Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology

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Dual Closed-loop Error Compensation Systems Applied in Manufacturing the Spiral Bevel Gears

Huiling Liu
To improve machining accuracy of CNC spiral bevel gear grinder, there were two main ways: spatial error compensation of CNC spiral bevel gear grinder and tooth profile error compensation of the spiral bevel gears. Based on spatial error detection and compensation principle, laser doppler displacement...
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Study on the Shear Strength of HMPE Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Hsien Hua Lee, C.-K. Juan
Concrete as a most popular construction material has many advantages such as easiness to be formed into various shapes, common availability and relative low cost. However, the low strength in both tension and shear is limited for the wider application of the material. In this study, an advanced material...
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Research on the Performance of the Offshore-Platform Air Filter

Nan Ye, Tao Sun, Chang-jiang Sun, Zheng-wei Ma
Air-intake filter in the ventilation system of offshore platform, is normally composed of the inertial stage and the multi-layer gauze stage, which plays an important role in providing sufficient and clean air. Numerical simulation and experimental research were carried on to study the flow field and...
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Improvement of Colour Fastness for Deep Blue Shade of Cotton Fabric

Lina Lin, Md. Ziaur Rahman, Shu Wen, Rahul Navik, Ping Zhang, Yingjie Cai
Cotton fabric was dyed by exhaust method with C.I. Reactive Blue 19 with various dye concentrations, followed by the treatments of soaping, dye fixing, and wet rubbing improving. The dye exhaustion, wash fastness, rubbing fastness, and colour difference of dyed cotton fabric were examined. The consequences...
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Influence of Relative Humidity on Bubble-electrospun Nanofibers

Shaokai Li, Fujuan Liu, Yue Fang, Fangfang Zheng, Junhua Li, Zhiru Chen
Poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) nanofibers prepared by bubble-electrospinning are studied experimentally. It shows that the relative humidity predominantly affect the morphology of the formed nanofibers. The nanofibers with high quality are essential for their applications...
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Finite Element Analysis on the Stress Intensity Factor in SENT Specimen of Clam Steel

Bowei Liu, Jun Cai, Y.D. Wang
The Ansys finite element software is used to calculate the crack opening displacement and Stress intensity factor (SIF) for Single-edged notched tension (SENT) specimen of Clam steel under the tension of 1000N. During the simulation, the crack opening positions for five groups and the different crack...
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Influencing factors analysis of urban land subsidence

Aihong Zhou, Chenhui Wang, Shaokang Li
The land subsidence is a geological hazard which is a reduction of regional elevation resulted in the compact of soil, caused by the natural and human factors. This paper mainly expounds the influence of water level, soil conditions, and the upper building load on the land subsidence, and provides the...
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Research and application of food safety Pre-warning model based on AHP and time series Association

Shilong Guo, Yong Wang
Establishing food safety warning system hierarchy based on AHP,through the HACCP system and the time sequence related knowledge, the food safety critical control index is obtained,combined with the nine level scale method, the five point scale scale to establish the judgment matrix and calculate the...
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Research and implementation of Highcharts in patent map

Shilong Guo, Yong Wang
The B/S(Browser/Server) network structure plays an important role in computer architecture today, and it has become increasingly important to display the patent map in the browser, currently on the market circulation of a large number of patent map analysis software, but are generally very expensive...
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Research of Automatic Test Case Generation Algorithm Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Weiwei Wu
The software testing is an important way to find bugs, and guarantee the quality and reliability of software. Automatic software case generation can effectively improve test efficiency, reduce test time and cost of development, so it has been widely concerned. Aiming at premature convergence and local...
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Research and design of NFC mobile payment based on Android

Zhizhou He, Yijun Liu
For mobile payments using Near Field Communication,this paper summarizes weaknesses in its implementation by the Android Operationg System and vulnerabilities in hardware layer.a new NFC payment model is proposed using NFC shield in paper.this model is secured by design and can be implemented using existing...
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Research and analysis of NFC mobile payment security

Zhizhou He, Yijun Liu
This paper analyze the development of NFC mobile phone payment, and elaborates the concept of NFC, discuss some technical problems in latest.Be directed against every layers of technical security problems in this field.
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The Research on Supercharger for the Diesel Engines

