Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Regions: Economic, Social and Security Challenges (ICSDCBR 2019)

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Problems of countering the crime of foreign migrants in the Russian Federation

G V Antonov-Romanovskiy, V R Bugrova, D K Chirkov
The article reveals the criminological characteristics of the crimes done by the foreign migrants, the peculiarities of their territorial distribution. Currently, migration is one of the most important indicators of ethnopolitical and socio-economic processes taking place in transborder regions. In Russian...
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Mediation in Russia: problems and prospects in the context of sustainable regional development

I V Rekhtina, T V Yakusheva, A N Domashev
The article analyzes the emergence and formation of the institution of mediation in Russia, its legal basis, and implications for sustainable regional development. Signs and features of the mediation procedure under the current Russian legislation, its advantages over the judicial process are highlighted....
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Immunity of the deputies of legislative (representative) bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation in the context of sustainable development

L Konovalova, M Mataeva, S Kapsalyamova
The article is devoted to the study of the development stages of the immunity institution of the deputies of legislative (representative) bodies in the subjects of the Russian Federation. The paper also devotes sufficient attention to the analysis of opinions on the effectiveness of this institution,...
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Countering transnational organized crime as the main task of law enforcement cooperation in the border regions

S Davidov, D Kim, Zh Ibragimov
The article describes the main trends in the development of transnational organized crime. Based on their analysis, proposals for further improvement of the legal framework, forms, and methods of cooperation between law enforcement agencies of neighboring countries in the fight against this phenomenon...
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Security of a border region and the role of criminal law: general, particular, and individual aspects

E Kulikov, D Kazancev, V Karimov
The article is devoted to some problematic issues of determining the role of criminal law of Russia in ensuring the security of border regions. The main characteristics of the border region and criminal law as a means of ensuring its security are considered.
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Participation in political elections as a factor in the sustainable development of a cross-border region on the example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

A Novopriezzhiy, O Parfenova
This article considers political participation in presidential elections, the most important elections at the federal level in Russia, as the phenomenon of sustainable development of a cross-border region (Yakutia). Material of a sociological study on the readiness for political participation as a preliminary...
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Law in the digital age: regulating a new technological reality

A Vasiliev, M Muratkhanova, E Voronkova
The paper focuses on the issues of state and law in conditions of a new technological reality, which changes the living space of the humanity. Due to the rapid development of digital technologies, the issues of legal regulation of new institutions are of particular importance. Innovative projects are...
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Parliamentarism as a legal concept in the field of sustainable management

L Konovalova
The paper focuses on prospect directions for strengthening the implementation of sustainable development through the legal concept of parliamentarism. The author concludes that parliamentarism can be perceived as a legal concept in the field of sustainable management, since it is intended to contribute...
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Interactions between the state and political parties as the basis for building regional sustainability

J A Konovalchikov
In the presented study, the author proceeds from the position that the basis for building regional sustainability is a stable political system of the country, which is formed through the interaction of political parties and the state. Within the framework of constitutional law, the study of such interaction...
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Legal regulation of cross-border economic cooperation of the Altai region and the Republic of Kazakhstan

I Ignatovskaya, N Grinchinko, A Kanakova
This article explores the basics of legal regulation and law enforcement practice of cross-border economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the example of agreements concluded between the Administration of the Altai Region and Akimats of East Kazakhstan and...
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“Self-development” of the subjects of the Federation as a priority of the state policy for regional development in the Russian Federation

E M Bukhvald
Currently, the policy of regional development and regulation of the spatial structure of the Russian economy is characterized by a number of innovations. In particular, the need for new approaches and tools in solving the problem of positive economic alignment of the subjects of the Federation is revealed....
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Legal regulation of the cross-border environmental management of the Russian Federation with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union

T Antiufeeva, O Baryshnikova, N Kandrina
The article discusses aspects of legal regulation of cross-border environmental management of the Russian Federation with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The article analyzes the international legal regulation of using and protecting natural resources between the countries of the EAEU,...
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Cross-border policies of France and Italy: problems and solutions

