Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences (ICOSAPS 2020)

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Building Communication with Deaf Children during The Covid-19 Pandemic

Maulana Rezi Ramadhana, Ravik Karsidi, Prahastiwi Utari, Drajat Tri Kartono
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the behavior of children with special needs. During this time, the role of family communication is important to maintain the children’s development and resilience. This paper discusses the dynamics of family communication to cope with stress and to maintain the resilience...
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Video Conference as a Mode of Communication in the Pandemic Era

Norman Parasian, Reny Yuliati
This COVID-19 Pandemic era forces us to change our communication patterns and media. Changes also occur in the world of workers. This forces industry players to adapt to long-distance communication patterns with videoconferencing media in response to the company’s need to establish communication between...
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The Analysis of Meme Virality Factors in Twitter of Scholar Protest on September 2019

Eldo Novan Pratama
This research is performed to find out how the depiction of viral factors in memes on Twitter during the student demonstration on September 2019. The enthusiasm of Twitter users during the demonstrations period is used as the basis of this research to choose the viral memes as the object. This research...
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Analysis of Audience Response to Public Service Advertisement about Covid-19 in Instagram

Sylvie Nurfebiaraning, Lu’lu Mutia
COVID-19 pandemic has taken place globally, especially in Indonesia, so the government has decided to prevent the spread of the corona virus. One of them is the Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia, as a government institution that has been recognized and accepted, and has certain impacts and...
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Family Communication Patterns in Choosing Halal Food of Muslims Thailand

Kuhafeesah Rongso, Prahastiwi Utari, Andre Rahmanto
This study aims to find out how the general pattern of family communication is in choosing halal food by Muslims. In Thailand, Muslims are considered as an ethnic minority and have restrictions in choosing food. The way to choose halal food is very important to Muslims. The factor in choosing halal food...
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Diffusion of Innovations Zoom Application for Kindergarten Online Learning Communication

Lidya Agustina, Rieka Mustika
Currently, COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic that happened in many countries, including in Indonesia. Related to this pandemic, The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia is issuing a policy which is to study from home. To fulfill this policy, students and teachers are required to mastering the...
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E-learning as an Adaptation Strategy in Facing Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case study on the 2018 and 2019-generation students of Post Graduate Sociology Department, University of Indonesia

Rifka Annisa, Syarfina Mahya Nadila, Syifa Andini Salsabila, Syora Alya Eka Putri, Hakiki Nurmajesti
Covid-19 has resulted in social activities limitation by the Indonesia government, one of which is related to teaching and learning activities in the university. The Sociology Department of the University of Indonesia took steps by replacing usual lectures to online lectures or E-learning. Unlike usual...
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Framing Analysis of the Jakarta’ COVID-19 Coverage: March 2020

Markus Utomo Sukendar, Agustyarum Pradiska Budi
The Jakarta played a major role in delivering the latest information for Covid-19 virus. The current issue regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is about (1) the role of the government in making policies to deal with Covid-19, especially in Jakarta, (2) The role of the media in conveying information...
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The Strategy of Indonesian Local Press to Face the Effect of Covid-19 Global Pandemic

Anas Syahirul Alim, Sri Hastjarjo, Andre N. Rahmanto
The Covid-19 global pandemic affected all sectors of life, including the press. The function of the press as a provider of information is disrupted. Print media is the most affected. There is a press publishing company that has production functions. There are also those who survive with difficulty. Many...
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Representation of the Communication Strategy for the Da’wah of the Sufi Order in Syair Nasihat as an Effort to Strengthen National Unity

Asep Yudha Wirajaya, Bani Sudardi, Istadiyantha, Warto
Since the “wujudiyah controversy” occurred in Aceh, the ulamas have interpreted very carefully the poetic expressions of the Sufis who often use a dense and symbolic language of poetry. In fact, the mental atmosphere created by the controversy led the ulama to prefer writing Sufism doctrine or teachings...
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The Challenges of Online Learning in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Elih Sudiapermana, Muslikhah
The Covid-19 pandemic has made school services done through online learning. Although the development of ICT-based learning has been introduced for a long time, most schools in Indonesia still use conventional methods for its learning process. Therefore, many problems were faced when the Covid-19 pandemic...
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Public Communication Messages on Instagram Account @tukarbaju in Affecting Millennials

Ainun Mughiroh
Fashion consumption carried out continuously would exert a negative effect on environment. Many people were not aware that the importance of consumption continuously in the fashion sector made a campaign called an exchange of clothes established. For making it success, the community makes Instagram a...
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Gender Issues towards Communication Aspects on Women Leadership Styles in Construction Company

