Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology

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Effect of Applied Voltage on Tool Wear in Cutting Nickel-base Superalloy

Hui Wang, Fusheng Ni, Jingjing Liu, Runze Yu
The machinability of Nickel-based superalloy GH4169 is poor, in order to improve machining efficiency, reduce costs, it is necessary to study the various factors that affect the tool wear. In this paper.The tool wear tests were carried out to investigate the effect of an externally applied voltage on...
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Generation of 3D Sensitivity Map for a Helical ECT Sensor in Annular Space

Wanting Zhou, Yue Jiang, Shi Liu, Jing Liu
Annular space has been applied widely in industrial processes. However, the complexity of thermal process and the variety of influential factors lead to the difficulties. In addition, the sensor installation as well as the weak detection signal due to the barrier increases the detection issues. In order...
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Attitude solver algorithm based on MUP6050 and HMC5883L

Ji Jin, Hongfei Wang, Donghui Liu, Xue Du
In aircraft control, getting the current aircraft attitude is foundation that we can control the flight of aircraft.In this paper,MUP6050 and HMC5883L sensors are used to measure aircraft attitude.As time goes on,the accumulation of integral error is growing,when the gyroscope is used to solver aircraft...
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Doppler characteristics analysis of forward-looking SAR in helicopters

Yuhui Sun, Jingen Wang, Haibing Wu
As limited by the size and load, multi-array antenna can not be installed in the helicopters to achieve forward-looking SAR imaging. A "bistatic" forward-looking imaging program is proposed, which used a satellite to carry illuminator and a helicopter to carry receiver. Then the forward-looking SAR geometry...
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Research on fixed pattern noise de-noising of APS COMS

Tuo Zheng, Haiyang Quan
Star sensor is an important part of the attitude control of a space vehicle. At the time of image acquisition, CMOS sensors will have some fixed pattern noise which will affect the image capture effects. From the practical application, this article apply the average of de-noising algorithm to eliminate...
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Research of Status Monitoring System for Special Equipment Storage and Transportation Based on ZigBee

Le Wang, Guanglong Wang, Zhongtao Qiao, Fengqi Gao
A novel of embedded storage and transportation status monitoring system and sampling terminal node based on ZigBee and embedded technology is designed to acquisition the status parameters of the special equipment remotely in this paper. Wireless transmission network is established by ZigBee technology...
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The Research on Image Binarization Based on Automated Line-heating

Hao Li, Jianhua Yang, Wei Lu
In this paper, a thresholding algorithm combining local and global region is proposed in order to perfect the vision of line-heating robot, segment foreground objects and background accurately, eliminate environment effects. The thresholding method combines the advantages of both local and global threshold...
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The general Design of Tester System Based on ARM of Fuse

Tiansuo Fan, Longtao Hu, Dongguang Zuo, Ru Chen, Fengchen Li, Bing Zhou
Fuse is the key part of detonate control, and it’s state determines the weapon whether can accord to the scheduled model of initiation to achieve the objective of the damage or not. To achieve the best effect of damage, the fuse detector are used generally to detect whether the performance of fuse...
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Research on Data Generation Method for Train Control System

Yu Tian, Hai-feng Wang, Quan-xin Sun
Train control system can achieve automatic control in the whole process or the part of process. The data of train control system in role is irreplaceable. Keeping train control system’s data transmission and exchange real-time and accurate, can make train safe. Completing the automatic generation of...
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Research on grasping forces optimization of a soft-finger dexterous hand

Peng Jia, Wei-li Li, Bo-wen Wu, Guo-chen Zhang
To contact constraints model of soft finger, replacing paired friction cones by linear paired polyhedral, so as to realize the linearization of contact constraints model. The linear constraints inequalities of grasping forces is derived, and the objective function of the smallest sum of output torque...
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Researches on the Way Cloud Media Fuse with Intelligent City

Zhiqiang Xu, Chongkai Shan, Yamei Zou, Haidong Li
With the prosperous development of the next generation Internet technology and the rapid popularization of intelligent ends, cloud media will shift from "one cloud end, multi-screen" to "user-centered" "endless interaction", becoming the next transformation of Internet and serving the world more extensively....
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Dynamic mechanical properties of ZN-35 silicone rubber materials based on H-N model

Tieneng Guo, Yunchao Gu, Shiming Ma, Li Wang
ZN-35 silicone rubber is a kind of effective vibration damping material in aerospace, which can be made into a vibration damping pad for preventing vibration and damage to important components in the rocket. In this paper, the energy storage modulus and loss factor of ZN-35 silicone rubber materials...
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Study on Remodulation Scheme in WDM-PON Utilizing a Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

Kejun Yang, Wei Hong
Influences of length, injected optical power, internal loss, differential gain coefficient and back facet reflectivity on remodulation in RSOA-based WDM-PON are investigated. The remodulation effect can be improved by optimizing structural, operating and physical parameters.
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A Blind Recognition Algorithm of Satellite Communication Modulation Mode Combining Characteristic Parameters and Quadruplicate Spectrum

