Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology

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Experimental Study On The Identification Model Of Dynamic Milling Force Coefficient

Xinghua Niu, Tianding Wang, Tiemin Zhao, Qianyou Huang
The identification model of milling force coefficient is established using the model of dynamic milling force and the regression analysis of the milling force experiment data. On the basis of the existing milling force model, by simplifying and calculation, it can get the relational expression between...
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Cosine similarity measures for dual hesitant fuzzy sets

Wei Qiu, Guangchun Zhang, Lei Zhu
The Dual Fuzzy Sets (DHFSs), originated by Zhu and Xu [1], is a useful tool to deal with vagueness and ambiguity. In this paper, we propose one new measure called Cosine similarity measure for dual hesitant fuzzy sets, based on which the corresponding similarity measures can be obtained. We investigate...
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Experimental Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Primary Mirror of Vehicle Sights

Guo-quan Ren, Shou-jun Wu, Dong-wei Li
The battlefield environment, external vibration load condition is complex, in the process of vehicle and shooting, random vibration and impact load can lead to car sight structure stress and strain of the primary mirror, will affect the performance of the vehicle sights. Aimed to study the vibration...
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Application of Improved Template Matching Algorithm in Target Image Detection

Guoquan Ren, Wentao Jiang, Dongwei Li, Guozhang Li
In view of the disadvantage of the current method for target detection that poor efficiency and poor real-time, a novel method of target detection based on digital image processing technology was proposed. The traditional normalized correlation template matching algorithm was improved via setting optimal...
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Study of information security and protection in integrative design of power systems

Xiaohui Xu, Ruixiang Fan, Benren Pan, Jianbo Xin, Danna Wang
The information security is very important for the secure, stable, economic and superior operation of power system. In the paper, the integrative power system and its features are introduced. The main contents of the integrative information security are explained, including secrecy, integrality and effectiveness....
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A Prediction Model for Thin-walled Duct Structure based with RBF Neural Network

Jianbing Wang, Wen Zhang, Yueqiang Zhang, Yingsheng Huang
Component structure design is based on the finite element analysis technology, and the structure optimization is obtained by the iterative process of the boundary. However, this method is time-consuming and expensive to deal with the numerical simulation or complex engineering problems. In this paper,...
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Reliability Optimal Design of Cylindrical Torsion Spring with MIGA Algorithm

Hongchao Wu, Yueqiang Zhang, Yingsheng Huang, Mingsheng Zhang
Based on the design features of cylindrical torsion spring, this paper established a multi-objective optimization mathematical model for solving the problem of nonlinear constraint, and used MIGA algorithm to optimize the design with the conditions of strength reliability. Compared to the initial design,...
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Predicting Noisy Data with an Improvement RBF Neural Network for Surrogate Models

Yaping Jiang, Guosong Wei, Xueyan Sun, Yueqiang Zhang
The process of noise data is a significant issue to the application of data. In this paper, we propose a method of processing noisy data based on improvement radial basis function (RBF) neural network to handle noise data. We establish surrogate models for two kinds of standard functions with noise data...
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Computer recognition research on handwritten Chinese characters

YuXiang Hu
Computer identification on handwritten Chinese characters is one of the most difficult problems in the field of pattern recognition.In order to improve the efficiency of identification of Chinese character recognition software and realize the automation and intelligenceof the software, it is necessary...
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Research on Technology of Azimuthal Electromagnetic Wave Resistivity logging While Drilling and Its Application in Geosteering

Hexin Li, Yongshou Dai, Weining Ni, Weifeng Sun, Ligang Li, Xiaobin Zhang
With the number of old oil fields exploited by horizontal well increased, the complexity and difficulty to extract oil from reservoir geology promote the further development of logging while drilling (LWD) technology. Thus, the LWD technology develops from the initial no-directional shallow measurements...
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Analysis about the influence of relays contact resistance for the accuracy of automated resistors

Panhui Chen, Lifeng Guo, Chuanxi Jin
An analysis method about the influence of relays contact resistance for the automated resistors which is based on a measurement of relays nonideal characteristics and two common automated resistor architectures in this paper. It can be used to evaluate the output accuracy theoretically for the automated...
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Crack extension research of FR4 substrate embedded 90°bend optical fiber under the random vibration

Wei Li, Dejian Zhou
For the reliability problem of the 90 ° bend optical fiber embedded FR4 substrate in the bad service environment especially for military, the easily failure area of this modal under environments of random vibration and characteristics of interface cracks extending are researched. Firstly, modal analysis...
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Effect of Co-combustion Ratio on the Combustion Characteristics in the LNG/diesel Dual-fuel Engine