Zhibin Wang, Qian Cheng, Jianyong Li, Lingli Zhang
This paper introduces the diesel engine supercharger technology which is used most commonly. Turbocharger system can effectively improve power and torque of diesel engine, but the turbo hysteresis exists. Mechanical supercharging system can boost at low speed, but the efficiency is lower. Electric supercharger...
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Joint 2D-DOD and 2D-DOA Estimation in Bistatic MIMO Radar

Hao Liang, Chen Cui, Jian Yu
In this paper, the issue of two-dimensional (2D) direction of arrival (DOA) and two- dimensional (2D) direction of departure (DOD) estimation for bistatic multiple-input-multiple- output (MIMO) radar with cross array is investigated. A novel multidimensional angle estimation methods based on unitary...
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An improved recognition algorithm for lunar terrain based on CCD image

Zhankai Li, Jiaheng Chen, Yiren Chang, Xiaolin Tian
With the development of space technology, topographic study of celestial bodies becomes increasingly important. In order to better carry out geomorphologic analysis and landing site selection of celestial bodies, the terrain classification becomes particularly critical. This paper provides an improved...
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Fault Tree Establishment of Flight Conflict Based on the HAZOP Method

Qike Wu, Xusheng Gan, Dengkai Yao, Qianrui Sun
Aiming at the issues of subjectivity, coverage and ambiguity, this paper presents a systematic approach to constructing fault trees of flight conflict at airport based on HAZOP. First, the necessary deviation events are determined by associating the HAZOP guide words with the ATC parameters of terminal...
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A Novel Bat algorithm of solving equation group

Huadan Duoji
To solve equation group problems, this paper constructed a bat algorithm. the algorithm was experimented and the experimental results show that the novel algorithm is effective for solving ill-conditioned linear equation groups.
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A Novel Bat algorithm of solving 0-1 Knapsack Problem

Yanfeng Chen
0-1 knapsack problem is a typical NP complete problem. In this paper, based on the bat algorithm, combined with the idea of genetic variation, the paper introduces the processing rules of the active evolutionary operator, invalid bat and the current optimal position. The simulation results show that...
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Reliability Analysis of Aircraft Hydraulic Control System based on GO Methodology

Lina Zhang, Yanjun Li, Jian Zhang
Aircraft hydraulic system is an important part of an aircraft, its reliability is of great significance to the aircraft flight safety. This paper puts forward an aircraft reliability analysis method of hydraulic control system based on the GO methodology, which is based on the thorough research of GO...
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Research on Reliability of Aeroengine based on Grey Correlation Algorithm

Jian Zhang, Yanjun Li, Lina Zhang, Zhengqiang Cheng
With the rapid development of the aviation industry, the safety of aircraft is obtaining more and more attention. Engine is the key component of the aircraft, its reliability is increasingly important. This paper proposes a new method of reliability analysis for aircraft engine using grey correlation...
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Research on the Method of Aeroengine Fault Diagnosis based on Immune Genetic Algorithm

Yanjun Li, Jian Zhang, Lina Zhang, Zhengqiang Cheng
In this paper, an immune genetic algorithm based on the performance parameters of aeroengine and the adaptive, learning and memory characteristics of artificial immune system (AIS) was put forward to diagnose the fault of aeroengine. Firstly, we generate the initial detector according to the fault samples,...
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Research on the Set Curve for Tandem Cold Rolling Mill Automatic Flatness Control

Xiaomin Zhou, Xiaoxue Yue
Flatness set curve is the target of strip flatness control system which represents the desired strip flatness quality. If the longitudinal residual stress along the transverse distribution of the strip can be measured accurately by the flatness measuring roll, the actual flatness can be controlled accurately....
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Design of a new planetary gear powertrain for vessel combined power

Fuchun Yang, Fuxin Du
With the development of modern vessels, higher requirements are put forward, such as higher power density, power split and power confluence properties. A new planetary gear powertrain for power combined vessels was proposed. The system has characteristics of multi-flow transmission, multi-ratio, multi-redundency...
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The Design of Constant False Alarm Module Based on CMLD-CFAR Algorithm

Mengjiao Wu, Jun Yang, Can Zhao, Xintao Huang
Deleting the average class of constant false alarm rate monitoring (CMLD - CFAR) ,which bases on an average constant false alarm rate monitoring(CA - CFAR) ,can not only overcome the ML type detector under the background of multiple targets detection problem of poor performance, but also address the...
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Feedback Control of Decoupled Flatness and Edge drop for the Cold Rolling Mill

