Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Regions: Economic, Social and Security Challenges (ICSDCBR 2019)

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Cross-border cooperation in the Altai interregion in the 21st century: results and development prospects

A V Ivanov, I N Rotanova
The article is devoted to the analysis of cross-border cooperation in the Great Altai, or the Altai Interregion, which unites six administrative subject of four states, within the framework of the International Coordinating Council “Our Common Home – Altai,” which have been established and functioning...
Proceedings Article

The role of tourism in sustainable rural development

А Redkin, О Otto
The article discusses the formation of sustainable development of rural municipalities and the region as a whole, as a result of the self-development of rural territories due to the diversification of the economy and in general of labor caused by the development of tourism. Models of rural tourism development...