Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science and Humanities (ICOBEST 2018)

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Collaboration Policy Of Regional Office Of National Anti-Narcotics Agency With Local Wisdom (Perarem Desa Pekraman) In Bali Handling Drug Abuse

I Made Sumada
Based on the policy of drug abuse as regulated by Law No 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. Drugs abuse lately has been a problem faced by Indonesian. As recorded, the drugs abuse is not only found in adults but also in younger generations of Indonesia. In 2014, the drug abuser in Indonesia reached 4.022.702...
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The Effect of The College Reputation on Student’s Decision Making to Choose It

Nuriah Vani Ramdhiani, Rahma Wahdiniwaty
The research was aimed to investigate the influence of the reputation of a college toward the student's decision in determining it as their place of study. The research method used in this study is descriptive and verification analysis. The study case was conducted in a private university in Bandung,...
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Knowing Celepuk Siau Through Illustration Media To Children

Bambang Candra Purnama, Deni Albar
Celepuk Siau (Otus Siaonesis) is one of the species, and also endemism animal of Siau Island Sulawesi Indonesia, which is now considered Critically Endangered. To instill a sense of belonging and loving of the species on children, are the important thing to build a sense of protecting and hopefully take...
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Ontological Metaphor in Arrival Movie Script

Assyfa Octaviyani Istiqomah, Tatan Tawami
The use of metaphor represents people’s cognition. As well as in the movie, figurative language termed ontological metaphor in movie script has now been a brand-new idea since metaphor creates a significant piece of cinematic work and it gives an essential insight toward the dialogue, action, and character...
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Framework of Journal Aggregator in Indonesia

Irawan Afrianto, Lia Warlina, Sufa Atin, Andri Heryandi
The objectives of this research are to build an interface system between authors with journal managers and to produce an integrated system of management the journals. Method in building journal aggregator framework is by observation and interviews to the authors, readers and journal managers. We collaborate...
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Alternative of Innovative Financing Planning in Administration of Slum Areas in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Poni Sukaesih Kurniati, Suryanto Suryanto
This study aims to identify innovative financing sources in structuring slums in the city of Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia. This research method is explorative qualitative. This research is included in a descriptive exploratory study with a qualitative approach. The research data used consists...
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Traditional Market Issues

Suryanto Suryanto, Bambang Hermanto, R. Meisa Dai
This study aims to determine the problems faced by traditional markets in Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. Primary data sources are obtained from observation, results of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, while secondary data is obtained from the results of compilation...
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Model of Financing Infrastructure Development In Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Poni Sukaesih Kurniati, Suryanto Suryanto, Sri Dewi Anggadini
This study aims to find a model for financing infrastructure development. This research method is explorative qualitative and carried out in Bandung City, West Java Province, Indonesia. Data collection techniques include literature studies and in-depth interviews. The results showed that the budget allocation...
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Implementation of Reportage Video Assignment Method on Japanese Language Learning

Anisa Arianingsih
this study aims to describe the learning process and students’ response to the method of reportage video assignment on Japanese language learning. This research used a descriptive method with sample of 18 persons of the 6th semester UNIKOM students who contract the Japanese for Tourism subject in academic...
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Aesthetic Study and Symbolic Meaning of Decoration in Traditional Wedding

Apsari Dj Hasan
this study aims to obtain accurate data on the aesthetic values and symbolic meanings that exist in the bride's headdress on Gorontalo people's customary wedding attire. The method used was the qualitative-descriptive method that describes the various objects of the subject under study. The subject of...
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Quality Analysis of Work Life and Job Stress in Effect on The Performance of Employees

Isniar Budiarti, Dani Setiawan
this study aims to obtain explanatory findings that have been tested by analyzing how (1) the quality of work life, Job Stress and employee performance, and (2) the quality of work life, and Job Stress influence on employee work performance. The research method used in this research is descriptive and...
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Law Protection forward Privacy Data of Social Media User According to International and National Law

Febilita Wulan Sari
The research on the law protection forward privacy data of social media users aims to find the concept of international law and the concept of the national legal system in providing protection for the privacy data of social media users and the extent to which the current law protection is implemented...
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Analysis of Product Innovation of Cibuntu Tofu at Cibuntu Tofu Center Bandung

Trustorini Handayani
Cibuntu Tofu Center is a tofu industry that has operated in Bandung for some time and still exists today. There are many new competitors outside Cibuntu Tofu Center emerging by offering a different kind of innovations, while only a few tofu producers at Cibuntu Tofu Center doing the product innovation....
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User Perception to Modern and Classic Mihrab Design Concept

Ryanty Derwentyana Nazhar
This study aims to determine the level of difference between the user perceptions of two different types of Mihrab design concepts, which are Mihrab modern concepts and Mihrab classic concepts. Additionally, comparing the design perceived more positive by the user. We experimented by giving space stimulation...
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Custom House Visual Study of Gorontalo City

Siska Udilawaty
this study aims at discussing the meaning of the motive and the form of the Dulohupa traditional house. The method used in this study was qualitative-descriptive approach as a process of collecting a number of actual data and to get a detailed description of the symbols in the Dulohupa traditional house....
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Semiotic Study of Regional Logo

Risti Puspita Sari Hunowu
the purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the logo to find meaning in the district logo of Pohuwato. The method used in this study was the qualitative-descriptive method. Data collection techniques are carried out by analyzing documents. From the results of this study, the authors get data...
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Visual Analysis of the Morning News Bumper Program

Adya Mulya Prajana
Television is the most influential electronic media for human life. Besides being heard, it can also be seen. Through television can get information, entertainment, influence, and education. The 2011 Neilsen Indonesia survey, on average, man spends 4.5 hours a day watching television with entertainment...
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The Effectiveness of An Internal Information Media in University

Tine Agustin Wulandari
the purpose of this study is to discover how the ability of an internal journal published by Public Relations as an internal information media at a university. The existence of these internal jounal raises the question about how far this journal is read, enjoyed, and causes an influence to its reader?...