Xiaomin Zhou, Xiaoxue Yue
The flatness and edge drop is a strong-coupled multivariable control system, so realizing the decoupling control of them is one of the most important issues to achieve the high-precision control. In this paper, the decoupling feedback controller and servo compensator are proposed to trace the target...
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Research of Diesel Domain Ontology Frame Construction

Zhaohua Chen, Jibin Hao, Lijian Hao, Dingguo Sheng
The paper aims at knowledge management and application problems during the diesel research process, reviews the development of ontology in the Semantic Web domain, analyzes the requirement of the knowledge ontology frame, puts forward the diesel domain ontology candidate principle, constructs the whole...
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An improved bat optimization algorithm of Sports Video

Qingmei Liu
In this paper, an improved bat optimization algorithm to solve sports video was proposed, which presented the concept of adjustment sequence to design the strategy of local searching, and added the maneuver flight in the global exchange of information. Experimental results indicate that, the proposed...
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Application of firefly algorithm of solving equation group

Huadan Duoji
An improved Firefly Algorithm is proposed for solving equation group. In the proposed algorithm, a heuristic exchange rule is introduced. Finally, numerical testing results are provided, and the comparisons demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm for solving the equation groups.
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Application of plant growth simulation algorithm

Zhenen Fan
Permutation flow shop scheduling problem with total flow time criterion has been increasingly dealt with in recent years. A number of heuristics and meta-heuristics have been developed for this problem. However, the calculation of total flow time for job permutations spends too much computational time...
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Application of firefly algorithm for job shop scheduling

Guiying Mai
An improved firefly algorithm is proposed for solving the job shop scheduling problem.Starting with the characteristic of job shop scheduling problem, combining disjunctive graph according to the sequence of scheduling, analyzing Scheduling options that decided by exchangeable set and alternative set,...
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The Application Research of Improved Genetic Algorithm Based on Chaos for job shop scheduling

Juping Peng
An improved genetic algorithm is proposed for solving the job shop scheduling problem.Starting with the characteristic of job shop scheduling problem, Therefore, we use the advantage of chaos method and combine the simulated annealing algorithm to improve the genetic algorithm, and then We do a lot...
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The Application Research of Improved Bat Algorithm for Time Table Problem

Wenxiang Liu
The time table problem is a typical NP complete problem, when the bat algorithm solves this problem; it will quickly converge, and can get the local optimal solution but not the global optimal solution. Therefore, we use the advantage of active evolutionary operator to improve the bat algorithm, and...
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An Improved Algorithm for Dv-Hop Based on Hops Correction

Yujian Wang, Kaiguo Qian, Sunyan Hong, Chunfen Bu
For the disadvantage which is larger positioning error, the RSSI signal strength is used to calculate the hops between the sensors which make it more close to the real network; Meanwhile, the hyperbolic method is adopted to improve the unknown node location which eliminates the cumulative error and improves...
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The Study of How to Arrange the Asset Structure with the Use of Information Theory and Cybernetics

Baifang Liu, He Chen, Xinyu Liu
Information theory and cybernetics pertain to science and technology, but it's theory principle has the role of guiding allocating the enterprise resource at the macro level. From a practical perspective, the assets structure could be regarded as an information system, through the collection, storage...
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The vibration reliability analysis of micro aircraft engine rotor

Feng Ding, Fengwei Qin
The rotor system is an important part of the aircraft engine, its running state directly influences the whole engine working condition. Therefore, the reliability analysis of rotor system is particularly important. Paper combines the vibration characteristics of the equipment operation condition with...
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Design on Terminal Security Platform for Android System

Chunqiang Li
Android mobile terminal devices for security and sensitive data leaks and other problems, the design based on the Android mobile terminal security management platform, for the user carry on the security management for mobile terminal equipment and storage of data. Design platform to Android architecture...
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Research on Multi-level Domain Name Comprehensive Information Management

Chunqiang Li
Domain name system are both the underlying business, but also an important part of the Internet infrastructure. Research for this article expand BIND domain name system management problems. First, four domain names, for example, study the structure of multi-level domain name system; Then, based on the...
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Research on Module Function for Key Management System

