Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Organizational Innovation (ICOI 2017)

Session: 5.2

3 articles

Environmental Efficiency Policies Related to Porter's Hypothesis

Muryani Muryani
Indonesia as one of the countries of the G20 with the manufacturing sector as one of the largest energy user sectors. Energy use in the industrial sector is contributing as emitters. The greater use of energy, the greater the amount of emissions produced. The need for environmental policy declared by...

Effect of Trust, Satisfaction, and Commitment on Customer Loyalty At the Alfamart Retail in Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia

J.e. Sutanto, S. Pantja Djati
The research objective has to determine the Effect of Trust, Satisfaction and Commitment on Customer Loyalty in the Alfamart Retail at Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Hopefully will be able to the AEC 2015 retail business in Indonesia's is expected to be better. Modern retail is essentially a development...

Customer Perceptions of Product Luwak Coffee based on Marketing Mix Elements Perspective (Customer Survey In Bandung)

Bunga Indah Bayunitri
Coffee is the commodities which plays an important role in the Indonesian economy. In recent years, Indonesia began ogled by the world related Luwak coffee that are produced and judged to have great business potential in Indonesia. According to the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exports (AICE) said...