E A Iukov, E V Matveeva, A A Mitin
The paper analyzes a cross-border aspect of the relationship between France and Italy. The evolution of state and territorial actors in the framework of cross-border relations is considered. A number of cross-border space models describing innovation and creativity of local authorities reflect the dynamics...
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Mortality rates caused by gunshot injuries and fires associated with killings as the markers of socially negative development in a megapolis

R Drapezo, D Shevchuk
The article examines criminal injuries in the city of Kemerovo and the Kemerovo region, which were considered as markers of social disadvantage of the region. In particular, death from gunshot injuries and fires associated with killings is selected as a marker. The authors analyze an internal nature...
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Forensic characterization of the judicial investigation: the concept and meaning

A Korchagin, O Bespechniy, A Sokolov
The article focuses on the development of the forensic characterization of a judicial investigation, considering the last as a necessary component of building an integrated methodology of preliminary investigation and judicial investigation. The paper concludes that forensic characterization of the judicial...
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Social risks in cross-border regions: The case of the Siberian Federal District

E Morozova, N Egorova, O Miller
The life of people is associated with a variety of risks, the most common among which are social influences on almost all aspects of social functioning and development. It is proposed to measure the level of social risks in the regions using a number of statistical indicators, while comparing them with...
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Border regions as a factor of sustainable development

I Baranova, E Prikhodko
The article considers sustainable development from the perspective of balancing economic, social, and environmental interests in the aspect of cooperation between border regions. The article highlights certain signs of cross-border cooperation, as well as factors affecting the level of involvement of...
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Monitoring extremist sentiments as a diagnostic and preventive toolkit of anti-extremist activities (experience in the Kemerovo region)

V V Shiller
The paper demonstrates the potentials of the diagnostic and preventive method used by the author when building a program for informational and prevention counteraction against extremism. The quantitative values for each “extremist” indicators, including gender aspects, are shown on the example of some...
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Legal “decisions” in the field of regulating migration processes in the early years of the Soviet power

D Grigorov, O Larina
The article deals with legal policy issues in the area of regulation of migration processes in the early years of Soviet power. And it also defines the main directions of legislative activity in this area. Our research results can be used for creating better migration policies, especially with respect...
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Theoretical and practical problems of evaluation categories in civil legal proceedings

I V Rekhtina, M A Bolovnev, G N Aksenova
The article discusses the use and application of evaluation concepts in the consideration of civil cases, fixed both in the text of regulatory acts and in the doctrine. It has been established that the absence of normative guidelines or the specification of a concept in acts of the highest judicial bodies...
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Criminal liability for violating the customs legislation of the Eurasian Economic Union: a comparative legal research

S V Zemlyukov, A A Korennaya
The article conducted a comparative legal study of criminal law on the subject of liability for violation of customs legislation in countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union. The need for such a study is connected, among other things, with the adoption of new criminal laws in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,...
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State regulation of breeding and seed production in the Russian Federation: economic and regulatory aspects

V I Nechaev, P V Mikhaylushkin
The sustainability of agricultural production and its efficiency depend on the quality of the seeds used, as well as on the rational organization of breeding and seed production in the country. Seed production allows the replacement of previously used crop varieties with new, more productive ones. The...
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Criminal procedural aspects of personal search execution

V V Kozlov, R R Valyulin
The article analyzes the criminal procedure legislation regulating the execution of a personal search (body search), carried out at the apprehension of a person on suspicion of committing a crime. The article also deals with possibilities and forms of using personal inspection results in criminal evidence....
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The communicative side of the professional activities of an investigator

E V Valyulina, R R Valyulin
The article deals with the problem of the process of communication of the investigator with the suspect during the interrogation. The research results show that this communication process is, firstly, the result of long-term efforts of an employee and, secondly, in essence resembles a psychological struggle,...
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Stability as a feature of tolerance in the subjects of educational activities

D Anufrieva, N Korosteleva
The article considers tolerance as a stable position, which is peculiar to the students and teachers of the university in relation to students with disabilities. This position provides the manifestation of such personal qualities as openness, readiness for dialogue, acceptance of the “other.” The article...
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The state-confessional policy in relation to the Muslims in the cross-border regions of Western Siberia