Chunqiang Li
Abstract. The password technology is one of the core technology of information security problem. The purpose of the key management is the key of the production, storage, distribution, update, control and destroyed in the process of the whole life cycle to ensure the safety of the key. Key management...
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Design on Micro Blog Distribution System Based on Struts2 Framework

Zhe Li, Yuqiang Yang, Houhua Shen
Micro blog content distribution becomes a bottleneck restricting the development of micro blog. In this paper, a study based on Struts2 framework provides technical support for the system development. Firstly, learning Struts2 framework, core controller, business controller and business logic components;...
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Functional Requirements Analysis on Construction Project Cost System

Nannan Zhang, Jingzhao Luan
Construction project cost is the key problem in the control and management of construction project. For the existing cost system can not adapt to the development of the construction industry information needs of the status, this paper based on the use case model technology to the construction cost system...
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The Application of Finite-difference Extended Kalman Filter in GPS Speed Measurement

Yanjie Cao
GPS Speed Measurement, just like position measurement, is a very widely-applied field. GPS can not only determine the real-time location of carriers in motion, but also determine the instantaneous speed of carriers . Therefore, at present, GPS speed measurement is also very widely applied. In view of...
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Design and implementation of network streaming media play system based on DSP

Jinhai Zhang, Hongbing Qin
With the development of multimedia technology and the popularity of Internet technologies, network streaming media of communication have become multimedia communication is required. Using existing audio and video encoding and decoding algorithm can dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred,...
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Design of the Adaptive ship course control based on golden section method

Jinqiang Tong, Yang Liu
Research on ship motion control as the main design issues, the controller design is a vital part of the ship. in modern society, the ship sailing economy, safety and comfort controller has an important relationship with ship. many researchers at home and abroad have been unremitting efforts to improve...
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Research and application on the Data mining technology in medical information systems

Jinhai Zhang
After several years of vigorous development, theory and application of data mining technology has produced fruitful results. As an application of strong discipline, data mining technologies have permeated all areas of the national economy, caused great attention from academia and industry, have been...
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Research on Internet of system based on communication network

Jinhai Zhang
In various fields of application of Internet of things endlessly, it development paints a bright future. However, the Internet application of common standards are not unified, compatibility between different Internet systems and scalable, these shortcomings and irregularities are restricted the application...
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Research On Large outliers in the data set data mining algorithm

Jinhai Zhang
Main purpose of outliers mining is from a large number of, incomplete, there are all kinds of data, the found hidden in one of the people is not known in advance but potentially valuable information or knowledge. Outlier is a data: deviate significantly from other data, it does not meet the general patterns...
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Research on the decision system of the ships evade bump based on the AIS

Jinqiang Tong
Automatic Identification System(AIS) is a way to transntificatifer large amount of information, overcoming barriers, resistance to weather influences, with ship shore, boat shipping information networking capacity and close global automatic identification system of the target display. Research directions...
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Study on Software project management system based on DFD Editor version

Jinhai Zhang
Software process management system, the needs analysis is the basis for all work and source, is a top priority. Requirements analysis, software developers, project leaders and team members and between the software developer and software on the client side, requires adequate and convenient communication....
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Study on Intelligent Stowage of Container Ship

Mingjie Li
Operation of cargo ship transport in the production of a very important link. Stowage of containers directly related to safety and efficiency of maritime transport, how many feasible options in seeking a relatively optimal stowage plan to ensure ship safety, reduce transport costs, improve operational...
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Study on simulation data analysis of complex system based on data mining method

Jinhai Zhang
Analysis of simulation data is purposefully collected data and analyze data, make this information or knowledge of the process is conducted in order to better understand and improve the system, is the focus of simulation problems. Due to existing simulation and data analysis methods, lacking to deal...
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Gesture Recognition with Multiple Spatial Feature Fusion

Meng Qin, Guoping He
Hand gesture recognition is an important topic in the field of computer vision, it has a wide range of applications, such as interactive games and sign language recognition, etc.. With the launch of the depth sensor, the task of hand gesture recognition becomes more simple. In recent years, there are...
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Research on Micro Energy Collection for Building Energy Saving Prediction