Jun Xie, Chunhua Zhang, Gang Li, Juxiang Fang
To investigate the effect of co-combustion ratio (CCR) on the combustion characteristics in the LNG/diesel dual-fuel engine, an electronically controlled common rail diesel engine is modified into an LNG/diesel dual-fuel engine by adding a set of LNG supply system and dual-fuel control system. The in-cylinder...
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The Cloud Computing Load Forecasting Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter and ANFIS

Jian Sun, Yi Zhuang
The load forecasting in the cloud computing is one of the most important technologies to ensure the maximize utilization of the system resource. Under the premise that the load is known in the next stage, the cloud computing center can assign the physical machines in advance, thereby reducing the waiting...
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Research On Small Signal Magnify-Chain Circuit Based On Pressure Bridge

Jian Huang, Hui Fan
Weak small signal acquisition is particularly important in electronic design and data acquisition. Effective processing of small signals must be magnified, while magnifying small signals can produce interference magnification and cause errors. In order to solve the interference and detune in small signal...
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A Core-shell Nanosensor Used for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances Sensing

Shaobo Yang, Wanrong Liu, Xingfei Li, Wenbin Tan
A core-shell nanosensor was fabricated by molecular self-assemble and evaporation technique in this paper. The optical property of that was measured based on the detection system of LSPR. The sensitivity of this core-shell nanosensor is 300nm/RIU and the decay length is 26nm based LSPR detection system....
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Design of pH Measuring in Wireless Therapy Capsule Against Helicobacter Pylori Infections

Binbin Ren, Haiyan Tan, Binlin Chen, Bin Zheng, Zhangyong Li, Wei Wang
A wireless blue light therapy capsule against Helicobacter Pylori infections based on a pH sensor was addressed. A pH measuring circuit module and wireless communication module were designed to pre-process and transmit the pH signal. By measuring the pH value changes, the capsule can identify the locations...
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Error Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamics Angular Rate Sensor under the Influence of a Non-uniform Magnetic Field

Yue Ji, Xingfei Li, Tengfei Wu
In order to improve the dynamic measurement capability of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) angular rate sensor (ARS) furtherly, this paper gives the error analysis of MHD ARS under the influence of a non-uniform magnetic field. In this work, the numerical simulation using 3D-Magnetostatic and FLUNET coupled...
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Characteristics of Runoff Nutrient Loss and Particle Size Distribution of Eroded Sediment under Varied Rainfall Intensities

Guanhua Zhang
Soil erosion is a serious problem of worldwide concern. Rainfall intensity is an important factor affecting soil erosion and the resulting nutrients loss. Field experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of rainfall intensity (60, 100 and 140 mm/h) on runoff nutrients loss and sediment particles...
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A Novel Method Based on RFID Rotating Antenna for Indoor Localization

Yue Zhang, Run Zhao, Qian Zhang, Dong Wang
With the rapid growth IoT (Internet of Things), indoor positioning system has attracted significant interest, especially in complex environment. UHF RFID system has the potential to estimate the accurate location of indoor objects due to the long reading range and multi-tag identification capability....
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Comprehensive Mobility Prediction Based Clustering Algorithm for Ad Hoc UAV Networks

Yunlong Yu, Le Ru, Kun Fang, Xufeng Jia
Clustering is an effective method which can increase the performance of large-scale ad hoc UAV networks. However, the ad hoc UAV networks have the feature of high mobility and quick network topology change, using conventional clustering algorithm will lead to the decrease of link connection lifetime...
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A Network Intrusion Detection Algorithm Based on FSA Model

Fei Wu, Donghui Wu, Yingen Yang
At present network attack technology is constantly updated,which bring network security workers huge challenges. In view of the fact that the existing intrusion detection technology is difficult to detect multi-step fragmentation attacks, distributed attacks and evading attacks,a network intrusion detection...
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A Cross-domain Deceptive Opinion Detection by Genetic Algorithm

Qiao-jing Tang, Wei-hua Li, Jing Zhao
With the maturing of the electronic commerce,many people will choose to shop online.At the same time the goods's reviews will influence the decision of people to buy goods,which has led businesses to deliberately write deceptive opinion to improve the sales of goods or undercut rivals .Aiming at the...
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Modal Analysis of Bracket Structure in Automatic Drill-riveting System Based on ABAQUS

Cheng Li, Zhong-qi Wang, Yong-gang Kang, Yuan Yang
The vibration characteristics of bracket structure in automatic drill-riveting system have great effects on the final quality of aircraft panel. Modal analysis can be used to determine the vibration characteristics of mechanical system. After briefly expounding the basic theory of modal analysis, a reasonable...
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Research on Decoding Algorithm for(n, 1, m) Convolutional Code