P K Dashkovskiy, Е А Shershneva
The article discusses the situation of the Muslim communities of the cross-border regions of Western Siberia in the context of the state-confessional policy of the Russian Empire in the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries. The authors, on the basis of archival sources and legal acts, come to...
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Ethno-confessional processes in East Kazakhstan (according to the results of sociological research)

P K Dashkovskiy, Е А Shershneva
The article presents the results of a sociological study of ethno-confessional processes in East Kazakhstan. The study was conducted jointly by the researchers at Altai State University (Russia) and the East Kazakhstan State University (Kazakhstan). As a result of sociological studies, the confessional...
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Geo-information technologies to support management decisions in emergency situations

S Yu Katsko, P Yu Bugakov, E Yu Voronkin
Management process of an emergency situation is characterized by the involvement of a large number of organizations and specialists in various fields and by using a wide range of information technology tools, which allow substantially automate the work to prevent disasters and consequences response....
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Artificial intelligence as an object of forensic study: perspectives from a border region

V V Polyakov, O V Bespechniy, M A Neymark
From a forensic perspective, the application of artificial intelligence technologies in criminal activity is analyzed. The main directions in the study of this negative phenomenon are determined. Prospects for using machine learning methods in forensics are analyzed. The influence of artificial intelligence...
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Forced migration and ways to adapt alien populations to the realities of pre-revolutionary Yakutia

T Kurchatova
The purpose of this article is to study the historical aspects of forced migration to pre-revolutionary Yakutia. The author shows how the alien population adapted to the harsh realities: through active socio-economic activities, through the study of the language and culture of the indigenous people,...
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Theoretical and methodological aspects of foreign language education in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

G M Parnikova, U S Borisova
The article proves the validity of the application of the regional-ethnic approach to foreign language education in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which is characterized by the presence of the national-regional component in all spheres of individual life activity. The authors identify a number of features...
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Developing tolerance among the youth as a factor of sustainable development of a border region

E Luneva, K Fomichev, N Bobkova
The problem of the development of tolerance, as a special characteristic of the personality of a young person, is considered very relevant by the authors. This problem is of particular importance among the youth living in the border regions. The paper deals with issues related to the development of tolerance...
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Ethno-consolidating role of art in the sustainable development of cross-border regions

E Popov, O Zamjatina, A Domachev
The article discusses the potential of art in the consolidation of society on ethnic grounds. This affects the sustainability of the development of regions, the results of the exchange of sociocultural experience between generations of culture carriers and, in general, overcoming serious socio-economic...
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The impact of migration on the development of nutrition in the regional context

L A Mayurnikova, А А Koksharov, S V Novoselov
Issues of population migration in the context of globalization are relevant, because they have an impact on various aspects of the development of industries, regions, countries. An important factor is the specificity of the region, for example, territorial location, basic industries. The Kuzbass region...
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An electoral activity of the population as an indicator of social tension in the region

A Domashev, E Pustovalova, N Sterlyadeva
The article examines the electoral activity of the region’s population in the context of its further application as an indicator of social tension. Based on the analysis of the results of a sociological study of electoral activity, the authors substantiate the need to include such studies in the mechanism...
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Developing a model for pre-university training of a lyceum for the gifted children of the Kemerovo region within the framework of the region’s sustainable development

E Ermolaeva, J Dymova, Yu Golubtsova
The article presents the rationale for creating a model of the pre-university lyceum training at the University of Kuzbass focusing on key sectors of the regional economy of the Kemerovo region in order to prevent the outflow of talented and gifted young people, which is necessary for modernizing the...
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The image of a professional psychologist in the context of professional identity of students from Russia and Kazakhstan

T Volkova, G Kravchenko, E Petukhova
The article considers the identification of students’ ideas about the professionally important qualities of a qualified psychologist and the compliance of his/her own personality traits with the help of the modified method “Personal Differential” developed by C. Osgood. As a result of the analysis of...
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Migration policies of the Russian Empire in relation to the Muslims living in the domestic and cross-border regions

P K Dashkovskiy, Е А Shershneva
The article is devoted to the study of the problem of state control over migration processes that took place on the territory of the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In particular, the key focus is made on the interior and cross-border regions of the Russian Empire....
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Features of sustainable development of a sociocultural space of the Russian Germans in the Altai region (on the example of a foreign language)