Yan Liu, Qian Cui, Jianrong Xia, Yi Qiao
Modulation mode recognition has always been a major subject for domestic and overseas research scholars engaged in the receiving processing of satellite signals. The paper analyzed the high-order cumulants, characteristic parameters, square spectrum and quadruplicate spectrum of 5 most common modulation...
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High-speed Real-time Spectrum Analysis System Based on FPGA and GPU Parallel Arithmetic

Jingye Chen, Ziyu Li, Lei Chen, Junying Xu
In this paper, a high-speed real-time spectrum analysis system based on GPU parallel computing was developed for the real-time requirements in the application environment of satellite communication spectrum monitoring. The system adopts high-speed ADC and high-performance FPGA as real-time signal acquainting...
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Information Integration Design and Implementation of Satellite Communication Earth Station Central Station

Zhibo Lv, Ziyu Li, Yan Liu, Deyang Kong
From the perspective of information integration, as an example, this paper implements the integration of the central station of a satellite communication network, both horizontally and vertically. It proceeds from the satellite communication terminal equipments, redesigns connection between interfaces,...
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Key Technology Study on Data Management in Spectrum Monitoring System Based on Mongo DB

Junying Xu, Deyang Kong, Jing Li, Jingye Chen
The paper introduced the composition of a spectrum monitoring system based on MongoDB’s distributed database system, analyzed the key issues of the data management system design which should be resolved with special focus and provided specific storage solution design based on MongoDB with high performance...
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Signal-noise Ratio Recognition Algorithm Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Yi Qiao, Qian Cui, Wei Zhang, Yan Liu
Signal-noise ratio is an important parameter in modern wireless communication systems and an important indicator to reflect signal quality. An accuracy signal-noise ratio can provide signal quality information required for power control and channel decoder, etc. This paper proposes a blind signal-noise...
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An Appropriate Modulation Scheme for High Density Visible Light Communicaton System

Chenzhou Lin, Yijun Zhu, Yanyu Zhang
An appropriate modulation scheme SC-PPM is considered in this article for the high density visible light communication (VLC) system. Compared with OOK, SC-PPM is a more power efficient and reliable scheme and it can achieve the requirement for both illumination and communication. An optimization problem...
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Research On Spam Filter Based On Improved Naive Bayes and KNN Algorithm

Biyi Ren, Yuliang Shi
In the field of data mining and pattern recognition, classification is a very important core technology. This paper present two kinds of improved classification algorithm. Using the improved Naive Bayes (NB) and KNN algorithm structure classifier to filter normal mail and spam. Improved NB algorithm...
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Research on Sonar Fan-shaped image display

Hong Hong Jiao, Wei Dong Wang, Hao Zhou
In the field of underwater acoustic field, a good sonar data real-time display system plays an important role in the whole sonar system. This paper is based on a fact that the sonar scanning an image is formed by a fan-shaped which has a certain angle and the sonar image display is usually realized through...
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A Distributed Chinese Naive Bayes Classifier Based on Word Embedding

Mengke Feng, Guoshi Wu
The Naive Bayes classifier is built on the assumption of conditional independence between the attributes in a given class. The algorithm has been shown to be successful in text classification. But when calculating the conditional probability these methods take two different words as two different feature,...
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Study on identification method of tight sand gas and water in the Su54 Region of Sulige gas fileld

Ping Fan, Ji Zhang, Hongqi Tan, Zhiqiang Duan, Zhiheng Liu, Qiangdong Huang, Han Luo
The phenomenon of "low-resistivity" gas reservoir and "high-resistivity" water reservoir exist side by side, rapid changes of longitudinal resistivity of the water reservoir and gas and water mixed reservoir in the Su 54 area of Sugeli gas field which caused gas-water identification difficulty. First,...
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Quantum Route Selection based on Graph State

Lei Yan, Peng Luo, Hanyu Cui, Ronghua Shi, Ying Guo
Many quantum communication protocols involve multiple participants. With participants increasing, selecting designated legal participants in a nice way becomes more and more significant. In this paper, we develop a quantum route selection approach to the design of participant selection. Graph state is...
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Analysis of hybrid immunization strategy in complex networks

Bin Liu, Shu Yan, Yumei Xue
In this paper, based on the classic SIR epidemiological model, we consider introducing hybrid immunization strategy including targeted immunization and acquaintance immunization to research on the proportion of infected nodes when the spreading of disease ends and the time steps of disease spreading....
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Research on Model-based IMA Resources Allocation

Xiao Zhang, Lisong Wang
The ever increasing complexity of avionics system and amount of platform devices makes allocating the IMA resources more error-prone and harder to evaluate. This paper proposes a method of preliminary design of IMA platform based on models. The definition of system and platform respectively bases on...
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Study on Storage life predicting Method of Missile equipment