Yamei Zou, Hongqiao Pu, Zhiqiang Xu
This paper takes (2, 1, 5) convolutional codes as example, disscusses the decoding algorithm for (n, 1, m) convolutional codes according to the principle of the reversibility of the modulo 2 operation.We designed the decoder and the syndrome of the (2, 1, 5) convolutional codesbased on its encoder firstly;...
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Optimization for Manufacturing Process Based on Timed Petri Net and Genetic Algorithm

Tingpeng Li, Yue Li, Yanling Qian, Shuanggui Zeng
In order to improve the optimization efficiency, an optimization approach for Manufacturing Process based the Timed Petri Net (TPN) model and Genetic Algorithm is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the Manufacturing Process is modeled with Timed Petri Net (TPN). Then, an improved Genetic Algorithm (GA)...
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An Expert System Approach for Analyzing and Evaluating the Testing Results of CTCS-3 On-board Equipment

Yong Zhang, Yuxi Yang
The on-board equipment is an important part of CTCS-3 train control system. In order to verify whether the on-board equipment complies with CTCS-3 system requirements specification, it is necessary to carry out functional testing in laboratory, in which a lot of professional expertise is needed, especially...
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A Simulation Based Approach for Rationality Verification of Test Sequence for CTCS-3 Train Control System

Yong Zhang, Jingqiang Han
A CTCS-3 train control system is the key equipment for guaranteeing the safety, reliability and efficiency of high speed railway. Test sequence is the important document to guide the testing for train control system. Manual preparation of test sequence is characteristic of low efficiency and high demand...
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A new contact damping model of joint interfaces with simulation

Jingfang Shen, Yue Liu, Sha Xu, Wenwei Liu, Jiajun Yang
Modifying joint interfaces’ contact model of two spheres makes contact model more universal. On the basis of contact theory, energy dissipation mechanism and domain expansion factor’s effect, the elastoplastic fractal model of contact damping on two spheres is constructed. Numerical simulation results...
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The Analysis of Flow Separation Loss of Impeller in Centrifugal Compressor under Variable Conditions

Bin Cai, Yongsheng Su
In order to study the change condition of the influence on the centrifugal compressor blade field, we change the size of the centrifugal compressor inlet flow and the centrifugal compressor impeller rotational speed,using the realizable κ-ε ii equation model to do the steady numerical simulation for...
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Analysis of Effect and Mechanism of Different Type Buffer for Reducing Pressure Pulsation

Zhenqian Zhang, Yongsheng Su
The pressure pulsation of network can be reduced effectively by using buffer,discussing the effect of the tangential inlet buffer and radial buffer with different outlet conditions. The reason that affects buffer performance can be gotten through the analysis of internal flow flied and fluid path lines...
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Research and Design of Virtual Oscilloscope Based on Android_QT

Hong Zou, Xiangjiao Shen, Guoping Chen
First of all, the paper would be introduce the study on portable virtual instrument technology based on the Android platform, then particularly in virtual oscilloscope as an example, focusing on the overall design of the system. Stratified in different signal acquisition system in order to meet the demands...
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Study on fatigue load of vehicle body based on line test

Ziyuan Wang
In this paper, it’s based on the acceleration and strain data from the test of a city railway vehicle .This paper introduced how to carry out the excitation from the center pivot, air spring and couple by numerical integration and finite element model and get the external load of the car body.
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The strength analysis of no power bogie in rail-defect detector car

Jijun Gong, Pingbo Wu, Bo Hou
Rail-defect detector car compared with the artificial detection device has many advantage. This paper presents a certain type of rail-defect detector vehicle bogie’s Strength analysis. The finite element analysis software ABAQUS is used to setup the finite element model of bogie frame and analyze frame...
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Application of spectral analysis to heart sounds analysis

XuKun Liang
At first, this paper analyzes the family use combustible gases present situation and the existence risk, then atc89c52 single chip microcomputer based on, using sensor mq-2 gas concentration detection, to collected the gas concentration data as the basis for the control of sound, alarm device, to achieve...
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Voltage-Integration CMOS Image Sensor with Circuit-Sharing

Songsong Gao, Ying Wang, Weijian Si
An improved voltage-integration CMOS image sensor is presented. Some circuits is shared between the voltage integration block and the analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) through an optimal operation timing, which makes use of the different input-signals selected by the switches. Dynamic range expansion...
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The Research of a Laser Micro Displacement Measuring System Based on the Spectral Interference of Optic Fiber Principle