T Kosacheva, O Parpura, E Timofeeva
Human capital is a prerequisite for sustainable development. The objective form of accumulation, storage, and transmission of human experience is language. This article discusses the transformation of the sociocultural space of the German National District of the Altai region from the point of view of...
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The problem of environmental justice and its social consequences for the population of cross-border regions of Russia

M Kipriyanova, S Smolnikov
The article addresses issues related to the actual problem of arranging environmentally fair relations. In particular, the article examines the importance of such relations for the functioning of the cross-border regions of Russia, whose special position obliges them to responsibly and competently defend...
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Reflecting the image of large families in the media on the example of print publications of the Altai region

I Antonovich, Yu Kalinina, T Chukanova
The article analyzes how complete and objectively the print media (“Altayskaya Pravda,” “Vecherny Barnaul,” “Svobodnyy kurs,” “Arguments and Facts in Altai”) of the Altai region cover the image of a large family for the period 2012-2016. The research clearly demonstrates that the number of publications...
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Nutrition as an indicator of quality of life of the population in the conditions of trans-border territories (Amur region)

Yu Praskova, N Frolova, N Shkrabtak
Quality of life is one of the global goals of sustainable development. At the same time, the tasks of economic growth become secondary and are considered as the basis for ensuring sustainable development. At present, there is no single universal system of the quality of life indicators as one of the...
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Professional and critical competencies in human capital formation

Z Kapelyuk, A Aletdinova
The authors consider the appointment of professional competencies in the implementation of labor functions, as well as critical competencies in ensuring innovative development and the transition to the next technological structure. Based on the intellectual analysis of data on competencies, the features...
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Social and humanitarian disciplines as a factor in the formation of tolerance among young people in a cross-border region

O Sytykh, L Sintsova, M Maksimov
The purpose of this article is to show how the socio-humanitarian disciplines taught in schools and universities of Russia determine the formation of tolerance among the modern Russian youth in the border region. This study is based on the analysis of teaching the course “Fundamentals of Religious Cultures...
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The issue of using personal information posted in social networks by third parties in the context of social security

O Kolesnikova, V Nagaytsev, A Shrayber
The article contains a qualitative analysis of data from the All-Russian VCIOM survey on the use of personal information posted in social networks by third parties. Opinions of the Russians about the facts of use, goals, potential threats, and measures regulating this activity are analyzed in the paper....
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The influence of state-confessional policies on the activities of religious communities in Western Siberia in the 1970s and early 1980s

N S Dvoryanchikova
The article is devoted to the study of the activities and position of religious organizations in the Novosibirsk region in the 1970s and early 1980s. In the period under review, there are changes in the state-confessional policy in the USSR in general and in the Novosibirsk region in particular. At this...
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Migration processes in the regions of the Asian border region of Russia: the experience of building a typology

M Maksimova, D Omelchenko, Maximova
Russia is one of the most attractive countries for international migration. The diversity of its regions, significant differences in geographical, economic position are manifested in the uneven risks caused by migration flows. An assessment of the specifics of the socio-economic development of the Asian...
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Inclusion of the Muslim migrant women in host cross-border regions of Russia

M Cherepanova, S Saryglar, M Maksimov
The article is devoted to the analysis of the peculiarities of feminization of labor migration in the Altai Region. The paper deals with the gender aspects of the adaptation of migrants, manifested in assessments of satisfaction with different aspects of life activity. The specifics of the attitude towards...
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Social sustainability and migration in transit regions of Russia

A Gorbunova, M Cherepanova, I Molodikova
The article presents the results of a population survey on inter-ethnic issues within the framework of sociological monitoring of problems of transit migration, transit regions and migration policy of Russia, including in the context of security and Eurasian integration. The study was conducted in seven...
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Migration policy as a factor in ensuring social security: expert opinions in cross-border regions of Russia

S Maksimova, O Suryaeva, M Cherepanova
The article presents the results of a survey of the expert community on international issues in the framework of sociological monitoring of problems of transit migration, transit regions and migration policy of Russia, including in the context of security and Eurasian integration. The study was conducted...
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The ratio of social and human capital in the professional competition of the working youth in a cross-border region: results of a sociological research in the Tyumen region