Ke Li, Lian-yan Shi, Xin He, Huixia Jinag
In the paper, the mathematical statistical method is adopted to build a storage life prediction model of missile equipment. Data "mutation" and confidence area appeared in the process of the model parameters determining and life predicting are discussed, and several improved decoding algorithms for inefficient...
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Integration Scheme and Strategy Research of Heterogeneous Database

Bin Chen, Dawei Ma
The integration of heterogeneous database as the important problem of heterogeneous data integration is catching more and more emphasis by the people. This paper will analyze the character of the heterogeneous database, and propose the scheme and strategy to realize integration of heterogeneous database...
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Study on A System of systems of Life Cycle Quality Monitoring for Land force Strategic Missile System

Ke Li, Huixia Jiang, Shuyi Fan, Yan Li
Quality monitoring is a critical way to ensure quality of missiles and is valid guarantee for capability of missiles. The paper studies the constructive problem of a system of systems of life cycle quality monitoring for land force strategic missile in terms of the characteristics of missile equipment....
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A Novel Emergency Message Broadcast Game based on Link Quality in Vehicular ad hoc networks

Xi Hu, XingGuo Cheng
In vehicular ad hoc networks, the typical problem broadcast storm always happen when vehicles are usually located quite densely within the range of radio transmission. In the paper, a novel emergency message broadcast game is proposed and the game takes nodes’ density and link quality into account,...
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Design and Walking Algorithm of a Foot-Pad Omni-directional Locomotion Interface

Yuzhe Lu, Jianfeng Meng, Yunpeng Han, Xiaokang Shen, Jun Zhang
This paper proposes a novel foot-pad omni-directional locomotion interface, establishes planar walking algorithm for it in detail. The proposed locomotion interface allows users walking omni-directionally in a virtual environment, which can improve users’ immersion characteristic significantly. The...
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A Method of Predicting Software Behavior Risk based on Off-line Runtime Verification

Lei Hu, Guohua Jiang
The current methods of software behavior risk prediction is mainly through the study of the operating rules from the data of the other software of the same type, and that leads to differences between the prediction results and the actual software behavior. Aiming at this problem, this paper presents...
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The PMU-Based Power System Dynamic State Estimation Using Extended Kalman Filter

Xianing Jin, Guanqun Wang, Zhenyu Xue, Chongbo Sun, Yi Song
Dynamic state estimation of power system is a sophisticated problem since voltage and current phasors under dynamic conditions are nonlinear and hard to be obtained. This paper presents a new power system dynamic state estimation method using Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) based on Phasor Measurement Unit...
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An Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Migration Method in Cloud

Hongtao Liang, Jianliang Xu, Min Yuan, Mingtao Liu, Xiaohong Wang
Cloud computing, as a newly emerged service oriented paradigm, is emerging as a leading solution for on-demand services. One of the challenges faced by current cloud is to decide how to migrate virtual machine to another physical machine. This paper presents an energy efficient virtual machine migration...
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A New Adjustable and Rechargeable Induction Power Supply at High Voltage Side

Huaxing Yu, Yuxiang Liao, Yanquan Liu, Zhaokai Gu, Lijun Yi, Yantao YU
In respect to the difficulties in power supply for online monitoring equipments at high voltage side, a new design of adjustable and rechargeable induction power supply is presented. A microprocessor is used as the central control unit, which can achieve the intelligent management and control of different...
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Incremental Wavelet Neural Network based Prediction of Network Security Situation

Xiaojian Liu
Network security situation prediction can help network administrators to make security decisions, and the current network security technology cannot predict the future network security situation. Hereby, a network security situation prediction based on incremental wavelet neural network (IWNN) was proposed,...
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Research on Cloud Computing Network Architecture Based on SDN Technology

Weibo Li
Traditional internet data center is shifted to cloud computing data center with rapid development of mobile Internet and cloud computing currently. Cloud computing network burden is aggravated as a result. More optimal cloud computing network architecture is required for replacing traditional cloud computing...
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Using Spectral Analysis to Determine the Resonant Frequency of Vibrating Wire Gages

Hu He
Vibrating wire gages have earned their well-deserved acceptance on the basis of long term stability. But it is susceptible to external electro-magnetic noise. Anti-interference ability is the main study of various detection methods. Traditionally, time-domain approaches have been used to determine the...
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Variable Momentum Controlled by Equalizer Energy based CMA Blind Equalization

Jinyu Sun, Ying Xiao
To further improve the performance of CMA blind equalization, an improved algorithm with variable momentum controlled by equalizer weights energy was proposed. The momentum gradient algorithm can improve the convergence rate effectively. However the additional gradient noise would produce by momentum,...
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Robust passive reliable control for uncertain discrete-time Systems with time delay and actuator faults

Chunxia Fan, Feifei Sheng
For a class of uncertain discrete-time system with time delay and actuator faults, a state feedback controller is designed based on passivity control method. The possible failure of each actuator is described by a variable varying within a given interval. Our aim is to design a reliable state feedback...
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Numerical Simulation of Air Spray using the Eulerian multiphase model