Hui Zhang, Jun Shen, Wei Wang
In this article, a design of a laser micro displacement measuring system based on the spectral interference of optic fiber principle is presented. This system makes the transmission and interference of laser occur in a single fiber. At the same time, a kind of athermalization probe based on the wedge-shaped...
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Generation of Multi-pulse Dissipative Solitons in a Mode-Locked Yb-Doped Fiber laser

Ruji Xu, Xiaojun Zhu, Chinhua Wang
We report on multi-pulse dissipative solitons generation in all-normal-dispersion (ANDi) long cavity Yb-doped fiber laser with a cascaded long-period fiber grating as a spectral filter. The mode-locking is based on nonlinear polarization evolution. It was found that through either changing the pump power...
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Self- tuning Fuzzy PID controller on DC/DC Converter based on SA-GA

Jiancheng Zhou, Qingyong Zhang, Yihao Wan
Modern DC/DC Converter has characteristics of high efficiency, good output noise and low voltage ripple. It is wildly used in communication, computer, industry automation, military and aerospace. However, due to its strong nonlinear, time dependent and uncertain system, to some extent, conventional PID...
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A novel single-photon detector based on capacitance-balancing technique

Chao Xie, Yanli Zhao
A gated InGaAs/InP single-photon detector based on a novel capacitance balancing technique was demonstrated. The single-photon detector is based on a gated InGaAs/InP avalanche photodioe. A quantum efficiency of 10% at 1550nm was obtained with a dark count probability per gate of 1.82×10-6 and an afterpulsing...
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Machine-vision-based Defect Detection Using Circular Hough Transform in Laser Welding

Qiao Ding, Jianhua Ji, Feng Gao, Yatao Yang
In the field of laser welding, image processing technology is the general method to detect defects on the surface of the seam. Here the Hough Transform is introduced into the defect detection and the accuracy is greatly improved. The process is to use the industrial CCD(Charge-coupled Device) camera...
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The Method of SAR RFI Suppression Based on Compressed Sensing

Shuya Kong, Wei Ye, Guochao Lao, Weikun Zhang
To the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging system which using Compressed Sensing (CS) technique, radio frequency interference (RFI) would undermine the priori sparse condition and cause deterioration of image quality. In this paper, under the condition of the sparse target scene, it builds the target...
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Design of USB3.0 Video Transmission System with UVC Protocol Supported

JiangBo Li, ChunTing Ma, Fan Yang
A USB3.0 video transmission system with UVC protocol supported is designed. CMOS image sensor is used as photoelectric device. As a USB3.0 controller chip, CYUSB3014 acquires and processes data from CMOS image sensor, then converts the data to video that conforms to the UVC protocol. At last the video...
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The characteristics of Zn in highly alkaline wastewater by CO2 aerated

Fengling Hao, Hehua Gao, Lei Wang
In the process of CO2 aerated, the variation of pH value, the characteristics of Carbonate precipitation and hydroxide precipitate by Zn, the adsorption and co-precipitation characteristics with the hydrated oxides of iron and aluminum and calcite have been researched. After CO2 was aerated to the high...
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Transverse damage simulation and analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced composite

Dan Hu, Chenghong Duan, Yuan Sha
The carbon nanotube (CNT) composite material model containing interfaces was constructed in this paper. With the aid of the ABAQUS’s cohesive element and user-defined field (USDFLD) technologies, the damage beginning and evolution of the composite model under transverse load was simulated in the way...
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Automatic measurement and characterization of surface crack defect in steel based on morphological features

Xincheng Li, Yongchun Tang, Weixing Zhu, Xiaoli Wang, Chengwei Zhang, Xudong Liu, Liping Zhu
In order to evaluate the effect of size and shape of crack defect on steel surface quality and mechanical properties, accurate measurement and characterization should be conducted. Aimed at the high measuring difficulty and low accuracy in the existing manual mode, a new series of characteristic parameters...
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Effect of acicular ferrite on mechanical properties of hot-rolled ultra-fine grain microalloyed steels

Xincheng Li, Xiaoli Wang, Weixing Zhu, Yongchun Tang, Tao Li, Jinbao Xu, Liang Chen
In consideration of the high tensile strength but low elongation properties of ultra-fine grain microalloyed steels prepared by deformation-induced phase transformation rolling technology, microstructural quantitative analysis was conducted. Results show that the volume ratio of acicular ferrites is...
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Kinetics of Ring-Opening Polymerization of L-lactide by Using a Tubular Static Mixing Reactor