V G Nemirovskiy, A V Maltseva
The article is devoted to the analysis of the resources of professional competition of the working youth in the Tyumen Region, one of the important transboundary regions of Russia. An attempt is made to examine the currently debatable problem of the predominance of human or social capital as its resources....
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Conflict in a cross-border region: insights from a sociological study

V Nagaytsev, V Artjukhina, A Shrayber
The article is devoted to the study of the processes of conflict in one of the regions of Siberia (namely, Altai region), focusing on the estimates of its population. The article presents data from a representative sociological research on this issue, which was conducted in 2018 within the framework...
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The impact of migration processes on crime rates in the Novosibirsk region and certain specifics of its investigation

N K Korovin, O V Shmygina
The article discusses the impact of external migration flows on crime rates in the Novosibirsk region. For the period covering 2016-2019, the main indicators on the migration situation in the Russian Federation are analyzed. Ways of solving illegal migration affecting the growth of crime are presented....
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Assessing the impact of the contribution of migration to the dynamics of unemployment in a cross-border region

L Tuktamisheva, А Bakirova, О Stebunova
The factor determining social stability is the level of unemployment. For a cross-border region, the role of migration may be more significant than for other regions of the country. The mutual influence of migration and unemployment in the region is beyond doubt: the influx of migrants contributes to...
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Charitable activities of the Orthodox spiritual mission in the context of the culture of a cross-border region

Y A Kreydun, L I Nekhvyadovich
The article reveals the ideological foundations of the Christian charity in the activities of the Orthodox Ecclesiastical Mission in the territory of Gorny Altai in the 19th and early 20th centuries on the basis of studying the archival sources available.
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Factor of ethnocultural identity in the sustainable development of transboundary territories: Turkic anthroponyms in the Russian-Kazakhstan borderland

L I Nekhvyadovich, M E Sultanova, Zh N Shaygozova
The factual material presented in the article reveals new facets in understanding the role of ethno-cultural traditions in the sustainable development of transboundary territories. Using a number of bright examples of the Turkic anthroponyms in the Russian-Kazakhstan border areas, we define those images...
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Involving young people into social and political life as one of the factors of its consolidation in a border region (on the example of the Altai region)

A Sharapov
The paper focuses on the problem that an active part of young people leave the Altai border territory. The author believes that one of the most effective ways to retain this active part in the region is to involve them into politics. The article presents an analysis of elections to the Altai Regional...
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Socially oriented non-profit organizations in the “smart” life support system

L Logunova, E Mazhenina, N Nyatina
The social practice reflects the intersection of people’s social demands seeking to achieve comfort and safety in the living space and the potential resource capabilities of administrative organizational structures. The development of civil society shifts the development of institutional processes towards...
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Migration processes and the labor market in the cross-border regions of Siberia and the Far East

E Lishchuk, N Belikova, O Chistiakova
The article analyzes migration processes in the cross-border regions of Siberia and the Far East. The authors emphasized the importance of labor migration for the demographic and socio-economic state of the country. The authors conclude that the cross-border regions have worse rates of migration increases...
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The increasing role of social services for senior citizens in the structure of contemporary social policy: a case study of the Kurgan region

N Moroz, E Padurina
The article presents the main characteristics of the Kurgan region as a border region. The conclusion about the need for gerontosocial work in the region is made. The authors analyze the state of social services system for elderly citizens in the Kurgan region. More than that, its differences with the...
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A foster family for senior citizens: perspectives from the residents of the Altai region

S Chudova, A Kalinin, K Velikjanina
The article discusses the results of a study of ideas of residents of the Altai Region about providing a foster family for senior citizens as an innovative form of their living arrangement. The main targets and resources for the development of a foster family in the region as a social institution that...
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Features of the linguistic situation in a transboundary region

S R Pribylykh
The language situation in a transboundary region depends on which languages function on its territory, their role in communication, and their functions. In recent years, academic interest in analyzing and describing linguistic situations in transboundary regions in increasing. However, since there are...
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Contemporary transformations of aggressive behavior: insights from a border region