Heryna Oktaviana Kurniawati
Construction is a field of work which is task oriented and has been classified as a masculine line of work. In social prototypes, a female leader is synonymous with traditional leadership that imitates men. Leadership theory with a gender perspective refers to Loden’s theory which categorizes leadership...
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Study of Public Service Communication Activities in Response to the Psychological Crisis on COVID-19 Pandemic at GPIB Ekklesia BUNR

Samantha Luhukay
The public communication in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is currently the responsibility of each organization. Belief problems regarding the coverage of pandemic issues in the media to how to deal with pandemic situations need to be communicated periodically by the Organization to prevent irregularities...
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The Use of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) in Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic: Pros and Cons

Ika Novitaria Marani, Ari Subarkah, Adi Wijayanto
There has been a change in learning activities after Covid-19 became a global pandemic. The change occurring is, among others, that from face to face learning to distance learning through the online process, like the used of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). Accordingly, the use of CMC goes along...
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Communication Model for Sustainable Development of Public Transportation Infrastructure In West Sumatra

Nora Eka Putri, Aldri Frinaldi, Adil Mubarak
Implementation of public infrastructures by the Government should pay attention to the synergy of various parties of the central government with local governments as well as coordination with the community. But the fact that the development of public infrastructures in West Sumatera had problems in land...
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Framing Analysis on Public Crisis Communication by the Ministry of Health during COVID-19 Outbreak

Precy Setyadhika Permata
This research is a qualitative descriptive research aiming to get an explanation about the process of reality reconstruction done by online media and various kind of framing devices used at and reporting about Crisis Communication caused by Ministry of Health, Terawan Agus Putranto,...
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City and Communication Technology Advancements in Industrial Revolution

Okeu Yudipratomo, Irwansyah
The journey of the industrial revolution has reached its fourth stage, as long as industrial civilization takes place, people who inhabit urban areas are familiar with the term globalization, a concept of community trends integrated into global communities in various fields, one of which is technology....
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Youtube Social Media Trends Reduce Television Watching Interest

Hery Setiawan, Pawito, Andrik Purwasito
The fact that the community has exhibited the use of social media such as YouTube, WA, Facebook, Instagram and Twiter is expanding. Such conditions will certainly shift interest to conventional media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines. In fact, YouTube social media slowly but surely...
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Analysis of Communication Patterns for Expectation Family Program

Eceh Trisna Ayuh, Titi Darmi, Novliza Eka Patrisia
Program Keluarga Harapan also known in English as Family Hope Program (PKH) is a government policy program to empower the community. PKH is given to the community aiming to make the community living independently in their daily and future lives. This study aims to determine the communication patterns...
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Social Marketing Communication Strategy on “Covid-19 Alert Village” of Central Java Regional Police

Case Study on Covid-19 Alert Village at Panggung Lor, North Semarang

Amin Fauzi, Ign. Agung Satyawan, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
Various efforts have been made by the Government of Indonesia in preventing and breaking the chain of spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). Virus Spreading of Corona (Covid-19) is growing during this new normal phase. Since the beginning of the discovery of the Covid-19 case in Indonesia, the National...
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Local Wisdom in PERCIK Advocacy, Public Communication Strategy

Christina Arief TH Mumpuni
This research wants to find out how the “Kearifan Lokal (local wisdom)” used by PERCIK, as an independent public organization, upholds humanitarian and democratic values in carrying out every activity in one of the pillars, namely advocacy on the basis of locality. Qualitative research is able to understand...
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Digital Modeling through Observation of Content on Social Media in the Learning Process of Novice Entrepreneurial Communication Strategies

Miftahul Rozaq, Sri Hastjarjo, Yulius Slamet
This study aims to investigate digital modelling through observing content on social media in the learning process of novice entrepreneurial communication strategies. Novice entrepreneurs tend to follow and imitate other business strategies that have been successful and which can motivate them to learn...
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Implementation of Government Crisis Communication During The Covid-19

Rastri Kusumaningrum, Lina Aryani
The spread of the covid-19 has become a major crisis for countries in the world and changed the government policies pattern to handling the crisis proactively. Crisis communication strategies by the government have to be important thing among policy makers and also community. The pattern of communication...
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Not Easy and Challenging: How Students Maintain a Relational and Communal Communication Identity in Doing Business Online

Prahastiwi Utari, Tanti Hermawati
The problems that remain unsolved for Higher Education in Indonesia are the large number of graduates produced still educated unemployed. The system of education is more oriented to the academic field, making students not ready yet for entering the world of work. Coupled with the ideal type of graduates...
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Indonesia Digital Public Sphere: An Alternative and Counterhegemonic Space for Covid-19