Peng Liu, Ge-Sheng Yang, Hui-Li Shao, Xue-Chao Hu
The kinetics of ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide in a tubular static mixing reactor was investigated for the first time. The polymerization of L-lactide was initiated by stannous octoate/triphenylphosphine catalyst system at a temperature of 170 ºC - 190 ºC and molar ratio of monomer to initiator...
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Synthesis of 3- morpholin-4-yl-1- (4-nitrophenyl) -5,6-dihydro -1H- pyridin-2-one

Linxiao Wang, Jianqiang Wang, Shan Xu, Jielian Wu, Qidong Tang, Pengwu Zheng
3-Morpholin-4-yl-1-(4-nitrophenyl)-5,6-dihydro-1H-pyridin-2-one (1) is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. It was synthesized from cyclopentanone oxime (7) and 1-fluoro-4-nitrobenzene through three steps including rearrangement Reaction, condensation and...
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Synthesis of 3-chloro-2-oxo-butanoate

Yuanbiao Tu, Yuping Guo, Min Wang, Wufu Zhu, Shan Xu
3-chloro-2-oxo-butyric acid ethyl ester 5 is an important intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as thiazole carboxylic acids. In this work, a rapid synthetic method for compound 5 was established. The compound 5 was synthesized from the commercially available diethyl oxalate through...
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Synthesis of 5-(4-bromophenyl) - 4, 6- dichloropyrimidine

Shanshan Hou, Chen Chen, Ping Wang, Chao Sun, Pengwu Zheng, Shan Xu
The pyrimidine compounds are a class of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds. 5-(4-bromophenyl)-4, 6-dichloropyrimidine is an important intermediate in the synthesis of pyrimidines, dimethyl2-(4-bromophenyl) malonate and 5-(4-bromophenyl) pyrimidine-4,6-diol are important intermediates in compound...
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Synthesis of 5-Substituted Indole-2,3-dione

Dandan Zhao, Ping Wang, Tongsheng Xu, JieLian Wu, Jiajia Wang, Shan Xu
4-Substituted isonitroacetanilines 2 were prepared by the reaction of 4-substituted anilines 3 with chloral hydrate and hydroxylamine hydrochloride. 5-Substituted indol-2,3-dione 1 were prepared by the cyclization of 2 in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid. 5-Substituted indol-2,3-dione 1 is...
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Synthesis of Tert-butyl-4-(4-(4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)piperidine-1-carboxylate

Dejia Kong, Yuxing Zhang, Tongsheng Xu, Yuanzhang Zhou, Pengwu Zheng, Shan Xu
Tert-butyl-4-(4-(4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)piperidine-1-carboxylate (1) is an important intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as crizotinib. In this work, compound (1) was synthesized through three steps, using tert-butyl-4-hydroxypiperdine-1-carboxylate...
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CFD Study on Selective Catalytic Reduction of 660MW Unit

Dazhou Zhao, Sheng He, Wenguang Zheng
A three-dimensional SCR reactor model of 660MW coal fired unit was established by using FLUENT coupled detailed reaction kinetics. The effect of different ammonia injection strategies and the specific surface area of catalyst on the denitrification reaction were studied by the model. The results show...
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Effect on tensile testing of hybrid fiber composites

Jiabin Xu, Tao Sun, Daigen Chen, Xiaoning Kang, Sa Xiao, Xinya Zhang, Xiongwen Yang, Xinye Qian, Haoqing Wang
This paper provides tensile testing and analysis at the hybrid fiber model composites mechanical process measuring. In this study, tensile tested of hybrid fiber composites was accomplished using a mechanical high-efficiency propeller technology. This research result suggests that the tensile testing...
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Green Product Design Based on Fuzzy Hierarchy Evaluation

Yu Tian
Environmental problem has become a major challenge for the survival and development of human society in twenty-first Century, and it has become the consensus of the community that the green product is considered to be the only way for the sustainable development of human beings. Fuzzy AHP is an effective...
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A Novel Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm based on Game Theory Analysis and Hierarchical Fuzzy Clustering

Xinyu Zhang, Xuan Zhuang, Hang Ji
A novel remote sensing image change detection algorithm based on game theory analysis and hierarchical fuzzy clustering is proposed in this paper. This technique integrates the Nash game theory framework and the hierarchical structured clustering approach. Characteristics of the image restoration and...
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Multi-mode Collaborative Communication Technologies in Wireless Sensor Network

Lina Yuan, Jing Gong, Huajun Chen
For wireless sensor network (WSN), this paper is mainly concerned with how to make the longest lifecycle of the network. Because sensor nodes in WSN are usually used to collaborate on a common goal, it focuses on the optimization of energy consumption of the whole network rather than that of a single...
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Research on the Present Situation and Development of 3D Reconstruction Software Based on Image

