Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Organizational Innovation (ICOI 2017)

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Study of the Consumer Life Style and the Shape Preference of Ming Style Furniture

Shuo-Fang Liu, Min Jiang, Jenn-Yang Lin, Zhang Yang
This paper explored the preferences of Ming style furniture in different lifestyle. First, basedon the AIOs Lifestyle Scale, the questionnaire was constructed. And then though the factor analysis, cluster analysis and OnewayANOVA, the furniture consumption concept was evaluated, the lifestyle group was...
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Application of form generation in design for the improvement of users' perception of public faucet hygiene

Meng-Dar Shieh, Chien-Nan Chen, Ya-Chi Chiu
With the growing global population, there is an increasing rate of human contact. In particular, we often find that many public restroom users collect water with cupped hands to pour on the faucet switch after washing their hands due to their suspicions about the lack of hygiene. This study redefined...
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Apply out-side mold decoration technique to Cosmetic Package Design

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Chih-Huang Yen, Chu-Hsuan Lee
To conform to fashion tendency and market requirements, cosmetics always pursue for fashion and innovation, thus package design is confronted with problems of limited design elasticity, complex follow-up job sequences, environmental pollution caused by technology and cost of high reject ratio. The essay...
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A Study of Stationers Attractiveness Factors

Jia-Xuan Han, Min-Yuan Ma
As the changes in consumption patterns and impacts from the e-commerce, the operation conditions of stationers has gone from bad to worse day by day, and how to find the charming factors of the physical stores of stationers to attract consumers becomes the impendent topic faced by the entity stores of...
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A Study of Taiwanese Design Student's Preference and Imagery for Textures of "Tujia brocade"

Wei Chow, Meng-Dar Shieh
Tujia minority is located at the border of four provinces including Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and Guizhou. With long-term historical and cultural influences, Tujia minority eventually formed its own unique style of folk craftworks, among which the "Tujia brocade" is one of the most representative art form....
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Quality of Work Life Program as A Humanistic Perspectives on HRM

Verina H. Secapramana, Eko Nugroho
Quality of Work Life as a contemporary perspective on HRM is related to meaningful, satisfying, and effective work environment that meets with the organizational and personal needs. Moreover, having quality of work life will lead to better well being of the workers and society. This 3 years long study...
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A Study on the Information-Merged-Education in Paochung Elementary School, Taiwan

Shu-Mei Wang
The purpose of this research is to inherit and preserve the local culture Dabu Flower-Drum Dancing Array by establishing a useful informational teaching program to be implemented into the local education curriculums Baojhong Elementary School at Baojhong Village Yunlin County was selected as the sample...
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Analysis of Statistical Quality Control by Control Chart to Reduce the Variability of The Product

Ayi Tejaningrum
This study aims to analyze how the condition of process quality in the manufacture of "shoulder" as one of the spare parts of railroads in Indonesia. The methodology used is quantitative research with naturalistic alignment, process dictation tool is statistical quality control with p control chart and...
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The Analysis of Influence of Job Stressor upon Performance and Turnover Intention of Broker-Dealer of Equity Securities in Surabaya

Bambang Hadi Santoso Dwidjosumarno
The long-term goal of this research is to make the Indonesian capital market equals/parallel to other capital markets in the Asia Pacific region. The research is conducted in securities companies which are Members of Indonesia Stock Exchange located in Surabaya City, East Java Province. The number of...
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Discussion of the Measurement Invariance Across Gender in the Version of the Part of Responsiveness in Servqual Scale

Feng-Ming Liu, Yun-Chin Huang, Shih-Lung Ching, Yu-Jia Hu
This quantitative research was to examine the measurement invariance across gender for the part of Responsiveness in SERVQUAL Scale for retail chain stores business in Taiwan. The SERVQUAL Scale has become the most common questionnaire for investigating the perception of service quality in current service...
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Empirical Study on Management Equity Incentive and Investment Efficiency Based on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies

Dong-Ping Han, Cai-Cai Guo, Yue Zhao
More and more listed companies are trying equity incentive in China, but there has not yet formed a unified understanding of the impact of equity incentive on investment efficiency. Based on the theory of management power, using the investment model of Richardson and choosing Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share...
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Research on the Impact of Multi-source Intellectual Capital Information Disclosure on Corporate Value in the Big Data Environment-Based on Mediating Effect of Investor 's Confidence

Fu-Sheng Wang, Bei Yuan, Cai-Cai Guo
In recent years, Internet technology has been developing continuously. Compared with the disclosure of intellectual capital in the traditional environment, the disclosure in big data environment has become diversified from content to form. As the provision and dissemination of capital market information...
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Energy Savings Alternative for Oil and Gas Industry through Analytical Hierarchy Process