Andrine Prima Afneta Arzil
The outbreak of corona virus disease 2019 (Covid-19) has created a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on the way we perceive our world and everyday lives. Mass Media is playing an important role in the Covid-19 response and has always constituted the necessary infrastructure for modern public...
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Management of the Educational Change in the Covid 19 Pandemic Era

Lenie Okviana, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
The challenge of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 became very concrete for the world of Education in Indonesia after the government approved the new platform for the Freedom to Learn policy. Many technical aspects, for example, related to facilities, must be prepared. In short, the policy feels too fast...
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Analysis of Public Communication Strategy during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lenie Okviana, Sendi Eka Nanda, Pipit Fitriyah
During the COVID-19 emergency period, the Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s administration did not escape from criticism over the speed, strength and, resilience of the government and response to the crisis. This paper aims to analyze the public communication strategy implemented by the Government of Indonesia...
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Politics Media: The Dynamic of Independency and Neutrality for Journalist in Strengthening Resilient Society

Septyantoro Aji Nugroho, Prahastiwi Utari, Andre Noevi Rahmanto
The role of mass media in society is fulfilling the society’s needs for information. Society knows several issues from the mass media, especially in the digital era. As we know, there are two platforms in conventional media: printed and broadcasting. These platforms, especially newspapers and television,...
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Hoaxes: Attacking all Netizen and Putting Women as the Most Vulnerable Group

Survey on Netizen’s Responses to Hoaxes in Gianyar Bali

Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, Kadek Dwita Apriani, Richard Togaranta Ginting
Hoaxes circulate in social media. The power of social media which penetrate times and spaces without borders make hoaxes penetrate all the internet users. Hoaxes build hatred and exaggerated fear. For that reason, it is crucial to identify the toughness of netizen in dealing with hoaxes. This paper describes...
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Social Marketing Communication Activities to Anticipate Children’s Sexual Violence

Meilani Dhamayanti, Windaningsih, Daru Wibowo
Sexual violence in children increases in various regions. Efforts to prevent sexual violence are needed so that the number of sexual child violence does not increase. Prevention of child sexual violence must be done by involving various elements, one of which is an NGO (Non-governmental Organization)....
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E-PR Effect of Directorate General of Taxes in the Industrial Era 4.0 in Forming Taxation Images

Gustia Ikra Negara, Rahmi Surya Dewi, Ernita Arif
In the industrial era 4.0, all forms of interaction have slowly shifted to digital. The use of technology in communicating with the public is also carried out by government agencies including public relations practitioners. This study aims to analyze public relations activities, institutional image and...
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Analysis of Strategies to Increase the Roles of Family Planning Field Officers in Family Planning Village Program in East Tanjung Jabung District of Jambi Province

Dede Mahmudah, Islakhiyah
The data of Indonesian Demographic and Health Survey of 2017 shows that Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in Indonesia is quite high (2.4), compared with the TFR target set by National Family Planning Coordinating Board (2.33). This shows that society growth has kept raising and when going uncontrollable it...
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Empowering Network Management and Performance Quality in the Development of Business Organizations

A Case study on SMEs Cluster in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Muhammad Noor, Daryono
The purpose of research is to determine the pattern and strategy of organization development (OD), especially SMEs Clusters as a business organization. The research took place at Balikpapan City and was conducted on three types of SMEs Clusters: Batik Cluster, Food Cluster and Handicraft Cluster. The...
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Communication and Network Crisis : Mapping of Important Actors in the #BersatuLawanCovid19 Campaign on Twitter

Pipit Fitriyah, Ahmad Fatoni, Ahmad Nasher
Indonesia seems to not be out of the crisis caused by natural and non-natural disasters, this indicates the need for a crisis communication strategy in the face of disaster. March 2020 Indonesia to become one of the positive countries Covid-19, requires a strategic approach and communication plan tailored...
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The Effectiveness of Using Digital Media in Government Systems in the Industry Era 4.0 (Lapor! At Kominfo Office of Solok City)

Meynalti Handhayani, Rahmi Surya Dewi, Ernita Arif
The government has now used digital media in government system services to be more practical, effective and efficient. Like the LAPOR! which is a means to submit complaints, aspirations and requests for information from the public to the government that is guaranteed the security and confidentiality...
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Cyber Public Relations Readiness of Private Universities In West Sumatera to Welcome the Industrial Era 4.0

Latifah Gusri, Ernita Arif, Rahmi Surya Dewi
The emergence of the industrial era 4.0 requires practitioners of Cyber Public Relations Private Universities to participate in the transformation. The practice of Cyber Public Relations is needed very much by Private Universities to be able to build a brand and crisis management by utilizing technological...
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The Role of Cultural Community in the Development of Local Culture in Pangandaran Region