Hong Zhang
The diversity and complexity of large public buildings, our country's local climate, economy, life habits variation result in a lack of basic data to support energy-saving operation standard, energy saving technology for the reconstruction of the applicability and the lack of practical test, which leads...
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The Evaluation of Bus Operation Reliability at the Stops Based on the Monte Carlo Simulation

Qiang Lin, Lei Zhai, Song Liu
To enhance the bus operation stability is the key to improve bus service. Traditional evaluation of the bus operation stability always relies on the whole line, the stability of the bus operation at the stops can not be reflected. Besides, traditional evaluation of the bus operation stability drawing...
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Frequent errors in Calculus

Jixia Deng
Through years of calculus teaching, we found that the students in learning the universal existence question, that is, apply the principle and theory of problem solving, tend to ignore laws and theorems, resulting in incorrect solutions, the author try to this class of problems, summed up, remind students...
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Image Information Extraction Model Based onMulti-features of K-nearest Neighbors

Anmin Xu
Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) and Bidirectional Texture Function (BTF) are two major methods used to describe the reflectance of light at a surface under different illuminations and different views. However, due to a large number of measurement data, an efficient compression...
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Influence analysis of microscopic image quality in surface topography

Yingzhong Tian, Wenjun Zhang, Ji Qi, Tinggang Jia, Long Li
Focus variation is an optical contact-free method that allows the measurement of 3D surface metrology using optics with limited depths of field and vertical scanning. It was documented in the ISO 25178-6 for the first time in 2010. Based on this method, two categories of typical instruments are described...
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Research on Service Driven Based Management Information System Reengineering in Cloud Environment

Yang Xiang, Shengbin Jia, Bo Zhang, Dongdong Lv, Dong Wang, Li Yang
With the emergence of cloud era, varieties of data resources, computing resources as well as service resources have been greatly enriched by many existing cloud platforms. Although these cloud resources have brought new opportunities for management information system reengineering, we are still facing...
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Analysis and Research of Low Frequency Oscillation of Power Network Equipment Based on RIDS Test

Yang Bai, Jing Li
Hybrid transmission of doubly-fed wind power plant and conventional power plant is the principal mode of large-scale wind power development and transmission in future, but overall stability of this transmission mode is possibly poor. The paper first analyzes low frequency oscillation of conventional...
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Building Concrete Corrosion expansion Stress and Internal Crack Analysis in Consideration of Protective Layer Thickness Impact

Section loss and strength reduction of rebar, concrete section damage and adhesive performance degradation between rebar and concrete cased by corrosion of rebar are major factors for reduction column bearing capacity. It studies major reasons for failure of domestic reinforced concrete durability, analyzes...
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Design of a Remote Monitoring System for the Management of the Information on the Maintenance of Maneuvering Communication Lines

Shu Hua Yin, Hu Lei, Jia Ren
Aiming at the special management requirements for maintaining communications lines, this paper develops a remote monitoring system for managing the information regarding the maintenance by considering the condition that maintenance workers from grass-roots maneuvering affiliations are dispersed. Based...
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An improved genetic algorithm for solving packing problem

Zhi-yan Li
Targeted at solving slow rate of convergence in the current genetic algorithm, an improved genetic algorithm is put forward in the article. The current genetic algorithm is improved by adding the best fit decrease algorithm to generate individuals into the initial population, conversing the preservation...
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Simulation and analysis of frequency modulation circuit based on LM566

Qian Zhang, Meng Hu
LM566 is a monolithic integration VCO chip of integral-Schmitt Trigger Circuit type. It is the modulator and demodulator in teaching of FM circuit. Its operating features can be displayed vividly on software platform through simulation the chip to facilitate quantitative analysis. As there is no model...
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The Application of Wireless Broadband Communication for Smart Power Distribution and Utilization Networks

Yongjun Feng, Mingxia Li, Xiaohua Liu, Mingfeng Yuan, Yeshen He
The power wireless broadband communication is one of key support for smart power distribution and utilization networks, which is usually at the end of the power system communication network and deployed in where the optical fiber communication is not easy to achieve. In this paper, we design an application...
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Anti-Rollover Control Based on Fuzzy Differential Braking for Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle

Zhixin Yu, Jie Li, Fuguang Dai, Shaosong Li
The rollover warning system based on 3 degree of freedom(DOF) rollover vehicle model, which designed lateral-load transfer ratio as the control objective, additional yaw moment got with fuzzy control algorithm, distributing braking force to the wheel according to differential braking. The typical conditions...
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Evaluation of The faults of Data Security and Privacy in the Cloud Computing

