Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2020)

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Managerial Competency of Principal

Syarifah Munawarah, Murniati A.R., Niswanto
Managerial competence is a skill that includes planning, implementing, organizing and monitoring. The purpose of this study was to determine how the principal managerial, including: Program planning; program implementation; supervision; and supporting factors that support the smooth running of school...
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Performance of Principal in Elementary School for Realizing “Freedom to Learn”

Sururi, Nani Hartini, Munipah
The position of principal is very strategic in the progress and quality of a school. In order to obtain a principal who has the competence to lead and manage a school gradually the government has made various improvements in the implementation of the national education system. This research aims to identify...
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Principal Authentic Leadership Survey

Nurdelima Waruwu, Mukhneri Mukhtar, Sukro Muhab
This research aims to explain madrasah aliyah principal authentic leadership which has been implemented by the principals. The research used survey method by distributing questionnaires through Google forms which then were analyzed descriptively. These questionnaires were distributed to all private Islamic...
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The Importance of The Leadership’s Role in Education is Approaching the Era of Society 5.0

Developing the revolutionary 4.0 industry in the field of information technology in the human order of life would further bring this order not only to a condition of 4.0 but more to society 5.0. the first four competencies, preparing a leader of strong character; both had the ability to speak a foreign...
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New Generation Schools in Cambodia

Innovative School Governance for Sustainable Quality of 21st Century Learning and Instruction

Chankoulika BO
Cambodian education is facing the requirements in the new context of industrial revolution 4.0 and 5.0 that require substantial and comprehensive renovation. Teaching and learning requires a strong transformation to embrace this new technological advancement. The New Generation Schools (NGS) reform launched...