Yan Chen, Shaowei He, Gang Zhang, Wenzhuo Chen, Junze Jiang
This work establishes an air spray model using the Eulerian multiphase model, and analyzes the spray cone shape and characteristic of paint droplets in the cone by performing computational simulations. Results show that the cross section of spray cone is elliptical. The distribution of big droplet phase...
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Comprehensive DSRC Communication Testing Design and Support for Next-Generation Smart Vehicles

Qingquan Zou, Wei Zhang, Min Huang, Wenhan Huang, Sijun Li
DSRC plays an important role in current V2X communication market, but its performance in real environment is still not very clear which raise potential dangerous to both the passengers and the vehicle factory’s business. It’s important for the vehicle designer to know the communication performance...
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Symbol error rate analysis of DMIMO antenna systems in linear cell

Rongrong Xu, Yueheng Li, Ping Huang, Meiyan Ju, Guoping Tan
In this paper, the symbol error rate of distributed MIMO antenna systems in a linear cell is analyzed. Firstly, a composite channel model which includes the fast fading, shadow fading and path loss is established. Then, a closed form expression of symbol error rate for point-to-point downlink MIMO communication...
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An Infrared Image Super-resolution Reconstruction Method Based on Compressive Sensing

Yuxing Mao, Yan Wang, Jintao Zhou, Haiwei Jia
Limited by the properties of infrared detector and camera lens, infrared images are often detail missing and indistinct in vision. The spatial resolution needs to be improved to satisfy the requirements of practical application. Based on compressive sensing (CS) theory, this thesis presents a single...
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Research on Personalized Information Recommendation of Library

Bo He, Hongyuan Zhang
Personalized information recommendation service of library had becoming an important research task. This paper divided library users into new users and other users. It proposed the recommendation strategy based on user segmentation. On the base of these, it designed a personalized information recommendation...
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An Efficient Switching Mechanism Using Voice Activity Detection for Acoustic Echo Cancellation

A.A.M. Muzahid, S.I.M.M. Raton Mondol, K.M.R. Ingrid, Y. Zhou
Adaptive algorithms are widely used for acoustic echo cancellation (AEC). In this paper, an efficient switching tactic with advantageous features of NLMS and APA is proposed for AEC application. Switching points are decided by employing a smart voice activity detection scheme based on speech utterance....
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Impact of mutual coupling on performance of MIMO systems based on network theory analysis

Tuanjie Xue, Yueheng Li, Ping Huang, Meiyan Ju, Guoping Tan
In this paper, we investigated the performance of multiple elements array system such as receive power, signal correlation, channel capacity, and etc., in the presence of mutual coupling based on microwave network theory analysis. Combining S-parameter method and network analysis, the performance of...
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A Time-Sensitive Spam Filter Algorithm Dealing with Concept-drift

Jiaolong Liu
Spam, under a variety of shapes and forms, continues to inflict increased damage. Varying machine learning techniques have played an important role in spam filtering field in condition that ample training data is available to build a robust classifier. These methods include Decision Tree, Support Vector...
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A novel Implementation of Encryption Algorithms based on FPGA Gates

Huabo Zhang, Hongmin Gao, Xuetian Wang, Xiangzhi Yu
A novel implementation of encryption algorithms based on FPGA gates is described in this paper. The encryption algorithm is focused on different FPGA devices with the same number of cascaded NOT gates but have different time delays to signals. The cascaded NOT gates are achieved by programming. These...
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Segmentation and Clustering of 3D Forest Point Cloud Using Mean Shift Algorithms

Xingbo Hu, Ying Xie
Segmenting individual trees from the forest point cloud has significant implications in forestry inventory. This paper presents a novel computational scheme to segment and cluster the 3D point cloud data acquired by an airborne LiDAR. The scheme employs a mean shift-based iterative procedure on the data...
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Coplanar capacitive sensor optimization based on orthogonal experimental design method

Ye Dang, Jin Xue, Haiye Zhu
Coplanar capacitive sensors have been widely applied in many fields with its characterstics of non-invasion, lowcost and fast response. Length and width of sensor electrodes, excitaion frequency are considered to affect the performance of the sensor. In order to improve the sensor performance, and to...
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Data encryption standard based protection method of privacy data on Internet of Things

Xiaohui Cheng, Zhongning Liang
There are a lot of information and network security threats along with the rapid development of Internet of things (IoT). This paper according to the environmental features of the IOT node limited hardware resource and its requirements, and takes aim at the privacy information security issues for the...
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Research on RFID collision detection algorithm based on the underdetermined blind separation

XiaoHui Cheng, Chuan Liu
Aiming at the collision problem of RFID tag communication,we proposed a new method for identifying the RFID recognition of the blind separation of source signals, which is based on the label collision and recovery. In the case that the number of tags is more than that of the reader,we established a...
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The design and implementation of one type of radar signal analyzer