S Darenskikh, N Luzbina, I Ralnikova
The authors focus on substantial characteristics of aggressiveness of men of different age groups. In particular, the paper analyzes key features of how aggression is implemented in men aged 21 to 44 years and from 45 to 59 years, living in a cross-border region of Russia.
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Socio-cultural development of the Altai region as a cross-border region of Russia

O Kolesnikova, V Artyukhina, K Velikjanina
The article discusses some results of sociological research conducted on the sociocultural development of the Altai Region, taking into account the specifics of a cross-border region. The article continues a series of publications devoted to the study of the socio-cultural situation in a particular region...
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A mental territory map and secure borders

N Yanova, I Ralnikova
The project is dedicated to the diagnosis of mental risks of social security. In particular, it is a study of sociocultural contradictions in the national mentality. The research questions concern the issues of mental distortions of national identity. The authors analyze possibilities of transferring...
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(Neo)traditionalism as a form of cultural identity of the inhabitants of Yakutsk

A Yakovlev, I Antonov, S Fedorov
The article is aimed at describing the sociocultural situation in the transboundary space of the city of Yakutsk from the perspective of cultural anthropology. The focus is on a marginal person, social forces and movements that exist in the context of cross-cultural communications (within the process...
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Teaching culture-oriented linguistics by native Russian speakers in Western Mongolia as a factor in sustainable Russian-Mongolian cross-border development

I Koltsov, Ye Kirichenko
The article describes the intercultural interaction of the population of Mongolia and assesses the role of the Russian language in it. An analysis of the linguistic and cultural aspect of the content of Russian language teaching in Mongolia is provided in the paper. In the course of the study, we found...
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Value-semantic orientations of a person in a cross-border area: the case of Baikal Asia

R Sanzhaeva, B Gunzunova, A Monsonova
The article considers peculiarities in the value-semantic orientations of schoolchildren living on the territory under the conditions of a cross-border area. Significant differences in the value-sense sphere of modern schoolchildren are revealed, which can be explained by the geopolitical conditions...
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Education as a factor in the sustainable development of the Arctic and the northern territories of Russia

M Dyachkovskaya, N Argunova, A Argunova
The article focuses on the problem of the socio-economic development of the small indigenous peoples of the North living in the Arctic and northern territories of Russia. It is noted that education, referred to in the UN documents as a “crucial factor for change”, plays a leading role in achieving sustainable...
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Monitoring physical development of students in a physical education university of the Russian North

V Abramova, S Kuzmina, Е Korkin
Indicators of physical development in students studying in a physical education university are analyzed. It is shown that the weight-growth indicators correspond to the regional standards developed for the population of the Far North. Evaluation of morphofunctional characteristics indicate a weak development...
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Factors of social activity of the population of the Russian border regions

O Surtaeva, O Noyanzina, S Saryglar
The paper presents results of our research focused on analyzing factors of social activity of the population in the border regions of Russia. The research was conducted in six regions using a questionnaire survey (n=2,400). At the first stage of processing our research results, the typology of respondents...
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Time perspective of a women with cancer: research results from a border region

G Kroyan, O Gurova, E Ippolitova
In contemporary society, with the increasing number of people with cancer, the problem of increasing interest in cancer diseases of female reproductive organs is particularly acute. This is associated with a significant rejuvenation of the contingent of patients suffering from malignant neoplasms of...
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Assessing the demographic potential of the border areas of Russia and Mongolia

P V Osodoev, Y B Zhamyanova
The article presents empirical results of a study focused on the demographic development of the Russian-Mongolian border area since the 1990s. In the Russian border regions there is a decrease in demographic potential, which is due to migration outflow and a decrease in natural growth. In neighboring...
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Literary mapping of Yakutia as a resource for developing creative industries in the region

L Rumyantseva
The article discusses interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the artistic space of significant texts of the Russian and Yakut literary traditions, with a focus on understanding and assessing the cultural potential for the development of literary tourism. The literary mapping method seems to be...
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Social and humanitarian potential of the youth cooperation in the Eurasian transboundary space

O Krasilnikova, K Markova
The article discusses one of the many aspects of the multilateral interaction of the border regions of Russia and Asia, in particular, youth cooperation in the framework of cultural and educational space. A general analysis of the activities of higher education institutions to ensure the educational...
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International migration and sustainable development in the Russian border regions: a migrant perspective on the local community