Shenglan Dong, Hongwei Zhang
With the development of 3D reconstruction software based on image, the number of this software is increasing, also they are different in theory. This article makes a brief introduction about 20 kinds of 3D reconstruction software based on image, and made a simple description and division.
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The evaluation methods of low-carbon contribution based on the life cycle of low-carbon electricity technologies

Wei Lu, Qinggui Chen, Zhuhan Long, Ming Zeng
In response to the global climate warming and achieving economic and society sustainable development, low-carbon economy is indispensable. Electric power industry is huge carbon dioxide emitter in China, so there is a difficult task in the energy conservation and emissions reduction. The development...
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Microfacies modeling method of seismic inversion constrained

Cong Huang
To enhance the interwell channel sand prediction accuracy of microfacies model, microfacies modeling based on sequential indicator stochastic approach is performed through integrated study and constrained by 3D seismic inversion and vertical fractional curve for sand body distribution and by using two-dimensional...
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Research Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Algorithm based on the adaptive cubature kalman filter

Xiuguo Zhang
Cubature kalman filter is prone to filtering divergence if the system model is inaccurate or measuring abnormal. In order to solve this problem, the adaptive cubature kalman filter algorithm was proposed in this paper, it constructed a group of noise statistic estimators to estimate the statistical characteristic...
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Analysis of Earth Gravity Tide Signal Based on EMD and Information Extraction

Dongjun Zhong, Haiyan Quan
Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) is a decomposition algorithm which is used to analyze nonlinear and time-varying. Different from the traditional signal analysis method, the decomposition is data-driven and self-adaptive. EMD has been widely used in blind source separation and received attention because...
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Forestry Software Customization Design Based on Open Source

Huiliang Duan
Set up the framework of the forestry information systems software custom development platform based on open source software. Implements the data, general template, tools coarse-grained components of sharing. At the same time, the framework component coupling, convenient for function extension and modification....
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The Design and implementation of network based on SDN Technology

Jinyi Zhou
In this paper, we propose a SDN based on the information network architecture to solve the problems existing in the current network, and try to avoid the problems existing in the information network. First the research development on the SDN technology , the information network were detailed introduction...
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Complexity Analysis of Overall Behavior of Network Based on Topology Structure

Liping Zhang
In this paper, the complexity of the network integrity is analyzed based on the topology structure. The generalized scale free network model is used as the research object, which is defined to describe the complex degree of the overall behavior of the network. In order to understand the influence of...
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the optimization research of MHD propulsion pipeline of the ship based on the MHD model

Chong Meng
Based on the MHD model of FLUENT software, we do a two dimensional numerical simulation about the MHD propulsion pipeline of the ship in electromagnetic coupling field. Having validated the established results, according to the research object, we make an appropriate simplification and assumption for...
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The Knowledge Map of Intelligent System

Chunxue Wang, Xiao Suo, Shuran Lv
With the aim of drawing the knowledge map and understanding the research hotspot on intelligent system, the articles published from 2010 to 2015 have been searched with the keyword “intelligent system” based on the Web of Science database. The knowledge map of intelligent system was drawn by utilizing...
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Research on Numerical Simulation of Profile in Bei 301 Block

Jing Li
By researching the development process and the status quo in Bei 301 block, this paper sets the three-dimensional geological model, fits the actual production data through using numerical simulation software, and determines the distributions of remaining oils ultimately. On this basis, this article designs...
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Research on New Technology of Semi-steel Dephosphorization in Ladle Based on Water Simulation Experiment

Yonghui Han, Daqiang Cang
Dephosphorization in the ladle is a new type of dephosphorization method. The water simulation experiment of semi-steel dephosphorization in 100t ladle of Chengde steel has been carried out.The best mixing time has been investigated for various process parameters of blowing oxygen lance and bottom blowing.It...
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Simulation of HVDC control and transmission lines protection based on PSCAD/EMTDC

ChaoQun Sheng
HVDC control and protection system was introduced in this paper. The control generally use fixed-current control in rectifier and fixed arc angle control in inverter. The short circuit in transmission line is one of the most common faults in HVDC, so this paper choose HVDC bus differential protection...
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Analysis and Assessment Method for Fluctuation Characteristics of Daily Solar Resources Concerning on PV Output Requirements

Qiao Sun, Ling Nie, Xu Li, Jianxi Yao, Honglu Zhu
Solar resources assessment is one of the basic works for planning and construction of PV station. Conventional method of solar resources assessment cannot meet the rules made by China’s power section to limit the output power fluctuation of PV connected to grid. This paper proposes a method to evaluate...
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A Numerical Method for Time Fractional Diffusion Equation

