Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Public Management (ICPM 2012)

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The Structural Logic of the Holistic Governance and Its Respond to Political Fragmentation

Tang Renwu, Zhao Guoqin
As a frontier research topic in the field of public management in the western countries in recent years, the rising of holistic governance was not only promoted directly by the marketization reform and the development of information technology, but also stimulated by the spread of individualism thoughts...
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Theoretical Research on Autonomous Regional Ethnic Minority Cadres

Zhang Hongtian, Zhao Ran
Ethnic cadres is one of the nation in Social Work administration, the subject is related to national and ethnic areas of global social development issues. The realization multi-national area modernization and speeds up the multi-national area the development, cannot leave the high quality national cadre....
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Ethical Implication in the Government Governance Reform

Zhou Guowen, Li Shuangshuang
Since the inception of the Public Administration, each reform of governance theory and practice implies enormous ethical values and cares ,and every ethical value change will pave the way for government governance reform. The governance modes are closely related to ethical values. The ethical values...
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The Construction of Trust in Public Governance Based on the Perspective of Cooperative Governance

Jian Min, Chen Lian
In the risky society, social contradictions and conflicts have been showing up endlessly. "Trust" as an important social capital is facing with huge damage. The contemporary social cross boundary risk characteristics ask for more governance and make access to a relationship of cooperation. This paper...
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The Analysis of Blacklist system of the Social Regulation perspective

Zou Dongsheng, Han Jingwei
Blacklist is a form of social regulation tool of governing market failures. In recent years, the system has attracted the executive attention, and it applied to increase or even a generalization of trends. However, as one commonly known as the blacklist, the theoretical definition in connotation and...
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Administrative Turbulence: Origins of the Origin

Thanawat Pimoljinda, Ritthikorn Siriprasertchok, Sunee Hongwiset
This article focuses on the origins of administrative turbulence, especially in the face of non-linear dynamic change of current socio-economic conditions. An argument made by this article is that the key parameter catalyzing such turbulence results mainly from the interaction between the government‟s...
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Human Resource Management: The Key to Public Management Reform

Rangson Prasertsri
With much of the world concerned about the problems of responding to the increasing demands of an ever more-informed citizenry, the field of Public Management runs the risk of becoming, if not completely irrelevant, at least non-responsive to the needs of developing societies. This article is an attempt...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship of Fiscal Revenue toWelfare Lottery and Non-tax Revenue Based on Co-integration Theory and Vector Error Correction Model

Chen Yu, Liu Haiying, Xiang Yi
The research of welfare lottery and non-tax revenue is not the mainstream in the the public economics research, but lottery public welfare funds in the non-tax revenue have exceeded some regular tax revenue. In this paper, based on Co-integration Theory and Vector Error Correction Model, we use the related...
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The Study of Local Government Civil Servants Construction Based on Perspective Administrative Culture

Zhou YongHua, Tang Xianbin
This paper, based on the relevant research, mainly explains the interaction and mutual influence between administrative culture and government human resource development; clearly presents the homologous symbiosis among the administrative culture and human resource development of government. It also puts...
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Study on the Correlation of Civil Servant Organization Justice and Turnover Tendency Based on the External Job Opportunities as Mediating Variable

Li Tao, Yang Weimei, Han Yi
The purpose of this paper is mainly analysis the correlation of official organization justice and turnover tendency.,make some questionnaires survey on the civil servants, and recycle the data of the questionnaires. Then the questionnaires are made quantitative analysis by the statistical software...
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U.S. Federal GS Civil Service Pay Systems and Its Enlightenment to P.R.C.