Waleed AL-Museelem, Chunlin Li
Recently the topic of Cloud Computing use is considered to be a burning issue as this notion is rather new and still not studied enough. Therefore, its advantages and disadvantages are currently discussed by the specialists. According to the definition, Cloud Computing is “a model for delivering information...
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The Algorithm for Evaluation of Landscape Water Quality based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets of emphasizing hesitancy degree

HaiFeng Wang, Kun Zhang, Zhuang Li, HongXu Wang
Distance measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets(IFS) is a measure of the difference sizes between two IFS. The original distance measure definition is modified in this paper, the new distance measure definition and a new distance formula of IFS are provided. Pattern recognition method based on distance...
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Research and Application of Carrier Aggregation Technology in Smart Grid

Mingxia Li, Yongjun Feng, Xiaohua Liu, Mingfeng Yuan, Yeshen He
Due to limitation of the optical fiber communication network coverage, the wireless technology is usually adapted to meet the requirement of applications in the smart grid transmission and distribution. In this paper, we study the electrical communication with integrated access technology to establish...
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Identity Routing Symmetry Metrics for Routing Behavior

Fang Dong, Junbiao Liu, Shenyi Dai
Routing affects several protocols and impacts traffic analysis techniques. In this paper, an identity routing symmetry (IRS) metric is proposed to express network routing and its formulation is derived, which the forward and reverse flows coming from one node to another are exactly the same. IRS in three...
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Plasma Wake and Interaction force for Diatomic Molecular ion Transporting through plasmas

Guiqiu Wang, Siyuan Liu, Yaochuan Wang
The objective of the present work is to study the interactive potential and forces for a diatomic molecular ion in plasma within the dielectric response theory.The results show that the interactive force shows the asymmetric property due to the wake effects. In addition, the force can be divided into...
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Finite-Precision Implementation of Decoders for LDPC-Coded M-QAM Symstems

Jun Ao, Chunbo Ma, Guixing Cao, Cong Li
In this letter, we address the problem of a finite-precision implementation of demapper and decoder with parity likelihood ration algorithm for LDPC-Coded M-QAM systems. By exploiting the inherent property of the variations in bit reliabilities caused by QAM signal constellation, we introduce a novel...
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Evaluating Mobile Cloud Computing Models

Mohammad Alshamaileh, Chunlin Li
Mobile cloud computing has been a popular technology in the market for almost a decade now. However, even as the technology continues attracting more users, certain aspects of mobile cloud computing are relatively challenging to users and developers. These aspects relate to the architecture of the setup...
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Gesture recognition algorithm design and implementation of interactive projection system

Chao Xu, Yaohua Deng, Liming Wu, Chen Xu, Qiaofen Zhang
With the development of multimedia computer technology , interactive projection is becoming an interactive display system and entertainment in people's daily life.Interactive projector based on actual needs, design gesture based feature extraction algorithm Hu moments, identified by SVM classification...
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Research of Image Detection Method by Computer Vision for Photon Devices Circuit Measurement

Yaqi Fu, Jiandong Shi, Yaohua Deng, Liming Wu
Considering the low efficiency of manual detection method in photon devices fault checking, a new detecting method by image processing for photon device is proposed in this paper ,through the new method, photon device images are captured by camera which is installed on microscope, filtering ,mosaic,...
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RFID-based Indoor Positioning by Using Monte Carlo Algorithm

Lujie Wu, Gang Wang
An indoor positioning scheme for a moving vehicle equipped with UHF radio-frequency identification (RFID) system is proposed by using Monte Carlo-based algorithm. By evaluating and updating the random sampling positions marked by passive RFID tags on ground, Monte Carlo algorithm can be implemented successfully...
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Distance-based maximum likelihood estimation method for node localization in wireless sensor networks

Jing Xu, Jingsha He, Yuqiang Zhang, Fangbo Cai
Node localization is an important supporting technique in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The traditional maximum likelihood estimation localization method (MLE) assumes that measurement errors are independent of the distance between anchor node and target node. However, the assumption may contradict...
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A Method of Face Detection Based On Improved YCBCR Skin Color Model