Guangzhen Song, Weijia Zhao, Jianfei Huang
Use block-by-block method and classic second-order central difference approximation to discretize its temporal direction and spatial direction, respectively. This new scheme can effectively solve a class of time fractional diffusion equations with initial boundary value conditions.
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Methods Discussing to Improve The Efficiency of Pumping Unit Well System

Bao Zhou
In this paper, combined with the actual oilfield production, based on the well system efficiency of the pumping unit of yushulin oil field is generally low, according to the composition of the system efficiency, its main influencing factors are analyzed.From strengthening daily management work, strengthening...
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The well pattern optimization of FuYang reservoir of Gaotaizi oilfield

Guan Yu
For low permeability reservoirs, the reasonable well pattern forms mainly depends on crack groups and bearing, Wells and well spacing depends mainly on fracture and the in situ stress field caused by seepage anisotropy, and the crack, the permeability ratio of the matrix;From the geologic features of...
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Research on floor improvement based on equipment layout optimization

Xiaobing Pei, Qiannan He
The level of floor management can reflect directly operating conditions of enterprise. Therefore, it’s crucial to improve floor management for development of enterprises. Workshop equipment layout design is an important part in the planning of the manufacturing system, the result have a deep influence...
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Research On The Evaluation Of Workshop Lean Level Based On ANP

Xiaobing Pei, Linlin Jia
Based on the research background of enterprise workshop, the evaluation index system is set up, Analytic Network Process(ANP) is used, Decision Super computer software to determine the weight of indicators for the lean workshop level made a qualitative and quantitative research, which leads the enterprise...
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Fabrication of a multilayered optical device based on submicron polyimide film

Wei Hu, Tianxiang Chen, Yong Chen
A submicron polyimide film (
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The study on power generation technology by heat energy of reheated-based Rankine cycle

Xuejuan Zhao, Aicheng Li
This paper discussed the operation principle of reheated Rankine cycle according to the first law of thermodynamics and proposed a method to acquire the optimum reheated pressure ratio based on the highest cycle thermal efficiency. In order to verify the rationality and validity of this method, this...
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Topology Optimization Analysis of the Working Arm in the Slag Pot Carrier Based on Hyperworks

Shihuai Shi, Ruifeng Guo, Yanhe Li
Aiming at the problem of great mass and low material utilization coefficient of the working arm in a certain type of slag pot carrier, the static analysis and topology optimization analysis of the working arm were carried out. The finite element model of the working arm was established by using the pre-processing...
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The Stability Analysis of Asynchronous Generator Voltage based on SVC

Yaning Zhang, Xinzhen Wu
When the asynchronous generator is running at steady state, inputting load will lead to the voltage drops, and it even cannot meet the requirements of load voltage. In order to maintain the terminal voltage stability of the asynchronous generator, SVC device adopts voltage control strategy to control...
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Performance Tests for an All-welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Liang Huang, Bingcheng Liu, Qingling Li
Heat transfer and pressure drop in an all-welded plate heat exchanger with ripples have been experimentally investigated in this paper. The ripples were corrugated by the way of special machine. The heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop was experimented, and also calculated by the wall temperature...
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Solar Shadow Positioning Algorithm

Wanqiao Wang
How to confirm the photographing location and the photographing date is an important aspect of video data analysis. Solar shadow positioning technique is a method to confirm the photographing location and date through analysis of solar shadow changes of objects in videos. According to the image-forming...
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Main constructive diagenesis of middle-lower Ordovician of Yubei Area in Tarim Basin

Hanting Zhao, Tailiang Fan
According to analysis of cores, rock sections, casting sections, logging data of Ordovician carbonate reservoirs in the Yubei area,reservoir rock in the study area include 4 types:mud micrite limestone,grain limestone,biological limestone and dolomitic limestone.In combination with core photos and imaging...
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Effect of Homogenization Treatment on Microstructure and Property of Al-B Electrician Round Rod

Ting-yi Lin, Xiao-yan Zhang, Xin Huang, Xiang-peng Gong, Jun-jie Zhang
The effects of homogenization treatment on the electrical conductivity, tensile strength and microstructure of Al-B electrician round rod were investigated by means of tensile test, optical microscopy(OM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy(EDS). The results indicate that...
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Research of Mobile Applications Automated Testing Using Uiautomator

Xiu Ming Wang, Xin Huang, Gui Zhi Li, Cui Ping Miao, Ning Shen
With development of the mobile technology, the quantity of the mobile application is also growing, and how to ensure the quality of the application has become a hot topic. Android is open platform for mobile devices, more and more developers like to develop application based on the Android system, which...
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The Driving Control Strategy of Pure Electric Vehicle Based on Fuzzy Self-adaptive PID