Agustinus HD. Purwanto, Cokorda Prapti Mahandari, Anggananda B. Raja Maruahal, Sri Hartono
This work presents an analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to rank alternatives on energy saving opportunities as provided by an energy audit report undertaken on an onshore and offshore oil and gas operation in Java Sea. The AHP criteria applied include energy saving assessment, financial capability,...
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The Mediating Effect of Operational Performance on the Relationship of Entrepreneurship Toward Financial Performance. A case of Hand Drawn Batik Industry in East Java, Indonesia

Noorlailie Soewarno, Bambang Tjahjadi
Indonesia has been well known for it's beautiful batik. In fact UNESCO has been awarded batik Indonesia as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. UNESCO insisted that Indonesia must preserve its heritage. Batik has been part of creative economy in Indonesia. Jawa Timur province had...
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The effects of of Learning Organization towards Employes' Innovative Behavior Mediated by Work Engagement (A Study in Indonesia)

Rosiwarna Anwar, Siti Hajar Maharani Niode
Innovation has been regarded as one of the most important aspect in a succesful company. Innovation is not something that could take place in a second, a company has to nurture and develop the innovative behaviors of their employees. Innovative behaviors can be nurtured and developed by continuous learning...
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Analysis on the Influence of Compensation and Leadership on Job Satisfaction and its Effect on Job Performance

Ferryal Abadi, Joseph MJ Renwarin
The aim of this research is to analyze and study the influence of compensation and leadership on job satisfaction and its impact on job performance. The population and sample of this research are 84 managers at Nusantara Bonded Area in Jakarta who are demanded to be in the middle position between employees...
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Nurses and Staff Turnover Intentions in Private Hospitals

Ari Kuntardina
The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation of organizational justice, supervisor-employee relationship, and job satisfaction to nurse' turnover intentions in private hospitals. A survey study with a total of 152 nurses from two hospitals. Technique of taking data using closed questionnaire....
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Customer Loyalty Analysis of Online Travel Agency App with Customer Satisfaction as A Mediation Variable.

Phima Ruthia Dwikesumasari, Rizka Miladiah Ervianty
In the current era, the internet plays critical roles in people's life. Several activities that used to be done traditionally (offline) have now enter the virtual world. This phenomenon brings a huge change in people's lifestyle who want something has done faster and easier than before. Just like a shopping...
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The Effect of Compensation and Organization Commitment towards Turnover Intention. Case Study in ILC (International Language Center) Jakarta

Ryani Dhyan Parashakti, Muhammad Nashar, Desi Usliawati
This study aims to determine the effect of compensation and organizational commitment towards turnover intention. The object of this research is the teacher of foreign language course ILC (International Language Center)that have two branches located in branch Mall of Indonesia and the Supermall Karawaci....
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Self Efficacy and Achievement Motivation on Performance with Perceived Organizational Support Moderation (A study on private university lecturer with "A" Accreditation Kopertis Region VII East Java)

Marsudi Lestariningsih
Private Universities (PTS) is one of the institutions that have a strategic function to prepare a better future generation. In order to improve their quality both public and private universities in Indonesia must be accredited by the Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (Board of National Accreditation...
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Analysis of Capital Buffer in Indonesian Banking

Isfenti Sadalia, Hartika Ichtiani, Novi Andrani Butar-Butar
Capital buffer place a role as to anticipate the increasing of future lost. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision implements a Basel accord which required all banks to have capital adequacy ratio at 13% in order to strengthen the capital position. Moreover capital buffer also act to reduce the likelihood...
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Does the market react to the Australian Embassy attack in Indonesia?

Iman Harymawan, Dianawati Dianawati, Akbar Suryo Kusumo Baharuddin
The purpose of this study to investigate on how the market reacts to the terrorist incidents that occurred in Indonesia. To eliminate bias, this study only focuses on one event, Australian Embassy attack. This study uses an event study method to examine changes in abnormal returns after the terrorist...
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Holiday Effect in The Indonesian Stock Market

Nugroho Sasikirono, Harlina Meidiaswati
This study aims to assess whether there is any holiday effect in the Indonesian stock market, especially on Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Christmas, Easter and Chinese Lunar New Year. Selection of the holiday events is done by considering the number of adherents of the three dominant religion in Indonesia...
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The Difference of Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction on Traditional and Modern Wedangan (Survey on Warung Wedangan in Solo)