Li Yongkang, Sun Weiyan, Bai Yang, Wang Xiaofen
As an extremely important part of civil service, the pay systems of civil servants provide basic life guarantee for civil servants. The method of literature and comparative analysis are adopted in this paper. Some viewpoints are put forward on U.S. federal General Schedule (GS) civil services pay systems....
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Performance Evaluation in Nonprofit Organization

Wan Taiyong
Nonprofit organizations have significant effects and functions in our society. It is an important part of social system. The performance evaluation of nonprofit organizations is essential in order to help the organizations developed well. With the development of performance appraisal, evaluating performance...
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Discussion on New Effective Public Service Skills for Policy Makers

Yuan Fang
Public Service in China manifests new features. With the transformation of Values, the injection of corporate culture, the development of information technology, policy makers and civil servants are required to improve their professional level for public service. It is a new challenge for civil servants’...
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The Research on the Path of Basic Public Service Equalization in China

Liu Jing, You Zhaoni
The Twelfth Five-Year Plan explicitly pointed out the importance of further improvement of the regional development and the equalization of basic public services. At present, China's public service still face problems such as the absence of total supply, uneven distribution and low quality. Those problems...
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French Universities Reforms and Management Changes

Laurent Meriade, Nicolas Mainetti, Li Yiqiang
Fundamental changes that universities face deeply alter their pilotage conditions. Indeed, French higher education landscape is under-going a very net acceleration in its adaptation to the set of these changes and, addition to application of the LOLF at University administration, the LRU act grants to...
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Relations between the Government and Nonprofit Organizations in China and the USA: An Overview

Xu Jun, David Horton Smith
There are many aspects of the relationships between the government and Nonprofit Organizations/NPOs (and nonprofit groups) in both the USA and China. In this paper, we give a brief overview of some major issues. The situations described here is based on the research literature, personal experiences of...
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Management of Third Sector Highland Development Projects in the Upper Northern Region of Thailand

Jumpol Chaiwong
In this dissertation, the researcher investigates (1) the management process involved in Third Sector highland development projects in the upper northern region of Thailand; (2) conducts a strategic management analysis of these projects; (3) inquiries into the results of the management of these projects,...
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Status and Integration of Education in Public and Private Upper-secondary Schools in three Southern Border Provinces

Pongsatean Luengalongkot
This research aims at: 1) examine the status of education management in both public and private upper-secondary schools in three southern border provinces of Thailand, and; 2) study appropriate methods of integrating education congruent with the community’s identity in both public and private upper-secondary...
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Research on Deviations of the Chinese Fiscal Competition among Local Governments from the Tiebout Model

Wang Lijuan
There are essential differences of economic and social system between China and the western developed countries which decides the model of fiscal competition would be different. In this paper, a comparative method is adopted to find the deviations of China’s fiscal competition from the classic Tiebout...
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How to deal with the conflicts in public organizations:evidence from China

Yu Baiqing
Our paper divides the conflict period to three phases according their characteristics and the law of evolution in the three modes, in order to offer theoretical evidence for conflicts diagnosis and conflicts management; based on the three phases, we discuss the conflict management in Chinese public organizations...
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Public infrastructure investment, economic growth and policy choice: evidence from China

Yu Nannan, Mi Jianing
The relationship between public infrastructure investment and economic growth has always been an eye-catching issue for China since Chinese governments have devoted most of public funds to financing infrastructure after the economic reform. Taking the Chinese infrastructure investment policy as the background,...
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Thoughts about the Recruitment Tests in the Planned Settlement of Demobilized Military Officers Based on the Theory of Justice of John Rawls

Xue Bo, Xue Yan, Li Yongkang
The recruitment tests in the planned settlement of demobilized military officers will be researched in this paper. The method of questionnaire is adopted. Based on the questionnaire results and the perspective of John Rawls' Theory of Justice, some problems on recruitment tests of settlement plan are...
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Foreign-bodily Measurement, the Status Quo, Dilemma And Prospective of Government Performance Measurement of China