Shi-wei Xu, Jing Lu, Xuan Zhao
For the problem of pure electric vehicle drive control, a speed-current double closed loop control strategywasproposed by using the fuzzy self-adaptive PID theory, and thevehicle simulation model was established in Matlab/Simscape.The performance of the drive control strategy was verified bystarting...
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Research and Design of Security Gateway for Industrial Control System

Yanru Chen, Qinghai Xiao, Hua Gao
With the extensive application of information technology, Industry informatization has been developed rapidly, but the network security issues where come from business networks, the Internet or caused by other factors is increasingly appear in industrial control systems. This paper is designed a security...

RETRACTION: Consistent Hashing Considered Harmful

Wei ZHANG, Yue-Ji WANG, Jun-Dong YANG, Yan CUI, Guang XU
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Research on the strength feasibility of repairing collision-damaged Cab body

Hongming Pan, Huanyun Dai
Nowadays, the high speed train develops very fast and it has irresplaceable traffic advantages. However, the collison damage of the high speed train body[1], which mainly includes the towing beam ,boundary beam and sleeper beam, is a major obstacle to the development of the high speed train, so the reserach...
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Element size effect on the analysis of heavy-duty machine cross-rail

Jianhua Wang, Jianke Chen, Tieneng Guo, Bin Song, Dongliang Guo
Heavy-duty gantry machine plays an important role in the energy, shipbuilding, aerospace, transportation and military industry and other pillar industries, and is a manifestation of national equipment manufacturing capacity. Cross-rail is one of the key structural components, and its natural frequency...
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The transient simulation of two-phase flow based on lattice Boltzmann method

Liang Chen, Qin Yao, LuWu He
this work used the improved Shan-Doolen model which is based on Shan-Chen model, Combined of non-equilibrium extrapolation boundary and fully developed boundary treatment, and finally established Two-phase flow model. Applying this model, we firstly simulated the separation of two phase immiscible flow...
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The Study of the Logistics Management Information System based on Android

Zhihai Liu, Dandan Zhang, Ronghua Zhang, Kaidi Yang
Starting from the actual demand of logistics enterprise information management, vehicle scheduling problem model was established and the solving method of model was found based on the ant colony algorithm. At the same time, based on Android and MySQL database development environment, the paper carried...
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The solution of the CRH380 High-speed EMU bogie virtual assembly animation

Cang Song
Around CRH380 EMU bogie assembly, considering the bogie structural characteristics, grouping, object-oriented modeling, 3D animation, multimedia technology combine design a set of virtual assembly bogie animation method using Pro/E, build three-dimensional parts assembly model and virtual assembly.3ds...
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The surface precision of antenna impacts on its function parameter

Liang Fan, Jingbo Gao, Cong Wang
Antenna plays an important part in the satellite, the surface precision of which has an impact on its function parameter named gain. This article finds the method of decreasing the surface precision of the antenna by dividing the mesh into diverse formals. And the technique is able to improve the property...
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Visualization and Interaction Research of Digital 3D Heart Model

Xu Yang
The research of this paper can help medical researchers or ordinary people understanding the internal structure of heart and providing anatomic basis for clinicopathologic analysis of heart, heart anatomy teaching, surgical planning and visible simulation surgery of heart. Based on the heart anatomy...
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Sun shadow positioning technology

Ben Niu
We set up a mathematical model in connection with sun shadow positioning technology and apply it to solving analytic function and parallel simulated annealing algorithm to establish the optimization Model with the objective function of the angles produced by the shadow changes and the minimum error between...
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Discussion on optimization of flight delays

Ying Dong Wang
Hong Kong South China Morning network according to of statistics said: China of flights delays most serious, according to this problem, paper proposed has a optimization flights of scheduling optimization algorithm. Taking a certain period of time and a certain airport as the research...
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Study on Solving Nonlinear Equations of Computers

Jia Hu
this paper provides the process for finding roots of nonlinear equations, and gives four root finding iterative methods, which are respectively the bisection method, Newton method, interpolation method and Aitken iteration method giving their solving algorithms and using an instance of f(x)=x3-3x+1 to...
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Experimental Study on the Rate Correlativity of Particulate-filled Composite

Shao- qing Hu, Jin-sheng Xu, Long Han, Chang-sheng Zhou
The effects of strain rate on the mechanical properties of the particulate-filled composite have been studied. Tests in uniaxial tensile condition were carried out over a range of tensile rates. Results show that the mechanical properties of the particulate-filled composite are distinctly influenced...