Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2016)

Session: Politics

4 articles

Potential Infrastructure of Dynamic Consistency for Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural - Strategic Path of Urban and Rural Planning with Chinese Characteristics

Jigang Zhang, Mingyin Deng, Bo Zhou, Xin He, Xiaoyu Gan
In order to ensure the future strategic safety of sustainable development of urban and rural construction, this paper, based on the new characteristics of urban and rural development in China along with the associated theoretical and practical exploitation over the past ten years at the beginning of...

Study on Marxism Faith of Contemporary College Students

Dongshan Feng
There appear many problems of Marxism faith among contemporary college students. In terms of internal issues, utilitarian and realistic of faith are critical. In external matters, belief diversification and blind following are obvious conflicts. Above mentioned problems will affect construction of socialist...

Tianxia-Country-Family, Huaxia-centrism, Unity: State Concept of Traditional Chinese

Lei Wang
This paper argues that the traditional China is a "state", and has its own specific national concept. There are three important state concepts in traditional Chinese heart. One of which is Tianxia-Country-Family, and the second is Huaxia-centrism, with the two aspects of geographical superiority and...

The New Development of China's Maritime Security Strategy Thoughts Based on the View of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road

Jiahua Tang
The 21st century is the time of ocean. Under this background, China has proposed the idea of building 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, which makes Chinese maritime security strategy enter a new stage of development. Based on the information of 'One Belt One Road', there are some core points through the...