Yongzhen Zhang, Xuezhi Zhang, Fei Hou, Chunyu Shao
The design of radar signal analysis was presented in this paper, adopt the method of cable collection, wireless transmission, realize the radar signal test online. established the database of test nodes, board card, Subsystem combination, the fault relationship, structure, circuit diagram, maintenance...
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Design and Development of Wireless Communicating and Sensing Module for Medical Equipments

Shihua Cao, Qihui Wang, Lidong Wang, Huixi Zhang, Yuhai Wang, Manna Zhang
In view of the problems of poor equipment mobility and limited transmission distance when the existing hospital medical equipments transmits data to the hospital information system through wired connection, a type of wireless communicating and sensing module for medical equipments was designed, which...
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Smile recognition based on the fusion of the face texture feature and the mouth shape feature

Yuanzheng Li
Smile recognition has recently attracted significant attention due to the increasing accessibility in some digital products. Traditionally, the mouth feature has been extracted for smile recognition. However, it only extracts the features in the mouth region, ignoring the fact that face feature contribute...
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The ionosphere detector receiver channel fault analysis

Xiaokang Tang, Xuezhi Zhang, Cun Xie, Qiong Zou, Yongshan Ma
in this paper, the ionospheric detector receiver analog channel are analyzed, and comb out the different kinds of common failures, due to the fault has the uncertainty and inaccuracy of how to modeling the ionosphere detector fault reasoning, and how to the ionosphere detector is a key problem for its...
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The ionosphere detector transmitter failure analysis

Xuezhi Zhang, Cun Xie, Xiaokang Tang, Qiong Zou, Yongshan Ma
the ionosphere detector is the ionosphere detection equipment, its can be long-term, effective and stable operation, relationship can effectively the ionosphere normal detection. Therefore, it is imperative to research on fault diagnosis of the ionosphere detector, this paper mainly analyses its transmitter,...
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Application of Maize Precision Fertilizer Expert System in the Maize Production

Yu-xia Yao, Yun Zhang
According to the nowadays production conditions of JinLin province, The effective system was developed by utilizing the knowledge of agricultural production, computer science and internet technology and so on in the paper. In order to reach the aim, the author combined theory model and quantitative research...
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The Application of Multimedia Intelligent Rice Production System

Yu-xia Yao, Kun-hao Wang
In order to realize the intelligent scientific farming, multimedia rice production intelligence system was developed. The study to the water in the rice planting, fertilizer, soil, pests and diseases, weeds and other field management as the breakthrough point, using computer technology to realize the...
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Analysis of the 10kV Combined Overvoltage Protector Explosion

Yadong Si, Hongling Lan, Jian Yang, Weinan Li, Jinyu Shi, Jun Jiang, Rui Zhao
The combined overvoltage protection is a new type of overvoltage protection devices. Its principle and performance are the same as conventional lightning arrester. It also has unique advantages. Phase combined over-voltage protection can limit the over-voltage between phase and earth.While it can limit...
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Hazard of Induced Overvoltage to Power Distribution Lines

Jun Jiang, Rui Zhao, Jingyang Chen, Hua Tian, Lin Han
This paper based on the concept of direct lightning and induction thunder introduction, discusses the direct lightning in the calculation formula and its size (lightning over voltage amplitude is generally higher, up to tens of thousands of volts). In this paper, the calculation formula and the magnitude...
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Study on the Grounding Line of the Standard Transformer Stage

Chenyang Liu, Xinyu Li, Bo Liu, Guobin Liu, Ning Zhang, Yang Su, Rui Yang, Lin Han
This paper's aiming at the standard transformer stage that they don’t have the obvious position for hanging a grounding line. For solving the problem, and develop a kind of special grounding line for the standard transformer stage. The grounding line is the copper mesh structure of three layer hollow...
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The Research and Development of Appropriate Metal Fittings for Drop-out Fuse Connecting Terminal

Bo Li, Tianshu Hai, Qinghao Wang, Yanjun Pang, Ning Zhang, Yang Su, Rui Yang, Lin Han
his paper discusses the problems existing in the use of drop-out fuse: due to wind swing and other reasons, the bonding point of Cu-Al contact is easy to break, which may lead to the malfunction; the actual contact area between under contact and Cu-Al contact in transformer lead wire is insufficient...
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Cadmium background pollution in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Xiuqin Yang, Ming Wang, Sixi Zhu
This paper analyzed the content and distribution of Cadmium (Cd) in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1984. Results showed that Cd contents in the study area ranged from 0.06-0.20 μg L-1, and were meeting Grade I (1.00 μg L-1) in National Sea Water Quality Standard (GB 3097-1997), indicated that this...
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Change laws of PHC contents in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Fengyou Wang, Ming Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Based on investigation data on petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) in June, July, September and October 1980 in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the content and distribution of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents in June, July, September and October 1980 in bottom waters were 0.028-0.147 mg L-1 and...
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Migration rules of PHC in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay

Yu Chen, Danfeng Yang, Xiancheng Qu, Quanhong Yu, Dongfang Yang
Based on investigation data on petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the content and distribution of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents in April, August and November 1981 in bottom waters were 0.028-0.123 mg L-1 and were meeting...
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Fuzzy Control Design for Hypersonic Vehicle