D Omelchenko, O Noyanzina, S Maximova
The article is based on the results of an empirical study among the migrants in seven border regions of Russia. An analysis was made of the attitude of the local population to migrants, acculturation strategies and life satisfaction as indicators of the cooperative and integration potentials of a regional...
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Dynamic quality assessment as a criterion for the sustainable development of social services in cross-border regions

E Demakova, L Demina, V Menshikova
An independent assessment of the quality of social services is an important tool for shaping a positive image of the Russian regions. However, the high variability of such estimates over the years does not reliably judge the sustainability of the positive development of regional social services systems....
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The problem of improving human nature and the cultural project of transhumanism

М Cherkashin, L Kilimova, O Nishnianidze
The article deals with the problem of personal self-perfection in a philosophical context, analyzes scientific approaches to understanding this phenomenon. In the process of growing technologization of human existence, his nature undergoes significant transformations. There is a merging of human with...
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Social attitudes of indigenous and diaspora communities in the border areas of the Russian Federation regarding the presence of foreign labor migrants

O Noyanzina, S Maximova, D Omelchenko
The paper is based on the results of a sociological survey carried out in seven border regions of Russia based on a structured interview with representatives of the indigenous population and diaspora groups. An index of positive economic effect from the presence of foreign specialists in the border regions...
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Russian migration policies after reunification with the Republic of Crimea

Е Dyachenko, A Detkov, V Erahmelevich
This article analyzes the migration policy of the Russian Federation after the Republic of Crimea became part of Russia, discusses the provisions of the long-term strategy for the social and economic development of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol until 2030, approved by the Law of the...
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Global health is a humanitarian imperative of international cooperation

B Asadov
The article discusses the practice of shaping global health as a focused institutional response of the international community to the challenges of a changing world and the most important factor in ensuring security. Growing global factors continue to make health security an integral part of international...
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Population dynamics of cities in a transborder region in the post-Soviet space: a case study of Russia and Kazakhstan

M Borisenko, A Eremin, N Bykov
The article is devoted to a comparative demographic analysis of the cities of Russia and Kazakhstan in a cross-border area including four regions. The study is based on materials from the general population censuses and current statistical records and covers the period of 1989-2018. The research identifies...
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Certain specifics of relations between the state and religious organizations in the light of social and legal innovations

M Kashchaeva
The article presents an analysis of trends in the development of modern Russian legislation on freedom of conscience and religion. Adoption of the Federal Law No. 374-FZ “On Amendments to the Federal Law on Countering Terrorism and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding the Establishment...
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Professional and personal development of students in a modern university in a cross-border setting

O Morozova
The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental research related to the identification of heuristic possibilities of interaction between cross-border universities in the professional and personal development of students. It is shown that a comprehensive account of these opportunities...
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Professional training of students on the basis of their involvement in the design of educational events of the formation of pedagogical activity: conceptual foundations

N Volkova
The article discusses the conceptual basis of the study of the problem of the formation of pedagogical activity in the professional training of Russian students, with respect to stimulating sustainable development in the Altai region (Russia). Based on the analysis of regulatory documents, the problem...
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Pedagogical conditions for the formation and development of intercultural competences in university students

I Novikova
The society of the twenty-first century, due to its polyethnicity, multilingualism, and multiculturalism, poses a whole pool of theoretical and practical dilemmas related to solving problems of peaceful coexistence, communication, mutual respect, and enrichment of representatives of different cultures...
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Structural-logical schemes as a means of methodological support of students’ thinking processes

O V Zatsepina
The article discusses the possibilities of methodological support of students’ thinking processes by means of cognitive visualization. The article substantiates that one of the optimal means is the structural-logical schemes, since they are multifunctional, effective, and easy to learn. Special attention...
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Developing the personality of a teacher by means of dramatization: sustainability of pedagogical practice

O V Miasnikova
This article raises the question of developing the future teacher in contemporary conditions. The main focus is on the development of the personality of the specialist. The study revealed the dominant competence in the overall structure of professional education. The author includes in the educational...
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Some aspects of the development of viticulture in the European Union

