Proceedings of the International Conference Primary Education Research Pivotal Literature and Research UNNES 2018 (IC PEOPLE UNNES 2018)

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The Effect of Facebook Social Media on Cyberbullying in Teen

Tellma Mona Tiwa
Social media is beneficial for humans to interact and meet human communication needs. One of the popular social media sites is Facebook. Social media is positively beneficial for adolescents, which is to make teenagers establish relationships with other people. However, there is one unique phenomenon...
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Classical Mentoring Services To Overcome Consumptive Behavior Of High School Students

Meisie Mangantes
Classical guidance to overcome students' consumptive behavior is guidance and counseling services that can provide an understanding of a person's behavior. This study aims to look at classical guidance services in dealing with the consumptive behavior of high school students. It was found that students...
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Primary Education Program Development Strategies In Order To Achieve National Accreditation as Excellent Higher Education Institution

Isa Ansori, Florentina Widihastrini, Farid Ahmadi, Susilo Tri Widodo, Novi Setyasto
This investigation aims to develop the strategic measures of Department of Primary Education in order to get National Accreditation as Excellent Higher Education Institution. This study was conducted in Department of Primary Education, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Semarang. The subject of...
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Development of Material Learning Based Multimedia for Early Childhood Inclusion Education

Indryani, Nimoda Musnir, Syarif Sumantri
This study aims to develop learning materials based multimedia for Early Childhood Inclusion Education courses as the development of a multimedia learning model for student based on early childhood education.Method of research is R n D, development model used was the Merger of Dick & Carey, Borg & Gall...
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The Application Of Make A Match As A Model Of Cooperative Learning To Improve Students Learning Achievement In The Learning Of Locomotor Organs In Animals And Human Beings To Grade V Students Of Sekolah Dasar Lab School UNNES

Sri Sulistyorini, Deni Setiawan, Kurnia Widi Haryono
To grade V students of V SD Labschool UNNES Make a Match as cooperative model had not been applied, so that the students did not have the best learning achievement, interaction during was not so good, and the students tended to be uninterested during the learning. This study aims to find the learning...
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Implementing E-Learning System Success to Measure Quality of Online Training in Jakarta Religion Ministry Affair Training Center

Asip Asip, Basuki Wibawa, Asmaniar Idris
This study is a descriptive explorative research aims to assess the quality of LMS in Jakarta Minister of Religion Affair Training Center. The assessment uses E-Learning System Success (ELLS) formulated by Wang and colleague that consists of five dimension and 34 items. Data has been collected through...
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Development of Learning Models for Programming Algorithms and Structure of Data I for E-Learning Assistance

Yasin Efendi, Diana Nomida Musnir, Robinson Situmorang
This research aims to develop a learning model of Programming Algorithms and the Data I Structure of e-learning assistance. Research and development of this model will produce products in the form of print modules, learning designs and e-learning assisted media for Algorithms and Data I Structure courses....
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Development of E-Learning Models in Database System Courses

Rustam Effendi, Robinson Situmorang, Diana Nomida Musnir
This study aims to develop products in the form of teaching materials database system subjects with the application of e-learning. The research method used is the Rn D method. The results of the formative one-to-one learner evaluation were carried out between the developer and three individual students....
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Character Education Model Based On Parents-School Partnerships

Edy Purwanto, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Mulawarman
The purpose of this research was to study the effects of character education programs based on parent-school partnerships in improving respect character among elementary school children in a private school. This study used an experiment method with one group pre-test post-test design. The study consisted...
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Implementation of SBK (Art, Culture, Skills) Learning on The Curriculum 2013 i n Pelita Harapan Bangsa Elementary School Tegal City

Eka Titi Andaryani, Teguh Supriyanto, Sigit Yulianto
The curriculum 2013 is basically a simplification and thematic-integrative effort prepared to create a generation that is ready to face the future. The emphasis of the curriculum 2013 implementation is that students are able to perform process skills better. Cultury Art and Handicraft is a clump of art...
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Evaluation Program Teaching Skills Practice (TSP) by The Center of The Field Experience Center (FEC) Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Corry Iriani Rochalina, Nomida Musnir, Atwi Suparman
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of TSP courses by EDI UNJ. The TSP Program Evaluation by the EDI Center UNJ focused on four aspects including: (1) context, (2) input, (3) process, and (4) product between the 2011/2012 academic year and the 2015/2016 academic year. Viewed from...
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The Implementation Of Tactical Approach On Football Subject To Enhance Cooperative Values

Kriswantoro, Sri Haryono, Syahru Romadhoni
The purpose of this research is to analyze the implementation of tactical appoarch on the football game learning activities in order to enhance cooperative values for students of year 2016 in Sport Training Education of Sport Science Faculty of UNNES. The study used a qualitative approach and the method...