Marjam Desma Rahadhini, Lamidi Lamidi
Warung wedangan can be categorized as an informal business, which exists specifically in Solo city. The development of wedangan or HIK (Hidangan Istimewa Kampung or Special Village Culinary) is progressing day to day. Initially, HIK is invoked as the icons of the lower level society, but now it is attracting...
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The Improvement of the Service Quality of The Syariah Bank in Facing The Global Competition

Estik Hari Prastiwi, Ujianto Ujianto, M. Sihab Ridwan, LPDP LPDP
This study aims to examine the service quality of Islamic bank in the BPRS Syariah Jabal Nur Surabaya. By using 6 dimensions of Carter method including Compliance, Assurance, Reliability, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness, this study found that Tangible is the only dimension that influences positively...
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Halal labeling effect on muslim consumers attitude and behavior

Syaifuddin Fahmi
The Halal food market in Indonesia has a big potential where 88% of the population is Muslim. The number of Islamic population in Indonesia according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in 2010 reached 207.1 million people, where the largest population is on the island of Java. Even Thombson Reuters...
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Commitment , Motivation, and Performance of Posyandu Cadres

Utik Bidayati
Posyandu cadres are part of the health workers that role in establishing a healthy community through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) achievement. Posyandu cadres have a role in empowering the community as motivators, educators, and health cares. The cadres' excellence in coordinating with the...
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Toward Lean Construction through Critical Chain Project Management and Root Cause Analysis in a Construction Project

Indrianawati Usman, Oktaviano Rendy
Construction projects have a high risk so that many important factors affect the outcome of a project called 5M, which are: man, money, material, method, and machine. Furthermore, there are other factors that must be considered, which is the uncertainty of environmental conditions. Recently, there is...
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Moderating Effect of Innovation on Strategy-Financial Performance Relationship: Experience of "Batik" SMEs

Ivon Yossy, Bambang Tjahjadi
This study aims to prove empirically that innovation moderates the relationship between strategy and financial performance. The main contribution of this study is to provide evidence of the resource-based theory, especially in the context of small medium enterprises (SMEs) research setting involving...
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The Influence of Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Attitude, Subjectif Norm, and Perceived Behavioral Control to Actual Usage PSAK 45 Revision on 2011 with Intention as Intervening Variable in Unair Financial Department.

Erina Sudaryati, Dian Agustia, Muhammad 'Illiyun Syahputra
This study aims to determine why someone using PSAK No. 45 of 2011 on the revision of non-profit organizations. This study combines the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) with variables such as the perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, attitude, subjective...
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Environmental Efficiency Policies Related to Porter's Hypothesis

Muryani Muryani
Indonesia as one of the countries of the G20 with the manufacturing sector as one of the largest energy user sectors. Energy use in the industrial sector is contributing as emitters. The greater use of energy, the greater the amount of emissions produced. The need for environmental policy declared by...
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Effect of Trust, Satisfaction, and Commitment on Customer Loyalty At the Alfamart Retail in Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia

J.E. Sutanto, S. Pantja Djati
The research objective has to determine the Effect of Trust, Satisfaction and Commitment on Customer Loyalty in the Alfamart Retail at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Hopefully will be able to the AEC 2015 retail business in Indonesia's is expected to be better. Modern retail is essentially a development...
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Customer Perceptions of Product Luwak Coffee based on Marketing Mix Elements Perspective (Customer Survey In Bandung)

Bunga Indah Bayunitri
Coffee is the commodities which plays an important role in the Indonesian economy. In recent years, Indonesia began ogled by the world related Luwak coffee that are produced and judged to have great business potential in Indonesia. According to the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exports (AICE) said...
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Performance Evaluation of Introducing Electronic Commerce into Organic Agricultural Products

Jen-Der Day, Chich-Jen Shieh, Hsien-Tang Tsai
The introduction of electronic commerce allows consumers collecting multiple and complete product information to induce the purchase motivation. In addition, the electronic commerce appears multiple and efficient product delivery from manufacturer-retailer channels to consumers and largely reduce transportation...
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The Entrepreneurial Education and Self-Efficacy on Entrepreneurial Intention

Yi-Bin Li
Based on external entrepreneurship training, self-entrepreneurship learning and inner ability perception, the effects of undergraduates' entrepreneurial education and self-efficacy on their entrepreneurial intention. The results show that (1) undergraduates' entrepreneurial education has a significant...
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Knowledge Spillover, Relative Wealth Seeking Motive and Government Expenditure Financing in Growth Analysis