Guo Li, Xiaoliang Lv
In this paper, firstly, the non-linear longitudinal modeling approach is proposed based on the geometric shape of the typical structure of the hypersonic vehicle as the research object, combined with correlative hypersonic aerodynamic theories, and then local linear models are established near multiple...
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Study on Auto Disturbance Rejection Controller of HAPC Base on Parameters Optimization

Guo Li, Jianzhong Zhao
This paper refers to the HAPC of 400mm single stand reversible cold rolling mill, establishing mathematical model, simplifying and reducing orders for system transfer function on the foundation of reasonable assumption. This paper also designs PID and LADRC for reducing order model and uses fuzzy adaptive...
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Temperature Control of PEMFC Stack Based on BP Neural Network

Guo Li, Yang Li
PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) Stack temperature control system is a strong-coupling system with characteristics of time-change, long-hysteresis, uncertainty and nonlinear. The dissertation studied PEMFC stack temperature control used by BP neural network controller which has a good control...
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Judgment and Analysis on False Wiring of Electric Energy Metering

Yanjun Pang, Huiyan Cao, Xinhua Zhao, Xiaoshu Zhang, Mei Xu, Xue Wang, Jing Jin, Ying Zhu, Rui Tong, Na Li, Chuanzong Zhao
In the electric energy metering device, due to errors of a current transformer or a voltage transformer phase sequence and polarity, wiring false often happens in the electric energy metering device. It affects the accuracy of electric energy metering device and results in inaccurate metering. For this...
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Research on 380V Neutral Wire Over-current Alarm Device

Bo Liu, Qinghao Wang, Lin Liu, Jiayan Zhang, Xiao Liu, Na Li, Feng Shi, Tianci Li, Fuliang Zhang, Bo Zhang, Feng Li
Through the analysis of TN-C and TN-S connection mode, this paper expounds the advantages and disadvantages of TN, the voltage distribution of the load is introduced through an example, and further introduces the necessity of developing neutral wire over current alarm device in the distribution network,...
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Research on A Multi-needle Grounding Pole

Lei Zhang, Guobin Liu, Jiayan Zhang, Xiao Liu, Xinkun Yang, Miao Wang, Na Li, Feng Shi, Bo Zhang, Tianci Li, Dongwei Huang
Grounding technology plays an important role in ensuring safe and reliable operation of the power system and the personal safety. Grounding resistance as an important ground parameter, dictate the degree of electrical safety. This paper introduces the basic principles of testing the grounding resistance,...
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Research on Capacitor Bank Failure Processing Methods

Rui Tong, Jiyong Liu, Ning Wang, Ruiguo Chen, Qinghao Wang, Yanjun Pang, Bo Zhang, Hainan Su, Yue Yang, Enlu Wang, Wenguang Zhang
Aiming to the problem of running with the capacitor bank balance protection action causing tripping, by on-site analysis of the phenomenon and the capacitor discharge coil voltage ratio test checks, secondary coil voltage has relatively large errors caused by the tapped discharge coil. When the system...
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Research on Causes and Preventive Measures of the Distribution Line Tripping

Chuanbo Liu, Qiang Liu, Bo Zhu, Changxin Ge, Xinnan Xie, Yingying Yang, Yu Meng, Jingyi Zhang, Zixu Wang, Yanhai Huang, Hainan Su
In this paper, the influence of distribution line tripping is analyzed by means of the combination of distribution line tripping case, from equipment, user influence, external factors and natural factors. Power distribution line tripping accident occurs, which affects the economic benefit of power supply...
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Research on Intelligent Substation Energy Metering System

Yuhui Zhang, Wei Ma, Zongze Xia, Cheng Ma, Yan Liu, Yadong Si, Hong Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Wei Wang, Su Zhang, Minghu Xu
With the rapid development of substation automation and network communication technology, IEC61850 standards promulgated and implemented, the traditional substation has been a gradual transition to the smart substation. In the collection intelligent substation energy measurement technology realized the...
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Research on Multifunctional Glove for Electrical Work

Yanjun Pang, Zhaoxia Wang, Xingjun Cheng, Liu Wang, Tianshu Hai, Xinyu Li, Bo Li, Chuang Wang, Yangzhuo Yue, Fengjun Chen, Min Liu
This paper introduces several common shortcomings of work gloves in electric energy measurement, and focuses on the disadvantages of the spandex gloves; it expounds the method and technique principle of multifunctional gloves for electrical work and introduces the main parameters and field application...
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Research on Partial Discharge Detection methods for Electrical Equipment Diagnosis

Xinnan Xie, Jinglong Mu, Ren Liu, Qingguo Meng, Shaoyong Wu, Pin Lv, Fengwei Sun, Bo Liu, Bo Zhang, Bo Zhu, Fuliang Zhang
Switchgear charged for fault detection, principles and methods the live test from switchgear partial discharge, analyzes the use of ultrasonic detection assays and transient voltage for the switchgear cabinet feasibility of fault diagnosis; using a combination of switchgear partial discharge founding...
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Research on the Portable 10kV Arrester Test Holder