Priyo Subekti, Hanny Hafiar, Iriana Bakti
Pangandaran Regency is rich in culture and art that have not been published, so that many Indonesian people do not know. Pangandaran distinctive cultures being preserved and introduced to the public currently are Ronggeng Gunung (typical culture of Pangandaran Regency), the ocean, the leuweung celebration...
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Identification and Role of Stakeholders in Ecotourism Development in Indonesia

Nurul Hikmah, Endang Larasati, Hartuti Purnaweni, Tri Yuniningsih
Ecotourism becomes one of the economic support alternatives to a country if it is well managed and also has very good management. However, on the other hand, the existence of ecotourism gives a negative impact on the environment in the form of garbage, damage to historic objects, pollution, and others....
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Collaborative Governance in Merapi Volcano Eruption Risk Reduction in Sleman

Muhammad Mustofa, Sri Suwitri, Endang Larasati, Tri Yuniningsih
After the Merapi eruption in 2010, the community of disaster volunteers in Sleman has grown rapidly, with at least 54 volunteer communities registered with BPBD Sleman. This gives a positive impression that many parties still care and can also ease the government’s duties in disaster management. However,...
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Pros and Cons: Legal Status of Dispute in Election of Village Head in the Perspective of Indonesian Constitutional Law (A Case Study in Klaten District)

Soehartono, Harjono, Zakki Adlhiyati, Ismawati Septiningsih, Itok Dwi Kurniawan
This research dissects the pros and cons of electing a village head from the perspective of Indonesian constitutional law with a case study in the Klaten area. This research is a socio-legal study of legal analysis using primary data sources and secondary data sources. The results showed that the selection...
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Institutional Disaffection: The Role of Political Sophistication in Evaluating Parliament in Indonesia

Aryo Wasisto, Indra Pahlevi
This research aims to measure the political behavior of internet users when evaluating the DPR-RI, especially in the concept of e-participation. This study uses the institutional disaffection dimension as dependent variable. We offer political sophistication independent variables. From the political...
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Conflict Resolution in Community Governance Perspective: Social Capital Analysis on Land Tenure Conflict in Bebidas Village, Lombok

Aryogito Nindyatmoko, Kristina Setyowati, Rina Herlina Haryanti
Jurang Koak Indigenous Land Warriors (JKILW) or ‘Pejuang Tanah Adat Jurang Koak’ claimed that some of the conservation areas of Mount Rinjani National Park (MRNP) are the property of their ancestral heritage. The claim was considered biased by the MRNP manager, as it was very difficult to prove, and...
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Pancasila and Intolerance among Students in Universities

Banu Prasetyo, Lienggar Rahadiantino, Kartika Nuswantara, Mirza Fathima Jauhar Kamalia
Intolerance is an unresolved issue in Indonesia; as such it is uncovered through several studies demonstrating the sloping trends of intolerance attitudes in Indonesia. The approaches enacted by groups of citizens come from varied backgrounds, especially university cohorts. Such a group is supposed to...
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Strategies and Challenges of Capacity Building in Partnership Tourism Development in Indonesia

Savana Andang Endarto, Desiderius Priyo Sudibyo, Rina Herlina Haryanti
Tourism is one of the development priorities of the government. This sector is growing into a promising industry. However, tourism should be developed with the readiness of the community to provide welfare for all people. However, people are often unable to participate in tourism development in their...
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Strengthening Civil Servant Performance through E-Performance Bureaucracy Reform at Surakarta Regional Public Hospital

Citra Nugraheny Putri Widodo, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Haryanti
Strengthening employee performance can be achieved with bureaucratic reform. In globalization era, bureaucratic reform is associated with ICT, as in the application of e-performance which is an information system of performance management aiming to assess achievement and as a reference for additional...
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The Phenomenon of Vertical Conflict in the Preservation of Historical Sites: Ngurawan, Madiun- East Java

Tri Widyastuti, Novi Triana Habsari, Aurelius Ratu, Abraham Nurcahyo
Madiun is one of cities in the province of East Java, Indonesia which has a lot of historical tourism. This is because in Madiun there are many historical discoveries such as temples, inscriptions, artifacts, historical heritage buildings, ancient mosques and other historical sites. In the discovery...
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The Continuity of Batam Importance to the Development of BBK Region: A Regional Economic Perspective

Adiwan Fahlan Aritenang
The development of Batam as a special economic zone (SEZ) has been initiated for more than four decades ago. Despite its success, there has been limited study to analyze the impact of the SEZ to its peripheral. The Spatial Plan of Batam Bintan Karimun (BBK) is the only policy that regulating how the...
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Empowerment Based on Collaborative Governance in Leprosy Patients In Central Java