Min-Liang Hsieh
This paper introduces the motive of the relative wealth seeking, which characterizes the entrepreneurship, into a knowledge-spillover-type endogenous growth model with a cash-in-advance constraint on consumption purchases and investment goods. I attempt to reexamine the growth effect of the wasteful...
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Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to the tourism factory DIY experiential value evaluation

Ying-Jye Lee, Ching-I Chen
The theory of experiential marketing combined with the viewpoints of consumer behavior, local innovation, and cultural value are applied in this study, through in-depth interview, to extract semantic and vocabulary of tourists and businesses participating in DIY experience. It intends to discuss the...
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An Emotional Study of Product Design: Images of Cleaning Containers

Yi-Hsien Lin, Chen-Yin Liu, Jenn-Yang Lin, Shen-Kui Huang
Product design has always been a key in influencing a consumer's desire to purchase a product in a highly competitive market. During the designing process, the designer has to understand how the consumer's senses appeal towards the appearance of a product, and go through numerous researches into the...
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Application of Collaborative Design Strategy on Redesign of the Cordless Household Vacuum Cleaner

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Ting-An Yeh
Nowadays, the vacuum cleaner is a quite convenient cleaning tool which is cable or cordless, industrial or household, and even equipped with a microprocessor that automatically clean the floor at home. Because the cordless vacuum cleaner is not limited to the cord and more convenient to clean around...
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An Analysis Innovation for Modern Service Indisutries' Ability Requirement from Business Administration Talents

Che Chang Chang, Yi Chou Wang
Modern service industries have become an important engine for leading the world economic growth. In China, service industries have created lots of job opportunities for undergraduate students, especially for business administration majors. This study tries to find out what enterprises prefer when they...
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Research on Innovation Driving Force and Industrial Upgrading under Information Technology

Guotie Chen
With the deepening of the information technology revolution, the concept of innovation became more and more popular. The innovation has become the core of all activities of enterprises or industries. We need to systematically consider the connotation and driving force of innovation. This paper discussed...
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Concurrent Design Strategy in Modeling and Structure of Electric Scooter for Taiwan

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Chun-Hsiang Chang
In today's highly competitive market environment with short product life cycles, the design of a product must not only satisfy the quality and the needs of customers but also ensure it has innovative values included. Therefore the study present a design process by the case of the electric scooter which...
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An Investigation of the Motives and Purchase Intentions of Malaysian Consumers on Taiwan Wedding Photography Tourism Products

Wan-Yu Chang
In line with the "New Southbound policy" of the current administration, this study, aiming at people from Southeast Asia, will focus on Malaysians as research subjects, for the close tourist interaction between the two countries. The purchase motive, purchase intention, correlation, and statistics of...
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A Study of Evaluation Indices and Weight Comparison for Food Packaging Designs

Hui Chen
In this study, a packaging design evaluation system has been built based on the design attributes, functional attributes, psychological attributes, and social attributes by following the scientific, objective, dynamic, and operable design evaluation principles via literature reviews and the investigation...
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A Study of the Difference in Operating Performance due to a Gaming Joystick's Styling and Button Locations

Chi-Hung Lo, Ya-Chuan Ko
In recent years, various types of operating interfaces for gaming have been developed accordingly due to the popularity of on-line games and gaming consoles. The psychological and physical burdens due to different types of operating interfaces are also different. Therefore, this study aims at the investigation...
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How to Promote Product Quality?

Gao Su, Li-Shan Chen, Shenghao Lin
There is a large amount of literature discussing the issues regarding promotion and how important the key factors are. Most of the existing researches use the exact data to analyze problems, but there always exist various uncertainties in real-world problems. It is usually hard to define a traditional...
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Using Fuzzy FP-Growth for Mining Association Rules

Chien-Hua Wang, Li Zheng, Xuelian Yu, XiDuan Zheng
This paper aims to use fuzzy set theory and FP-growth derived from fuzzy association rules. At first, we apply fuzzy partition method and decide a membership function of quantitative value for each transaction item. Next, we implement FP-growth to deal with the process of data mining. In addition, in...
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A Study on the Factors in the Industrial Cluster of Agricultural Biotechnology Parks

Ridong Hu, Chich-Jen Shieh
The research standard of domestic agricultural biotechnology is high and broad, while the industrialization speed is far behind the research standard. In order to accelerate the development of agricultural biotechnology industry, "agricultural biotechnology parks" which present R&D processing & marketing...
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Team conflict management and R&D team effectiveness: The effects of Task Interdependence and Team Cooperation