Jihui Fan, Hongxing Wang
Face detection is a key technology in the information processing field of face recognition. The paper proposes a new face detection method to detect the human face. According to the clustering characteristics of Cb and Cr to detect the skin-color, then the image is labeled. The paper summarizes and presents...
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Phase-Field Simulation for the Effects of Initial Vacancy Concentration and Annealing Temperature on Oxygen Clusters in Silicon Wafer

Xiao-Jun Guan, Xiang Ji
In order to investigate the dual effect of initial vacancy concentration and annealing temperature on oxygen clusters′ evolution in RTP-treated silicon wafer during low temperature annealing, an established phase-field model and the optimum design method based on response surface was used to simulated...
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Vision-based Human Behavior Recognition and Behavior understanding: A Survey

Yonggang Zhang, Yingdong Ma
Behavior recognition and behavior understanding has been a popular topic in computer science. It attracted increasing interest in computer vision research community. Vision-based behavior Analysis has been applied broadly in many fields such as intelligent surveillance, perceptual user interface, and...
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Application of F5 (0.000001) in Forecasting Tourist Quantity of Sanya

Kun Zhang, HongXu Wang, HaiFeng Wang, Zhuang Li
The work proposed F5 (0.000001)—an element in the set of FTSFM 5 (Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model 5). It is a time series forecasting model established based on the variables of historical data, percentage of historical data, the percentage of percentage of historical data, and inverse fuzzy number....
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Forecast of Tourism Revenues in Sanya Using F6(0.004)

Kun Zhang, HongXu Wang, HaiFeng Wang, Zhuang Li
F6(0.004) is an element of Set FTSFM 6 of fuzzy time series forecasting model. Its forecasting formula consists of historical data, difference of historical data, difference percentage of historical data and inverse fuzzy number. F6(0.004) was used to analyze historical data during 2006-2014 and forecast...
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A license plate location method combining the license plate location method based on the HSV color space and the license plate location method based on the boundary detection

Wei Lin, Hao Du
The first step of the license plate automatic recognition is the license plate location,therefore,the license plate location method is very important to the license plate automatic recognition.A license plate location method combining the license plate location method based on the HSV color space and...
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STC Tracking Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter

Panqiao Chen, Mengzhao Yang
During object tracking, Fast tracking via Spatio-Temporal Context Learning which combines temporal correlation among sequential frames and spatial correlation between object and background can solve the problem of semi-occlusion, but not full-occlusion. Kalman Filter makes use of the predictive value...
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Simulation Analysis on Optimal Guidance Law of Maneuvering Target Based on Multiple Model Adaptive Estimator

Shengnan Fu, Shixiang Liu, Qunli Xia
Aiming at randomly sine-maneuvering target tracking in the precision guided system, a fast and efficient algorithm is proposed for multiple model adaptive estimation. The filter bank corresponding to target maneuvering model was adopted to estimate the acceleration of the target, which can improve the...
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Performance Evaluation of Local Area Network based on Support Vector Machine

Qi Liu, Yin Liu, Yiyong Lin, Ling He, Yunzhi Huang
This work presents an IP performance evaluation method, based on the Support Vector Machine (SVM). In this work, eight network parameters are collected: CPU utilization of switchboard, utilization of memory, network link-off, delay, delay jitter, bandwidth, bit rate of transmission and bit rate of reception....
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Research on the ultraviolet laser of LBO crystal

Feng Hui Cao, Yu Cao, Yu Chun Li, Xiu Ming Li
At first, this paper has summarized the theory of frequency doubling crystal, summarized suitable for uv frequency doubling of the characteristics of nonlinear optical crystal, put forward the theory basis of frequency doubling crystal KTP crystal, debug out of efficient cavity frequency doubling green...
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Car Temperature Control System Based on Embedded System

Shuai Sun, Xiaoguang Li, Huiqin Sun, Tianzi Xue, Yongfei Liu
In view of the temperature control system has nonlinear, time-varying and hysteresis characteristics, and traditional PID control method adaptability poor, robustness is not strong and other issues, using the combination of fuzzy control and PID method, designing temperature control system based on embedded...
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Terminal Sliding Mode Control of Airship Pitch Channel simplified model