Raden Imam Al Hafis, Endang Larasati, Hardi Warsono, Hartuti Purnaweni
Collaborative governance is one of the studies echoed recently in government structures to involve non- government institutions in making collective decisions on problems that exist in society. One of the empowerments is intended to leprosy patients. This article writing aims to see how empowerment is...
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Implementation of Population Service Policy in Indonesian Border Areas

Jericho D. Pombengi, Endang Larasati, Hardi Warsono, Kismartini
Population Administration is a series of structuring and controlling activities in the issuance of population documents and data through population registration, civil registration, management of population administration information and utilization of its results for public services and development...
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Housing Policy Dynamics: Actor and Culture Collaboration Perspective

Ahmad Sururi, Budiman Rusli, Ida Widianingsih, Slamet Usman Ismanto
This research is about the dynamics of housing policy in the perspective of actor and cultural cooperation. The research method used was descriptive qualitative through case studies in Serang, a city in Indonesia and the data collection techniques used were semi- structured interviews and observations....
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The Dynamic Capability of the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) in the 2020 Election during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nanang Subekti, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Hariyanti
Background: COVID-19 has brought fundamental changes to various public sectors, one of which is the implementation of the 2020 simultaneous regional head elections in Indonesia. Objectives: The purpose of this article is to analyze the dynamic capabilities of the KPU from a dynamic governance perspective...
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Collaborative Governance in Tourism Development at the Protected Area Sangiran Indonesia

R.Slamet Santoso, Titik Djumiarti
This research aims to analyze the implementation of collaborative governance model in tourism development in the protected area of Sangiran, Sragen, and to find an effective collaborative governance model that can be applied in the area for tourism development. The research used qualitative method with...
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Strengthening Women’s Role in Politics, How Far Is It?

Tiyas Nur Haryani, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
The discussion on woman and politics is a global issue being the starting point of feminism inception to fight for woman’s right in politics. In Indonesia, woman and political issue has actually been discussed by the nation’s founder, Ir. Soekarno, and feminism issue in Indonesia has been an integral...
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The Influence of Work Culture and Work Quality on Service Quality in 50 Kota Regency, West Sumatra

Aldri Frinaldi, Nora Eka Putri, Jumiati
Human resource development aims to improve the work culture and work quality of employees so that the public can experience a good service quality with the government as a service provider. This study aims to analyze the influence of work culture and work quality on service quality in 50 Kota Regency....
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The Evaluation on the Impact of Semarang Local Regulation Number 03 of 2013 Policy on “Other Groups”

Dyah Hariani, Mochammad Yoga Rifai
Smoking behavior is a behavior that can harm others; it is one of the reasons why some regional has ‘non- smoking areas’ regulation to minimize the negative impact of this behavior. Semarang is one of the regional having ‘non-smoking areas’ regulation stipulated in the Local Government Regulations of...
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Level of Public Satisfaction with Aceh Government Performance in Relation to Covid-19 Responses

Yusnaidi, SI Mirdha Fahlevi, Marlizar
Covid19 outbreak has attracted the government of Indonesia’s attention at various levels in relation to response to it. Various policies have been implemented and enforced to minimize the potential risks. The government of Aceh Province handles Covid19 outbreak seriously and has issued The Decree of...
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Penta Helix Model for Sustainable Coastal Area Management in Bangka Islands

Kismartini, Hartuti Purnaweni, Bulan Prabawani, Irfan Murtadho Yusuf
Coastal environment degradation in Bangka Island was closely associated with irresponsible stakeholders to respond the issue. This study aimed to analyze the role of stakeholders using Penta Helix model with descriptive qualitative approaches. The results showed the mapping of stakeholders’ role based...
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Democracy in Post-Truth Era: The Public Sphere Practice in Indonesian Presidential Election, 2019

Juan Malik Frederick Turpyn, Muchammad Nasucha
Recently, the practice of public sphere on social media has existed as the distinguishing reality in the post-truth era. Many dynamics of political life and society in this era illustrate that emotional attractiveness is more influential in shaping public opinion than facts, the existing reality. The...
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Empowering Network Management and Performance Quality in the Development of Business Organizations

A Case study on SMEs Cluster in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Daryono, Muhammad Noor
The purpose of research is to determine the pattern and strategy of organization development (OD), especially SMEs Clusters as a business organization. The research took place at Balikpapan City and was conducted on three types of SMEs Clusters: Batik Cluster, Food Cluster and Handicraft Cluster. The...
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Problems with Indonesia’s Rice Field Management Policy Dichotomy of Central - Regional Authorities

Arditya Wicaksono, Romi Nugroho
This study wants to parse and to explain the problematic authority of the central and regional governments about LP2B. The method used was descriptive qualitative with a case study approach in rice-producing provinces in Indonesia which experienced conversion of paddy field. The results of this study...
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Gender Mainstreaming in Government Programs: Between Administrative Rigorism and Demand for Public Sphere