Xinkun Yang, Chengcheng Yue, Dongwei Huang, Lei Zhang, Fengjun Chen, Yang Hu, Chuang Wang, Yangzhuo Yue, Enlu Wang, Wenguang Zhang, Yanhai Huang
This paper mainly explores problems in the test of surge arrester. In the test, because of the restriction of the field condition, the lightning arrester can not be fixed, and the requirement of the test condition is not satisfied. Can not guarantee the operation safety, the work efficiency is low, the...
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Research on Transformer Test Source based on Triple-frequency

Qinghao Wang, Xinyu Li, Chenyang Liu, Hongzhi Jiao, Yang Hu, Chengcheng Yue, Qiang Liu, Wenlong Zhu, Kaizhi Wang, Fengwei Sun, Yingying Yang
The purposes of measuring the transformer load losses and short-circuit impedance are checking whether they can meet the standard requirements. The traditional transformer short circuit test method were analyzed in theory and combined with engineering practice, how to improve test methods have been researched...
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Research on Universal SF6 Gas Sampling Interface Device

Miao Wang, Tianshu Hai, Bo Li, Guobin Liu, Bo Liu, Liu Wang, Chenyang Liu, Xinyu Li, Qinghao Wang, Yanjun Pang, Chunmei Guan
This paper introduces a universal SF6 gas sampling interface device. When we test the SF6 gas, it was easy to choose a wrong joint or take fewer joints on spot. Due to the variety of the tested device valve, through the field usage situation, this device solves the defects of different type or manufacturer...
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The Analysis of Current Variation on the Electrical Energy Measurement

Ling Guan, Min Liu, Xiaoshu Zhang, Xinnan Xie, Mei Xu, Lei Wang, Xue Wang, Jing Jin, Huiyan Cao, Ying Zhu, Xinhua Zhao
As a special commodity, electricity has the characteristics of the being produced and used at the same time and it is not physical visible. In order to avoid the loss in circulation of electricity, we should have a thorough understanding and accurate recognition of “power”. The watt-hour meter measuring...
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The Application of EPON Communication Technology in Intelligent Substation Automation Equipment

Wei Ma, Yuhui Zhang, Zongze Xia, Yadong Si, Hong Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, Wei Wang, Minghu Xu
Based on the development and application of the first 220 kV smart substation at Liaoyang Power Supply Company of State Grid Corporation of China and substation automation abroad, this paper expatiates the necessity of intelligent substation equipment and the composition and characteristics of the smart...
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Transmission Line Parameters Live Measuring Technology

Hua Zhang, Jingyi Zhang, Guobin Liu, Zhixu Wang, Na Li, Hongzhi Jiao, Wenlong Zhu, Kaizhi Wang, Bo Zu, Wei Liu, Jiyong Liu
With working frequency voltage and current, mutual inductance voltage up to 30kV and mutual inductance current up to 50A, measuring instruments can not offset mutual inductance voltage and mutual inductance current interference. The current test mutual inductance parameter must be the same poles of two...
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The Research and Application of the Grounding Resistance Tester

Changxin Ge, Fengwei Sun, Shaoyong Wu, Jiatian Bai, Chuanzong Zhao, Hua Zhang, Ling Guan, Lishuai He, Peng Liu, Yi Wang, Zhitong Liu
This paper analyzes the principle and test method of the grounding resistance. According to the analysis and calculation of the lightning accidents, prove the relationship between counter attack lighting and the grounding resistance. We also describe the basic principle of grounding resistance test....
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A Transformer Screens Discharge Analysis and Processing Method

Yanhai Huang, Bo Zhang, Chunmei Guan, Jinglong Mu, Chang Zhao, Lei Wang, Huiyan Cao, Ren Liu, Feng Li, Xiaoshu Zhang, Mei Xu
Combined with the actual set of concrete measures are for preventing the transformer screens dendritic discharge fault. Aiming at the 220kV main transformer screens dendritic discharge fault, introduce the basic process of screens dendritic discharge failure occurs, proof insulation damp and gas is the...
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An Infrared Detection Method Used In Electrical Equipment Fault Diagnosis

Feng Li, Jianfeng Li, Yu Meng, Rui Tong, Ren Liu, Bo Zu, Wei Liu, Lin Liu, Zhaoxia Wang, Xingjun Cheng, Guorui Chen
In order to improve the fault detection and diagnosis infrared effect, describes the fault type infrared detection equipment; analysis of the factors affecting the accuracy of the temperature measurement; analysis approach proposed in addition to proper use, it also must be on a variety of factors that...
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Analysis of A 220kV Current Transformer Explosion Accident