Yen Hsu
Companies are dedicated to improving research and development (R&D) capacity to excel in market competition. Designers that share the same values and communicate and interact effectively are more likely to assist and cooperate with each other, making loyal contributions to the companies. This study explores...
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Applying Taiwan Aboriginal culture's feature to product Design

Yi-Hsien Lin, Heng-Yau Pan, Jenn-Yang Lin
Product design is usually based on life experience and national culture today. Taiwan aboriginal culture has unique and special individual feature element. Taiwan aboriginal cultures may represent a significant part of Taiwan culture. Some product design utilized Taiwan aboriginal culture artistic elements....
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Concurrent Design Strategy in Vacuum Cleaner Development

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Yi-Chin Chen
In recent years, the environmental pollution issue has been paid more and more attention, one of them is the air pollution. It brings many dust precipitate issue into the indoor, it also increases the demand of the vacuum cleaner market indirectly, and it has continued to gain popularity. At first, this...
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Development of New Products by ISM

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Chi-Hung Lo, Hsin-Hung Lin
The key to success in the development of a new product is to determine the relationships between components of the product. Therefore, an effective method which clarifies the relationship between components is an important factor for the success in product developments. To resolve this issue, the method...
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A Fuzzy-based Sustainability Assessment Approach for Promoting Sustainable Urban Mobility

Jyh-Rong Chou
Sustainable urban mobility refers to the broad subject of urban transport that is sustainable in the senses of economic, social, and environmental perspectives by meeting the needs of both current and future generations in an efficient manner. This paper presents a fuzzy-based sustainability assessment...
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A Study of the Product Styling Design Evaluation System for Handheld Transceivers and its Applications

Hui Chen, Song Wu
It is critical for an enterprise to make quick, effective, and reasonable decisions when evaluating and screening out a large number of product styling design schemes for handheld transceivers. This study is based on the fundamental contents and program of product styling designs. Embodied individual...
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Application of Transaction Cost Theory on Repurchase Intention

Li-Shan Chen
This study presents a theoretical model for understanding repurchase intention for customers. An empirical study was conducted to examine the model. The results indicate that customers' intention to repurchase online is negatively associated with their perceived transaction cost, and perceived transaction...
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The Hypothesis of "Enlightened man" in Corporate Culture

Chunhua Zheng
Corporate culture is a new stage of management development, emphasizing the value of organization and individual and self-management of individual. Through the analysis of the theory of human nature in the process of management development, this paper puts forward the hypothesis of "consciousness" which...
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The Role of Customer Involvement in Mediating the Relationship Between Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty

Yun-Chin Huang, Yu-Jia Hu, Feng-Ming Liu, Ling-Ching Su
The prior research indicated there were significant relationship between customer involvement, brand equity, and customer loyalty. The purpose for the study was to find out how customer involvement mediates the relationship between brand equity and customer loyalty. The participants for this research...
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A DFuzzy Evaluation Model for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries -Example of Industries with Local Characteristics in Taiwan

Chia-Hui Huang, Danji Qu, Shu-Yin Hsueh
In recent years, Taiwan has been proactively promoting the development of its cultural and creative industries and the development of local cultural characteristics. In addition, it has been encouraging the integration of industrial development and cultural elements to create unique industrial competitiveness....
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Factors Influencing the Success of Communities of Practice in the Interior Decoration Industry

Hao-Cheng Huang, Yeng-Horng Perng
Knowledge management and the accumulation of knowledge assets can enhance an enterprise's competitiveness. However, knowledge is intangible and immeasurable, and effective knsawledge management is challenging. The interior decoration industry is characterized by project implementation and discontinuous...
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The effect of Jaycustomer misbehaviour on the Mehrabian-Russell Model

Hao-Te Lu, Pi-Yueh Cheng, Yi-Chou Wang
While the Mehrabian-Russell model has been widely discussed in service research, no attempt has been made to identify moderating factors for this model. The current study provides a more comprehensive view in an attempt to explore the impact of an exogenous variable on the model. A personally administered...
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A Research Project for Evaluating the Competitively of International MICE Industry in Taiwan

I-Ying Chang
According to figures from Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC, the economic effect of MICE industry is roughly seven to ten times more than the direct incomes of the organizers', which means significant effectiveness. Taiwan, located in Asia, where the MICE industry is highly prosperous,...
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An Empirical Research of Supervisor-subordinate Guanxi in Enterprises

Tung-Ju Wu, Ting Xu
The factors in turnover might be an organization not being able to provide satisfactory working environment for employees and the work identity of employees. Supervisor-subordinate guanxi is especially emphasized in Chinese enterprises, and such guanxi culture is the maxim in Chinese societies. The results...