Gao Hongcheng, Sun Zongfeng
Although it has been prevailing across the whole nation, yet, in fact, China's Government Performance Measurement is still in its primitive stage, at which is immature and devoid of experience, more even in a dilemma where no more achievements can be made theoretically and practically. Based on the view...
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The Hierarchical Discrepancy in Chinese Government Behaviors and the Weakness in Policy Execution

Hu Wuxian, Hu Hui
This paper puts forward a hypothesis suggesting a hierarchical discrepancy between Chinese central government and the local governments, which argues that, in the progress of policy making and implementation, the central government is an encompassing group, whose policy making stems from the historical...
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Chinese Social Management Innovation under Perspective of Culture Ecology

Chu Jing, Yan Xiong
This paper use the analysis method of cultural ecology, take the current Chinese social management as the life system of cultural ecological analysis, put forward the social management should take aspects of cultural ecology such as people's thought, value orientation, social psychology and behavior...
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Research and Analysis of Current Rural Medical Security Situation in Shizong, Yunnan

Chen Meixia, Zhou Mengjie
This paper analyzed Shizong rural medical Security situation in multiple angles. Use questionnaire survey, empirical analysis and cases interview, etc. To finds out that rural areas has limited in the current medical security system. Farmers' medical expense mainly relies on their own family support....
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Leadership in Crisis: The Chance for Public Sectors to Turn Challenge into Opportunity

Wang Junjie, Li Yongkang, Bai Yang
This study provides a theoretical framework illustrating the predicaments leadership en-counters and the deficits leadership exposes in crisis from the perspective of responsibility, public opinion and decision-making. This pa-per argues that crises brings challenges as well as opportunity for change,...
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The Current Situation of Public Safety Incidents and Its Cause

Zhao Xiuhua
The study of the current situation of our country and its cause is necessary to cut back public safety problems. According to the national situation, the cause of public safety’s hidden danger can be considered from the following five perspectives: Natural causes, Economic factors, Political factors,...
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The Mechanism of IOs in Improving Chinese Government' s International Public Relations Ability

Lu Meihua
In order to analyze the international organizations’ mechanisms of action in improving Chinese government’s international public relations ability, this article explains why even powerful states channel coercive foreign policy through international organizations bases on events happened in history...
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The Internet Public Opinion in Crisis Management: Analysis from the Perspective of Chinese Government

Li Hongquan
This assay puts forward the concept of internet public opinion(IPO) in crisis management and its characteristics by the research methods of public management and data analysis. The paper argues that the IPO in crisis management in China increased the social instability, weaken the credibility of the...
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On Regional Public Security Threshold Effect Exploration Based on Vulnerability-Ability Analysis Framework

Wang Wei, Liu Zezhao
By the “vulnerability-ability” framework, the paper carries a systematic analysis of the threshold value of regional public security through the collection of 2003-2010 provincial data calculated. Based on the objective data evaluation and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation algorithm, the research makes...
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Group Decision-Making Model of Control Experiments in Crisis Management

Tian Haifeng, Liu Zezhao
As one of the most important technical decision model, Group Decision Supporting System (GDSS) has been paid more and more attention for its effects on constructing the group decision innovation capability and sustainable strategic competitiveness in the problem-solving tools. The study aims to explore...
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Crisis Management based on the Five Hypotheses proposed by Jack Welch

Zhao Jianying
With the wide spread and application of the Internet, information and communication technology, an increasingly complex information age has arrived . How governments can manage public crisis more scientific and more effective, turn crises into opportunities, pass through a dangerous crisis safely in...
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Non-Governmental Organization and Public Crisis Management

Yang Yuanni
Due to the advantages of organizational mechanism and profession knowledge, NGOs have increasingly become an important force to deal with public crisis management and played essential role in modern society. Thus governments should create a benignant environment for the development of NGOs and expand...
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Ethnic Cultural Identity Crisis and Its Adaptation Taking Blang Ethnic Group in Yunnan Province as an Example

