Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Science, Health, Economics, Education and Technology (ICoSHEET 2019)

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The Effectiveness of Kegel Exercise for the Acceleration of Perineum Wound Healing on Postpartum Women

R Gustirini, RN Pratama, RAA Maya, Mardalena
Postpartum is an important phase because the complication including genetalia infection frequently happen in this phase. perineum wound healing delay is influenced by several factors, such as less nutrients, less of personal hygiene or personal perineum hygiene, less break, less mobilization and exercises...
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The Effect of Infant Massage on Infant Weight Gain

I A Anggarini, R Andriani, C Purwanti, L Susanti
Some of the benefits of baby massage include increasing appetite, doubling the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, increasing body weight, increasing endurance, making babies sleep more soundly, and fostering attachment between parents and children. This research aims to determine the effect of infant...
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The Effect of Soursop Juice Consuming on Uric Acid Level in the Elderly

Anita Apriany, Maya Fadlillah, Puji Setya Rini, Hikmah Ramadhan
Background: Uric acid is a crystalline acid that is the end product of purine metabolism (a nucleoprotein derived form). Purines are the result of protein metabolism that can form uric acid crystals and can accumulate in the joints of the hands and kidneys / urinary tract. How to care for uric acid is...
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Nurse’s Barriers When Becomes a Member of Code Blue Team

Annisa Rahmania, Cahya N Windy Astuti, Renny Triwijayanti, Mar’atun Ulaa, Inne Yellisni, Trilia, Maya Fadlillah
The code blue system consists of a team formed specifically to treat patients with emergency conditions who are often referred to as the code blue team. But this system is inseparable from problems that sometimes pose challenges for the code blue team and the hospital. Objective: The aim of this study...
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The Effect of Therapy Containing Puzzle on Decreasing Anxiety of Hospitalized Children Aged 3–6 Years

Dini Rismala Dewi, Arena Lestari, Diny Vellyana
Anxiety is one of the psychological disorders that can occur in children undergoing hospitalization, this impact can interfere with growth and healing process in children that is playing is one of the non pharmacological therapies in children, one of the games is to arrange puzzles. The purpose of this...
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Evaluation of the Implementation of Entrepreneurship Learning to Strengthen Life Skills in the Field of Dental Nursing Study at the Health Polytechnic Department of Dental Nursing in West Java

Eliati Sri Suharja, As’ari Djohar, Rusman
The research is driven by the lack of interest of graduates in entrepreneurship in dental nursing. There are around 1.5% of graduates from 2015 to 2018 Diploma III dental nursing programs who have become entrepreneurs in the field of dental nursing. Also, graduates work as civil servants or employees...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between Service Procedures, Capability of Service Officers, Speed of Service, and Environmental Comfort with the Level of Satisfaction of KB Acceptors

Sri Susanti, Ika Apriyanti, Rd Deden Gumilar Nugraha
Improving the quality of family planning services is carried out to assist family planning acceptors to achieve optimal individual health. In the effort to realize quality contraceptive services, it is necessary to provide the necessary facilities to support safe contraceptive services, competent health...
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The Description of Implementation of Assisted Mobilization in Stroke Patients in Several Pontianak Hospitals in Predicting the Incidence of Pressure Ulcer

Sitti Syabariyah, Nelly Juniarty, Lince Amalia
Background: There are around 33 million stroke patients around the world. More than 12 million people experience moderate to severe moderate disabilities. Complications caused by stroke are the occurrence of decubitus/pressure ulcer due to immobilization that often occurs in the hips, buttocks, leg joints...
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Correlation Between Nurse Therapeutic Communication and Anxiety Levels of Patients’ Families in the ICU of X Regional General Hospital, Sukabumi

Erna Safariyah, Indra D Tara, Melani Kusdayani
Intensive care unit is one of a unit care for patients with critical condition. This condition can cause patient’s family feel anxious. Communication skill by nurse can help patients and their families to communicate their feelings more effectively. This research aims to reveal The Correlation of Nurses’...
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Effectivity of ACTIVE Model in Practice Learning of Nursing Education Profession Phase at Nursing College Sukabumi