Lucy Max, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
The program of gender mainstreaming of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries came across many problems. The Ministry admitted the difficulties in implementing the principle of gender mainstreaming in strategic, tactical and operational aspects. This fact has raised the question of how public sphere...
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Multi-stakeholder Participation Challenges In Local Disaster Management Policies: A Case from Bojonegoro District, Indonesia

Trimurti Ningtyas, Endang Larasati, Hardi Warsono, Hartuti Purnaweni
This article talks about disaster management policies in Bojonegoro District. Being the first district to implement an open government partnership, the formulation of disaster management policies in Bojonegoro namely Regulations No. 7 of 2012 became the starting point development in Bojonegoro District....
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Citizen E-Participation Model in Resolving Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Ayuning Budiati, Ipah Ema Jumiati
Indonesia is coping covid-19 pandemic since beginning of March 2020. Many policies and strategies that already conducted by the government to resolve this outbreak. The use of technology information is very important during this outbreak. 55℅ people at Java Island use the internet and their gadget to...
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Civil society (Women Organizations) on supporting Family Resilience in Lampung Province

Meiliyana, Ani Agus Puspawati, Yulianto, S Indriyati Caturiani
Local regulation (Perda) No 4/2018 about caring out the development of family resilience is issued in order to response to Law (UU) no 52/2009 about creating welfare family. Since collaborative governance model is supposed to be able to support the implementation of this Perda, so the involvement of...
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Reforming Government Organization: Building A Responsive Government Bureaucracy at Kabupaten Subang

Tati Sarihati, Lusy Mukhlisiana
Bureaucratic reform, both in the central and regional governments, is a necessity in the effort to comprehend good governance. Bureaucratic reform on the regional government level focuses on creating an efficient, effective, rational and proportional organization that in line with the region needs and...
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Exclusivity of Incumbent Candidate in the Pandemic of Covid-19 as a Political Resource towards Election 2020

Eka Suaib, Muh. Najib Husain, La ode Harjuddin
The corona case in Southeast Sulawesi requiring political movements of each candidate to have a special strategy that breaks social restrictions would be more beneficial for detainees. Exclusion of incumbent candidates is also intended to likely utilize the position of regional head amid the social situation...
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Why Corruption?

Dyah Lituhayu, Sri Suwitri, Y Warella, Ida Hayu D.M
The purpose of this study is to find out and to describe why corruption continues to occur in Semarang Government although there have been many regulations or commissions made as an effort to eradicate corruption. A qualitative descriptive method was applied in this study to describe the phenomenon of...
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Efforts to Fulfill the Right of Rehabilitation For Female Defendant (Study at Lapas IIa Women’s Prison in Palembang)

Vera Novianti, Wahyu Ernaningsih, Suci Flambonita
The development of imprisonment into penitentiary is set out in Law Number 12 of 1995 concerning Corrections. The penal system makes the punishment or punishment system better for prisoners if previously the punishment was given to make criminals suffer and retaliation for crimes committed, but the correctional...
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Family Development in Pekanbaru Indonesia; Historical Institutionalism Approach

Wazni Azwar, Wan Asrida, Isril
This paper attempts to explore family development in Pekanbaru Indonesia using historical institutionalism approach. Formal institution and informal institution have been looked more deeply by library research. Family is smallest unit of institution. It is pivotal to map the pattern of family development...
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The Problem of E-Democracy and its Impact on Political Participation in Indonesia

Muhammad Saiful Aziz, Sofia Hasna
Technology has developed so rapidly that it has influenced various aspects of people’s lives. In practice, the presence of media convergence also enters democratic life in democratic countries, including Indonesia. This study aims to examine how problems in implementing e-democracy and their impact on...
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Community Empowerment Based on Social Entrepreneurship

Setiyo Yuli Handono, Fitriyani Febiola
This study aims to identify social entrepreneurship in the empowerment of the community of Ice Cream Village, as well as the impact on society of the community empowerment program of the Ice Cream Village. The data analysis methods used in this study were data collection, data reduction, data presentation,...
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Pattern and Orientation of Indonesian Women’s Movement: Comparison of Women Movement in the Era Before and After the Reform

Yuanita Dwi Hapsari, Trisni Utami, Mahendra Wijaya, Triana Rahmawati
The emergence of women’s movement in Indonesia is inseparable from the social, cultural, and political conditions. The emergence of women’s movement from the colonial period through post-reform era does not mean that it is opposed in achieving the ideals of women’s struggle. It is precisely apparent...
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Virtual Tour: Tourism in the Time of Corona