Xi Chunai, Li Qin, Zhang Yinzhu
With the increasing development of globalization, the Blang ethnic group like most of other ethnic minority groups in the world is also facing the impact coming from non-native cultures. According to questionnaires and interviews the authors carried out, this study shows that the Blang ethnic minority...
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Study on the Psychological Crisis of New Generation of Migrant Workers

Ge Shaolin, Han Quanfang
The article uses the method of questionnaire investigation, depends on the base of literature review of new generation of migrant workers since the China's reform and opening up, and analyzes the major industry distribution and psychological healthy situation of new generation of migrant workers in Kunming....
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Public Crisis Management of Nonprofit Organizations

Liu Hong
Nonprofit organization is one of the social organizations. The nonprofit organizations in China have started to pay close attention to the public and play an important role in public crisis management. With the public crisis broke out constantly in recent years around the world, nonprofit organizations...
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The Construction of Undergraduate Psychological Crisis Management System

Zhan Yan, Gao Zhigang
With the higher education of our country has turned into the development stage of popular, more and more young people can enter the universities for further study, the scale of internal student is expanding constantly, and at the same time, the undergraduates group of psychological problems and the psychological...
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Difficulties and Countermeasures of Crisis Management in Universities in Network Information Era

Jiang Ke
Social transformation will inevitably bring about various unpredictable social problems and relevant parities pay increasingly greater attention to crisis management. As an important organic component of the society, a university is a densely populated public place with numerous talents. Thus university...
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Urban Land Use Intensity and Efficient Evaluation in X City: Based on Principal Component Analysis

Yu Lisheng, Xu Guochong
In order to assess the performance of urban land use in X City and to identify the problems in land use, principal component analysis is used in this paper to assess urban land use intensive and efficient. By seeking to local Statistical Yearbook, the local government work report, the local government...
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From Garden City to Smart Growth: The Evolution and Management of New Urbanism

Chen Youzhen, Duan Longlong
Under the influence of industrialization and rapid population growth after World War II, urban sprawl, central cities’ recession and metropolis diseases have become three tumors that restricted urban sustainable development in western countries, so the new urbanism has arisen. From garden city to smart...
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Deconstruction of Urban Competitiveness within City Network Perspective

Cheng Yuhong, Chen Lijing
Ignorance or scarcity of attention about external relations of cities is the main defects existed in the current urban competitiveness research. Considering this situation, based upon brief comments on the traditional urban competitiveness research and drawing on the research paradigm of "the new urbanism",...
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Research on the Method of Spatial Planning System Coordination

Wei Guangjun, Dong Wei
On the basis of recent research, this paper analyzed the dilemma of the Spatial Planning System. Suggested problem of the spatial planning coordination will be an important task for a considerable period of time. Which not only need the consistent range of spatial governance, but also the functional...
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Land Use Analysis in Thailand through GIS

Supan Karnchanasutham
Activities of remote sensing for land use in Thailand were initiated in 1975, in the field of Area Sampling Frame (ASF) to estimate the area, yield, production, and related information for “major rice” (rainy season rice) along with ground truth data for remote sensing research, i.e. training samples...
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Community Problem Solving Using the Principle of Sufficiency Economy: A Case Study of Ban Huakrok, Tambon Nongree, Muang District, Chonburi Province

Vallop Supthpun
This research on community problem-solving using sufficiency economy principles seeks to examine the effectiveness of efforts to solve village problems using the principles of sufficiency economy in Ban Huakrok, Tambon Nongree in Muang District, Chonburi Province. Made aware of the serious health problems...
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Research on the Institutional Innovation of Environmental Protection in China Rural Areas

Gan Kaipeng
The sustainable use of resources and the good eco-environment are the important symbol of sustainable development. With the economic development in China’s rural areas in recent years, a lot of environmental problems have raised governments and people’s concern. The serious environmental problems...
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Ecological Security, Agricultural Safety and Utilization of Agricultural Water Resources