A R Kulov, A G Orlova, S S Dzusova
The problem of restoration and development of viticulture in Russia makes it necessary to consider the trend of processes in the industry that occur in other countries, including the European Union. The article discusses the issue concerning the prices of grapes, which is characterized by the market...
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Interrelation of the attitude to time, proactive coping behavior, and burnout syndrome among teachers of the higher school

E Starchenkova, G Nikiforov, N Vodopyanova, Z Dudchenko, E Rodionova
The article is devoted to the study of interrelations of the attitude to time, proactive copying behavior and burnout syndrome among teachers of the higher school. Today, the system of the higher education in Russia is at the stage of intensive development and reformation. Professional activity of the...
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Information support as a factor in the sustainable use of resources in rural tourism

N V Bitter, A N Dunets, N N Shakhovalov
The article is devoted to the study of the possibilities of using the Internet for the development of rural tourism as a factor in the sustainable use of resources in rural tourism. The authors propose the development of a regional online structure as a major factor in the sustainable use of resources...
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Psychophysiological mechanisms of increasing readiness for competitive activity in equestrian sport: educational perspectives

V V Gorelik, S N Philippova, T P Knysheva
The research is devoted to psychophysiological regularities of the adaptation of the spatial-temporal functions in the athletes of equestrian sport with the specialization “dressage.” Particularly, we evaluate the developmental impact on sensory perception and motor orientation in the spatial-temporal...
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The use of indicators of the functional state of the 16-17-year-old high school girls as a criterion for selecting physical activity when doing fitness in schools

V V Gorelik, S N Philippova, V S Belyaev
The article presents the results of the use of fitness programs to optimize the functional state of the body, adaptation and health of high school girls 16-17 years old, experiencing fatigue from training loads.
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Social security of young people in the context of the vitality concept

M B Liga, I A Shchetkina, E Yu Zakharova
At the present stage of Russia's development, there is a contradiction between the policy pursued in the country to ensure the social security of the population, including young people, on the one hand, and the real state of social safety of young people, on the other. This contradiction is preserved...
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The impact of migration activity of the rural population on the pace of economic development of Russia

Y N Tsaregorodtsev, O E Bashina, I N Uspenskaya
The basis of sustainable socio-economic development of the country is the rational use of labor resources, providing the population with healthy and affordable food. The achievement of this goal involves preserving the number and improving the quality of the rural population, ensuring the growth of the...
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A toolkit for assessing the use of public-private partnerships in tourism

L Maksanova, T Bardakhanova, S Ayusheeva
The ongoing development of tourism as a catalyst for sustainable socio-economic development of cross-border regions requires the development of public-private partnerships in the implementation of projects along the entire value chain in tourism. The article is devoted to the study focused on the peculiarities...
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Recreational use of natural resources and tourism development in cross-border territories in the areas inhabited by indigenous peoples of the Altai region

N G Prudnikova, N N Prazdnikova, M N Ignatenko
The article studies the development of tourism in transboundary territories in the places of residence of indigenous peoples of the Altai region. Places of Kumandins’ compact residence are in the Krasnogorsk, Salton, Altai districts of the Altai Region and Turochaksky, Mayminsky regions of the Altai...
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Therapeutic resources in the Great Tea Road: perspectives from the Republic of Buryatia

E D Sanzheev, T B Tsyrendorzhieva, S D Shirapova
The article deals with the problem of using the therapeutic resources located in the regions of the Great Tea Road. An example of the Pitatelevsky source located on the territory of the Russian part of the transboundary basin of the Selenga River in the Republic of Buryatia is given, its current state...
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Sustainable development of international tourism in Russia and China

T Chikurova
The two great countries of the world, Russia and China, have certain similarities and differences in their development. From a historical point of view, these countries are attractive to tourists because they possess not only significant territories, but also unique monuments created both by the nature...
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A risk management mechanism for ensuring product quality in order to identify quality reserves

G Ignatova, V Inozemtseva
The article examines the basics of risk management while ensuring the quality of the products produced, helping to identify quality reserves in the activities of contemporary industrial enterprises. The rationale is rooted in the fact that the potential unpreparedness of enterprises operating in the...