Ranny Rastati
Since the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak hit Indonesia on early March 2020, many activities were delayed, flights canceled, and tourist attractions closed. Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) lasting for months prevented people from traveling. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were...
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Strengthening Village Economy during Pandemic

Adelia Oktarina, Febrina Elia Nababan
Pandemic situations today emerge as challenges for the economy both at the national and village level in Indonesia. The village has diverse resources, for instance, natural resources, local authority, local wisdom, and village funds. This privilege of the village in Indonesia is an essential strength...
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Postmodern Vision on COVID-19 Outbreak: A Risk Society Experience in Surakarta

Muhammad Alif Alauddin, Faith Aqila Silmi, Arief Noer Prayogi, Yuyun Sunesti
As postmodern emphasizes the society into a deep interpretation of individual reality, the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic should be postulated beyond review of medical sciences. Exploring that, this paper uses sociological approach to review social circumstances of risk community manifested...
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The Optimization of Mosque-based Posdaya to Improve Public Welfare

Yoga Mahendra, Sudrajat, Nasiwan
The founding of Baiturrahman Mosque-based posdaya is an effort for community development by making the mosque a strategic place in implementing empowerment programs. This study aims to describe the optimization of mosque-based posdaya to improve welfare of the people of Klidon sub-village, Sukoharjo...
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Resilience of Batik Workers Women in Responding To Economic Vulnerability

Nurul Friskadewi, Setiadi
Conceptually, resilience is the resilience of the socio-cultural economy of women batik workers in adjusting and dealing with crisis and uncertain conditions as part of the dynamics of batik business. The condition is getting worse with the inherent social status as a widow, stigmatized as someone who...
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Changes in the Culinary Purchasing Behavior via Digital due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wahyu Tri Hastiningsih, A. Anditha Sari
Coronavirus (COVID-19), which spreads almost all over the world including Indonesia, is of great concern to the global public. In preventing the spread of virus, the government appealed to the public to work, study, worship, and even to process food process from home. The Public is required to provide...
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Innovation and Collaboration of Movement Removing Stigma Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)

Aris Sunandar, Budi Setiyono, Hardi Warsono, Budiyono
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new disease whose transmission process is very fast, has not found a cure yet, and leads to death. This triggers social stigma in the community. From a health perspective, social stigma is a negative relationship between a person, a group of people sharing certain...
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Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association Corporatism Practices in Veterinary Authority

Asih Sasomo, Kristina Setyowati, Rina Herlina Haryanti
The emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) that have attacked humans in the last three decades 75% are zoonotic (caused by animals). In addition to endangering human life, this disease also has a huge social and economic impact in the world. Covid 19 is one example. This flicked public awareness of the...
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Tourism Village: Challenges and Opportunities in New Normal

A. Risdawati AP, Dian Karinawati Imron, Cita Pertiwi
Tourism at national level is one of largest foreign exchange contributors in Indonesia. Tourism Village is one of the tourism activities bringing an economic impact on the community because the rural community is involved in the development of tourism villages. Tourism Village concept puts the community...
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Cyberbullying and Woman Oppression

M. Zaenul Muttaqin, Ninik Tri Ambarwati
Based on Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) data, the number of cyberbullying in 2019 is 49%. Cyberbullying is a growing problem associated with act of giving comment intending to ridicule, do body shaming, and harassment against someone through digital communication, such as social...
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Sign, Simulation, and Consumption on E-Hailing Application Brand

Addin Kurnia Putri
This article outlines a perspective on the role of media in Go-Jek branding as the first e-hailing application in Indonesia. A new innovative technology using artificial intelligence certainly has a specific marketing strategy to attract consumers. Go-Jek creates a space of signs, images, and codes through...
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Discrimination and Legal Protection of Transgender: What Can We Learn?

Fauzi Iqbal Hibatulloh, Gayatri Widya Indryani, Misa’al Rizqulloh Al Qodir, Asal Wahyuni Erlin Mulyadi
This article aims to describe the discriminations experienced by transgender and explore the regulations addressing it. Transgender is a sexual and gender minority under the group of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). This study is a literature review exploring data collected from several...
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The Impact of Quranic Therapy in Treatment of Psychological Disease and Spiritual Disease for Adolescents of Divorce Parents

Muh. Haris Zubaidilah, Husin
Alquran has since been revealed to have defined itself as “Syifa” or a healer. Healing is intended not only as a cure for various physical diseases but is very intense in declaring itself as a cure for people with psychological disorders. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of Qur’anic...
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The Role of Actor in the Implementation of Disaster Preparedness School (SSB) Programs in Senior High School 1 Karanganom, Klaten District

Yuanita Dwi Hapsari, Nurhadi, Siany Indria Liestyasari
This article aims to find out the role of actors in the implementation of Disaster preparedness School programs in Senior High School 1 Karanganom, Klaten District. The method used is qualitative by using case studies. Data was obtained from the results of observations, interviews and documentation with...
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The Role of Mass Media in the Social Change of Quran Perspective in Covid-19 era