Wu Qiong, Liu Yu
In this paper, the standard research method is used to define the concept and connotation of the agricultural water resources ecological security and agricultural safety, to analyze the influence between the ecological security, agricultural safety, and the utilization efficiency of water resources,...
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Study on the Geological Disasters and Population Migration in Mining area

Han Quanfang, Ge Shaolin
The article is based on the perspective of public management, utilizes literature and comparative research methods, analyzes the type and distribution of the mine geological disasters in China, as well as the population migration movements in mining area, and studies mechanism of geological disaster...
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Adolescent Migrants and Reproductive Health in Kunming

Gu He, Tan Qingli
As a marginal group, adolescent migrants’ reproductive health status is little known. This paper mainly focus on individual and community factors effecting on adolescent migrants’ reproductive health and needs. It is shown that two migrant groups should be more considered: unmarried migrants especially...
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Study on China's Food Safety Issues and Supervision Platform Based on Credit Management

Song Guangxing, Tian Tian
Food safety issue exists not only in developing countries, but also it is actually a global problem. At present, China's food safety is a serious issue and major fatal food safety incidents occurred occasionally. Based on empirical study, this paper analyzed food safety issues and their causes from government...
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Will Genetically Modified Foods lead us to Another Garden of Eden?

Wei Mingqin, Ren Chou
Biotech is called the 4th industry revolution in human history, and the 21st century is called the century of biotechnology represented by gene technology which trans-genetic technology is the important part of it. The biotech application speed is the quickest comparing with other technologies, and now...
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City Administration and Law Enforcement Officials Work Stress: Evidences from Haidian District in Beijing

Ke Jianglin, Zhang Hanxi, Hu Jing-ming
Bureau of city administration and law enforcement is a special public department in China and its officials' important role is to maintain the city’s order and beauty. In the work condition, they bear lots of work stress. Though work stress is a hot topic in recent years, the study on city administration...
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Ideology and health care policy:On the fairness and efficiency of health balance

Zhou Jing, Zhang Zizi, Zhu Heng
In a particular social environment, Ideology plays a critical role in the adoption and implementation of health care policies. Actually, the subtle changes in ideology are related to the unfavorable phenomenon of ―unfair and inefficient‖ appeared in health field during the period of economic transition....
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Study on the Evolution Mechanism of Public Crisis of Sudden Animal Epidemics

Li Yan-ling, Wang Wei, Liu Bing, Zhang Xie
With the application of the analytical tools of staged evolution mechanism, the paper implements a stage-based research on the public crisis of sudden animal epidemics based on time sequence and specific life cycles. The paper, by presenting a stage-based mechanism analytical model with “3 stages,...
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Constructing the Harmonious Doctor-Patient Relationship Based on the Government Leading and Social Participation

Wu Weimin, Yang Xiuling
The doctor-patient relationship is an important part of the social system. A harmonious doctor-patient relation is to promote social harmony and support the development of medicine has important significance. However, the doctor –patient relationship is not optimistic at present. This article will...
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The Influence of Bio-Sociology and Behavioral Factors on Thai AdultMortality in the Northeastern Community of Thailand

Nantawan Intachat
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of bio-sociological and behavioral factors on mortality. The area of study was Wang Namkheo District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. A two-stage stratified random sampling method was employed, using interview forms. Samples were 200 households with...
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The Economic and Social Impact of Transnational Crime in Pattaya City, Thailand

Pornthep Namakorn
This research aimed to study (1) the characteristics, types or forms of transnational crime in Pattaya City; (2) to study contextrelated transnational crime, and (3) to study the economic and social impact on Pattaya City of transnational crime. The populations of this study were divided into 2 groups:...
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The relationship between the willingness of buying counterfeit goods and consumer personality traits