Irawan Danismaya, Ria Andriani
Practice learning model in nursing college of Indonesia are various and depends on its each targeted alumni profile. The Nursing College in Sukabumi have implemented ACTIVE model which effectivity have been evaluated periodically. Student ability to apply of nursing process, management process, and their’s...
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The Comparison of Salivary Ph Changes After Consuming Chicken Banana (Musa Acuminata Colla) Among the First Semester of Diploma Students of Dental Nursing of Poltekkes Kemenkes Tasikmalaya 2019

S Faisal Manalu, E Kammelia, T Ambarwati, C Rahayu, T Kartika Dewi, H Miko
The content of fermented carbohydrates in chicken bananas (musa acuminata colla) can cause the oral cavity to become acidic and in a state of the acidic oral cavity can trigger the process of caries. The purpose of this study was to determine the comparison of salivary pH before and after consuming chicken...
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Analysis of Risk Factors That Influence Coping Strategy of Mothers Who Have Children with Autism in Arogya Mitra Acupuncture

Suyami, R T Purnomo, F N Khayati, A D Sulistyowati, D Arum
Parents especially mothers who have autistic children have their own stress and need coping strategies to overcome them. The purpose of this study was to determine the risk factors that influence coping strategies of mothers who have children with autism in Arogya Mitra Acupuncture Klaten. We used a...
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What is the Impact of Burnout on Nurses Work Behavior in Nursing Care?

Esri Rusminingsih, S.T Istiqomah, TP Romadhani, Marwanti
Work fatigue is one factor that can cause errors at work. Burnout is an individual problem that requires physical, mental, and emotional transition due to long-term stress. Burnout is a problem for organizations that cause a decrease in work productivity. The nurse is one of the health workers who determine...
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Impact of Customer Relationship Management and Quality of Service on Student Loyalty in Private Higher Education in Bandung, Indonesia

Rina Indrayani, Ragil Pardiyono
Currently the use of management systems is very popular to be done by private universities to foster relationships with students. One of them is by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The application of customer relationship management (CRM) will have an impact on creating student...
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Dynamic Capabilities and SMES Performance: The Mediating Effect of Innovation (Study of SMES in Indonesia)

Titi Kurnia Fitriati, Dedi Purwana, Agung Dharmawan Buchdadi
The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between dynamic capabilities and SME performance, dynamic capabilities with innovation, and innovation with SME performance. In addition to analyzing whether innovation can mediate the relationship of dynamic capabilities with SME performance.The...
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Is Green Marketing a Basis for Purchase Decisions

Humairoh, Nur Maulida Elfani
The research aims to eximine the influence of green products and green advertising on purchasing decisions on Tupperware in Kelapa Dua Tangerang as simultaneously and partially. The research in this study has three hypotheses. This study is a causal study to obtain evidence of a causal relationship....
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Mothers’ Knowledge for Following Activities of Children in the Health Care Community

Yossy Wijayanti, Nurwinda Saputri
Mothers’ knowledge in the following activity of children in the health care community. One of community participation in the health scope is the Integrated Service Post (Posyandu). Posyandu is one form of effort in improving community-based health (UKBM) which is managed and conducted from, by and with...
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Marketing Development in Galunggung Coffee Using E-Commerce System

Dona Setia Umbara, Missi Hikmatyar
The traditional door to door marketing process has become a problem in the distribution of galunggung coffee. Then there needs to be a breakthrough by local stakeholders or entrepreneurs who work closely with farmers in the right marketing system in the distribution of Galunggung coffee. The specific...
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Effective Communication Between Parents and Children in Optimizing the Z-Generation Career Identity Status

C G Wahyudi, S Sanyata
This research seeks to understand effective communication between parents and Generation-Z (Gen-Z) in an effort to optimize the status of career identity. This optimization of career identity status aims to improve human resources as an effort to succeed in making Indonesia 4.0 and one of the five presidential...