Muhammad Faisal, Anhar Fazri
Mass media is a channel to deliver information to the public in any situation and condition. In its application, mass media will be one of factors driving the change in society, especially in the current Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The Qur’an explains clearly the communication with...
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Disruption in Economics Learning through WhatsApp Group during Covid-19 Pandemic

Raden Roro Suci Nurdianti
The word ‘Disruption’ becomes more popular along with Industrial Revolution 4.0. This word appears in various aspects of life: socioeconomic, financial, transportation, and even educational aspects. This change called Disruption is challenging to some countries. But for some others, it can also help...
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Gender Inequality and Literature: A Contemporary Issue

Tawhida Akhter
Literature asserted itself to be an intellectual imitator to life for generations in this earth that has voiced the voiceless. The recent modern and postmodern literary ideas have changed the whole scenario of the literature. One of the contemporary issues is the gender inequality. Writers across the...
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Nonstructural Institutional Design: An Anomaly Practice In Indonesia

Kristian W. Wicaksono
The purpose of this study is to examine the reflection experience of the team members of nonstructural institutions (LNS) evaluation from the Division of Institutional Policy Preparation, Ministry of Administrative Reform, who was evaluating LNS in Indonesia. The study employs qualitative research methods,...
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Global civil Disobedience Trend against Anti Covid-19 Policy

Drajat Tri Kartono, RB. Soemanto, Ahmad Zuber, Rezza Dian Akbar, Theofilus Apolinaris Suryadinata
This study aims to analyze the phenomenon of non compliance with government policies on preventing covid-19 transmission through several activities such as social distancing, working and learning from home, reducing mobility, wearing masks and washing hands. Such disobedience results in continuing transmission...
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Face Negotiation Theory in Lived Experiences of Female Sex Workers in Former Dolly

Nikmah Suryandari, Prayowildan Hidayatullah
This study applied face negotiation theory in the context of the intercultural communication of commercial sex workers in the former Dolly region of Surabaya. The data collection method used observations, interviews, and documentation. The research problem of this study is how female sex workers in former...
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Expressing Piety through Property Ads: Sharia Housing and Islamic Identity Formation

Yuyun Sunesti, Addin Kurnia Putri
This paper explores the expression of piety displayed in Sharia housing advertisements located in Solo Raya. Through qualitative research and applying content analysis, this paper analyzes the descriptions of piety showed by housing producers to attract consumers. This research found that there are two...
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Resilience Thinking with Local Wisdom in Disruptive Era

Nanda Alfan Kurniawan
The increasing use of information technology and internet tools by the public has given birth to a disruptive era for life activities in various aspects. These conditions indirectly encourage the formation of changes in mindset and patterns of community action so as to cause social dynamics that vary...
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An Innovation for the Resilience and Development of MSMEs in Majalengka Regency, Indonesia

Ellen Rusliati, Mulyaningrum
Innovation is essential to the resilience and development of MSMEs to take advantage of the opportunities available to use their potential. This study aims at determining the ability of MSMEs to innovate so that they can develop their business. The innovations measured include packaging, market segments,...
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Beyond the Spectacle: The Pain and Grief Suffered by Indonesian Rooftoppers

Yusuf Kurniawan, Mugijatna, Warto, Wakit A. Rais
One of today’s popular urban explorations (urbex) is rooftopping, namely the craze of climbing skyscrapers, bridges, chimneys or towers wearing no harnesses for breathtaking stunt-like photos intended for social media fame. The data show that the number of victims due to rooftopping accidents cannot...
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EU’s Resilience Building in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Implications for ASEAN

Nguyen Dang Dao
Resilience has lately become popular in international relations discourse and the EU’s foreign policy. Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, was identified in the Global Strategy as one of the focus regions where the EU would like to promote a resilient government and society through its normative power...
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Redefining Indonesia’s Foreign Policy “Free & Active”: Challenges & Opportunities of Indonesia’s - China’s Alliance in the Development of Space Technology

Astri Rafikasari
This paper aims to analyze the opportunities and challenges of the Indonesia-China alliance in the development of space technology. We know that Indonesia’s foreign policy is free and active politics. But, the condition of the global strategic environment developing so greatly with the 4.0 industrial...
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Hybrid Space and Digital Diplomacy in Global Pandemic Covid-19

Andrik Purwasito, Erwin Kartinawati
Technological developments have proven the rise of The Global Village. International Relations in the era of technological development also experienced a very fantastic historical leap. The technological revolution has arisen hybrid space, which is when today’s space has been changed by the use of the...