Sheng Jun, Song Liang, Wang Qiong, Wang Jian
In the situation that the economic globalization is keeping improving , counterfeit goods has become a worldwide problem. Counterfeiting is now widely regarded as a seriously social, economic, and political issue. The majority of researches on counterfeiting have tended to focus on issues of supply....
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Natural Disaster Reduction, Aid Ability Construction Research Based on analysis of Hubei province

Zhao Lijiang, Wang Xiaoxu
Hubei province is natural disasters occurrence areas, the ability to withstand natural disasters is very weak in rural areas,basic undefended. This paper sets up the disaster prevention and mitigation and disaster emergency assistance in Hubei province as the starting point, summarizes rural disaster...
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The Disposal and Experience of Unexpected Natural Disasters: a case of the 6.3 Earthquake in Puer

Ma Guofang
Effective emergency preparedness is essential if cultural institutions and heritage sites are to rapidly respond when facilities and collections are threatened by disasters. It is equally important that institutions and sites look for opportunities to reduce future disaster damages by implementing hazard...
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Supply Modes of Public Goods in Unexpected Natural Disasters in China

Yang Li
In the follow paper, based on the review of relevant journal, analysis of the characteristics and types of public goods supply in unexpected natural disasters. As a basic evidence to prove the demonstrations for collaborative relationship of public goods supply. Moreover, a supply model will be proved...
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Information Sharing, Resource Integrating and Decision Optimizing: Study on Emergency Management Mode from the Perspective of Synergetics

Zeng Yuhang, Wang Jinhua, Xu Xiaodong
Emergency Management is facing the challenge of the frequent occurrences and chain reaction of disasters. There are some problems in the traditional emergency management, such as the collaborations with multi-agents emergency management , neglect of precaution, lack of mechanism of resource integration,...
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Frequent Emergency Calls for Crisis Consciousness Building Effective Emergency Prevention System

Liu Yi, Guo Yan
In recent years, the content of emergency is expanding constantly in China. Both variety and frequency of emergency have been given a new meaning. Such as natural disasters, accidents, disasters, public food emergency, health events and sudden social security has occurred frequently. It brings that severe...
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The Improvement of Governmental Emergency Procurement on Resolving Public Crisis

Yan Guang, Wang Yi
Crisis management is a complex systematic project. In order to deal with emergency situation and reduce the cost of crisis management and improve the efficiency of the process, it is necessary to introduce governmental procurement system into public crisis management. By expressing the role that the...
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Emergency Management in Public Health in China taking the Kunming Entry-Exist Inspection & Quarantine Bureau as an Example

Wang Zhihui, Peng Wei
Taken Kunming entry-exist inspection & quarantine bureau (KEIQB) as an example, this paper discussed the system of emergency management in public health. Despite the effectiveness of "3+1" control line model, there are some disadvantages in present health emergency management in KEIQB, such as lacking...
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Health EmergencyManagement Leadership Training Demands in Guangxi: A Non-random Sampling Survey

Wei Bo, Wu Weimin, Feng Qiming, Liu Decheng, Zhou Yang, Hu Xueying, Han Xinxin
The purpose of this study is to investigate and analyze the training demands on health emergency management leadership and then serve as a foundation for scientifically developing training programs for health emergency management leaders in Guangxi. Non-random sampling was used to conduct a questionnaire...
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The Study on Dealing with Emergency Incidents and Government Crisis Management: A case of Yunnan travel mess survey

Liu Yun, Zhu Ying, Si Jinxia
Because of the vulnerability and sensitivity of tourism industry, it is easily influenced by environment significantly, which makes itself fall into crisis deeply. This article applies the 4R theory of crisis management, and then summaries the effective measures of relevant administrative departments...
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Research on the Emphasis and Strategies of Tourism Public Service Supplies under the State of Crisis

Zou Zaijin, Gan Kaipeng
The tourism public service supplies refer to the fundamental and non-profit tourism public goods and services provided by governments (especially the tourism departments) according to the public needs of tourism. Under the state of crisis, the needs of the public and society for tourism public services...