, the acquisition and transformation use of heart rate data in lower computer is STC12C5A60S2 MCU with high speed 51 kernel, the heart rate sensor is used in photo-electric reflective analog sensor, which adopted method combine hardware and software filtering...
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Study on thermal drying efficiency and odor emission characteristics of municipal solid waste (MSW)

Chun-ping Li
Thermal drying efficiency and odor emission characteristics under different temperature of municipal solid waste (MSW) were studied. The results showed that: water content decreased sharply with disturbance thermal drying mode. The highest peak of total amount of odor was at 600 and the lowest was at...
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A Study on the Performance Prediction Model for Partial Casing Treatments

Zhenkun Zhu, Wei Yuan, Qiushi Li, Zhiping Li
In order to estimate the performance of partial casing treatments, this study improved the classic parallel compressor model, which divides a partial casing treatment compressor into a casing treatment sub-compressor and solid-wall sub-compressor in the circumferential direction. According to the characteristics...