Guoqiang Liang, Yuliang Chen, Guangbin Wu
To make the response of airship system to be quicker, a kind of terminal sliding mode surface was constructed which can make the pitch angle trace the desired value in a finite time. Also a Lyapunov function was given to prove the sliding mode method is right and reasonable. But detailed simulation result...
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Integral Sliding mode Control of Height Loop of a Kind of Airship Vehicle

Yuqiang Jin, Huali Wu, Junwei Lei
A kind of integral sliding mode surface method is firstly used in the height loop of airship system based on the assumption that the pitch angle control loop is stable. The expected pitch angle signal is caused by the sliding mode surface which is produced by height error .Compared with traditional PID...
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Research on parameters identification of system with uncertainty and unknown parameter

Guangbin Wu, Guoqiang Liang, Junwei Lei
In order to illustrate the complexity of system parameter identification, this paper takes a simple one order system as an example, which contains an unknown parameter and an uncertain term. It adopts the adaptive method to design the identification rules of unknown parameters, and uses the robust control...
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Adaptive control effect analysis with parameters not totally identified

Yuliang Chen, Haijun Li, Tao Jiang
In view of the fact that the parameters can not be fully identified, which is frequently occurred in real adaptive parameter identification, this paper makes a deep analysis and studies the effect of the adaptive control law on the situation that parameter is not fully identified. In order to simplify...
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A Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Based on Distributed LC Network

Yaya Xie
A CMOS wideband low noise amplifier (LNA) based on distributed LC network is presented in this paper. Employing the distributed LC network, the bandwidth of the low noise amplifier is greatly increased without sacrificing the gain of the amplifier. The amplifier is designed in 65nm CMOS process. Simulated...
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A New Approach on the System-Level Design for the Wireless Sensor Network

Bowen Hu
With sensor technology matures, wireless sensor networks in the field more and more attention and has been widely applied. As the wireless sensor network system behavior is heterogeneous, traditional wireless sensor network system design modeling focuses on single subsystem model behavior from the wireless...
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Application Research on International Trade Information Management System Oriented On Service

Kejia Yin
With the rapid development of network communication technology and Internet technology, international trade enterprises will face the business operation mode change by using the advanced information technology to strengthen the traditional advantages itself. The application of international trade information...
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Wireless Sensing Information Transmission and Storage Technology Research for the Internet of Things

Chuan He
The main objective is to achieve networking integration with a wide range of interconnected information space and depth of the physical world, and wireless sensor networks as a peripheral network of things, it is possible on a larger spatial and temporal scale networking provides active physical perception...
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Research on Distributed Signal Processing Technology in Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhengnan Wu, Yuansheng Cheng, Jun Lu
Wireless sensor network is widely used in military, industrial, medical, transportation and other fields. As a product of the era in the future, wireless sensor network will play a more and more important role. This network is usually composed of sensor nodes that of low power consumption and low cost....
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Research and Design of Internet of Things Information Monitoring System Based on Fiber Optic Sensing

Jun Lu, Zhengnan Wu
The Internet of things is network connected things. Internet of things is generally divided into three layers, perception layer, transmission network layer and application layer. Sensing end of the sensing layer is the electric sensor mostly used currently. But with the rapid development of optical fiber...
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Research of the English Network Teaching Resources System based on Data Warehouse Technology

Da Liu, Jingwei Shu, Xueyan Fan
Build a platform of informationization as teaching auxiliary has become the mainstream teaching methods in all kinds of school under the network environment. It has the main target of the current middle school English teaching reform that involve various types of multimedia teaching resources into the...
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Design and Realization of Data Mining System based on Web

Defu He
For enterprises, it appears especially important to survive in the increasingly fierce competition in the business and strive for more customers. If they understand what customers need and interested better, and make key decisions that can attract more users to buy their goods, then they will make more...
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A Fusion Location Algorithm Based on Federated Kalman Filtering

Long-hui Lv, Hong-xia Jin
The paper designed a WLAN system with RFID systems joint locating algorithm based on Federated Kalman Filtering. For the problem in indoor mobile node single positioning system, such as insufficient positioning accuracy, longer positioning time and not ideal algorithm complexity, it was proposed that...
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Experimental Research on the Effect of Gasoline Quality on Vehicle Emission and OBD System

Di Wu
With the surging emissions standards for cars and strict and the application of advanced emission control technology, the influence of fuel quality on vehicle emissions is increasingly important. As a result, automobile, petrochemical industry in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and...