Yi Zhu, Hua Rong, Xu Liu, Honggang Ren, Shimin Wang, Aimin Wang, Hai Wang, Jia Wang
In this paper, the explosion accident of a 220kV current transformer in a 220kV substation is studied. It uses method of scene investigation and test to analyses the accident based on the principle and characteristics of current transformer. Through the analysis, this paper holds that reducing in main...
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Integrated Application Scheme of Substation Intelligent Primary Equipments

Ran Liu, Dayong Yu, Dongxue Li, Zhengchang Jiao, Tao Liu
There is a clear boundary between primary and secondary devices in traditional substation. The intelligent demand of intelligent substation is analyzed. According to the design idea and method of intelligent substation, the integrated application scheme of the disconnecting circuit breaker, intelligent...
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Research and application of electricity price compensation analysis model

Dongxue Li, Dayong Yu, Ran Liu
In recent years, the national renewable energy industry policies and incentives, Liaoning wind power has developed rapidly. However, the Liaoning Province endogenous wind power grid connected capacity increases year by year, squeezing annual utilization rate of the thermal power unit in the province....
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Study on Inefficient Factors and Storage Reliability for the Antiaircraft Missile

Ke Li, Yan Li, Huixia Jiang, Kai Zhang
In the paper, the antiaircraft missile is assumed as the researched object, and its inefficient factors and storage reliability is focused to be analyzed. The weaknesses of storage of the antiaircraft missile could be confirmed with its inefficient factors analysis of storage, reliability analysis of...
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Communication Technology in the CompactRIO

Bin You, Ming Li
In order to solve the communication problems involved in acquisition system based on CompactRIO. Analysing data collection from FPGA terminal to RT terminal and elaborate RT terminal and PC terminal communication method. Comparing the merits of the single point polling acquisition model and collection...
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Review on the Progress of Plant Immune Polysaccharides

Xuye Liu, Ping Zhao, Songyi Lin
Plant bioactive polysaccharides and the products of organisms are the hot focus of present research. They play various biological roles, one of the most vital of which is enhancing the immunity. Relationship between immune substances and disease has been confirmed through lots of studies. The immune...
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The Research Progress of Immunomodulatory Peptides

Jie Xing, Mingdi Zhang, Songyi Lin
Immunomodulatory peptides play an important role in immune response. Researchers acquired activity peptides from natural food protein by enzymatic hydrolysis and the most commonly used enzymes are Alcalase. In this paper, the mechanism of immunomodulation was summarized briefly. The peptides charge,...
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Design of Integrated Machine for Community Science Popularization

Qian Zhang, Feng Yu, Rong Fu, Xin Liu, Junfeng Zhang
A kind of integrated machine was designed for community science popularization. It was built rich digital science resources, and information resource was customizable, updated quickly and targeted. So as to meet the individual needs of community residents. The integrated machine used touch screen, and...
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Research on Coordination Scheduling Model and Application for Parallel Production Lines

Hongguang Bo, Longlong Li, Yu Liu, Jiaheng Wang
For the order planning problem of parallel production lines in hybrid process manufacturing enterprises, a novel solving method of parallel production lines coordinating scheduling is developed based on bi-level programming theory. To maximize gross profit of unit output as upper level optimization objective,...
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Masking of Antioxidant Capacity by the Interaction of Pancreatic α-Amylase and Peanut Shells Polyphenols

Feng Gao, Yujiang Cheng, Yali Yu, Lvsha Gao
The antioxidant capacity of peanut shell polyphenols interacted with pancreatic α-amylase is examined in vitro. The results indicated that peanut shells polyphenols could be used as a kind of potential natural antioxidant for food. The polyphenols easier binding to proteins made its scavenging activities...
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Quantitative Analysis and Bacteriostasis of Polyphenols Extracts from Peanut Shells by Ultrahigh Pressure Extraction

Yali Yu, Lijun Wang, Feng Gao, Shouqin Zhang
This study developed a method to extract polyphenols from peanut shells by ultrahigh pressure (PPSUP). The yield of PPSUP was up to 71.3 mg of gallic acid equivalents (GAE) /g under optimizing extraction parameters of ultrahigh pressure to 75% ethanol, 300 MPa, 4 min, 1:25 ratio of material to liquid....
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Improvement of Color Fastness for Deep Black Shade of Cotton Fabric

Lina Lin, Md. Ziaur Rahman, Shu Wen, Md. Nahid Pervez, Jin Li, Yingjie Cai
Cotton fabric was dyed with C.I. Reactive Black 5 with different dye mass, followed the treatments of soaping, dye fixing, and wet rubbing improving. The wash fastness, rubbing fastness, and colour uniformity of dyed cotton were inspected. The results show that the entire utilized textile auxiliaries...
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Transmission module partition method based on fuzzy clustering

Liqun Zhou, Wei Liu, Muying Ouyang
The transmission is widely used in various sectors of the important machinery and equipment, In this paper, based on fuzzy clustering analysis, the module of transmission is studied. Construct transmission components function and geometric correlation matrix, corresponding to the fuzzy equivalence matrix,...